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Editorial: Trump's latest violent, racist rhetoric cues the usual crickets from the GOP

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Donald Trump’s recent post suggesting that Sen. Mitch McConnell harbors a “death wish” for compromising with Democrats was such clearly unacceptable rhetoric that even solidly conservative voices like The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board felt compelled to condemn it. But, as usual, most officials within the putatively mainstream GOP ...Read more

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Scott Maxwell: Florida knew the insurance crisis was coming. Lawmakers waged culture wars instead

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Thanks to Hurricane Ian, Florida is about to experience an insurance crisis that could send your already-high rates even higher, limit your insurer choices even more and cost taxpayers billions.

There’s nothing mankind could do to stop Ian. But there was plenty Florida politicians could’ve done to help prepare its insurance market.

In fact...Read more

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Robin Abcarian: One small cannabis grower's survival plan? To be the best

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Six years ago, just weeks before California voters legalized cannabis for adult recreational use, I visited a couple named Swami Chaitanya and Nikki Lastreto in a remote part of Mendocino County, where they've grown high-quality, organic cannabis for the medical marijuana market since 2003.

We sat in the rustic living room of their sprawling ...Read more


Editorial: Strike down Pennsylvania's felony murder law

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The state appeals court should strike down a Pennsylvania law mandating life-without-parole sentences for second-degree murder. If the court fails to do it, the Pennsylvania General Assembly should scrap this draconian law.

There is ample precedent for judicial review of a law that tests the Eight Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual ...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: Putin is on the rocks, and Ukraine is surging. If US support stays strong, Kyiv can win

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Last week was a turning point in Russia’s war on Ukraine. Kyiv’s astonishing gains will continue, and it is possible to envision a Ukrainian victory, so long as its Western supporters don’t lose their nerve.

After staging sham referendums at gunpoint in four occupied Ukrainian regions, Vladimir Putin announced Friday that residents had �...Read more

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Commentary: The illegitimate attacks on the Supreme Court's legitimacy

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Legitimacy. The word has dominated discussion of the U.S. Supreme Court for years. Some, mostly on the left, claim that the court has lost its legitimacy. The debate on this question even has spread to the court itself, with comments on the matter made by Justices Elena Kagan, John Roberts and Samuel Alito over the summer.

But what does it mean...Read more

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Eduardo Porter: Immigration's burden doesn't fall on a 'handful of red states'

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Who bears the burden of immigration? Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida have made much of their claim that their jurisdictions do so disproportionately, and those run by Democrats obviously do not.

“Every community in America should be sharing in the burdens,” DeSantis said after he plucked 50 Venezuelan asylum ...Read more

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Editorial: Searching for the living, finding the dead. Hurricane Ian takes toll on rescuers, too

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They go from door to door, hoping to find survivors and accounting for the dead, a grueling mission that continues even as bright and sunny skies make monstrous Hurricane Ian seem like something out of our deepest nightmares.

“We end up in this paradise — but next to us is an apocalypse,” one Miami-Dade firefighter assigned to a rescue ...Read more

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Commentary: The threat to democracy that no one's talking about

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Few people would characterize the conservative South as enlightened when it comes to electoral politics. But the truth is that in some respects it is more advanced than many Democratic strongholds. While states like Oregon and New York continue to employ closed party primary elections, even as the electorate becomes more independent and more ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: How the GOP counts on Democrats' goodwill to conceal its own cruelty

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In a world where Republicans set political standards, one could expect that migrants would be abandoned in remote places without hope of succor and that funding for infrastructure construction and disaster relief would be provided only to GOP-led communities.

We don't live in that world because political and humanitarian counterbalances exist ...Read more

VIEWPOINT 2: Immigration may play a more important role in the midterms than you think

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After Barack Obama’s victory in the 2008 presidential election, many political experts expected increasing immigration would hand Democrats consistent electoral victories in the future.

However, in 2020, despite President Donald Trump’s harsh rhetoric on immigration, he improved upon the performance of the previous Republican presidential ...Read more

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Commentary: The quandary of US-trained Chinese scientists: Stay or leave?

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Would you train your workers and then squeeze them out by creating a hostile environment? Would you drive out these workers so they can go work for a competitor? The answer is obviously no. Yet this is what’s happening now in the U.S., with a rising number of U.S.-trained Chinese scientists leaving this country.

In 2021 alone, 1,400 U.S.-...Read more

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Commentary: Is the COVID-19 pandemic really over?

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President Joe Biden elucidated his thoughts on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in an interview with “60 Minutes” last month. “The pandemic is over. … We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. But the pandemic is over. If you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good ...Read more

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Commentary: Republicans hold cards to ensuring $130B in wasteful spending is cut by end of year

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It’s no secret that government spending has been out of control for years. But come December, Congress will have a golden opportunity to stem the tide of red ink.

Whether or not that happens is entirely up to Senate Republicans.

Congressional Democrats have been on an unprecedented spending spree ever since Joe Biden took the White House. ...Read more

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Faye Flam: Hunger and obesity are the same problem in the US

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Scientific understanding is challenging the conventional wisdom about hunger — now framing it as a scourge that afflicts not only people who get too few calories, but also those who consume mostly sugar and refined starch. Under this new understanding, people eating the wrong kind of diet can suffer from both hunger and obesity.

A more ...Read more

VIEWPOINT 1: Immigration is a top issue for voters

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There are two reasons voters should think about immigration when they go to the polls (or however they cast ballots these days). First and most apparent is the fallout of President Joe Biden’s border crisis on communities all over the country. But second is what the administration’s willful violation of immigration law means for all other ...Read more

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Editorial: The public shouldn't have to sue to get public information

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Ask any reporter or public watchdog dealing with federal agencies and they will tell you the Freedom of Information Act is an invaluable tool to ensure government transparency and accountability. They can also share stories of dealing with mind-numbing bureaucracy and yearslong waits.

The 55-year-old law remains powerful but flawed, with ...Read more

Mark Z. Barabak: Here's why the House is likely to flip while the Senate remains up in the air

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With Election Day now less than five weeks away, we peer into our crystal ball — which is foggier than a summer morning in San Francisco — and answer questions.

Let's get right to it. Will Republicans take control of Congress?

I have absolutely no clue.

So what good are you?

That's something my bosses have been asking for years.

...Read more

Editorial: Coming together when disasters hit

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Minnesotans know what it's like to deal with a disaster. We've been through tornadoes, historic floods and withering droughts.

So our hearts go out to Floridians in their time of need. The concern is even more significant because of Minnesotans' strong ties to the Sunshine State. Naples, perched on Florida's southwest coast, is a favorite of ...Read more

Commentary: How Hollywood producers created the first conservative political attack ads

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Once again, political mudslinging and false campaign ads threaten to take center stage in the final weeks before Election Day in November. This is nothing new, but thanks to television networks, streaming services and the internet, these ads are now more influential than ever. But the first attack ads to hit the screen predated these mediums by ...Read more



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