Commentary: These veterans say Cobra Gold is a bloody shame

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You can't flick matches onto a California hillside in August and expect nothing to burn. But it seems that the U.S. military thinks it can continue its use of live animals during the Cobra Gold multinational military exercise and not expect to contribute to the potential spread of the next pandemic.

Speaking as Air Force and Marine Corps ...Read more

Commentary: The true meaning of Shariah

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A recent article in USA Today addressed a claim going viral on social media - that defunding police departments will lead to Muslim groups hitting the streets with "Shariah patrol forces."

Such a claim, which the paper debunked, would be truly laughable if it weren't for the depressing fact that some Americans actually believe canards like this...Read more

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Justin Fox: Few causes for optimism in COVID-19's toll — yet

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COVID-19 is especially hard on the old and frail, with 79% of the deaths attributed to the disease in the U.S. among those 65 and older and 94% among people with at least one "comorbidity" such as diabetes, dementia, obesity or hypertension.

This has led some people to argue that most of the country's 200,000-plus deaths so far from the disease...Read more

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Editorial: Best disinformation defense? You

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Deploying disinformation as well as other asymmetric tactics, Russia attacked America's 2016 election. "Russia's goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary (Hillary) Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and the Russian ...Read more

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Editorial: In Trump's world, paying taxes is for suckers and losers

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The New York Times' analysis of President Donald Trump's tax returns - which remain private, and which the Times did not share - includes many fascinating details about Trump's epic tax avoidance over the last two decades, but three main ideas emerge. First, it confirms what most Americans had suspected when Trump reneged on his campaign promise...Read more

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Commentary: Trump's flaws alone won't bring skeptical Black voters out to vote for Biden

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We've all heard the analysis: If only Black voters had turned out in the same numbers to vote for Hillary Clinton that they did for Barack Obama, we wouldn't have Donald Trump today. The razor-thin margins for Trump in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania would have turned into razor-thin margins for Clinton, and that would have been it.

So, ...Read more

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Editorial: Biden for president — please

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We enthusiastically endorse Democrat Joe Biden for president. The Scranton, Pennsylvania-born, six-term senator from Delaware and two-term vice president alongside President Barack Obama has half a century's worth of experience in public service. He has a solid respect for the democratic process and has a demonstrated history of working across ...Read more

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Commentary: The problem isn't the Republicans or Democrats; it's 'ethical fading,' and it's widespread

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I am a Muslim immigrant to America. Growing up in Pakistan, I saw the United States as the moral and ethical high ground where human dignity and national interests were held above partisan politics. However, I am wondering if that may be changing.

We must ask ourselves: Am I honest? Have I ever told a lie? The answer is likely yes, if we are ...Read more

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Commentary: California finally sweeps away most of its tributes to the Confederacy. What took so long?

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Over the summer, California underwent a historical reckoning perhaps as comprehensive as any state in the nation. Activists toppled monuments to Confederates, to Spanish missionaries, even to Union generals. Now the process is drawing to a close in a rather unspectacular fashion - not because activists lack the initiative for further action, but...Read more

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Editorial: Amy Coney Barrett is qualified for the Supreme Court — but should not be confirmed

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In nominating Amy Coney Barrett to succeed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump has exercised a constitutional prerogative that he will enjoy up until Jan. 20, even if he is defeated in the November election. He also has chosen a legal scholar who is respected even by lawyers who disagree with her.

Neither of...Read more

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John M. Crisp: Republican consciences struggle to be heard

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A healthy conscience is a feature - or is it a bug? - of a normal human psyche. It has the pesky capacity to tell us when we're doing the wrong thing, even in the face of the rationalizations that we produce to justify ourselves.

But a conscience is a fragile thing. Ignore its advice too frequently and it has trouble making itself heard. In ...Read more

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Will Bunch: Will Democrats' embrace of mail, masks and social distance help Trump win the election?

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It's becoming something of a cliche in this crazy year of 2020, but in mid-September Joe Biden came to a minor league ballpark in Moosic, Pennsylvania - a few home-run balls from where the Democratic presidential hopeful was born - and staged a campaign event unlike anything America has ever seen before.

In a normal year, the former vice ...Read more

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Editorial: Amy Coney Barrett: Let's learn more about her

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In a vacuum, Amy Coney Barrett would be seen by all as a highly capable, fully qualified choice to serve as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. She has been a Supreme Court clerk to the late Antonin Scalia, a law professor at George Washington University and Notre Dame, and, since 2017, a judge on the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of ...Read more

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Editorial: Fire-prone brush is no place for homeless people to camp

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Homeless encampments are grim fixtures in Los Angeles. There isn't enough housing and shelter for a homeless population that has increased by 16% in the city over the last year. And with a pandemic still raging, city officials have let encampments stay put (for the most part) lest homeless people contract or spread COVID-19 by being shooed from ...Read more

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Doyle McManus: Buckle up for the first debate

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Debates don't often decide the outcome of a presidential campaign - but Tuesday's scheduled collision between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden could be an exception to the rule if Biden comes out a winner.

It has happened before.

In 1980, Democratic President Jimmy Carter and Republican challenger Ronald Reagan were closely matched in the ...Read more

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Editorial: Don't ignore Trump's election threat

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One of the most foundational principles of this republic is the peaceful transfer of power from one presidential administration to the next.

Stretching across this country's history, every presidential candidate has accepted the outcome of an election. Not only have defeated incumbents voluntarily packed up and left, they have without exception...Read more

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Mary Schmich: RBG and John Lewis are gone. It's like losing both parents at once. What now?

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John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

They were the parents. They led us and taught us and helped to make us who we are. And now they're both gone.

For all of us who believe in what these two unique Americans stood for - decency, hope, equality of opportunity - it may be tempting to feel unmoored, unprotected, orphaned by their disappearance ...Read more

Commentary: 'Safe injection sites' aren't safe, effective or wise. Just ask Canadians

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If you've never heard of "safe injection sites" - public facilities for drug users to consume heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine under the supervision of medical staff - you probably will soon. In cities such as Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco, drug legalization activists have launched a campaign to create such sites.

When challenged, ...Read more

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Commentary: Retired military leaders shouldn't endorse presidential candidates. America is divided enough

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Two weeks ago, 235 retired generals and admirals signed an "open letter" supporting President Donald Trump's reelection campaign. The letter is disgraceful and runs counter to military norms. Unfortunately, a second group is likely to respond in kind with a similar statement in support of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Every presidential ...Read more

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Commentary: If it weren't for the color of my skin, I'd still be a US diplomat

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My first day working on the consular line at the U.S. State Department in Juarez, Mexico, I was subjected to a strange look followed by an unexpected question. I had just finished interviewing a visa applicant and was handing him back his paperwork when he asked: "Where are you from?"

"I'm from the United States," I responded, earnestly ...Read more



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