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How to start a civil war

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- One thing the right always had claim to was the belief that -- unlike Black Lives Matter and social justice protests -- tea party and later MAGA rallies were peaceful, if at times profane, political speech.

There have been instances of violence from partisans on both sides, but it was left-wing protests that left cities torched, ...Read more

House Republicans splitting apart from President Trump

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- "So, we spent a whole election on my side of the fence talking about, 'We got to fight socialism.' And now you're going to throw a half-trillion dollars" with "absolutely no targeting" for earners hurt economically by the coronavirus?

That's Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., talking about President Donald Trump's call for Congress to ...Read more

Regulations take California policies nationwide

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- On Saturday, President-elect Joe Biden introduced his climate team at The Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden's would-be energy secretary, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, talked about U.S. investment of trillions for "electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines and energy-efficient appliances and buildings."

Biden...Read more

Attorney General Bill Barr is a justice warrior!

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- The usual critics spent the past two years damning Attorney General Bill Barr as a shameless lackey in President Donald Trump's service, so it should be no surprise that, even as Barr announced his resignation Monday, the chattering class continued to call him names.

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus damned Barr's "bootlicking...Read more

From China, with love

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- Sanctimony is proving to be a bad look for Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., since Axios reported on his ties with a suspected Chinese spy. Fang Fang, also known as Christine Fang, insinuated herself with a number of up-and-coming U.S. politicians between 2011 and 2015. Swalwell was the biggest fish.

The Chinese national's efforts, ...Read more

What about Biden's all-female press team? Yawn.

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- President-elect Joe Biden proudly has announced that his White House senior communications team will be "filled entirely by women."

As a woman, I like to see women break barriers and take a seat in what used to be men's clubs.

But it's hard to get excited at the notion that Biden's upper-press operation will be Ladies Only. Men ...Read more

Remote learning in public schools is widening the achievement gap

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- "You don't just have a partner in the White House," former Vice President Joe Biden told the National Education Association as he campaigned for the White House in July, "you'll have an NEA member in the White House."

That remark -- a reference to the president-elect's wife, educator Jill Biden -- should chill the hearts of ...Read more

Newsom's mea culpa offers lesson for other governors

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- When caught with his mask down, California Gov. Gavin Newsom knows how to apologize and admit that he has sinned.

He is disappointed in himself, Newsom told reporters Monday after the San Francisco Chronicle reported that he had broken his own COVID-19 dicta when he dined recently at the tony French Laundry restaurant and sat ...Read more

Epstein case still used to smear Acosta

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- Before he was found dead in a New York jail cell in what a coroner described as a suicide, Jeffrey Epstein was a super-rich serial sex abuser with impeccable political connections and a ruthless streak. A year after his death, Epstein haunts a criminal justice system that failed his many victims.

In 2005, the parents of a 14-year-...Read more

Susan Collins beat the Lincoln Project

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- The long knives were out for U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

Her Democratic challenger, Sara Gideon, had determined to beat the last New England Republican in Congress by tying President Donald Trump around her neck like an anvil. That was to be expected.

But also the Lincoln Project -- a group of one-time Republican operatives...Read more

And then there were none...

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- In the first months of President Donald Trump's presidency, the briefing room was standing room only. Around the room's 49 assigned seats for the press, with the front rows reserved for big media, reporters with smaller news outfits jostled for space and a chance to pose a question of then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

...Read more

Mainstream media has a laptop/dossier double standard

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- "60 Minutes" host Leslie Stahl probably figured her sit-down with President Donald Trump last week would be the usual fare. She would ask "tough questions," as she told Trump. He would push back. She'd push back, too. "60 Minutes" would have another feather in its cap and Trump would weather the moment with angry tweets about "fake...Read more

State COVID-19 restrictions are hazardous to public health

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

WASHINGTON -- In a bid to convince potential viewers that it is more interested in lecturing the masses than informing them, CNN has produced ads about face masks. "This is a mask," a know-it-all narrator claims. "It prevents the spread of coronavirus. This is not a political statement. It's a mask."

Whenever someone tells you that something is...Read more



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