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Commentary: What writers can learn from mathematicians on collaborating with new technology like AI

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September is usually filled with weary groanings and anxious energy as summer comes to its official end. But this year has found a new level of anguish, for in just a few months’ time, artificial intelligence tools have moved from novel party tricks to automated all-purpose machines. And unlike 20th century tech, these statistical computers ...Read more

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Commentary: Teaching civics to students can also educate their parents

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Perhaps at no moment in recent American memory has a widespread understanding of civics been more crucial. Yet the portents are ominous.

The latest surveys show that fewer than half of American adults can correctly name the three branches of government, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the “nation’s report card,” this ...Read more

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Editorial: Free April Perry from J.D. Vance's hostage drama

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April Perry, President Joe Biden’s highly qualified nominee to serve as Chicago’s next top federal prosecutor — who would be the first woman to hold the position — stands ready to serve.

Unfortunately, Ohio’s freshman Republican senator, J.D. Vance, plans to block the vote on her nomination and all other appointments to the Department...Read more


Editorial: Haiti's government must step up and rescue 62 disabled children from gang violence

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Haiti’s gang violence has no shortage of victims: Women and girls who are raped, men and boys recruited into a life of crime, Christian missionaries taken hostage, in fact, an entire nation is under siege.

And what little government there is in the country has been unable protect its citizens from the chaos.

Now, gangs are targeting a new ...Read more

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Mary McNamara: 60 isn't the new 40 and that's fine by me

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I just turned 60, which seems, in equal measure, simply impossible and no big deal.

No matter how you look at it, 60 is a big number — 10 more push-ups than anyone should ever be asked to do — situated inarguably on the back end of even the modern female lifespan. I could continue to call myself middle-aged, but even if it were possible, do...Read more

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Nedra Rhone: Manufacturers need a lesson in toxic chemicals transparency

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Some American chemical companies have an important lesson to learn: It doesn’t pay to keep secrets.

Earlier this month, DuPont and four other companies filed a suit to prevent The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Rome News-Tribune from obtaining certain documents. Those legal filings reveal how much the chemical companies are paying to ...Read more

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John M. Crisp: Capital punishment: 2 choices for America

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You wouldn’t think that it would be that hard to kill someone.

History indicates that we’ve always been good at it. It took only one generation before Cain killed Abel in a fit of jealousy over divine approbation. Murder had been invented and we’ve never looked back.

In fact, we’ve only gotten better at killing. Cain must have used a ...Read more

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Commentary: K-12 schools can be major players in the clean energy transition

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Children across the country returned to school this year after enduring the hottest summer in recorded history, one punctuated by extreme heat and wildfire smoke that kept millions shuttered indoors for days, even weeks, on end. As parents and families seek solutions to the mounting climate crisis, they should embrace the important role that K-...Read more

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Cynthia M. Allen: Aging leaders like Biden, McConnell could take another path. This pope showed the way

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In February 2013, Pope Benedict XVI did something truly remarkable: He resigned the papacy.

In his letter of resignation he explained that physical strength “has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.”

At 85, the rigor and demands of his job were ...Read more

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Leonard Greene: Suited for the job -- if you want to be a US senator, dress the part

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In a world where war is waging, disease is ravaging, poverty is crippling and homelessness is out of control, does it really matter all that much whether a senator wears a suit and tie?

Well, yeah. It does.

No one understands that better than Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who, despite his respect for decorum, relaxed the Senate’s ...Read more

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Patricia Murphy: Kelly Loeffler on Trump, the GOP and 2020. 'I don't think we'll ever know.'

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U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler is repeatedly listed as a potential Republican statewide candidate for 2026 for obvious reasons. She’s a billionaire with a vast national political network. And she’s remained so active in GOP politics since she lost her election to U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock in 2021 that she created a new statewide political ...Read more

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Doyle McManus: Trump has a second-term agenda, and it's more terrifying than ever

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WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump is on the campaign trail again, and most of the attention he's getting is for bare-knuckled attacks on his chief opponents, President Biden (whom he derides as "Crooked Joe") and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ("DeSanctimonious"), as well as the prosecutors who have indicted him ("fascist thugs").

Amid ...Read more

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Bobby Ghosh: Our leaders should dress as we do

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Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s decision to drop the Senate dress code is being assailed from Republican quarters — and by at least one Democrat — with critics invoking the hoary old charge of disrespect for the decorum and dignity of Congress. Schumer, they say, is trashing time-honored tradition to accommodate the scruffy freshman from ...Read more

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Editorial: What AMLO's White House visit with Joe Biden may herald

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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's relationship with the U.S. and its presidents may seem surprising to those unfamiliar with the confident populist from the rural Mexican state of Tabasco who won his nation's top office on his third try in 2018. Mexico's larger neighbor to the north never seems to faze the politician known ...Read more

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Editorial: We're No. 1! Florida is a standout when it comes to COVID quackery and book hysteria

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Florida’s extremism has come home to roost. The Sunshine State has the distinction of championing misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines and intolerance on book bans.

Just as Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration recommended people under age 65 do not get the new COVID-19 vaccine boosters, the state led the country in coronavirus hospitalizations....Read more

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Editorial: Here's how Medicare should negotiate drug prices

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The Inflation Reduction Act, passed last year, gave Medicare the authority to negotiate drug prices for the first time. The government will start with 10 medications, which were announced last month. Now it just needs to figure out how much they should cost.

When Congress created Medicare’s prescription-drug benefit in 2003, it prevented the ...Read more

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Jonathan Bernstein: What's good for the Pentagon may be bad for the Senate

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The Senate finally approved three important military promotions, including the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. of the Air Force. That’s a victory for the Pentagon, but the way it happened is a defeat not only for the Senate but for competent government.

Some background: In addition to hundreds of judicial...Read more


Editorial: Goodbye to cash bail. LA is moving to a better approach to pretrial justice

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In one week, the system for handling most people after they’re arrested in Los Angeles County changes, finally giving L.A. a safer and more just approach to the pretrial process.

The current regimen — pay money bail at the police station without a hearing or go to jail — is to be replaced for most suspects.

Police will issue citations on...Read more

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Commentary: I teach Constitutional Law. Supreme Court oral arguments have gotten way too long

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Supreme Court oral arguments have gotten too long. How do I know this? It used to be that during one of my longer morning runs, I could listen to an entire Supreme Court oral argument. Now, that’s getting harder and harder to do. I end my run, and the argument is still going. So I listen to it while I make breakfast. Then I listen to it on my ...Read more

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Fabiola Santiago: Employers lose migrant workers fleeing Florida's draconian law. Feel better now?

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How are you liking your days without enough immigrant labor, Florida?

The demagoguery of political leaders has consequences — and as draconian state immigration laws take effect and are enforced in the state, employers are learning just how good they had it before Gov. Ron DeSantis anointed himself border czar.

A South Florida no-party-...Read more



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