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Book Publishing Industry a Slow Motion Version of the Liberal Media!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Mark Esper, President Donald Trump's last confirmed secretary of defense, has been the toast of all the networks this week for his new memoir, starting with the high-profile debut on "60 Minutes" with CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell. Then came CNN and MSNBC and PBS and NPR and Fox News.

That doesn't even count the massive sharing of soundbites from ...Read more

Feminist Comedians Should Read Before Tweeting

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Attention Tim Graham Readers: There Is Language In The 5Th Graf That Some May Find Offensive. Thank You. -- Editor

Celebrities are naturally popular on Twitter, but it's annoying that liberals -- who insist they believe in facts and science and experts and nuance -- demand exactly none of that from celebrities.

A family member asked ...Read more

Liberal 'Fact-Checkers' Bored by Biden's Outbursts

From the Right / Tim Graham /

President Joe Biden can say the craziest things, and we know that the liberal "fact-checkers" are very likely to look the other way.

Some of these fact-mangling gaffes might be called "senior moments." At a Lockheed Martin plant in Alabama on May 3, Biden suggested we were sending missiles to Russia. "Before Russia attacked, we made sure Russia...Read more

New York Time Colludes With MSNBC for Overwrought Anti-Tucker Carlson Screed

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The New York Times has been alarmed by the existence of the Fox News Channel since it debuted in 1996. It developed a special fear and loathing of Bill O'Reilly when he hosted the top show in cable news. And now the paper is at it again, attacking Tucker Carlson.

On Sunday and Monday, the Times published almost 20,000 words of "investigative ...Read more

'Objective' Media Silent on Hunter Biden's Tawdry Personal Life!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Everyone knows that our "objective" news media treats any journalism on the subject of Hunter Biden as automatically "disinformation." It still sounds like an impeachable offense. The entire topic seemed forbidden, except when he was making the rounds touting his addiction memoir. Publishers Weekly celebrated it as a "courageous self-assessment....Read more

Wanted: Brave Reporter on the 'Right-Wing Media'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Back in the old days, newspapers assigned reporters to beats such as Congress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, and Health and Human Services. Now it seems like the new beats are about covering threats, foreign and domestic -- ideological threats. So, the New York Times has a "climate" department. Michael Bender was recently hired to report on "...Read more

CNN and the New York Times Have No Moral Standing!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The New York Times sounded a little giddy on the front page of its "Business" section April 21 with the headline "Obama Joins Fight to Curb Online Lies." This spin strongly suggests Barack Obama never lies. He's a valiant warrior against lies.

That came after a badly disguised press release at on Obama "urgently throwing himself into ...Read more

We Must Stop Liberal Moderators From Tilting Debates!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The Republican National Committee made a bold decision that the media elites treated like an anti-democratic outrage. The RNC pulled out of the allegedly bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates.

This decision is not an outrage. It's long overdue. The Democrats are allergic to doing any primary debates on Fox News. It's only in the last ...Read more

Al Roker Shares Planet Panic With Barack Obama

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Whenever Barack Obama grants an interview to one of his adorers in the media, one who arrives bathed in the glow of servility, everyone should be reminded that this is a major reason why people don't trust the media.

In every interview, Obama is treated as a global celebrity and as the wisest of wise men. One can understand a journalist ...Read more

Unborn Children Die! They Die in Darkness! And the Leftist Media Cheers!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Abortions are violent acts ending in death. The badly named "mainstream media" loves them.

The Washington Post, which claims to hate things "dying in darkness," boasted Sunday of a new pro-abortion law passed in Maryland over the veto of Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

Reporters Erin Cox and Ovetta Wiggins gushed, "The new law puts Maryland at ...Read more

Liberals Are Rather Shameless on Ketanji vs. Kavanaugh!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The shamelessness of liberal politicians and journalists is displayed by their unique outrage at the treatment of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, as if everyone forgot the smearing of Brett Kavanaugh with unsubstantiated sexual allegations, including teenage gang rape.

The Washington Post editorial board was roundly roasted for ...Read more

We Must Stop the Internal CBS Revolt Against Hiring Republicans!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

If anyone had any doubt that our "objective" television news operations are deeply partisan and nearly unanimous Biden-voter caucuses, observe the revulsion and disgust spilling out into public view when one of them hires a Republican to offer the Other Party's Viewpoint on their airwaves.

CBS News decided to hire former Republican congressman ...Read more

Liberal Media Ignored Hunter Biden Scandal As It Obsessed Over Trump

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Just when you thought the Hunter Biden scandals had died in darkness, The Washington Post published more than 6,300 words on March 30 admitting that a notable fraction of his laptop contents was authentic.

Why now? Why not last year? Why did liberal outlets act like everyone expressing concern about Biden was a Trump-adoring kook? We reported ...Read more

The Unanimously Liberal Tilt of the 'Fact-Checkers'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Now that the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings are complete, we have collected another fascinating exhibit of the leftist tilt of "independent fact-checkers." Just try to find a single fact check on anything Jackson said. Try to find a single evaluation of any statement by a Democratic politician touting Jackson -- from President Joe Biden to Dick ...Read more

We Must Stop Disney's Sex-Ed-for-Kindergartners Crusade!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The libertine left seems extremely aggressive in every corporate workplace today, and they demand that everyone conform with their Orwellian lingo of "inclusivity." No dissent is allowed from the orthodoxy of the Church of LGBTQIA+.

The folks at Disney -- who many moons ago were seen as an entertainment factory for children -- have been heavily...Read more

Clarence Didn't Get the Ketanji Media Puffery

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The liberal media has treated the Supreme Court nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson as a glorious and historic occasion. Nobody needs to care about where she stands on things since she and the media share all the "correct opinions."

The Associated Press issued a story under this tweet: "For Black girls, the possibility of Ketanji Brown Jackson ...Read more

Media Lets Story of Hunter Biden Dry Up and Waste Away!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Michael Isikoff, once the top investigative reporter for Newsweek, tweeted something unintentionally humorous about a New York Times story.

"In the category of -- didn't see this coming," he wrote, "The @nytimes confirms the authenticity of Hunter Biden emails derived from his laptop that had been previously dismissed as Russian disinformation....Read more

Anderson Cooper's '60 Minutes' Infomercial for Pete Buttigieg

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The long-running CBS News program "60 Minutes" has a manically split personality: Vicious attack dogs when Republicans are in power but supportive infomercial producers under Democrats.

Take March 13 for example, when Anderson Cooper hosted a promotional segment for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the "bipartisan infrastructure bill...Read more

We Must Stop the Autocracy of the Gender Benders!

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics shared on Twitter a local horror story from the Chicago area. His fifth grader came home from school with a vocabulary assignment in science class. The words included "transgender," cisgender," "nonbinary" and "consent."

The last word carries the most irony -- because the educational elite in this country isn't ...Read more

NBC Makes DeSantis 'The Face of Controversy'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

In the annals of TV networks manufacturing scandals, one of the lamest examples was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis telling high school students at an event of his, "You do not have to wear those masks. I mean, please take them off. Honestly, it's not doing anything, and we've got to stop this COVID theater."

"NBC Nightly News" tried to make this a ...Read more



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