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Patricia Lopez: Ohio and Alabama are playing ballot games with Biden

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Call it political tit-for-tat. Election officials in Ohio and Alabama have warned President Joe Biden that he might be left off their ballots in November because the Democrats’ mid-August nominating convention is past their deadlines.

This is a new and dangerous level of partisan gamesmanship. The top election officials in both states happen...Read more

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Editorial: Please take the threat of a fiscal breakdown seriously

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The latest projections from the Congressional Budget Office repeat a warning made many times before: The trajectory of US government borrowing is unsustainable. Washington, fixated on this year’s elections, isn’t merely unwilling to act; it’s ignoring the issue altogether. Just how concerned should the country be about this dereliction of ...Read more


Editorial: Government incompetence is keeping kids out of college

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President Joe Biden’s botched rollout of a revamped financial aid form reveals a stunning lack of managerial competence. It has left colleges unable to tell millions of students how much they’ll have to pay, causing some to delay enrolling and others to drop the idea altogether. This easily avoidable failure threatens to deprive low-income ...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: No more US weapons to Israel until Palestinian civilians are protected

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When Israeli troops killed seven aid workers from chef José Andrés’ amazing World Central Kitchen operation in Gaza — six of them foreign-born — the White House and the Israeli government were finally forced to confront Gaza’s humanitarian disaster with more than words.

Almost overnight, under President Joe Biden’s belated threat to...Read more


Editorial: Financial literacy is important for teens to learn along with math and science

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Adulting is hard, and it’s gotten much harder even for mature adults. That’s especially true when it comes to personal finances.

We are subjected to more sophisticated and sometimes downright insidious online marketing that often uses influencers instead of ads. The investing world has grown more complicated, with investment apps, digital ...Read more

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Andreas Kluth: Even Republicans are now calling out Putin's lies

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As America’s support for Ukraine hangs in the balance, so does its commitment to truth over lies, and its resolve to resist Russian disinformation. The good news, after lots and lots of bad news, is that the pro-truth, pro-Ukraine resistance is now, at last, mobilizing even inside the Republican Party in Congress.

Troll and bot armies ...Read more

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Francis Wilkinson: Biden is closing a sacred portal into American gun culture

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In issuing a new rule to close the gun show loophole for firearm sales, the Biden administration isn’t just narrowing one of the easier paths by which criminals obtain guns. It’s attempting to close a sacred portal into American gun culture.

The rule, which has been under public review since it was officially proposed last August, targets ...Read more


Jay Ambrose: Biden's unjustified betrayal of Israel

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Former President Donald Trump is a mix of confused, more or less populist ideas and you can never know what he might do in a second presidential term. President Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a left-wing, wannabe autocrat getting unbelievably old as he pulverizes policy through trickery, constitutional abridgment and a betrayal of Israel.

...Read more

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Commentary: As a pregnant law professor in Arizona, I fear the abortion ban

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I am 19 weeks pregnant, a legal scholar and a resident of Arizona, whose highest court on Tuesday upheld a 160-year-old law banning nearly all abortions, even in the case of rape or incest. In doing so, the court held that Arizona’s 2022 law, which allowed abortion up through 15 weeks into pregnancy, was no longer valid after the Supreme Court...Read more

Commentary: How Rodney King helped OJ Simpson win a not-guilty verdict

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In 1994 and 1995, when lawyers for O.J. Simpson offered up the possibility that the former football star was being framed by the Los Angeles Police Department for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, it should have seemed outlandish.

Consider the complications in such a frame. If officers planted a glove, say, only...Read more

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Commentary: The unforgettable divide of the OJ Simpson trial is still fresh, even in death

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I was 13 years old, but I can still recall hearing my mother’s shriek like it was yesterday, followed by her repeated words of “THANK YOU, JESUS,” over and over again.

Her elation came from the fact that after nine exhaustive and divisive months — centered around the trial of football legend Orenthal James Simpson in the killing of his ...Read more

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Erika D. Smith: OJ Simpson, race and justice. It's the debate that won't go away

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I can't say I've spent much time thinking about O.J. Simpson over the last three decades. But hearing Thursday that he died of cancer reminded me of two conversations that I've had about him in the last six months.

The first one was with a Black man who worked in Los Angeles city government in 1995 — the year the once-celebrated football star...Read more

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Mary McNamara: The OJ trial defined an era when apocalyptic LA was the center of the universe

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LOS ANGELES — Sometimes it is difficult to remember that the O.J. Simpson trial actually happened.

Certainly, it has been so rigorously claimed by popular culture that one could be forgiven for considering it a form of true-crime franchise — careers were made off it, books were written about it, Ryan Murphy used it to launch his "American ...Read more

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Commentary: From the Brentwood townhouse to the downtown courthouse, the OJ Simpson saga was part of my life

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LOS ANGELES — Two murders in Brentwood? That was unusual, I thought, as word filtered through the newsroom on a Monday afternoon in June 1994 that two people were found dead in the upscale neighborhood — and one of them was Nicole Brown Simpson, the former wife of O.J. Simpson. The other victim was her friend Ron Goldman.

With O.J. Simpson�...Read more

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Mark Z. Barabak: Presidential foundation was too scared to honor Liz Cheney, so he quit in disgust

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Every year, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation bestows an award meant to honor acts of political courage. The criteria include strength of character, sound judgment, decisiveness ("particularly during periods of crisis") and determination "in the face of adversity."

David Hume Kennerly, a member of the foundation board, had in mind the ...Read more

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Editorial: Open court, from OJ to Trump: The hush money trial transcripts must be published

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O.J. Simpson’s death reminds us that the 134 days of wall-to-wall TV coverage of his 1995 criminal trial allowed Americans to see every aspect of a celebrity case play out in a Los Angeles courtroom. Millions watched and millions of others didn’t, but the choice was theirs.

Wrongly, terribly wrongly, there will be no such option for ...Read more

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Editorial: OJ Simpson's fraught legacy is one on its own

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Since television became a dominant medium beginning in the 1950s, there have been just a handful of moments where virtually anyone alive in this country at the time can say they knew where they were and what they were doing when they happened.

Assassinations dominate that list, starting with that of John F. Kennedy in 1963, moving through ...Read more


Commentary: Happy Tax Day. Are we getting our money's worth?

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Here comes Americans’ favorite day – April 15, Tax Day! In the land of “No taxation without representation,” we Americans throw a fit over how much we fork over to the government, which taps into related complaints over government waste, budget deficits and more.

Considering how much we focus on the amounts we pay in taxes, you would ...Read more

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Commentary: I was homeless in college. California can do more for students who sleep in their cars

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When I first came to California to apply for graduate school in the late ’80s, I drove to Santa Monica and parked my car. There were more homeless people than I’d ever seen, living here in tents on the grass by the ocean under palm trees.

Before college, as a result of poverty, I’d slept in my car or in the woods. Then, as a community ...Read more

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Commentary: Jack Smith's latest push to get Donald Trump's Jan. 6 trial moving before the election

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Special counsel Jack Smith’s latest brief to the Supreme Court on Donald Trump’s immunity claim strives to ensure that the justices’ decision puts the Jan. 6 trial back on track, ending the detour the former president has extracted from a weak argument.

The bulk of the brief Smith filed Monday is a methodical rejection of Trump’s far-...Read more



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