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Commentary: Is Biden about to close the border in the name of election year politics?

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Multiple news sources report that President Joe Biden is considering implementing executive action to try to close the U.S.-Mexico border, including to asylum seekers. It would be an extreme move, and a violation of the Refugee Act of 1980 and the country’s international obligation to protect those fleeing persecution. Only one other president...Read more

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Editorial: In defense of 'career politicians.' Experience shouldn't be a liability for candidates

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Over the last several months, the Times editorial board conducted interviews with more than 100 people running for local and federal offices on the March 5 ballot. Again and again, we heard a similar refrain from the politically inexperienced candidates: “I’m not a career politician” and “We need to stop electing career politicians.”

...Read more

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Cynthia M. Allen: When we develop technology without morality, we get the Alabama in-vitro ruling

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I have spent several days reading coverage of the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling that recognized extrauterine embyros as children.

Then I read the court’s actual decision and found that the two — the coverage and the ruling — have almost nothing in common.

Headlines decry how the court has effectively “ended in-vitro fertilization...Read more

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Editorial: Embrace, don't restrict, use of IVF

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Opinion editor's note: Editorials represent the opinions of the Star Tribune Editorial Board, which operates independently from the newsroom.


A child's hug at the end of a long workday is a happy moment for any parent. But it's extra emotional for Liz McLoone Dybvig of St. Paul, Minnesota, because her path to motherhood wasn't an ...Read more

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Editorial: A better border battle: Biden, not Trump, has real immigration solutions

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In dueling visits to the Texas-Mexico border, President Joe Biden and Donald Trump each tried to make the case that they’re the person best positioned to handle immigration amid polls showing voters trust the latter more despite his chaotic and sadistic tenure presiding over the nation’s enforcement infrastructure.

Biden should use this as ...Read more

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Mark Z. Barabak: Sore losers are trying to recall Newsom, again. They're robbing voters of their voice

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Gavin Newsom is hardly beyond reproach.

California faces a massive budget deficit, which may be worse than the governor acknowledges. There's been voluminous amounts of talk about but no end to the state's housing and homelessness crises.

The time and energy Newsom devotes to boosting his national profile — traipsing around the country, ...Read more

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Editorial: Californians knead answers. Did Panera Bread get an exemption from $20 minimum wage law?

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Even before Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the landmark law in September that would increase the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 per hour starting in April, there were some eyebrows raised over the so-called Panera exemption.

The law was designed to boost pay and improve working conditions for employees of fast-food chain restaurants, but ...Read more

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Mark Gongloff: 3 seasons in 24 hours stump climate change deniers

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Spring doesn’t officially begin for more than three weeks, but it came early to Chicago this week, with temperatures hitting a pleasant 74 degrees Fahrenheit Tuesday afternoon. Spring then quickly turned to summer, with severe thunderstorms slamming the area Tuesday night, bringing hail and reported tornadoes. Then winter returned on Wednesday...Read more

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Editorial: Dems tough on (some) crimes, but leave immigration out of it

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Democrats can’t have it both ways, casting violent incidents as either signs of societal collapse or no big deal, depending on the agenda.

Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif., took the latter stance Monday, when she said the “horrible” killing of a nursing student on the University of Georgia campus should not inform the entirety of U.S. ...Read more


Editorial: More delays? Supreme Court was wrong to put off Trump immunity decision

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The Supreme Court announced on Wednesday that it will consider Donald Trump’s claim that as a former president he enjoys immunity from prosecution for alleged crimes connected to his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. By taking the case and scheduling oral argument for the week of April 22, the court has further complicated the timeline ...Read more


Commentary: What not to ask the loved ones of those who have died by suicide

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No, I did not know.

In late July of 2019, I had dinner in New York with one of my dearest friends. We split a mediocre dessert, he walked me home, we hugged. A few nights later, he took his own life.

In the wake of his death, people asked if I knew it was coming, if there were signs, if I could work the whole thing in reverse. Perhaps they’d...Read more

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Commentary: Alabama, religious freedom and frozen embryos

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The Alabama Constitution provides that "no religion shall be established by law" and that "the civil rights, privileges, and capacities of any citizen shall not be in any manner affected by his religious principles." Those prohibitions were forcefully reinforced in a 1998 Religious Freedom Amendment. Like similar provisions of the First ...Read more

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Andreas Kluth: Biden's Middle East policy is better than it looks

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It’s harrowing to watch a human being set himself on fire, stand up as long as possible, and then collapse into a heap. That’s what Aaron Bushnell, a young member of the US Air Force, did this weekend, when he torched himself in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., and later died. He was protesting what he had earlier called ...Read more

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Commentary: Hurray for the ticket splitters

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A must-read for political junkies, Sabato’s Crystal Ball had bad news for fans of ticket splitting like me in February: The once widespread practice has plummeted in recent presidential elections.

“Just 16 districts produced split results [in 2020]: 9 Republicans won districts carried by Joe Biden for president, and 7 Democrats won ...Read more

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Jackie Calmes: Rational Republican leaders could keep quiet instead of endorsing Trump. Why won't they?

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The Republican Party's transformation into an anti-government populist movement has been a bottom-up phenomenon: Conservative voters, radicalized by right-wing radio, Fox News, social media and opportunistic demagogues, rose up for their tea party takeover. Then the biggest demagogue of all, Donald Trump, harnessed those voters to make the party...Read more

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Commentary: The battle between good and evil rages on

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Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “the first lesson of history is the good of evil.” A contrary statement, but one that describes the impetus that must often take place to move people and nations to action. Such a time is now.

As children, we read stories of heroes and villains pitted in the struggle between good and evil. Cinderella and her evil ...Read more

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Commentary: Wyoming takes a stand against out-of-control political spending

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On Feb. 13, in the deep red state of Wyoming, a majority of state House members voted for Joint House Resolution 0002, calling on Congress to propose a constitutional amendment to ensure transparency in election spending and allow states to regulate corporate, union and other political contributions.

Wyoming legislators demonstrated again the ...Read more

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Commentary: Joni Mitchell proves why we should look beyond stereotypes about aging

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Whether or not we’re older adults, we all are being bombarded with a blunt political narrative about aging that is as wrong as it is dangerous. In essence, the message is that “old” equals “bad” and that if a person is going to be a leader, they had better do it while they are young. Headlines, campaign messages and political cartoons,...Read more

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Editorial: Don't buy Putin's bluff. The West can outspend him

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Vladimir Putin wants the world to believe that Russia’s economy is doing fine, and that he has the wherewithal to prosecute the war in Ukraine indefinitely.

He’s bluffing. His aggression is costing him dearly, and the West should exploit this vulnerability to the fullest.

Before invading Ukraine — two years ago, on Feb. 24 — Putin had ...Read more

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Commentary: Without even ruling on Trump's immunity claim, the Supreme Court handed him a huge victory

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Given the Supreme Court’s possible responses to Donald Trump’s appeal of the D.C. Circuit’s denial of his claim of immunity from prosecution, the justices’ decision Wednesday has to be counted as a gift to the former president. That’s because the court came through for him on the most important axis: time.

The court’s fairly Delphic...Read more



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