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Editorial: Haiti, a country desperate for reprieve, gets none as natural disasters lay siege

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It’s an unfair and unimaginable predicament that Haiti, a country besieged by political instability, gang violence and a collapse of its government, is at the center of yet another natural crisis.

Days after heavy rain washed away part of a bridge and left 19,000 people homeless, a magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck the southwest part of the ...Read more

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Commentary: We need AI labels on creative content -- but not for the reasons you think

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In March, a picture of an aggressively fashionable Pope Francis created by artificial intelligence went viral on social media. In April, the song “Heart on My Sleeve,” featuring vocals filtered to sound like Drake and The Weeknd, gained immense online popularity. In May, movie producers expressed increasing interest in using AI to generate ...Read more

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Noah Feldman: Oklahoma tries to tear down the church-state wall

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Oklahoma has approved a public Catholic charter school, which would be the first overtly religious school in the U.S. to be fully funded by government. The arrangement violates the establishment clause of the Constitution as it has been interpreted from its adoption in 1791 until today. Nevertheless, it is possible that the Supreme Court could ...Read more


Editorial: 'Poison in every puff'

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Imagine a man trying to suavely smoke in front of a woman — with the words “cigarettes cause impotence” stamped along the length of the actual cigarette.

Other health effects of smoking are more dire, of course, and Canadian smokers will soon see descriptions of half a dozen of them. Canada has announced it will require that and other ...Read more

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Editorial: DeSantis doesn't have to own up to latest migrant flights. The buzz is political gold

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The governor of Florida hasn’t taken credit, but the two flights that landed in Sacramento, California, with Texas migrants aboard have all the hallmarks of a DeSantis & Co. production.

When he pulled a similar stunt last fall, flying migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Gov. DeSantis bragged about it, as if it was just the cutest ...Read more

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Editorial: Gov. Wes Moore takes the smart stand on academic freedom in Maryland

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Textbooks have been under assault in recent years from right-wing political fanatics targeting K-12 classroom material. Florida has been at the center of the movement, with so-called “anti-woke” efforts underway to remove references to race, gender, sexual orientation and other matters they find objectionable. Sometimes it’s a social ...Read more

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Commentary: We can't exclude Black or Asian American history

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For the past two years, teachers around the country have rallied at historic sites to speak out against anti-history education bills. On June 10, teachers are rallying again for the Teach Truth Day of Action, co-organized by The Zinn Education Project, Black Lives Matter at School and The African American Policy Forum.

The event is co-sponsored...Read more


Editorial: To Airbnb is human: Suits against NYC registry ignore the law against short-term renting out of apartments

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The home rental platform Airbnb and some of its hosts are suing the city of New York, calling a new registry an effective ban. “It is literally impossible for regular people to comply with the rules,” said the company’s attorney.

We sympathize and we don’t. There’s no doubt the rules are burdensome and intrusive, and should’ve been ...Read more

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Editorial: A safer city: The NYPD's May crime stats show promising downward trends as we enter the summer season

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The month of May brought some good news for New Yorkers and especially for Mayor Adams, who rightly believes that public safety is the foundation of a more vibrant and prosperous city: Violent crime is declining.

Year to date through last month, murders citywide are down 14% from 2022. Shootings are down 26%. Rapes, down 7%. Robberies, down 4%....Read more

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Editorial: Migrants flown to Sacramento are human beings, not political pawns

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California officials are considering filing civil and criminal charges for what they call “state-sanctioned kidnapping” against whoever is responsible for flying migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border region to Sacramento on two planes the last few days.

According to California Attorney General Rob Bonta, the two planes carrying migrants from...Read more


Commentary: Menopause doesn't have to be miserable

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There are an estimated 55 million women in menopause in the United States today, the majority of whom endure its most debilitating symptoms in silence. It doesn’t have to be so debilitating, and it wouldn’t be if we could end the silence and make even a handful of key policy changes.

Menopause has long been neglected by the mainstream ...Read more

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Commentary: We've made huge advances against COVID. Why is it still killing so many people?

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Many immunocompromised and older people are still terrified of COVID. As a transplant infectious disease doctor on the front lines, I understand why.

In the first five months of 2023, COVID caused more than 37,000 deaths in the U.S., a typical toll from the flu in an entire year. Scientists estimate an annual U.S. COVID death rate of at least ...Read more

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Editorial: Seeing the light: Partnership with houses of worship to house migrants is welcome

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In partnership with the New York Disaster Interfaith Services, the Adams administration has finally heard the good word about cooperation with the city’s eager houses of worship to help house asylum seekers. A two year contract will allow an initial 50 congregations to care for up to 19 single adult men each — as much as is possible given ...Read more

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Commentary: How America gets to a new center

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America needs a new center, but it does not need a new centrist political party. A new centrist political party that could overcome the widely recognized dysfunction in our national politics caused by both political parties would be great, but it is not going to happen. There are too many impediments preventing the rise of a vibrant third party,...Read more

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LZ Granderson: The GOP wants us to fear 'President Harris.' Here's how Biden should respond

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The first big decision a presidential nominee makes is picking a running mate. In announcing his own candidacy for the White House on Monday, former Vice President Mike Pence made it official: "Donald Trump 2024" is running against his own first big decision from 2016.


Meanwhile Nikki Haley, a candidate herself, went on Fox News to ...Read more


Editorial: Who dies, who pays: Different standards of justice for a limo crash and an opioid epidemic

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Compare and contrast, please.

Wednesday in Upstate New York, Nauman Hussain was sentenced to 5-15 years in prison for his role in the October 2018 deaths of 20 people after the brakes of an enormous stretch limousine failed. Hussain wasn’t driving the car. Rather, he rented out the vehicle — and a jury found evidence beyond a reasonable ...Read more

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Editorial: Solve more crimes: The NYPD clearance rates need to rise

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There are many measures of how well a city promotes safety and justice: crime rates, relations between police and the community, the treatment of those jailed and more. An essential indicator that gets far too little attention is clearance rates — the percentage of offenses where cops make an arrest. And it’s worrying that the NYPD rates ...Read more

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George Skelton: California proves that stricter gun laws save lives

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Fewer guns plus more gun control add up to less gun carnage. That's logical. And it's a fact.

California is proof.

So is Mississippi.

We're a state with arguably the nation's strictest gun laws. And we've got one of the lowest rates of gun deaths.

States with lax gun controls have some of the highest gun death rates. ...Read more

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Matthew Yglesias: The debt-limit crisis is over. Now on to the debt crisis.

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Maybe the most surprising aspect of the debt-ceiling increase President Joe Biden signed into law last week is that, once all the kicking and screaming was done, it not only passed Congress but passed easily. And maybe the most intriguing question raised by this whole debate is whether we should be prepared for more surprises.

With the Fiscal ...Read more


Commentary: Biden, Feinstein, Trump -- how do we know when our leaders are too old?

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In politics, as in life, it’s all too easy to write off old people, especially when they are frail or disabled. President Joe Biden’s fall on stage during the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony on Thursday immediately raised questions of fitness. Even I, a geriatrician and anti-ageism advocate, looked at Dianne Feinstein’s recent return...Read more



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