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Why The Media Despise Javier Milei

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

So, Javier Milei is extremely scary.

That's what the legacy media have decided: The newly elected libertarian conservative leader of Argentina is absolutely frightening. Axios calls him a "far-right libertarian who's been compared to (former President Donald) Trump." The New York Times writes, "Argentina Braces Itself for Its New 'Anarcho-...Read more

The Barbarians Are Inside the Gates

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This weekend marked Armistice Day in Great Britain and Veterans Day in the United States. Both are somber days typically marked by honor and respect for symbols of the country and the men and women who have sacrificed so much for them. Instead, both London and New York City featured terrorist supporters marching en masse through the centers of...Read more

Understand Evil or Perish by Its Hand

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, the Metropolitan Police in London were videotaped removing posters with pictures of hostages taken by Hamas. The posters were being removed from Cullimore Chemist in Edgware. The chemist's CEO, Hassan Khan, recently retweeted posts branding Israel and the IDF "filthy animals" and encouraging Iran and Hezbollah to attack Israel.

...Read more

The Middle

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

The easiest moral place to stand is in the middle.

Standing in the middle is comforting. It grants you the illusion that you are being evenhanded, that you see nuance and complexity where others see black and white. It is flattering to be in the middle -- no one hates your viewpoint enough to make you their opponent, and yet you get to stand ...Read more

How America Can Avert WWIII

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

In 1990, after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, President George H.W. Bush was considering the American response. He was torn: On the one hand, he saw the necessity of pushing Saddam out of the oil-rich state, maintaining the impression of American strength in the region. On the other hand, he wanted to avoid conflict altogether.

Three weeks ...Read more

I Am a Jew

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

I am a Jew.

Those have been the words of the Jewish people for three millennia.

Those were the words of the men, women and children of Masada.

Those were the words of the followers of Bar Kochba.

Those were the words of Jews in Granada in 1066 and the Rhineland in 1096 and Khmelnytsky from 1648-1657 and Kishinev in 1903, in Hebron in 1929....Read more

The YouTube Unpersoning of Russell Brand

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, The Times of London and Channel 4 issued a scathing expose about actor and comedian-turned-podcaster Russell Brand. Brand began his career as a comedian and MTV host; in 2004, he joined "Big Brother's Big Mouth" on Channel 4, and then transitioned into acting and voice-overs. In 2013, he went political; by 2020, he had launched a ...Read more

The Impeachment of Joe Biden

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., announced the opening of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. "These are allegations of abuse of power, obstruction and corruption, and they warrant further investigation by the House of Representatives," McCarthy explained. The impeachment inquiry will give the House Republicans a...Read more

How Burning Man Became Uncool

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, the Burning Man festival -- a convocation of large groups of men and women seeking sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and other forms of hedonistic bliss -- was flooded. It seems that a half-inch of rain swamped the event, which takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, turning the dust to deep and sticky mud. The images of barely clad...Read more



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