Editorial: Patients deserve to know if their doctors are on probation

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Dr. Van H. Vu was put on probation in 2015 by the California Medical Board after being accused of gross negligence in the cases of two patients who fatally overdosed. If you were about to go into Vu's pain management clinic for treatment, you'd be pretty interested in that information, wouldn't you? Just as you'd want to know if your surgeon had...Read more

Commentary: In health care, outlier doesn't necessarily mean outlaw

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Last week, the Department of Justice announced a $1.5 million settlement with a Riverdale, Md., based doctor alleged to have performed medically unnecessary autonomic nervous function tests and neurobehavioral status exams.

In December, an internist in Elkton agreed to pay the United States $1.2 million to settle allegations that she "submitted...Read more

Commentary: The danger of living while black

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Earlier this year, I was riding a rented bike through a neighborhood in Alameda, California, while visiting my children at their other mother's home. They have lived there for three years and I visit frequently, often several times a week.

This time, a white woman stopped me and asked if I lived there.

I responded no, and asked if she lived ...Read more

Editorial: San Diego County finally gets smart about illegal pot shops

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In business, use of the "best practices" concept -- managing based on trial and error and by seeing what's worked well for others -- is the biggest bellwether for success. It's an approach that law enforcement latched onto more than most other aspects of government, exemplified decades ago by widespread adoption of the "broken windows" policing ...Read more

Editorial: Reject back-channel attempt to defund Planned Parenthood

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Women should be informed of all their options when they seek reproductive health care, including their ability to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

But a new proposal from President Donald Trump's administration would threaten this basic flow of information, while simultaneously cutting off money for clinics to provide vital preventive health ...Read more

Commentary: Trump has little advice to offer Naval Academy graduates

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In 1969, after having already been held hostage for four years, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy faced a lonely choice in a North Vietnamese prison camp: how to prevent his captors from using him in a propaganda piece. James Stockdale chose to smash his own face in with a stool rather than give "aid and comfort" to the enemy.

In ...Read more

Editorial: Once again, the Trump administration is out to mess with women's healthcare

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In announcing a new effort to limit access to federal family planning dollars, the White House said its proposed rule would fulfill President Donald Trump's promise "to continue to improve women's health." That's laughable.

The proposal outlined Friday would deny federal Title X family planning funds to organizations that provide abortions -- ...Read more

Editorial: After Supreme Court decision, Congress must preserve workers' right to sue

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A divided Supreme Court undercut American workers on Monday, ruling that employers can bar employees from bringing class-action lawsuits over wage and workplace disputes. The court held in Epic Systems Corp. vs. Lewis that the right to collective actions guaranteed by the National Labor Relations Act does not bar employers from requiring ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, breaks a barrier, with strength and charm

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It was wonderful to see the way Meghan Markle infused her African-American heritage into her wedding with Prince Harry.

The new Duchess of Sussex gave the world a taste of two distinctly different cultures -- that of a black girl raised by a single mother in Los Angeles and a royal whose family traditions in England go back a thousand years -- ...Read more

Editorial: Renaming airport for Martin Luther King Jr. is a bold idea, but questions remain

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A half-century after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, Kansas City is poised to belatedly but appropriately honor the civil rights activist.

Whether it was simply an oversight, the result of indifference or a sign of outright bigotry, the lack of a proper public marker here has gone unaddressed for far too long.

On Sunday, an ...Read more

Editorial: The unconscionable backlog of unprocessed rape kits in California

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Women reporting a rape are often encouraged to undergo a grueling and invasive examination to collect DNA and other physical evidence. The process can take several hours, and involves poking and prodding and swabbing and questioning as medical professionals take samples from the parts of the victim's body that the rapist touched during the ...Read more

Editorial: Put Obamacare on the November ballot; support candidates who want to fix it

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With the Pennsylvania primaries behind us, voters should take a hard look at what congressional candidates on the ballot in November are going to do to fix our expensive health-care system. Its fate will be on the line in the general election.

The debate over the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, became a wake-up call for both ...Read more

Editorial: Trump must fulfill pledge to put the brakes on runaway drug pricing

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The latest example of runaway drug pricing has pitted the industrial town of Rockford, Ill., against specialty drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, which runs its U.S. business from Hazelwood. Rockford, with fewer than 150,000 residents, accuses Mallinckrodt of price gouging and another local company, Express Scripts, of failing to ...Read more

Editorial: Mass shootings like Santa Fe reopen families' old wounds

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Here we are again, in the wake of yet another mass shooting, this one in deep red Texas at Santa Fe High School. Ten people, most of whom were students, were killed by another student.

Here we are again, in the wake of yet another mass shooting, debating gun control and the role of the Second Amendment in 21st century America in the only ...Read more

Editorial: In Missouri, chaos reigns on right-to-work -- by design

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Amid all the confusion in the Missouri Legislature about the right-to-work issue, one key fact must not be forgotten: Right to work has less to do with workers' freedom not to pay union dues, or creating jobs, than it does with suppressing Democratic votes. That fact, borne out in recent academic research, provides context for several recent ...Read more

Andrew Malcolm: That clown car again: GOP House members defeat GOP House members

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Elect a Congress dominated by Republicans, they said. It'll be fun, they said. Both houses will work together then to enact a broad GOP legislative agenda, so a Republican president can sign them into law. And voters will see how effectively a unified government in Washington can work, they said.

So voters bought that. Even at the state level, ...Read more

Nancy Kaffer: Some disabled would be left in limbo by Medicaid work requirements

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I was supposed to talk to Kim Hoxworth at 2:30 p.m., but the sound of the ringing phone triggered a seizure.

Kim is a friend of mine. She has a condition called PNES (psychogenic nonepileptic seizures), and for the past two years, she's had seizures every day. They're not like epileptic seizures; most of the time, Kim stays conscious. But she ...Read more

Eric Zorn: Yes, you should leave a tip when having a 'free' lobby breakfast

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My wife and I are just fancy enough people that we tend to stay in hotels that provide free hot breakfast buffets. You know -- lobby waffles, chafing dishes with eggs and meat, juice machines, mini-muffins, dubious fruit.

Really fancy places have table-service breakfasts and unfancy places set out danish and coffee by the front desk, and ...Read more

Commentary: President Trump is his own wiretap

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Watergate happened in audio. Bless his patriotic soul, President Richard Nixon generously bugged his own offices and tapped his own phones. It was Nixon's own unmistakable voice, conspiring on dirty tricks and putative obstruction of justice, that checkmated him.

President Donald Trump is also his own wiretap, and he may yet checkmate himself. ...Read more

Commentary: Right to try legislation well intentioned, but misguided

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A few months before his hospitalization with an aggressive tumor, Mr. B was the picture of health, enjoying semi-retirement after an accomplished career. He would have accepted any treatment if it could have provided meaningful time with his family. I would have done anything to help him.

Unfortunately, right-to-try legislation, which President...Read more


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