Commentary: How the planet could survive another Trump term

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A second Donald Trump presidency would be a nightmare for Earth’s climate (among other things). But in the same way your immune system builds up defenses after exposure to a virus, efforts to fight global warming are stronger now than the first time Trump attacked them. But he could still do significant damage from the White House.

In his ...Read more

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Commentary: Investing in kids pays, even if Mom is on drugs

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For too many American children, the future is already written. Their parents’ income broadly predicts what their earnings will be in adulthood. For those in poverty, the chances of breaking out are dwindling — resulting in a less prosperous, increasingly ossified society.

If today’s presidential candidates wanted to rewrite that future, ...Read more

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Stephen Mihm: Biden should be like Ike to curb Israel

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As Israel’s Gaza offensive has grown ever more deadly and destructive, President Joe Biden has equivocated: condemning the civilian death toll while simultaneously sending more arms to Israel. This position, though perhaps politically expedient at the outset of the conflict, has become untenable.

Now, as the war threatens to destabilize the ...Read more


Stephen L. Carter: Really, Texas? Don't punish Black students for their hair

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After Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection landslide, his inaugural committee advertised for “attractive, clean-cut, all-American” performers to dance and sing at various celebratory events. The description ignited a firestorm on any number of grounds, not the least of which was race: Activists feared that the committee wanted no Black ...Read more


Editorial: Propping up failing schools doesn't help students

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Four years since the COVID pandemic began, many US school districts are hurtling toward a fiscal crisis. An exodus of students and the pending expiration of federal relief money is forcing officials to weigh the need to close schools. Although that’s certain to cause some disruption, propping up failing schools will only worsen America’s ...Read more

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Editorial: The world can't abandon the fight against malaria

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Over the past two decades, the fight against malaria has been among the biggest success stories in global health. Campaigns to prevent and treat infections, particularly in Africa, have saved an estimated 11 million lives since 2000, the vast majority of them young children. Yet that progress has recently stalled — and in some countries, new ...Read more

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Editorial: House Speaker Mike Johnson must stop dithering on Ukraine aid and hold a vote

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Two years after Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion, Ukraine continues to defend its territory bravely but has withdrawn its forces from a key city under attack and is short of weapons and ammunition. But because of partisan paralysis in Washington — and the malign influence of Donald J. Trump — a proposal for tens of billions of ...Read more

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Commentary: Dysfunction in US makes it clear that Europe is at risk for outsourcing its security

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The Munich Security Conference, the world’s preeminent annual gathering on international security, wrapped up last weekend. Global leaders and experts discussed a wide range of concerns, but the threat of Russia and fate of Ukraine took center stage. Events in recent weeks have enhanced the former and made the latter look bleak, just ahead of ...Read more

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Commentary: Alabama's highest court declared frozen embryos people. The US Supreme Court is to blame

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The Alabama Supreme Court’s breathtakingly arrogant, slapdash and pernicious opinion conferring personhood on newly formed embryos vividly illustrates the consequences of another reckless decision: the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe vs. Wade.

The Alabama court held last week that fertilized ova cryogenically preserved for couples ...Read more


Commentary: Conservatives are targeting IVF. Women deserve a choice

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The new battlefield over abortion rights centers on the use of in vitro fertilization. It’s a battle that is highly personal for me and my wife, Erica.

Last summer, we became the parents of twin sons Max and Theo. For this blessed event to happen, we needed reproductive health care. Erica has endometriosis, a condition that makes it difficult...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: A bad case of Putin-envy prevents Trump from calling out death of Navalny

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Blame America. Blame Joe Biden. Blame Alexei Navalny for his own death. But never blame Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump’s continued refusal to criticize the Russian leader for the death of Russian dissident Navalny is a stunner, even if you have been numbed by Trump’s constant pandering to Putin.

Trump’s response has been to portray himself...Read more

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Mary Ellen Klas: Trump's most successful deal? Selling tribalism

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In a meandering Valentine’s Day speech in North Charleston, South Carolina, former president Donald Trump did what he does regularly at these types of events. He appealed to the tribal instincts of his supporters.

“Every time the radical left, Democrats, Marxists, Communists and Fascists indict me, I consider it a really great badge of ...Read more

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Editorial: Your air quality may be more dangerous than your phone is telling you. The EPA is fine with that

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recent adoption of a more stringent annual limit on fine particulate matter, or soot, fulfills an overdue obligation to curb a pervasive and deadly type of air pollution that triggers asthma, heart attacks, strokes and a host of other health problems.

But the agency made a serious mistake by leaving ...Read more

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Commentary: California faces an uphill battle against plastic

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Given its green bona fides, it’s no surprise that California was the first state in the nation to ban single-use plastic bags 10 years ago. Many were hopeful that would make a dent in the plastic pollution crisis, one canvas tote bag at a time. But if you’ve been to a California supermarket recently, you may have noticed that plastic bags ...Read more

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Noah Feldman: Alito is worried gay rights could upstage religious ones

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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is still fretting about the consequences of Obergefell v. Hodges, the court’s landmark 2015 decision establishing a right to same-sex marriage. In practice, the precedent is safe for the foreseeable future. There are, at most, only two justices on the court who would vote to overturn it.

But Alito’s ...Read more

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Commentary: Democracy demands well-funded investigative journalism

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Investigative journalism, which is critical to a healthy democracy, comes at a high cost. The return on investment, though, is substantial. Ida Tarbell's willingness to dig into Standard Oil's egregious business practices bolstered efforts to pass the Clayton Antitrust Act and to create the Federal Trade Commission. Upton Sinclair's daring ...Read more

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Editorial: Send the killer here: Phoenix prosecutor plays politics with murderer to slam Alvin Bragg

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Murders in Manhattan (73 in 2023) are much rarer than murders in Phoenix (198 last year), but the borough can still be dangerous for escorts like Denisse Oleas-Arancibia, who, detectives say, was bludgeoned to death with a clothes iron by Raad Almansoori at the SoHo 54 Hotel downtown two weeks ago.

Almansoori actually admitted his homicide to ...Read more

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Commentary: Let aid workers into Gaza

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In the battered streets of Gaza, the air is thick with despair. Families, stripped of their livelihoods due to the conflict, now plead for the most basic needs. Aid workers offer one of the few lifelines left for these families, but now they too are getting caught in the crossfire. The protection of these workers goes beyond safeguarding lives; ...Read more


POINT: Ukraine can win -- here's how

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Ten years into Russia’s long war against Ukraine, far too many Americans are falling prey to a destructive idea. They needlessly believe that Ukraine’s defeat is unavoidable. These Americans have lost their bearings. Defeat is never inevitable so long as a nation is willing to fight. George Washington proved this when he crossed the Delaware...Read more

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Commentary: How all Americans are paying for San Francisco's pork-barrel spending

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Washington is once again facing a potential shutdown. Funding for the federal government will run out in early March unless the House and Senate can bridge their differences and pass spending legislation.

At the same time, the city of San Francisco seems to have few problems doling out huge amounts to well-connected activist groups and hard-...Read more



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