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Commentary: House committee bickers over need for bill to ban noncitizen voting

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WASHINGTON — Members of the House Administration Committee clashed last week over the true purpose of a hearing called by Republicans to address the perceived threat of noncitizens voting in federal elections.

The title of the hearing, which was led by the Republican majority, was “American Confidence in Elections: Preventing Noncitizen ...Read more


Trudy Rubin: Netanyahu moves toward military reoccupation of Gaza with no exit strategy

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Watching Benjamin Netanyahu blunder into Rafah with no plan for “the day after” is like watching a Greek tragedy whose end is foreseen but can no longer be blocked.

Netanyahu’s push into the city at Gaza’s southern edge — with no strategy for an endgame — will force Israeli troops to reoccupy the entire strip. It will ensure Hamas�...Read more

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Editorial: A Republican warning of national political suicide

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The world was shocked when more than 900 Americans who followed “People’s Temple” preacher Jim Jones to the wilderness of Guyana committed suicide or were murdered at his command in 1978 after swallowing fruit drinks laced with cyanide.

Millions wondered how something so ghastly could happen. Far from a mystery, it was another example, ...Read more

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Commentary: Will federal negotiations with Texas school district turn the tide for DEI?

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Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Education notified the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund that it had contacted a school district in Southlake, Texas, to begin negotiating a resolution agreement in civil rights complaints from four former students. The complainants reported that, during their time as students, they had been ...Read more

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Editorial: More delusional nonsense on inflation from Biden

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Inflation envelops the White House like a bad smell. Perhaps that’s one reason President Joe Biden can’t stop fibbing about it.

For the second time in a week, Biden repeated the false claim that inflation was at 9% when he entered the Oval Office in January 2021. The president first made the assertion in a May 8 CNN interview. “No ...Read more

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Tom Philp: Internet giants hurt kids, concert goers and journalism. California is fighting back

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America’s youth spend more time on social media networks than on homework. Popular outlets like YouTube and TikTok have unfettered freedom to keep kids addicted to their businesses by analyzing their interests and sending an unrelenting feed of images. Researchers are increasingly worried about how all this exposure is impacting behavior and ...Read more

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Commentary: We're taking ranked-choice voting national for presidential elections

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Imagine it’s election night 2024. A few close swing states will decide the presidency – and test the health of our democracy. In that scenario, we can be certain of two facts: Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will win a majority of the vote, and votes for independent and third-party candidates will dwarf the final margin.

Dissatisfied ...Read more

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Mark Gongloff: US wildfire season is now everywhere, all at once

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The toxic smoke choking swathes of the Midwestern U.S. this week is a helpful reminder to Americans that Canada exists, and its wildfire season has come early. But Americans shouldn’t forget their own season starts much earlier these days, too. In fact, it’s getting to the point that wildfire season is all year long.

A new study by the non-...Read more

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Stephen L. Carter: The Supreme Court just handed another loss to Congress

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We ought to be left a tad uneasy by Thursday’s 7-2 Supreme Court decision upholding the mechanism for funding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The result isn’t wrong, and should even have been expected; but the implicit invitation to Congress to repeat the strange budgetary experiment ... well, that’s the worrisome part.

The CFPB...Read more


Editorial: Be vigilant against any attempt to block Sunshine

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Floridians have become accustomed to government officials who talk a good game on the Sunshine Law — but then throw up barriers to access public records, and connive to confer in private on issues that should only be discussed in open meetings.

So it was easy to be skeptical when the Sentinel discovered a note on the website of Osceola County...Read more

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Patricia Murphy: Atlanta didn't get the convention, but the Trump-Biden debate will matter more

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When Democratic organizers picked Chicago over Atlanta as the host for the 2024 Democratic National Convention last year, it felt like Atlanta’s chances for a moment of high influence ahead of the 2024 presidential election had come and gone.

But as Chicago prepares for potentially disruptive protests to go along with the standard convention ...Read more

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Commentary: I'm an American doctor stuck in Gaza. As Israel moves into Rafah, where will physicians and our patients go?

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As an American doctor, I felt called to help Palestinians who have faced a collapsing health care system in Gaza. My first trip was in March and I returned for another mission earlier this month, before the Israeli military assault on Rafah, in southern Gaza, which has been catastrophic. Now we have no way out.

Israel’s seizure of the Rafah ...Read more

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Editorial: Reforms meant to combat opioids are now hampering addiction care

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Buprenorphine, the only drug currently available at pharmacies to treat opioid use disorder (OUD), is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. It’s an unfortunate side effect of a pharmacy system under pressure and, ironically, regulations that were meant to curb the opioid epidemic in the first place.

New guidelines must make a clear ...Read more

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Commentary: Florida just picked the wrong kind of meat to ban

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey recently signed into law bans against cell-cultivated meat in their states. They apparently find meat grown in a lab rather than stripped from a factory-farmed animal so repellent that its production, distribution or sale ought to be a misdemeanor punishable with jail time. Indeed, when ...Read more

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Beth Kowitt: Get ready bosses -- today's protesters are tomorrow's workers

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Corporate America would very much like its employees to be quiet now.

Executives have had enough of the bring-your-whole-self-to-work and speak-up-at-the-office grand experiment of the pandemic era. Across the U.S., C-Suites are yearning for a return to business as usual — aka, you do what we tell you, we pay you for it, and you keep your ...Read more

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Editorial: The rematch is set: Biden vs. Trump debates have the right balance

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The last time the Democrats and the Republicans held a White House rematch with the same two contenders was 1956, when Ike beat Adlai Stevenson for the second straight time. Earlier, there were redos with William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan (McKinley won both in 1896 and 1900) and Grover Cleveland vs. Benjamin Harrison (in 1888, Harrison...Read more


Commentary: When it comes to Russia, containment still isn't enough

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The document that largely defined American foreign policy through the Cold War years was written anonymously by a prickly and melancholic Midwesterner who spent much of the rest of his life disavowing the repercussions of his work.

George F. Kennan, a State Department expert on Soviet Russia, published an article in the July 1947 issue of ...Read more

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Commentary: Here's the buzz on why you shouldn't eat cicadas

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“Just … why?” That’s the question that is baffling friends I’ve talked to about the flurry of strange online articles offering instructions on how to catch, kill and cook cicadas. As scientists make a mad dash to gather as much information as they can during the few short weeks they’ll have with these fascinating animals whose lives ...Read more

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Commentary: When Biden and Trump agree, consumers should worry

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump agree on at least one thing. I know what you’re probably thinking: a little more consensus might be good for the country. But when we’re talking about both major presidential candidates calling to limit the flow of goods to U.S. consumers, shouldn’t we be worried? Each has been touting trade policies that could ...Read more

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Editorial: Germany turns to coal power to keep the lights on

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Even green Europeans would rather tap coal than face the reality of overdependence on unreliable renewable energy.

Late last month, Germany’s energy regulator said the country needs more coal power. That’s surprising news, because its leaders have long bought into global warming alarmism. But it again highlights the problems that arise when...Read more



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