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U.S. Real-Time Intel Helps India Deal China A Defeat

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In December 2022 I wrote a column titled "India and China Clash on The Roof of the World."

The Himalayan terrain and history where the incident that occurred Dec. 9, 2022, is obscure and complex. However, conflict between Asia's two giants has global significance. The clash rated headlines throughout east Asia and the Pacific -- headlines from ...Read more

The Southern Border Is a Hybrid War Zone

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The March 12 Incident On The Paso Del Norte Bridge confirms the U.S.-Mexico border is once again a war zone.

The March 12 Incident is an outrage that demonstrates the U.S. is currently under continuous hybrid war assault.

The hybrid war's current weapons: deadly drugs (fentanyl), human trafficking (to include child sex and work slavery), ...Read more

Time for the Taiwan Porcupine to Bristle

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On March 1, the U.S. tentatively approved the sale of $600 million in hi-tech weapons to Taiwan for its U.S.-made F-16 aircraft.

The weapons sale would impress anyone familiar with 21st-century air-to-air combat. Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles. AGM-88B High Speed Anti-Radiation (HARM) missiles to destroy communist Chinese land-based ...Read more

Ukraine's Combined Arms Warfare Edge

From the Right / Austin Bay /

March 2022's Ukraine war videos of exploding Russian tanks showed the world that Ukrainian soldiers armed with modern anti-tank weapons knew how to ambush and destroy Russia's mightiest armored fighting vehicles.

Wire service photos of Russian vehicle graveyards confirmed Ukrainian military units knew how to defeat and destroy entire Russian ...Read more

Weaponizing Everything, Including Lawyers and Balloons: China's 1999 Manual for Defeating America

From the Right / Austin Bay /

During its North American aerial odyssey, The Big Chinese Balloon passed within intel-gathering distance of ICBM silo fields, strategic bomber bases, key global logistics hubs (Charleston for example) and major Army and USAF headquarters.

The balloon wasn't just blowing in the wind. Its calculated military itinerary tells reasonable Americans ...Read more

To End the War, Attack Russia's Center of Gravity: Vladimir Putin

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The first anniversary of Russia's war to conquer Ukraine is upon us, with no apparent military or diplomatic route to a ceasefire much less just peace.

Despite its manpower and resource advantages, Russia's inept military cannot field and employ decisive combat power. Ukraine manages to survive on the battlefield, but Russian missiles have ...Read more

Watching Ukraine, Japan and South Korea Consider Nuclear Weapons

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has stirred profound defense policy changes in Europe and Asia, with once-neutral Sweden's and Finland's bids to join NATO a prime example.

In East Asia the invasion and Russian president Vladimir Putin's threats to attack his enemies nuclear weapons has led South Korea and Japan to seriously consider acquiring ...Read more

Ukraine's Nation in Arms: The Unexpected Near-Peer War

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Russia versus Ukraine: It's an unexpected "near-peer" war.

Eleven months of combat and suffering demonstrate that on the battlefield Ukraine can defeat a Russian invasion then launch limited but sustained (and thus effective) local counter-offensives.

As Month 12 begins, satellites photograph trenches and shell holes, wire services report ...Read more

Ukraine Demonstrates War Reserve Stockpiles Are Vital

From the Right / Austin Bay /

No matter the outcome on the battlefield, the Ukraine War already has a clear winner: that small band of long-range planners, logisticians and military analysts who have insisted "cutting corners in maintaining war reserve stocks was a false economy..."

Definition of war reserve stocks: warfighting material, produced in peacetime or left from a...Read more

The Biden Classified Docs Special Prosecutor Must Look For Chinese Spies

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Headlines in 2022 damned former President Donald Trump for mishandling "classified information" -- a term designating secrets that have genuine national security value.

2023: current President Joe Biden has definitely mishandled classified info. Damning fact: Biden's negligence -- or malfeasance -- was discovered before the 2022 midterm ...Read more

Mexican Crime Cartels Wage Narcotic and Demographic War on USA

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Confident propagandists relentlessly play "Nothing to see here, move along."

Their don't-believe-your-eyes con game has despicable goals. No. 1: Suppress evident facts that expose their official worldview (narrative) as self-serving fantasy. No. 2: Buy time to peddle lies that blur the real-world situation that challenges their self-serving ...Read more

2023's Strategic Challenges: Introducing Big Debt

From the Right / Austin Bay /

When 2022 began, Vladimir Putin's Russia was fighting a slow but deadly war with Ukraine -- a war to restore what Putin believed was Russia's historically legitimate empire. In the slow war, the Kremlin could control the level of battlefield violence and gauge the economic costs. For example, Russia could slowly destroy Ukraine's eastern ...Read more

The Year Putin's Imperial Dream Became a Nightmare of Destruction

From the Right / Austin Bay /

We know why Vladimir Putin wants Ukraine. Once upon a time (as recently as late February 2022), Vlad dreamed a splendid dream of imperial Russian glory restored.

In Vlad's grand reverie the architect, commander and instrument of this repair of the Russian Empire's Soviet Union-era crackup would be... Vlad.

As grandiose, narcissistic ...Read more



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