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Chinese Weaponized Corruption Is a National Security Threat

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In November 2018, at the direction of then-President Donald Trump, the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and other federal security and economic agencies launched the China Initiative to halt the massive transfer of American information and technology to China and counter Chinese spying in American businesses, research institutions and ...Read more

Finland and Sweden on the Verge of Joining NATO

From the Right / Austin Bay /

NATO has 30 members. By the end of June, the roster may grow to 32, should Finland and Sweden join.

The Nordic duo has fans. On April 29 U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the House Foreign Affairs Committee America will "strongly support" NATO membership for Sweden and Finland. On April 28 Jans Stoltenberg, a Norwegian and NATO's ...Read more

A Soldier Dies in the Biden Border War and China's Strategic Drug War

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On April 22 Texas Army National Guardsman Specialist Bishop C. Evans drowned in the Rio Grande while trying to rescue two people struggling in the river. Specialist Evans (Spc. is the military abbreviation) grew up in Arlington, Texas.

As a soldier serving in a Texas task force deployed to assist the U.S. Border Patrol and police, it's a fair ...Read more

Putin Funds Fake Protests, Rattles Nukes

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Fake protests throughout the world and threats of nuclear war -- in 2022 we witness a violent echo of 1983's Kremlin-orchestrated frauds.

I'll address the nuke threat first.

On Feb. 27 Russian President Vladimir Putin played drama king and put Russian nuclear forces on high alert. His war in Ukraine already failing, Vlad added nuclear pucker ...Read more

Ukraine Needs Offensive Weapons -- And Needs Them Now

From the Right / Austin Bay /

My column last week ended with this paragraph: "A half-dozen NATO nations are sending Ukraine several hundred tanks, most Cold War Russian relics but serviceable. New air defense systems will arrive, perhaps MiG-29s? End result: Ukraine will have an offensive capacity."

Boiled down to the weakness it is, the Biden administration continues to ...Read more

Ukraine's Clocks: Has the Peace Clock Begun to Tick?

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Though they "tick" at different rates, several notional clocks symbolizing intertwined military, diplomatic and information warfare "lines of operation" run simultaneously in Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine. Real world actions and effects (destruction, death, perhaps rational mediation) speed or slow the clocks. At least one of these ...Read more

Ukraine's Warrior State A Fact

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Ukraine's heroic resistance to Russia's invasion has created several facts on the ground that affect immediate combat operations and shape nascent ceasefire/peace negotiations. The facts also affect the next five decades of world history, for they indicate we are witnessing the birth of a new warrior state of the type that knows defending ...Read more

Reviving The Iran Deal Is More Than Another Display of Chronic Biden Ineptitude and Weakness

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Even when the issues are terrorism and the threat of nuclear war (in the Middle East and Europe), elite media chatter and posturing by well-coiffed diplomats steer Biden administration policy -- in Biden-speak chatter and posturing translating into the sacred word "perception."

Slow Joe made that boggling admission himself, his global ...Read more

Meanwhile, in the Russian Backyard Called Siberia...

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Given the manpower and equipment advantages possessed by the Russian Army and Air Force, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin cronies expected Ukraine's defenses to swiftly collapse and capitulate.

The quick victory script read something like this: A precision Spetsnaz assassination kills President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as airstrikes ...Read more

Independent Entrepreneurs and Industrialists Act To Defend Ukraine

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Politicians react and often too late -- that's the unfortunate historical record. Politicians in democracies tend to be risk-averse, fettered by political and media perception (often expressed by the term "maintaining political viability"). The pols don't want to get ahead of mainstream media opinion.

Driven by insight and often sheer genius, ...Read more

A Weaponized Narrative: Russian Oligarchs Must Choose Between Their Money And Putin

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Russian President Vladimir Putin -- he's crazy and delusional.

For many troubling reasons this diagnostic narrative has emerged as a common media theme, a narrative to help explain in personal terms Russia's senseless invasion of Ukraine and Putin's irrational threat to wage nuclear war.

From the right (e.g., Fox News, the Wall Street Journal ...Read more

Putin Escalates His Creeping War In Ukraine

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Russian tanks and mechanized infantry have invaded Ukraine's Donbas and occupied the so-called secessionist enclaves of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls his armored forces "peacekeepers," sent to protect ethnic Russians threatened by Ukrainian genocide.

No one sane believes it. Putin leverages the bloody script ...Read more

The Strategic Costs of Hunter Biden's Ukrainian Corruption

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Often a bribe is more destructive than a bullet.

In Afghanistan the U.S. and NATO could never defeat the endemic corruption that riddled the Afghan government and army. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, U.S. military and diplomatic assessments insistently bemoan the damage corruption does to Ukraine's economy, civil institutions and war ...Read more



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