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Patricia Lopez: Kamala Harris could be president. Democrats should get on board

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The casting about by some Democrats for another — seemingly any other — candidate who might replace embattled President Joe Biden has taken on unsavory notes, particularly since the most prominent names raised are White governors.

Whether or not Biden stays in the race, Vice President Kamala Harris may be one of the ticket’s best assets. ...Read more

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Editorial: 'Project 2025' would help Trump seize the unrestrained power he sought last time

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The necessary if alarming national debate over President Joe Biden’s cognitive fitness shouldn’t obscure the reason the stakes in that debate are so high: Former President Donald Trump has been fundamentally, dangerously unfit for office since before he took the oath the first time, in ways far worse than the ravages of age that are central ...Read more

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Editorial: Biden cover-up mirrors previous Dem efforts to deceive

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The year was 1919. President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat with another 16 months left in his second term, collapsed in Colorado during a speaking tour. Upon returning to the White House, he suffered a major stroke.

“At this point, a cover-up began,” one historian wrote, led by his doctor and his wife, Edith. Edwin Weinstein, a Wilson ...Read more

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Lisa Jarvis: Health care is about to get even more litigious

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Subtle, but seismic: That’s how experts describe the impact on health care of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. That ruling overturned a decades-old legal doctrine known as Chevron deference.

The decision brings sweeping change to a wonky corner of the regulatory universe. Previously, courts ...Read more

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Commentary: France avoids a far-right government -- for now

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France is having a big summer. The Tour de France is in progress, and the Olympic torch has almost reached Paris. While we wait for the Olympic Games to begin later this month, it’s worth keeping an eye on the political games underway already. As a core European and NATO power, should France swing further right, it could accelerate the ...Read more


Editorial: Nuclear energy gets a much-needed boost

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President Joe Biden, as you’ve no doubt heard, has had a rough few weeks. Yet on Tuesday, he signed a bill into law that could well prove transformative for America’s energy future. Here’s hoping — whatever happens in November’s election — that more progress lies ahead.

Known as the Advance Act, the bill seeks to remedy some long-...Read more


Editorial: One casualty of the 2024 campaign? Budgetary sanity

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Somewhat lost in this turbulent election season, America’s bipartisan experiment in budgetary fantasy is racing ahead. Both 2024 presidential candidates seem content to carry on with the charade.

Restraint is not among Donald Trump’s virtues, and when it came to government spending, he never even tried. After pledging to eliminate the ...Read more

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Commentary: Even the toughest fighters eventually lose the battle with time. Biden is no exception

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A flashbulb memory from the archives of my life: It is the summer of 1997, and we are moving my disabled sister, Wendy, into a care home. She is in her bedroom in my parents’ house. She is a woman in her 30s who requires 24-hour care, and my aging parents can no longer provide it. Her life is being dismantled around her — her ornaments ...Read more

Commentary: What should Democrats do now? Two columnists slug it out

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It seems as though we’re at a hinge point in our country’s history.

Or, at the least, living through some very strange and scary times.

A former president who talks about suspending the Constitution and criminally prosecuting his foes is again knocking at the White House door. The current occupant is facing unprecedented calls within his ...Read more

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Mary Ellen Klas: Jill Biden has some explaining to do

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As President Joe Biden continues to be almost as scarce on the campaign trail as his rival, attention is turning to the increasingly prominent role his wife is playing. First Lady Jill Biden has gone beyond the role of protector-in-chief. She’d better get used to the scrutiny and be prepared to answer some questions.

Jill Biden, 73, has long ...Read more

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Lionel Laurent: Who will lead France out of this mess? Nobody

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The author Stefan Zweig once wrote that European politics has for centuries been a struggle between two schools of leadership: The common good espoused by humanist Erasmus, and a more self-interested pursuit of power promoted by Machiavelli. It’s the former that France desperately needs to embrace if it’s going to break the gridlock of a ...Read more

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Commentary: US immigration court ruling on statelessness could have wide impact

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I feel like I have been born again, after a U.S. immigration court made a remarkable ruling in my “statelessness” case in June. I hope that my case will have significant, broader implications for other stateless people in America.

Being stateless means no country will claim you as a citizen. We don't belong anywhere. Stateless people are ...Read more

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Editorial: One candidate is patently unfit for the White House. It's not Biden

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Democrats are in crisis at the moment, divided over whether President Joe Biden should stay in the race after his disastrous debate last month or clear the way for another, younger candidate.

Biden’s shaky performance raised concerns about whether he can win in November, and prompted calls from prominent Democrats, columnists and others for ...Read more

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Commentary: Lego was my son's world. It took me decades to see why -- and to join him there

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Six decades after the age when most people do, I’ve become obsessed with Lego. My gateway drug was a set reminiscent of an ice cream truck. Like many parents, I was trying something new as a way to connect with one of my kids. Unlike many parents, in my case the kid in question was an adult, and I was building a set that he had designed.

My ...Read more


Commentary: It's not just hype. AI could revolutionize diagnosis in medicine

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The history of medical diagnosis is a march through painstaking observation. Ancient Egyptian physicians first diagnosed urinary tract infections by observing patterns in patients’ urine. To diagnose diseases of the heart and lungs, medieval doctors added core elements of the physical examination: pulse, palpation and percussion. The 20th ...Read more

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Mary McNamara: If the Democrats want Biden to drop out, they should follow Pelosi's lead, not Clooney's

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I love George Clooney. As an actor. As a director. As an activist, tequila producer and Nespresso spokesman. I would consider him a friend, if I knew him, and I believe in him. He has a place on Lake Como and a private island in the Thames, for heaven's sake. Clearly, he's doing something right.

That does not, however, extend to his opinion ...Read more

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Steve Lopez: These doctors believe Biden has a neurological disorder. So what now?

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President Joe Biden keeps pushing back.

He's not going anywhere, he defiantly insists, and claims he feels just fine.

But I've been hearing from doctors who saw Biden muddle through the June 27 debate and think he's anything but fine. One of them told me he's certain Biden is suffering from a movement disorder for which there is no cure.

A ...Read more

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Steve Lopez: 'Retire and go back under a rock': Biden loyalists push back on my call for Joe to get tested

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Just like the man they stand behind, backers of President Joe Biden can be a feisty bunch.

Even as more prominent supporters jump ship — Hollywood high rollers George Clooney and Rob Reiner say it's time for Biden to step aside, and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stopped short of saying she wants Biden to stay in the race — true ...Read more

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Jackie Calmes: Step aside, Joe. It's time

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If Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee this fall against Donald Trump, my vote for him would be the easiest I've ever cast.

And yet, I've now joined those who believe Biden should end his bid for reelection. I wish he'd take a well-deserved bow, and help unite his party at its convention next month around a younger, more vibrant nominee who ...Read more

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Commentary: Will Trump's conviction survive the Supreme Court's immunity ruling? It's complicated

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It was only hours after the Supreme Court issued its staggering term-ending opinion on presidential immunity when Donald Trump invoked it in an attempt to set aside his criminal conviction in New York.

On the surface, the effort would seem ill-fated and even brazen.

The opinion made a top-line distinction between “official actions” — ...Read more



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