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America's individual-sanctions weapon: Economic and diplomatic warfare power with an information edge

From the Right / Austin Bay /

With the goals of halting human rights abuse and deterring corruption, the U.S. Treasury Department and State Department now routinely impose assorted financial, travel and legal sanctions that target specific "perpetrators of serious human rights abuse and corruption" -- individual bad actors and organizations (entities) the thugs and scumbags ...Read more

Algeria's 'smile revolution' boils below the radar

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Algeria's first nationwide protest occurred Friday, Feb. 22, some 16 days after then-President (for life) Abdelaziz Bouteflika's National Liberation Front (FNL) caregivers published a letter announcing the hospitalized stroke victim would run for a fifth term in 2019.

By mid-March, even the FNL's hardened, corrupt old guard realized "the Friday...Read more

Hong Kong's protests shame red China's parade -- does this mean war?

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On Oct. 1, the Chinese Communist Party threw itself a celebratory propaganda jubilee trumpeting the 70th anniversary Mao Zedong's civil war victory and his clique's seizure of power on the mainland.

The centerpiece of the CCP National Day self-glorification festival was a grandiose parade featuring high-stepping People's Liberation Army troops;...Read more

Invoking the Rio Treaty Diplomatically Attacks Venezuela's Dictatorship

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In 2018, the BBC reported U.N. officials were comparing the Venezuelan refugee problem to the "Mediterranean crisis" spurred by the civil wars in Syria and Libya.

The comparison still has unfortunate merit. Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and his regime wage what amounts to a slow war of oppression and starvation on their own people. ...Read more

Proxies and Proximity: Iranian Drone Attacks on Saudi Oil

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Two previous Iranian-proxy drone attacks on Saudi Arabian petro-targets look suspiciously like rehearsals for the Sept. 14 attacks on the Abqaiq oil production complex and Khurais oil field.

The attacks, on May 14 and Aug. 17, 2019, would have provided Iran with intelligence regarding Saudi air surveillance operations while combat-testing the...Read more


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