Editorial: Eighteen (years) is enough: Limit the terms of Supreme Court justices

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The Supreme Court term that ended last month was a refreshing reproach to the perception that the justices are simply politicians in black robes.

True, there were several decision in which Republican appointees voted one way and Democratic appointees the other. But in some truly consequential cases -- including a historic decision protecting ...Read more

Editorial: Congressional scrutiny of tech platforms welcome

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Congress is doing a tremendous service by scrutinizing the excessive, harmful market power of online platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Recent hearings with tech CEOs revealed as much about the work of House Judiciary Committee members as they did about the executives.

Through detailed questions, members of Judiciary's antitrust ...Read more

Editorial: California governor's COVID-19 strategy is in tatters

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California needs a reality check.

The COVID-19 data debacle calls into question whether Gov. Gavin Newsom has the leadership skills necessary to guide the state through the pandemic. The past week makes clear that his approach to dealing with the novel coronavirus is in tatters.

Consider where things stood -- or, at least where Californians ...Read more

Editorial: The wrong way to reopen schools

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Despite all the fears about reopening schools, we actually know a fair amount from watching other countries about how to do it safely. Success looks a lot like Uruguay and Denmark. It does not look like Israel.

And it bears no resemblance at all to what's shown in a photo from North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia, in which teenagers ...Read more

Commentary: Trophy hunter feels targeted — how ironic

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Aaron Raby is speaking to media outlets, apparently asking for sympathy for the backlash he's receiving after yet another of his trophy hunts. It's always interesting how quickly men who like to prove their masculinity by killing animals begin sniveling when they're the ones in the crosshairs.

PETA released a video showing the Los Angeles ...Read more

Commentary: Good science takes time — even during a pandemic

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Good science takes time. This has always been clear to those of us doing health research -- less so to the general public. In the pursuit of treatments for COVID-19, we need to manage expectations about what's not just possible, but also desirable.

Finding a vaccine is difficult work, but it's not like finding a needle in a haystack. Scientists...Read more

George Skelton: California should allow its voters to fill US Senate vacancies — not the governor

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Democrats accuse Republicans of trying to suppress voting all across America. But in California, Democrats actually ban voting to fill a vacancy in one of our most important offices: U.S. senator.

That's hypocrisy, pure and simple.

A Republican legislator is trying to fix the autocratic practice. But he hasn't a prayer with Democrats ...Read more

Will Bunch: I'm not freaking out about Biden's VP pick because I'm already thinking ahead to 2024

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Over the last few days, there've been a few brief moments when you could almost ignore the cotton mask pulling on your ears or the four claustrophobic walls of your quarantine hideaway and pretend that 2020 was the normal, presidential-election-obsessed year we were promised way back in a gray winter when Mayor Pete was still a thing, Bernie was...Read more

Doyle McManus: Goodbye to traditional political conventions — and good riddance

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Democrats around the country will gather around computer screens and smartphones next week for a strange new version of a timeworn political ritual: their party's presidential convention.

They won't flood into Milwaukee and crowd into a noisy sports arena on Aug. 17 for four nights of hoopla. They won't hobnob with party elders, campaign donors...Read more

Mary McNamara: Sobbing over the back-to-school display in the grocery store? It's the coronavirus blues

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In the grocery store the other day, I passed through the "back to school" aisle and promptly burst into tears.

Not the salty-sweet tears that fill your eyes and hang on your lashes before sending a perfect drop or two down your cheek to remind you that you are still alive in an emotional way. Nope, these were throat-spasming sobs, complete with...Read more

John M. Crisp: Maybe 2020 is a good year for a sports sabbatical

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In an extended statement to the media on July 5, Washington Nationals baseball player Sean Doolittle made several thoughtful observations about our nation's botched response to Pandemic 2020. Doolittle admits that he's not a public health expert. But all of the wisdom and good sense in our nation does not reside exclusively in the minds of ...Read more

Commentary: You are being judged — not just watched and tracked — 24/7

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In 2014, China announced it would set up a system to judge its citizens: on their trustworthiness, their public and social media behavior, the wisdom of their purchasing habits, how often they play video games, their interactions with law enforcement and government officials, whether they clean up after their dogs and more. Many pundits and ...Read more

Commentary: How to improve distance learning for our youngest students

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Many teachers, students and their families can agree on one thing after experiencing the unexpected hurricane that was distance learning this spring: It must improve -- especially in the earliest grades, transitional kindergarten through second grade.

Our youngest students, from ages 4 to 9, need more supervision throughout the day and help ...Read more

David Zurawik: John Lewis documentary among high-quality offerings free from PBS this summer

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When John Lewis died last month and I wanted to find out more about the man and his life, I did all the things I usually do when I want to her media-educated on a topic in a hurry. I watched the cable TV specials, ordered books from Amazon and read online obituaries and profiles. But nowhere did I instantly find more illuminating and powerful ...Read more

Cynthia M. Allen: A different kind of grace: Texas priests serve sick and dying amid virus dangers

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Early during the coronavirus pandemic, Father Ray McDaniel found himself in an unusually quiet hospital, there to do something he'd done a hundred times before -- administer last rites to a dying man.

This time, though, things were a lot different.

The patient he was about to bless had a highly contagious virus the world knew little about.

...Read more

Editorial: Incompetence or sabotage? Mail delivery suffers from either or both

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For months now, essential workers across the nation have braved the pandemic to keep life as normal as possible for the rest of us. Hospital nurses, grocery store clerks, police and firefighters and many others who labor in less prominent roles. And then there is the U.S. Postal Service. In the Baltimore suburb of Dundalk, the daily line for ...Read more

Commentary: New jobs report shows that the US economy is in for a long slog

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The U.S. unemployment figures for July send a muddled message to lawmakers struggling to reach a deal on a new coronavirus relief package. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, non-farm employers added 1.8 million jobs -- an enormous number in normal times -- and the unemployment rate dropped again by nearly a full percentage point. Yet ...Read more

Jay Ambrose: Trump vs. critics on mail-in ballots

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President Donald Trump trembles at the thought of required mail-in ballots in every state this election year, and half of everyone else trembles at the thought of President Trump. They say the mail-in ballots will keep people safe from COVID-19, adding that they are super-reliable and that fraud -- Trump's pronounced worry -- is not a threat. ...Read more

Commentary: A guaranteed basic income makes sense

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Free money.

That dismissive phrase sums up the reaction of many people whose minds are closed to the idea of creating a Universal Basic Income program to give vulnerable workers some economic security.

The "free money" putdown is downright insensitive and even cruel in light of the widespread suffering caused by the economic collapse brought ...Read more

Commentary: What it's like in the NBA bubble

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How did the NBA campus in the middle of the epicenter of a pandemic become the safest place on Earth? Simply put: The NBA is NOT playing games with COVID-19.

I have been part of the NBA family for almost 20 years, as a coach and now a television broadcaster. I know that the NBA is not new to launching unique and larger than life events. However...Read more



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