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Editorial: A felony conviction should not come with a life sentence on voting rights

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Voting is not a privilege. It’s a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. But one group of citizens has been long denied that right in parts of the country.

In half the states, including California, people convicted of felonies who have served their time in prison re-enter their communities with the right to vote automatically and ...Read more

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Commentary: To end political inequality, we need to address foundational problems

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Political inequality, like mold in that one corner of the shower, seemingly comes back stronger after every new attempt to remove it. That’s precisely why the Founders wanted politics to operate exclusively within our republican system. They anticipated that the creation of additional processes and procedures outside the established political ...Read more

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Editorial: We sued OpenAI to stop its exploitation of our published work

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There is no artificial intelligence without the vast trove of human knowledge.

Today’s generative AI applications were built on a foundation of such information, drawn from across the internet and from various databases totaling, according to at least one estimate, somewhere around 300 billion words.

That’s a lot of intellectual property, ...Read more

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Commentary: AI and privacy rules meant for Big Tech could hurt small businesses most

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As lawmakers and regulators in the U.S. consider policy born of their Big Tech concerns such as data privacy and artificial intelligence, they should carefully consider how such changes could end up trampling the small and midsize businesses that drive innovation and competition.

While policymakers may have Google and Facebook in mind, the ...Read more

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Jackie Calmes: Whatever Big Oil wants, Big Oil gets. As long as it bankrolls Trump

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What better sign could there be that we’re drowning in political outrage, that we’re inured to it, than this:

A national newspaper scooped this month that Donald Trump gathered about two dozen oil industry executives for a chopped steak dinner at his Mar-a-Lago playground in April and suggested “a deal”: They should raise $1 billion for...Read more

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Kaitlyn Buss: Sanitizing abortion doesn't make it pro-growth

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If you can’t promise jobs, promise abortions. That seems to be the message from Michigan’s leading women Democrats for the 2024 campaign.

If the way abortion rights drove young women to the polls in 2022 is any indication, it will turn out votes. But it’s a very ironic growth strategy.

“We have to understand most people see this as a ...Read more

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Editorial: Surprise! Biden does have the power to shut border

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President Joe Biden doesn’t have the power to shut down the border. Except when he decides that he does.

Earlier this year, Biden vowed to “shut down” the border if only Congress would give him the legislative high sign.

“Just give me the power. I’ve asked from the very day I got into office,” he said in January. “Give me the ...Read more

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Commentary: No, the Israeli-Palestinian divide is not unbridgeable. Here's how I know

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One could be forgiven for assuming the world is on the brink of collapse. There is no shortage of negativity and polarization, even for those who don’t seek it.

Social media sets negativity and division as defaults. Politicians run on them. We pass through life in a guarded posture, primed to harden our hearts to strangers.

To choose a more ...Read more

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Editorial: China embraced electric vehicles. The US didn't. Now we're paying the price

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For shoppers who want to buy an electric car but have been put off by the steep price tag, the news last week that President Joe Biden has hiked tariffs on Chinese-made EVs to shut them out of the U.S. market is not good.

It means that Chinese-made EVs won’t be sold in the U.S. anytime soon and American consumers won’t have access to ...Read more

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Commentary: How the FTC chair is alienating the left, right and center

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In a recent ABC news interview reviewing the tenure of the Federal Trade Commission’s Lina Khan, the chair seemed proud that her activism at the antitrust-enforcement and consumer-protection agency has earned an unusual range of fans, including far-left Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and far-right Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida. However, it’s ...Read more

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Commentary: Will California's new tax on gun sales reduce firearm violence?

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California will be the first U.S. state to charge an excise tax on guns and ammunition, starting in July. The new tax — an 11% levy on each sale — will come on top of federal excise taxes of 10% or 11% for firearms and California’s 6% sales tax.

The National Rifle Association has characterized the law that allows this new tax, the Gun ...Read more

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David Mills: The right's careless, reckless, sneaky propaganda

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I wondered, writing on this date back in 2020, prompted by a silly tweet from conservative radio celebrity Todd Starnes, what he thought he was doing, and how much he really believed what he said. And did he ever feel bad about the irresponsible, careless way he spoke about public life, and about using hysteria, anger, contempt, self-pity and ...Read more

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Commentary: House committee bickers over need for bill to ban noncitizen voting

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WASHINGTON — Members of the House Administration Committee clashed last week over the true purpose of a hearing called by Republicans to address the perceived threat of noncitizens voting in federal elections.

The title of the hearing, which was led by the Republican majority, was “American Confidence in Elections: Preventing Noncitizen ...Read more


Trudy Rubin: Netanyahu moves toward military reoccupation of Gaza with no exit strategy

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Watching Benjamin Netanyahu blunder into Rafah with no plan for “the day after” is like watching a Greek tragedy whose end is foreseen but can no longer be blocked.

Netanyahu’s push into the city at Gaza’s southern edge — with no strategy for an endgame — will force Israeli troops to reoccupy the entire strip. It will ensure Hamas�...Read more

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Editorial: A Republican warning of national political suicide

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The world was shocked when more than 900 Americans who followed “People’s Temple” preacher Jim Jones to the wilderness of Guyana committed suicide or were murdered at his command in 1978 after swallowing fruit drinks laced with cyanide.

Millions wondered how something so ghastly could happen. Far from a mystery, it was another example, ...Read more

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Commentary: Will federal negotiations with Texas school district turn the tide for DEI?

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Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Education notified the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund that it had contacted a school district in Southlake, Texas, to begin negotiating a resolution agreement in civil rights complaints from four former students. The complainants reported that, during their time as students, they had been ...Read more

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Editorial: More delusional nonsense on inflation from Biden

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Inflation envelops the White House like a bad smell. Perhaps that’s one reason President Joe Biden can’t stop fibbing about it.

For the second time in a week, Biden repeated the false claim that inflation was at 9% when he entered the Oval Office in January 2021. The president first made the assertion in a May 8 CNN interview. “No ...Read more

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Tom Philp: Internet giants hurt kids, concert goers and journalism. California is fighting back

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America’s youth spend more time on social media networks than on homework. Popular outlets like YouTube and TikTok have unfettered freedom to keep kids addicted to their businesses by analyzing their interests and sending an unrelenting feed of images. Researchers are increasingly worried about how all this exposure is impacting behavior and ...Read more

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Commentary: We're taking ranked-choice voting national for presidential elections

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Imagine it’s election night 2024. A few close swing states will decide the presidency – and test the health of our democracy. In that scenario, we can be certain of two facts: Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will win a majority of the vote, and votes for independent and third-party candidates will dwarf the final margin.

Dissatisfied ...Read more

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Mark Gongloff: US wildfire season is now everywhere, all at once

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The toxic smoke choking swathes of the Midwestern U.S. this week is a helpful reminder to Americans that Canada exists, and its wildfire season has come early. But Americans shouldn’t forget their own season starts much earlier these days, too. In fact, it’s getting to the point that wildfire season is all year long.

A new study by the non-...Read more



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