Christine M. Flowers: In fallout from Philly police commissioner's resignation, we haven't heard full story

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I wasn't going to write about this, because I knew that other people would be writing about it, journalists who cover the city and the police department as their regular beats. I figured that there would be some comments critical of former Commissioner Richard Ross, and some comments praising his good work and devotion to his hometown over a ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: I participated in a concealed carry class, and it reaffirmed why I would never own a gun

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Shortly after Illinois became the last state in the nation to make it legal to carry a concealed firearm, I decided to sit in on a training class.

I had no intention of owning a firearm, but as a reporter covering this developing story in 2013, I wanted to know what people who would be walking around with guns were being taught in the 16-hour ...Read more

Commentary: Sure, watch 'American Factory.' But don't think that all Chinese factories are like the one in the film

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Netflix subscribers and theatergoers can now watch "American Factory," a powerful new documentary about what happens when a manufacturing plant opens in a job-deprived town but the plant's owners are callous to workers, hostile to unions and obsessed with profits at any cost.

It is a story that has played out in towns and cities throughout the ...Read more

Commentary: How we can save the monarch butterfly — one office campus at a time

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It's that time of year again, when flashes of the monarch butterfly's orange and black wings delight people across the upper Midwest. The iconic species is on its northward journey, looking for milkweed to lay its eggs. We see these butterflies feeding on nectar near agricultural fields, in community parks and in our backyards. We even see them ...Read more

Editorial: The years America went to work

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In quirkily related business news that may have caught your eye: Uber plans to lease enough space in Chicago's soon-to-be-renovated old post office building to accommodate thousands of workers, while restaurant managers in Fort Smith, Arkansas, are struggling to hire enough people to staff their kitchens and dining rooms.

These are two scenes ...Read more

Editorial: Police commissioner resignation must be the start of more radical change for Philly PD

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Less than a week after Mayor Jim Kenney called Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross the best police commissioner in the country for his role in a standoff between a shooter and police, Ross resigned. The announcement Tuesday followed a complaint filed with the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission and a subsequent lawsuit by Cpl. ...Read more

Editorial: Feds lack credibility for changes to Endangered Species Act

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A federal push to weaken the Endangered Species Act -- the latest target in the Trump administration's crusade against environmental protection -- is troubling on its face.

Making it worse is the behavior of the Interior Department. The agency is supposed to be a trusted steward of precious public resources, including endangered species and a ...Read more

Editorial: As Trump stumbles, Democrats should lead on gun reform

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President Trump said Wednesday morning that he is working on plans to close the loopholes in the nation's background check system for gun purchases.

But what exactly he proposes to do still remains a mystery. And, given the president's history of flip-flopping on gun law proposals, it's looking unlikely that he will push for meaningful ...Read more

Timothy L. O'Brien: Donald Trump is not the chosen one, he's just panicking

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While talking to reporters on the White House lawn Wednesday about his plans for prosecuting a trade war with China, the president of the United States looked up briefly toward the heavens.

"I am the chosen one," Donald Trump allowed.

Others had given the president gentle nudges toward divinity even before that. Wayne Allyn Root, a ...Read more

Editorial: Economic figures underscore the myth behind Trump's claims of record performance

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The latest economic news appears to be driving President Donald Trump into a deep emotional funk. As much as he likes to portray his economic management as a miracle that outpaces anything his predecessors accomplished, it's more like a myth. The numbers don't lie, no matter how desperately Trump tries to blame Democrats and the Federal Reserve ...Read more

Editorial: There are two new examples of Trump's callousness toward detainees

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President Donald Trump's apparent view that Americans want a federal government that abandons humanitarian norms is once again on display this week with two more decisions about the treatment of detained unauthorized immigrants.

The first is the Trump administration's attempt to nullify a 1997 court agreement, known as the Flores settlement, ...Read more

Commentary: What one story about Type 1 diabetes meant for so many families

Politics / Op Eds /

Thirteen years ago Friday, our daughter disconnected her insulin pump for the last time -- an unexpected and breathtaking miracle. Her story spread across the globe, changing the lives of many who discovered that they, too, have a rare kind of diabetes -- one that freed them from dependence on insulin. These people have become family.

Insulin ...Read more

Editorial: Is Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores insensitive to the black experience or does he just really like Jay-Z?

Politics / Op Eds /

Brian Flores doesn't seem to get it. Doesn't seem to get that, on the football field, he's the Big Guy. As coach of Miami Dolphins, what he says goes.

But once he gets in the car, walks down the street, strolls into the boutique, he might be seen as just another black man -- to be unreasonably feared, to be vilified without cause, to be ...Read more

Commentary: Trump wants Guatemalans like me to stay home. Here's why so many don't

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I recently went to a parents' meeting at my children's elementary school in the rural town of Aguacatan, Guatemala, a few hours from the Mexico border. As usual, I was one of the only men there.

This disparity has nothing to do with machismo or Latin gender roles; it's that there just aren't many men in Aguacatan. They're all in places like ...Read more

Commentary: Are your genes to blame for mental illness?

Politics / Op Eds /

Headlines on the purported genetic basis for mental illness -- like this one from The Washington Post: "Some children born with the genetic risk for schizophrenia, scientists say" -- have been staples of scientific journalism for years now. But what do they really mean?

Is mental illness really just a matter of bad luck in the genetic lottery? ...Read more

Commentary: Community college is the answer to an affordable education and a rich future — literally

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If you are a middle-class or poor parent, the college admissions scandal may seem like a steel door closing on your child's future. The very rich bribed their kids' way into elite schools, preventing average Americans from the financial, professional and other opportunities available at elite universities.

While these people spent $400,000 to ...Read more

Mary C. Curtis: Criminal justice reform had a bipartisan minute. Then 2020 reared its head

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That didn't last long.

For a while, it looked as though the distance between the parties had narrowed on the issue of criminal justice reform. Bipartisan cooperation passed the First Step Act, a small step indeed toward remedying America's mass incarceration crisis that disproportionately, in a historically skewed system, burdens minorities and...Read more

Brian Dickerson: Trump turns his stable genius on auto industry

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DETROIT -- If you follow the inexhaustible torrent of bilious braggadocio that is Donald Trump's Twitter feed -- and honestly, what serious student of abnormal psychology can look away? -- then you know that the incumbent president would be way better at running most everything -- Israel, the European Union, FOX News, etc. -- than the very ...Read more

Gina Barreca: Buy Greenland? Life isn't that kind of game.

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An old detail kept elbowing me, tugging at my sleeve like an annoying little kid, when President Donald Trump said he thought it might be a good idea to buy Greenland.

Then I went back to check on the map of the world as depicted by the classic board game "Risk": Greenland is one of the golden-yellow territories in the game, as much part of ...Read more

Martin Schram: The Lone Ranger of presidential news management – unmasked!

Politics / Op Eds /

On Wednesday, America and all the world watched as yet another soap-operatic reality TV meltdown played out on our video screens.

This one wasn't another episode about the dysfunctional marriages of Beverly Hills housewives or the distressed family life of a has-been rock star. It was about the decline and fall and dysfunctional reality that ...Read more


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