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Dems Have Now Officially Rejected President John F. Kennedy's Legacy

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

There's a political cartoon going around that shows John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy sitting on a couch watching a speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The two hold their palms to their heads and moan that their legacy is being twisted and ruined.

This has the situation completely backward. It isn't RFK Jr. who is rejecting the Kennedy brothers...Read more

Will New York Politicians Tax Wall Street Out of Existence?

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Let's face it. Anyone who works in, or just visits, the Wall Street area of Manhattan can't deny the aura of power and money isn't what it was 20, 30 or 50 years ago.

The vibrancy, the financial dominance, the gusto seems to have gone missing -- so have many of the Gordon Gekko high rollers. Today, Wall Street is less crowded. It's sleepier. ...Read more

The Nat Cons Are Dead Wrong: Middle-Class America Is Much Better Off Today Than in the Past

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

In the last several months, I have debated some of the intellectual leaders of a group called the "national conservatives." I consider myself a conservative (on most issues, though I lean more libertarian). National conservatives are well meaning and make some very valid points about the things that are going in the wrong direction in America ...Read more

When Will Politicians Learn Banning Cigarettes Will Never Work?

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

One of the most enduring lessons of American history is that the banning of liquor sales and consumption ("the noble experiment") was a colossal failure. Drinking didn't go down much, but the profits ended up going not to legitimate businesses but bootleggers and the mob, while the murder rate soared to all-time highs in American history. It was...Read more

The Great 'Green Energy Transition' That Wasn't

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

One of the textbook marketing flops of all time was the Ford Edsel sedan, which was heralded as the hot new car in the late 1950s. All the automotive experts and Ford executives said it was a can't-miss. Henry Ford (the car was named after his son) guaranteed hundreds of thousands of sales.

But one big thing went wrong: Nobody ever bothered to ...Read more

America's Top National Security Threat Is Our Runaway Debt

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

After spending $6 trillion on social welfare and a Green New Deal spending spree and running our national debt up to $33 trillion, President Joe Biden is asking to whip out the federal credit card yet again for $100 billion more in military assistance for Ukraine and Israel and "humanitarian" aid.

Yes, it certainly is a dangerous world, and ...Read more

Our Public Schools Are a National Disaster!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Perhaps what's most distressing about the latest collapse in high school test scores is that no one seems to be very distressed.

You've probably heard the news that ACT scores have fallen for the sixth straight year. Our high school kids are less equipped for a job or college than at any time in three decades.

Why isn't anyone in Washington or...Read more

Pope Francis Blames America First

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

When I was growing up and attending Catholic schools, I was taught that the pope is infallible.

But then I read Pope Francis' updated encyclical letter last week, and now I can only conclude that at least this pope is fallible. In fact, the declaration is so filled with anti-Christian fallacies that one has to wonder whether we have a ...Read more

Washington's Credit Card Price Controls Will Hurt Consumers

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Why has Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) declared war on credit cards?

Americans are in love with paying with plastic.

Perhaps too much so -- given that credit card debt now exceeds $1 trillion.

But paying with plastic has become a sort of American pastime -- so popular and convenient (especially reward programs that offer cash-back payments, ...Read more

Hey, Republicans: Don't Forget About Growth and Prosperity!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

House Republicans are in another titanic battle with President Joe Biden on how to balance the budget. Actually, it's a lopsided debate because Democrats have no interest at all in reducing the deficit. They are operating under the delusional idea paradigm of "Modern Monetary Theory," which posits that the U.S. government can borrow $2 trillion ...Read more

Post About the Important Issues of Our Day That Impact the World

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

You may have heard the Biden Justice Department is suing Google in federal court for being a "monopoly." That's a bizarre charge given that few, if any companies in all American history have lowered prices more than Google -- which provides access to information that used to take hours or days to find -- with merely a click of a button, and ...Read more

A Government Lockdown Is Necessary, Since the Alternative Will Be Worse!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

What's worse? When politicians shut down the government, or when they lock down businesses, stores, schools, churches and restaurants -- and nearly all private commerce in America?

If you haven't heard, the media and congressional Democrats are near cardiac arrest over the prospect of a government shutdown later this year. They may need ...Read more

The American Dream of Homeownership is Dying and it's All Biden's Fault!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

In boasting about Bidenomics two weeks ago in Milwaukee, President Joe Biden declared that his policies are "restoring the American dream." Then he went into his creepy whispering mode and assured us "it's working."


Isn't a big aspiration of the American dream owning a home? Biden keeps making first-time homeownership harder for young ...Read more



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