Editorial: The ghost of Freddie Gray: Minneapolis is the new Baltimore

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Baltimore's name has been invoked so much on the national stage in recent days that there ought to be a brand surcharge. But the parallels between Baltimore of 2015 and Minneapolis of today are too obvious to ignore: An African American man dies in police custody for no good reason. It happens at a time of highly publicized incidents of racism ...Read more

Dan Rodricks: Recalling Freddie Gray case as Minneapolis erupts: Quickly charging cops earned cheers, but not convictions

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In the age of cellphone cameras, police body cameras, overhead security cameras and viral videos, rushing to judgment is the norm. And in the case of Minneapolis, how could you not? Millions have seen the video, and I suspect the majority of reactions were immediate and something like mine: I shouted an expletive after seeing the image of a ...Read more

Editorial: Stop focusing on looting in Minneapolis. Be outraged that police keep killing black men

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There is anger on the streets in Minneapolis. And Los Angeles. And Columbus and Phoenix and Denver. It is deserved anger fed by the death of George Floyd, yet another unarmed black man killed as police arrested him.

Another. That's the key word.

The mature and reasoned response is, of course, to explore what went wrong on that Minneapolis ...Read more

Commentary: In threatening to shoot rioters, Trump takes a page from George Wallace's playbook

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In a tweet about violent protests in Minneapolis over the death of a black man in police custody, President Donald Trump thundered: "These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won't let that happen ... Any difficulty and we will assume control but when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

Twitter, as part of its newfound...Read more

Editorial: The needless fight between Trump and Twitter

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You could argue that Twitter has been Donald Trump's best friend. He has 80 million followers. He uses the social media platform daily to reach voters without relying on the news media -- and to get attention from the news media.

His communications include not only facts and opinions but also his usual array of false claims, juvenile insults ...Read more

Commentary: Twitter flags Trump. Trump throws a tantrum. And the vicious cycle repeats in a fight Jack Dorsey will never win

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You have to hand it to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: He may have been lured into an unwinnable election-year fight with President Donald Trump, but at least he's still throwing punches.

Shortly before 1 a.m. EDT Friday, Trump verbally barreled into the hot flaming mess on the ground in Minneapolis, where protests over the death of George Floyd had ...Read more

Commentary: Trump's dangerous drug of choice

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President Donald Trump and I have something in common: we both take the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine.

In my case, it's to treat the immune system disorders lupus and arthritis. In his case, it's to make some sort of point about how right he is to tout it as a miracle cure for COVID-19.

On May 18, Trump proudly announced that he is ...Read more

Virginia Heffernan: Trump can't executive order it away: Twitter itself called him a liar

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It was a weird but inevitable showdown: The sphinx Jack Dorsey vs. the vulgarian Donald Trump.

Two events prompted the showdown. First, on May 21, Dorsey was contacted by a widower, Timothy Klausutis, whose life had been turned upside down by Trump's tweets. Klausutis asked the co-founder and CEO of Twitter to delete two of the president's ...Read more

Jay Ambrose: Time for Trump to consider honor

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All right, that's enough. President Donald Trump has said MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, persistently critical of him, may have been involved in murdering a woman almost 19 years ago. There is no evidence of any such thing, and it was little short of horrendous to say so.

Scarborough himself is hardly Mr. Rodgers singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor,...Read more

LZ Granderson: George Floyd, Central Park and the familiar terror they inspire

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I didn't feel well Tuesday. My body was tense, my stomach unsettled, the headache I was trying to push past kept pushing back. On most days I choose to be numb. Tuesday, I decided to feel. I recognize for some the video of George Floyd's fatal encounter with four Minneapolis police officers is shocking. For me, it was not. I may not always ...Read more

David Zurawik: On-air arrest of CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez is a snapshot of First Amendment and racial tensions today

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In a dramatic and troubling TV moment, viewers watching CNN early Friday saw correspondent Omar Jimenez taken into custody while he was filing a live report from the streets of Minneapolis.

Jimenez and his two-person crew were covering protests in the wake of the death Monday of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died on the pavement, ...Read more

Editorial: Trump tries to take a big, dumb bite out of the Twitter hand that feeds him

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In a 50-plus-minute press conference on April 22, two doctors who own and operate urgent care centers in California's Central Valley told a Bakersfield, Calif., television station that they had analyzed more than 5,000 COVID-19 test results taken at their facilities and concluded, "emphatically," that it was time to end the region's stay-at-home...Read more

Editorial: Michigan dam break, green ooze and why regulation isn't all bad

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The failure of the Edenville dam offered a series of startling revelations, for many Michiganders: That roughly 70% of Michigan's 1,000 regulated dams are privately owned; that they're inspected by a staff of two on a shoestring budget; that it is possible for multiple regulatory agencies to be aware that a dam is in serious danger for more than...Read more

Trudy Rubin: US must stand with Hong Kong against Beijing's efforts to crush its freedoms

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A major turning point in U.S.-Chinese relations occurred Thursday. It nominally involves the future of Hong Kong, but has major significance for Washington and the wider world.

China's National People's Congress approved a security law that will allow Beijing's security agencies to crack down directly on the civil liberties of Hong Kong ...Read more

Commentary: You're white and don't care about wearing a mask? Asian Americans don't have that privilege

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"You are the most selfish (expletive) people on the planet."

I jerked my head to the left, where I saw a neighbor glaring at us from his driveway while unloading groceries from his trunk.

"Where's your (expletive) mask?" he said. "Unbelievable."

My jaw dropped. I had just walked three blocks home with my toddler and my dad in our mostly empty...Read more

Commentary: White people need to speak out against senseless killings of black people

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As a child, I grew up in abject poverty with our family being evicted often. A number of times I found myself in a poor African American neighborhoods or public housing. During those times, I was often the only white child in my class.

I can say in total honesty, I was never happier as a child than when I was in those neighborhoods, housing ...Read more

Editorial: The GOP would rather put you in danger than let you vote freely

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Making it safe to vote during a pandemic shouldn't be a partisan issue. But Republicans, including and especially the president, are turning it into one.

This week, the state and national Republican Party organizations filed a lawsuit challenging Gov. Gavin Newsom's executive order mandating that every registered voter in California receive a ...Read more

Dan Rodricks: Annie, the socially distant dog from Kuwait, starts to come around

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My new dog practiced social distancing before the pandemic. She is really good at it. In fact, it seems to be in her nature. Or, more likely, her aloofness from humans -- male humans, in particular -- resulted from some cruelty at the hands of a previous owner.

Whatever the case, please allow me to introduce you to Annie, the socially distant ...Read more

Timothy L. O'Brien: Twitter has little to fear from Trump

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Donald Trump was at the steering wheel as we drove through the rain together on a New Jersey highway in 2005. He had recently considered taking the stage to play a politician in the Broadway comedy "La Cage aux Folles," but he had other things on his mind as he glanced over at me.

"I have one asset that I think nobody else has. And that's that ...Read more

Martin Schram: A bold twist for boring old infrastructure reform

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On Wednesday, as COVID-19 was claiming its 100,000th U.S. victim in just four months, President Donald Trump sat in the Oval Office with a frequent political adversary, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has been more than just matching him for TV face time in these pandemic-plagued days.

The two battlers from New York City's Queens borough seem ...Read more


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