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Philip and the Queen: A Love Story Like No Other

The first person I thought when I heard that Prince Philip had died was Elizabeth, a Queen in the greater world but only and always a wife to the man who’d been by her side for longer than I’ve been alive.

The second thing I thought that Harry and Meghan better stay in L.A. and not show their “respects” to the grieving monarch.

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Georgia Voting Law is No Return to Jim Crow

I am so glad the whole white supremacy and gun nut narrative is over, so we can get back to the one about voter suppression. Those horrific shootings late last month diverted our attention away from what President Joe Biden has called “Jim Crow on steroids,” namely the recent controversial voting reform legislation passed in Georgia and ...Read more

Don’t Give in to the Pot Decriminalization Culture

Tom Wolf, lame-duck governor of Pennsylvania, announced on Twitter that he wanted the commonwealth to legalize pot. His comment was hailed as timely, necessary and courageous by many of his lame-duck followers on social media.

There is a huge constituency in Pennsylvania, and nationally, for ending what some call a prohibition and others view...Read more

Some Things in the Catholic Church Will Never Change

The Vatican came out last week and confirmed that it would not be “blessing” same sex unions, a move that should have surprised no one.

The church changes certain things all the time, adapting and updating as it sees fit. Beyond changes in language and style, there have been some more substantive changes, including allowing for “altar ...Read more

Evil Comes in All Colors

The hashtag #White Supremacy is trending this week in the Twitterverse. That is due to the horrific murders of eight Asian Americans in Georgia. They were likely hate crimes, with ample evidence that the shooter of those innocent women was motivated by hostility against Asians.

Asian Americans have often been among the most vulnerable ...Read more

The Pro-Life Case for the COVID Vaccines

I’m pretty open about my pro-life views. I want abortion criminalized, banned and recognized as an act of inhumanity. I agree with Mother Theresa that “abortion has become the greatest destroyer of peace, because it destroys two lives, the life of the child and the conscience of the mother.”

I am also a Catholic, and I am quite proud of...Read more

Dr. Seuss Erasure Is Just Beginning

I do not like green eggs and ham
I do not like their colors, ma’am

I only sup on rainbow fish
I like a multi-colored dish

I will not swallow things too white
But chocolate milk is a delight

And Black-eyed peas are really nice
I'll eat them ma'am, I'll eat them twice

I think the thing that matters most
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Speech Standards Must Be Applied the Same to All

I was once fired by an employer because they did not like the way that I tweeted.

They had no problem with the way that other people at this same enterprise tweeted, they just didn’t like my own flavor of rhetorical panache. They never actually came out and said it was the subject matter of my tweeting, or my style, that got me a date with ...Read more

It’s Not Humane to Make a Mockery of Death

Death is the one human experience that connects everyone, regardless of color, creed, class or bank account. The inequity comes only in its manner and timing.

For Ted Flowers, my father, it came on a beautiful May morning, the day before Mother’s Day in 1982. It came after a year of agony, in the form of a brutal tumor in his lungs that had...Read more

It’s Too Late to Turn Down the Temperature

One of my favorite allegories is the one about the frog in the pot of water, who got used to the slowing rising temperature of a warming pot and ended up boiled to death.

In some ways, I feel as if society has been on the menu for quite some time now. But here we are, in 2021, and life is very different from the way it was when I was born in ...Read more

Why Marjorie Taylor Greene Needs to be Shunned

The worst thing to happen in my lifetime was the massacre of 20 children almost a decade ago. The current controversy of the Capitol riots, the Antifa uprisings this summer, the Oklahoma City bombing and even 9/11 don't carry that same, crushing weight. The other tragedies were political reckonings, making us face the terror within, and ...Read more

Why I Have a Problem With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Comments

Sexual abuse is devastating. It cuts across and demolishes every single line of demarcation that we recognize in society, because it is one of the things that attack the foundations of society: Respect for the dignity of the individual person.

In my immigration practice, I have seen women and men who have been the victims of the sort of abuse...Read more

A True Political Hero For Our Times

Alexei Navalny is what we need - but no longer have - in the United States: A political hero.

We have politicians, some better than others. But each one of them, from the lowliest member of the school board trying to shove critical race theory down our throats, to the president pale in comparison to this Russian dissident.

For years, Navalny...Read more

Exposing the Sins of the Technical Catholics

I am not the pope. I was never a nun. I am barely a good Catholic, even though I do the absolute minimum to keep my club membership current.

I am, however, a skilled detector of hypocrisy. Which makes me the perfect person to talk about the second Catholic president.

Joe Biden is a Catholic. He was baptized, and goes to church, so it is ...Read more

Heading Down the Dangerous Road to Despotism

People often try and sound profound by quoting Santayana's apocryphal statement, "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it."

But Santayana had his finger on the pulse of my nation in this moment. There is a lot of hysteria spreading among the cultured classes, but since they are the cultured classes, it is repackaged as ...Read more

Capitol Riots Weren’t About Race

Why should we be surprised that at a time when everything is supposed to be about race, from the skin color of certain newspaper editors forced to resign to whether we should capitalize the "B" in "Black," the most disturbing and consequential attack on our civic body in decades ends up being all about the color of the protesters/terrorists?

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Don’t Use Death as a Political Weapon

My father had terminal lung cancer. He fought like a Spartan at Thermopylae, his body riddled with chemo and radiation, his stomach filled with macrobiotic foods lovingly prepared by my mother, his mind steeped in the defiance of death as exhibited by Dylan Thomas who wrote the words that were buried with him, in his coffin:

"And you, my ...Read more

Gender, Politics, and Equal Protection Under the Law

Civil rights legislation always has its genesis in humanitarian principles: Protecting the weak, advocating for the voiceless, providing opportunities for the disenfranchised.

The Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts were remedies for institutional and generational racism that blocked many minorities, primarily African Americans, from ...Read more

Eugenics Has No Place in a Civilized Society

I have always thought that Planned Parenthood got a pass on its origins. While most people know that Margaret Sanger was an avid eugenicist, defenders of the organization she founded have tried to downplay her philosophy for decades.

Fast forward to the pandemic. Today, we are in the midst of a crisis that sees widespread fatalities and ...Read more



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