Commentary: Are Americans in a funk? It's time for 'The Little Engine that Could'

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Trust in institutions is declining, expectations for small business outcomes are diminishing and real household incomes are sinking; it is fair to say that Americans seem to be in a funk.

The University of Michigan’s September Consumer Sentiment Index is sitting at 71.6 points, which is well above the June 2022 all-time low of 50 but well ...Read more

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Commentary: What Trump's assistant told investigators about classified records -- and why it's so damning

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Donald Trump has successfully made up his own rules in the political arena, but in the legal arena, he will have to adhere to the rules that apply to all. That’s why a witness such as Molly Michael is so dangerous to him.

We just learned the broad strokes of what Michael, an assistant to the former president at Mar-a-Lago, told special ...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: Russia's kidnapping of Ukrainian children under the spotlight at United Nations

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When President Joe Biden urged world leaders on Tuesday not to diminish support for Ukraine, he used a phrase whose importance you may have missed. Speaking at the U.N. General Assembly, Biden charged (correctly) that Russia’s price for peace is “Ukraine’s capitulation, Ukraine’s territory, and Ukraine’s children.”

I’ve added ...Read more

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Editorial: Texas GOP 'civil war' after Paxton verdict isn't good for state, party

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The Texas Republican Party has been at war with itself for years, waging battles large and small, consequential and petty. The split over Attorney General Ken Paxton spilled it all into the open.

But just because the House voted to impeach Paxton and the Senate voted to acquit him, it doesn’t follow that the GOP, which runs everything at the ...Read more


Jackie Calmes: Kevin McCarthy's impeachment inquiry proves there's only one political party of revenge -- the GOP

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It was nearly 80 years from Congress' creation to the first impeachment of a president, Andrew Johnson in 1868, and 130 years more until the second, Bill Clinton in 1998, both of them Democrats impeached by Republican House majorities. That total — two impeachments in more than two centuries — doubled in just over a year with the 2019 and ...Read more

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Editorial: Florida Republicans wisely toss out loyalty oath

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The Republican Party of Florida did the right thing.

By scrapping a loyalty oath requirement for access to its presidential primary ballot next March, the party’s executive board was simply retracting what it should never have adopted last May.

Had that unprecedented rule remained in effect, it would have kept former President Donald Trump�...Read more

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Erika D. Smith: 'Enough is enough.' Why RV encampments might finally start disappearing in LA

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LOS ANGELES — For almost three years, "home" for Wendy Lockett was a dilapidated RV.

Her "community" was a close-knit group of men, women and dogs living in equally dilapidated RVs, and her "neighborhood" — much to the aggravation of many on the Westside of L.A. — was a trash-strewn encampment on Jefferson Boulevard alongside the Ballona ...Read more

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Editorial: Scuttling Senate dress code diminishes decorum when our politics needs it most

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Congress is bickering as usual. A potential federal shutdown is looming. Public respect for the elected representatives of government is at historic lows.

What a perfect time to announce that members of the world’s greatest deliberative body are welcome to start coming to the U.S. Capitol looking like slobs.

That sarcasm is perhaps ...Read more

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Editorial: 'Yurt' cities run by private security, possibly coming to a neighborhood near you. What could go wrong?

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Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker reportedly leaned hard on President Joe Biden’s administration to make it possible for new migrants from Venezuela, several thousand of whom are sheltering in Chicago, to get authorization to work legally. Good job, governor. That’s a very positive development.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on ...Read more


Commentary: Work-family balance should be a top-tier policy area

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The work-family balance topic is one of the dominant issues in American society, but you would not know this based upon the amount of attention it gets compared with immigration, guns, abortion, national defense, Social Security and Medicare, transportation, climate change and taxes.

This is yet another sign of our dysfunctional democracy. ...Read more


Commentary: Repairing older homes will save lives

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Extreme heat causes thousands of unnecessary deaths each year in the United States. And due to climate change, heat waves are becoming more common. This summer, for example, Phoenix had a record 31 straight days with temperatures hitting 110 degrees or higher.

Having an airtight home with decent insulation and functioning air conditioning ...Read more


Commentary: Are Americans in a funk? It's time for 'The Little Engine that Could'

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According to the University of Michigan’s September Consumer Sentiment Index, Americans seem to be in a funk. At 71.6 points, the index is above the June 2022 all-time low of 50 but well below the 101 achieved in February 2020.. While the index is mired at pre-pandemic levels, the economy has marched ahead. According to a related Economist ...Read more

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Editorial: Don't abandon your right to vote -- the stakes are too high

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It’s easy to be dissatisfied with the actions, or inactions, of government these days. While Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives dithered over a plan to keep the federal government funded in order to avoid a calamitous shutdown — a scenario that has “always been a loser for Republicans politically,” according to Senate ...Read more

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Commentary: I teach Constitutional Law. Supreme Court oral arguments have gotten way too long

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Supreme Court oral arguments have gotten too long. How do I know this? It used to be that during one of my longer morning runs, I could listen to an entire Supreme Court oral argument. Now, that’s getting harder and harder to do. I end my run, and the argument is still going. So I listen to it while I make breakfast. Then I listen to it on my ...Read more

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Editorial: DeSantis delays valid ethics complaints for years. Why?

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We understand that Gov. Ron DeSantis is a very busy man. Iowa, New Hampshire, Tallahassee. It’s a lot. Somewhere along the line, though, surely he’s had time to read, and take final action on, 42 ethics cases against Florida public officials.

Yet he hasn’t bothered to finalize a single complaint forwarded to him by the Florida Commission ...Read more

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Commentary: How one whale's tragic death could ignite a movement

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The death last month of the killer whale known as Tokitae or Lolita touched a raw nerve in our culture. Toki lived 53 years in a deteriorating tank at Miami Seaquarium — a home that nearly everyone agreed was both inadequate and horrifically small for an animal whose wild counterparts often travel up to 100 miles a day. From her inhumane 1970 ...Read more


Mark Gongloff: Biden's words on climate change don't match his actions

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In his speech at the United Nations General Assembly this week, President Joe Biden called climate change an “existential threat” to “all of humanity.” Last week, he went even further, calling the prospect of long-term global warming of 1.5 C above preindustrial averages “even more frightening than a nuclear war.”

If all of this is ...Read more

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Tyler Cowen: Some kinds of dogs shouldn't be allowed as pets

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Over the last two years, at least five people in the UK have been killed by American XL bully dogs, prompting no less than the prime minister himself to come forward with a plan to control the dogs. The upshot of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s policy is that they will have to be registered, neutered, muzzled in public and insured, with an ...Read more

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Editorial: Can California Gov. Gavin Newsom show some guts on these 5 controversial bills?

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Gov. Gavin Newsom has before him about a thousand bills approved by the California Legislature that now await his fate but some are far more explosive and politically consequential than others.

These bills in Newsom’s pile could reveal how the governor is evolving as a leader, and now he has less than a month to review them.

If recent ...Read more

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Commentary: The assault of 'natural law' morality on transgender people

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When I was in college, an art history professor at my school transitioned. This was in the late 1970s, so one might think that this was a big deal for everyone on campus. It turned out not to be. The professor in no way concealed their journey, and we gave them their space.

I now deeply respect the unassuming dignity of this professor and the ...Read more



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