Michael Hiltzik: Trump's response to legal defeats suggests he's often a paper tiger

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A couple of notable events occurred during the month of February in California's three-year war with the Trump administration over White House efforts to impose retrograde policies on the Golden State and other jurisdictions.

On Feb. 7, word leaked out that the administration had dropped an antitrust investigation of BMW, Ford, Honda and ...Read more

Fabiola Santiago: We fight Bernie Sanders' praise for Fidel Castro with truth, not censure in Congress

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For part two (or is it three, now?) of the saga "Bernie Sanders Exalts the Silver Lining of Repression in Cuba," cue in partisan Miami politics of exile.

Everybody, to your corner!

Here comes one of our illustrious leaders, Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, a relative by marriage of the late Fidel Castro, with a resolution to condemn ...Read more

Editorial: America is facing a deadly coronavirus pandemic. Stop playing politics and protect us

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For the good of the country, Congress and the White House need to rise above their usual partisan sniping and name-calling and show a little unified leadership as the United States readies itself for the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

We know it will be hard, given the level of bitter polarization in Washington, but Democrats and ...Read more

Martin Schram: Will Sanders settle for a feel-good defeat?

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Even with the no-longer flailing Joe Biden finally coming back in South Carolina's primary, wise Democrats are looking warily ahead to the uncertainties of next week's 14 state Super Tuesday primaries.

And what they are seeing frightens the bejabbers out of many of them.

They see that Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont still remains best-...Read more

Surprised by Bernie Sanders' rise? You shouldn't be. Voters are deeply concerned about record economic inequality — and so is he.

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The rise of Bernie Sanders to front-runner status in the campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination may have scrambled conventional wisdom, but one thing is crystal clear: Along with Sanders, voter concern over the nation's soaring economic inequality has ascended to top-tier status.

A January poll by the Pew Research Center found that...Read more

Virginia Heffernan: The shtick is wearing thin for the Democrats' trio of crotchety geezers

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America is said to be enraged. But on the debate stage Tuesday night in South Carolina we didn't hear much righteous indignation or revolutionary anger. Instead, the candidates seemed irritable.

Huffy. Crotchety. The kitsch version of outrage.

And the ones who best nailed the crotchety shtick were the trio of geezers: former Vice President Joe...Read more

Commentary: Amnesty for the Astros is already damaging the integrity of the game

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As President Donald Trump freely wields his joystick of pardons and undue pressure on prosecutors, the sports world faces its own crisis of attenuated punishment.

In the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal, Rob Manfred, commissioner of Major League Baseball, has talked like a prosecutor investigating wrongdoing and willing to impose ...Read more

Editorial: Physical fitness tests may make some students feel bad, but that's no reason to stop doing them

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Physical education in California schools could use an overhaul. Despite the requirement that students engage in regular physical activity during each school week, the fitness of the state's students isn't improving. In fact, it has been sliding for the last five years; in 2018-19, only 60% of students tested were considered aerobically fit. ...Read more

Editorial: South Philadelphia's supervised injection site announcement is good news for a bad crisis

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More than two years after the city announced its support of a supervised injection site, Philadelphia is finally getting one. The first legally sanctioned site in the nation will open next week in South Philadelphia, an area where overdose deaths are rising.

On Tuesday, a federal judge issued a final order in favor of Safehouse, the nonprofit ...Read more

Christine M. Flowers: Thank god for Supreme Court's look at same-sex foster parents

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A few years ago, an LGBTQ couple approached Bethany Christian Services and expressed an interest in becoming foster parents. Bethany Christian, which maintained a contract with the city of Philadelphia to provide foster care, turned them down based on a religious opposition to same-sex unions. The Inquirer ran a story on the incident and ...Read more

George Skelton: Freaked out about a Bernie Sanders nomination? Keep your eyes on South Carolina

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- If you're a California Democrat freaked out about the prospect of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders dragging the party into a disastrous pummeling by President Donald Trump, you should closely watch South Carolina's primary.

Maybe Democrats shouldn't be freaked. Perhaps it's overreacting.

But if you are, hold on to your ...Read more

Feeling the (sun) Bern: Bernie Sanders' comments about Cuba and Israel risk putting the Florida in Trump's column

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Bernie Sanders is not just a problematic Democratic nominee because of his $60 trillion (and rising) spending plans. In a matchup with the incumbent, he's looking increasingly weak in the crucial Electoral College target of Florida.

In less than a week, Sanders has managed to offend two important voting Sunshine State blocs. On "60 Minutes," he...Read more

Editorial: The Supreme Court just built a wall to protect border agents from lawsuits

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In an affront to common decency and the rule of law, the Supreme Court this week shut the courthouse door to the family of a 15-year-old Mexican boy killed in Mexico by a Border Patrol officer who shot at him from the other side of the U.S.-Mexico border.

But the 5-4 decision by the court's conservative majority is more than just a denial of ...Read more

Editorial: YouTube has censorship problems. The 1st Amendment isn't the tool to fix them

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The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made an important and necessary point again on Wednesday when it threw out a lawsuit that claimed YouTube violated the Constitution's free-speech protections by restricting access to videos and advertising on its platform. As big as YouTube may be, it is simply not a public space run by the government, and ...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: Trump's coronavirus press conference wasn't exactly reassuring

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Believe it or not, I was all ready to praise Donald Trump this time. I really thought when he announced a press conference for Wednesday evening that he would manage to stick to a reasonable script, and there were very promising rumors that he was prepared to make an excellent choice for a new coronavirus czar.

Why? Because so much was on the ...Read more

Commentary: Judge gets it right when he blasts Chicago's attempt to restrict free speech

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CHICAGO -- Millennium Park's website calls the spectacular downtown Chicago public space "a new kind of town square." It is indeed a new kind of town square -- one where aesthetic busybodies from the city of Chicago and the foundation that supports the park are trying to severely limit the time-honored right to free speech in public spaces.

...Read more

Editorial: Phone time: Our cellphones are becoming addictive

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Put down the cellphone. Live a little. That phone is stealing your life away.

Recent surveys show the average American spends about three to four hours each day on their cellphones. That's more than a month a year, depending on an individual's usage.

A Deloitte survey found that people check their phones nearly 50 times a day, including at ...Read more

Commentary: Celebrate the Year of the Rat: Get them out of laboratories

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Barney's odds weren't good.

He was one of 30 hooded Norway rats in my friend's experimental psychology project, some of whom would be poisoned in order to dull their considerable learning abilities. After they were put in an "avoidance box" to see how long they took to cross from one chamber to another -- more than five seconds and they'd get a...Read more

Dahleen Glanton: A white Trump supporter sent me an email that used the term 'colored.' So I called him up on the phone

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The email from Mr. B did not particularly stand out. Like many, he took issue with a column I had written explaining why African Americans would vote for Mike Bloomberg over Donald Trump in a presidential matchup.

"Im glad your the voice for all of the American colored population. #TRUMP2020," he wrote, exactly how it is printed.

After reading...Read more

Commentary: Trump's 'totally prepared' coronavirus pledge will be put to the test

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During a press briefing Wednesday evening on the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump claimed the U.S. is "totally prepared" to respond to a disease that is spreading to new countries seemingly every day.

That's a bold assertion that will be tested immediately, and it may come back to haunt the administration. Indeed, the first ...Read more


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