Commentary: New federal rules on campus sexual misconduct will only make things worse

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New federal regulations on how to handle sexual misconduct on campuses will soon be issued by the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights. While some provisions are good, many will create greater confusion without improving the system.

The Obama administration was focused on the rights of victims of sexual misconduct under Title ...Read more

Commentary: If Trump loves America, why does he call our cities 'disgusting' and 'embarrassing'?

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What's revealing about so many self-described nationalists is their contempt for the nation they claim to love. When President Trump talks about America, he talks about how people who don't love it should leave it -- and then he talks about how awful it is and how much he doesn't love it.

Here is America's president commenting on America's most...Read more

Commentary: Buttigieg, Trump and the warm blanket of white privilege

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Most black men rarely get to experience, even vicariously, what it's like to be a white man in this country.

I've been alive awhile now, but only truly understood the white male mindset once. It was 2006; Matt Lauer, the former NBC Today show host, was prepping for a television interview. He was bent over a coffee table, deep in concentration, ...Read more

Commentary: Volcano traps animals exploited by Taal's tourist industry

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PETA Asia's emergency line has been ringing nonstop. After the Taal volcano in the Philippines spewed hundreds of tons of suffocating ash and sent lava streaming down its sides, PETA Asia was the first charity on the scene, and staffers are working to help as many animals as possible in the evacuation zone, providing food, water and veterinary ...Read more

Editorial: Money grab: Law enforcement seizes money without cause

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Traveling with a large sum of cash is probably a bad idea from a safety standpoint, but it shouldn't mean you risk having that money taken away by law enforcement because someone labels it suspicious activity.

A woman from Massachusetts claims that's exactly what happened to her when she tried to board a plane in Pittsburgh last summer while ...Read more

Robin Abcarian: Trump's legacy will be brutal but simple: He made it OK to be racist again

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At the end of last week, President Trump issued a high-minded proclamation about Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020.

"We pause to honor the incredible life and accomplishments of Dr. King, who helped shape the Civil Rights Movement, gave hope to millions experiencing discrimination, and whose enduring memory inspires us to pursue a more just and ...Read more

Editorial: Florida provides perfect backdrop for Republicans to offer serious climate action

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There is good reason for the Republican National Committee to bring its winter meeting to President Donald Trump's Trump National Doral Golf Club.

The Sunshine State, where President Donald Trump barely eked out a win in 2016, is still the biggest swing state on the Electoral College block with 29 votes. It is essential to a repeat victory in ...Read more

Editorial: Youthful discoveries: High school interns help NASA find new planets

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NASA's recent discovery of two new planets -- one scientifically resembling Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine and another that's Earth-sized and possibly habitable -- are inspiring for a reason beyond the thrill of discovery.

Both were found by, or with the help of, high school students.

The two cases were presented this month to the ...Read more

Eric Zorn: My mixed feelings about New York Times' mixed message in endorsing both Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar

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Fittingly enough, I'm of two minds about The New York Times' controversial "we're of two minds ..." endorsement editorial.

After conducting extensive interviews with the leading Democratic presidential contenders in advance of the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses, the newspaper's editorial board on Sunday night gave its nod to both Massachusetts Sen. ...Read more

Will Bunch: Call Richmond's MLK Day gun rally what it was: An outbreak of terrorism on American soil

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In 2020, some images of modern America are so shocking that even a nation of political ranters with our incandescent Twitter accounts can be stunned into near numbness. So it was on Monday -- not coincidentally, the national holiday to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -- as first dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of armed, ...Read more

Rekha Basu: Committed Republicans tired of Trump's swings do have other choices this year

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As the candidate tells it, he was one of about a dozen seeking the presidency to address the NAACP convention in Detroit after Donald Trump had suggested some House Democratic women of color who criticized him go back to where they came from.

But while the other candidates, in this one's words, "danced around it," he brought the house down by ...Read more

Editorial: Impeachment is a stain on Trump's record. Censure would be another

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The Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, which begins Tuesday, is both historic and anticlimactic. For just the third time in the republic's 243 years, a president faces possible removal from office for the constitutional offenses of high crimes and misdemeanors. A fourth disgraced president, Richard Nixon, resigned to avoid ...Read more

Editorial: Devin Nunes' Ukraine lies are a betrayal. Voters in his district deserve better

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Kiev, Ukraine, is nearly 6,200 miles from Tulare, Calif. That's a long way from home for Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., who now faces explosive allegations that he and his staff contacted shadowy Ukrainian figures in an effort to betray American democracy.

Text messages released by the House Intelligence Committee last week reveal that a top Nunes...Read more

Commentary: Lesson from Tunisia: Curb coastal erosion — stop building along Southern California beaches

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After I returned from a long and demanding scientific expedition in the coastal areas of North Africa, my colleague took me for a walk on Corona del Mar State Beach in Southern California. A few steps in, he started recalling 15-year-old memories of the beach and how it has changed since. The beach seemed to be disappearing because of sea level ...Read more

Editorial: Is California's presidential primary a disaster waiting to happen?

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California lawmakers moved the state's 2020 presidential primary up to March 3 to give voters in the most populous state more influence over who will be running in the November general election. But millions of voters might be left out anyway unless they pay close attention to the rules for crossover voting and take action soon.

Voting in ...Read more

Commentary: I donated my kidney to a stranger — and more of us should

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For most of my life, I've been a model of good health. At 17, I became a certified firefighter, and, at 20, I biked from Texas to Alaska. But last month, at 25, I spent a week in bed recovering from surgery, with fresh incision holes in my abdomen, because I made an unusual choice. I donated my left kidney to someone who dearly needed one -- ...Read more

Commentary: A Walk of Fame star may seem silly, but it means a lot to us Iranians

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Andy Madadian, the Armenian Iranian singer and actor, got the 2,684th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Jan. 17.

For those not familiar with Andy's raspy, soothing voice, he's made more than a dozen albums and has loyal fans around the world. He's not a household name in Los Angeles, where he has lived since 1979, but for Iranians, he's a ...Read more

Commentary: What Jewish and black people owe each other

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Every January, synagogues across the country hold a special service or ceremony in memory of Martin Luther King Jr. They do this to honor the great man who inspired America to be better, and to honor the special black-Jewish bond so significant to the civil rights era.

Reason No. 1 is more than appropriate; reason No. 2 is a bit complicated.

...Read more

Robin Abcarian: If you vape THC, are you risking your life? That may depend on where you got it

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Starting last summer, very sick patients began showing up in emergency rooms all over the country with similar symptoms -- mainly, they couldn't breathe.

The outbreak peaked in September and has since slowed considerably. By mid-December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, a total of 2,506 patients in all 50 states had ...Read more

Editorial: How Trump's immigration policies could yield new era in border politics

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The announcement last week that President Donald Trump and the White House were considering shifting billions of dollars more in military funding in addition to the $6 billion already taken from the Pentagon's budget to build Trump's "big, beautiful wall" along the U.S.-Mexico border triggered the usual responses from Democrats who said it would...Read more


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