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If Fox News Loses to Dominion the Rest of the Media is Open to Lawsuits!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

America's journalism elite has a nasty habit of associating journalism with liberalism. They only believe in half of a First Amendment. They don't believe in press freedom for the conservative media -- because they think those outlets should be shunned as fake news factories.

See the Society of Professional Journalists, which claims it "...Read more

Touting the Leftist Crusaders Against 'Book Bans'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The Left is in an uproar. Parents opposed to their indoctrinating ways are forming a resistance movement. One uproar is over books -- assigned books in the classroom and available books in the school library. Disagree with the content of the books? You're for "book bans."

Technically, this is accurate inside the school, but the leftist press ...Read more

The Left Never Wages Divisive 'Culture Wars'?

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Everyone who normally or occasionally votes Republican knows that any candidate the GOP chooses as the 2024 nominee for president is going to be treated by the media as either an extremist or as beholden to extremists.

No one has to wait for this to happen to potential candidate Ron DeSantis. We've already witnessed our "objective" press malign...Read more

More Screaming in the White House Briefing Room

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The White House press corps is a microcosm of the national media. It is overwhelmingly liberal, stuffed with Joe Biden voters. So, it was downright weird when former press secretary Jen Psaki told the Los Angeles Times she sometimes thought, "I am an orderly in an insane asylum."

The briefing room is usually a tank of hungry sharks for a ...Read more

The Soulless Lingo of the Pro-Abortion Media

From the Right / Tim Graham /

One way reporters are constantly telling us what they believe is inscribed in the words they use to describe matters of life and death, like abortion. Take this Associated Press introduction, for example, from Amarillo, Texas:

"A federal judge in Texas raised questions Wednesday about a Christian group's effort to overturn the decades-old U.S. ...Read more

Beware the Advocates of an 'Antiracist Newsroom'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

No one today who is a consumer of journalism can claim our national media are strictly, soullessly objective and nonpartisan. But the Left is still on a long march through the media, insisting that any shred of adherence to a notion of objectivity is an embrace of white supremacy.

Take a panel discussion at the trendy leftist South by Southwest...Read more

NBC's Lester Holt Leaves Republicans on the Cutting Room Floor

From the Right / Tim Graham /

When I watched the nightly network newscasts in the first two years of the Biden administration, there was something often missing from the "news" -- sound bites from Republicans. They were in the minority of both houses of Congress, so perhaps you could claim they didn't have much power in Washington.

But what about now? This thought returned ...Read more

ABC Drama 'Alaska Daily' Recycles Jim Acosta Rage at Media Critics

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Two of the most arrogant groups in America are the "news" media and the entertainment media. When Hollywood glorifies the liberal media, they can't just celebrate journalists; they demonize anyone who would dare to criticize them as dangerously anti-democratic.

The March 2 episode of ABC's journalism drama "Alaska Daily" sounded like a pompous ...Read more

Congressional Hearings About Team Biden Die in Darkness

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The easiest layup in proving the "mainstream media" is hyperpartisan is to study how they cover congressional hearings. After two years of obsessive media promotion and congratulation and live coverage of the Pelosi-picked panel on Jan. 6, the network "newscasts" can't locate a hearing now with two hands.

On March 1, the Senate Judiciary ...Read more

NPR: Conservatives Are the Best Argument for Communism!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

It's entirely predictable, even inevitable, that public broadcasting would favor socialism in all its programming. But it's a little more surprising when it openly touts "The Communist Manifesto."

Since I'm a conservative glutton for punishment, I was driving on the highway on Sunday morning listening to the NPR-distributed program "On the ...Read more

The Media's Silly First Draft of 'Historic'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

One of the worst glorifications of journalism is to call it "the first rough draft of history." At least Washington Post boss Philip Graham once blustered about "our inescapably impossible task of providing every week a first rough draft of history."

Some events are so catastrophic -- think Sept. 11 -- that you know it's historic in real time. ...Read more

Cartooning The New York Times as 'Anti-Trans'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

If you need a table-pounding laugh, check out the radical-left activists who have accused The New York Times of horrible right-wing bias. GLAAD, which is best described as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Debate, sent a truck around Times Square claiming the Times "prioritizes anti-LGBTQ voices over the voices of transgender people and ...Read more

When 'Pants on Fire' Fact Checks Are About Biden's Pants

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The so-called fact-checkers are energetic defenders of President Joe Biden -- almost like they're his siblings or his nephews. No cockeyed critique of Biden is silly enough for them to forgo the urgent need to "check." They're perpetually poised to pounce!

PolitiFact gave us two examples on Feb. 10. Both were "Pants On Fire" warnings, but only ...Read more

Networks and Conspiracy-Decrying Experts Fit Jesus' Definition of 'False Prophets'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The high-dollar advertisements on Fox's broadcast of Super Bowl 57 were pretty light and humorous, except for the dead serious, black-and-white messages pushing the message "Jesus: He Gets Us."

This big ad campaign clearly wants to reach young people with Christian messaging in the most contemporary terms, with ads that claim "Jesus was a ...Read more

CNN's an Unreliable Source on Conservatives Being Censored

From the Right / Tim Graham /

In the Trump years, CNN oppressively promoted the conspiracy theory of Donald Trump's "collusion" with the Russian government to get elected in 2016. So they were heartbroken when Robert Mueller's investigation ended with a negative verdict: "The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the...Read more

Republicans Feel Glee about Ineffective Harris as Biden's Infirmities Increase!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

It's funny when The New York Times comes under fire among liberals for saying something critical about Vice President Kamala Harris. A front-page story on Feb. 6 was headlined "Frustrated Harris Struggles to Define Her Role." This somehow required three reporters -- Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Katie Rogers and Peter Baker.

The passage that spurred all ...Read more

DeSantis Faces CNN Smears of Racism in Education

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Anyone watching leftist cable news channels knows that it's considered fair commentary to categorize Republicans, individually or collectively, as "white nationalists" or "white supremacists." Anyone standing in the way of the Black Lives Matter/critical race theory crusade is dealt the Racist card.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis scored a political ...Read more

Establishment Media Announce That Their Objectivity is Dead!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The establishment media have shuffled forth to announce that their objectivity is dead. They don't realize that it's like announcing that Jack Benny is dead. It's not "news."

Former Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. was the announcer, proclaiming that he and former CBS News president Andrew Heyward surveyed 75 sources in the ...Read more

Juicy Hunter Biden Messaging Isn't Grist for The Washington Post or PolitiFact!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

In mid-January, a hullabaloo broke out about an application form Hunter Biden signed in 2018 to seek a rental in California. It listed the address on his driver's license to Joe Biden's house in Wilmington, Delaware - the same house where they just found classified documents. The form also suggested the "monthly rent" on his "current residence" ...Read more

NPR Uses Term 'Far-Right/Hard-Right' 32 Times in a Single Interview!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

My maxim on the media's use of ideological labeling is: "The epic political battles of our time are between the ultraconservatives and the nonpartisans." Journalists see Republicans as a whole as ultraconservative, or as a wholly owned subsidiary of the ultraconservatives.

Journalists firmly on the left think of themselves as the sensible ...Read more



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