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This Lame-Duck Session Will See an Elevation of the Fiscal Insanity Endured During the Pandemic

Congress's lame-duck session is an ideal time for both parties to pass last-minute legislation while voters are busy Christmas shopping and before members who lost their reelection bids surrender their seats in January. Especially this year, real danger lurks in such legislation. Above all, there's the threat that Congress turns the expanded ...Read more

Giving Thanks for Low-Skilled Workers

On Thanksgiving we rightly give thanks. And let's be clear that, amid all the turmoil that consumes daily headlines, we Americans do indeed have a lot to be thankful for. We are still relatively free. We are also incredibly prosperous -- a prosperity that would be impossible without uniquely talented and driven entrepreneurs and the courageous ...Read more

Republicans Need an Economic Growth Agenda

After disappointing midterm election results for Republicans, many understandably pin blame on corrosive figures like former president Donald Trump. His losing record is impressive considering his cultlike persona appeal with MAGA voters. If Republicans finally learn to shed Trump and his ilk it will be a good thing. However, there's another ...Read more

For Food Abundance, Think Bigger Than Another Farm Bill

Turkey prices are soaring this Thanksgiving, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. With food prices helping to drive inflation to a 40-year high, Americans are feeling the heat at grocery stores and during family dinners. It's in this context that Congress is about to consider yet another farm bill, a massive piece of legislation that ...Read more

Incoming Republicans: Don't Fight Dems, Fight Inflation

Republicans want to take over Congress and come Tuesday they might get their wish. Assuming they win both the House and Senate, they will face enormous challenges: a country still heading into a recession, inflation still high and rising, government deficits and debt as far as the eye can see, regulations strangling the production of energy and ...Read more

Will the 'Experts' Ever Learn Their Lesson?

Debate now rages about whether the Federal Reserve should continue to raise interest rates to tame inflation or slow down these hikes and see what happens. This is not the first debate we've had recently about inflation and Fed actions. The lesson we should learn, and I fear we won't, is that government officials and those advising them from ...Read more

Are You Down on the American Economic System? Think About Cooperation.

I was recently reminded of a profound truth about the free market and the prices that sit at its center. Unfortunately, this truth is often overlooked by both critics of the market economy and by economists like myself. This simple truth is that the price system works thanks to and only because of a set of institutions that promote cooperation ...Read more

Divided Government Is Good. In 2023, Bipartisanship Would Be Better.

The upcoming midterm election has got me thinking about divided government. In normal times, the prospect of newly shared power in Washington might have me looking forward to the resulting slowdown of one party's hyperactive agenda. The Democrats who are in power are indeed pushing a fiscal and regulatory agenda that has become a serious risk to...Read more

Are Deficits Actually Going Down?

The president is annoyed. On Saturday, during a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, he complained that "I'm so sick of Republicans saying we're the 'big spenders.' Give me a break. Give me a break." He all but said in one portion of the speech that he is spending a lot of money on special interests and yet "doing all of this while reducing...Read more

Don't Blame Me for 'Pro-Business' Policies. Blame Government Officials.

During my many battles fighting against cronyism, I have often been accused of being hard on government while letting businesses off the hook. This accusation is weird. Defending the free market is quite different from a blanket defense of businesses. I am pro-business only insofar as I am pro-market -- that is, I'm "pro"-allowing consumers to ...Read more

Most Americans Value Immigration. Most Politicians Don't.

At a time when the American economy could use more people, restrictions on immigration continue to trap a lot of unused talent in low-productivity countries. To unleash it, the United States could simply let these immigrants in and let them work. They'd become a productive part of the system that makes this country so wealthy. But politicians ...Read more

Similar Inflation Challenges and Stumbles in the UK

Shortly after taking over as the new U.K. prime minister, Liz Truss announced plans to fight inflation by capping household energy prices over the next two years. Blimey! Billed as the most free-market prime minister since Margaret Thatcher, Truss's first major move is a counterproductive scheme that will prolong the United Kindom's energy woes ...Read more



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