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Where Does Joe Biden Rank Among America's Worst Presidents?

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

President Joe Biden's time in the White House is mercifully coming to an end. He's now officially a lame duck with six months to go.

Biden was a victim here of a corrupt Democratic machine (with a complicit media) that thought it could pull off a grand election-year deceit despite Biden's failing cognitive abilities. The establishment and a ...Read more

The Case for Draining the Swamp Is Stronger Than Ever

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

The latest official employment report finds once again that the federal government and state-local hiring spree is still in full gear. Over the past year, health care and government hiring has outpaced every private sector industry. It isn't just the IRS bringing on thousands of new workers. The bloat is everywhere.

So even though there are a ...Read more

Climate Fanatics Have Declared War on Livestock; So Enjoy Your Burgers While You Can!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Enjoy your cheeseburgers and steaks when you fire up the grill this Fourth of July weekend, because they may not be available much longer.

That's because the climate fanatics have declared war on livestock. Turns out the biggest planet killers are apparently cows. That's the only logical takeaway from a recent CNN headline that informs us that ...Read more

Climate Change Movement Goes to Court -- Will Judges Ban Fossil Fuels?

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Things aren't going well at all for the global warming crusaders. Despite hundreds of billions of tax dollars spent on green energy over the past decade, the world and America used more fossil fuels than ever before in history last year.

The electric vehicle movement is stalled out, solar and wind power are both still fringe forms of energy, ...Read more

Some 40 Years Later Teachers Unions Continue to Hold Our Children Hostage!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

School's out for the summer, so now it is time to examine the state of our education system.

By any objective measure, our school performance is fair or poor for most children. Math scores hit a 20-year low. ACT scores dropped to a 30-year low last year. In dozens of schools throughout the country, not one child is reading or practicing math at...Read more

Biden Housing Scheme Could Ignite Another 2008 Mortgage Crisis!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Politicians in Washington have very short memories, so they repeat the same mistakes over and over.

It was only 17 years ago that the "subprime" mortgage crisis torpedoed the economy and sent the financial markets into the biggest tailspin since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans lost their jobs. One of the matches that lit that ...Read more

Hey Joe: Where Are All the EV Charging Stations?

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

The Biden administration has spent tens of billions of dollars on green energy, yet last year the U.S. and the world used record amounts of fossil fuels.

That would seem to be prima facie evidence that this "great transition" to renewable energy has so far been an expensive policy belly flop.

The evidence is everywhere. Americans aren't buying...Read more

5 Reasons to Make the Trump Tax Cut Permanent!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

No issue defines the diametrically opposite economic philosophies of Joe Biden and Donald Trump than their position on the Trump tax cuts. Trump wants to make those tax cuts permanent; Biden has repeatedly promised to tax America back to prosperity by repealing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. But there are so many factual errors swirling around ...Read more

Don't Let America's Biggest Money Managers Play Politics with Your Pension

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Are you paying attention to what the money managers who you've entrusted with your lifetime savings are actually doing with your money? Are they investing to get the best possible return they can -- so that you will be able to retire comfortably and perhaps buy a vacation home or leave an estate for your children and grandkids? Or are they ...Read more

Biden 2.0? Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Could a second Biden term be more injurious to the economy than his first term? It seems unimaginable given the first three years gave us 20% inflation, a $2,000 loss in average real incomes for the middle class, 6 million added illegal immigrants, a war on American energy that has caused gas prices to rise by more than 40% to $3.64 a gallon, ...Read more

That '70s Show -- Is Biden Taking America Back to the Age of Jimmy Carter?

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Everything that is happening in our fractured nation today seems so worrisomely reminiscent of America's last lost decade -- the 1970s.

For those who don't remember, the late 1970s under part-time President Gerald Ford and then much worse under President Jimmy Carter was one economic and national security setback after another.

The witches' ...Read more

Four Radical Reforms to Shrink the Federal Budget

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

It was nearly 50 years ago that a liberal Congress completely dominated by Democrat big spenders passed a new set of budget rules -- the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974.

It has been a complete and unmitigated disaster. Since the act's passage, the budget has been balanced four times and unbalanced 46 times. This was by ...Read more



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