Robin Abcarian: Los Angeles public schools will ban cellphones. What's not to like?

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Every time I write about smartphones taking a toll on adolescents, I get tut-tutted by critics accusing me of promoting moral panic.

That's just silly.

I am not here to debate whether phones have contributed to an increase in anxiety, depression or low self-esteem among minors. Plenty of experts are studying that, and they are getting plenty ...Read more

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Editorial: Hamas hides hostages among Palestinian children

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The details of Israel’s daring hostage rescue in Gaza this month are even more chilling than originally reported. And they further highlight the extent to which Hamas leaders exhibit an utter disregard for human life.

The Wall Street Journal this week offered a more comprehensive look at where terrorists had stashed the four Israeli captives ...Read more


COUNTERPOINT: President Biden's closing remarks

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My fellow Americans,

Every four years, you hear that this is the most important election ever. These claims pale compared to what we now face. Our very democracy is at risk.

The Republican Party, a formerly great institution, has been corrupted by my opponent. While I may not have agreed with all their policies in the past, I respected their ...Read more


Editorial: Beware being Joe Biden's attack dog, Gov. Pritzker. Flatulence can blow back

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When Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s state convention a few days ago, he returned to one of his recurrent themes: the flatulence of the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States: “But let’s all remember,” Pritzker said, “Donald Trump is just a ...Read more

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Andreas Kluth: US exceptionalism is dead no matter who wins the election

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A facile way to frame the future of American foreign policy is to set up two scenarios as a binary choice. If former President Donald Trump returns to the White House, the United States becomes isolationist. If President Joe Biden wins reelection, the U.S. remains broadly internationalist.

That framing neglects a change that may be less ...Read more

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Clive Crook: You don't have to love Trump to fear a partisan US justice system

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After a jury in New York found former President Donald Trump guilty of 34 felony counts, his narrow lead in the polls over President Joe Biden hardly budged. That is to say, roughly half the country is unmoved by the new status of its preferred candidate as a convicted felon. Maybe it’s worse than that. Perhaps, as some commentators think, the...Read more

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Commentary: The Democrats are underwater

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The Democrats are underwater. Alarmingly so. That’s good news for President Joe Biden.

A recent Gallup poll revealed that there are fewer Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents than at almost any time since Gallup began seriously studying party affiliation in 1992.

Democrats are currently underwater by 7 percentage points, in terms of ...Read more


Commentary: Native Americans face huge health care disparities. Here's a way to help close the gaps

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One of my patients who lives in Diné Bikéyah, the vast Navajo reservation in New Mexico, sleeps in an old Ford pickup truck that often doesn’t start. He has heart failure and relies on oxygen. But since he is without electricity, he spends his nights sneaking into the Walmart parking lot to charge his oxygen concentrator so he can survive ...Read more

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Nolan Finley: Keep the fear, give us hope

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What are people looking for in their darkest hour, when they are frightened, angry, frustrated and uncertain whether the coming years will be better or worse?


They want something to believe in, a message that will lift their spirits and rally them to a vision of a brighter future.

Good luck finding that in this election season. With the...Read more


POINT: What Donald Trump should say (but probably won't)

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My fellow Americans,

Tonight, with millions of you watching from home, as you did so many times when I was hosting “The Apprentice” — you remember that, Joe? (Looks at President Biden.) Probably not. It was past your bedtime.

Anyway, with so many of you watching and worrying about which of us is ready to serve as your president for the ...Read more

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Commentary: Preparing for an inevitable AI emergency

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Artificial intelligence is advancing at a speed and in ways that were unanticipated even by the foremost AI experts.

Just a few decades ago, AI was largely theoretical, existing primarily in the realms of science fiction and academic research.

Today, AI permeates nearly every aspect of our lives, from the algorithms that curate social media ...Read more

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Commentary: The job market looks good only if you ignore what's really going on

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The Biden administration has turned the U.S. labor market into a temporary employment agency for foreigners, leaving American workers behind, and the administration’s own data prove it. Yet instead of acknowledging this failure, the White house is taking victory laps on a few cherry-picked numbers.

The May job report from the Bureau of Labor ...Read more

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Mark Z. Barabak: Biden-Trump debate nears amid hopes to avoid another Dumpster fire

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In a little over a week, Frank Fahrenkopf will be just another member of the TV audience watching as Joe Biden and Donald Trump tangle in this year's first presidential debate.

He's not happy about that.

In 1987, Fahrenkopf, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, helped found the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates...Read more

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Commentary: We are bowling alone

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A quarter century has passed since Robert Putnam released “Bowling Alone,” his heralded work on America’s decaying social fabric. The book was sobering at the time. Things are worse now: Not only are we still bowling alone, but now we’re playing an altogether different game.

Putnam was fascinated by whether Americans were abandoning ...Read more

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Mark Gongloff: Heat waves are deadlier than hurricanes. Make them 'disasters'

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Unlike other natural disasters, extreme heat doesn’t topple buildings, flood streets or turn road signs into missiles. It doesn’t provide a dramatic backdrop for daredevil weather reporters. What it mostly does is kill people, quietly and efficiently. It’s long past time we respect its destructive power, which will only grow as a warming ...Read more

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Commentary: Access to new Alzheimer's treatments bogged down by Medicare policy

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Alzheimer’s is a progressive, fatal disease that boggled scientists for a century.

In the past 30 years, $42 billion has been invested in research and development of drugs that could treat it. More than 150 trials ended in failure.

Now, at last, we have two treatments with significant clinical benefit — one, lecanemab, approved by the ...Read more

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Editorial: Accountability thy name isn't Biden

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The buck famously stopped on President Harry S. Truman’s desk. The current White House prefers to dissemble, point fingers and run for the hills.

One of the enduring characteristics of President Joe Biden is his repeated attempts to blame imaginary gremlins for problems he himself has helped create. The latest manifestation of this ...Read more

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Commentary: Are the campus protesters angry enough with Biden to vote for Trump?

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The first time Americans younger than 21 years old could vote in a presidential election was when George McGovern challenged President Richard Nixon in 1972, and conventional wisdom gave McGovern the edge with this new segment of the electorate.

After all, McGovern was a Democrat who opposed the Vietnam War when college campuses were seething ...Read more

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Martin Schram: Can a leader-lite world forge a Gaza peace?

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By nightfall on Oct. 7, Israel was reeling as never before from the aftershocks of Hamas’ horrific slaughtering, raping and kidnapping of civilian hostages in the homeland that was created to be the safe sanctuary of Holocaust survivors. And two things were certain:

One: Israel would be retaliating, instantly and massively, vowing to ...Read more


Tyler Cowen: Republicans are inventors, Democrats are innovators

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Does it matter which political party your urologist belongs to? Or that inventors are more likely to be Republicans than Democrats?

Not everything is political, of course, but everything has a politics, including the professions. Knowing which kinds of partisans tend to dominate which sectors can help you manage expectations not only as you go ...Read more



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