Editorial: Donald Trump cares about his convention, not North Carolina's health. Good riddance

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For those who've long wanted Charlotte, N.C., to rid itself of the 2020 Republican National Convention, Donald Trump's tweets on it Tuesday were a strong reminder why.

The president packed a lot of wrong into a handful of words. He said North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper refused to guarantee Republicans "use of the Spectrum Arena," which was untrue...Read more

Commentary: There can be no getting along without reform

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For decades, video cameras have captured incidents of police brutality involving people of color. Yet despite this documented record of cruelty, our criminal justice system has failed to bring justice and accountability to victims and policymakers have failed to end racial injustice across America.

Now, in the midst of protests over the police ...Read more

Francis Wilkinson: Tom Cotton declares his candidacy for 2024

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Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas launched his 2024 presidential campaign Wednesday. His op-ed in the New York Times has created a blizzard of protest both within the nation's most elite liberal newspaper (for publishing it) and beyond (for what it says). Both debates are valid. However, his column is best understood as a marker: Cotton is ...Read more

Cass R. Sunstein: 'Union' is crucial word in Mattis' Trump denunciation

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What pushed former Defense Secretary James Mattis over the edge, to denounce President Donald Trump, in the strongest possible terms?

Only the former general knows for sure, but a clue is provided by the title of his statement: "In Union There Is Strength."

Another clue is provided by the most important words in his text: "Donald Trump is the ...Read more

Commentary: Evangelicals can't bridge racial divides with reconciliation overtures alone

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Evangelical leaders hesitated to criticize President Donald Trump after he ordered police and military authorities to use tear gas and rubber bullets to remove peaceful protesters from Lafayette Park near the White House so he could get his picture taken in front of nearby St. John's Episcopal Church.

Trump's purpose in creating the photo op ...Read more

Commentary: There can be no getting along without reform

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For decades, video cameras have captured incidents of police brutality involving people of color. Yet despite this documented record of cruelty, our criminal justice system has failed to bring justice and accountability to victims and policymakers have failed to end racial injustice across America.

Now, in the midst of protests over the police ...Read more

Editorial: Facebook is contorting itself to accommodate Trump's abuse

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Last week, a few hours after accusing "Big Tech" companies of censoring conservatives, President Donald Trump put out an incendiary comment on Twitter and Facebook that seemed designed to bait them into censoring him.

Twitter did, albeit in a halfhearted way that didn't actually remove Trump's words. Facebook didn't -- and its failure to act ...Read more

Eli Lake: The FBI's investigation into Trump and Russia now looks even worse

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The FBI's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential campaign has taken a beating in the last six months. Late last year, the Justice Department's inspector general found the bureau's application to eavesdrop on a former aide to then-candidate Donald Trump's campaign was riddled with factual errors and omissions. The ...Read more

Karl W. Smith: Keep the troops at the protests

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President Donald Trump's self-described "law-and-order" strategy to quell protests, as well as the disastrous decision Monday evening to clear out a peaceful demonstration across from the White House so the president could stage a photo op, have raised questions around the world about his judgment and policy. The actual policing strategy used on...Read more

Point: A strong hurricane season forecast in context — so what?

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Phil Klotzbach and his crew at Colorado State University are out with their first prediction for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season and it looks like a good year for The Weather Channel and something other than coronavirus on the news.

He's predicting 16 named storms this season, versus the average of 12. We've already had two very weak ones, ...Read more

Editorial: Amidst George Floyd protests, Kamala Harris wants police reform. What took so long?

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In the wake of national protests against police brutality and the murder of George Floyd, Sen. Kamala Harris is calling for major police reforms. But given her track record of opposing or remaining silent on similar reforms in California, we have some questions.

At a moment when the nation is focused on the intersection of police and race, ...Read more

Commentary: America is at its breaking point and white women still won't stop frivolously calling police on black people

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Americans of all stripes are taking to the streets to protest the unjust killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police -- and the larger issues of police brutality and institutional racism in our society. The vast majority of Americans support these protests.

But if you're white and among the paltry 14% of people who don't, one ...Read more

Commentary: USAs for All: All Americans would benefit from personal rainy day funds

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After pandemics and economic recessions, people tend to save a little more than they did before, to better prepare for future unknowns. To make savings a little easier, a new idea is gaining popularity: Universal savings accounts. USAs would help every American save for a rainy day, save to start a business or save to grow their family.

In the ...Read more

Counterpoint: This is the worst possible time for disasters

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As summer sets in, we face the prospect of a particularly severe hurricane season.

And not only hurricanes. Summer is the season for deadly heat waves, and they're also likely to be worse because of climate change. A hot summer sets the stage for more severe wildfires, too.

These disasters always bring death and destruction in their wake, ...Read more

Editorial: Keith Ellison can help build trust that justice will be served in George Floyd case

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The legal case resulting from the death of George Floyd will be one of the most contentious, closely watched legal proceedings in Minnesota history.

The most recent high-profile criminal case against a police officer in the state led to the 2019 third-degree murder conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, who is black, in ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: Looters, 'the man' is coming for you. And he will catch you

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Dear African American looters,

You have spent several days breaking into stores, stealing sneakers, Louis Vuitton handbags and big screen TVs. But when it is all over, you will have nothing.

Sure, there is a certain amount of excitement in snatching things that you could never afford to purchase for yourselves. But the adrenaline rush of ...Read more

Ann McFeatters: Trump reveals his poisonous reelection strategy

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We now know Donald Trump's intended reelection strategy. Once again, he is going to play the race and law and order cards.

Trump's decision to order the use of tear gas against people peacefully and legally protesting in Lafayette Park on Monday -- so he could have himself photographed against historic St. John's Episcopal Church holding a ...Read more

Editorial: Crisis demands Congress check Trump's leadership failure

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At a time America urgently needs a great president to unite the people, its president is intent on driving them apart.

Congress must fill the leadership void and prevent President Donald Trump from worsening the current unrest, trampling the Constitution and irreparably harming the nation.

During this grave crisis, when cities, states and the ...Read more

Commentary: Corporate America, it's time to stand up against racism

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I am a proud American, and I am having trouble breathing in the country I love.

Even though the Declaration of Independence stated that Americans have the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, these are realities for some yet remain out of reach for far too many.

As the father of two black teenage boys, I had "the ...Read more

Rekha Basu: If only the clock could have stopped at 7 p.m.; what happened later 'wasn't the way to do it'

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Before a violent Friday night, a peaceful evening vigil for George Floyd seemed to accomplish exactly what was needed.

Against the setting sun over a shimmering Des Moines River, it answered an anguish shared across the country. People got a chance to speak their fears and pain and be heard. And they did, in haunting lines like these:

"To ...Read more


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