Editorial: Reject Trump's justice meddling

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The rule of law is essential to the enduring strength of the nation and its economy.

Voters should keep that in mind as they consider whether to reelect President Donald Trump, whose efforts to undermine the judicial system's legitimacy are deeply troubling.

This is not a partisan issue. Attacking the courts and hyper-politicizing prosecution ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: If Michael Bloomberg is the Democratic nominee, African Americans will take one for the team and vote for him

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Nearly every day, something ugly is exposed about Michael Bloomberg's past. In a normal presidential election year, such a steady drip of racist and misogynistic vitriol would have doomed a candidate from the start.

But we are living in a different political environment now, where a candidate's viability is determined solely by whether he or ...Read more

Will Bunch: Can we talk about the Trump-loving, QAnon-type who slaughtered 10 people in Germany?

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The virus is spreading worldwide faster than our ability to contain it.

No, not that one.

I'm thinking about the tragic and shocking events that took place on the night of Feb. 19, nearly 4,000 miles away in the German community of Hanau, not far from the city of Frankfurt. Around 10 p.m., a man walked into a popular hookah lounge called the ...Read more

Bill Torpy: How John Lewis treated us not as 'good trouble,' but no trouble

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Congressman John Lewis turned 80 on Friday and warm rounds of tribute poured in, as his diagnosis of Stage IV pancreatic cancer has underlined the fact that a historic figure is still with us. But for how long?

Lewis, first elected during President Ronald Reagan's second term, has indicated he will run for an 18th term as the Democratic U.S. ...Read more

John M. Crisp: Is Mayor Pete too young to be president?

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Is Mayor Pete Buttigieg too young to be president? Our nation's founders didn't think so; among the few limitations they applied to presidential aspirants was a minimum age of 35.

Nevertheless, at 38, the mayor stands out among the prominent Democratic candidates, that is, Buttigieg and the five others who participated in the debate last week ...Read more

Doyle McManus: Trump and the Taliban have one goal in common: getting U.S. troops out of Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON -- On Saturday, after 19 years of war, the United States and the Taliban began what both sides delicately called a seven-day "reduction of violence" in Afghanistan, a trial attempt at a partial truce. If the experiment works, they have set Feb. 29 for a ceremony to sign an agreement that would launch broader peace negotiations.

The ...Read more

Commentary: Trump's 2021 budget explains Jeff Bezos' monster house deal and LA's homeless crisis

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Jeff Bezos dropped $165 million two weeks ago for the most expensive residential property in the history of Los Angeles. That's about an eighth of 1% of his $131.9-billion net worth. Bezos' purchase is like a regular person forking over just $121 for a house, given that the Federal Reserve says the median net worth of an American is $97,300. ...Read more

Trudy Rubin: 'Peace deal' with Taliban dicey without continued US troops in Afghanistan

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In 1999, I travelled to Afghanistan when the Taliban controlled the country.

Swathed in shawls, exiting my taxi only when sneaking into buildings, I visited secret girls' schools in private apartments, where 10-year-olds braved beatings to learn how to read. I interviewed former female university professors who, under the Taliban, could rarely ...Read more

Commentary: How the Chinese Communist Party intimidates overseas Chinese citizens

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On Feb. 8, the night before I went to a vigil for Dr. Li Wenliang in New York's Central Park, one of my friends warned me: "Wear a mask and sunglasses. Don't show your face. Protect yourself." I thanked her for her kindness but decided not to wear any "protection." What danger would I face if I'm just mourning a doctor who had saved countless ...Read more

Editorial: Endorsement: Amy Klobuchar for president

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For Washington state, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is the best choice to advance to the general election in the crucial effort to unseat President Donald Trump.

She is an effective third-term senator with a strong track record of leading initiatives whether her party was in power or not, working across the aisle when it served her state and the ...Read more

Editorial: Sanders' lack of medical transparency threatens another troubling precedent

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When it comes to his medical records, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seems to have taken a cue from President Donald Trump's handling of his financial records. Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, is reneging on a vow to release his full health records after suffering a heart attack last year. Just as voters shouldn't have ...Read more

Will Bunch: It's the affordability, stupid. Can this one word put a Democrat back in the White House?

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Paige Black is a 24-year-old from Northeast Philadelphia with a college degree in biochemistry and exactly the job she was aiming for, as a hospital lab technician. But she's also forced to live at home with her parents, middle-class retirees, and has no idea when she'll ever get a place of her own -- all because of one thing she failed to ...Read more

Editorial: Taking on Big Tech: Josh Hawley's bold proposal to overhaul the FTC

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Security breaches, privacy violations and numerous scandals have done little to diminish the power of Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google. Federal institutions meant to punish these companies and protect the American people have failed. It is hard for companies with immense wealth and power to feel compelled to change when they receive ...Read more

Editorial: Despite complaints about bias, the University of California shouldn't dump the SAT and ACT

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According to a long-awaited University of California report, the SAT and ACT college entrance tests are far more than shiny medals for privileged teenagers whose parents can afford tutoring. Contrary to many assertions, their scores predict freshman success at UC campuses better than students' grades do.

The university has been under heavy ...Read more

Editorial: Mishaps and mistakes help globalize the coronavirus pandemic

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Professionals devoted to preventing global pandemics know best how to do their jobs -- when they're left to do their jobs. The danger comes when politicians and bureaucrats intervene with an eye toward easing human suffering or minimizing political fallout and wind up hastening the spread of the very viruses they're fighting. One bad decision ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: To get to the White House, millennial Pete Buttigieg has to knock down the boomers standing in his way

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The scrap between Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar on the debate stage Wednesday night sounded familiar. It was a generational spat between a 38-year-old millennial and a 59-year-old baby boomer.

Most of us have seen similar clashes in the workplace. Some youngsters are so eager for the old-timers to get out of the way that they are practically...Read more

Robin Abcarian: Michael Bloomberg's candidacy is doing one thing — making his Democratic rivals look good

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We should have learned this by now.

The untested candidate who enters the field with a big advantage -- name recognition, money, all the right credentials -- almost always flops on his face.

In 2012, then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry tossed his big ol' cowboy hat into the presidential nominating ring. He pulled into town -- Des Moines, that is -- in ...Read more

Commentary: Like Bloomberg, Trump wants to buy the election. And he wants to use your money to do it

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Some Democrats complain about billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg trying to buy the election, but at least he's doing it with his own money.

President Trump is using yours.

Let's break down that Friday morning tweet. Farmers are being "formally targeted" by foreign countries because Trump picked a trade war with the entire...Read more

Commentary: Bloomberg's stop-and-frisk history will hinder voter turnout — but not the way Bernie Sanders thinks

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Hiram Rivera still has nightmares about being stopped and frisked by police. The 43-year-old executive director of the Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability was stopped for the first time as a young black teenager in Connecticut, and has lost count of how many times he's been stopped since.

One stop stands out in his memory. In ...Read more

Cynthia M. Allen: Politics, court hearings only make the case of baby on life support that much harder to bear

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- It's been about four months since an ethics committee at Cook Children's Medical Center, in accordance with the Texas Advance Directives Act, determined that the ventilator sustaining little Tinslee Lewis, should be removed -- and longer still since her team of doctors determined that her condition was intractable; that ...Read more


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