Eric Zorn: Shenanigans in Wisconsin, Michigan prove we need to kill lame ducks

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Give Michael Madigan this: Even at his most devious and Machiavellian, the veteran Democratic Illinois House speaker hasn't used the lame-duck session of the General Assembly to attempt to nullify the results of an election.

For all that Madigan's foes bleat about his heavy-handed partisan tactics, they've got to admit that he hasn't tried what...Read more

Commentary: It's clear Alexander Acosta should resign as US Labor Secretary over the sweet deal he gave molester Jeffrey Epstein

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Jeffrey Epstein, a politically connected Palm Beach multimillionaire accused of molesting scores of underage girls starting in the early 2000s, on Tuesday issued a written public apology to end a lawsuit.

But let's be clear. Epstein wasn't directing his apology to the now-grown women whose lives he derailed when he lured them to his waterfront ...Read more

Editorial: At minimum, Harris should've known key staff member was accused of harassment

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On paper, Sen. Kamala Harris is a rather enticing Democratic presidential nominee for 2020. Formerly a San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general, she was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2016 and labeled a presidential contender even before stepping on to the Senate floor.

Harris has, in part, staked her potential candidacy ...Read more

Editorial: Trump's trade war bluster over China is rattling the world

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The sharp rise of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since Donald Trump's election as president in November 2016 is something he and his supporters often cite to show how he has helped the economy -- and how, despite his divisive style, Trump's tax cuts and regulation reductions have been good for America. But the president's bluster about trade ...Read more

Commentary: Trump shouldn't gloat over France's yellow vests

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Donald Trump is enjoying Emmanuel Macron's struggles with the gilets jaunes. In a tweet this week, he said the French had come around to his skepticism about the Paris climate change agreement and the cost of fighting global warming.

The billionaire U.S. president should be less smug. What started as a howl of anger about fuel duties is fast ...Read more

Commentary: Washington can't seem to agree on anything — except kids

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The intensity of this fall's midterm election campaigns could make it easy to forget that there is one priority both political parties have consistently come together to support: early childhood education.

Despite the growing partisan divide, which seems to be worsening by the day and has left Washington unable to reach consensus on even ...Read more

Stuart Rothenberg: Where Republicans, Democrats stand heading into 2019

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As we enter a two-year presidential cycle, the parties stand at very different places. Republicans appear unified behind President Donald Trump, while Democrats are about to begin a contest for a 2020 nominee that will inevitably degenerate into Democrats attacking Democrats.

But while the GOP is unified, the party just suffered a stunning ...Read more

Editorial: How a new state law will help California's hungry

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Hunger and homelessness are huge issues. But charitable groups that want to help out have been hampered by a state law that generally requires those handing out free food to get food-service permits as if they were restaurants or caterers.

A law that takes effect in January will provide some relief. Assembly Bill 2178, by Assemblywoman Monique ...Read more

Commentary: Trump's tariffs could clinch the Electoral College

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Volatility in the administration is leading to volatility in the stock market. When President Donald Trump made it sound as though he had worked out a trade deal with China, or at least a temporary halt in the escalation of hostilities, markets rose smartly. When Trump tweeted that tariffs are wonderful and a fine substitute for a deal, stocks ...Read more

Editorial: Picking the right fight with Green Bay green-and-gold

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The roster of men in green and gold who have given the Chicago Bears fits is long and illustrious. Ray Nitschke wouldn't just tackle halfbacks, he'd crunch them. Bart Starr cut open Bear secondaries with a surgeon's precision. Aaron Rodgers? Every Bears fan knows what's on his resume -- fourth quarter comebacks on one leg, punch-in-the-gut game-...Read more

Francis Wilkinson: Impeachment and the 'preposterous' power of the presidency

Politics / Op Eds /

Robert Bauer served as counsel to President Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns and as White House counsel from 2009 to 2011. One of the leading experts in U.S. laws regulating political activity, he teaches law at New York University. In late November we communicated via email. What follows is a lightly edited transcript.

...Read more

Noah Smith: Huawei reveals the real trade war with China

Politics / Op Eds /

If you only scan the headlines, you could be forgiven for thinking that the U.S.-China trade war is mainly about tariffs. After all, the president and trade-warrior-in-chief has called himself "Tariff Man." And the tentative trade deal between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping was mainly about tariffs, especially on ...Read more

Gina Barreca: What's an education for, anyway?

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My family, filled with smart, shrewd and funny people, would shrug their collective shoulders and ask, "What good is college?" Only my mom, who died when I was young, valued education. I knew that because her single ambition for me growing up was that I might marry a man with a degree.

I applied to college only because my high school history ...Read more

Commentary: Health care merger a poison pill for patients

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Big corporations often tout their mergers as promoting efficiency and helping consumers, but too often the public ends up with fewer choices and higher prices. That seems likely to happen again with the latest health care megamerger.

CVS Health and Aetna Inc. recently finalized a $70 million merger, combining one of the nation's largest ...Read more

Editorial: Despite Trumpism, multilateralism remains crucial to global peace and stability

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Within a span of a quarter-century, ancient rivalries and simmering tensions propelled the major nations of Europe into two devastating wars that eventually embroiled so many states that they became known as the first "world wars."

At the end of the first of those conflicts -- 100 years ago last month -- the United States and other nations ...Read more

Editorial: Hold a new election in NC's tainted 9th District

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In the week since the state Board of Elections declined to certify the results of North Carolina's 9th Congressional District election, journalists and others have begun to fill in the details of a troubling case of apparent ballot fraud. In Bladen County -- and perhaps other counties -- individuals have interfered with the voting process by ...Read more

Jay Ambrose: Being reasonable about climate change

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It used to be called global warming and now it's mostly called climate change, but it's still a near apocalypse frowning on the horizon, according to a recent government report. A biggie, it says, will be shrinkage of the economy through the rest of this century. What should we do?

Be reasonable, for one thing, and that includes finding out ...Read more

Commentary: Some conservatives want to restrict Google and Twitter. Here's why that's wrong

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This week a company called Nexstar Media Group announced plans to buy broadcast TV stations owned by Tribune Media Company. If the deal is approved by everyone who must approve it, the chain will be the biggest broadcast television firm in the nation.

The deal would likely include Tribune-owned WDAF-TV of Kansas City, where I occasionally ...Read more

Commentary: Republicans traded the election for potshots at the caravan

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We've assessed the 2018 campaign that began and ended with the fight for the election narrative. Our conclusion: This was not a base election. Independents decided the outcome, breaking for Democrats by 12 points.

It was a missed opportunity.

By "we" I mean the Winston Group, which on Tuesday released an extensive post-election analysis of the...Read more

Editorial: A tax on California gun sales? It's worth considering

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The social costs of gun ownership in the U.S. have reached staggering levels, though given the lack of reliable data collection the public is left to sift through conflicting estimates of the numbers of firearms Americans actually own.

One survey-based estimate places the number at 265 million guns and another suggests 393 million guns; the ...Read more


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