Aaron Carter hospitalized as mother steps in to care for him

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Aaron Carter has arrived in his home state of Florida to be taken care of by his "momma," Jane, just days after he said he was driving out there to take care of her.

The singer and former child star posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed Thursday on Instagram with the caption, "Mommas gonna take care of you." In another post he said Jane ...Read more

Robin Abcarian: Witness intimidation? More like Trump threw Twitter acid on Marie Yovanovitch's face

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On Friday, Marie Yovanovitch calmly recounted the story of her unceremonious firing to the House committee investigating President Trump's impeachment.

She was a decorated career diplomat, with postings that included some of the most dangerous parts of the globe, including Mogadishu, Somalia. She was dedicated to helping Ukraine root out its ...Read more

Commentary: Trump helps House Democrats — and weakens his allies — by trash-tweeting Yovanovitch

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It's fun to speculate how Marie Yovanovitch's House impeachment testimony would have played out had President Trump not trash-tweeted the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine during the hearing.

My guess is that Republicans would still have been unable to counter her poised account of how she was ousted because of a smear campaign instigated by ...Read more

Commentary: Roger Stone's defense is the same Republicans are making against impeachment: 'So what?'

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The House Intelligence Committee took a day off Thursday from its televised hearings on impeachment, allowing intrigue-obsessed political junkies to turn their attention to the federal criminal trial in Washington, D.C., of a longtime ally of President Trump, Roger Stone -- who is accused of lying to the Intelligence Committee about his efforts ...Read more

David Zurawik: My takeaway from impeachment hearings? More democracy lost

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I have come to hate tipping points on the media beat. These days, it seems likes things never tip in the direction of getting better.

For the past three years, I have written too many times to count that we are in danger of losing our democracy. But this week after watching the televised impeachment hearings and the reaction to them by some of ...Read more

Helen Ubinas: I heard school shooting survivors' stories. Then it happened again in California

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Of course everyone at the reading knew there would be another school shooting.

That is our national reality -- our shame -- laid bare in the pages of a new book, "If I Don't Make It, I Love You," which shares the fearless narratives of school shooting survivors.

It's a reality in our city, too. There's barely time to mark, let alone mourn, one...Read more

Editorial: California school shooting demonstrates (once again) the folly of too-easy access to guns

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Sixteen seconds.

That's all it took for a 16-year-old to pull out a handgun from his backpack in his high school quad and kill two students, wound three others and shoot himself in the head. Sixteen seconds. It was over in less time than it takes to read a weather report, wash your hands or prepare a bowl of breakfast cereal. In Santa Clarita, ...Read more

Eric Zorn: Democrats need to serve subpoenas, not witty retorts, to counter Republican complaints about hearsay at Trump impeachment hearings

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The most delicious moment in the opening round of public impeachment hearings in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday came after overcaffeinated Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan concluded an impassioned demand for the anonymous whistleblower to testify.

"There is one witness that they won't bring in front of us, they won't bring in front of the ...Read more

Martin Schram: A tribute to Trump's rescuer

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As America's House impeachment inquiry gains verifying evidence, we are pausing today to recognize the one person who apparently single-handedly saved President Donald Trump from himself. And who also enabled Trump's Republican supporters to keep reciting the only surviving argument they are making in his defense.

Trump and his defenders owe ...Read more

Editorial: Why the impeachment inquiry matters

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On Wednesday, the House of Representatives started the public phase of the impeachment inquiry into the conduct of President Donald Trump. That marks Nov. 13 as a somber day -- the fourth time in our history that the House of Representatives has taken this step toward indicting and possibly removing a president.

Against the backdrop of two ...Read more

Editorial: Biden in unique position to help save the free press

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Former Vice President Joe Biden, who visits Seattle Friday, is uniquely qualified to elevate the discussion of saving America's free press.

As a front runner in the 2020 race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Biden should make it a priority to support the press and its essential, constitutionally protected role in supporting democracy...Read more

Editorial: As a last act, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin finally does the right thing

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He kept the state in suspense for more than a week, but in the end, Gov. Matt Bevin conceded the governor's race to Attorney General Andy Beshear, rightfully concluding "we're going to have a change in the governorship based on the vote of the people."

A race with less than 1% between candidates deserved to be recanvassed, and it was, showing, ...Read more

Commentary: Trump and Netanyahu are pushing American Jews to the left on Israel

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When Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu met for the first time as heads of state, the Israeli prime minister praised the American president for restoring a policy of "no daylight" between the nations.

Such a policy can mean providing Israel with the security to take risks in peacemaking, as was the case with President Clinton and Prime ...Read more

Editorial: Trump's EPA is trying to limit science in crafting new regulations

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Science doesn't get much respect from the Trump administration. Among other things, the administration has brushed off as unimportant the effect of burning fossil fuels on global warming, and has ignored the effect of emissions of mercury and other toxins from power plants on the environment and human health.

But now the administration wants to...Read more

Will Bunch: Trump's worst moral crimes aren't the ones he's getting impeached for

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One of the greatest challenges of the Trump era is summoning the strength to find and then express moral outrage at the things that no longer shock and surprise us. Maybe that explains why this week's release of the emails that President Trump's top aide on immigration, Stephen Miller, sent to right-wing journalists during Trump's 2015-16 ...Read more

Editorial: California school shooting: It's the guns. It's always the guns

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Authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what transpired Thursday morning at Saugus High School in Santa Carita, where a shooting left two students dead at last count. Four others were reported injured, including the suspected gunman, described as a 16-year-old boy now hospitalized after apparently shooting himself.

The tragedies ...Read more

Christine M. Flowers: Disney+ ruins classics with new trigger warnings

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I adored the story of Cinderella as a child. The prospect of having a man so in love with me that he'd criss-cross the kingdom searching for my size 6 1/2 foot was heady stuff. It never occurred to me that Cindy was oppressed by the patriarchy or that she should just buy her own darn pair of shoes.

Similarly, I was untroubled by the fact that ...Read more

George Skelton: California Republicans have sunk into oblivion. Their anti-immigrant stance is just one reason

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The lofty position held by California Republicans 25 years ago when Proposition 187 passed seems unimaginable today. It was a high-water mark for the party that wouldn't last long.

The California GOP has been sinking into oblivion ever since -- but not entirely because of the anti-illegal-immigration measure.

Proposition ...Read more

David Zurawik: Democrats create TV-friendly hearing without compromising seriousness of impeachment process

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Democrats accomplished something very difficult Wednesday in these complicated media times: They staged a hearing that was TV-friendly without dumbing down or diminishing the seriousness of the impeachment process. In media and maybe political terms as well, that's a strong opening day to what will be at least two weeks of open hearings into the...Read more

Editorial: House Democrats run the impeachment inquiry, but millions of Americans will decide Trump's fate

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The day's news brims with reports on the thrusts and parries of Wednesday's U.S. House hearing, a possible prelude to the first removal from office of a sitting U.S. president. Weeks, perhaps months of public drama and decision-making have commenced. Our mission here is to frame this great debate -- and to explain why whatever now happens across...Read more


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