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Merry Christmas, Hawaii: U.S. missile defenses just improved

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Hawaii can rest a bit easier this Christmas, thanks to another successful Missile Defense Agency anti-ballistic missile test. On Nov. 16, an SM-3 Block IIA (SM3) missile fired by a U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer, the USS John Finn, destroyed an "ICBM-representative target" as it plunged toward Hawaii. The SM3 is a kinetic interceptor, hit to...Read more

China prepares for 'informationized' war

From the Right / Austin Bay /

In March 2012, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, speaking to the National People's Congress, declared that the Chinese military's most important mission was "to win local wars under Information Age conditions."

Wen's use of "local wars" drew immediate reaction. Given China's territorial claims in Asia, locals such as Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines ...Read more

The Congressional Research Service takes a peek at the next big war

From the Right / Austin Bay /

To adapt former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's famous 2002 press statement, the world's next big shooting war will be a consequential event masked by known unknowns.

The human historical record tells us a major armed (kinetic) conflict involving powerful nations will eventually erupt. Given contemporary economic interdependence and the ...Read more

Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Price for his work in the Middle East

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Major American news media and the usual gang of Washington beltway clerks have tried to ignore into oblivion the Trump administration's diplomatic achievements in the Middle East.

Their collective pay-no-heed is crooked and vile on so many levels.

First and foremost, their corrupt collective silence sets conditions for more war, violence and ...Read more

India's naval exercise indicates Trump administration's China policy improved Indo-Pacific security

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Perhaps in five years, an honest historian will publish an honest history assessing the positive diplomatic effects of the President Donald Trump's administration's decision to challenge the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship's pervasive spying, economic trickery and utter disregard of international law.

The Trump administration has employed ...Read more

Did the Economist aid a Chinese communist influence operation?

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On Oct. 26, the Washington Free Beacon published a hard-hitting investigative article exposing a truly appalling and destructive example of communist China's long-term war on free societies, in this case using influence and information as weapons.

The Free Beacon detailed The Economist magazine's years of "sympathetic" coverage of China's ...Read more

Sanctions have slashed ayatollah Iran's war-making capacity

From the Right / Austin Bay /

As October began, Iran's religious dictators were peddling a narrative of imminent triumph on "a momentous day," Oct. 18. On that day, the 13-year-long U.N. arms embargo imposed on Iranian security forces would expire. U.N. Security Council members Russia and China refused to renew it. Both dictatorships acknowledge they would love to sell ...Read more

Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party in a war for information dominance

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Long-term strategic struggles, like the U.S.-versus-China confrontation, do not submit to bombshell headlines and snapshot predictions. When very large and powerful political, economic and cultural organizations conflict, years judge the slow war process of achieving strategic gain or suffering damaging loss, not talking heads on 24/7 news ...Read more

For China, the Quad is a diplomatic and military double whammy

From the Right / Austin Bay /

This week's Quadrilateral Security Dialogue foreign ministers meeting in Tokyo signals that so-called Quad has arrived as a global diplomatic combination. The Quad is already an Indo-Pacific military power.

For Beijing, the Quad's formation and solidification is a nightmare -- and China's communist government has only itself to blame.

In 2007,...Read more

The Iguala Massacre: Mexico's president versus beyond-the-law elites

From the Right / Austin Bay /

For decades, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador -- in North American mediaspeak, AMLO -- styled himself as a gifted man of the political left who was ... well, special.

As a perennial eccentric outsider, AMLO promised to bring Mexico radical change and new prosperity if he were to become president. Why did he push the brave-new-world...Read more

On the UN's 75th anniversary, commemorate UN war fighters

From the Right / Austin Bay /

Somewhere in a storage room, I've a World War II submarine recognition pamphlet framed to display its intriguing title.

Published circa 1943, the pamphlet is no frills -- black ink submarine silhouettes and captions on white paper. The silhouettes depict U.S., British Commonwealth, Free French and Soviet Union subs, and, as I recall, a Dutch ...Read more

Has the Trump administration ended Clinton's less-than-splendid Balkan War?

From the Right / Austin Bay /

On Sept. 4, the Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic signed an agreement committing the two Balkan states to reach a mutually beneficial and permanent economic and trade normalization deal. The Trump administration brokered the agreement and hosted the signing ceremony in Washington.

No, it's not a peace ...Read more



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