John M. Crisp: Do go gentle, Mr. Biden, into that good night

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Mr. Biden, in 1947, Welsh poet Dylan Thomas gave his father some advice on the subject of dying. In his best-known poem—“Do not go gentle into that good night”—Thomas urged his old dad, Jack Thomas, to resist death until the very end. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light,” he says.

Don’t give in to death, Thomas urges his ...Read more


Leonard Greene: Kamala Harris would make a better candidate if she were already president

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Forget just a “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

I’d spend four years helping prop up a lifeless character if it means keeping Donald Trump out of the White House again.

But if President Joe Biden decides to drop his reelection bid — and that’s a colossal if — it won’t be enough.

He would have to resign from office altogether.

That’s ...Read more

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Francis Wilkinson: Trump shooter's motive is irrelevant. It's about guns

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We have entered the motive stage. What was the shooter thinking? Was he a radical driven by ideology? A mentally unhinged loner longing to impress a movie star? A disgruntled employee who just lost his job and wanted to shoot something? Why did a 20-year-old white man from Western Pennsylvania shoot Donald Trump Saturday night?

These questions ...Read more

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Editorial: Trump shooting a shocking and perilous moment for America

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The attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump on Saturday during a campaign rally was a shocking moment for America, though thankfully he wasn’t seriously wounded.

Since the nation’s founding, both U.S. presidents and presidential candidates have been killed or injured in acts of political violence, but it has been more than ...Read more

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Editorial: Let us have peace: After failed assassination, Biden and Trump are right to call for calm

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The horrid attempted assassination against former President Donald Trump Saturday evening amidst a rancorous presidential campaign brings to mind the phrase, “let us have peace.” Those are the words chiseled high over Riverside Drive, right above the portico on Grant’s Tomb.

It was the slogan used by Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, the victorious ...Read more

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Editorial: Assassination attempt roils a divided nation

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The nation remains in shock as law enforcement officials unravel the mystery of what drove 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks to carry out an assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump during a Saturday rally in Pennsylvania.

Secret Service snipers took down Crooks after he opened fire from a nearby rooftop outside the political...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: For supporters of Ukraine, the NATO conference was defined by anxiety over Biden's timidity and Trump's resurgence

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WASHINGTON — When I look back at NATO's 75th-anniversary summit last week, the image that will stick in my mind won't come from the conference itself.

Instead, it will be the indelible scene of a pediatric surgeon — his white apron covered with blood — desperately trying to rescue any tiny bald patients trapped in the rubble after a ...Read more

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Commentary: The American tragedy of the Trump assassination attempt

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Saturday’s assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump was a crime against the entire country and against democracy itself. Every American should be grateful that it failed, and that Trump has survived it.

Let’s say it plainly. It is an abomination that he was wounded as he campaigned for a return to the White House. Every one of...Read more

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Tyler Cowen: Why is Sweden paying grandparents to babysit? It's worth a try

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At first glance, the policy sounds absurd, especially to many Americans: In Sweden, grandparents are now eligible for government subsidies to babysit their grandchildren. As a proud grandparent myself, I would be willing to pay to babysit my grandkids. (I don’t have to, but I would.) It would feel wrong to accept government money for my ...Read more


Commentary: The Montana Legislature tried, and failed, to define sex

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In 2023, the Montana State Legislature passed a bill, signed into law by the governor, that defined sex and sexuality as being either, and only, male or female. It defined “sex” in the following manner: “In human beings, there are exactly two sexes, male and female with two corresponding gametes.” The law listed some 41 sections of the ...Read more

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Commentary: We don't need to live in a world of climate doom

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During extreme climate events — like the record heat waves we’re experiencing this summer — people who know me as a climate activist often ask: How do you stay hopeful? How do you keep fighting when the effects of climate change keep getting worse?

The temptation to give in to climate doomerism can be strong, especially when we see new ...Read more


Commentary: How best to prepare for a brokered convention

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As the political world hangs on whether Joe Biden continues his presidential campaign, an obvious question is how the Democratic Party might pick a new nominee. Its options are limited, given the primary season is long past and the Aug. 19 convention is only weeks away. But they are worth getting right for this year and future presidential ...Read more

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Robin Abcarian: The once-secretive right-wing ideology emerging as an overt threat to American democracy

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Last week, Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley admitted something that might have once shocked his party.

"Some will say I'm calling America a Christian nation," Hawley told an audience at the National Conservatism Conference in Washington. "And so I am. Some will say I'm advocating Christian nationalism. And so I do. My question is: Is there ...Read more

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Commentary: Overcoming AI voice cloning attacks on election integrity

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Imagine it’s Election Day. You’re getting ready to go vote when you receive a call from a public official telling you to vote at an early voting location rather than your Election Day polling site. So, you go there only to discover it’s closed. Turns out that the call wasn’t from the public official but from a replica created by voice ...Read more

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Helen Ubiñas: There's only one right response to the Trump shooting

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I was boarding a plane from Los Angeles back home to Philadelphia when the news hit that former President Donald Trump had been injured during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

The details were sketchy, but the responses online and on the plane were already wild — and entirely predictable.

This is precisely the kind of thing that's juicy ...Read more

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Jackie Calmes: We have to destroy the Republican Party to save it

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This week in Milwaukee, the Republican Party will officially nominate for president a man of damnable firsts — first president to be impeached twice, first to deny his defeat, first to resist the peaceful transfer of power and first to be criminally convicted. Then the voters will decide.

For the party's own good, Americans should vote ...Read more

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F.D. Flam: It's too early to be fighting a space race with China

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In late June, China’s space program brought back the first rock and soil samples from the mysterious far side of the moon. It was a major triumph. Scientists worldwide are eager to use these samples to learn more about the origin of the moon and Earth.

At the same time, others are worried that China is on the way to winning a new space race ...Read more


Editorial: Down on the farm: Sidling up to the trough

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The Biden saga has roiled Democrats and gripped the Beltway, but Congress marches on doing what it does best: wasting other people’s money. Consider the ongoing stalemate involving the $1.5 trillion farm bill.

House Republicans have passed an update to the 2018 farm bill that scales back food assistance programs while expanding subsidies to ...Read more

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Patricia Lopez: Kamala Harris could be president. Democrats should get on board

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The casting about by some Democrats for another — seemingly any other — candidate who might replace embattled President Joe Biden has taken on unsavory notes, particularly since the most prominent names raised are White governors.

Whether or not Biden stays in the race, Vice President Kamala Harris may be one of the ticket’s best assets. ...Read more

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Editorial: 'Project 2025' would help Trump seize the unrestrained power he sought last time

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The necessary if alarming national debate over President Joe Biden’s cognitive fitness shouldn’t obscure the reason the stakes in that debate are so high: Former President Donald Trump has been fundamentally, dangerously unfit for office since before he took the oath the first time, in ways far worse than the ravages of age that are central ...Read more



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