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Poland's Eastern Shield: On NATO'S Eastern Flank: Part 2

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In late May 2024, Poland decided concrete bunkers, barbed wire and other fixed defenses are a sane and savvy 21st-century defense necessity. According to senior Polish officials, Poland's Eastern Shield defensive line will be capable of thwarting "all forms of aggression."

Poland, next door to Ukraine, wants to deter a Russian air and ground ...Read more

Poland's Eastern Shield: Maginot? Or Not? Part 1

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On May 27, Poland confirmed it will fortify 700 kilometers of its eastern border.

The loud whispers Poland would dig in to defend itself -- huge forts on the eastern front! -- began last year.

Fortifications? Hollywood minds think castles, moats, the Alamo, World War I trenches. Twenty-first-century internet video informed minds see trenches...Read more

Of Human Shields, and ICC Corruption

From the Right / Austin Bay /

So the International Criminal Court has charged Israel with committing crimes against humanity.

International court! Wow. Sounds like global damnation from a wannabe global moral authority, doesn't it?

Of course. That's the propaganda slant. Remember the World Health Organization was bought off by China, and the WHO lied about the COVID-19 ...Read more

Pier Pressure On Gaza's Shore -- And In Michigan

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The Biden administration wants to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza to save the lives of Palestinian civilians.

Good cause? Sure. Absolutely. Saving and protecting innocents when Americans can is a moral and noble goal. Even protecting the lives of innocents a terror cartel like Hamas uses as human shields for its immoral and strategically evil ...Read more

NATO in the Joe Biden Moment

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On April 29, The Economist magazine asked French President Emmanuel Macron a very direct question: "Do you stand by what you said about possibly sending ground troops to Ukraine?"

The Economist referred to Macron's February 2024 statement where he mulled circumstances in which France (a NATO nation that had elected him chief executive) might ...Read more

Iran's Marxy-Nazi Proxy Army Invades US Universities

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On April 30, vile words and violent deeds on New York City's Columbia University campus exposed self-proclaimed pro-Hamas protestors as what they really are: an anti-American proxy army of vicious political saboteurs sponsored by ayatollah Iran and hard-left progressive billionaires.

Prog billionaires don't get all the blame. Fair bet money ...Read more

Ukraine's Battle for the Black Sea -- And Free Europe

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Can Ukraine defeat Russia? That's a question roiling the U.S., Canada and Free Europe.

Free Europe: That's my term for Europe defended by the NATO alliance members and non-NATO European countries willing to defend themselves against violent authoritarian aggression.

Since February 2022, the publicly professed membership of Free Europe has ...Read more

Israel's Airspace Defense Victory: Credit Reagan's SDI

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Battlefield -- or battlespace -- results tell the tale. Iran's ayatollahs hadn't a clue as to the sophistication of Israel's air and space defenses. They fired 350 to 370 (is CENTCOM still counting?) drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles in their massive April 13-14 strike on Israel.

The military results: Iran's brazen airspace ...Read more

As Israel Crushes Hamas, Aid Ukraine and Secure American Borders

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Three invasions with extraordinary global impact and history-shaping consequences have occurred since January 2021 -- the month Joe Biden became America's president and his administration began directing U.S. foreign and federal domestic policy.

The invasions in reverse chronological order:

1. Hamas' October 2023 genocidal invasion of Israel...Read more

21st-Century Chinese "Cabbage" Warfare: Fake Maps And Water Cannon Supporting Military Threat

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On April 2, India bluntly rejected Communist China's latest sly ploy to claim Indian territory in the Himalayas.

The Chinese gambit: On March 30, Beijing issued a statement renaming 30 places in India's northeastern Arunachal Pradesh state. According to India Today, the locations included "two mountains, four rivers, one lake, one mountain ...Read more

Key Bridge Catastrophe Exposes America's Fragile Transport System

From the Right / Austin Bay /

The Baltimore bridge catastrophe, which dominates this week's news, is at best an instructive disaster.

It definitely illustrates the fragility of human life. When the container ship MV Dali smashed into Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge, the collision and bridge collapse presumably killed at least six people. The six were in a repair ...Read more

Fixing US Defense Procurement: A Texas Independent Helicopter Example

From the Right / Austin Bay /

America's defense industrial base just received a bad report card -- and given recent U.S. defense industry foul-ups, several failing grades are well deserved.

The Ronald Reagan Institute, a think tank and foundation, issues a yearly report card evaluating what it calls the National Security Innovation Base (NSIB).

Innovation means both ...Read more



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