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Uncle Sam's Lack of Leadership on Debt Cannot Be Ignored

I'm always amazed to hear people say that the national debt doesn't matter because interest rates are low. Yet, it's a common refrain on the left and sometimes on the right. The next step in that line of thinking is that if accumulating debt is so cheap, we shouldn't think twice about spending more today without offsetting it with additional ...Read more

Biden's Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure Plan Won't Help Infrastructure or the Environment

The Biden administration has made the fight against climate change a central part of its $2 trillion infrastructure plan. This legislation, if it ever sees the light of day, would shovel more than $100 billion of subsidies toward boosting the market for electric vehicles, as well as updating the country's electric grid to make it allegedly more ...Read more

If All the World's a Stage, COVID-19 Is Writing the Script

The 9/11 attacks gave us the heightened security theater now on display in all U.S. airports. Day after day for the last two decades, Transportation Security Administration agents have patted down travelers from teens to the elderly, looking for weapons that nobody expects to find. While airplane cockpit doors are now locked to prevent ...Read more

Just Because It's Said by Joe Doesn't Make It So

While President Joe Biden's administration doesn't seem to need an excuse to spend money, two recurring arguments for his gigantic $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal are that our roads and bridges are "crumbling" and that modernization would generate economic growth and jobs -- hence its name, the American Jobs Plan. But none of this clever ...Read more

Biden's Crony Anti-Infrastructure Plan

"A crony anti-infrastructure plan" is, sadly, the best description of the Biden administration's proposed $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. It's insanely expensive and unnecessary, especially coming, as it does, on top of last year's fiscal insanity.

Over the past year, our leaders have spent $6 trillion in bailout and COVID-19 relief funds. ...Read more

On Biden, Betrayal, Burdens and Bunk

Politicians betray their campaign promises all the time. So, it's no surprise to see President Joe Biden go back on his word that, in spite of his plan to significantly hike taxes to pay for a portion of a massive increase in spending, nobody earning less than $400,000 annually would suffer a tax increase. But this flip-flop is just the tip of ...Read more

History Tells Us That Wealth Taxes Don't Work

With Democrats now in control of the House, Senate and White House, many of the most significant policy battles of the next two years will be determined by intraparty fights within the Democratic Party's various factions.

Although not a moderate in any meaningful sense, President Joe Biden has always positioned himself strategically at the ...Read more

Biden Stays the Course on Trump's Immigration, Trade and Industrial Policies

Several of my friends have expressed relief now that Joe Biden is president and Donald Trump is gone. They no longer have to watch the news constantly, declaring that they know "the country is now in good hands."

There's no way to defend Trump's poor behavior and insulting style. Yet, there is more to a president than his decorum. And on at ...Read more

On the Pursuit of Tyrannical Policies and Zero-Risk Societies

A lot has been said about the harm to people resulting from government lockdowns imposed in the name of fighting COVID-19. However, lockdowns aren't the only misguided policies that we've had and continue to endure because of this pandemic. In fact, we will suffer many tragic effects from the pandemic-induced changes long after lockdowns are ...Read more

Earmarks Expose Self-Serving Politicians, Distract Us From Bigger Problems

A fight is brewing over bringing back earmarks -- provisions that are inserted into spending bills by individual members of Congress to send money to politically favored entities in their districts. There has been a moratorium on earmarks since 2011.

Those who want the return of earmarks claim the practice smooths out the budget process and ...Read more

Don't Overlook Minimum Wage's Negative Effects

In his autobiography, "Up From the Projects," the late economist Walter Williams explained his move away from the belief that minimum wages help the poor. His change of heart on the topic began when one of his UCLA professors asked him whether he cared more about the intentions behind the minimum wage or its effects.

Williams devoted much of ...Read more

Never Let a Good Manufactured Crisis Go to Waste

A seemingly effective way for politicians to justify our need for their services is to fabricate or exaggerate a problem, promise to fix said problem with a new program or lots of spending and then claim victory in the form of public acclaim and reelection.

A good example of this behavior is President Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan, which ...Read more



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