Dahleen Glanton: Society treats black males as less than human. The shooting death of a 14-year-old in suburban Chicago is the latest example

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There is no reason to think that the shooting death of a 14-year-old African American boy by a legal gun owner in suburban Chicago had anything to do with race.

Lots of people, black and white, have been killed at the hands of legal gun owners. And the unjust law that allowed Lake County prosecutors to charge the victim's teenage cousins and a ...Read more

Editorial: Save California's species from Trump

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California has its own laws to protect endangered plants and animals from extinction, and they are more important than ever as the Trump administration weakens enforcement of the landmark federal Endangered Species Act. But those state protections will mean little without additional action in Sacramento, where the real issue is water.

The U.S. ...Read more

Editorial: Trump's abortion rule is devastating to women's health

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Slowly but surely, day by day, Donald Trump and abortion foes are winning their War on Women in America.

They are rapidly grinding down hard-fought victories achieved half a century ago for a woman's right to choose, access to birth control and basic family planning services. Their ultimate goal is to re-create a Dark Ages of reproductive ...Read more

Commentary: Defending America after 2020

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Many people around the world will be watching and waiting to see how the next American election turns out, but one group doesn't have that luxury: those in the Pentagon. They have a little less than two years to get ready to explain to the next administration, a new Congress and their fellow Americans how they plan to protect America from ...Read more

Commentary: Defending America after 2020

Politics / Op Eds /

Many people around the world will be watching and waiting to see how the next American election turns out, but one group doesn't have that luxury: those in the Pentagon. They have a little less than two years to get ready to explain to the next administration, a new Congress and their fellow Americans how they plan to protect America from ...Read more

John Kass: Robert Mueller crushed their dreams, so Democrats pivot to race

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What was the embittered left -- Democratic presidential candidates and their media allies -- supposed to do when their hopes of Russia-Trump collusion crashed on the boulevard of broken dreams?


They had invested so much in their fantasy that President Donald Trump was a treasonous agent of Russian boss Vladimir Putin. But when special ...Read more

Commentary: Trump's labor pick kept workers in pain

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President Donald Trump has had poor luck with labor secretaries.

His first nominee, fast-food mogul Andrew Puzder, came under fire for his own labor practices, including hiring an undocumented immigrant as a housekeeper, and was forced to withdraw his nomination when it became clear the Senate would not confirm it.

Trump's next pick, Alex ...Read more

Rekha Basu: When a congressman sees an upside to rape and incest, sex abusers get the message

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Accused rapists have long defended themselves by claiming it didn't happen, or the victim "asked for it," maybe by dressing too provocatively. But never, to my knowledge, has a defense rested on a claim that rape itself isn't such a bad thing.

Iowa's U.S. Rep. Steve King said as much recently by suggesting that forcible sexual intercourse with ...Read more

Jay Ambrose: Here today, gone tomorrow and then here again

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He spins like a top, President Donald Trump does. He can get you going one minute, disappoint you the next and leave you wondering whether, in three more minutes, it will be tears or cheers that ultimately await the nation.

Notice for instance how he said he was not going to toy with Social Security taxes, which would be oh, so wise, and how he...Read more

Doyle McManus: Biden should own his gaffes

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I once sat next to Joe Biden at an event where one of the speakers committed a classic gaffe: He unintentionally uttered an obscenity into a live microphone. The offending speaker wasn't Biden; it was me.

"What do I do now?" I asked the former vice president, figuring he was the world's leading authority on misstatements.

"Own it," he advised....Read more

Clarence Page: Don't make diversity the enemy of excellence

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As a new generation of college students gets ready to return to campus, I'm reminded of the late Allan Bloom, the University of Chicago professor, philosopher and -- on the subject of university education -- famously eloquent grump.

No one had any reason to expect his 1987 book with the stuffy title, "The Closing of the American Mind: "How ...Read more

Commentary: Tolerance for racism waning, with millennials leading the way

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Racism is increasingly unacceptable to most Americans. It's increasingly unacceptable to conservatives as well as liberals, and among those with and without a college education. But what's behind the United States becoming a place where racist expression is more and more unpopular are the beliefs and behaviors of the generation born between 1982...Read more

Commentary: Jill Biden to voters: 'Swallow' your principles and back my husband

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Pick your political cliche. Jill Biden was either saying the quiet part out loud or committing a Michael Kinsley gaffe (that is, speaking the truth) when she suggested that her husband needs the support of voters who prefer other Democratic candidates.

"Your candidate might be better on, I don't know, health care, than Joe is, but you've got to...Read more

Will Bunch: Anti-fascism won WWII for America. Now Trump calls it 'domestic terrorism.' What the … ?

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It seems like if you were truly sincere about the whole "Make America Great Again" thing -- that is, if it weren't just a campaign slogan that jibes with your xenophobic branding and can move tens of thousands of red hats at $25 a pop -- then one might actually want to celebrate America's first victory against fascism.

The hard work of anti-...Read more

Eli Lake: Trump now faces Obama's dilemma in Afghanistan

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When David Petraeus issues a public warning about Afghanistan, it's worth paying attention. That's what the retired general did earlier this month in the Wall Street Journal, urging President Donald Trump not to be lulled into believing the Taliban's promises to cooperate against international terrorism and respect the country's elected ...Read more

Commentary: Tips from a Canadian on how Democratic candidates can dispel myths about single-payer health care

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Hey America. Canada here. Yes, we're still friends, though we're going through a bit of a rough patch. (Tariffs? Really?) We wish you the best -- even your president, although just 25% of us have confidence in him. Well, not just -- that's a big number. I'm kind of stunned.

Never mind. I'm writing to meddle in your election. Why? Health care. ...Read more

Andrew Malcolm: Democrats still trying to undo the damage Obama's presidency inflicted on the party

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Almost a decade later, Democrats are still struggling at the state level with the nationwide political devastation of Barack Obama's presidency, notably his first midterm elections in 2010.

Obama is still popular among Democrats, although some of the 2020 candidates are taking shots at his insufficiently progressive record as a way to damage ...Read more

Editorial: Baltimore's consent decree is hurting police officer morale, but it's also the solution

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No one should be surprised by the results of a series of Baltimore police officer focus groups documenting poor morale, confusion about the requirements of the city's consent decree with the federal government and frustration with poor and inconsistent leadership in the department. The Fraternal Order of Police has been saying the same thing (if...Read more

Commentary: Trump's tariffs against China aren't working. And there's no quick resolution in sight

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LOS ANGELES -- The Trump administration's move to postpone the imposition of new tariffs on Chinese consumer goods until December comes as stiff tariffs the U.S. has already levied against China -- on hundreds of billions of dollars of other commodities -- don't seem to be working. The go-it-alone approach is imposing a high and growing cost on ...Read more

Commentary: The fate of the world rests on your plate

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Humanity was recently served with yet another reminder that our appetite for flesh is rapidly destroying the environment. This reminder arrived in the form of a report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which warned that it will be impossible to keep global temperatures at safe levels without a transformation in ...Read more


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