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Noah Feldman: Only Clarence Thomas is willing to give a gun to a domestic abuser

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Gun rights are not unlimited according to an 8-1 Supreme Court decision that draws back from the extreme Second Amendment decision the court made two years ago in the notorious Bruen case. The holding in the new case, United States v. Rahimi, is that the government may bar people subject to domestic violence restraining orders from owning guns. ...Read more


Editorial: Someone needs to correct the papal prayerbook. 'Good Humor Prayer' gets comically misattributed

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There are lots of well-known quotes that for one reason or another get attributed to the wrong person. Winston Churchill, in particular, gets credited with some he didn’t originate. And Rahm Emanuel gets widely credited with the so-called Rahm’s rule, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” even though that was a restatement of a ...Read more

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Editorial: Shame on California lawmakers for killing fossil fuel divestment bill again

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In a state whose leaders speak with urgency about fighting climate change, it’s shameful and hypocritical that CalPERS and CalSTRS have billions of dollars in public employees’ retirement money invested in planet-wrecking fossil fuel companies including Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Shell.

Lawmakers were considering changing that by forcing the ...Read more


Editorial: Nevadans could pay for another bad California idea

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California’s progressive elites remain wedded to the fantastical notion that they are exempt from basic laws of economics. Nevada drivers beware.

The Golden State currently suffers the highest gasoline prices in the nation. The average gallon costs $4.82, according to the American Automobile Association. Blame policies pushed by the Democrats...Read more

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Nolan Finley: Veep choice could allay fears about Trump

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Voters have one last chance to see a candidate on the ballot this fall who is qualified to run the country while also exciting a deeply disappointed electorate.

Unfortunately, the decision on who that candidate will be rests with Donald Trump, a man not known for prioritizing the nation's best interests over his own ego.

Trump will fill the ...Read more


Marc Champion: Italy's Meloni deserves respect, until she doesn't

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What is Georgia Meloni? If you believe in the importance of economic stability and the core values of democracy, is she an asset or a threat?

This is a tough breed of question to answer, other than with hindsight. In the early 2000s, I’d often be asked if I thought Russia’s new president, Vladimir Putin, was just restoring order after the ...Read more

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Joe Battenfeld: Biden lands first blows in debate with Trump before it's even started

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Joe Biden has landed the first blows in his debate with Donald Trump before it’s even begun.

The CNN rules for the network’s Atlanta studio showdown on June 27 are so stringent and slanted in Biden’s favor that Trump may be hobbled in his attempts to engage the president in a real one-on-one debate and trip him up.

It’s not surprising ...Read more

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Stephen L. Carter: Is a wealth tax an income tax? Here's why that matters

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Moore v. United States, Thursday’s decision by the Supreme Court on the Mandatory Repatriation Tax, would seem to affect relatively few taxpayers. But in rejecting a constitutional challenge to the MRT (as it’s known), the justices might have scattered some breadcrumbs about their attitudes toward a potentially more sweeping wealth tax.

The...Read more

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James Stavridis: Here's how to stop the Houthi attacks at sea

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For more than eight months, the Houthis — an Iranian-backed proxy group based in Yemen — have bedeviled the global shipping industry. The majority of world shipping suppliers, including both container ships and bulk oil carriers, have decided discretion is the better part of valor and are routing traffic away from the Red Sea and Suez canals...Read more


Commentary: With fires burning again, is California becoming uninsurable?

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Thursday marked the beginning of summer, but early wildfires have already scorched the outskirts of L.A. and the Bay Area. Many California homeowners find themselves more vulnerable than ever as major insurers abandon areas threatened by climate change-fueled fires. Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara have responded ...Read more

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Commentary: Why next week's Biden-Trump faceoff is so novel -- and what it means for future presidential debates

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Next week’s debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will be novel for many reasons. It will be the first debate between a current and a former U.S. president. It will be the first featuring a convicted felon. It will be the first conducted before either major party has formally picked a nominee. But perhaps most importantly, it harks to an ...Read more

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Commentary: Investing in child care supports all of us

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We have a child care crisis in the United States. And as a child care education provider, I know how to fix it: Put families first.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that each month, tens of thousands of Americans miss work due to a lack of child care, resulting in $122 billion annually in lost productivity, earnings and revenue.

...Read more

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Commentary: What's really going on with bird flu wastewater data

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During COVID, public health experts and armchair epidemiologists became obsessed with poop — or, more accurately, the secrets it held about the state of the pandemic. Wastewater, which can measure how much virus humans excrete, has become a valuable disease-tracking tool.

But using that tool to track our current viral threat, the H5N1 bird ...Read more

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Commentary: As AI is embraced, what happens to the artists whose work was stolen to build it?

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Amid the hype surrounding Apple’s new deal with OpenAI, one issue has been largely papered over: The AI company’s foundational models are, and have always been, built atop the theft of creative professionals’ work.

The arrangement with Apple isn’t the only news from OpenAI. Among recent updates and controversies including high-level ...Read more

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Commentary: Surgeons give patients too many opioids. A few simple steps could curb excess prescribing

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America’s opioid epidemic is as bad as it has ever been. Although the sharp increase in opioid overdose deaths over the last decade is largely attributed to the rise in fentanyl distributed through drug cartels, a startling number can be traced to prescriptions.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 45 people...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: This GOP-leaning political polling firm has turned into a purveyor of anti-vaccine propaganda

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Rasmussen Reports used to be a fairly creditable and credible political polling organization, good enough to be included among the pollsters relied on by services such as FiveThirtyEight to give a broad-spectrum gauge of voter sentiment in the run-up to state and federal elections.

It's true that Rasmussen had a detectable pro-Republican "house...Read more

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Noah Feldman: Supreme Court's far right faces a free-speech problem

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This Supreme Court term promises to be important for the First Amendment. Major decisions are expected soon on the rights of social media platforms and their users. But the free-speech fun has already begun.

In an otherwise unremarkable trademark case, a major debate about how to decide First Amendment issues broke out. On one side was Justice ...Read more

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Editorial: Americans on all but paper: Biden action on US citizen spouses is good for all

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In a long-awaited announcement Tuesday, President Joe iden unveiled an executive action that would grant the undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens who’ve lived in the country for 10 or more years, as well as their children under 21, a designation known as parole-in-place. This in turn will clear the path for applications for permanent ...Read more

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Editorial: 'Cheap fake' -- Right-wing media pushes Biden-is-senile trope with deception

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Yes, President Joe Biden tends to shuffle when he walks these days. Yes, he can pause a little too long between sentences. And, no, entering his 80s hasn’t improved his lifelong rhetorical clumsiness.

But the blatant disinformation campaign by right-wing media circus barkers lately, selectively editing imagery of perfectly normal Biden ...Read more


Editorial: Russian show trials live on with American reporter

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Joseph Stalin’s infamous death camps are a thing of the past in modern Russia, but the dictator’s absurd show trials live on. Last week, Russian prosecutors announced that they had finalized “charges” against Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich and will begin sham proceedings against him next week.

Gershkovich has languished ...Read more



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