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When the People Tasked With Protecting Our Children Are the Villains

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

The evidence shows that school closures during COVID were an epic public policy blunder. The school lockdowns in many states were arguably the most significant episode of government-sponsored child abuse in American history.

You don't have to take my word for it. Last week, the liberal New York Times came to the same conclusion after an ...Read more

Beware the Popping of the Housing Bubble

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Washington never learns. Never. Politicians are like collective Alzheimer's disease patients. They have no short-term memories.

Does anyone remember 2008? It was only 14 years ago. Then, America suffered through one of the most significant and most painful financial crises in our nation's history -- and the worst losses since the crash of 1929....Read more

Canceling Student Loan Debt Would Make College More Expensive!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

It might be the biggest giveaway in American history. President Joe Biden wants to cancel more than $1 trillion of outstanding student loan debt. Biden has already delayed for more than a year student loan repayment, and under his new rules, most delinquent and deadbeat borrowers would NEVER have to repay.

What a deal for the people who never ...Read more

Another High-Tech Titan Falters

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

You've probably heard of the high-flying Big Tech FAANG stocks -- Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. Among the five of them, their market cap reached $6 trillion last year, which is more than the GDP of all but a small handful of entire countries. Moreover, their net worth is larger than the entire annual output of India, with more ...Read more

Biden Wants to Regulate Everything! Even Your Air Conditioning!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Once upon a time, the mantra of the libertarian Left was "keep the government out of the bedroom."

President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi want to regulate any gadget or appliance with an electric switch that turns on in your house or your driveway. New Department of Energy rules will dictate the amount of water that comes out of ...Read more

Technology and Growth Are the Cures to Climate Doomsday

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

I guess you could mark me down as a "climate change skeptic." I'm not a climate scientist, so I have no expertise on what is happening with the planet's temperature or severe weather events that can wreak havoc on life and property.

I am skeptical that "collective action" through governmental policies will make planet Earth a more hospitable ...Read more

The End of the Climate Change Legend

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

For many years now, there has been a spirited debate about whether climate change is science, religion or even perhaps a secret route to socialism. That question remains unanswered, but we've now discovered with certainty that climate change is a political albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party.

The Left's spiritual devotion to ...Read more

And That's Why They Call It 'The Swamp'

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

With $30 trillion of debt -- which has grown by $5 trillion in just the last two years, with another $2 trillion of red ink expected to get spilled this year -- you might have expected Congress at least to pretend it will temper its reckless spending proclivities.

But you would be sadly mistaken. Congress has just finalized a $1.5 trillion ...Read more

Free Market Capitalism Is Under Siege -- From Capitalists

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

We live in a strange world. John D. Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil, helped provide the energy that powered the American century beginning in the early 1900s. Today, his grandchildren spend the billions of dollars that he donated to the Rockefeller Foundation to attack the same oil and gas industry that he almost single-handedly built. ...Read more

The State of the Biden's Union Is Broke!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

To quote a screaming John McEnroe: You cannot be serious!

Last week, the Biden administration requested another $30 billion for COVID relief programs. Yes, I know that these days, $30 billion is a rounding error in the $6 trillion federal budget. But isn't that precisely the problem?

But, as Joe would say: Come on, man! The White ...Read more

In the End, Sweden Did It Right!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

What if two years ago, when COVID-19 first hit these shores, our politicians hadn't panicked?

What if the government did what it has done every time we were confronted with a deadly virus, such as the Spanish flu or polio? Instead of locking down our schools, churches and businesses, the government could have simply informed citizens of the ...Read more



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