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As Israel Crushes Hamas, Aid Ukraine and Secure American Borders

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Three invasions with extraordinary global impact and history-shaping consequences have occurred since January 2021 -- the month Joe Biden became America's president and his administration began directing U.S. foreign and federal domestic policy.

The invasions in reverse chronological order:

1. Hamas' October 2023 genocidal invasion of Israel...Read more

21st-Century Chinese "Cabbage" Warfare: Fake Maps And Water Cannon Supporting Military Threat

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On April 2, India bluntly rejected Communist China's latest sly ploy to claim Indian territory in the Himalayas.

The Chinese gambit: On March 30, Beijing issued a statement renaming 30 places in India's northeastern Arunachal Pradesh state. According to India Today, the locations included "two mountains, four rivers, one lake, one mountain ...Read more

Key Bridge Catastrophe Exposes America's Fragile Transport System

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The Baltimore bridge catastrophe, which dominates this week's news, is at best an instructive disaster.

It definitely illustrates the fragility of human life. When the container ship MV Dali smashed into Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge, the collision and bridge collapse presumably killed at least six people. The six were in a repair ...Read more

Fixing US Defense Procurement: A Texas Independent Helicopter Example

From the Right / Austin Bay /

America's defense industrial base just received a bad report card -- and given recent U.S. defense industry foul-ups, several failing grades are well deserved.

The Ronald Reagan Institute, a think tank and foundation, issues a yearly report card evaluating what it calls the National Security Innovation Base (NSIB).

Innovation means both ...Read more

Communist China's TikTok War To Disintegrate America

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Social chaos fed by crime, drugs, street defecation, brutal physical assault and illegal immigration swamping social welfare systems. Surprise! Left-liberal San Franciscans vote to re-fund the cops. Suddenly, their hard-left mayor demands law, demands order, calls the cops despite her own "defund the police" complicity.

A commonsense human ...Read more

Border Security Is a Critical National Defense Issue

From the Right / Austin Bay /

As March 2024 began, every major U.S. national poll I scanned rated border security -- meaning lawless insecurity along the continental 48 states' southern and northern borders -- as the No. 1 national issue for American voters.

This tells me Americans have realized protecting America's land borders is a critical national defense issue.

...Read more

The Ukraine Powder Keg's Hot Matches

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In his post-9/11 history "An Autumn of War" (2004), historian Victor Davis Hanson wrote, "If war is the powder keg of history, then battle is the match."

Hanson was reflecting on 9/11's terror attacks. However, his insight applies to all wars, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Pertinent background: By "battle," Hanson means the direct ...Read more

Putin's War on Ukraine Begins Its 21st Year

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Last week's column made the case Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine began in 2004 with a covert attempt to subvert Ukraine's 2004 national election and install a Putin puppet. Putin failed. Suddenly, the Russian despot had a czarist nightmare on his border -- a food-exporting Slavic state with democratic aspirations and high-tech expertise.

In ...Read more

The Not So Secret Preludes to Russia's 2022 Invasion of Ukraine

From the Right / Austin Bay /

A strong case can be made that Russia's war to seize Ukraine began in 2004 with a covert attempt by Vladimir Putin's Kremlin to subvert Ukraine's election and install a pro-Moscow vassal.

In Ukraine's 2004 national elections, Russia-backed Viktor Yanukovych ostensibly defeated democratizer Viktor Yushchenko. To the Kremlin's dismay, mass ...Read more

Time To Punish Iran's Ayatollah Regime For Its War On The World

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Ayatollah Iran treats the world as a war zone.

Here's a list of regional battlegrounds: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Persian Gulf Arab nations, Yemen and Jordan. On Jan. 28, a drone launched by an Iranian proxy militia operating in Iraq struck the U.S.-manned Tower 22 observation outpost in northeastern Jordan. The ...Read more

The Navy Needs Small but Highly Capable Warships

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In 2004, ignorant media crucified then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for stating a historical truth about warfare.

Here's Rumsfeld's very pertinent quote: "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time."

In 2024, immediate crises demonstrate Rumsfeld's wisdom -- which is a reminder ...Read more

Theater Of Panic Repeat: Putin's Russia Threatens World War III and Alaska

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Since 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened to wage nuclear war against Ukraine and European NATO nations supporting Ukraine's defense of its sovereign territory.

In 2023 and in January 2024, Putin and various Kremlin propagandists have repeatedly threatened war. I'll list a few illustrative examples.

Threatening ...Read more

Yemen's Houthis Were Always Terrorists

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Breaking News: The Biden administration has decided to designate Yemen's Houthi rebel movement as an international terrorist organization.

The Violence Behind the Breaking News: Yemeni Houthis have spent three months attacking, damaging and occasionally seizing U.S. and free world ships transiting the Red Sea.

Geographic Specifics Shaping ...Read more



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