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Biggest Corporate Welfare Scam of All Time

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

President Joe Biden keeps lecturing corporate America to "pay your fair share" of taxes. It turns out he's right that some companies really are getting away scot-free from paying taxes.

But it isn't Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley or the Wall Street financial company "fat cats" or big banks or Walmart. They pay billions in taxes.

The ...Read more

Planes, Trains and Automobiles ... and Trucks

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

The Biden administration has announced in recent weeks new stringent emissions requirements for virtually the entire American transportation system.

The Environmental Protection Agency will mandate by the year 2035 that virtually every car made and sold in America must be an EV. No more gas cars. The New York Times comically declared that ...Read more

The Biden Administration Takes a Swipe at Credit Card Industry

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

The Biden administration regulators see a monopoly boogeyman behind the curtain of nearly every business merger and acquisition -- from airlines to cellphones to chicken producers.

Now they're trying to stop Capital One from acquiring the credit card company Discover.

That's a bizarre cease-and-desist order, because this acquisition by Capital...Read more

Biden's Tax Plan Puts America Last!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

I am often asked if President Joe Biden is intentionally trying to dismantle the American economy with his imbecilic energy, climate change, crime, border, inflation and debt policies. But I've always believed these policies are driven by a badly mistaken ideology -- not malice.

Then I watched Biden's State of the Union speech. When Biden ...Read more

On the Economy: Biden Needs to Go Back and Take Remedial Math

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

It's a good thing President Joe Biden wasn't strapped to a polygraph while giving his State of the Union speech on Thursday, because his results would have come back about as clean as O.J. Simpson's. That was especially true when he recited a lot of tall tales -- and some whoppers -- while touting his administration's alleged successes.

Here is...Read more

Biden's OTHER Immigration Calamity

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Recent polling shows President Joe Biden's open-border immigration policy is now ranked as the No. 1 or 2 problem facing America -- in part because of the havoc in our large cities where the millions of migrants are now residing.

Americans are a welcoming and generous people, but this policy of laying out a welcome mat to any and everyone who ...Read more

Michigan Takes a U-Turn Back to the Rust Belt

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

No state in modern times has transitioned from a worker freedom state to one that forces workers to join a union and pay dues to labor bosses. All the momentum across the country in the last two decades has been in the opposite direction: allowing workers the right to choose a union -- or not.

That's why what happened last week in Lansing, ...Read more

What Biden Bull Market?

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

President Joe Biden is boasting about the recent stock market rally. He's right that stocks have been on a tear for the last 14 months. The S&P 500 hit 5,000 for the first time in history. That's up from 500 some 30 years ago.

Even with all our problems, the United States is the unrivaled alpha male nation. The dollar is the only currency that ...Read more

The Biden, Schumer, Romney Foreign Aid Budget Buster

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and a handful of left-leaning Republicans (led by Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, of course) have just agreed to a near $100 billion foreign aid bill for Israel and Ukraine.

Is the spending addiction so severe that there is NOTHING Congress will not spend and borrow money for?

Not one penny of ...Read more

Biden's War Against the Internet

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

It's a miracle of private sector innovation and the magic of the free enterprise system that technologies that were only the playthings of the super-rich a generation ago are now available and affordable to almost all Americans.

Back in 2000, only half of Americans had internet access. Now it's 92%. Today, nearly 19 out of 20 adults have access...Read more

The Gambling Industry Wants to Make Fantasy Sports Leagues Illegal!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Here's a sad and textbook case of how companies all too often use the strong-arm of government to destroy their competition.

The online gambling industry in America spent years and years fighting against the powerful Las Vegas casinos to make online sports betting legal in the states. They won a historic Supreme Court case in 2018 that struck ...Read more

American Elites Are 'Talking Professionals' and Normal Americans Should Ignore Them!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

For the past 30 years or so, the Left has invented a narrative that there are two Americas: a group of very super-rich people (the one-percenters) who have prospered over the past several decades, and everyone else who has gotten poorer. It's a fairy-tale narrative because almost all Americans have seen financial progress. The median household ...Read more

New Bank Regulations Will Hurt Small Businesses and Middle-Class Borrowers the Most!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

The rapid succession of bank failures last spring clearly spooked federal regulators at the FDIC, the Federal Reserve Board and bank depositors. The bad decision-making at Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic Bank caused the regulators to implement emergency life preserver measures to banks and conjured up memories of the 2008 ...Read more



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