Mary C. Curtis: As Democrats line up to debate, the GOP is regressing

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It was pretty startling, actually, viewing the lineup for the first debate of Democratic presidential hopefuls in April 2007 on a stage in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Among them were the usual suspects -- Sens. Chris Dodd, John Edwards and Joe Biden. And then, there were surprises -- Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Sens. Hillary Clinton ...Read more

Editorial: Broad opposition to Trump tariffs — from almond growers to toilet makers — is no surprise

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President Donald Trump's depiction of U.S. tariffs as a painless way to help U.S. exports get fair treatment has never jibed with reality. Now California's almond farmers, who provide 80% of the world's supply, are taking another hit as a result.

India -- the world's leading importer of almonds -- has imposed a retaliatory tariff of 70% on U.S....Read more

Editorial: At Wells Fargo, a tone-deaf response to shattered lives

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The next time you see a commercial declaring a new era at Wells Fargo, or the next time you hear a Wells executive touting a new culture, remember Stan and Melissa West.

The Wests were among several families in a powerful report by the Observer's Deon Roberts that detailed how a Wells Fargo mistake involving mortgage modifications upended the ...Read more

Editorial: A tax credit program that can actually make a difference

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This week, Governor Wolf thankfully vetoed a bill that would have expanded tax credits that corporations use to help underwrite private and religious school tuitions. The Educational Improvement Tax Credit program currently allows $110 million in tax revenues to be diverted to a program that gives families tuition help for parochial or private ...Read more

Robin Abcarian: Bella Thorne's stolen nude selfies spark a debate about blame and slut-shaming

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Celebrities, it does not get any more basic than this: Live by the nude selfie, die by the nude selfie.

I am always befuddled by the outrage of (almost always female) celebrities whose phones or cloud storage accounts have been invaded by (almost always male) creeps who try to profit somehow from the stolen (almost always naked) images.

We ...Read more

Commentary: Don't target Chinese in the US for Beijing's sins

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As U.S.-China friction escalates, the rhetoric in Washington has grown increasingly ugly and hostile. The Trump administration, concerned about intellectual property theft and other questionable behavior on the part of Beijing, has embarked on a program of targeting students and professionals of Chinese descent. Not only are these actions ...Read more

Commentary: Burnout a crisis among physicians in training

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This month, the American Medical Association invested $15 million dollars in eight ambitious programs to address the workplace needs of our current health system. Among the goals of this grant was to address the crisis of burnout among training physicians by investing in wellness innovations. In many ways, it is an issue as important and ...Read more

Christine M. Flowers: Democrats disrespect Joe Biden by not appreciating his past

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As former Vice President Joe Biden has embarked on his latest campaign for the presidency, I've been reminded about why I left the Democratic Party three years ago, after having been a member since 1980.

I've been reminded of this as his presidential campaign has faced backlash again and again -- and it only officially began a month ago!

First...Read more

Commentary: Stonewall story is still playing out

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In late June of 1969, the New York Police Department raided the Stonewall Inn, a bar in Manhattan where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people would congregate. On the night of the raid, patrons fought back and days of riots ensued.

Although resistance to the policing of queer lives started long before Stonewall, the riots are ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: Is 'Auntie' a term of endearment for African-American women or does it promote an 'Aunt Jemima' stereotype?

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Director Ava DuVernay doesn't want anyone calling her "Auntie." Oprah Winfrey says she cringes at the title and Gayle King thinks it should be reserved for the "old lady who lives in the neighborhood."

This doesn't apply to actual nieces and nephews, of course. The problem occurs when people who aren't related to them or who have never even met...Read more

Editorial: As the Iran crisis escalates, what is Trump's goal?

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Iran's attack on a U.S. spy drone on Thursday was a reckless escalation of an already simmering crisis. It was also evidence that the Trump administration's "maximum pressure" campaign against the regime is working. The question is what the U.S. does next.

Thanks to American sanctions, Iran's economy is hurting: A recession is deepening, ...Read more

Editorial: Trump roars back onto the campaign trail. Democrats better have a plan — a good one

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President Donald Trump delivered a full-throated campaign kickoff rally in Orlando Tuesday night. Pitch perfect and resonant -- at least to his base. His soaring aria went after his favorites: President Barack Obama, illegal immigrants, fake news and the Democrats. And he excoriated Hillary Clinton so long and so loud that one might think she ...Read more

Editorial: Concentrate, people: The right way to talk about the detention camps at the border

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If Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had referred to southern border detention centers as "concentration camps" while making clear she understood that the term predated the Holocaust, that it is rooted in a complex history dating back to the Boer War, this would be a different editorial.

If she had said she was consciously using incendiary language...Read more

Editorial: Would the Costco shooter be in jail if he weren't a cop?

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There are "more questions than answers" about last week's deadly Costco shooting, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said, and he's certainly got that right.

It is hard not to ask questions about the incident in which an off-duty LAPD officer shot 32-year-old Kenneth French to death at the warehouse store in Corona on Friday night. The ...Read more

Editorial: California's story was written with Native American blood. Let's finally admit it

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In the Disney version of California, the Golden State was built by industrious settlers who came in waves from various points east to make their fortunes from the resource-rich land that, in some places, was actually lined in gold.

The truth, however, is somewhat darker, tinged as it is with the blood of thousands of indigenous people ...Read more

Commentary: Science fiction prescriptions for dying coral reefs

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The Great Barrier Reef is bleached and dying. Because oceans are heating so quickly, nearly all of the world's corals are projected to be dead by 2050.

Now, however, a handful of entrepreneurial scientists, many of whom have spent their careers studying the reefs that are dying before their eyes, are devising extreme measures to try to save ...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: Trump's assaults on ACA taking a huge toll

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Donald Trump opened his presidency in January 2017 with a series of salvos aimed at the Affordable Care Act, the signal achievement of his predecessor's administration.

It has long been assumed that these attacks reduced sign-ups during the crucial final weeks of open enrollment for 2018 insurance policies. New data parsed by two experts at ...Read more

Commentary: Taking a hard line on Iran doesn't have to mean war

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Where Iran is concerned, there are hard-liners and hard hard-liners. Everyone, in both camps, wants to ensure that Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon, and everyone wants to stop Iran's malign behavior in the Middle East and elsewhere, ensuring peace and stability. The critical difference is how that set of objectives is reached.

The hard-liners...Read more

Commentary: Congo, where foreign aid matters

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No territory on Earth has been plundered so long and severely as the land that is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The first thefts were of human beings. For hundreds of years, slave traders from the Arab and Islamic world raided what's now the eastern part of the country, bordering several of Africa's great lakes. From its west, the ...Read more

CON: Deliberately sailing into areas China considers as territorial waters is not a good idea

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The United States is raising the profile of its naval activity in response to Chinese assertiveness in the waters of the South China Sea. But it is far from clear that such activity on our part will resolve the admittedly volatile situation in those waters.

Tension has been highest of late in waters not far from the ...Read more


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