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Decouple and control: U.S. must secure supply chains and production

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Beijing's June 30 decision to impose its national security law on Hong Kong renders the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984 null and void. Promising one China, two systems, that treaty guaranteed Hong Kong's political autonomy through 2047.

So another Chinese Communist Party guarantee has entered the dustbin of history. Now tyrannical whim ...Read more

Chinese Communist Party snared in a multidimensional war

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Communist China has decided it must crush Hong Kong because it knows the city presents an information-streaming ethnic, geographic, political and ideological alternative to the Chinese Communist Party's authoritarian police state.

The CCP police state promises China's citizens prosperity's material goodies -- cellphones, electric cars -- in ...Read more

Exploring scenarios for a China-India Himalayan war

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Everyone who wants to prevent nuclear war and expand economic opportunity should demand China's dictatorship answer this question: Why is nuclear-armed mainland China militarily and diplomatically escalating its Himalayan border dispute with nuclear-armed India?

On June 8, the South China Morning Post -- once an independent voice but ...Read more

U.S. State Department shackles target Maduro's Venezuela kleptocrats

From the Right / Austin Bay /

That Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro remains in power is a testament to his military's guns, secret police repression, torture of his pro-democracy opposition and the malign charity of four buddy dictatorships, Russia, Iran, Cuba and China.

As late as January 2020, the month during which a Maduro ally hired fancy lobbyists to gull ...Read more

What tasks does Xi have for China's military?

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On May 26, Chinese President Xi Jinping told senior officers the Peoples Liberation Army and Peoples Armed Police Force increase "preparedness for armed combat" as well as other military tasks.

It is a chilling thought, but Xi may have several "tasks" in mind, for both the PLA and the PAP. Throttling Hong Kong immediately comes to mind. Beijing...Read more

2030 Scenario: US Navy robots, carriers and mines counterattack China

From the Right / Austin Bay /

For at least two decades, U.S. military strategists and planners have pondered this complex question: how to lower the physical risks to ships and crews a U.S. Navy carrier battle group and other surface forces face as they approach a hostile Chinese coast.

In 1996, as Beijing threatened Taiwan with a rain of missiles, a Navy nuclear carrier ...Read more

Communist China continues to target American creativity

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In mid-April, a senior FBI official warned that cyber spies were attacking U.S. and allied medical research institutions developing coronavirus vaccines. The U.S. Department of Justice later pegged China as the chief witch doctor of medical espionage and suggested a crash American COVID-19/Wuhan virus vaccine project nicknamed Operation Warp ...Read more

Why the Wuhan virus threatens the Chinese Communist Party's imperial dreams

From the Right / Austin Bay /

If it acts, the Free World has the opportunity to condemn another communist dictatorship to Karl Marx's dustbin of history and avoid a war with a totalitarian superpower circa 2035.

The Chinese Communist Party knows the COVID-19/Wuhan virus pandemic has exposed its imperial war to conquer the world, so it is frantically engaged in psychological...Read more

Pandemic reveals weaknesses in imperial Beijing's Communist four play

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese Communist Party leader who created China's economic revival, rooted his Four Modernizations in Premier Zhou Enlai's 1975 statement that China must modernize. Deng called for comprehensive modernization in four sectors: agriculture, industry, science and technology, and defense. Deng consciously placed the People's ...Read more

COVID-19 debacle previews the Chinese Communist Party's imperial world order

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Beijing's calculated deceit regarding the COVID-19 pandemic's November 2019 origin in Wuhan, China, to its ongoing 2020 A.D. global massacre provides Planet Earth's residents with a preview of the Chinese Communist Party imperial world order that Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised to buy, slap together when no one with a brain is looking ...Read more

Beijing exploits pandemic to probe the South China Sea

From the Right / Austin Bay /

This week the Pentagon acknowledged that the coronavirus pandemic -- which President Donald Trump has correctly called a plague -- has affected U.S. military operations.

The disease has definitely reduced the combat effectiveness of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. The virus threatens the lives of the warship's skilled ...Read more


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