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Commentary: Without even ruling on Trump's immunity claim, the Supreme Court handed him a huge victory

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Given the Supreme Court’s possible responses to Donald Trump’s appeal of the D.C. Circuit’s denial of his claim of immunity from prosecution, the justices’ decision Wednesday has to be counted as a gift to the former president. That’s because the court came through for him on the most important axis: time.

The court’s fairly Delphic...Read more

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Commentary: Blame Washington, not grocery stores, for food prices

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If you’re struggling to pay for groceries, you’re not alone. Staples like bread, lunch meats, dairy products and eggs have seen price increases of 20% to 40% in the last three years. President Joe Biden is blaming grocery stores for “gouging” consumers, but there’s just one problem with that explanation: His administration’s own data...Read more

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Editorial: Trump's outbursts weaken NATO and harm the US

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Perhaps inevitably, the 2024 presidential campaign is quickly becoming a clash of first principles, one that will require repeating basic facts about the world and repudiating lies.

Here’s one such fact: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is among the most successful military alliances in history, securing peace and prosperity across the ...Read more


POINT: Time for US Jews to rethink their Democratic loyalties

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I was a guest on a Dallas radio call-in program several years ago. One caller told me that after having given the matter considerable thought, he finally understood why most Jews were Democrats. “You vote for the Democrats,” he declared, “to show the rest of us that you’re not as smart as we think you are.”

I should have been offended...Read more


COUNTERPOINT: A false equivalence: Antisemitism on the right and left

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Neo-Nazis recently participated in the Conservative Political Action Conference, one of the largest annual gatherings of Republicans, where Donald Trump has been the keynote speaker for the last seven years. While white supremacists, including Nick Fuentes, had previously been turned away from CPAC, this year they openly mingled with Republican ...Read more


Commentary: The surprising way to help your brain remember

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In our age of information overload, remembering things can be a daunting task. But as a memory researcher and college professor, I’ve found some hope in that challenge.

In January 2021, like millions of educators and having watched my own daughter struggle with online learning, I worried about teaching through a screen. I had spent two ...Read more

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Marc Champion: Netanyahu's 'day after' memo isn't a plan, but it's a start

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s one-page plan for the day after the war in Gaza isn’t a plan at all. Rather, it’s a list of the Israeli prime minister’s long-held and often contradictory positions on the Gaza conflict — committed to writing to keep his government together, the Israeli population quiescent, and Washington at bay. The more ...Read more

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Patricia Murphy: Losing the forest for the trees in the Fulton County Trump case

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ATLANTA -- You know a court case has jumped into the public consciousness when people with no connection to it start making casual conversation about details of court filings, like the question a fellow Little League parent asked me after a batting practice last week.

“Did you hear the guy’s cell phone was in Hapeville more than 50 times?�...Read more

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Commentary: Should court storming by fans in college basketball be banned?

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When Wake Forest University’s Demon Deacons defeated Duke University’s Blue Devils on Saturday, Wake Forest students stormed the court, celebrating their team’s victory over a much-maligned in-state rival. Duke player Kyle Filipowski got injured during the exuberant on-court celebration and chaos, which prompted calls to end court storming...Read more

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Editorial: An officer on Jan. 6 needs your help preventing political violence

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Michael Fanone is counting on your courage.

More than three years ago, the former Washington, D.C., police officer was brutalized on the steps of the Capitol by a violent mob determined to thwart the peaceful transfer of power from then-President Donald Trump to President-elect Joe Biden.

Over several hours, hundreds of law enforcement ...Read more

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Editorial: Florida shows how to bungle a measles outbreak

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As life-saving as the COVID-19 vaccines have been, the measles vaccine has been an even greater success story. Before the vaccine was developed in 1963, outbreaks that occurred every two to three years were killing 2.6 million people worldwide a year, most of them children. Others developed pneumonia, or suffered brain injury and deafness from ...Read more

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Commentary: The hidden lives of cicadas and other insects: Weird, wild and wonderful

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The buzz (if you’ll pardon the pun) over the once-every-200-years double emergence of Brood XIX and Brood XIII cicadas slated for this spring made me wonder: How can an animal spend 13 to 17 years underground, know the precise time to surface and do just that to enjoy only a few weeks of flitting around having a love life (and perhaps catching...Read more

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Commentary: Dump Biden? Here's why nominating another Democrat for president would be a mistake

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Democratic voters and elites are concerned about President Joe Biden’s age and ability to carry out his duties, as well as his lackluster polling against former President Donald Trump. A movement to register dissatisfaction with Biden in Michigan’s primary Tuesday only magnified misgivings.

Some have gone so far as to suggest that the party...Read more

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Patricia Lopez: The big winner in Michigan Democratic primary? Uncommitted

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Michigan’s Arab-American community knows its political power and showed how it intends to use it against President Joe Biden in Tuesday’s primary. But interviews in recent days showed a movement struggling to reconcile the urgent need for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas with the dire consequences of a second Trump administration.

The...Read more

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LZ Granderson: Your US history class needed a film like 'Rustin'

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In the '90s I was a founding member of the Black History Club in high school, took Black history courses in college and worked in the minority affairs office in grad school, and yet I did not know who Bayard Rustin was until seeing the 2003 documentary "Brother Outsider."

That miseducation was not by accident.

Rustin — the man who introduced...Read more

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Commentary: Our sons' agony taught us the importance of medical aid in dying

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We are two moms whose only sons, Miguel Carrasquillo and Andrew Flack, lived in Illinois and died young from cancer. Our boys, both in their 30s, made emotional videos pleading to die peacefully from aggressive cancers.

As similar as our two stories are, our sons experienced very different deaths.

One suffered horribly before his death from ...Read more


LZ Granderson: Newsom's ads against red states' abortion travel bans aren't just a stunt

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When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, the issue of abortion travel bans was addressed, and conservative Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh was clear: They are unconstitutional.

That didn't stop local travel bans from popping up in Texas less than a year later. Since then Idaho has passed a law, and Oklahoma and Mississippi are debating...Read more

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Mary Ellen Klas: Haley still has an important role to play

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Nikki Haley didn’t narrow the margin with Donald Trump in her home state’s primary Saturday. But in her losing bid to win South Carolina, she finally drew blood against the presumptive Republican nominee.

Haley spent the last month doing what her supporters have been waiting for — sharpening her attacks on the former president. She’s ...Read more


Mary McNamara: We never dealt with the trauma of 2020. Now it's created an even bigger crisis

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As I write this it is Monday and I am sick, one of our toilets is clogged, and my husband is off to the vet with our elderly and now alarmingly panting dog.

But not before handing me a letter informing me that I am part of a Delta Dental data breach that will require me to take innumerable steps to insure my "safety." This after it recently ...Read more


Commentary: 'Work longer' is no solution for people who can't afford to retire

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In April 2023, Betty Glover, a 91-year-old grocery store clerk in Oregon, was finally able to retire after a GoFundMe campaign raised $82,000 for her. After seven decades in the workforce, Glover couldn’t save enough to retire and cover basic expenses such as for food and medicine.

“I hate the thought of not working,” Glover told a local ...Read more



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