Commentary: Trump and Putin are out to end democracy. Are you going to let them get away with it?

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One does not have to be a fan of Cold War-style politics or of the military-industrial complex to be deeply suspicious of Vladimir Putin's motives in his dealings with the United States and Western Europe. Or to be appalled by the fact that President Donald Trump has publicly sided with Russian political and intelligence systems over Western ...Read more

John M. Crisp: Only Republicans can rescue our republic

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The Impeach Trump bandwagon got underway as soon as he was elected, but I've never climbed on board.

His election surprised us. Donald Trump did not talk or act like a traditional president. In fact, a significant part of Trump's appeal to his supporters was just how unlike a president he could be during the campaign. Many Americans wanted a ...Read more

Trudy Rubin: Never mind Mueller results. Trump is colluding with Putin now

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The most unforgettable image of the week was the look on the face of Dan Coats, U.S. director of national intelligence, when NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell read him a breaking news bulletin that Vladimir Putin had been invited to the White House.

"Say that again!" Coats exclaimed, shaking his head.

The nation's top intelligence official had...Read more

Cass Sunstein: How to tell if a president's words are treasonous

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A few days ago, John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, tweeted as follows:

"Donald Trump's press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of "high crimes & misdemeanors." It was nothing short of treasonous."

Tweets should not be expected to capture the nuances of constitutional law. But a ...Read more

Editorial: Trump just politicized the entire field of federal administrative law

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In what looks like a political power play, President Trump has decided that administrative law judges -- officials within federal agencies who resolve complaints about regulations, compliance or benefits -- will no longer be chosen on the basis of merit. Unless the administration reconsiders this unnecessary and potentially harmful action, ...Read more

Children of slain reporter: Our mother would have been with students rallying against gun violence in Annapolis

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Our mother, Wendi Winters, would have supported the demonstration organized by students from St. Mary's County calling for reforming gun laws being held Saturday in Annapolis: either she would have covered it, or shown up in solidarity.

Instead, she was murdered by a coward on June 28 along with four other of your colleagues.

As the surviving ...Read more

Editorial: Islamic State. Diminished, but still dangerous

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Silence is golden, particularly when it involves the Islamic State. But silence can also be deceptive. It's true, the militant group that once threatened to establish a caliphate across Syria and Iraq has lost almost all of its territory. Thousands of IS fighters have been killed, as have many of its leaders.

But the Islamist militancy is a ...Read more

Editorial: Hogan should break with the NRA at Saturday's gun violence rally

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This newspaper has long been a moderate voice on gun control. We recognize the validity of the Second Amendment, while simultaneously acknowledging that reasonable measures are a good way to keep guns out of the hands of those who would do evil.

We do not believe that gun control measures alone will prevent the next mass murder. As almost every...Read more

Editorial: No code of silence can protect the killer of a child

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The code of silence on Baltimore's streets has protected many who have done despicable deeds, but none more than those whose depravity results in the death of a child.

We witnessed it four years ago when 3-year-old McKenzie Elliott was struck by a stray bullet and killed in Waverly. It was broad daylight. Multiple witnesses doubtless saw what ...Read more

Editorial: California Republicans are cowards. Their reaction to the Trump-Putin summit proves it.

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California House Republicans are cowards.

That's the inescapable conclusion from their pitiful reaction to President Donald Trump's capitulation to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Some prominent national Republicans joined the chorus of outrage against Trump for not standing up for American democracy and not backing U.S. ...Read more

Editorial: Travelers should be able to sue abusive airport screeners

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Most Americans are far likelier to be searched by an agent of the Transportation Security Administration than by an FBI agent. But according to a federal appeals court, if an FBI agent violates your rights you can file a lawsuit. If you're manhandled by a TSA employee you're out of luck.

By a 2-1 vote, the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in ...Read more

Editorial: The 'new normal' on wildfires isn't reason enough to give utilities a free pass

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California is making some real strides adapting to wildfires as a year-round threat. So it makes no sense to backslide now by giving a free pass to utilities for fire damage.

Facing billions of dollars in potential costs, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and other utilities are seeking relief at the state Capitol, lobbying hard for it to happen when ...Read more

Commentary: 4 ways America is greater, and you are welcome

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Amid the hailstorm of lies, denials, do-overs and comb-overs, it can be difficult to suss out any residual good that the Trump presidency is showering on beleaguered Americans. Like a late-night snacker foraging in the refrigerator for an overlooked carton of takeout fried rice, I have read between the headlines to excavate a few silver linings....Read more

Christine M. Flowers: A formula for disaster: addicted mom, breastfeeding baby

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Years ago, I got into trouble because I wrote a column criticizing women for breastfeeding in public.

It stemmed from an incident in my office where a client opened her shirt and, without asking if I minded, affixed her infant to her breast without missing a beat in our conversation about H-1B visa options. When that caustic little essay hit ...Read more

Editorial: Israel's 'Jewish state' law is the latest assault on its Arab citizens

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Since its establishment in 1948, Israel has claimed to be both a Jewish state and a democratic state. But are those two aspirations achievable, or are they mutually exclusive? Can a country founded as a Jewish homeland -- with a "right of return" for diaspora Jews, a flag featuring the Star of David and a national anthem that evokes the "...Read more

Editorial: The awkward obligation: When you suspect a student is dangerous

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Two decades ago, Americans hoped the slaughter of students at Columbine High School would prove to be a horrible aberration, an event provoked by some bizarre confluence of causes unlikely to be repeated.

Tragically, we now know better. School shootings in America have proved maddeningly difficult to predict -- and just as maddeningly difficult...Read more

Commentary: Donald Trump is pushing Europe into Asia's embrace

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With friends like these, it's wise to look around for some new ones.

Donald Trump has called the EU a "foe" and advised British prime minister Theresa May to sue the rest of the bloc over Brexit. The U.S. president has already levied tariffs on European steel, and is threatening to do the same on lots of other products, including cars. So it's ...Read more

Commentary: Nicaragua was one of the most peaceful countries in Latin America. After Ortega's crackdown, it's in a tailspin

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Nicaragua is taking a dangerous turn toward civil war. Since protests and riots began three months ago, Nicaraguan soldiers, police and paramilitary groups have killed more than 280 people and injured 1,800 others.

The demonstrations were sparked in April by changes to the country's Social Security system and the government's slow and ...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: Mr. President, you are not in charge

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There's a lot -- a lot -- going on right now, much of it extremely serious and seemingly dangerous. So I suppose it's not right that I'm hung up on this bit from the top of President Donald Trump's interview Wednesday with CBS News's Jeff Glor, but nevertheless I am:

GLOR: But you haven't condemned Putin, specifically. Do you hold him ...Read more

Commentary: Ready to pay a lot more for air-conditioning? Senate may leave you no choice

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Sweltering summer heat means families across the country have their air conditioners on full blast -- in their homes and in their cars. Unfortunately, if the Senate ratifies the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, the price tag for running, repairing and replacing your AC could get a whole lot higher.

The 1987 Montreal Protocol was an ...Read more

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