John McCain owns Obamacare

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The following editorial appeared in The Gazette on Sunday, Sept. 24:

Don't call it Obamacare. President Barack Obama served his country and quietly left office.

The Affordable Care Act survives as the legacy of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. He led the charge against repealing the law in July and pledges to defeat another repeal this month.

He won...Read more

Is it safe for citizens to go home to Sudan or Haiti?

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The following editorial appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Monday, Sept. 25:

The United States has long allowed people to remain in this country if their home nations are beset by war or natural disaster while they're here. It is one of the great humanitarian features of an often-dysfunctional and too frequently coldhearted immigration system...Read more

Whatever happened to the national emergency on opioid abuse?

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The following editorial appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Sunday, Sept. 24:

There are 29 active national emergencies in place today in the United States. The latest is the one that President Donald Trump declared on Aug. 10: "The opioid crisis is an emergency, and I am saying, officially, right now, it is an emergency. It's a national ...Read more

Don't bar disaster aid to churches

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The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Monday, Sept. 25:

When Hurricane Harvey arrived in southeast Texas, it inflicted damage on a vast scale, upending the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Some of them ended up being sheltered and fed in churches that opened their doors to the victims. But now that the federal ...Read more

Merkel maintains, but right-wing AfD gets seats

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The following editorial appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Monday, Sept. 25:

The German electorate on Sunday returned Chancellor Angela Merkel's party to power, with her once again in charge for another four years; the not-easy coalition government formation remains in front of her in the coming weeks.

Merkel's Christian Democratic ...Read more

Trump's fumbling grasp of democracy

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The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Monday, Sept. 25:

For most of last week, the country had anticipated a typical fall Sunday of NFL football games.

That changed after Friday night when President Donald Trump issued a bizarre challenge that turned every National Football League pregame ceremony into a referendum on the ...Read more

Who disrespects what America stands for, kneeling players or the tweeting president?

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The following editorial is to appear in The Baltimore Sun on Tuesday, Sept. 26:

So far as we know, no NFL players spat on or burned the flag this weekend. They didn't drag it on the ground or tear it apart. When the national anthem was performed before games, they did not turn their backs or talk or make rude gestures. Some linked arms in a ...Read more

Walter Shapiro: Bumbling Republicans need to be saved from themselves

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Maybe we have finally established a lasting legislative principle for both parties: Don't ever again try to pass major health care legislation using parliamentary gimmicks to avoid a filibuster.

The Democrats, under Barack Obama, followed this route in 2010 after they lost their filibuster-proof Senate majority when Republican Scott Brown ...Read more

John M. Crisp: Trump and the art of deal-breaking

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A word association test might readily pair these two words: "Trump" and "deal."

In fact, most Americans probably identify President Trump with "The Art of the Deal," the ghostwritten book that contributed considerably to Trump's notoriety long before he became a politician. And a common theme of Trump's campaign relied on two assertions about ...Read more

Trudy Rubin: Best approach to Iran deal: Fix it, don't nix it

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There seems to be no end to nuclear crises these days.

As North Korea's Kim Jong Un plays nuclear chicken with the great powers, another dangerous moment is approaching. The world awaits President Trump's decision -- due Oct. 15 -- on how he will handle the 2015 deal with Tehran that curbed Iran's nuclear program in return for the lifting of ...Read more

Doyle McManus: GOP health bill: Whatever happened to expertise?

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A long list of healthcare experts says the Republican bill to dismantle most of President Obama's health insurance program would be a disaster. The American Medical Association is against it. Insurance providers are against it. Patient groups are against it. Sen. Bill Cassidy's bill, coauthored with Sen. Lindsey Graham, would cut federal ...Read more

The promise of tax reform

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America stands in desperate need of tax reform.

Every year as they try to make ends meet, families and small businesses are up against a 74,000-page tax code. The code is the product of decades of special-interest carve-outs and schemes that are impossible to comply with.

It's time to start fresh. Americans needs Congress to step up and ...Read more

Dan K. Thomasson: Trump must avoid Carter's mistakes

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WASHINGTON -- With apologies to Edgar Allen Poe, this is for those of you born after "the valley of the shadow," when vicious hordes attacked the sovereignty of this country by invading the American Embassy in Tehran.

It was a time when a novice like the one now governing in the White House faced a tough decision: whether to speak softly or use...Read more

Jay Ambrose: Trump not that bad at UN

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Take it easy, you want to advise President Donald Trump when he says in a United Nations speech that the United States is going to "totally destroy" North Korea if it attacks us or our allies. But there is something you want to add.

Don't take it as easy as presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, who irresponsibly set us up for long-lasting ...Read more

Christine M. Flowers: Plenty of reasons to cheer about Trump's speech to the United Nations

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While other people worried about what President Donald Trump meant when he discussed "sovereignty," and while other people wrung their hands and mopped their brows because he wasn't being polite to North Korea, seated in the front row at his inaugural speech to the United Nations, I heard this:

"It is a massive source of embarrassment to the ...Read more

Merkel: Germany's 'Mutti,' Europe's skipper

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The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Friday, Sept. 22:

Germany's national election Sunday has all the makings of a fait accompli. Chancellor Angela Merkel is on track to gain her fourth term, which would give her 16 years as Germany's leader. Martin Schulz, her closest rival and leader of the center-left Social Democrats, ...Read more

The 3 types of single-payer 'concern trolls'

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With momentum building for single-payer health care among Democratic voters and a growing number of 2020 hopefuls, Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled a "Medicare for All" bill last week. Immediately, a number of pundits denounced the legislation as an "unrealistic" "bloated" "disaster" full of "magic math."

Some of the naysayers are conservatives who...Read more

Price's ethical problems reflect Trump's indifference

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The following editorial was written by Bloomberg View editors:

Under the lax ethical standards President Donald Trump brought to the White House, rampant conflicts of interest are treated with casual indifference. This disregard has sent a message to his entire administration that blurring lines -- between public and private, right and wrong --...Read more

Cynthia M. Allen: On Confederate symbols, the slope is getting slippery

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The debate over the future of our nation's Confederate past has been raging for some time.

And while the tactics and rhetoric of some who favor tearing down statues and renaming city streets, parks and buildings has ranged from inappropriate to outrageous, the arguments made by their more reasonable allies are worth considering.

It is more ...Read more

Trump's UN address rattled, but also reinforced

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The following editorial appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Thursday, Sept. 21:

President Donald Trump made an impression in his Tuesday speech to the U.N. General Assembly. These speeches by heads of government and state, given the forum and attendance of world leaders and international figures, can be considered a statement of a nation...Read more


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