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The Problem With Being Mike Pence

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Mike Pence is polling under 5% in the RealClearPolitics polling average; that low number placed the former vice president at a far end on the Fox Business News debate stage Wednesday night.

Pence came in six out of seven among the qualifying debate participants.

With a measly 4.2%, Pence is light-years behind his former boss, Donald Trump (...Read more

The GOP's Pied Piper

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Former President Donald Trump "deserves life in prison if my father is in prison for this long," Peyton Reffitt, 18, told The Washington Post. Her father, Guy, was sentenced to seven years behind bars for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. While Trump was living large on social media, Guy Reffitt was found guilty on five felony charges ...Read more

Impeachment Math Doesn't Add Up

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Impeachment now is just a gimmick; it's no longer the first fearsome step taken to remove a president who committed "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors" from office.

It's something leaders of both parties feel they have to support in order to appease their base. And without the consequences of removing a president from ...Read more

If Your Kid Can't Read This, Thank a Teachers Union

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

The 2022-2023 school year, close to 10% of nation's K-12 students did not attend classes on the average day, The New York Times' David Leonhardt reported in his newsletter. A quarter of students are chronically absent. "That's a vastly higher share than before COVID."

The biggest reason truancy is on the rise, Leonhardt posits, "seems to be ...Read more

Doom Loop City

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

It should come as no surprise that an enterprising San Franciscan came up with the idea to host a "doom loop" tour of the moldering city on a hill. The plot twist is that Alex Ludlum, who put together the tour, canceled and refunded tickets for his "Downtown Doom Loop Walking Tour" before its intended Aug. 26 debut.

That would be the weekend ...Read more

GOP Debate: What's Not To Like?

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Wednesday night, Republican voters had a glimpse of what could be -- a 2024 GOP primary not held hostage by the insatiable ego and self-absorbed rantings of former President Donald Trump. Sure, many of the eight hopefuls who -- unlike Trump -- participated in the Fox News debate in Milwaukee probably won't remain on the field next year, but ...Read more

Montana Madness

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

In 2020, a small group of Montana minors filed a lawsuit to force Montana officials to consider climate change when they approve fossil fuel projects. Their lawsuit, Held v. Montana, argued that children are "uniquely vulnerable" to climate change; hence a state law that doesn't require regulators to consider climate change violates their ...Read more

GOP Senator Makes Dems Look Pro-Military

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

"Senator Tuberville, thank you for standing for life and against wokeness in the military," read highway billboards in the GOP senator's home state of Alabama.

Shame on the Heritage Foundation, which paid for the ad. For months, the first-term senator single-handedly has blocked the promotion of hundreds of Defense Department appointments and...Read more

The Humanitarian Crisis Right Before Your Eyes

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

How could 6,000 shelter beds be unoccupied in Los Angeles County? It's a number, reported in LAist in July, that makes no sense given the miles of homeless encampments that occupy area streets and sidewalks.

Looking for an answer, I talked to Dave -- a formerly homeless man who asked me not to reveal his last name. Dave told me how he ended ...Read more

Hunter Biden's Day in Court

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Mark July 26 on your calendar. It's the day Beltway journalists realized they can't dismiss President Joe Biden's son Hunter's legal problems as a GOP chew toy.

Wednesday morning when he showed up at a federal court in Wilmington, Hunter Biden, 53, expected to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of failing to pay his taxes for 2017 and ...Read more

Bad News for Serial Killers

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

The women were expendable. They were sex workers, after all. When they disappeared between 2007 and 2010, Long Island law enforcement formed no task forces. There was no huge outcry from the public. Their killer had chosen victims who could go missing without fanfare.

In December 2010 during a training exercise with his handler, a police dog ...Read more

Cocaine In the White House!

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

In his memoir "Beautiful Things," Hunter Biden writes about the time he left his wallet in a rental car where he also left drug paraphernalia and white-powder residue. A Prescott, Arizona, rental car company employee called local police, "who called the Secret Service, who called my dad," who no longer was the vice president.

Prescott police ...Read more

Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Support Reparations

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

Last week, California released the final report of its Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans with more than 100 recommendations.

Like every ill-conceived virtue-signaling dreamchild conceived by California's ultra-progressive legislature, the task force boasts that the report is both a "first-in-the-nation...Read more



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