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How to Pay for Trump's Tax Cuts

While the GOP may not speak as loudly about our fiscal situation as it once did, this week's Republican convention offers a good chance to do so -- and to offer something positive. The situation is indeed dire. The national debt has reached staggering levels, and the next president will inherit a ticking time bomb of fiscal deadlines that ...Read more

Make America Affordable Again

The Republican National Committee just released its 2024 platform. While calling it a platform is a stretch, the list of bullet points gives an idea of what the potential next Trump administration's goals are. Here's one issue that should be front and center: End inflation and make America affordable again.

To be sure, "make America more ...Read more

Don't Let Calm Seas in Uncharted Fiscal Waters Fool You

The United States is full steam ahead into uncharted fiscal waters, with rapidly growing federal debt promising a choppy economic future. Candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump have added trillions to the national debt during their recent presidential administrations, leaving America at a critical juncture that demands urgent, bipartisan action...Read more

True Test of Leadership: Fiscal Responsibility in the Presidential Debate

During and after this week's presidential debate, we must look beyond rhetoric and personality to the core issues shaping America's future. The most pressing is the unsustainable growth of government spending and ballooning national debt, which promises to rob Americans of wealth and living standards in the coming decades. Make no mistake, it'...Read more

SCOTUS Takes on Congressional Malaise and Executive Branch Overreach

The United States Constitution vests all legislative powers in Congress. Yet, over the past century, we've witnessed a disturbing trend of legislators increasingly delegating much of the authority to set the laws that govern the land to the executive branch, which includes unelected officials at administrative agencies. This undermines ...Read more

Biden Points the Bill (and the Blame) Elsewhere

Government overspending, an activity the Biden administration has taken to a new level, has sent the country into an inflationary spiral. Through trillions of dollars in COVID-19 relief programs, infrastructure spending, vote-buying student loan forgiveness programs and a political "Build Back Better Agenda," the White House has flooded the ...Read more

Social Security Reform Is Coming (Really) and Will Bring Political Rewards

No matter what President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump promise you, and no matter its past as the untouchable "third rail" of American politics, Social Security will be modified one way or another within the next 10 years. While both candidates are misleading their voters, the party with the most to lose from ignoring Social ...Read more

Projections vs. Scenarios, and Why Politicians Should Care

Congressional Budget Office projections provide valuable insights into how a big chunk of your income is being spent and reveal the long-term consequences of our government's current fiscal policies -- you may endure them, and your children most certainly will. Yet, like most other projections looking into our future, these numbers should be ...Read more

Making It Easier to Make Things in America

With more tariffs on electric vehicles and an election featuring two pro-tariff presidential candidates on the way, the debate about how best to support and strengthen the U.S. manufacturing sector is back. Some argue, mistakenly, that the key to protecting American industries and manufacturing jobs is a set of tariffs on industrial imports. ...Read more

Why No Politician Can 'Fix' Prices (and Why That's OK)

Prices are threads stitching together the fabric of our economy. They guide countless producers, here and abroad, to meet the most urgent demands of countless consumers. Prices enable the economic coordination of millions of individuals -- each with his or her own unique preferences, skills and resources -- with no need for a central planner. ...Read more

Is the Union Resurgence Real? Does It Matter for Workers?

Unions are said to be having a moment. The story goes something like this: Helped by a presidential administration that touts itself as the "most pro-union in history," labor unions -- after decades of decline -- are winning big victories against anti-union corporations and extracting impressive concessions for their workers. But is it all ...Read more

Will California Hobble the US Railroad Industry?

American federalism is struggling. Federal rules are an overwhelming presence in every state government, and some states, due to their size or other leverage, can impose their own policies on much or all of the country. The problem has been made clearer by an under-the-radar plan to phase out diesel locomotives in California. If the federal ...Read more

Stop the 'Emergency Spending' Charade Already

This week, Congress moved closer to passing four separate bills with $95 billion in funding for Ukraine, Israel, Indo-Pacific allies and the domestic submarine industrial base. This funding has been debated for months, with much of it intended for wars that have been going on -- and likely will continue -- for a while. In other words, it's not...Read more



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