Editorial: The US-North Korea summit falls victim to bipolar rhetoric

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Seriously, is anyone really shocked that the much-ballyhooed Summit-of-the-Century between President Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong Un has been canceled?

From the start, this highly unusual meeting of the minds was undertaken in an unorthodox way, to put it mildly. Negotiated often by tweet and news communique rather than through ...Read more

Cynthia M. Allen: Ireland's pro-life experiment may be a road map for Texas

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Imagine a place where the unborn and their mothers have an equal right to life under the law.

Where maternal mortality rates are consistently low.

Where despite the dire claims of pro-choice proponents, women are not dying in the streets or being butchered in back-alleys to obtain the so-called "health care" available to ...Read more

Gina Barreca: Politicians and life's other inconsistencies

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Growing up, we had a big, bad orange cat named Min. He was the tough guy in the neighborhood. Despite being well-loved, zealously fed and fully neutered, Min's hobby was bullying other people's nicer pets.

When the weather was good, Min would camp out all night under the hydrangea next to the front stoop just to keep an eye on things. We ...Read more

Editorial: Alternative Fact of the Week: Spies in the Trump campaign

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President Donald Trump says a lot of outrageous stuff, like, for example, implying that NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem should be kicked out of the country. But the latest rabbit hole he's dived down is far more serious. The president has spent much of the last week egging on the feverish conspiracy theory that the FBI ...Read more

Commentary: Jack Johnson — pardoned by Trump — fought hard against racism

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On Oct. 17, 1912, a woman identified only as "Mrs. F. Cameron-Falconet" went to the Clark Street police station and, as the Tribune reported, asked the Chicago cops to rescue her daughter, 19 and white, "from the clutches of Jack Johnson, Negro heavyweight champion pugilist."

That opened a racial drama that landed Johnson behind bars and has ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: Stacey Abrams shows the art of the possible in winning Democratic nomination for Georgia governor

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If you were born in the South, you will always be a Southerner.

The way you speak. The values you carry with you. The way you view relationships between the sexes and the races all are a part of your genetic core.

Though your views might evolve over time, there is no getting away from the fact that the mores of the Deep South helped to create ...Read more

Trudy Rubin: North Korea meeting canceled thanks to Trump team's bluster

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President Donald Trump had convinced himself earlier this month that he was en route to a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace to the Korean peninsula. That mirage has already dissipated.

On Thursday, the president announced he was cancelling his planned June 12 summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, blaming the North Korean leader's "tremendous...Read more

Editorial: How do fewer schools and jobs and more hunger help the Palestinians or the cause of peace?

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The Gaza Strip, where more than 100 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers during mass protests in recent weeks, is a dense and dismal sliver of land along the Mediterranean Coast between Egypt and Israel. More than 2 million people are packed tightly into a space the size of Portland, Ore. More than 40 percent of the population is ...Read more

Editorial: The NFL kneels before the altar of profits

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The owners of the 32 National Football League teams sent a wrongheaded and, frankly, un-American message to their players Wednesday: Expressing your opinion during the national anthem is no longer permitted.

"A club will be fined by the League if its personnel are on the field and do not stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem," the ...Read more

Martin Schram: Intelligence role-playing – an interactive game for all ages

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Today, fellow spymasters, we must briefly interrupt our fascination with President Donald Trump's latest Twitter binge of victimization – his weeklong claims that he and his presidential campaign were innocent victims of a scandalous FBI spy caper.

To help us evaluate our president's self-pitying tweet week, we're going to play our first-ever...Read more

Commentary: Two steps to double tax reform's economic benefits

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Chances are, you're one of the 90 percent of Americans who have bigger paychecks due to the tax reform that Congress passed last year. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) cut taxes for individual Americans, lowered businesses taxes and made investment in the United States more attractive, which will combine to increase incomes even more. Last year,...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: Women continue their march to the midterms

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One more primary night, and once again the results fell into a pretty firm pattern.

Democratic women are doing extremely well. The highlights Tuesday were Stacey Abrams, nominated for governor in Georgia; Lupe Valdez, nominated for governor in Texas; and Amy McGrath, who won her U.S. House nomination in Kentucky.

Republican women? Not so much....Read more

Editorial: Searching your smartphone at the border

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Smartphones are so ubiquitous that we take them for granted. But their capabilities would have staggered the imaginations of people who lived just a few decades ago. The wealth of information they offer to users is matched by the immense trove of information they compile about users -- where they went, whom they called or texted, what websites ...Read more

Editorial: Gun owners must lock up and unload at home

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New research from the University of Washington shows gun owners in this state must do a much better job of securing their weapons at home.

The research based on telephone health surveys conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found just over a third of Washington gun owners reported their weapons were locked properly and ...Read more

Commentary: State law can reform police practices, in the face of federal and Supreme Court inaction.

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Excessive force by police officers is a national problem, but the solution will need to come from state and local governments. The federal courts and federal government are showing themselves unwilling to deal with the problem, but meaningful action at the state and local levels is possible and, indeed, essential.

On March 18, Stephon Clark was...Read more

Editorial: In its latest pro-business ruling, the Roberts court undermines workers' rights

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Since John G. Roberts Jr. became chief justice in 2005, the Supreme Court has repeatedly issued rulings favoring corporate rights over those of individuals. Monday saw another such ruling.

In a 5-4 decision written by first-term Justice Neil Gorsuch, the court ruled that workers can't band together to challenge labor arbitration agreements ...Read more

Editorial: Don't hold your breath expecting gun law changes after Texas school shooting

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Quiet. Hear that? Not if you're listening for the sound of gun laws being changed so children will not be shot to death in America's schools.

School massacres have become so frequent that there was a noticeable absence of the strong reactions expected after 10 students and adults were killed by a 17-year-old shooter last week in Santa Fe, Texas...Read more

Editorial: Time for USC's Nikias to go

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In the wake of two appalling scandals that have badly marred the reputation of the University of Southern California, it is time for President C.L. Max Nikias to step aside or be ousted.

Almost a year after the shocking revelation that the dean of the medical school was doing drugs and partying with young criminals and addicts -- and a week ...Read more

Mary Schmich: Woman's poem on Meghan Markle's mom — and all single moms — goes viral

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On the morning that Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, Lesle Honore sat in bed in front of her TV on Chicago's South Side, 4,000 miles from the royal spectacle at Windsor Castle, and wrote a poem on her phone.

It was inspired by the sight of Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland, dressed in wedding finery and riding together in a Rolls-Royce.

...Read more

Commentary: Here's a worthy ethnic studies requirement: Make students pick grapes to graduate

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It's high school graduation season, which means seniors are making big plans, like what their great Instagram hashtags will be and how they'll sneak in vape puffs during the commencement ceremony. Meanwhile, lawmakers in Sacramento are debating Assembly Bill 2772, which would mandate that all high schoolers complete at least one course in ethnic...Read more


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