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Trudy Rubin: The White House war on science undermines trust in a COVID-19 vaccine

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Late in the fourth year of the Trump presidency, the United States is confronting a far more dangerous war than the "forever wars" he says he is ending.

This is a multiphase conflict begun by the president himself, with new battle fronts opened daily. The deadly combat can end only if he is voted out of office.

It began as Trump's war on ...Read more

Editorial: Write a big old check, Mr. Bloomberg and help Florida's ex-felons vote in November

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Michael Bloomberg, former New York mayor and former flash in the pan for the Democratic nomination for president, has $100 million burning a hole in his pocket.

He says he's going to spend it all in Florida to help Joe Biden win the state in November.

We have an idea. First, a little history.

Ex-felons in the state for decades did not have ...Read more

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Editorial: Secure borders and compassion

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A great nation must have secure borders.

A great democracy must embrace liberty and human rights.

In 1933, the year that Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, Albert Einstein helped create the International Rescue Committee. Twelve years later, at the end of World War II, there were tens of millions of refugees displaced in Europe whose ...Read more

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Commentary: Want to change Hollywood culture? Stop using classic movie formulas

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Netflix's miniseries "Hollywood," a fictionalized retelling of classic moviemaking set in the 1940s and '50s, was panned by some critics for its extreme historical revisionism. The series offers an alternate history of Tinseltown, one that poses the question of what Hollywood would be like today if the industry had been more courageous in taking...Read more

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Commentary: With global heating, expect inferno seasons in the American West

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More than 3.1 million acres have burned in California this year - some 3% of the state - with many wildfires still at zero containment and months of fire season left to go. This far exceeds the previous record set in 2018, when 1.7 million acres burned, including the town of Paradise.

These raging fires, some exacerbated by the blistering heat ...Read more

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Stephen L. Carter: The Breonna Taylor settlement is part of the solution

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Here's the right question to ask about the $12 million settlement that Louisville, Kentucky, has agreed to pay to settle the lawsuit stemming from the death of Breonna Taylor: Will this deal reduce the chances of the same thing happening again?

Taylor, as most readers know, was killed when police carrying a no-knock warrant broke down her door....Read more

Eli Lake: The Kurds have paid dearly for Trump's recklessness

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President Donald Trump made one of his most reckless decisions last October, when he tweeted he was ending the U.S. mission in Syria, to the great surprise of his own government and at considerable cost to U.S. credibility. Now, nearly a year later, a United Nations report makes clear the damage to the Kurds and Arabs that America left behind.

...Read more

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Editorial: Villanueva is the best advertisement for muscular sheriff oversight

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission and Inspector Gen. Max Huntsman would have enough work on their plates if all they did was review the statements and actions by Sheriff Alex Villanueva and his deputies over just the last week.

They could take up the shocking arrest and physical assault of KPCC reporter Josie Huang, ...Read more

Commentary: Holding a gun can be thrilling, but it doesn't make us safer

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Would carrying a gun make you feel safe? It's a claim gun owners make. I grew up around guns. Guns were hanging on the wall of our den, and the desk drawer below the gun rack held the ammunition. As a teenager, I was allowed to go out and shoot rifles, shotguns, and pistols virtually anytime I wanted. Many times, I walked with friends along the ...Read more

Commentary: The World Trade Organization, in ruling for China, bares its toothless gums

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A World Trade Organization panel ruled Tuesday the Trump administration violated international trade rules by trying to stop China's blatant violations of international trade rules.

The ruling probably won't make a whit of difference in the ongoing trade fight between the two countries, however, because the administration has undermined the WTO...Read more

Doyle McManus: Trump's 'law and order' pitch falls flat

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WASHINGTON - When cities and towns erupted in protests this summer after a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on the neck of a Black man until he stopped breathing, President Donald Trump seized on a familiar Republican theme to boost his re-election campaign.

"I am your law-and-order president," he declared.

Trump blamed the ...Read more

CON: Donald Trump and the mendacity of fear

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Four American presidents have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The first was Theodore Roosevelt, for his work to bring an end to the Russo-Japanese war. The second was Woodrow Wilson, whose Fourteen Points remain the framework upon which the liberal world order tenuously hangs. The third was Jimmy Carter, who was recognized for a lifetime of ...Read more

PRO: Trump's Nobel nomination is richly deserved

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Yes, President Donald Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. He's just brokered a landmark shift in the Middle East, in which two Arab nations - the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain - have normalized relations with Israel. On Tuesday, Trump hosted a ceremony at the White House with officials of all three nations, where they signed "The Abraham ...Read more

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Ann McFeatters: Climate change is manmade evil

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SEATTLE – If you are at all claustrophobic, seeing nothing but white smoke from the windows is unsettling. If you go outside, even a precious N95 mask unearthed from a dusty pile of paint cans and brushes is insufficient. Your lungs hurt. Your eyes burn.

Worse, just a few miles away, is the unending destruction. Houses evaporated, leaving ...Read more

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Commentary: Big Ten football is suddenly 'safe'? In the reopening debate for sports and entertainment, that word is a lie

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As the Big Ten conference announced its about-turn on fall football Tuesday, the Northwestern University coach was ecstatic. "I'm excited for our guys to have a safe opportunity to play the game they love," said Pat Fitzgerald.

That was an absurd statement that should have been challenged on the spot.

Big Ten football is not "safe." Never was,...Read more

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Commentary: Western wildfires could worsen inequality

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Like so much else in 2020, the wildfires engulfing the western half of the United States are without precedent.

They have advanced with astonishing speed, leaping 25 miles overnight and sending a towering pillar of smoke into the stratosphere. At this writing, the blazes have claimed at least three dozen lives, burned more than 5 million acres ...Read more

Commentary: When I almost died: My days battling coronavirus and what I remember the most

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CHICAGO - Last week, when I read my own obituary, I remembered the first time I almost died. It was a cold December morning in 1963 when I fell through and under the ice covering the south edge of the Lincoln Park lagoon and was rescued by my younger brother Mark and our friend Ty Bauler and we made it home and life went on.

The next time I ...Read more

Commentary: Pandemic pastime is no fun for fish

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Tired of being stuck at home and unable to attend live sporting and other events, some Americans are getting hooked on a new hobby: fishing. Sales of fishing licenses and gear have spiked as the novel coronavirus drags on, and a recent survey found that one in five people say they are more likely to go fishing now than they were before the ...Read more

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Commentary: Coming soon — 'righteous prosecution' of Trumpian misdeeds?

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At some point - and maybe as soon as January - the Department of Justice will find itself facing a herculean task: restoring public confidence in its integrity and commitment to enforcing the law without fear or favor, a bedrock principle that the Trump administration has methodically savaged.

The shoveling-out work will take many forms: ...Read more

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Commentary: Constitution Day 2020: Never before have we had to defend the Constitution like we have to today

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Recently, a group of college students challenged me, asking, "Why are you conservatives so into the Constitution and all this 'originalist' stuff?"

In all the decades I've been involved in education, government, and public policy, I never thought that I'd have to make the case for keeping the U.S. Constitution. Sadly, I recognize that I do. ...Read more



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