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Preaching From the Gospel of Bob Woodward

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The Federal Election Commission recently rejected a claim by the Republican National Committee and ruled that Twitter didn't violate campaign finance laws when it prevented users from sharing New York Post articles on the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop in 2020. The New York Times falsely claimed it was "unsubstantiated."

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Alleged 'Comedians' Curse and Spit Virtually at Anti-Abortion Advocates!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The "progressives" among us who fervently argue for abortion do not argue calmly or rationally when they are losing. As state legislators in Austin debated the "Texas Heartbeat Act," outlawing abortions after a baby's heartbeat can be detected at six weeks, Planned Parenthood boss Alexis McGill Johnson accused the bill's backers of cruelty.

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Rolling Stone Commits 'Horse Dewormer' Fraud!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The liberal reporters on the "misinformation" beat and those "independent fact-checkers" are very aggressive about squashing information about COVID-19 that is either flat-out untrue or opposed to the (sometimes fluctuating) findings of government agencies. Sadly, these so-called guardians of truth aren't as aggressive about narratives that mock...Read more

The Media Coaches Democrats, Trashes Republicans

From the Right / Tim Graham /

After the Labor Day weekend, Joe Scarborough sat on the set of "Morning Joe" and told the Democrats that to succeed in the midterms, it was essential that they somehow repeal "40 years of Reaganism" by passing a massive expansion of government disguised as an "infrastructure" package.

"I remember hearing Biden's speech back in April and was ...Read more

Liberal 'Fact-Checkers' Rush to 'Correct' Grieving Parents

From the Right / Tim Graham /

America's leading "fact-checkers" describe themselves as "independent." But watching their energetic defenses of President Joe Biden's politically damaging behavior reveals they are taking a side. In the first 100 days, I found PolitiFact evaluated Biden's critics eight times more often than they "fact-checked" the president.

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Enhancing the Aura of Antifa

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Reporters like to imagine themselves as the nation's most powerful defenders of democracy, and on occasion, project themselves as enforcers of political civility. If all that were true, then they may report critically on violent extremists of any ideological stripe who find their joy in bringing anarchy and disorder. Sadly, some violent ...Read more

Spike Lee and HBO Push Kooky Conspiracies

From the Right / Tim Graham /

In March 2020, HBO aired a Brian Stelter-produced documentary, "After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News," which typically focused on how a "mainstream media" dedicated to truth had to expose and defeat pro-Trump kooks and grifters, such as InfoWars, which claimed the Sandy Hook school shooting was faked.

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The 'News' Channels Could Use More News

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The heartbreaking scenes of suffering in Kabul are the kind of "hard news" that many Americans find compelling. But on most days, many Americans don't find "hard news" a compelling thing to watch. People would rather be entertained. Even political junkies want to be entertained -- with political hot takes.

A new Media Research Center study of ...Read more

Cowardly Biden Hides from the Press on Afghanistan

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The very supportive media environment around President Joe Biden has turned suddenly sour over this administration's shoddy handling of Afghanistan. This debacle shouldn't be buried and ignored by the press, like they've tried to do with the border crisis. But Biden's gone back to hiding as a strategy, as he did in his 2020 presidential campaign...Read more

Hunter Biden: Bane of the 'Mainstream' Liberal Press

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Four summers ago, the network evening news shows obsessed over Donald Trump Jr. attending a brief and ineffective meeting with Russians at Trump Tower in 2016. He hoped to get "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, but nothing came of it. ABC, CBS and NBC offered viewers more than 62 minutes of coverage energetically speculating over collusion with the ...Read more

Liberal Cable Networks Spew Wild Misinformation

From the Right / Tim Graham /

One of the regular tropes of liberal cable news in recent weeks is how Big Tech is censoring any politicians or other leaders who are spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. They cheer when Sen. Rand Paul gets blocked by YouTube, for example, for questioning the effectiveness of masks.

But these same liberal cable networks are spewing ...Read more

Chris Cuomo Should Resign

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Color me shocked that Gov. Andrew Cuomo knuckled under to demands he resign after a devastating report detailing his sexual harassment of 11 women. But it was not quite as shocking as reading a Washington Post report that CNN's top star Chris Cuomo was still moonlighting (or daylighting) as one of his top political advisers.

Chris Cuomo ...Read more

The Media Are Guardians of the Left and Distrust Democracy!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The "mainstream media" love to pretend that they represent the sensible middle ground of the ideological spectrum, but any extended look at their coverage reveals that they are incapable of finding an unsuitable extreme on the left. For example, some leftists openly advocate for the end of prisons. Are they questioned for their sanity? No. They'...Read more

Those Shameless Cuomo Brothers Make a Mess!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Some thoughts on the media after New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a report that found New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and even retaliated against one for going public.

No. 1: Isn't it fascinating how a probe like this can just vanish for months at a time? At the end of June, Rich Noyes of the Media ...Read more

You Can't Be Friends with Conservatives?

From the Right / Tim Graham /

One of the most obvious misconceptions about liberals today is that they personify tolerance. The Oxford English Dictionary defines tolerance as "the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with."

A recent poll by the Survey Center on American Life at ...Read more

"Mainstream Media" Cannot Be Trusted

From the Right / Tim Graham /

On July 27, four Capitol Police officers testified before the new House "Select Committee on the January 6th Insurrection" and told heartbreaking tales of the riotous mob that tore into the Capitol on Jan. 6. The emotion was palpable, both from the policemen and from the members of Congress that shared their fear during the riot. Empathy was ...Read more

CNN'S Lemon of a Town Hall Meeting

From the Right / Tim Graham /

CNN became apoplectic whenever former President Donald Trump called them "fake news," but on July 21, they offered President Joe Biden a nationally televised boost that can accurately be described as a "fake town hall."

A real town hall would sell tickets in a city like Cincinnati and let the locals mix it up with the president and ask him ...Read more

Biden's Wild Murder and Jim Crow Accusations

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Liberals boasted that the election of Joe Biden meant a return to sober, restrained presidential rhetoric and an end to unhinged mean tweets. Biden wouldn't be a divider; he'd be a uniter to get things done. That's nothing like current reality. But when Biden uncorks crazy hot talk, the media are supportive repeaters.

On July 16, NBC reporter ...Read more

Mark Levin's Call to Rebut 'American Marxism'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

We're six months into the Biden administration, and the liberal media is still obsessing over new books full of titillating tales from anonymous sources about President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Mark Levin's newest bestseller -- provocatively titled "American Marxism" -- is too counterrevolutionary for these journalists to take seriously.

CNN's ...Read more

Republicans Did Not Defund the Police

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Here's an easy test to see whether fact-checking websites can make any claim to be "independent" and nonpartisan in tone. Biden staffers claimed Republicans "defunded the police." That's a bald-faced lie.

On the June 27 "Fox News Sunday," White House aide Cedric Richmond claimed that because Republicans uniformly voted against President Joe ...Read more



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