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Helen Ubiñas: Grief over gun violence is weighing down Philly students

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PHILADELPHIA — In a couple of weeks, Jessica Blair’s three sons will walk into their Philadelphia schools with fresh haircuts, new backpacks, and crisp outfits.

But they will also carry with them something else: the grim and invisible burden of having witnessed Blair’s partner and the father of her two younger boys fight for his life ...Read more

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Bobby Ghosh: Bolton plot should be a warning on Iran nuclear talks

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The Iranian regime has a long, dishonorable history of assassination plots against dissidents and detractors abroad, but commissioning a hit against a former U.S. national security adviser represents a raising of the bar in brazenness. The revelation that a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps attempted to have John Bolton murdered �...Read more

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Commentary: In Kenya, cautious optimism for the country's presidential election

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Kenyans went to the polls on Tuesday to vote in a highly anticipated presidential election, as well as dozens of contests for governors, senators, and other positions across the country. The outcome won’t just matter to Kenyans either. The fraught East African region looks to Kenya as a source of stability, so its neighbors are eager to see ...Read more

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Editorial: A pro-police reform official gets fired. Is City Hall truly committed to fixing CPD?

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Reforming this city’s police force within the framework of the federally mandated consent decree should never become a second tier priority. A recent personnel move at the department suggests it already has.

Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown recently fired Robert Boik, CPD’s executive director of constitutional policing ...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: Ukraine's civilian volunteers work to give aid and rebuild, even as Russia continues to bomb them

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KHARKIV, Ukraine — Here is a critical reason why Vladimir Putin has failed to crush Ukraine: Its civilians are fighting back with an army of volunteers.

All across the country, groups of ordinary Ukrainians are helping to feed or house refugees displaced from the Donbas, raising funds to buy flak jackets or drones for military units without ...Read more

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Editorial: Conservation alone won't solve California's water crisis. We need more infrastructure.

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The question persists even though it shouldn't: Can California conserve its way out of this drought?

The answer is clearly no. But then again, if water policy in California were as clear as water itself, Jake Gittes would never have been told to "forget it."

Oh, conservation can help. That's why Gov. Gavin Newsom has called on Californians ...Read more

Martin Schram: Defund the no-longer law-and-order party!

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Suddenly, news screens throughout our land are flooding us with new fears. Once again, it feels like we may be trapped in a reoccurring national nightmare that threatens to divide us and shatter our democracy.

It all seems frightening, yet familiar – like a melding of the shocking violence of Jan. 6 and the looping lunacy of Groundhog Day.

...Read more

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Driverless trucks can be safe and efficient

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Long-haul trucking has always been a tough job that keeps drivers away from their families for days and sometimes weeks. It’s no wonder there’s a perennial shortage of them. The pool of available drivers is aging — the median age is about 46 and climbing — and the industry is struggling to attract younger people to get behind the wheel ...Read more

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Editorial: Gov. DeSantis' missed opportunity on the Mar-a-Lago raid

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“The raid against MAL (Mar-a-Lago) is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Now the Regime is getting another 87k IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic.” — Gov. Ron DeSantis in a recent tweet ...Read more

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Commentary: Do we make bad assumptions about the news coverage we see?

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Recently I was struck by a conversation I had with a progressive friend. When I noted the significant decrease in extreme world poverty over the past two decades — a remarkable achievement that has attracted relatively little news coverage — he responded by confidently denying that this was so. His reasoning was instructive: If this were ...Read more

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Clive Crook: Would locking up Trump serve the public interest?

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Without knowing what the Department of Justice has learned about former President Donald Trump’s conduct, it’s impossible to say whether searching his home in Mar-a-Lago was justified. Before all the facts are in, however, it’s crucial to understand that the verdict on this action and what follows can’t rest only on what the law says. ...Read more

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George Skelton: California's gambling propositions are breaking spending records. Do we really need more betting?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California is plagued by wildfires, drought, homelessness, unaffordable housing and the nation's steepest gas prices. And there is scary inflation and devastating climate change.

So, what is our greatest concern? What keeps us awake at night? It should be all of above.

But odds are it's not the lack of gambling ...Read more

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Commentary: Japan could send a message to North Korea, China by amending its constitution

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In May of 2017, I was in Kyoto, Japan, sitting on the patio of a Starbucks while scrolling through news headlines on my phone. The top story that day was that North Korea had test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile, which had landed in the Sea of Japan. Yet, everyone around me was carrying on with their day, seemingly unbothered.

It’...Read more

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Commentary: College campuses can be the staging ground for a democratic revitalization

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On July 11, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Nikema Williams introduced the Youth Voting Rights Act, which if enacted would be perhaps the most significant expansion of voting access for young people in more than 50 years. It’s the second major action intended to make voting easier for young people, including and especially college students, in ...Read more

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Gustavo Arellano: How I've stayed COVID-free -- caution, good luck and a smart wife

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Infected people have coughed on me, maskless.

I didn't get COVID.

I've attended parties that became super-spreader events — didn't get COVID.

I never sheltered in place and frequently punctured my pandemic bubble during the worst waves — didn't get the virus.

One time, the spittle of a sneezing, sniffling guy somehow went through his ...Read more

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Editorial: Keep police radio communications public

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Police radio communications have been public ever since the Detroit Police Department began broadcasting one-way transmissions to mobile officers on station KOP in the 1920s. In fact, in those early days, headquarters occasionally interspersed calls to Motor City police cars with renditions of “Yankee Doodle” to satisfy the Federal Radio ...Read more

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Editorial: Memo to Merrick Garland: If no one is above the law, prove it

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Attorney General Merrick Garland has insisted that “no person is above the law in this country,” and it appears that he meant it. The FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach home, Mar-a-Lago, could not have happened without Garland’s knowledge and approval.

The concept that no one is above the law has been the theme of ...Read more

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Commentary: California wants more ethanol and carbon capture. That would lock in pollution for decades

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As California prepares to update its low carbon fuel standard — a policy aiming to reduce emissions from transportation fuels — Indigenous groups and environmentalists across the Midwest are fighting one of its key provisions. The policy would incentivize ethanol production through technology that stores carbon underground not just in ...Read more

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Jackie Calmes: Will the Republican Party trigger another round of Jan. 6-style violence ?

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Wasn't Jan. 6, 2021, proof enough for Rep. "My Kevin" McCarthy and other Republican officials that words matter?

That anti-government rhetoric, echoes of Donald Trump's grievances and war metaphors are triggers — no pun intended — for a small battalion of armed extremists, who stand back and stand by for any perceived signal to literally go...Read more

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Editorial: If Gavin Newsom is the national progressive leader he claims to be, he'll sign this bill

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Anyone laboring under the misimpression that California is a progressive utopia should contemplate the state’s stupefying debate over safe drug injection sites. In the face of an overblown reputation for liberalism and the mounting toll of drug overdoses, the state’s leaders have resisted departing from their drug war footing of yore to ...Read more



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