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Mainstream media's coddling led directly to Biden's win

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Journalists have strongly slanted the "news" during the Trump era in order to destroy Donald Trump's presidency, and to destroy it early if possible. Their actions betray that they feel they have important and influential platforms from which they can and should run America in between elections. The voters can have a say for about two weeks ...Read more

Going soft on Georgia's Rev. Wright Acolyte

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Secular liberals have a serious problem with any commingling of church and state ... at least when the church in question opposes their most precious and permissive causes, like the right to abort unborn babies, the right to subsidized contraceptives, and the right to invent your own genders and pronouns.

But when a church gives off a whiff of ...Read more

Mainstream media's objectivity obliterated by the aerobic adoration of Obama

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Someone might survey the current media landscape and lecture us conservative media watchdogs that our game is over. Is anyone in America so remarkably naive to believe that the news media are "objective" and nonpartisan, fair and balanced? This old claim seems to have been obliterated under President Donald Trump, but it was also deeply eroded ...Read more

Anti-Trump lions in the mainstream media turn Into cuddly Biden kittens

From the Right / Tim Graham /

In President Donald Trump's briefing room, Politico chief Washington correspondent Ryan Lizza defined himself as a furious competitor for the title of Rudest Journalist. He asked White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, "Does President Trump believe that it was a good thing that the South lost the Civil War?" Earlier in the year, when the ...Read more

CNN'S hyperbolic abuse makes their call for unity utterly preposterous

From the Right / Tim Graham /

There was a Museum of Broadcasting in New York City, but there's never been a Museum of Broadcasting Shamelessness. Imagine a place where they could run a medley of clips of Dan Rather insisting that, despite the small problem of his reporting on phony National Guard documents, "the underlying story is true."

An obvious entry in the ...Read more

The absolute failure of pollsters

From the Right / Tim Graham /

In every election cycle, there is only one poll that matters, and that is the election results. That has never been truer than in 2020. Why should we have paid attention to the polls? As of Thursday morning, the popular vote margin was 50% Joe Biden and 48% Donald Trump. Here are some of the closing polls:

Quinnipiac University: Biden 50%, ...Read more

PolitiFact is not a trustworthy site

From the Right / Tim Graham /

On the night before Halloween, Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted a video of a socialist sermon he delivered to "The Squad" of new socialist congresswomen, touting a "Green New Deal" and the banning of private health insurance to have a "Medicare for All" system. Their goal is to make Biden the most socialist president imaginable -- or, in safer ...Read more

As the mainstream media unites to remove Trump, anything is defined as ethical

From the Right / Tim Graham /

It was the wrong time for 33-year-old Miles Taylor to announce he is the much-celebrated "Anonymous" Trump official who wrote a New York Times op-ed and then a New York Times-bestselling book in which he trashed the president.

The announcement came in the last days of the presidential election campaign, as the establishment media are bloviating...Read more

Biden's unifying America merely a mirage

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Of all the preposterous lines the Democratic-media complex could utter in the waning days of this election, the most preposterous is that a Biden victory could unify the country.

Think of Joe Biden's convention speech. He said: "I will draw on the best of us, not the worst. I will be an ally of the light, not of the darkness. ... United we can,...Read more

NPR caters every day to its "core audience" of left-wing partisans

From the Right / Tim Graham /

"Public broadcasting" is a comical phrase. Its audience is not the public. It is the left. PBS and NPR don't care one iota what everyone else thinks ... even if everyone else pays a chunk of their budget through taxes.

On the morning before the last presidential debate, Kelly McBride, NPR's "public editor" -- the person who is supposed to bring...Read more

Mainstream media continues to ignore Biden clan's lucrative and suspicious lobbying

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Joe Biden's campaign announced another "lid" on Monday morning, during which it is avoiding all contact with reporters leading up to the Thursday-night debate. Biden acts like each reporter is highly contagious with the coronavirus.

On Oct. 16, CBS News 2020 campaign reporter Bo Erickson asked a very mild question about what is apparently ...Read more

Pusillanimous press creates Biden's 'luck' by refusing to hold him accountable

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The political-insider website Axios published a story Wednesday headlined "Joe Biden is the luckiest, least scrutinized frontrunner." Mike Allen and Hans Nichols declared: "Eight months ago, Joe Biden was in danger of losing the Democratic nomination. Now he's a prohibitive favorite for president -- who got there with lots of luck and shockingly...Read more

Liberal Time magazine doesn't understand that the public think they're egotistical jerks

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Time magazine is a pale shadow of its former self, which might explain why it seems to hate the masses. After all, it spent most of 2016 packaging its ugly anti-Trump rants in between nasty anti-Trump covers. Remember the cover where Donald Trump's orange face melted into a puddle -- because he was going to lose the election? Hence the ongoing ...Read more

Mainstream media debates need less feckless and frustraing moderators

From the Right / Tim Graham /

In the last few months, the Trump-Pence team has held a plethora of press conferences and "pool sprays" during which they've taken hostile liberal questions, while Joe Biden's campaign has called a "lid" on the press many days and has "lidded" Kamala Harris from the national press since she was picked in August.

So it's a little perverse that ...Read more

Enough with the mainstream media's fraudulent Biden 'town halls'

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Beware the carefully scripted puffball "town halls" that have been organized by CNN and NBC to help Joe Biden's campaign. As Biden makes a virtue out of having tiny, underpopulated "campaign events" for the TV cameras, these provide the fraudulent illusion of Biden engaging with undecided voters. The questions are toothless and designed to ...Read more

Media elites describe Biden's Catholicism as "complicated" even as they carve up Barret's

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Sympathetic Washington Post writer Matt Viser reports Joe Biden is pushing his religion in "a seven-figure ad buy that will air on religious TV stations and Christian radio networks in nine battleground states."

In one ad, "Morning," the narrator cites Biden's faith as what got him through "dark times," when he lost his wife and daughter in a ...Read more

The PBS left-wing propaganda hustle is not subtle

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Here's Exhibit A for how shameless PBS looks during the fall presidential election campaign. On Sept. 22, PBS "Frontline" aired a two-hour documentary on the presidential election called "The Choice," as it does every four years.

The quick review: Donald Trump is a vicious "killer" and bully. Joe Biden is "Obama's trusted partner."

It began ...Read more

Liberal media assigns exactly zero blame to their own pusillanimous silence

From the Right / Tim Graham /

Why is Joe Biden always putting a "lid" on his campaign? If you're not familiar with the press lingo, a "lid" is a note to your press pool that you plan no further public events on your schedule. Biden tends to put a "lid" on it at 9 or 10 in the morning, saying his press corps has nothing to cover.

On Sept. 23, they called a "lid" at 9:30 a.m....Read more

Our desperate, conspiracy-prone press falls for feverish gunk

From the Right / Tim Graham /

The term "conspiracy theory" is often associated with kooks and panic peddlers who see nefarious secret forces leading us all to our doom. It's linked to people pushing transparently silly-sounding tropes -- like the QAnon clan, who claims Hillary Clinton is running a satanic global sex trafficking ring out of pizza parlors.

It's sad that ...Read more

CNN's Brian Stelter flunks at defending CNN

From the Right / Tim Graham /

CNN host Brian Stelter has a slimy new book out called "Hoax" in which he attacks Fox News and President Donald Trump with a lot of anonymously sourced hit quotes. My favorite stop on his book tour has to be an appearance during the closing minutes of ABC's "The View" on Sept. 16.

Stelter's obsequious inquirers such as NPR's Terry Gross and PBS...Read more



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