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Put The Pacific Into NATO: NAPTO

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Beijing's and Moscow's lawlessness and collaborative belligerence threaten all sovereign nations in Europe and Asia.

We still have time to respond with a war-deterring diplomatic stroke: extending NATO's Article 5 to committed nations in the Pacific and East Asia who already field NATO-ready military forces.

Background: The NATO treaty's ...Read more

Stopping Treason: Zelenskyy Attacks on The Moral-Political Front

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The Ukrainian army's battlefield courage, backed by the Ukrainian people's determination to resist Russia's invasion, is without doubt the most significant global strategic surprise since 9/11's terror attacks.

As the war enters its sixth month, Ukraine continues to demonstrate a small nation with military aptitude, economic vigor and moral ...Read more

Gulf Of Mexico Pirates Threaten Global Security And Environmental Extortion

From the Right / Austin Bay /

A question that matters to America's physical and economic security: Name the criminal, economic and terrorist threat that has the following seven effects on the United States, Western Hemisphere and world.

Read the list, then I'll identify and discuss the threat.

The Seven Effects: (1) The threat spikes gas prices at the pump because it ...Read more

On Point: Flash Mobs, Tea Parties and Tocqueville

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In February 2009, a young man posting on a website dubbed "The Urban Prankster Network" (Headquarters for Global Agents of Stealth Comedy!) suggested a novel way to cool off the city of Austin, Texas, when the inevitable hell of a Texas summer bakes streets and fries brains: a citywide water gun and water balloon war waged by a "flash mob."

It ...Read more

The Baltic Noose The Kremlin Fears

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Has the Kremlin decided to fight a hot war in the Baltic Sea's cold waters?

On June 17 the Russian Navy deliberately violated Danish territorial water, specifically the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, which lies north of Poland. During the Cold War Bornholm was a Berlin-like intelligence outpost behind enemy lines.

On June 18 a Russian border ...Read more

Will China Soon Claim The Western Pacific?

From the Right / Austin Bay /

If communist China's recent words and deeds reflect a calculated design and totalitarian intent, soon we will hear Beijing declare the entire western Pacific Ocean a sovereign Chinese sea, where Beijing rules -- so-called international laws, treaties and U.N. resolutions be damned.

Defining terms helps expose Beijing's strategic gamble, because...Read more

Political Corruption and Injustice Threaten U.S. National Security

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The United States must get serious about its own survival as a republic dedicated to protecting individual life and liberty.

If that strikes readers as a pessimistic first sentence, take a deep breath and compare polarized June 2022's American public faith in U.S. institutions -- just courts and freedom of speech in particular -- with the faith...Read more

Communist China's Global Plan Emerges

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Communist China's violations of Taiwanese airspace and sea space are a physical indication Beijing targets Taiwan as the world's next Ukraine.

At the tactical level -- the level where a shooter seeks a target -- Beijing's sorties probe Taiwan's frontline air and sea defenses, seeking weaknesses and assessing reaction time.

At the strategic ...Read more

Thoughts For Memorial Day 2022

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Four days a year a special American flag flew from a tall loblolly pine in my family's front yard.

Every Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and every Veterans Day, my father would get up early then wake me, my sisters and younger brother.

We would traipse into the front yard, yawning in Houston's early morning humidity, in summer ...Read more



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