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Editorial: Black Lives Matter is a good cause. Gross financial mismanagement is not

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A closer inspection of the nonprofit tax form filed by the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation reveals even more unseemly details about the group’s financial mismanagement than previously known. The group came under initial scrutiny after New York Magazine reported that the organization had secretly purchased a $6 million mansion in ...Read more

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Editorial: Pa. Republican Party chair should resign over Doug Mastriano debacle

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Faced with Doug Mastriano’s insurgent candidacy, the state’s Republican leaders chose to do precisely nothing to protect Pennsylvania from a fanatic who would use the power of the governor’s office to try to subvert the laws of the United States.

The state party chair, Lawrence Tabas, should resign for his failure to prevent Mastriano’s...Read more


Martin Schram: Is Putin's offramp finally under construction?

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled punditry to report some breaking news.

NEWSBREAK: Russia’s state TV permitted a highly decorated retired army colonel to report some actual, factual news on Monday about what has really gone wrong with Russia’s flailing, failing invasion of Ukraine.

Indeed, anchors and analysts on the Rossiya network’...Read more

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Solomon Jones: Buffalo shooting illustrates the persistence of white supremacy

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I have often disagreed with the notion that racism is a permanent fixture in American society. I believe too strongly in humanity’s ability to change, to adapt, to dream. I believed that our country could someday become a semblance of the utopia it often claims to be.

Then I learned that 18-year-old Payton Gendron had walked into a grocery ...Read more

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Fabiola Santiago: Cuba blackmails the US with exodus. Biden responds with ill-timed, mostly weak policy

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After promising voters he would take a fresh look at U,S,-Cuba policy, President Joe Biden has delivered, 16 months into his term, ill-timed, mostly mediocre change that portends to help the Cuban people.

But consider the moment.

Biden is re-opening travel and expanding flights to the island that will inevitably turn into dollar-churning ...Read more

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Editorial: Heat waves are killing Californians in their homes. Cooling standards could save lives

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In the summer it can get up to 120 degrees inside the un-air-conditioned home Agustin Pedro Pedro rents in the San Joaquin Valley city of Madera, so unbearably hot that he sweats, feels faint and gets headaches.

“I arrive tired from work, but I can’t even rest in my own home because the heat doesn’t allow me,” the 60-year-old farmworker...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: Sweden and Finland are joining NATO because Europeans can't stay neutral about Putin's war

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Only days ago, Russian foreign ministry officials were warning Finland about “retaliation” if its leaders applied to join NATO. Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev spouted dire nuclear threats, and many Western pundits warned about the danger of further NATO expansion.

Yet on Monday, after top Finnish and Swedish officials announced ...Read more

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Commentary: Hollywood helped build the cult of the perfect green lawn into a disaster genre

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My lawn spoke to me the other day. At least, I think it did. I was sitting on the porch having my morning coffee when I heard a low moan coming from the ground before me.

“Thirsty grass,” it whispered with scratchy sibilance.

The lawn did look like it could use a drink. We are in the midst of the worst Western drought in nearly 1,200 years...Read more

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Rekha Basu: Gov. Kim Reynolds' default to secrecy gets judge's rebuke -- and provokes more serious questions

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Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds recently met privately with dozens of people in the basement of an operations facility in a Marion park. The event wasn't listed on her official public schedule and members of the media who got wind of it and turned up were turned away. "Multiple elected officials were seen leaving the two-hour closed-door meeting," the ...Read more

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Editorial: If activists are serious about 'life,' they should embrace contraception access

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As contentious as the issue of abortion rights is at the moment, it would be easy to assume there’s no overlap between those who believe women have a right to biological self-determination and those who believe that terminating a pregnancy at any stage is murder — an argument that some lawmakers in red-state America are already attempting to...Read more

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Commentary: The FDA needs more information on supplements. Consumers' safety is at risk

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The COVID-19 quarantine changed everyday life for Americans, including many aspects of our diet, health and exercise regimens. One change that has not received enough scrutiny is that during the pandemic, millions of Americans turned to dietary supplements. In 2020, sales of dietary supplements were 14.5% higher than the previous year — the ...Read more


Viewpoint 3: To avoid the next infant formula crisis, make food safety a priority

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The Food and Drug Administration has reached an agreement with Abbott Laboratories to resume production at the company’s Sturgis, Michigan, facility. The announcement gives hope of relief for the three-fourths of American parents who rely on infant formula, and have struggled to find the product in recent weeks.

But the incidents leading up ...Read more

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Commentary: Say no to nuclear power

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The nuclear power industry has been pushing the fantasy of yet another “renaissance” of nuclear power, based on the absurd idea that atomic reactors — which operate at 571 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in substantial greenhouse gas emissions and, periodically, explosions — can somehow cool the planet.

But the fact is that no more big, ...Read more

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Robin Abcarian: This is a perilous moment for rights we take for granted

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Last week, I got an earful from readers who were angry that I defended peaceful protests at the homes of three conservative Supreme Court justices, who with their conservative brethren, appear to be on the verge of overturning Roe vs. Wade.

Some said I might feel different if protesters had invaded my neighborhood and disrupted my peace. A ...Read more

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Commentary: How a million American COVID deaths somehow understates the enormity of the loss

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A million Americans have been lost to the pandemic, according to the federal government’s official count, making this a disaster that defies most comparisons. And yet it’s so much worse.

By the time the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the nation had reached the bleak crossroads this week, it was in all likelihood ...Read more


Viewpoint 2: Cronyism makes the baby formula shortage worse

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Bad policy makes people vulnerable, and the current baby formula shortage is just the latest example. The immediate cause of the shortage was contamination in a Michigan factory, which might not resume production until June. But the underlying cause is a slew of bad policies that make the market less competitive.

Tariffs, labeling and marketing...Read more

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Commentary: Idaho can claim election victory -- for the most part -- over far-right extremism

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With a few notable exceptions, Idahoans can breathe a sigh of relief after most traditional Republicans won statewide victories over more extreme far-right challengers in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

Among the statewide races, incumbent Gov. Brad Little handily and expectedly held off a challenge from Trump-endorsed Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin...Read more


Viewpoint 1: The infant formula crisis and our inequitable food system

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No child should ever go hungry in the richest nation in the world. And yet in recent days, panicked parents and caretakers who rely on infant formula for their loved ones’ health and nutritional needs are contending with the skyrocketing prices of baby formula and a severe shortage in grocery stores.

Nationwide, 43 percent of baby formula ...Read more

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Commentary: My childhood home in Glendale cost $8,500 in 1954. What it's worth now is madness

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A favorite family tale goes something like this: In the early 1980s my uncle, the son of working-class Norwegian immigrants, was nervously heading home to Glendale for the first time with his girlfriend, also a child of immigrants, but ones of considerable self-made wealth. My uncle likes to joke that his rich girlfriend (now my aunt) surely ...Read more

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America's Army: 'Equitable' but not combat-ready

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Americans are used to picturing Army combat soldiers as incredibly tough individuals, able to run faster and do more pushups than most people. In today’s Army, though that notion is officially passé. At a recent Senate hearing, we learned that Army physical fitness has been sacrificed on the altar of gender equity, a move that former ...Read more



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