Trump's cheering supporters bring back uneasy feeling

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In September 2016 I wrote a column titled "Here's Why Trump Could Win." The column was by no means a prediction, nor do I claim any special prescience regarding the American electorate. In fact, on Nov. 8, 2016, I was as surprised as anyone else.

But the September column was the expression of a nagging, uneasy feeling that the polls, pundits ...Read more

Editorial: A decisive epilogue to the Laquan McDonald case: Yes, Chicago will punish police misconduct.

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The 2014 killing of Laquan McDonald by Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke was not, in the end, covered up or forgotten. The police dashcam video of the incident, when finally released, showed irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing.

As for how officers initially portrayed McDonald's death, well, choose your descriptor: lies, evasions, an ...Read more

From the left: What should lawmakers ask Mueller? It's easy

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When congressional lawmakers question former special counsel Robert Mueller on July 24, they won't need to dig far to tease out compelling testimony.

It's all there, in the report. All they need to do is ask Mueller to detail his findings -- which are shocking enough.

Few people in the country have read the full report (it is a daunting 448 ...Read more

Trudy Rubin: A free press can never be taken for granted, even under democratic rule

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Earlier this month, President Trump addressed a group of so-called "digital leaders" invited to a social media summit at the White House.

The guests included far right social media activists linked to white nationalists who spew out racist and anti-Muslim messages. They included individuals who produce fake videos, use hoaxes to smear ...Read more

Editorial: Rep. Davis is right: U.S. military families must not go hungry

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Rep. Susan Davis is right to spotlight the sad fact that low-paid members of the military struggle to buy food for their families in areas where shelter is expensive. The housing allowances these families receive count as income in determining eligibility for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), known as food stamps.

"(...Read more

Melinda Henneberger: Pete Buttigieg has a point: Republicans will call any Democratic nominee a socialist

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If we ever stop talking about President Donald Trump's latest racial stylings -- and since he's correct that "a lot of people love it," he'll try to delay that day -- we will eventually get back to arguing about whether Democrats would have a better chance of replacing him next year with the kind of moderate nominee who might...Read more

Commentary: What I didn't understand about my transgender child

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Our bungalow was still dark when my cellphone rang at 5 a.m. My husband and I had escaped for a much-needed yoga retreat on the remote island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, when I got the phone call no parent ever expects to get -- a call that four years of medical school, three years of pediatric residency training and 15 years of practicing ...Read more

Editorial: Trump should have responded to 'send her back' chant as McCain did to taunt of Obama

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American politics took a turn for the worse in 2015 when Donald Trump's announcement that he was running for president included a shot at Mexico for sending "rapists" to the U.S. The downward trajectory accelerated Wednesday at a campaign event in Greenville, North Carolina, when the president's denunciation of Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Somalia-born ...Read more

Aisha Sultan: Going back to where you came from

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A few years ago I went back to visit the country from where my parents had immigrated to America.

It's in an important part of the world that fascinates me with its complexities. I still have relatives in Pakistan. I can understand the language. The food is delicious. The art is stunning, and the people have legendary hospitality. It's also ...Read more

Jenice Armstrong:Lead reporter on Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse story left home at 16 and knows how hard it is for girls living on their own

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Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie K. Brown -- a.k.a. Jeffrey Epstein's worst nightmare -- knows what it is like to be broke and vulnerable.

Brown was just 16 when she left her Bucks County, Pa., home for good. She survived the next four years by sleeping on friends' couches and holding down a series of low-paying jobs delivering flowers...Read more

Commentary: Abandoning our nuclear arms treaties with Russia is a bad idea

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For more than 50 years, the United States and Russia have agreed that their own security required negotiating agreements limiting their nuclear weapons deployments and capabilities. In that time, the two countries have successfully concluded seven major agreements to reduce their nuclear arsenals. The last of these, the New Strategic Arms ...Read more

Robin Abcarian: Enticed by promises they could start cannabis companies, people of color are still waiting

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LOS ANGELES -- Marcy Lyles, a single mother of three boys, has been trying to break into the cannabis business for a while now.

She is black, low-income and a resident of the Crenshaw area, which makes her a perfect candidate for the city's cannabis social equity program, designed to give the people and places most affected by the misbegotten ...Read more

Commentary: I was told to 'Go Back to Africa.' Here's why I'm not going anywhere, Mr. Trump

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MIAMI -- As an African American, I can't tell you the number of times I heard someone say to me, "Go back to Africa..."

It happened when I was a child, when passing motorists would yell from their car windows. It happened when I was a young adult, at my first job, and later as a maid in private homes. It even happened when I became a journalist...Read more

Commentary: Trump hopes that fanning divisions will keep him in office

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No one could call President Donald Trump's race-baiting highly successful from a policy perspective.

He has failed to deliver much funding or congressional support for his border wall, and immigrants continue to flow to the United States. The courts handed him a stinging defeat in his attempt to add a citizenship question to the census in order...Read more

Editorial: We went to the moon

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A decade before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the lunar surface, a popular children's book was published with a title that sounded like a promise:

"You Will Go to the Moon."

The illustrations showed a young boy's trip in a rocket to a space station, to a lunar lander and finally a moon base. He went. Pretty soon, you...Read more

Cynthia M. Allen: Parents: Don't rely on TV to transmit values to your children. That's your job

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Like many mothers, I begin summer with the best of intentions -- nature walks, mornings in the park, afternoons by the pool, and lots and lots of backyard swing time. But this is Texas, and if the heat doesn't drive you inside by 11am, the bugs most certainly do.

And so, by early July, my kids and I are mostly indoors, ...Read more

Commentary: No, using reusable straws isn't a 'risk.' Not using them is

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I was very sorry to hear about the British woman who died after impaling herself on a reusable metal drinking straw -- and not just because it sounds like a terrible way to die. This single strange and horrible story has the potential to do further harm by whipping up fears over efforts to reduce single-use plastic.

Sixty-year-old Elena ...Read more

Editorial: Trump's racist tweets designed to divide the nation

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President Trump's racist tweets and comments this week show how low he plans to go and how deeply he intends to divide the nation in order to try to win re-election in 2020.

"Go back to where you came from" is a bigoted taunt that we should not tolerate from our children, in our schools, in the workplace -- and certainly not from our president....Read more

Commentary: Congress needs to retake its power to declare war

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Here are two facts Americans should be aware of: There will be men and women deploying to Afghanistan for the first time this September who were born after Sept. 11, 2001; the authorization for that war was signed so long ago that 80% of the men and women in Congress today never voted on it. Put these facts together and one comes to the ...Read more

Editorial: Denying Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans doesn't make any sense

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Nicolas Maduro, the authoritarian shoved aside by an interim leader in Venezuela, nevertheless maintains his grip on power. Humanitarian aid still is stuck at the Colombian border, while Venezuelans starve and are desperate for medication. U.S. sanctions have severely cut into Venezuela's oil revenues, as intended, but they also have left more ...Read more


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