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Mark Gongloff: No, Virginia, your Christmas tree is not a climate crime

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If there’s one climate-change solution everybody seems to agree on, it’s that trees are good. Even Donald Trump, who has called climate change a Chinese hoax, has proposed planting a trillion trees.

So it might seem that the holiday tradition of chopping down one of these precious planet-savers and dragging it into your living room to ...Read more

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Nicole Russell: Paxton's threat to doctors over abortion to save woman isn't pro-life

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A culture and legal system that is pro-life is healthy for Texans, for Americans, and a society that hopes to value life, from conception to natural death and continue to thrive.

However, life is messy and imperfect. Texas law after the fall of Roe vs. Wade makes only a narrow, rare exception for abortion — to save a woman’s life. That ...Read more

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Mary Ellen Klas: It's time for Nikki Haley to take off the gloves

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When Nikki Haley was elected governor of South Carolina, one of the first things she did was require all state employees to answer their office phones with: “It’s a great day in South Carolina.”

This continued for five years until she left to become Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations. The forced cheeriness was annoying to ...Read more


Lisa Jarvis: A sickle cell breakthrough is here. Now the hard part

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The approval of Casgevy, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Crispr Therapeutics Inc.’s gene therapy for sickle cell disease, is a transformative moment in medicine. Not only is it the first Crispr-based drug to reach the market — it’s a potentially life-altering advance for a patient population that has been for too long ignored and ...Read more

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Editorial: White House must come to the table on aid package

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The White House must get serious about reaching a deal with Republicans over aid to Ukraine and border security. It’s time for President Joe Biden to end the bluster and work toward compromise.

On Wednesday, Senate Republicans blocked the administration’s $111 billion package on a procedural vote that required support from 60 senators for ...Read more

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Commentary: As a Gaza teen, I used to dream of college. Now I feel sentenced to death by Israel's bombings

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SOUTHERN GAZA — Until two months ago, my life as a 17-year-old in Gaza was marked by the predictable anxieties and aspirations of a student applying to university. I dreamt of crossing borders to pursue a better life — of landing on my feet at an American school and, eventually, of returning to serve my community as a doctor. Education was ...Read more


Jackie Calmes: Republicans' blocking aid to Ukraine is next-level cynicism

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Only five months ago, President Joe Biden promised at a NATO summit that the United States and its allies would help defend Ukraine against Russia's wanton aggression for "as long as it takes." Just after Vladimir Putin's invasion, and amid his soldiers' ongoing war crimes, former Vice President Mike Pence promised a roomful of Republican donors...Read more


Commentary: Why I built my own tribe for Hanukkah

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Twenty years ago, I moved from L.A. to San Francisco and then Bellingham, Washington — so far north I could spit across the border and a Canadian would apologize for being too close. For the longest time I regretted the move from areas with strong synagogues and significant Jewish populations to a town with so few Jews and one synagogue. It ...Read more

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Editorial: GOP primary voters need Trump's leading rivals to answer the question that matters most

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The fourth Republican presidential debate thankfully featured just four candidates rather than the cattle call we saw in previous sessions. But, whether there are four or 14 running, the same problem persists.

There’s only one — former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — willing to tell primary voters what too many of them apparently don’t...Read more


Commentary: How are people changed by being taken hostage by Hamas? By fleeing Israeli bombs?

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Violent conflicts and atrocities can seem omnipresent in the world — and all the more traumatic in an age when wars are fought by terrorizing civilians more than by squaring off against a rival military.

Wars and violent conflicts in Congo, Gaza, Israel, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Sudan, Ukraine, Yemen and many other places have resulted in ...Read more

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Editorial: Funding for California's bullet trains puts the high-speed rail revolution back on track

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Finally, the federal government is putting serious money behind a greener and faster transportation system.

This week, the Biden administration announced $6 billion in funding for two high-speed rail projects that will eventually whisk passengers across California and Nevada on electrified trains that can travel 200 mph or faster. It’s a ...Read more

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Editorial: Florida has gone book-ban crazy. But in Miami, books can unite, not divide, us

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In this dark moment for free speech, when Florida leads the nation in book banning — pulling more books from public school shelves than any other state — a homegrown beacon of literacy is broadening its reach, a spark of hope that we need in Miami.

Books & Books, the beloved bookstore that has served South Florida for decades, has started a...Read more

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Francis Wilkinson: The Supreme Court won't save Donald Trump

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There is good reason for cynicism about the prospects of holding Donald Trump accountable for his misdeeds.

He has more than enough money to pursue his legal strategy of delay, delay, delay in the multiple criminal cases against him. He has a federal judiciary that moves ponderously in the wake of a U.S. Department of Justice investigation that...Read more

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Mark Z. Barabak: In two decades, much of the West has turned blue. Why hasn't Texas?

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Over the last 20 years, the West has politically transformed.

The onetime Republican stronghold has become a Democratic bastion, dramatically reshaping the fight for the White House as Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon joined California and Washington in the ranks of solid-blue states.

Arizona and Nevada, once reliably red, have become two of ...Read more


Commentary: What is societal burnout? We are living it

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Are you waking up with a lump in your throat that never used to be there? Is there an ache in your chest — best described as heartache — relatively new to you? Do you look at your children, fearing for their future and well-being? Do your eyes fill with tears, but you are not sure why?

If so, I join you. We are experiencing societal burnout...Read more

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Commentary: California's greenhouse gas emissions are rising -- and we're not even counting them all

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California has committed to substantially reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2045. The pledge is key to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s claims of climate leadership, which featured prominently in his recent visits to China and the United Nations.

But the California Air Resources Board recently released a preliminary ...Read more

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Commentary: It is true. There are people who don't want to work anymore

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The new Dollar General store in my rural Illinois hometown couldn’t open for the longest time because it couldn’t find workers. Apples rotted on the ground at Arends Orchard nearby because the 50-year proprietor couldn’t find help — for the first time in his long history of providing apples and cider to our area.

How many times have you...Read more

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Commentary: What's it like to be an average American?

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One of the best ways to get a picture of a nation is through its numbers and, perhaps more importantly, its averages.

But Americans like to believe that their nation is exceptional. And in some ways, it is. Yet what transpires on an “average day” for the “average person” tells a story that each of us should listen to.

Americans love ...Read more


Commentary: AI tools are a cash cow for developers and a liability for the rest of us

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A year ago, OpenAI released ChatGPT — a free generative artificial intelligence chatbot that creates text in response to user prompts.

With its launch, millions of people started using ChatGPT for tasks such as writing school essays, drafting emails and personal greetings, and retrieving information. Increasingly, more people and public ...Read more

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Editorial: No evidence for Biden impeachment inquiry? No problem. The House GOP doesn't seem to care

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The politically inspired impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden has failed to produce any convincing evidence that Biden has committed the “high crimes and misdemeanors” required by the U.S. Constitution for the conviction and removal of a chief executive. So naturally Speaker Mike Johnson is proposing a floor vote, likely next week, ...Read more



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