Commentary: 'Marijuana banking' would benefit almost everyone

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The Secure And Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, which would grant banks a safe harbor to do business with legitimate firms within the marijuana industry, recently passed a House vote with bipartisan support and is now headed to the Senate. One of marijuana legalization's biggest remaining questions may soon have an answer, and that's good ...Read more

Gina Barreca: Only one woman on a list of America's most innovative leaders? Really?

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When you think of the word "creativity," do you associate it primarily with women or with men? Do you shout out "Sistine Chapel" or "quilts"? Do you point toward the flash card showing a lone man with a light bulb over his head, or do you choose the one depicting a group of laughing women gathered at a table? Do you see a woman writing a book, a...Read more

Commentary: Beto O'Rourke's bad idea to punish conservative churches

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Beto O'Rourke has a terrible idea. The Democratic presidential candidate and former Texas congressman wants the U.S. government to take away the tax-exempt status of religious organizations -- including churches and mosques -- that oppose same-sex marriage.

When asked about this last week, O'Rourke said: "There can be no reward, no benefit, no ...Read more

Karl W. Smith: Giuliani needs to testify before the Senate. Now

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By now it's clear that Rudy Giuliani was the driving force behind the Ukraine scandal engulfing President Donald Trump's administration. But he refuses to testify before the House investigation of the matter, and (for now) has the support of the White House.

That leaves the Senate. Senate Republicans have offered Giuliani the opportunity to ...Read more

PRO: Yes, it's time to try a new approach

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We've been cutting taxes on the wealthy for two generations, and the results have been dismal.

Economists, who started as generally supportive of the tax cut experiment, have seen enough. By 2017, only 2% of the University of Chicago's Economics Expert Panel agreed the Trump tax cuts would lead to faster economic growth. The 98% were right.

...Read more

Commentary: Media must let youth voices be heard

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This summer, I sat in a room with 40 talented young journalists at the Asian American Journalists Association's 2019 JCamp in Atlanta. As we introduced ourselves and described our topics of interest, a common theme emerged: the need to expand representation of young people in modern media.

I listened to my peers tell stories of student press ...Read more

CON: No, federal taxes are too high

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The Democrats running for president have demanded the government raise taxes on income, gasoline, energy, capital gains and your life savings at death. And your retirement savings will be hit by multiple taxes that they promise will only hurt "the rich" but will first and foremost reduce the value of your savings in your IRA or 401(k) or health ...Read more

Commentary: If Democrats dislike Trump's authoritarianism, why were the debates so hot for executive action?

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For the nearly 1,000 days of his presidency, Donald Trump has shown the nation the dangerous repercussions that can arise when a democratic society succumbs to cynicism about its own government. It's not pretty.

Undermining norms. Installing anti-government figures to go at the bureaucratic framework like ravenous termites. Slashing tax ...Read more

Commentary: During Democratic debate, Warren sides with the cynics, Buttigieg is with the optimists

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As if the differences among the top Democratic presidential contenders and President Trump weren't stark enough, Tuesday's debate opened with the 12 candidates on stage all holding forth on why they support the House impeachment inquiry and, in many cases, Trump's removal from office.

Yet the Democrats know that if they win the nomination, they...Read more

Editorial: The impeachment inquiry needs more transparency and a floor vote

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President Trump can be expected to denounce the House's impeachment inquiry as a "witch hunt" or a "coup" attempt no matter how fair and transparent the process is. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still needs to shore up the credibility of the fast-moving investigation by having the entire House vote to authorize it and by insisting that ...Read more

Jay Ambrose: Trump still not as bad as the Democrats

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President Donald Trump, surrounded by political enemies constructing an underhanded, dishonest impeachment, pretty much told the nation that he did not belong in the White House when he decided to yank our troops out of Syria.

It was a disastrous, ignorant move serving no end but revived terrorism, murderous calamity for our Kurdish allies and ...Read more

Editorial: Facebook hasn't learned lessons of 2016 election

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One of the most important speeches of the 2020 campaign will be delivered this week. Not by any of the candidates, but by Facebook's chief executive.

Mark Zuckerberg will talk Thursday at Georgetown University in what's being billed as "A Conversation on Free Expression." What he has to say will likely signal whether his social media platform ...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: Warren's in front but Klobuchar earned debate lift

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The obvious headline out of the Democratic debate Tuesday was simple: The candidates, by spending the first hour attacking her, confirmed that they agreed with the polls that Elizabeth Warren is now the most likely nominee. The result, by the first commercial break, was a massive edge for Warren in time holding the stage; she spoke for more than...Read more

Commentary: Why Daryl Morey's infamous tweet struck such a raw nerve in China

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It was the tweet heard 'round the world, especially across the Pacific: "Fight for Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong." The Houston Rockets' general manager, Daryl Morey, posted it in support of protests against China's crackdown on Hong Kong's freedoms.

The tweet was deleted and Morey apologized for any offense. But the reverberations keep rolling ...Read more

Ann McFeatters: Are we going to be OK?

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WASHINGTON -- As Russian troops swiftly moved into U.S. bases, ordered abandoned by Donald Trump, while Turkish soldiers murdered our old allies, the Kurds, we were left asking, yet again, what hold Vladimir Putin has over the president.

As the White House provided solid evidence that Trump moved to withhold military aid from Ukraine, invaded ...Read more

Editorial: Democrats need to rise above party to repair the US

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At a debate Tuesday night in Ohio, 12 Democratic candidates discussed who was best able to defeat President Donald Trump in November 2020. Meanwhile, back in Washington, House Democrats continued an impeachment inquiry that seems likely to recommend that Trump should be removed from office before the election even gets close.

A certain tension ...Read more

Commentary: More ethanol means higher prices — and not just for gasoline

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Over the summer, President Donald Trump tweeted that his administration was working on an ethanol package that would be "Great for all!" Now that we have the Environmental Protection Agency's draft proposal, we can see he was half right. It's great, all right -- for the politically connected. It's costly for everyone else.

The Renewable Fuel ...Read more

Editorial: Even Beltway sniper Lee Boyd Malvo deserves a chance at parole

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Although Lee Boyd Malvo's case goes before the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday, it's not just Malvo's fate that's on the line. The broader question is whether any person who commits a crime as a minor should be sentenced to life in prison without even the hope of eventual parole.

In any humane society the answer should be no.

Malvo was 17 when...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: Latest cop shooting in Texas makes it clear: African Americans are right to fear the police

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If there was any doubt that African Americans are in imminent danger of the police, the shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson should make it clear.

If a video showing a police officer murder Laquan McDonald on a Chicago street did not convince you that black people are unjustly being gunned down by police, then the blatant shooting of a young ...Read more

Rekha Basu: Tim Ryan, meditator and football player, draws on both in his presidential bid

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Democratic presidential candidate Tim Ryan has the build and self-assurance of a former football quarterback, and the calm of someone who writes books on meditation and mindfulness.

The Ohio congressman hunts for buck and speaks with outrage about mass shootings committed "with a gun somebody shouldn't have had." But in an interview at the Polk...Read more


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