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Joe Biden Is Scared of His Own Shadow

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, the Islamic Republic of Iran -- a radical Shariah theocracy hell-bent on the destruction of Israel and Saudi Arabia, among others -- fired some 300 drones and missiles at the State of Israel. This is, definitionally, an act of war. Iran claimed that it had attacked Israel in response to Israel's killing of Iranian Revolutionary ...Read more

America Is Now in the Business of Losing Wars

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

On Oct. 7, thousands of members of the terrorist group Hamas and its "civilian" friends broke through the barrier between the Gaza Strip and Israel and proceeded to torture, rape and slaughter at least 1,200 Israeli people. They burned their homes, killed their children in front of them and then kidnapped some 250 Israelis back to Gaza, where ...Read more

The Cut Flowers Civilization

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, famed atheist Richard Dawkins explained that he was a "cultural Christian." Praising his civilization, Dawkins stated, "I do think that we are culturally a Christian country. I call myself a cultural Christian. I'm not a believer. But there is a distinction between being a believing Christian and being a cultural Christian. And so ...Read more

The Biden Middle East Delusion

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, the Biden administration took the first step toward what appears to be an inevitable break with Israel in Israel's war to extirpate the terrorist group Hamas from the Gaza Strip. Since Hamas' vicious terror assault on Israel on Oct. 7 -- an attack that killed at least 1,200 Israelis and left 250 Israeli hostages in Hamas' hands -- ...Read more

Why I'm Co-Hosting a Trump Fundraiser

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

Unsurprisingly to those who follow this space, I plan to vote for Donald Trump in November. Not just that. This week, I'm co-hosting a fundraiser for him.

So, how precisely did a conservative who didn't vote for president in 2016 and didn't support Donald Trump during the Republican primaries become a Trump donor? The answer is obvious: ...Read more

Jonathan Glazer's Evil Oscars Display

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week at the Oscars, a director named Jonathan Glazer made international headlines. Glazer won an Academy Award for his film, "Zone of Interest," which centers on the family life of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoss and his wife, Hedwig, who happily cultivate their home and garden as just behind the wall, Jews are tortured, shot and gassed....Read more

The Dirty Little Secret of the 2024 Campaign

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, new polling showed what Democrats have long feared: Donald Trump is now in commanding position to defeat Joe Biden and win reelection in 2024. According to the latest New York Times/Siena poll, Trump is up 48-43 over Biden; what's more, Biden is actually underwater among Hispanics, earns just two-thirds of Black votes, and has ...Read more

When Radicals Cheer Self-Immolation

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, a mentally disturbed anarchist and active-duty Air Force member named Aaron Bushnell lit himself on fire and proceeded to burn himself to death while shouting "Free Palestine" in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. In his suicide note, he explained just why he had self-immolated: "My name is Aaron Bushnell, and I am an ...Read more

Putin Is Pushing Where There's Mush

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, Vladimir Putin finally -- allegedly -- murdered his chief political rival and critic Alexei Navalny. Navalny's death followed an attempt by Putin's operatives in 2020 to kill him by poisoning; Navalny survived the attempt, worked with online specialists to unmask the actual agents responsible for the poisoning and then returned to ...Read more

Will Biden's Age Finish His Campaign?

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

Last week, Joe Biden's presidential reelection campaign fell apart.

To be fair, it's been a long time coming: Biden himself is deeply unpopular by every polling metric, running behind his chief Republican rival, Donald Trump, on nearly every major issue. With the world on fire -- war in Ukraine, a conflagration in Gaza, shipping harassed in ...Read more

The Apple Vision Pro Future

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, I tried out the Apple Vision Pro.

That's the device you've been seeing on the news: the bulky, unwieldy headgear; the bizarre images of people attempting to manipulate the air in front of them; even some people driving while looking like Geordi La Forge from "Star Trek."

It's extraordinary.

As a piece of technology, I've never ...Read more

Weakness Breeds Aggression

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, three American soldiers died at the hands of an Iranian proxy group that used a drone to strike an American base in Jordan. The Biden administration immediately leapt into action by issuing a strongly worded statement, while simultaneously proclaiming that they wanted to avoid escalation. Which, of course, is precisely the wrong ...Read more

Notes From Auschwitz

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, I visited Auschwitz.

I had never before visited any of the death camps. The experience is absolutely chilling. Auschwitz, of course, was a complex of camps, the three largest of which were Auschwitz I, the camp most famous for the terrifyingly Orwellian German slogan welded onto its entrance, "ARBEIT MACHT FREI"; Auschwitz II, also...Read more



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