Commentary: My trade deficit with grocery stores and the local laundry

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Inspired by President Donald Trump's insistence that all U.S. trading partners buy as much from us as we do from them, I have been trying to apply the concept to my personal affairs.

I've got a problem with my local grocery chains, Aldi and Publix. I buy lots of groceries from them, but they don't buy any of the lectures or writing that I do ...Read more

Commentary: Floating factory farms aren't the answer to world hunger

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PETA has long said that killing animals for human consumption isn't sustainable, and a new report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) seems to bear that out. The FAO estimates that one in three fish caught around the world is either tossed overboard or allowed to rot instead of ending up on humans' dinner plates. And ...Read more

Rekha Basu: A 9-year-old girl gets unexpected justice when her abuser gets prison

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NEVADA, Iowa -- Thirty-seven-year-old Chris Moore of Marion, Iowa took the witness stand in the Story County Courthouse to read a victim impact statement. In a firm but tearful voice, he told the 73-year-old man who had sexually abused his daughter: "For 30-some odd years, there was a man that I held more respect for than anyone else. I placed ...Read more

Patricia Murphy: As Trump hangs Dan Coats out to dry, Russia hacks on

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WASHINGTON -- If you looked carefully at the setup for the press conference with President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday, there was something off. Something big.

Standing before a row of alternating Russian and American flags, Trump stood squarely in front of a Russian flag, while Putin spoke with his own Russian flag...Read more

Editorial: Trump dances to Putin's choreography

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The much-awaited summit in Helsinki between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin certainly had the stuff of spectacle. There they were, Vlad and the Dealmaker, dancing around questions of meddling, Ukraine and Syria like two Fred Astaires. It all went according to the program. Unfortunately, a program choreographed by ...Read more

Editorial: Releasing police videos: A step toward the truth

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Investigators looking into Saturday's fatal police shooting in the South Shore neighborhood will have "tons" of video to review, Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says. It will likely take months for the Civilian Office of Police Accountability to determine whether the shooting was justified.

But Johnson took the unusual step of ...Read more

Mary Schmich: The painful and necessary growth Emmett Till gave us

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A few days from now, on July 25, Emmett Till might have celebrated his 77th birthday.

Imagine him. Mr. Till.

Not the 14-year-old boy in the open casket, with his mutilated face and his mother weeping by his side, but the man that boy never got to be.

By now, Mr. Till might be a retired teacher or postal carrier or lawyer. Maybe he'd still be ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: Another black man is killed by police, and the distrust grows deeper

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CHICAGO -- Many African-American men in violent neighborhoods carry guns illegally.

Let's just be honest.

The law-abiding people who live in these dangerous neighborhoods know this. And the police know it too.

Some black men carry guns because their lives, and even the lives of their loved ones, depend on it. Some of them do it because it's ...Read more

Editorial: Encourage more robo-calls? No, no, no!

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There are few annoyances as constant in modern life as robo-calls. Despite a 1991 federal law meant to limit them, robo-calls to Americans set a new record last month with 4.1 billion, according to the company behind the YouMail call-blocking application.

Part of the reason the calls are surging is because of a federal court decision this year ...Read more

Editorial: We shouldn't rush to abolish ICE … yet

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Calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency didn't begin with the recent family separation and detention crisis, but the cry has increased in volume in the last few weeks among activists, congressional candidates, and current representatives, mayors, and senators. On Thursday, Democrats in the House of Representatives ...Read more

Commentary: Think about the summer of 1968 as you watch the progress of 50 years evaporate

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CHICAGO -- From the perspective of Chicago's streets, the old guard seemed on the run in the summer of 1968. My students were dashing off to anti-war protests, and in the face of rallies and marches against the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson had thrown in the towel, announcing he wouldn't run for re-election.

Now, in the summer of 2018, ...Read more

Commentary: Dear President Trump, I'm sorry you didn't make it to Annapolis

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Dear President Trump, I am sorry you didn't make it to Annapolis. We just finished eulogizing our dead friends. Maybe you could have said a few nice words, too.

I know you don't read The Capital, but I want to point out a few recent letters -- there will be more -- that have debated whether you should bear some responsibility ...Read more

Commentary: Google could use a little godliness

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I am a rabbi, so social media is not my primary operating system. Nevertheless -- like billions of other people on Earth -- I'm a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram user. Why shouldn't a sermon reverberate across as many virtual channels as possible? Our globe is interconnected like never before because of such advances in technology, and that is ...Read more

Eli Lake: Trump's Helsinki disgrace

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Nearly a year after Donald Trump crippled his presidency by saying there was "blame on both sides" after a scrum between white nationalists and anti-racist protesters in Virginia, he has created another Charlottesville moment. This time it was on the world stage.

Trump's 40-minute press conference on Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin...Read more

Commentary: Comedian Tom Segura gets nostalgic for the R-word and mocks Down syndrome for laughs. That's despicable

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Tom Segura's stand-up routine is pretty basic insult comedy, lining up targets and pushing them over, one by one. He's all fake rage and listless aggression, like a guy slumped on a couch playing a shooter video game. This sucks. This is stupid. Don't you hate this? Pew, pew, pew.

It's hard to get up the energy to hate his act, with its bits ...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: Trump risks it all … for what?

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Donald Trump capped off his disastrous three-stop foreign trip by joining Vladimir Putin for an embarrassing and craven news conference. Pressed on whether Russia had any responsibility for the poor relations with the U.S., the American president chose to ramble on about Hillary Clinton's emails and wound up assailing his own FBI.

After his ...Read more

Editorial: Another Supreme Court worry: Brett Kavanaugh's stance on guns

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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's conservative views on abortion are coming under intense scrutiny. So is his position on whether a sitting president can be the subject of a criminal investigation.

But another troubling concern is Kavanaugh's stance on gun rights. The National Rifle Association's top lobbyist called Kavanaugh an "...Read more

Editorial: It's depressingly clear that Trump is unwilling to get tough on Russia

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In an appalling spectacle that dismayed even some of his own supporters, President Donald Trump stood next to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday and called into question the conclusion of the U.S. intelligence community and his own senior advisers that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

It's obvious that no amount of ...Read more

Commentary: We've unleashed AI. Now we need a treaty to control it

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Fifty years ago this month, in the midst of the Cold War, nations began signing an international treaty to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Today, as artificial intelligence and machine learning reshape every aspect of our lives, the world confronts a challenge of similar magnitude and it needs a similar response.

There is a danger in ...Read more

Editorial: Trump's shocking display next to Putin

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Senator John McCain's verdict on President Donald Trump's performance at the summit in Helsinki was brutal, but just: "No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant."

Standing alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, Trump failed to support his own government's unequivocal assessment that Russian military...Read more

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