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Commentary: Rudy's bitter end: A former friend and staffer tracks the mayor's sad decline

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I don't care about Rudy Giuliani's amateur-hour press conference outside Four Seasons Total Landscaping or his need for a cut man at last Thursday's presser to stanch the flow of hair dye down his cheeks. I don't care that he tucked in his shirt while lying on a hotel bed with a woman in the room young enough to be his granddaughter. (Okay, I do...Read more

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Editorial: Trump's climate policies are a disaster. For Florida's sake, Biden should undo them — quickly

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This doesn't seem normal. Tropical Storm Eta, after making landfall in the Florida Keys this month, dumped almost 14 inches in 24 hours in Miramar.

Miami Lakes experienced "flooding we haven't seen in modern times," according to resident and Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago.

Sections of North Miami received about 7 inches of rain, while parts...Read more

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Commentary: The 3 nuclear threats facing President-elect Biden

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Four years ago, President Barack Obama warned Donald Trump on his visit to the Oval Office two days after the election that the biggest national security threat he would face was North Korea's impending ability to fire nuclear missiles against the United States.

President-elect Joe Biden is unlikely to see the inside of the Oval Office until ...Read more


Commentary: Finding the sweet spot in the pandemic

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I've been learning to row during our society's wrangling with COVID-19.

Usually twice a week since August, I ease myself into a one-person scull, push away from the dock, do "eggbeater" drills to remind myself of the boat's feel. And then I row. As a novice, it's none too pretty, but I am utterly transported, plying the waters of Washington's ...Read more

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Faye Flam: Every American should be tested for COVID-19 once a week

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Americans are still doing COVID-19 testing wrong. The kind of testing and contact tracing that scientists advocated in the spring to combat the virus isn't working in the U.S. And it won't be improved by the new $50 at-home test made by startup Lucira Health Inc., which was given emergency authorization last week by the Food and Drug ...Read more

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Commentary: Michael R. Bloomberg: Trump lost. Republican leaders need to say so

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Could anyone have doubted that Donald Trump would go out like this?

Having lost the election decisively — by 74 votes in the Electoral College, and by 6 million and counting overall — he has availed himself of every imaginable scheme to undermine the vote's legitimacy and obscure what was plainly a fair and square victory for his opponent, ...Read more

Timothy L. O'Brien: Trump's sound and fury will signify nothing

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A classic episode of "The Twilight Zone" from 1961, "It's a Good Life," features a telepathic, malicious 6-year-old brat named Anthony who holds an entire town hostage. Anthony transforms one adult who crosses him into a jack-in-the-box. Everybody else who wants to survive kowtows. "It's real fine that you've done that, that's real fine," the ...Read more

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Editorial: Trump's Pentagon purge threatens US security

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President Donald Trump's wholesale removal of the top civilian leadership of the Defense Department almost certainly isn't the coup-in-the-making that some of his critics have alleged. Even so, the purge threatens to inflict lasting damage on America's national security — unless Congress is prepared to rein the president in.

Trump's post-...Read more

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Editorial: Schools need reliable federal guidance on reopening. They still aren't getting it

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One of the most frustrating aspects of the pandemic has been watching school districts try to navigate the complexities of remote learning with so little guidance from Washington, D.C. The silence is equally deafening when it comes to figuring out when and how districts should reopen their campuses.

Yes, the federal government provided much-...Read more

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Commentary: A modest proposal for taking partisanship out of the federal judiciary

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Our very wise founders established a method for the people to have a direct way to be involved in the selection of our president and our Congress. Then they provided for the two of them to select our federal judiciary. That worked well for almost 200 years. It is failing us now.

There are a few hot-button social issues about which this nation ...Read more

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John M. Crisp: Trump's awkward exit leaves behind a big problem

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At best, President Donald Trump's exit from the White House is ungraceful. At some point, it becomes disgraceful. And then dangerous. In fact, it already has.

For example, our nation is not in a good place with the pandemic; no one could credibly argue otherwise. Whether a different president could have done a better job of handling the virus ...Read more

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Doyle McManus: Trump's Afghan plan could snatch catastrophe from the jaws of defeat

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WASHINGTON — With less than two months left in his term, President Donald Trump still has time to make some final impulsive moves on foreign policy that will affect U.S. interests for years to come.

He has started with Afghanistan, where he abruptly ordered a partial troop withdrawal last week, but only after the Pentagon resisted his efforts...Read more

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Dahleen Glanton: There is more to be grateful for this Thanksgiving than family, friends and good health

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Thanksgiving is the time to look back and remember how lucky we are. Often, our blessings are so bountiful that we cannot count them on two hands.

But this year is different — or it might seem that way, at least.

Amid COVID-19, gratitude takes a broader scope. This Thanksgiving isn't just about taking a moment to show appreciation for the ...Read more


Commentary: Surviving the holidays during a pandemic: A guide

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For many people, the winter holidays are fun, warm and spiritually uplifting. But for many others, holiday celebrations are an emotional mixed bag — happy reunions with family and friends on the one hand and disappointments on the other.

This year many older adults will experience additional emotional struggles because of the pandemic — ...Read more

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Editorial: Thanksgiving 2020: Alone again, unnaturally

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We've made our preparations for Thanksgiving Day. Maybe the bird on the table will be a turkey breast, a duck, a small slab of vegan roast or something as tiny as a Cornish game hen. We've reduced the number of potatoes, the volume of stuffing.

We've also canceled the plane reservations or the plans for a long drive to a friend's house. If we ...Read more


Editorial: Much to be grateful for

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Thanksgiving will take on a much different look for most families this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fewer people will be traveling home so as to avoid crowded airports and planes. Large family gatherings are discouraged as confirmed cases of COVID-19 climb to record levels daily. There won't be thousands of people gathered on the ...Read more

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Commentary: More will die from COVID because of timid Newsom response

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Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom ceded moral authority to guide California out of the depths of the pandemic. More people likely will die because of his timid leadership.

The week began with news that Newsom had earlier this month attended a 12-person dinner for a lobbyist friend at a tony Napa Valley restaurant, violating his own guideline — now...Read more

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Fabiola Santiago: Gov. DeSantis mishandled COVID — and we're back to widespread transmission in Florida

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This is the story of another coronavirus tragedy foretold.

At the end of October, during a road trip to north Florida, I began to double mask.

The anti-maskers, the mask danglers — and the geniuses who wear them below their noses and under their chins — ruled the scene everywhere, except hospitals and doctors' offices. From service plazas ...Read more

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George Skelton: Who should Newsom choose as Kamala Harris' successor? Himself, Willie Brown says

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Maybe Gov. Gavin Newsom should just choose himself to replace Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the U.S. Senate.

That's the thinking of Willie Brown, a fellow former San Francisco mayor and Democratic elder statesman. It's not a bad idea.

I mean, how much fun is it to be California's governor these days?

Well, probably more fun than it ...Read more

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Will Bunch: Trump, GOP's ridiculous, flailing coup isn't a joke. It's a crime. There must be consequences

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OK, so you haven't seen so many slam dunks since the U.S. "Dream Team" won the 1992 Olympics, as Team Trump's ace legal department actually embraces "My Cousin Vinny" while racking up a courtroom won-loss record that rivals the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It's been more than two weeks since the media and all other reputable observers called the ...Read more



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