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You Will Be Made to Celebrate

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

In March 2013, nearly a decade ago, in this space, I made a prediction.

"Within the next few months," I wrote, "Justice Anthony Kennedy will likely rule that same-sex marriage is mandated by the Constitution of the United States... states will be forced to recognize same-sex marriages; same-sex marriage will enter the public-school lexicon; ...Read more

The Left's Cynical 'Speech Is Violence' Ploy!

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, another evil mass shooter unleashed horror at a gay club in Colorado Springs, killing 5 and wounding another 25. The shooter -- whose name I refuse to mention in order to disincentivize future shooters, who seek notoriety -- was clearly mentally ill: Just last year, the shooter reportedly threatened his mother with a bomb, resulting ...Read more

The FTX Dog That Didn't Bark

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous Sherlock Holmes tale, "Silver Blaze", the detective investigates the case of a murder of a horse trainer. At first, investigators presume that the murderer of the trainer must have been a stranger to him. But Holmes cracks the case with the revelation that a watchdog remained silent the night of the murder -- a...Read more

The Red Fizzle

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

There was no red wave. There was no red tide. There was no red trickle.

There was a fizzle.

The 2022 midterm election fundamentals would have suggested a ringing Republican victory: an unpopular president of the opposing party, deep public unhappiness with the state of the economy, unified Democratic control in Congress and radical social ...Read more

Why the Legacy Media Is Panicked About Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

It has now been a week since Elon Musk took over Twitter, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth is still audible across the legacy media landscape. In one sense, that's rather shocking: Why, precisely, should members of the media be so apoplectic about a billionaire taking over a social media company from other millionaires, pledging to loosen ...Read more

Joe Biden, Dylan Mulvaney and the Collapse of the West

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, President Joe Biden held an interview with a TikTok influencer named Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney is a man -- a former Broadway star in "The Book of Mormon" -- who less than a year ago decided that he was a woman. Ever since, he has made daily videos titled "Day X as a Girl." These videos range from the stereotypical (on Day 1, Mulvaney ...Read more

American Democracy Isn't in Peril -- So Long as Americans Talk to Each Other

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

American democracy, we have been told, is in grave peril.

It's a perspective we hear echoed dozens of times per day in the mainstream media: If this next election doesn't go precisely how our hallowed elitists desire, surely tyranny will follow. As one of those sagacious experts, MSNBC's Joy Reid, recently put it on Twitter, "It's terrifying ...Read more

America's Suicidal Energy Policy Has Very Real Costs

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

Last week, Saudi Arabia announced, in conjunction with OPEC+, that it would be cutting oil production in the face of dropping prices. That decision came in spite of the Biden White House's lobbying in favor of increased production, which included a sycophantic visit by President Joe Biden to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In response to...Read more

Should the West Seek an Off-Ramp in Ukraine?

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

How does the war in Ukraine end?

This is precisely the question no one is supposed to ask these days. The supposition by our thought leaders seems to be that if we keep up the pressure on Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, he'll fold and go home; his threats to use tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield are nothing more than saber-rattling. He ...Read more

The International Anti-Woke Backlash

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

This week, Italy prepared to welcome a new prime minister: 45-year-old Giorgia Meloni, leader of the right-wing Brothers of Italy party since 2014. Meloni is a populist conservative on issues ranging from marriage to immigration; she is a nationalist by philosophy and combatively passionate by temperament. A clip of a speech she gave at the ...Read more

Forgetting 9/11

From the Right / Ben Shapiro /

On the 21st anniversary of Sept. 11, President Joe Biden repeated the same tired nostrums we have heard for the past several years on the anniversary of the worst terror attack in American history: "We will never forget, we will never give up. Our commitment to preventing another attack on the United States is without end."

That, of course, was...Read more



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