Editorial: Let's hear from John Bolton on Ukraine aid and what Trump said

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Since its founding in 1873 as a "school farm" for disadvantaged city youth, the McDonogh School in Baltimore County has made honesty and integrity a core part of its mission. That is as true today -- as 13-year-old students are required to sign a pledge promising to "tell the truth in all situations, (and) present work that is truly their own" -...Read more

Commentary: Getting John Bolton to testify is only half the battle

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Are there Las Vegas odds yet on whether former national security adviser John Bolton reveals more in his book than he will in President Trump's impeachment trial?

On Monday, Amazon revealed that Bolton's account of his time in the White House will be published March 17. People who saw drafts of the book told the New York Times that it includes ...Read more

Editorial: Taming a tax war: United States, France reach truce on tech taxes

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The recent trade truce between President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron did more than spare France's wine, cheese and lipstick industries from up to 100% U.S. tariffs.

It also presents breathing room for an international agreement governing how to tax U.S. tech firms with worldwide reach such as Facebook and Google parent ...Read more

Editorial: Boeing's new CEO needs to show commitment to deep overhaul

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In the first public test of Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun's tenure, he failed to demonstrate that he's the transformative leader the embattled aerospace titan needs. Instead, in an interview with reporters on Jan. 22, he was combative and defensive of the company's actions.

The company is in a prolonged crisis, brought on by erosion of its quality ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: Donald Trump's lawyers seem poised to defend him by cheating off Democrats' well-researched homework

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Democrats did a thorough job laying out their case in the Senate for Donald Trump's impeachment. Perhaps, they did it too well.

It is likely that quite a number of Republican senators left the room after Democrats finished Friday night convinced that Trump had, in fact, tried to get a foreign country to intervene in the 2020 election. Some, no ...Read more

Will Bunch: White male rage is Team Trump's only response to impeachment. We shouldn't put up with this

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They have just two jobs on "Saturday Night Live": to be funny and somehow capture the American zeitgeist. The 2019-20 version of the show has mostly been a letdown on that first mission, although no one has really unlocked the secret of making America laugh when the president is beyond parody. But in these troubled times when a Joker is running ...Read more

Doyle McManus: In impeachment trial, GOP senators balk at imagining their heads on a pike

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WASHINGTON -- For most of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial last week, it was difficult from the Senate gallery to know how many senators were paying attention. Some wandered frequently out of the room. Some appeared to doze in their seats. At least one, Rand Paul of Kentucky, did crossword puzzles.

But on Friday evening, when Rep. ...Read more

John M. Crisp: The Senate's solemn responsibility to be impartial

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"Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, all persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment while the House of Representatives is exhibiting to the Senate of the United States articles of impeachment against Donald John Trump, President of the United States."

I've always been a small-D democrat, but that's never interfered with the agreeable ...Read more

Eli Lake: Trump's peace plan is one thing most Israelis will agree on

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Few things can bring together Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the leader of Israel's main opposition party, Benny Gantz. President Donald Trump's long-awaited peace plan is one of them.

Netanyahu and Gantz, whose parties will face one another for the third time in a year in March's elections, arrived in Washington, D.C., on Monday...Read more

Noah Feldman: Why impeachment trial procedures are so weak

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If ordinary rules of precedent were being followed, there would be no argument over whether witnesses should be allowed at the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Every single Senate impeachment trial, ever, has had witnesses. The precedent is unanimous.

But the painful truth is that precedent carries much, much less weight in ...Read more

Editorial: Even under impeachment, Trump is still corruptly steering business to his properties

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As his impeachment trial continued in the U.S. Senate, the president on Thursday unwittingly reminded the nation of the easy corruption that enshrouds his administration by flying south to address the Republican National Committee winter meeting at the Trump National Doral Miami.

Yes, that's the president's golf resort, which means the ...Read more

Commentary: In going after UCLA, the Trump administration is attempting to chill free speech about Israel

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The "longest hatred," as one historian called anti-Semitism, is in the midst of a resurgence. Murderous acts of violence against Jews in recent weeks come on the heels of an alarming rise in anti-Jewish incidents worldwide over the last five years.

A good deal of recent attention has focused on college campuses, which have been identified as ...Read more

Trudy Rubin: A visit to the epicenter of the US-China struggle in the race for 5G

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Despite the truce in the United States-China trade wars, the tech wars between Washington and Beijing are intensifying. Most immediate is the struggle over who will build the new, superfast fifth-generation, or 5G, cellular networks that will revolutionize the way we live by empowering the use of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge ...Read more

Editorial: Political ad monitoring: Facebook makes right call not to act as moderator

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Facebook is right to continue its policy of not moderating political advertising. It is wisely leaving the act of fact-checking such ads to its customers.

The online media giant has provided mixed signals, however, regarding the principle that drove its decision to stick with its generally hands-off approach to political campaigns' ...Read more

Commentary: While candidates posture on student loan debt, Midwestern universities are taking action to relieve it

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As the 2020 election ramps up, student loan debt has emerged as a hot-button issue on the campaign trail, with several presidential hopefuls releasing plans to solve what they are calling a "crisis."

The size of student debt -- which has roughly tripled in the last dozen years and now exceeds $1.5 trillion -- is undeniably sobering, and it is ...Read more

Editorial: A glimmer of positive news on the achievement gap

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At a time when news about educational achievement gaps is mostly negative, it's worth noting even a glimmer of positive change. Recent data from the respected National Center for Education Statistics indicate that for the first time in four decades, one of the gaps is nearly closed.

An NCES study found that the high-school-or-equivalent ...Read more

Commentary: Bernie Sanders is the Sally Field of the Democratic primary

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"And I can't deny the fact that you like me. Right now, you like me!" -- Sally Field, accepting the Best Actress Academy Award for "Places in the Heart" in 1985.

Establishment Democrats fear him, cable news pundits dismiss him as unelectable and Trump supporters celebrate his success. But how do rank-and-file Democrats feel about Bernie Sanders...Read more

Commentary: Census is crucial, but many people may go uncounted

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This year marks the beginning of a new decade and importantly, a new census -- the nationwide survey that will influence the political and socioeconomic agenda for the next 10 years.

When I moved to Baltimore in 2011, the census data from the previous year had been released and with it came a debate on redistricting and the loss of ...Read more

David Zurawik: Study shows how Trump has led Republicans to distrust mainstream media

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The divide is widening. The gulf is deepening. What media outlet you trust is more and more a matter of your ideology. And as hard as it might be to admit, it looks like President Trump is enjoying some success with his scorched-earth campaigns against such mainstream media giants as The New York Times, Washington Post and CNN.

Those are some ...Read more

Editorial: Abortion just became the latest front in Trump's war on California

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President Trump gave two gifts Friday to the anti-abortion movement, which, not in the least bit coincidentally, is a constituency he's counting on to help him win in November. One was his appearance at the annual March for Life rally in Washington, making him the first president ever to attend the nation's premier anti-abortion event. The other...Read more


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