Editorial: We went to the moon

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A decade before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the lunar surface, a popular children's book was published with a title that sounded like a promise:

"You Will Go to the Moon."

The illustrations showed a young boy's trip in a rocket to a space station, to a lunar lander and finally a moon base. He went. Pretty soon, you...Read more

Commentary: No, using reusable straws isn't a 'risk.' Not using them is

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I was very sorry to hear about the British woman who died after impaling herself on a reusable metal drinking straw -- and not just because it sounds like a terrible way to die. This single strange and horrible story has the potential to do further harm by whipping up fears over efforts to reduce single-use plastic.

Sixty-year-old Elena ...Read more

Editorial: Trump's racist tweets designed to divide the nation

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President Trump's racist tweets and comments this week show how low he plans to go and how deeply he intends to divide the nation in order to try to win re-election in 2020.

"Go back to where you came from" is a bigoted taunt that we should not tolerate from our children, in our schools, in the workplace -- and certainly not from our president....Read more

Commentary: Congress needs to retake its power to declare war

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Here are two facts Americans should be aware of: There will be men and women deploying to Afghanistan for the first time this September who were born after Sept. 11, 2001; the authorization for that war was signed so long ago that 80% of the men and women in Congress today never voted on it. Put these facts together and one comes to the ...Read more

Editorial: Denying Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans doesn't make any sense

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Nicolas Maduro, the authoritarian shoved aside by an interim leader in Venezuela, nevertheless maintains his grip on power. Humanitarian aid still is stuck at the Colombian border, while Venezuelans starve and are desperate for medication. U.S. sanctions have severely cut into Venezuela's oil revenues, as intended, but they also have left more ...Read more

Virginia Heffernan: The Democrats' 'squad,' infighting and extremism may save the nation

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When 65,853,514 of us cast our ballots for Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, we were voting for the relative peace, opportunity and pluralism of Barack Obama's America. The majority of voters that day at the polls hoped for an experienced leader known for effectiveness and compromise.

We got the opposite. Now 2016 is a distant country, and ...Read more

Commentary: What sex-trafficking defendants look like now

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The new faces of sex trafficking are increasingly white, affluent and well-connected. In an indictment unveiled July 8 in the Southern District of New York, Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy hedge fund manager, was charged with sex trafficking for recruiting numerous minors for paid sex acts. In 2018, a federal judge ruled that Harvey Weinstein, the ...Read more

Christine M. Flowers: Firing Leana Wen a reminder of Planned Parenthood's true mission

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I've often been a critic of Planned Parenthood, because I believe that despite its arguments to the contrary, the organization is primarily a political tool for the abortion industry. Those who support Planned Parenthood are quick with the statistics about how they provide counseling, general check-ups and health care, mammogram referrals and ...Read more

Rekha Basu: Trump's comments, attacks on members of Congress of color signal racism is acceptable

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In telling four congresswomen of color to go back to their home countries – which, as Americans, they're already in – Donald Trump tells every American it's OK to go after someone's ethnicity if you disagree with, dislike or have cause to interact with them.

He tells the police officer it's fine to consider a motorist's skin color when ...Read more

Editorial: 'Send her back': A dark reminder of who we are

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It happened in the first half of Wednesday's speech. Donald Trump, our president, began to talk about Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Democratic from Minnesota who was among the four women of color he had attacked Sunday in a racist tweet. Everyone knew Trump would speak about the women at some point to the Greenville, North Carolina crowd. Did we know what ...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: An alleged sexual assault victim may have lied to help acquit R. Kelly in 2008. Her cooperation this time is an act of bravery

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CHICAGO -- It was clear from his trial in 2008 that R. Kelly is a bad guy. It was hard to grasp how a jury could have acquitted him of child pornography after watching the videotape that prosecutors said showed him having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

But what choice did they have when the girl in the video, by then a 23-year-old woman, insisted...Read more

Ryan J. Rusak: Beto O'Rourke's presidential run has hit rock bottom so fast, even I feel bad for him

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Things have gotten abysmal for Beto O'Rourke.

Not even a year ago, he came closer to winning a statewide office than any Texas Democrat in two decades. He even won Tarrant County, a rare feat. And although he lost to Sen. Ted Cruz, his arrow seemed to point only up. O'Rourke's entry to the presidential race was greeted with a fawning Vanity ...Read more

George Skelton: With new California wildfire law, Newsom didn't let perfect be the enemy of good

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- "Nothing's clean, Howard. But we do our best, right?" the Ava Gardner character tells eccentric Howard Hughes, who is fretting over germs.

It's one of my favorite movie quotes, one that universally speaks to the human condition -- most any condition, particularly politics.

In the 2004 Academy Award-winning film "The ...Read more

Editorial: New California wildfire plan has a catch — and it's a big one

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Gavin Newsom's new $21.5 billion California wildfire fund is being seen as a big victory for the governor. With good reason. The legislation offers a reasonable approach to solving the complex liability problem of who should pay when utilities cause destructive infernos.

But there's a catch. And it's a big one.

The success of the bill hinges ...Read more

Ann McFeatters: In 2019, what is the definition of a racist?

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WASHINGTON – It is astounding that 159 years after the end of the Civil War we are having a full-throated debate about whether the U.S. president is a racist. Or is that surprising?

Donald Trump's tweet that four Democratic congresswomen of color should "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came." ...Read more

Commentary: Let's be thankful to all those working to foil terrorism here at home

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Almost 18 years after 9/11, it has been a while since we've heard of any successful Islamist terrorism attacks. That doesn't mean no attempts are being made, however.

If you live in New York City, you probably recall Akayed Ullah's 2017 bombing of the subway tunnel near Times Square.

Fortunately, successful attacks are few and far between of ...Read more

Gina Barreca: I need a digital mood ring

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There's research and development going on to offer the world a new kind of Fitbit-type measuring tool that would be able to give you feedback about your mood.

I'm intrigued.

Let me explain one thing before we continue: I don't own a Fitbit because it would end up owning me.

I'm the kind of person who, when performing an eye exam, squints in ...Read more

Editorial: Ryan Leaf's comeback is heartening. Second chances should be the American way.

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Young people make mistakes all the time. But when they make criminal mistakes, even some serious ones, their lives should not be thrown aside. Second chances should be given. This belief is why The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board has advocated for years for criminal-justice reforms.

And it's why, while some San Diegans may still resent ...Read more

Commentary: A century of surviving crises left democracy overconfident and vulnerable

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We could be in the midst of the beginning of the end of democracy as we know it. Or we could just be in another of those eek-yikes crises that democracy has always managed to triumph over in the last reel. So far. David Runciman is a professor at Cambridge University; his book "The Confidence Trap, a History of Democracy in Crisis from World War...Read more

Commentary: US health care would collapse without foreign-trained nurses like me, so why did the House vote to ban us?

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America's population is growing, its workforce is aging and its health care system is straining under the weight of both. At the intersection of these trends is the very practical question of just who's going to care for all these new patients.

Increasingly, the nurse answering that bedside call looks and sounds a lot like me, a first-...Read more


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