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Honoring Women by Supporting Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

I just signed up to be a mentor at my law school, and did something that is atypical for me: Display a preference for female law students. It even surprises me when I look at that sentence, since my entire career as a columnist has been dedicated to the proposition that gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and all of the other epidermal ...Read more

No Undecided Voters at This Trump Town Hall

I do not believe that there are any undecided voters left in Pennsylvania. I say this after watching the recent Town Hall in Philadelphia, where some allegedly “undecided” voters gathered to ask questions of Donald Trump at the Constitution Center.

Most of those who were given an opportunity to seek answers from the president were polite,...Read more

I No Longer Consider Myself an NFL Fan

One of the fondest memories I have is of spending Sunday afternoons with my father, either sitting in Section 633 at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, or at the kitchen table in Havertown, watching the Eagles work their magic.

You might have noticed that I am using the past tense. That is because I no longer consider myself an Eagles fan. In ...Read more

Police Fiasco in the Philly Suburbs an Image of Hypocrisy

Cancel culture and cancer both begin with the letter “C,” which is not a coincidence.

The urge to obliterate, annul, remove, censor and excise from our collective social conscience is akin to what a surgeon does when he approaches a toxic tumor: Cuts it out. We no longer have a tolerance for anything that annoys. If someone has said ...Read more

Splitting Hairs With Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Before I decided to tackle this topic, I had a moment’s hesitation. Is the fact that Nancy Pelosi decided to get her hair done really an issue of national importance?

And of course, I concluded that it is.

Pelosi had every right to get her hair done last week, even though she was violating the regulations she herself championed to restrict...Read more

A Moment of Courage Showed Us a Man’s Soul

It’s rare that a simple tweet triggers in me the desire to write a column.

On night three of the Republican National Convention last week, I had the great pleasure of watching Madison Cawthorne, a young paraplegic who is running for a house seat in North Carolina. At the very end of his short but moving address, this man – who is ...Read more

Cannon Hinnant’s Murder is Not About Race

I am no longer surprised at the depths to which some people will sink in these fraught and tortured moments.

A friend recently posted something on her Facebook page honoring the life and tragic death of Cannon Hinnant, the little 5-year-old from North Carolina who was shot through the head by his next-door neighbor. I also posted about the ...Read more

Dems Hit a New Low With Convention Speech

I watched the opening night of the Democratic National Convention because it was news, not because I was particularly interested in the outcome. It wasn’t really inspiring, and it wasn’t really moving, and it wasn’t really exceptional, but at least it wasn’t really offensive.

That is, until Kristin Urquiza opened her mouth. Urquiza is...Read more

Treat Kamala Harris Like a Human Being

I’ve been all over the place with Kamala Harris. Before Joe Biden picked her as his running mate, I was convinced that of all the possible choices, she was the most palatable.

Harris has a lot of experience, is highly educated, is a P.R. genius and has fielded almost as much hate from the left as she has from the right. Her years as a ...Read more

Don’t Use ‘Karen’ To Objectify Women

I’ve been pretty lucky in the name department. With the exception of that brief period when I hated the fact that “Christine” became a symbol for women who couldn’t keep their hair out of their faces and whispered before Congress about an alleged assault no one else could remember, I’ve never been ashamed to, as Beyonce sang, say my ...Read more

Some Do The Jobs They’re Paid To Do… Without Fail

I wrote a column a short while back about teachers who didn’t want to go back to school until they could be guaranteed that everything was safe. The reaction to my suggestion that teachers shouldn’t demand absolute guarantees of safety, which is pretty much what they’ve been doing, made me think about other “essential” workers during...Read more

Why Teachers Need To Get Back In The Classroom

Teachers are now complaining about having to go back and do what they profess to love: Teach in a classroom.

While I have had some unfortunate experience with teachers unions in the past (as an observer, not a member) I was always convinced that the grievance from the professionals was based upon their desire to better the lives of and ...Read more

Look To Our ‘Leaders’ For The Greatest Folly

One of the few things that seem to unite all three levels of government these days – local, state and federal – is the astounding and blatant level of hypocrisy exhibited by their leaders.

Starting from the bottom up is the “Honorable” James Kenney, the mayor of Philadelphia, who issued an edict which essentially and effectively ...Read more

Media Shouldn’t Ignore Attacks On Catholic Faith

There were church burnings this month, and statues of the Blessed Virgin were vandalized. You wouldn’t know it, though, if you depended on the local media for your news.

When I searched the internet for “Catholic churches vandalized” near “the newspaper of record,” or used the terms “Catholic relics destroyed” near “papers for...Read more

NFL Player Deserves The Bench Over Bigoted Remarks

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson isn’t the kind of person a father points to and says, “Son, I want you to grow up to be just like him!”

While D-Jax has made some Philadelphia hearts melt and flutter with his pyrotechnics on the playing field, I can no longer “deal” with Jackson. He has shown himself to be a bigot of the highest ...Read more

The Strange Case of Justice Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I’m a sucker for horror movies, but not the new ones filled with blood, gore and articulate zombies. My tastes trend toward the classics, and my favorite is the original “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

We all know the story – the kindly Dr. Jekyll who drinks a potion which unleashes the sinister part of his being, something we are meant to...Read more



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