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Michael Hiltzik: As Florida remains pandemic hot spot, DeSantis places a 'COVID crank' in charge of its response

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis yields to no one in positioning himself as promoter of the most ghoulishly irresponsible pandemic policies in the nation.

But now he's outdone himself.

On Tuesday, DeSantis introduced as Florida's new surgeon general Joseph Ladapo. A medical doctor, Ladapo has what looks superficially like a sterling pedigree — a ...Read more

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Max Nisen: Liars may get COVID boosters before those in need

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Now that the top U.S. health regulators have delivered their verdict on COVID-19 booster shots, who exactly is in line to get one in the coming weeks? Sadly, too many of the wrong people and too few of the right ones, adding more messiness to a rollout process that’s been far from smooth.

The Biden administration already jumped the gun on ...Read more

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Jackie Calmes: Only Republicans want to keep this silly charade over the debt limit

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For all the nation's problems — resurgent COVID-19, tragic weather extremes and the economic tolls of both — you'd think political leaders wouldn't crash us into an easily avoidable crisis as well. Yet here we are, facing the catastrophic threat of defaulting on the federal debt.

It's a recurring political game, a favorite of Republicans. ...Read more

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Fabiola Santiago: With his latest school rules, Florida's Gov. DeSantis is writing the book on COVID quackery

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Welcome to Florida’s weekly show of COVID-19 quackery, with Gov. Ron DeSantis taking center stage.

We’ve got a lot to unpack since the ambitious DeSantis is completely out of the closet now, shamelessly peddling disinformation debunked by leading infectious-disease experts and those pesky know-it-all “disease detectives,” the ...Read more

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Editorial: The fear is real -- of Florida's reckless new surgeon general

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Florida’s new surgeon general says the state “will completely reject fear” when it comes to COVID-19.

Apparently Florida will embrace ignorance and recklessness instead. In fact, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new surgeon general, Joseph Ladapo, is a trifecta of recklessness when it comes to the pandemic.

He questions the value of vaccines and ...Read more

DELETED: Editorial: Bickering over spending packages makes Democrats in Congress look inept

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This story has been deleted by the news provider.

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Editorial: Bickering over spending packages makes Democrats in Congress look inept

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With their domestic priorities facing do-or-die votes in the coming days, congressional Democrats are coalescing behind their all-too-common strategy: Ready, fire, aim. Not content with capitalizing on their majorities in Congress, Democratic centrists and progressives are bickering over two spending bills, threatening both pieces of legislation...Read more

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Noah Feldman: Court opens a libel door and bruises free speech

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Retweets are not endorsements, goes the formula. But is a tweet linking to an existing article a republication of the article, legally speaking?

A federal appeals court said that the answer may be yes, and on that basis revived a libel lawsuit filed by U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes against the journalist Ryan Lizza. The consequences are significant, ...Read more

Faye Flam: Pandemic mask rules are making even less sense

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San Francisco Mayor London Breed sent an important but unintentional message recently when she was caught violating her own mask mandates while partying away, maskless, in a jam-packed jazz club.

Her excuse was incoherent; she said she was “feeling the spirit,” enjoying the music and so not thinking about a mask.

But the more serious ...Read more

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Martin Schram: Submarine diplomacy -- an in-depth fix-up

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Everything was gently great on the beachfront at Cornwall, England, last June 12. Gentle waves were rolling gently onto the beach. A gentle summer breeze kept the shoreline shrubbery waving, ever so gently.

And sitting with their backs to that gently idyllic backdrop, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron were sitting side by side in white cane lawn ...Read more

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George Skelton: Don't be fooled. California's new housing laws make significant changes to zoning

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The word is out that major land zoning bills signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom don't amount to much because they were so watered down by compromising legislators. Don't believe it.

If my next-door neighbor can convert her single-family home into a fourplex, that amounts to a lot. Suddenly there are more cars parked on the ...Read more

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Commentary: The checkup is in the mail? Soliciting letter carriers to help deliver health care

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Two of America’s toughest problems can be tempered with one solution.

The baby boom generation is graying, creating an ever-larger population of older people, many isolated, whose needs the nation is ill equipped to meet or even monitor.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Postal Service has gone $160 billion into debt, in part as digital communications ...Read more

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Commentary: Why 'Ted Lasso' is a match made in globalizer heaven

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“Ted Lasso” is a match made in globalizer heaven. It took a U.S. media/tech platform to make an iconic show about English football, and it took English football to make Apple TV+ a legitimate global media player. Certain Brits and certain Americans might be offended by this truth, but “Ted Lasso” would not have the same global reach if ...Read more

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Will Bunch: Stop calling America's murder crisis a 'crime' issue. It's something far worse

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It was the kind of news story that would have been utterly shocking ... before March of 2020, anyway. An everyday occasion normally associated with joy — a baby shower — pivots into a squabble over something trivial. In this particular saga, which took place last weekend in a Pittsburgh suburb, the argument was over who would transport the ...Read more

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Mark Z. Barabak: After a $500,000 fine, he spent nearly four times as much trying to recall the local DA

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In October 2017, as a deadly fire tore through the heart of Sonoma's wine country, scores of elderly residents were forced to fend for themselves after being abandoned by staffers at two care homes.

More than 20 people would have died, investigators said, if family and police hadn't come to the rescue and steered the old and infirm aboard city ...Read more

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Bobby Ghosh: A coup fails in Sudan but its fragile democracy remains at risk

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Sudan’s transition to democracy was rudely jolted this week, when a group of military officers loyal to the ousted dictator Omar al-Bashir attempted a coup in Khartoum against the civilian-led administration of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok. Their failure is cause for relief, but neither the government nor the wider world can afford to exhale....Read more

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Commentary: We need civic soul

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There exists something transcendent in the best of what the African American experience has to offer. It is reflected in the many cultural contributions made throughout American history. Africans brought to America have had a profound influence on the American civic landscape. I use "soul" as a metaphor to describe this sense of awareness. It ...Read more

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Editorial: Florida manatees no longer 'endangered?' When they're dying in record numbers?

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Manatee deaths in Florida have reached the point of calamity in 2021. But that’s no surprise — almost a decade ago, there were already signs that our beloved sea cows were in trouble.

In 2013, manatee deaths reached 830, a sad record that has been broken in 2021. This year hasn’t even ended, and 942 perished as of Sept. 10, according to ...Read more

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Commentary: In Russia's so-called election, tech was a big loser

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The electoral farce that took place in Russia last week was hardly interesting as a political event: Once again, the main Kremlin-backed party, United Russia, retained a constitutional majority in parliament in a procedure that only President Vladimir Putin’s propagandists could deem free or fair; this time around, the Organization for ...Read more

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Jean Guerrero: How Latinos led the vote in the California recall -- and set up a model for the midterms

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If anyone will close the curtain on Trumpism, it will be people like Angélica Salas. She's a 50-year-old Latina matriarch and immigrant rights activist who helped save Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election.

Salas crossed the border from Mexico as an unaccompanied child 45 years ago, and this year, she set a national example for how Latinos ...Read more



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