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PBS and NPR offer journalism by liberals for liberals

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The enormous coronavirus stimulus package was festooned with goodies for key Democratic constituency groups including $75 million in "emergency" funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which offers grants to PBS and NPR stations. That's on top of the half-billion Congress already authorized for the year.

They call it "public" ...Read more

Liberal media rails against the "Fox News Virus"

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The extra-large pack of journalists who equate liberalism and professionalism in their work cannot stand that Fox News exists. They believe everything elected Republicans do should be "fact-checked" and routinely punished. For Democrats, the elite media offer damage control; for Republicans, only damage.

The onset of the novel coronavirus is ...Read more

Reporters represent themselves, caring only for their own hyperbolic liberal opinions

From the Right / Tim Graham /

One of the more tiresome partisan polkas we've witnessed in the years of President Donald Trump is the herky-jerky one around White House briefings. First, journalists insist that avoiding daily briefings is a dangerously undemocratic practice. Then when there are suddenly daily briefings for a public health crisis, journalists insist airing ...Read more

Liberal media outlets find it boring to merely organize and recite facts

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Every once in a while, the liberal journalists at PolitiFact grant President Donald Trump a rare rating of "Mostly True." Most recently, they verified a Trump tweet about Joe Biden: "During the 2009 swine flu outbreak, Biden made reckless comments unsupported by science & the experts. The Obama Admin had to clean up his mess & apologize for his ...Read more

New York Times' "1619 Project" is full of lies

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The New York Times spent an estimated $2 million on an advertisement during the Oscars broadcast in February. Glamorous singer and actress Janelle Monae stood on the seashore selling The Times' "1619 Project," which dramatically insists that America began 400 years ago when a ship carrying slaves from Africa landed at Hampton, Virginia. The ...Read more

The punditocracy pushes Bernie out

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The election prognosticators at the FiveThirtyEight website estimate that former Vice President Joe Biden is ahead in the Democratic delegate race by about 150 votes -- 935 to 785 for Sen. Bernie Sanders. Doesn't that suggest a close race and a long road ahead? They say no.

Bernie is now behind 15% to 20% in the national polls, and "Sanders ...Read more

Hulu's "Hillary" documentary the same Clinton campaign claptrap from 1992

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Most conservatives who lived through the Clinton years would not want to stomach all 253 minutes of the new "Hillary" documentary streaming on Hulu, a platform now owned and controlled by Disney. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was asked if he would do an interview for it, and apparently, he told the filmmakers he would "rather stick needles ...Read more

Sam Donaldson spreads his retirement money to drag Republicans down

From the Right / Tim Graham /

During the Trump era, CNN's "Reliable Sources" has featured a roster of those whom the network calls "legendary journalists" to exhort the media masses and drive President Donald Trump out of the White House. The words "legendary journalist" are put on screen, and even in CNN transcripts.

That would include PBS omnipresence Bill Moyers, ...Read more

Matthews fell out of step with the Democrat's lunge to the left

From the Right / Tim Graham /

On the Monday before Super Tuesday, longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews came on the air and promptly, tartly announced he was retiring, that "tonight will be my last 'Hardball.'" His language and tone strongly implied he was being pushed out.

Politically, it felt like part of a pattern. At the same time that Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar ...Read more

Jimmy Kimmel slobbers over Schiff

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Adam Schiff is the congressman of Hollywood, and in Hollywood, he can do no wrong as he wages war on President Donald Trump. For proof, look no further than the slobbery interview granted by ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel on Feb. 24. Several times, Kimmel made the point that Schiff is "our local congressman" and has an office "right down the ...Read more

The old media presses Facebook to the left

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The "news" media routinely exhibit a badly disguised loathing for social media. Journalists calling themselves "mainstream" expect social media platforms to bend to their liberal talking points. Any rogue information that doesn't match the liberal narrative must be flagged and demonized as "misinformation."

The Washington Post published a 4,100...Read more

Media elites at HBO are vicious to Christians but silent on Muslims

From the Right / Tim Graham /

HBO is currently running a dark little miniseries called "The New Pope," which is basically a reboot of the 2016 series "The Young Pope." Both sprang from the mind of Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, and both are scabrously anti-Catholic, which never hurts you when it comes to the elites in Manhattan and Hollywood.

"The Young Pope" starred ...Read more

No centrists in the Democratic primaries

From the Right / Tim Graham /

On Sunday, The Washington Post editorial page led with a dramatic and rarely uttered fact check. The headline was "There Are No 'Centrists': The Democratic primary race is not a choice between change and the status quo."

The article began by taking on an "unchecked assumption" that "the candidates are fighting an ideological war between 'left' ...Read more

'Fact-checking' clones need to check all the facts, fairly

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Under President Donald Trump, the State of the Union address has become the Super Bowl for the left-leaning "fact-checkers." It doesn't matter if Republicans and independents enjoyed it immensely. Like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, these journalists want to rip his speech to pieces because it somehow overflows with "untruths."

But these ...Read more

Partisan impeachment dies in desperation, but what about the Bidens?

From the Right / Tim Graham /

As the impeachment effort against President Donald Trump inevitably burns out on the ash heap of history, Democrats are being left to argue that if this president is left unchecked, if he's not removed from office, he'll "do it again." He'll pressure foreign governments to investigate the business dealings of the Bidens, which is a "threat to ...Read more

Overwhelming tilt demonstrats how our media elites are never objective

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The national narrators of our politics love brandishing the word "historic" to describe the Trump impeachment process. But by now it feels unexceptional, more like Chapter 27 of the Same Old Saga. In their overdramatic Trump narrative, the president is always a democracy-killing villain who is about to get his comeuppance.

Month after month, ...Read more

Leftist media dreadfully partican on impeachment

From the Right / Tim Graham /

One favorite tactic of our "objective" media during the impeachment of President Donald Trump is to find a clip of the president's legal experts such as Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz expressing an opinion during the 1998-99 impeachment of Bill Clinton and then show a contrast with the present day.

But this is just as easily demonstrated with ...Read more

Elite media's avalanche of accolades showers over Schiff

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Our media elites arrogantly lecture about our democracy being undermined by robotic propaganda, but do they ever listen to themselves talk about the Democrats? Somehow, they think their robotic propaganda is just the "truth." The press came to witness the Senate impeachment trial, and Rep. Adam Schiff had them at hello.

No member of Congress ...Read more

Liberal media's pretending Hunter Biden is irrelevant makes them complicit

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump should begin with an indictment of the media. The alleged crime committed by Trump revolves around his request that the president of Ukraine investigate Hunter Biden's shady business dealings with a corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company when Joe Biden was vice president.

That investigation might ...Read more

Pro-impeachment media investing as much fake moral authority as they can muster

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Just 10 months ago, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proclaimed that an impeachment of President Donald Trump would not happen unless there was "something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan." The House vote to impeach Trump was the dictionary definition of partisan -- not a single Republican voted yes. There is nothing compelling and ...Read more


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