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Editorial: PT Barnum, suckers and the plummeting stock price of Truth Social

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P.T. Barnum may or may not have said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” He gets the credit in the popular mind.

Whoever was the true originator of that 19th century classic observation likely would get a proper chuckle out of the ways that Donald Trump continues to make saps out of a dismayingly large slice of the American public.

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Commentary: Councilmember Shahana Hanif ignores Jew-hatred

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In 2021, when Shahana Hanif was elected to represent Brooklyn’s 39th Council District, progressives throughout the district were excited and optimistic. A Kensington-born daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants, Hanif was the first Muslim woman elected to the City Council, with a promise and commitment to represent every resident of the district. ...Read more

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Editorial: Iowa follows Texas folly: Courts must stop state-level immigration enforcement

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Last week, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds followed the lead of Texas counterpart and grandstander extraordinaire Greg Abbott in signing a bill that would make immigration violations a state-level crime.

This domino effect is the entirely predictable result of courts that have let this charade go on. In briefly allowing Texas’ measure to go into ...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: Why swift Israeli reaction against Iran could lead to disaster

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BRUSSELS — Viewing live video footage of Iranian drones whizzing over Jerusalem’s hills on Saturday — marked by small, flying spots of light that exploded into flares when they were hit — was like watching the passage from one Mideast era to another.

The shadow war between Jerusalem and Tehran that has gone on for decades burst into ...Read more

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Marc Champion: Iran hawks want to strike now. They're wrong

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John Bolton has called for Israel to respond to Iran’s massive, failed weekend missile barrage by destroying its nuclear fuel facilities. In one sense, that’s no surprise; the former US national security adviser has rarely seen a problem he didn’t think could be bombed into submission.

Yet he’s far from alone in believing Tehran’s ...Read more

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Editorial: Iran's brazen attack on Israel was 'utterly unsuccessful'

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The Biden administration is again urging Israel to exercise “restraint” in the wake of Iran’s attack over the weekend. Is it any wonder that the mullahs and their terrorist proxies felt comfortable escalating the conflict?

On Saturday night, Iran fired scores of drones and missiles at Israel, supposedly in response to the nation’s ...Read more

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LZ Granderson: How can evangelicals like Mike Johnson tolerate Trump?

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At the 2016 Republican National Convention, when I told Donald Trump's "God whisperer" Paula White that he referred to her as his pastor, she said she was his spiritual adviser — as if that were some sort of "get out of jail free" card for her. And yet White worked hard in our conversation to convince me that the foul-mouthed person on the ...Read more

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Editorial: Iran's true promise of terror: A dud of an attack that meant to murder

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Operation True Promise, Iran’s missile and drone attack on Israel, a blatant act of war and the first-ever direct assault by Tehran on the Jewish state, was the most monumental flop in the history of combat, more embarrassing than the Spanish Armada or the Charge of the Light Brigade or Custer’s Last Stand.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Are Republicans who got pandemic debt relief hypocrites for complaining about student debt relief? Yes

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You may have noticed over the last few days that the political world is in an uproar over President Joe Biden's dispensing of student debt relief.

It's not so much that Biden implemented the relief program at all; what got politicians and pundits in a tizzy was that he called out the GOP naysayers in the House by pointing out that many of them ...Read more

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Commentary: The decline in American life expectancy harms more than our health

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American life expectancy started dropping even before the pandemic. It’s a critical barometer of our nation’s health and a sign that all is not well in the U.S.

Much of the increase in preventable, premature death is attributable to drug overdose, which increased five-fold over the last couple decades. But this malaise is far broader, ...Read more

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Editorial: The first Trump case may be the weakest, but it is nonetheless justice in action

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So it begins. The first of Donald Trump’s four pending criminal trials — and the first criminal trial of any former U.S. president, ever — was gaveled in by a New York judge Monday. The first monumental task of selecting 12 jurors and six alternates who can render a clear-eyed judgment of the most divisive figure in American politics today...Read more

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Joe Battenfeld: Trump needs strong running mate to spread the word about farce hush money trial

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Donald Trump’s hush money trial makes it more imperative than ever that he pick a credible running mate in the coming weeks to rally his supporters behind his defense.

With Trump sidelined from the campaign trail, there is no one currently in the GOP ranks who can replace him.

A solid pro-MAGA surrogate VP pick could be the answer.

She or ...Read more

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Editorial: Liberal bias at NPR, old-school journalism and the reluctance to admit a mistake

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Uri Berliner, a journalist of a certain age, has been feeling some heartburn over what has been transpiring at his longtime employer, National Public Radio.

In a nuanced and thoughtful essay on the website The Free Press, founded by Bari Weiss and Nellie Bowles, Berliner detailed what he has seen as egregious liberal bias at his employer. Among...Read more


Commentary: On Earth Day, don't forget fish

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In English, the name of planet Earth derives from a Germanic word— Erde—which means “ground.” We tend to think of the ground as something we stand on. There’s even an old saying, "stand your ground," which means not to retreat in the face of adversity.

Humans can’t stand on water, which makes it easy to forget that there’s ground ...Read more

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Editorial: Trump trial much-needed distraction for Biden

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Joe Biden started the week off on a high note, well, high for him.

As former President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial got underway in New York, an event breathlessly covered by mainstream media that has already declared him guilty, a new poll indicated a boost for Biden.

The president has skyrocketed to a 43% approval rating, his ...Read more

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Commentary: Brown v. Board of Education at 70

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American history is replete with paradigm-shifting, landscape-altering, game-changing moments. Brown v. Board of Education is one of them. Little of what we knew or understood before May 17, 1954 — 70 years ago next month — resembles what came after. Good thing.

Dismantling America’s system of educational apartheid was long overdue. The ...Read more

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Commentary: Trump's antics didn't stop his New York hush money trial. Here's why he'll keep them up

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After a pretrial period replete with juvenile tantrums, nonstarter attempts to delay the proceedings, and savage attacks on prosecutors, the presiding judge and New Yorkers in general, Donald Trump is about to face the men and women who will decide whether he is guilty of 34 felony charges.

With the start of his historic hush money trial in ...Read more

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Commentary: The Middle East is on the precipice. Israeli restraint would help

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Of all the retaliatory options against Israel that Iran had on its table, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei chose the most bombastic: a direct missile and drone strike launched from Iranian soil. The attack, coming about two weeks after Israel bombed an Iranian diplomatic facility in Damascus, Syria, killing one of its top generals, ...Read more

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Editorial: High electric bills threaten California's clean future. This plan would help

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California has some of the nation’s highest electricity rates, and power bills are rising fast. That’s a problem because it makes it harder for people to afford switching from fossil fuels to clean electric cars and appliances that are essential to combating climate change.

Who wants to invest thousands of dollars in a heat pump or ...Read more


Commentary: 'Civil War' and its place in civil discourse

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In an election year where the air crackles with political tension, the arrival of Alex Garland's film "Civil War" has sparked a broad spectrum of reactions.

The movie presents a dystopian vision of a fragmented United States where various factions are at war. This narrative, while unsettling, offers us a valuable lens through which to examine ...Read more



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