Commentary: Reduce China trade deficit by exporting more, not piling on more tariffs

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The Trump administration's anti-trade actions, intended to radically shake up world trade, may be having unintended consequences.

Is it lowering the trade deficit? No.

Is it bringing manufacturing jobs back to America? No.

Is it helping or hurting the U.S. economy? Look at the facts.

Are we heading for a trade war involving the world's two ...Read more

Commentary: Trump's mixed signals on attacking journalists: Murder bad, body-slamming good

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President Donald Trump mouthed some of the right words Thursday when he said it appears that dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi had probably been murdered and that the consequences would be "very severe" if blame is firmly tied to the Saudi government. But, hours later at a campaign rally, he praised Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte, who won ...Read more

Commentary: NBA rookie asked fans to recommend a local church: 'I got a lot of responses'

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Late this summer, Charlotte Hornets rookie Miles Bridges asked his 238K followers on Instagram -- particularly those living in his new city -- for a favor: Could they recommend places to worship here?

This is still a layup for Charlotte, right? We've long been a city that's had pride in its deep and diverse faith community. You know the stat --...Read more

Trudy Rubin: Are Beijing and Washington headed toward a new Cold War?

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Are we entering a new Cold War – this time with China?

That is a question I will be discussing with Chinese diplomats, businessmen, think tank experts, and academics this week, as I begin a visit to Beijing and three other Chinese cities. The issue, now being hotly debated in Washington, turns 25 years of bipartisan U.S. policy toward China ...Read more

Editorial: Nikki Haley says she's not running for president. But should she?

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Nikki Haley says she's not running for president in 2020. We believe her -- for now at least -- and we think that's smart on her part. But we wouldn't object if she changed her mind.

Haley announced this month she was resigning as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, effective at the end of 2018. She then quickly waved off the notion that she...Read more

Jay Ambrose: Elizabeth Warren is about as right on policies as she is about being a Native American

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If DNA were measured as a portion of your body, Elizabeth Warren's genetic Native American heritage would amount to a speck on the little toe of her left foot – everything about her is leftist. A scientific test showed that her DNA is maybe no more than one one-thousandth Native American. But not to fear. It's still 100 percent true that she ...Read more

Editorial: The Khashoggi case: A weak-kneed Trump dodges evidence of a barbaric killing

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Lobbyists on K Street have been distancing themselves from Saudi Arabia as evidence of Saudi involvement in the apparent assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi becomes more persuasive by the day. Not to worry, Riyadh. You've got a replacement ready to tend to all your needs in Washington: President Donald Trump.

Trump has sounded nothing ...Read more

Editorial: Starbucks report says racism affects policing. Police disagree.

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Six months after a Rittenhouse Square Starbucks earned international notoriety for the arrest of two black patrons, Philadelphia's Police Advisory Commission has released its finding from a review of the incident. The PAC concluded that an open conversation about race, better training and communication, and a strategy for community policing are ...Read more

Editorial: Pot is legal in Canada, but admitting to using it could get Canadians banned from the US for life

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Recreational marijuana use became legal in Canada this week, allowing adults to freely buy and consume cannabis. But admitting to using it could still get a Canadian traveler banned from the United States for life.

That's because the U.S. government continues to treat marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug -- the classification reserved for the most ...Read more

Editorial: A migrant caravan heads for the border just in time for Trump to exploit it for the midterms

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President Trump is proving once again that he has little awareness of, or much appreciation for, the reasons so many Central American families continue to flow northward in search of a sanctuary. The latest flash point is yet another migrant caravan that set out a few days ago from Honduras.

Reportedly numbering about 2,000 people, the caravan ...Read more

Commentary: Before its fall from grace, Sears offered a pathway to the American Dream

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When my late grandmother bought her first home in the early 1970s, she paid cash for the tidy, red brick bungalow with the life savings that she had earned working as a packer in the catalog department at the headquarters of Sears, Roebuck and Co. on Chicago's West Side.

Her husband, my late grandfather, was a musician who taught accordion ...Read more

Commentary: California desperately needs a tax system for the new economy

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When the economy is booming, most politicians like to pretend that the good times will continue forever – until they don't. The inevitable recession has always led to equally inevitable spending cuts and tax increases.

Denial clearly doesn't work. The more thoughtful option is to establish budget reserves to cushion the nasty impact of a ...Read more

Commentary: Dear Los Angeles: You seriously need to learn how to behave in restaurants

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LOS ANGELES -- Growing up in the Bay Area, we are taught to hate Los Angeles. "It's so shallow," they say.

What many Northern Californians don't realize is how vast and diverse the city truly is -- how thriving with art, culture and, yes, food. For all these reasons and others, I love L.A.

But there is one caveat: how Angelenos behave in ...Read more

Commentary: Wikipedia mirrors the world's biases. It doesn't cause them

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When Donna Strickland won the Nobel Prize this month, she became only the third woman in history to receive the award in physics. An optical physicist at the University of Waterloo, Strickland is brilliant, accomplished and inspiring. To use Wikipedia parlance, she is very clearly notable.

Except that, somehow, she wasn't. Despite her ...Read more

Robin Abcarian: 'Proving' him wrong is a race to the bottom

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What am I?

I've been thinking a lot about this since Elizabeth Warren revealed that she has proof she has a Native American forebear.

As it happens, I am half-Armenian, one-quarter English, one-eighth Irish and one-eighth Norwegian.

And, of course, 100 percent American.

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, it was too complicated to explain...Read more

Cynthia M. Allen: What I learned from my miscarriage

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- I don't believe in signs, not really, but on Mother's Day we came home from church to find an exasperated dove on our front porch trying in vain to coax her wounded chick to fly. It was sad and poignant and reminded me that there are times as mothers when all we can do is stand by and watch and pray.

Two weeks later, I'd ...Read more

Cass Sunstein: Donald Trump is amazing. Here's the science to prove it.

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This column is really good. Actually it's amazing. In less than 650 words, it will explain the success of President Donald Trump -- and also show how to beat him.

Behavioral scientists like to emphasize the role of heuristics, or mental shortcuts, in our thinking. Lacking statistical knowledge, we use rules of thumb. In deciding whether a ...Read more

Editorial: Dianne Feinstein's seniority and experience are too valuable to give up. California should reelect her

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Before the June primary, the Los Angeles Times editorial board backed Dianne Feinstein for reelection, saying her seniority, gravitas and 26 years of experience in the U.S. Senate were too valuable to give up.

Four months later, amid the unending turmoil in Washington, the ugliness of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings and ...Read more

Tyler Cowen: The right finds the perfect weapon against the left

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Imagine the perfect political and intellectual weapon. It would disable your adversaries by preoccupying them with their own vanities and squabbles, a bit like a drug so good that users focus on the high and stop everything else they are doing.

Such a weapon exists: It is called political correctness. But it is not a weapon against white men or...Read more

Why Congress shouldn't emulate Amazon

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Does Amazon's embrace of the Fight for $15 mean Congress should do the same?

New Jersey Rep. Donald Norcross recently made that case, arguing that the retail giant's embrace of a $15 minimum wage meant other businesses could afford it as well. But Norcross' argument confuses a voluntary raise with an involuntary mandate: One boosts paychecks; ...Read more


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