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Iran's Latest Rebellion, In Context

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On Sept. 13, Iranian Islamic dictatorship "morality police" in Tehran arrested a 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amini. The morality police charged her with violating the regime's dress code. She hadn't covered her hair properly, or something.

On Sept. 16, Amini was pronounced dead. The Tehran dictatorship established by the ...Read more

End Fake Peace Mentality and Treat North America as The War Zone It Is!

From the Right / Austin Bay /

When the Arctic Council was formed in 1996, its member nations regarded the Arctic as a "low tension" area -- what a NATO study called a "zone of depoliticized cooperation."

As instructive background, here are the Council members: eight countries that control some Arctic territory (U.S., Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Russia...Read more

Let's Field Weapons to Defeat China's Pacific Strategy

From the Right / Austin Bay /

My last column argued China has a 3-to-5-year window of opportunity to deal America a strategic defeat giving the dictatorship uncontested global economic and diplomatic clout and regional military dominance lasting for decades.

China's modernized military, prolific warship building and new South China Sea bases give it a military edge on the ...Read more

Put The Pacific Into NATO: NAPTO

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Beijing's and Moscow's lawlessness and collaborative belligerence threaten all sovereign nations in Europe and Asia.

We still have time to respond with a war-deterring diplomatic stroke: extending NATO's Article 5 to committed nations in the Pacific and East Asia who already field NATO-ready military forces.

Background: The NATO treaty's ...Read more

Stopping Treason: Zelenskyy Attacks on The Moral-Political Front

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The Ukrainian army's battlefield courage, backed by the Ukrainian people's determination to resist Russia's invasion, is without doubt the most significant global strategic surprise since 9/11's terror attacks.

As the war enters its sixth month, Ukraine continues to demonstrate a small nation with military aptitude, economic vigor and moral ...Read more

Gulf Of Mexico Pirates Threaten Global Security And Environmental Extortion

From the Right / Austin Bay /

A question that matters to America's physical and economic security: Name the criminal, economic and terrorist threat that has the following seven effects on the United States, Western Hemisphere and world.

Read the list, then I'll identify and discuss the threat.

The Seven Effects: (1) The threat spikes gas prices at the pump because it ...Read more



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