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Iranians attack their real enemy: the ayatollah regime

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Since December 2017, deeply aggrieved Iranian citizens have publicly denounced two blatantly linked injustices perpetrated by the corrupt ayatollah regime: the clerical dictatorship's hideous corruption and Iran's acute economic deterioration.

Iran's Islamic revolutionary dictatorship is a case study in repeated failure, incompetence, ...Read more

Soleimani's fatal arrogance reveals a fool's contempt for his enemies

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Understand these facts first and foremost: Qassem Soleimani was a career state-sponsored terrorist whose financial, ideological and strategic sponsor was the Iranian theocratic dictatorship the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini founded in 1979.

Another fact: In 1984, the U.S. State Department placed Iran on its list of state sponsors of terrorism. If...Read more

Kim Jong Un, choose your future

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Christmas came and went, and North Korea failed to deliver an unspecified but ominous "Christmas gift" to the U.S. As I finish this column, New Year's Day looms. Kim Jong Un's slimy regime still has enough holiday season to ignite a ballistic missile or nuclear firework display.

Alas, if Kim reverts to Little Rocket Man, he must live (perhaps ...Read more

2019's year of global protests...

From the Right / Austin Bay /

2019's fierce protests against national governments begs comparison to 2011's year of Arab Spring and 1989's Eastern Europeans' rebellion against Russian-backed communist tyrannies.

Yet 2019's assorted civil ructions are demonstrably more global and more transcultural than 2011's and 1989's largely regional uprisings.

One common grievance ...Read more

North America's energy diplomacy influences global markets for the better

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Since 2010, the North American fracking revolution has radically affected global energy markets for the better, to the benefit of human beings who prefer prosperity to poverty.

Price-setting energy production capability by two politically free and stable economic power houses -- the U.S. and Canada -- has given both nations strategic freedom to...Read more

Ayatollah Iran's bloody December

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In December 2017, angry Iranian citizens began publicly denouncing two blatantly linked injustices: their nation's acute economic deterioration and the clerical dictatorship's hideous corruption.

That's right. Two years ago, insistent and widespread protests in Iran's major cities shook the ayatollah regime. Shutting down the internet didn't ...Read more

Trump's canny diplomatic and psychological feints on the international stage

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Three years ago, Donald Trump began a rhetorical offensive targeting the governments of NATO nations that chronically failed to meet their allied defense financial commitments. With bombastic huff, Trump intimated that allies pay their share or America might walk.

It's 2019. Few NATO members currently meet the 2% GDP defense commitment. However...Read more

Hong Kong's ballots challenge Chairman Mao's gun barrels

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The Hong Kong pro-democracy movement's overwhelming Nov. 24 election victory demonstrates that the city's brave citizens disdain Mao Zedong's political ditties almost as much as they scorn the crooked Chinese Communist Party tyranny the mass-murdering former chairman created.

Mao, who fancied himself a poet and philosopher, declared that ...Read more

America's home front is a complex war zone

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The U.S. home front has become a war zone under persistent attack by adversaries who employ an array of weapons and execute operations exploiting stealth, ambush, naivete and, in many cases, utter stupidity.

I'll use the terror threat to make a general point.

"War on the home front" brings to American minds violent terror attack -- and after 9...Read more

Hong Kong in history's lens

From the Right / Austin Bay /

How will historians in 2060 frame the 2019 Hong Kong crisis?

"The first battle of the Second Cold War" is one possibility, though Russia's 2014 Crimean invasion deserves that cruel award.

Perhaps the first Cold War isn't over. The USSR's communist dictatorship collapsed in 1991. China's party tyranny didn't. In 1989, the Kremlin didn't order ...Read more

Pence remembers the Fort Hood terror attack as the bitter history it is

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Vice President Mike Pence deserves praise for not only remembering the national horror but also personally showing up and speaking out at Fort Hood, Texas, the scene of the Nov. 5, 2009, terrorist massacre that killed 13 American soldiers and citizens.

It has been a decade since that terrorist attack on U.S. soil by a self-identified Islamic ...Read more

Al-Baghdadi's death as counterterror information warfare

From the Right / Austin Bay /

What a shame Washington political and media elites couldn't briefly halt their uncivil domestic political brawl to applaud a victory over the world's most vicious international terrorist organization, the Islamic State group of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

A more unified and strategically thoughtful reaction to ISIS commander, mass rapist, savage ...Read more


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