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The Covid Blame Game Lives On

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Last year, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul admitted it was a "mistake" for the Empire State to "have all the kids go home and learn remotely."

To her credit, Hochul recognized that a decision fueled by good intentions turned out to be bad for kids and bad for working moms.

On America's other coast, alas, blaming people across the aisle for ...Read more

Caps, Gowns and Rude Interruptions

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav had a message for students when he delivered a commencement address at Boston University Sunday: "Show up," he said.

Alas, a number of students at the ceremony had their own message: "Shut up, Zaslav."

Some shouted, "Pay your writers," a reference to the current Writers Guild of America strike, which ...Read more

Don't Trust the FBI. They're Liars

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

For me the question long has been: Were FBI agents so eager to get President Donald Trump that they ignored the signs that the story about the Trump campaign colluding with Moscow was a dirty political smear, or did they see the warning signs and ignore them?

The 306-page report by Special Counsel John Durham answers the question. FBI brass ...Read more

Biden Inc., Not Just a GOP Story

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

"My son has done nothing wrong." It's the mantra President Joe Biden repeats regularly about his son Hunter as the president tries to cloak the Biden family's greed behind the family's grief.

Hunter Biden, 53, has dealt with horrific loss in life. When he was 2, his mother and baby sister were killed in a car accident. Then, in 2015, his ...Read more

San Francisco Does Detroit

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

I left San Francisco just in time -- at the end of 2016.

Sure, I saw the occasional junkie shooting up in public when I still worked in the city. And yes, I saw men use the sidewalk at the intersection of 5th and Market Streets as a toilet.

But I never saw swarms of shoplifters emptying pharmacy shelves.

If I needed new shoes, I could pop ...Read more

A Return to Soft on Crime?

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

In 1993, Richard Allen Davis, an ex-con with an 11-page rap sheet, broke into a Petaluma home, kidnapped Polly Klaas, 12, then strangled her to death.

It was a horrific crime -- a sweet child snatched during a slumber party so that she could die at the hands of a random pervert -- that so outraged California voters that they passed a three-...Read more

Bud Light: Know Thyself

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

"Bud Light partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney prompts right-wing backlash," reads an NBC headline.

No wonder so many Americans do not trust the news media. If many Americans are taken aback when shown Bud Light's new spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney -- who has documented her transition into womanhood on Tik Tok -- it's not ...Read more

The Trump Show Takes Manhattan

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

When people ask me what it was like to cover the Trump White House, I often describe what the days were like. Get up. Read what Trump tweeted overnight. See what the White House was rolling out for the day. Check the newsletters. Peruse the papers. Write a story. Then tear it up (metaphorically because I write on a laptop) when Trump does ...Read more

The Opioid Harm Reduction Trap

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

"I would love to see a world in which Boy Scouts make handing out naloxone as their Eagle Scout project," addiction scholar Stefan Kertesz said in The Washington Post. Naloxone prevents opioid overdose deaths -- which is a good thing.

But soon federal regulators are expected to approve of over-the-counter sale of a nasal spray of the drug -- ...Read more

Stanford Law School Is Doomed

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Watch the video that went viral of a March 9 exchange between a Stanford administrator and conservative federal judge who had been invited to speak before the Stanford Federalist Society -- only to be heckled and drowned out by students in the room.

Institutions of learning are supposed to turn out informed, capable graduates. Yet a cream law ...Read more

Soft on Crime, Harsh on Pronouns

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon suspended a deputy district attorney without pay for five days last month because prosecutor Shea Sanna was guilty of "misgendering" a sex offender. In Gascon World, the offense also can be called "dead-naming."

Violent repeat offenders have seen more mercy from Gascon than career prosecutors ...Read more



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