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Are Trump Scandals Just Endless Hours of Noise?

From the Right / Tim Graham /

On July 15, the opening day of the Republican convention, federal judge Aileen Cannon dismissed special counsel Jack Smith's indictments of former President Donald Trump for misuse of classified documents. Legal arguments aside, it cast a shadow over all the breathless media hype that came before it.

Year after year, partisan "legacy media" ...Read more

NBC Omits Biden Scolding Lester Holt as a Trump Enabler!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

NBC anchorman Lester Holt interviewed President Joe Biden on the first day of the Republican convention. In the past, that would be seen as impolite, for one party's nominee to intrude on the other party's convention week. That's why NBC offered that deal to Donald Trump -- should he choose to accept it.

Holt's interview wasn't a sappy softball...Read more

Extremist Democrats Count on 'Fact-Checkers' on Abortion

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Republicans and many independents do not believe in the term "independent fact-checkers" when it comes to federal elections. Fact-checkers predictably defend Democrats from GOP "misinformation" in election season. Democrat extremism on abortion is one topic where the fact-"checkers" are the fact-manglers.

Take Republican Senate candidate Tim ...Read more

Late-Night Comedians Line Up With the Dump-Biden Democrats

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Does anybody remember the gentle days of political humor when Johnny Carson was the King of Late Night? Today's late-night environment is largely a nasty gang of hardened leftists (with Jimmy Fallon being the closest to the Carson model).

A new Media Research Center study by Alex Christy found the political tilt of guests (with a political ...Read more

The Media Skipped the Democrat Warning of Biden's Mental Decline!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

As the Democrats struggle among themselves over President Joe Biden's declining mental state and his declining poll numbers, it did not have to end up at this impasse. The Democrats and all their "mainstream" media enablers who claim they love democracy didn't want any serious or rigorous primary challenge for Biden.

Is it possible that ...Read more

PBS News Hour Stuffed With 'Torrent of Lies' About Trump!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Taxpayer-funded PBS is inaccurately branded as the fairest, most unemotional TV news outlet. Anyone looking at PBS right after President Joe Biden's disastrous debate would have realized they were more favorable to Biden than anyone else. They steered clear of the dominant panic among Democrats. They sounded more like the DNC than MSNBC.

On the...Read more

Biden Shamelessly Throws 'Convicted Felon' Despite Hunter's Felonies!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The Left can't stand that anyone would think Hunter Biden becoming a convicted felon waters down their talking point that Donald Trump is a convicted felon. They worked hard to inflate some accounting entries for legal expenses into felonies. It's much less serious in their minds that a crack addict lied about being an addict on a gun purchase ...Read more

The Stephanopoulos Lectures on Proper Interviews and Debates

From the Right / Tim Graham /

ABC "newsman" George Stephanopoulos raised some eyebrows on his book interview tour on CNN. He has boasted to his liberal journalist friends that he will not continue with any interview with a Republican if they won't concede Joe Biden won in 2020. This should not be a hard test to pass.

But Democrat partisans like this man will pull a trigger ...Read more

Progressive Panic Over the Post Premature!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

For weeks now, The Washington Post has been plagued by internal turmoil over some top new hires. It started with new publisher Will Lewis, a former Rupert Murdoch employee who quickly attracted "opposition research" from NPR media reporter David Folkenflik, a man who reports incessantly on Murdoch like the mogul's a James Bond villain -- at ...Read more

Pro-Biden Bedwetters Make Claims of 'Cheapfake' Video!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

President Joe Biden's greatest personal vulnerability in his reelection campaign is the perception that he's mentally deteriorating and won't be able to finish a second term (when he'd be 86). So it's not surprising that the pro-Biden media are feverishly defending Biden when videos suggest he might be losing it. They're clearly pre-dreading the...Read more

Crazy Theories on Trump's Revenge!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Forever earnest Brian Stelter tweeted out his late-night appearance on CNN with Abby Phillip.

"MSNBC's Maddow is right to be thinking aloud about the possible repercussions of a second Trump term," he typed. "Other media types and political veterans are doing the same thing. What might "retribution" look like? What are the pressure points that ...Read more

The Hunter Verdicts Won't Stop the Desperate Pro-Biden Spin!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The nation's most self-impressed journalists, the ones who strangely self-identify as "mainstream," could not bring themselves to treat the Hunter Biden trial as comparable in any way to Donald Trump's trial in Manhattan. Treating Hunter as a significant "news" subject gives them the creeps, like they've been drafted into Rupert Murdoch's army. ...Read more

Time Magazine Betrays Its Tilt in Biden, Trump Interviews

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Does Time magazine really matter anymore? It still has a circulation of over one million, but that is one-third of what it was in 2012. Does anything it reports still resonate, or is it like a tree that collapses unheard in the solitude of the woods?

Time just secured an interview with President Joe Biden, when Biden has granted very few ...Read more

Beware When Leftist Journalists Use Founders to Attack Trump!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

When the elected Democrat district attorney of Manhattan and his 12 (likely Democrat) Manhattan jurors convicted Donald Trump on artificially inflated felony counts of business accounting, you could count on leftist journalists to try to make it the Most Historic Event Ever.

We're not even sure it won't all be reversed on appeal. But "historic"...Read more

Smearing Alito and Thomas as Racist Insurrectionists

From the Right / Tim Graham /

It's hard to believe, but our "news" media think Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's wife hanging a flag upside-down outside their home for a few days is a much more serious matter than an attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2022. That story was quickly squashed.

Start with taxpayer-funded National Public Radio, which never...Read more

Crime and Punishment in Joe Biden's America

From the Right / Tim Graham /

In the summer of 2020, America was in flames as Antifa and Black Lives Matter set fire to city after city -- Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, New York, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and so many more. Police stations were torched, and dozens of officers were injured as all manner of projectiles, from rocks to Molotov cocktails, were ...Read more

The Liberal Media is Overdoing the Coverage of the 'Hush Money Criminal Trial'!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The Democrats want to run for office on the issue of "democracy" because they think the Republicans are somehow opposed.

They never sound stranger than when they warn that a reelected Donald Trump will use the powers of government for revenge on his political enemies. They can't grasp the fact that many voters see a vast conspiracy of partisan ...Read more

Laughing at Brian Stelter's MAGA-Fascist Fiction

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Is The New Republic still an opinion journal, or has it turned into a science-fiction magazine? For their June issue, the magazine put Donald Trump on the cover with a Hitler moustache over the headline "American Fascism: What It Would Look Like." They published eight fever-brained visions of Trumpian fascism in a second term.

Former CNN host ...Read more

Mainstream Media Didn't Pay Enough Attention to Biden's Gaffes at Morehouse!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

President Joe Biden made a well-publicized commencement address on May 19 at Morehouse College in Atlanta, a historically black college. The networks touted the speech but didn't put any "fact-checkers" on it. It contained at least four fibs.

In an echo of his 1987 lies that crumbled in first presidential campaign, Biden claimed, "I was the ...Read more

Boos and Hisses for the Kansas City Kicker!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

On May 11, Kansas City Chiefs placekicker Harrison Butker gave the commencement address at Benedictine College, a Catholic school in Kansas. Within 48 hours, the media elites were ablaze with outrage. There's a "growing uproar," warned NBC's Hoda Kotb.

A Catholic speaker talked about Catholic issues to Catholic graduates. But the Butker critics...Read more



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