Editorial: Government shutdown: Whose fault? Who cares? What a joke.

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Whose fault?

Who cares?

Schumer Shutdown? Trump Shutdown? Honestly, it doesn't matter. The brief U.S. government shutdown that started at midnight on Friday and ended on Monday won't even rate an asterisk in history books, while the weekend's other big story -- the second annual wave of women's marches that swept hundreds of thousands of women...Read more

Eli Lake: A 'unifier-in-chief' is a Democratic fantasy for now

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If American politics were an Aaron Sorkin teleplay, one could imagine the Democrats nominating a unifier in 2020. "Let America Be America Again." Republican voters might disagree with him on health care and immigration, but not on U.S. leadership in the world. That Democratic candidate -- call him or her "Senator Leadership" -- defeats President...Read more

Editorial: Congress, Trump leave Dreamers in limbo — plus another shutdown looms

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The Democrats blinked, but they still have their eye on a bigger prize. Meanwhile, Dreamers have to keep on dreaming.

Based on Senate President Mitch McConnell's pledge to address the fate of the up to 800,000 young immigrants, Democrats voted to end the three-day shutdown before more serious damage was done. President Trump signed the bill ...Read more

Editorial: The government is open again, but the reason for the shutdown remains

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To understand why the federal government shut down this weekend for the second time in five years, don't look to D.C. First look to Raleigh and other state capitals, where the real problem lies.

For the past several years, the Republican Party has mastered the use of the gerrymander and restrictive voting laws to help the party hold onto power,...Read more

Bank CEOs at Davos warn against repeating the mistakes of 2006

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DAVOS, Switzerland -- Bankers, politicians and CEOs trudged their way through several feet of snow in the Swiss ski resort of Davos so they could attend the second day of the World Economic Forum's annual meeting. What they found was good news about a once-ailing Europe, warnings about the financial crisis to (possibly) come, and protectionist ...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: Republicans didn't win the shutdown fight

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Now that Democrats have agreed to end the government shutdown, have they now proved they will cave the next time around? That's a popular theory among political pundits right now, but it sounds upside down.

Republicans lost one of their legislative hostages by passing the long-term funding of the Childhood Health Insurance Program while ...Read more

Editorial: Allowing the petroleum industry to regulate itself is a formula for disaster

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In a giveaway to Big Oil, the Trump administration's proposal to ease safety regulations on the industry that were adopted after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster is a mistake with potentially deadly consequences. At the same time, the administration gave another gift to oil companies by eliminating a tax they previously paid to clean up their...Read more

Editorial: Year One of the Trump era: The president distracts the public while his appointees hammer away at core agencies and functions

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With nearly every utterance, Donald Trump affirms the conclusion we reached two years ago that he is temperamentally and intellectually unfit to serve as president of the United States. But there he is, a year after his inauguration, waging a war of words with the world from behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. He has denigrated fellow ...Read more

CON: Renewables aren't up to the job; we need to tap the world's vast fossil fuel resources!

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DALLAS -- Last March President Donald Trump issued an executive order "promoting energy independence and economic growth."

While he specifically included "renewable sources," he clearly intended to unleash the nation's massive fossil fuel resources, which is the only conceivable way to achieve energy independence -- at least for the foreseeable...Read more

Editorial: Payday lenders find friends at the Consumer Financial Destruction Bureau

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Last fall, after five years of study and a review of more than a million comments from interested parties, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finalized a rule requiring payday lenders to make sure borrowers can afford to repay loans within 30 days before lenders can hand over the money. Now, after less than two months as the bureau's part-...Read more

Will Bunch: Time's up, Rep. Pat Meehan. Without ethics, you are nothing

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There are few -- if any -- members of Congress who started out like Rep. Pat Meehan of the Philadelphia suburbs, who got trained as a hockey ref by the NHL and spent three years punishing slashers and trippers in minor-league backwater arenas before he went back to school and earned his law degree. Since then, the Cheltenham native has forged a ...Read more

PRO: Electric, wind and solar already are paving the way for a renewable energy future

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TAMPA, Fla. -- As U.S. metropolises rapidly grow into super-cities, fossil-fuel dependent vehicles, factories with smoke stacks that belch pollution, and buildings heated by natural gas and coal will disappear.

That's already happening in the Pacific Coast megalopolis that runs from San Francisco through Los Angeles and onto San Diego and the ...Read more

Andrew Malcolm: The real shutdown issue: Inept Congress picks posturing over governing

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Despite media hysteria during the recently deceased government shutdown, the reality is the United States has had such political paralysis on average every 30 months for nearly a half-century, lasting on average 7 days.

Shutdowns, even these partial ones few people notice outside the D.C. company town, raise many questions: What exactly gets ...Read more

Editorial: No, Chuck Schumer isn't Charlie Brown

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The deal struck to end the government shutdown Monday leaves Democrats with precious little to show for their efforts. Nevertheless, they were right to sign on, even if it doesn't bring immediate or certain help to the "Dreamers" at risk of deportation.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) called off the filibuster after Senate ...Read more

Editorial: Korean unity at Olympics: Is there any there there?

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Have the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games turned into the Pyongyang Games? Hardly.

But North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has seized the Olympic spotlight, with the agreement that athletes from both sides of the demilitarized zone will march under a unified flag during opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics next month in Pyeongchang, South ...Read more

Editorial: Think you're healthy? You're risking death by not doing this

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Every year, public health officials urge Americans to get a flu shot. And every year, millions of Americans come up with excuses not to do it.

I never get sick.

The vaccine isn't 100 percent effective.

Since lots of others are getting a shot, I'm protected so I don't need it, too.

While not exactly wise, these excuses could fly in other ...Read more

Editorial: Is a Medicaid work requirement fair?

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Earlier this month, Kentucky made Medicaid history: It will now require some of its Medicaid recipients to work or risk losing benefits.

Critics say this 20-hours-per-week rule is a draconian plan to toss people off the rolls. Let's talk about that. Kentucky's plan is flexible: Recipients could meet the requirement through volunteer work, job ...Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers to the unemployed: You don't deserve health care

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It's generally wise to steer clear of anyone claiming to be working on the behalf of someone else's "dignity and self-respect."

That's the guise under which Trump administration officials and lawmakers are pushing for the ability to impose work requirements on the poor in exchange for their ability to get health care through Medicaid.

Those ...Read more

Erika D. Smith: Watch out, racists. Your time's up, too

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It has been entire year since President Donald Trump took the oath of office, but from where I'm sitting, not much has changed since the day he descended that escalator in Trump Tower and called Mexican immigrants criminals.

Then as now, Americans are locked in a contentious debate over race – one that is only getting worse, if a recent ...Read more

Leonid Bershidsky: Germany gives centrists a reason for hope

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The German Social Democrats' vote to continue coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right Christian Democratic Union isn't just another bridge crossed on the path toward the fourth Merkel cabinet since 2005. It's a decision that should resonate for all center-left parties: Are they actually better off as part of a strong ...Read more


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