Commentary: What should we fear with AI in medicine?

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Will the threats associated with artificial intelligence be as bad as some fear? Or will AI be relatively benign? Could the answer be somewhere in between?

Perspectives on AI abound. Whether it be in medicine, security or education, new applications in search of an AI advantage continue to grow. This has prompted calls for well-intentioned ...Read more

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Commentary: Most older Americans who need hearing aids don't use them. Here's how to change that

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Having depended on hearing aids for nearly three decades, I’m astounded by the lack of Medicare coverage for devices that can solve a problem afflicting tens of millions of older Americans.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans over age 70 have some degree of hearing loss, and over half of those 75 and older experience impairment serious enough to ...Read more

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Commentary: California will force Malibu and other towns to add housing. Here's why that's not nearly enough

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California has taken unprecedented action to spur housing production in recent years. Since 2017 the Legislature has passed nearly a hundred new laws to facilitate construction, including requiring cities to update local housing plans with more ambitious production targets. The executive branch has pursued a carrot-and- stick strategy to reward ...Read more

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Max Hastings: Why we commemorate D-Day, 80 years later

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The former Western allies will shortly begin commemorating the 80th anniversary of their greatest World War II achievement, the June 6 landings in Normandy, forever famed as D-Day.

The pomp and circumstance of the grand events to be attended by President Joe Biden and other national leaders are entirely justified by the magnitude of that ...Read more

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Noah Feldman: The Supreme Court doesn't agree on what racism is

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According to the Supreme Court, it’s perfectly fine for state legislatures to draw congressional districts according to political party — they just can’t gerrymander by race. This simple-sounding rule poses a serious practical problem, however, in places where there is a high correlation between being Black and voting Democratic. The ...Read more


F.D. Flam: Fake scientific studies are a problem that's getting harder to solve

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Faking it until you make it may be a common practice in some careers. But it’s clearly unethical for scientists and medical researchers. All the same thousands of fake papers are churned out by so-called paper mills and published every year, many of them in peer-reviewed journals.

The issue made headlines recently when Wiley, a respected ...Read more

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Jackie Calmes: Trump's assassination lie, and Biden's missed moment

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On Tuesday evening I was stopped mid-task, stunned, when I saw the subject line on a new fundraising email from Donald Trump: "They were authorized to shoot me!"

By Thursday morning, however, when I got the email that had Trump crying, "I nearly escaped death," I was savvy to his con. My fear, however, is his most die-hard supporters are not, ...Read more

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Robin Abcarian: Why are Republicans making it harder for some people to vote? It's not just partisanship

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Of all the modern Supreme Court's incredibly disappointing rulings, gutting the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is near the top, second only to its catastrophic decision to rip away half a century of reproductive rights from American women.

Until the court's shocking 2013 Shelby County vs. Holder decision, states and counties with histories of racial...Read more

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Lynn Schmidt: 'Homemaker' may not be for everyone, but is a noble calling

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While Harrison Butker said quite a few controversial and outrageous things during his commencement address at Benedictine College, extolling the virtues of being a homemaker should not be considered one of them.

On May 11, the placekicker for the Kansas City Chiefs delivered the commencement address at Benedictine College, a private, Catholic ...Read more

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Editorial: Americans are not all economically ignorant. They just mostly care about different measurements than elites

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On Wednesday, the left-leaning British newspaper The Guardian published a Harris poll about what Americans do and don’t know about the economy. It was catnip to President Joe Biden’s White House.

According to the poll, 49% of us believe that the stock market is down for the year when, in fact, it rose 24% in 2023 and is still up for 2024, a...Read more

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Commentary: Will the automatic refund policy for air travel cause more harm than good?

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Just in time for summer travel, the United States Department of Transportation has announced sweeping changes that, on the surface, appear to help air travelers get the upper hand with airlines.

Unfortunately, what the agency has proposed may hurt, not help, travelers at the very time when travelers need airlines to get them to their final ...Read more

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Patricia Lopez: Trump will need more than bluster to turn Minnesota red

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Former President Donald Trump, on a rare day off from his hush money trial, made a bold claim when he headlined a fundraiser for the Minnesota Republican Party last weekend, declaring, “We’re going to win this state.” He wanted, he said, a landslide “that is too big to rig.”

That is the tallest of orders in a state that hasn’t voted...Read more

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Editorial: Protect warehouse workers from union coercion

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The federal government should not be in the business of forcing unions onto workers. But Democrats both in Michigan and nationally are acting aggressively to push through pro-labor policies that make it much easier to organize workplaces.

The latest effort targets warehouse employees, who some argue have faced increasing workplace pressures to ...Read more


Michael Hiltzik: With Democratic assent, House votes to open loopholes in crypto regulation

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Money, as we all know, is the mother's milk of politics in America. It can look even more nourishing if you can manufacture it yourself.

That's surely what accounts for the solicitude that the cryptocurrency industry has been receiving from Congress.

The House on Wednesday passed a law reducing regulation of crypto, despite ample evidence that...Read more

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Commentary: The carnage wrought: Where Trump was spot-on

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As I watched the 2016 presidential inauguration, a wave of nightmarish dread washed over me. Donald Trump’s steely resolve to stop the “American carnage” struck me as hyperbole at best. What a dystopian view, I thought. But with the power of hindsight, I now acknowledge that Trump was right. As I shuttled between New York and Los Angeles ...Read more


F.D. Flam: Why we're so exhausted if we're spending more time in bed

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Americans have started sleeping more than any time in the last 20 years, says a new survey of the way we use time. But wait — a new Gallup poll says we’re more stressed and sleeping less. Can both headlines be right?

A closer look shows that the pandemic precipitated a seismic shift in time use for some of us, but it didn’t change a ...Read more

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LZ Granderson: Bring on the cannabis cafes, California. Our nation needs them

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More Americans now consume marijuana on a daily basis than drink alcohol every day, according to a recent study.

That's welcome news for an industry that has been unfairly demonized by opportunistic politicians since the days of Nixon. The findings — based on data gathered between 1979 and 2022— are consistent with the wave of ...Read more

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Editorial: Reckless Republicans are throwing around the A-word

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In the latest descent into MAGA madness, U.S. Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar have publicly alleged the Biden administration’s Justice Department issued an assassination order against former President Donald Trump.

The allegation, based on a truly deranged interpretation of boilerplate language in the newly released FBI 2022 ...Read more

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Commentary: Post-apartheid South Africa: 30 years forward

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As an African American and a Christian cleric, I have long been inspired by the struggle for freedom and justice in South Africa. The history of racial segregation and inequality under the system of apartheid left an indelible mark on the nation and its people, a legacy that continues to shape the country's trajectory to this day.

Thirty years ...Read more

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Editorial: A haunting abortion question: Could Florida's ban force unwilling women to terminate?

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Put yourself in the shoes of a young Central Florida woman staring down at a little blue plus sign on a pregnancy test. It’s bad news. She’s always wanted children someday, but she doubts she is ready now.

Before May 1, she would have had time to consider options. Could she rely on the baby’s father or her family for help? If she has ...Read more



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