Editorial: Social media companies refuse to safeguard kids. It's up to lawmakers now

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From state capitols to Washington, D.C., lawmakers are scrambling to come up with regulations that can protect kids from the potential harms of social media, since the platforms have been unwilling to adopt reasonable safeguards themselves.

In just the last few months, Florida passed a law banning children under 14 from having a social media ...Read more


Commentary: This town didn't wait for national leaders. It led the way

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I’m on the road nonstop these days. In just the past few weeks I’ve been to Ohio, Florida, California, North Carolina and Michigan. Everywhere I go, I love telling the story of Reading, Pennsylvania. I never tire of it.

Why? Because I can think of no clearer example of what it looks like for a community to come together and build, ...Read more

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Commentary: After divorce, a miscarriage and career false starts, my LA life surprised me

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At 46, I’ve made some sense of my life by thinking about it as a story of second chances. If my evil twin were the author, it would be a string of dead ends — of not being a good enough writer, mother, wife, daughter, friend, teacher, sister (the list is endless). But I see my life as an endorsement of second chances. Almost everything that ...Read more

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Stephen L. Carter: Should Donald Trump's jury really remain anonymous?

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What are we to make of the anonymous jury in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York? The practice has long had its critics.

First let’s get technical: Trump’s jury is not actually anonymous. Unlike the practice in some organized crime cases, the parties and their lawyers know the jurors’ names. Only the media and the...Read more

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Editorial: How much is tuition really? Your favorite college does not want you to know

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For high school seniors from the Class of 2024 who plan to attend college in the fall, these are tense days.

The traditional May 1 deadline for picking a school is fast approaching. At the same time, Uncle Sam is making the painful process of applying for financial aid extra difficult this year. Colleges and universities are up to their usual ...Read more

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Commentary: How California's 'math wars' are hurting Black and Latino students

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California’s math wars are roiling the state’s educational system, with contentious debates over high school curricula.

At issue is whether a “data science” course should be available as a substitute for Algebra 2. The University of California and California State University systems previously accepted data science as an advanced math ...Read more


John M. Crisp: Sleepwalking into civil war

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If you’re searching for insight into the likelihood of a second American civil war, you won’t find it in “Civil War,” a film written and directed by Alex Garland and currently in theaters.

When the movie starts, the U.S. is already in full-blown war against itself. Things have gotten so bad that California and Texas have formed a ...Read more


Editorial: Acquitted of the crime, but still does the time

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Students are taught in civics class that, under the American justice system, a defendant may be convicted of a crime only if a jury finds him or her guilty of the charged offense “beyond a reasonable doubt.” What’s rarely mentioned, however, is that federal law allows judges to ignore a not guilty verdict and sentence men and women to ...Read more

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Editorial: Tiny speaker stands up: Mike Johnson finally aids Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

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Louisianan Mike Johnson became House speaker by accident, when eight renegade Republicans voted with the Democrats to eject the unfortunate Kevin McCarthy from the chair in October. After a number of more senior members failed to win enough support, the booby prize went to Johnson.

Johnson has been an exceptionally weak speaker, and not just ...Read more

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Editorial: Let all read the Trump transcripts: Justice Juan Merchan must order them published daily

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Shortly after Acting Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan gaveled out the final day of jury selection for the criminal prosecution of Donald Trump on Friday afternoon, the New York County Criminal Court Electronic Document Delivery System sent an email notification of receipt at 5:22 to lawyer Jim Walden that his application had ...Read more

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LZ Granderson: Sports gambling is coming, and it'll be even worse than you think

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The most anticipated first-round series of the NBA playoffs is here: the Lakers versus the defending champion Denver Nuggets. LeBron James' squad was swept by Denver in the last postseason, and L.A. hasn't beaten the Nuggets since December 2022, which is why the Lakers are serious underdogs according to the online gambling site DraftKings.

...Read more

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Jackie Calmes: Hapless House Republicans weaponized impeachment. It backfired

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Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but the hapless House Republicans have finally achieved something big: an end to tit-for-tat impeachments.

Of course, that's the opposite of the achievement they promised two years ago, ahead of the midterm elections that gave them control of the House. Back then, some chest-beaters were vowing to impeach ...Read more

George Skelton: California's budget relies on the richest taxpayers, and we're paying the price

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Borrowing an old bromide, when the stock market sneezes, California's state government catches pneumonia.

It's more than a common cold when the state coughs up billions of buckets in red ink.

Wall Street recently has exhibited robust health, but Sacramento is still suffering from the market's fall two years ago.

This is...Read more

Andrea Renault/ZUMA Press Wire/TNS

Doyle McManus: Trump's hush-money criminal trial could be a cure for 'Trump amnesia'

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WASHINGTON — Before Donald Trump's hush-money trial in New York got underway, pundits predicted that the proceedings could be a media bonanza for the former president. During this year's Republican primaries, they noted, Trump's popularity rose every time he was indicted.

But so far, the trial, on charges that Trump covered up illicit ...Read more

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Commentary: Why are we here?

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In her song “We Are Here,” Alicia Keys sings, “Let’s talk about Gaza ... let’s talk about Israel. Right now it is real.” No, the song wasn’t released last week; it was released 10 years ago.

But there’s another part of the song that carries its own importance. In the chorus, Keys sings, “We are here, We are here for all of us,...Read more

Andy Jacobsohn/Getty Images of North America/TNS

Commentary: Why are some banknotes hot commodities for collectors?

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Tax Day has now passed, and people have money on their minds.

You may have read news reports that people should not spend certain banknotes because they may be worth thousands of dollars, far more than their face value. Before anyone opens their wallet to use their newfound wealth to book a luxury cruise or make a down payment on a new SUV, I ...Read more

Joe Raedle/Getty Images North America/TNS

Commentary: Survey shows the path to civic unity

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In his timeless essay “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell wrote: “Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. One cannot change this ...Read more

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Mark Gongloff: Wildfire smoke is coming for the US again. We're not ready

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Many Americans were surprised last year when smoke from wildfires hundreds of miles away turned their air toxic. There’s no excuse for anybody to be surprised when it happens again — possibly in just a couple of months.

Canada’s emergency preparedness minister has warned repeatedly that an unusually dry and warm winter, combined with ...Read more

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Commentary: Stop saying 'immigrants do jobs Americans don't want to do'

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The deaths of six immigrant workers in the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26 sparked the kind of collective empathy that usually follows tragic events. President Joe Biden was among the many who offered his prayers. In news reports, the men have been called “kindhearted,” “humble” and “heroes.”

We should...Read more


Editorial: How to burn tax dollars and have little to show for it

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The progressive paradise of California has spent $24 billion over the past five years to attack homelessness. Not only has the problem gotten worse, state and local government officials haven’t bothered to track where the money went. Is anybody surprised?

This month, the state auditor released a long-awaited report on “Homelessness in ...Read more



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