Editorial: If there was no collusion why doesn't Trump confront Putin?

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"They are laughing their asses off in Moscow." That was one of President Trump's responses to the 16 indictments returned in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

He's right. Russian President Vladimir Putin likely is laughing – at Trump. The American president is so caught ...Read more

Martin Schram: From Parkland to Trumpland, we can finally identify and defeat our real enemy

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We are reporting today from the battle lines of a nation at war, besieged by attackers on multiple fronts – yet tragically unable to even identify its prime enemy.

So we must begin not by analyzing another round of fresh battle plans from our frayed commanders. Instead, we need to consult our nation's most sage philosopher, in the hopes that ...Read more

Commentary: US schools help spur a cash-less society

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Using cash at the store or to pay for your morning coffee is on the way out in Britain. A new report from British industry analysts estimates that just one in five purchases in the U.K. will be made with cash by 2026, down from approximately two out of three purchases in 2006. Similar trends are unfolding around the world.

In Kenya and some ...Read more

Ann McFeatters: It's time to start paying attention to Russia investigation

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WASHINGTON -- It's time to start paying serious attention to the Russia investigation.

Special counsel Robert Mueller clearly is on a trail of corruption, election meddling, possibly money laundering and obstruction of justice. We don't know whether it will lead to Donald Trump or not, but it already has ensnared his former associates.

In the ...Read more

Editorial: Billy Graham: A man who preached – and lived – a Christian life

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On a cool Tuesday night in October 1958, the Rev. Billy Graham walked onto a stage at the Charlotte Coliseum for the 26th sermon of a five-week Charlotte crusade. "Tonight," he began, "I want to talk on how to live the Christian life."

More than 13,000 people had jammed the arena to see the young North Carolina preacher just a decade into his ...Read more

Scott Martelle: The surest way for America's young adults to change gun laws is through the ballot box

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You have to admire the speed and resolve with which students who survived the mass killing at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week have moved to use their tragedy as a launching point for political activism over gun control laws.

It's a notoriously uphill fight. The 2012 slaughter of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook ...Read more

Eli Lake: Mueller ends era of impunity for foreign lobbyists

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Washington's unregistered foreign agents, who in the past have tread the gray areas between legal and illegal with impunity, should be nervous about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Most Americans focus on the former FBI director's probe into possible collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Russians in 2016...Read more

Daniel Moss: Australia's turn in the muck of political tribalism

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Australians who thought the disruptions that have led many to view North Atlantic politics with disdain wouldn't reach their corner of the world can no longer ignore reality. The urban-rural divide that drove Brexit and the election of Donald Trump is now reverberating closer to home, and it's not a good look.

It's one way of explaining the ...Read more

Editorial: Jail took perverse pleasure in keeping Kansas chemist Syed Jamal from seeing his family

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People around the world have been worrying about what's to become of Syed Ahmed Jamal, the Bangladesh-born chemistry instructor arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in front of his distraught family in Lawrence, Kansas, last month. His wife was not permitted to tell him goodbye.

That was unnecessarily rough treatment of a ...Read more

Ramesh Ponnuru: A case for small steps to fix a big gun problem

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In the effort to reduce gun violence, or gun massacres, should we go big or go small? Should we concentrate on steps that have a consensus behind them, at the risk of not making much difference? Or should we seek to transform American law and culture, even if success looks pitifully unlikely?

The movement to regulate gun ownership has pursued ...Read more

CON: NAFTA a good deal for corporations, a bad deal for the country

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WASHINGTON -- Like most recent trade deals, NAFTA was negotiated quite explicitly to help businesses improve their profitability.

Essentially the George H.W. Bush administration, which negotiated most of the pact, sat down with major business groups and asked them what they would want in a trade deal with Mexico. This was the agenda they sought...Read more

PRO: North American energy trade boosts our economic and energy security

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WASHINGTON -- The job-creating, economy-boosting resurgence in U.S. natural gas and oil production shows no signs of slowing down.

The latest projections from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show domestic oil production is expected to reach a new high of 10.6 million barrels per day this year, on its way to nearly 12 million barrels ...Read more

Francis Wilkinson: Democrats need to start a real fight on guns

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Perhaps last week's gun massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, will turn the red tide. The kids seem to be taking matters in their own trembling hands, planning a gun-violence march and calling out the politicians, including Florida Governor Rick Scott and the president whose election benefited from $30 million in...Read more

Albert R. Hunt: Pennsylvania is now key to a Democratic House

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Democrats took a big step closer to their goal of winning control of the U.S. House this year, thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. On Monday, the court, which had earlier ruled that the current congressional district lines in the state unfairly gave Republicans an overwhelming advantage, redrew the boundaries in a way that it said was more...Read more

Commentary: Do-nothing politicians on wrong side of gun reform battle

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As a statewide candidate for chief financial officer of Florida, I will be using much of my platform to call for sensible gun reform. I have a statewide voice and I plan on using it.

This one hit home. Marjory Stoneman Douglas is one mile from where I raise my children. I knew students and families effected by this senseless tragedy.

While ...Read more

Toriano Porter: Applebee's racial profiling another reminder of why people of color can't just 'get over it'

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Gary Kremer, a professor and scholar of African-American history, was once asked by a white student why black people can't just get over racism.

The student noted that slavery ended well before the student's parents or grandparents were alive.

"My short response to that question was they can't get over (racism) because it isn't over," Kremer ...Read more

Editorial: Trump's budget doesn't reflect nation's values

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A president's budget often has less to do with what Congress might be willing to pass, and more to do with the greater message our nation's leader wants to send.

Unbound by political realities, such spending plans make clear statements about an administration's priorities, vision and values.

Sadly, when it comes to President Donald Trump's ...Read more

Editorial: Get rid of bad cops and wouldn't need secret list of the untrustworthy

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The fact that Philadelphia prosecutors kept a secret list of police officers suspected of lying about arrests and other misconduct is a sad indictment of the city's criminal justice system. It screams for the umpteenth time that this city's elected officials need to put police reform above politics.

The list reportedly was compiled months ago ...Read more

Commentary: Honduran activists deserve our support

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When I first visited Honduras in February 2009, the government of Manuel Zelaya was carrying out programs to improve the massive inequalities in the country, and seeking a popular constitutional convention to re-found the Honduran state. This came to an end when Zelaya was ousted that year, the first Central American military coup since the end ...Read more

Commentary: John Kelly — politically incorrect, and proud of it

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Who doesn't like slagging off political correctness?

PC is uptight. It's priggish, uncool. It's the ideological version of panic over which fork to use at luncheon. Can't we say African American anymore? Is it "black" -- or even "Black" -- now? Who can keep up?

America was practically founded on the rejection of mincing European forms and ...Read more

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