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Commentary: Biden embraces California's zombified rail boondoggle

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California has a long history of churning out films about zombies, most of which are made on shoestring budgets.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is throwing its weight behind a zombie with a big price tag: California’s slow-moving “high speed” rail line.

On Thursday, June 10, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that the ...Read more

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Commentary: Why every 8th grade class should go to Alabama

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Each year, thousands of eighth grade students from across the nation take a class trip to Washington, D.C. The impact can be life-changing, especially as young people bond and chart different paths toward high school and adulthood.

While the D.C. trip is a rite of passage for many, student travel to Alabama can better tell a story of the United...Read more

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George Skelton: Sure, California lawmakers passed a budget to keep getting paid. But it's not a 'fake' plan

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Let's be clear: The state budget the California Legislature just passed is a payroll protection program — for the Legislature.

But it's also much more. And it doesn't mean the budget should cynically be dismissed as a sham, the way it is in much of the media. It's very real with many significant elements — like them ...Read more

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Martin Schram: Can Putin shift into legacy rethink?

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Let’s start our instant analysis of this week’s Biden-Putin summit not with the big-news headline, but the bottom line:

The instant analysis of this Geneva summit is there can be no instant analysis. Not yet. But much to the surprise of a puzzled pundit corps, history may well conclude that, while President Joe Biden and Russia’s ...Read more

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Editorial: How many times must McConnell show who he is before some Democrats believe him?

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So much for quaint notions of bipartisanship. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell this week bluntly admitted what should long have been obvious: He views partisan politics as a zero-sum game in which the only goal is to seize power from the opposing party by any means necessary. In an interview, McConnell acknowledged that, should Republicans...Read more

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Noah Feldman: Supreme Court's ACA ruling is a win for common sense

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The first time the Supreme Court decided an Affordable Care Act case, back in 2012, the result was a historic case with a complicated opinion written by the chief justice. It’s still studied closely in law schools. This year, the court revisited the ACA — this time as farce.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court rejected a coordinated, partisan ...Read more

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Editorial: Realism plus?

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President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin have had their much anticipated summit meeting in Switzerland. Now the question is: Will it improve anything?

Will Putin cease meddling in other countries, including our own?

Will he cease persecuting dissidents and lovers of freedom in Russia?

Will it lead to better U.S.-Russian ...Read more


Commentary: Russians don't want their COVID vaccine

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Before thousands descended on St. Petersburg for Russia’s annual economic forum this month, the local governor boasted to radio listeners that no one had held a similar-scale event since the pandemic struck. A few days later, President Vladimir Putin told the audience that his country was in a better virus position than most and would quickly ...Read more

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Editorial: The long slog: America has mostly been fighting the 'war on drugs' the wrong way

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June 17 marked the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s 1971 speech beginning the war on drugs. By any objective accounting, the drawn-out conflict has been a colossal failure. It was begun under false pretenses, has cost billions, has destroyed livelihoods and lives — and perhaps most glaringly, has not made a dent in drug abuse, ...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: Biden-Putin summit: No lovefest, no illusions, but Russia put to the test

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Rate the U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva as a success for President Joe Biden.

If you want to understand why, just look at what Vladimir Putin said back home the day after the summit ended.

“I want to say that the image of President Biden, [as] portrayed by our and even the American press, has nothing to do with reality,” Putin told alumni of...Read more

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Noah Feldman: Supreme Court's 9-0 ruling on gay foster parents divides justices

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In a highly technical opinion, the Supreme Court held Thursday in Fulton v. Philadelphia that Catholic Social Services is exempt from municipal laws that would have required it to place foster children with gay couples. Yet despite this result, the case isn’t the win that religious liberty advocates wanted.

The ruling was unanimous, but ...Read more

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Ramesh Ponnuru: Conservatives can be moderately pleased with Roberts court

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In two major decisions, the Supreme Court expanded protections for religious liberty and narrowed the law of standing so that fewer federal lawsuits can be entertained. Six of the nine justices were appointed by Republican presidents, and a majority of those six agreed with each decision.

Conservative exultation is nonetheless subdued. One of ...Read more

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Editorial: The Supreme Court saved Obamacare for the third time. It should never have had to

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In rejecting yet another in a seemingly endless series of Republican attacks on the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court did more than just preserve a crucial protection for millions of Americans with preexisting health conditions that make them vulnerable to gouging or exclusion by insurers. It also preserved the notions that people have to ...Read more

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Commentary: Another conservative attack on Obamacare, another loss at the Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act breaks no new legal ground, but it has enormous practical significance in that it means that 21 million people will keep their health insurance coverage.

In 2012, in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, the court in a 5-4 ...Read more

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Editorial: A Breyer retirement could help depoliticize the Supreme Court

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Progressive activists are exasperated by the failure of Justice Stephen G. Breyer to announce that he will retire at the end of the Supreme Court’s current term. They fear that, if Breyer doesn’t step down now, President Joe Biden might have difficulty replacing him later if the Republicans regain control of the Senate in the 2022 midterm ...Read more


Commentary: Medicare must study unproven, expensive Alzheimer's drug

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The cost of caring for America’s nearly 6 million Alzheimer’s disease patients is already $600 billion a year, factoring in the cost of uncompensated caregiving. Now, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug treatment that may or may not work but is set to cost $56,000 a year for the average patient — a charge that in most ...Read more

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LZ Granderson: Why many Americans refuse to talk honestly about Juneteenth

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"I've heard a lot of different things that haven't been taught in school like Juneteenth. I don't know why these things weren't taught .…" — Clayton Kershaw, June 2020

I hope he does now.

But if not, the greatest pitcher of his generation need only look at what's going on in his home state of Texas for answers.

Gov. Greg Abbott is ...Read more

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Editorial: Washington protest report is anything but an exoneration of Trump for photo-op

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An independent report last week on last summer’s violent crackdown on protesters at Washington’s Lafayette Park gives a misleading and inaccurate portrayal of events culminating in President Donald Trump’s silly photo-op outside an adjacent church. The National Park Service might have a valid claim of innocence for having planned to clear ...Read more


Commentary: Protecting voting isn't enough to save democracy

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The right to vote, the bedrock of our country's democracy, is under attack. Predicated on former President Donald Trump's continued insistence that the election was stolen, Republicans have launched an unprecedented push to make it harder to vote under the veneer of election integrity. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, at least 389 ...Read more

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Editorial: An airtight sex case, a sweetheart deal, and questions about justice

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The case against former Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg has no shortage of disgusting details, not least of which is that a man in his mid-30s, a man in a position of authority, took advantage of a 17-year-old girl.

For that and other offenses, Greenberg is facing a long stint in a federal pen.

Another Central Florida figure of ...Read more



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