Editorial: And now, a massacre at Mercy Hospital

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This time the bloodshed that indelibly stains Chicago violated this city's first chartered hospital, a haven and healer that's given life for 166 years. We'll likely learn more in coming days about the why of this massacre on a Monday. For now, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's characterization will suffice: What took the lives of innocents at Mercy Hospital...Read more

Timothy L. O'Brien: Ivanka's email scandal has a familiar moral

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Ivanka Trump used her personal email account last year to handle as many as 100 discussions of official White House matters. If that doesn't strike you as a rather ironic turn of events then fine-tune your antennae by looking up any old online video of her father threatening to put Hillary Clinton in jail for using a private email server, ...Read more

Gina Barreca: I can't wait for leftovers, they're the best part

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Leftovers are not only the best part of Thanksgiving; for many of us, leftovers are actually the best parts of life.

Most people won't give you the evil eye if you're going for what remains after they've made their choices. I learned early that if you focus your appetite on what others don't want, you can feast every day. Here's the real secret...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: Michelle Obama's story is amazing. But it's hers, not ours

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The story of a young South Side girl who became Michelle Obama is amazing. But we must remember that it is her story, not everyone's.

Certainly, when reading her new memoir, "Becoming," most of us can find something that is familiar. For me, it was her story of taking piano lessons as a child on an old upright with uneven colored keys and a ...Read more

Noah Smith: Can Democrats save capitalism?

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With the Democrats having retaken the House of Representatives, and with socialists gaining more clout within the Democratic Party, the U.S. is awakening to the reality of a reinvigorated left. Long decades of increasing inequality have taken some of the shine off of capitalism, and the disappointment wrought by the Great Recession seems to have...Read more

Commentary: 'Medicare for All'? A grim prognosis

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Now that Democrats are poised to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in January, taxpayers can expect a major push to achieve the "progressive" goal of total government control over American health care.

Their leading legislative proposals for government-controlled health system -- H.R.676 and S. 1804 -- are broadly similar. Rep. ...Read more

Commentary: For sheep's sake, ditch wool this holiday season

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Sheep are such gentle individuals that children sing nursery rhymes about them and adults count them to help us doze off. Yet when we buy wool sweaters and winter coats, we are supporting a violent industry that leaves these animals broken and bloody.

Surprised? In the past four years, PETA and its international affiliates have exposed the ...Read more

Commentary: All Trump's tacky guys

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Harvey Levin's gossip juggernaut TMZ reported Wednesday that Michael Avenatti, nattily dressed lawyer for Stormy Daniels, had been arrested on domestic violence charges.

The article set off alarms. Initially it claimed the victim of Avenatti's alleged abuse was his estranged second wife, Lisa Storie. Storie issued a statement denying TMZ's tale...Read more

Commentary: Quitting Facebook: isolating, yet 'oddly' freeing

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I was a regular Facebook user for about 10 years, and I still keep an account open that I check from time to time. But, shortly after my children were born, I decided that using Facebook was not helping me to live my life in a meaningful way and might have been adding to my re-emerging feelings of depression. So, after a few false starts, I ...Read more

Editorial: McConnell should back Trump on criminal justice reform

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Wednesday's announcement that President Donald Trump would back a remarkably broad bipartisan coalition in support of federal sentencing and prison reform -- joining Charles and David Koch on the right, the American Civil Liberties Union on the left and even some law enforcement groups like the Fraternal Order of Police -- could be a landmark ...Read more

Commentary: Semiautomatic guns make shootings deadlier

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Recent history shows that mass killings in the U.S. don't follow a single script.

But there is one common element shared by many of these tragedies: legal access to semiautomatic guns.

Domestic terrorists such as the mass shooters in Thousand Oaks, Pittsburgh and Parkland, Fla., come from different demographic backgrounds and have different ...Read more

Editorial: What Facebook needs most: competition

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A familiar pattern has emerged over the past decade with Facebook. A journalistic investigation or a watchdog group shows the world's most popular social network -- with more than 200 million users in the United States and more than 2.2 billion worldwide -- has broken promises about safeguarding its users' privacy or protecting them from ...Read more

Bud Kennedy: A Texas pastor calls Democrats 'godless': 'God will not bless America'

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- For white Christian Republican pastors stung by election results, it is no longer enough to just say Democrats are wrong.

The Democratic Party is "basically godless," a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention said in defeat on election night.

Pastor Ed Young of Houston is not the only pastor saying that.

The ...Read more

Editorial: Bipartisan criminal-justice reform could happen soon — if the 1990s wing of the GOP gets out of the way

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A federal criminal-justice reform bill designed to make sentencing more rational and inmates' return to society more successful has bipartisan support and last week won the backing of President Trump. But in the current topsy-turvy political landscape, that may not be enough. Continuing pushback from a key Republican lawmaker and an influential ...Read more

Editorial: Forgive pot offenders — but don't stop there

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Marijuana is almost legal in Michigan. After the results of the Nov. 6 election are certified sometime next month, recreational marijuana use will no longer be a crime.

But thousands of Michiganders have already been marked with the stigma of a marijuana conviction, for actions that wouldn't be illegal once Proposal 1 is in force.

Michigan ...Read more

Editorial: Will Facebook face up to its failings?

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Major corporations make big promises to potential customers. Beer companies sell refreshment. Insurance companies offer protection. Facebook, the social media network used by an astounding 68 percent of American adults, peddles a warmer, fuzzier concept: togetherness.

But what happens when a company runs afoul of its own mission statement? It ...Read more

CON: Brown's decision to test presidential waters shows hope springs eternal

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DALLAS -- If you thought having 17 Republican presidential candidates in 2016 was excessive, wait until you see the even longer list of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls. You won't have to wait long!

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, who just won re-election to a third term in the Senate, recently responded to a question from the Cincinnati Enquirer...Read more

PRO: Sherrod Brown is one Democrat who could make Trump a one-termer

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, fresh from re-election to a third term, now says he's considering a run for president in 2020.

If they want to make Republican Donald Trump a one-term president, Democrats should urge Brown, 66, to jump into the race.

They need a candidate who can beat Trump, who carried Ohio by more than 8 percentage...Read more

Ann McFeatters: Yellowstone is a jewel worth saving

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WASHINGTON – When my eight brothers and sisters and I were young, our parents took us on a camping trip through Yellowstone National Park.

Aside from the family lore we brought back -- the family who slept through a bear crashing through their tent next to ours, the bear who carried off a bag of baby food jars, the bear who chased our father ...Read more

Commentary: Thanksgiving for a Native American

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Every year at this time I wonder why we, as American Indians, bother to celebrate Thanksgiving. Despite all our social ills and battles with state and the federal government, we always manage to find reasons for gratitude.

Of course, some native people reject the holiday altogether. A native man I know once told me he refused to celebrate ...Read more


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