Francis Wilkinson: Marco Rubio's genuine and useless talent

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Senator Marco Rubio, who in his current iteration is stationed somewhere between the rising star and compromised warhorse of Republican politics, is a complicated figure, as reactions to his appearance at this week's CNN town hall on gun violence confirm.

Rubio either A) courageously entered a lion's den, allowing himself to be pummeled by ...Read more

Brian Dickerson: Young voters should scare incumbents. Here's why they don't.

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I have bad news for the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting and their contemporaries:

America's incumbent elected officials are not afraid of you. And they are unlikely to change their voting habits just because you've made such an eloquent argument for saner restrictions on firearms.

Don't get me wrong: It's not that they don't ...Read more

Dan Morain: He used to take NRA money. Now, he leads efforts to pass gun control measures

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U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson of California is a gun owner, hunter, and Vietnam veteran, and he recalls how in simpler times, the NRA made its name by teaching kids about gun safety. The Napa Valley Democrat is, in short, ideally cast to lead congressional Democrats' efforts to push for gun control measures, a role he fully embraced after the ...Read more

Editorial: Look past Trump's false choices on gun controls

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In the aftermath of the Parkland, Fla., school massacre, the nation should look past President Trump and the gun lobby's false narrative of competing alternatives.

Making the country safer doesn't require keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill rather than banning assault weapons. It requires doing both, and recognizing the latter is ...Read more

Andy Reid: Parkland officer not the only one to stay out of gun fight

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The good guy with the gun, expected to protect the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, stayed outside when the bullets started flying.

Instead of trying to stop the gunman who opened fire with an assault rifle – killing 17 students and school staffers – Deputy Scot Peterson failed to enter the building, according to the ...Read more

Editorial: Ghost guns and bump stocks — ban them both

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It is perfectly legal, at the moment, to go online and buy most of an unassembled gun, without a serial number, without any registration requirements. Only a modicum of skill is needed to put it all together.

How can it be so easy for anyone to acquire and assemble an AR-15, or AK-47, or something even more deadly?

Even in Connecticut, which ...Read more

Editorial: You want 'this time' to be different? The kids can't do it alone.

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Different events awaken different generations, and stir them to action. Because they won't tolerate the status quo.

In the '60s and '70s, millions flooded the streets in the civil rights and Vietnam War protests. More recently, Black Lives Matter and #MeToo have dominated the national stage.

Now, surviving students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas ...Read more

Editorial: When the NRA is under fire, Sen. Roy Blunt comes to the rescue

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When it comes to buying political influence, the National Rifle Association stands in a league of its own. For Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., the NRA money spigot spews like a fire hose, making him among Congress' top three beneficiaries. Over his 21-year Washington career, Blunt's take from NRA exceeds $4.5 million.

NRA donations should not be ...Read more

Editorial: How many more in authority failed Stoneman Douglas High School?

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Wow. The more answers we get, the more questions we have.

Amid a national debate over who should or shouldn't have guns in schools, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel on Thursday dropped a stunner: Scot Peterson, a school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, assigned to protect those inside, apparently stood armed, but ...Read more

Nancy Kaffer: House declares English Michigan's state language. What's Spanish for 'blerg'?

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Quelle horreur!

It's tres difficile to imagine how Michigan's House of Representatives could become a bigger bande d'imbeciles, but vraiment, it has happened.

Thursday, the House passed a meaningless garbage bill that, on its face, makes English the state's official language. Meaningless, because the bill's major thrust is to require that all ...Read more

Scott Martelle: Trump indirectly trashes California law enforcement in diatribe about immigration

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So President Donald Trump on Thursday essentially told every law-enforcement agency in California that were it not for the presence of federal immigration and border agents, they "would see crime like no one's ever seen crime in this country."

Really. Of course, whether Trump believes that or was just blowing his usual smoke is impossible to ...Read more

Editorial: Could teenagers be America's last, best hope for California-style gun control?

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Less than a week after Nikolas Cruz stormed his old Florida high school with an AR-15 assault rifle, Sonjhia Lowery found herself in the entryway of C.K. McClatchy High School listening to her daughter's classmates discuss how to survive a mass shooting.

"Kids," she fumed to The Bee, "shouldn't have to come to school and have those kind of ...Read more

Dan K. Thomasson: Will we ever defend our kids?

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WASHINGTON -- At best the children's crusade to remove the battlefield weapons from our streets (and schools) is a very long shot, but a noble one that gives the nation the first slim chance to resolve the escalating crises of how to prevent another massacre.

If the candle of despair over what has become a tragedy so routine that it is shrugged...Read more

Chuck Raasch: Loesch blames media for exploiting mass shootings as NRA hardens its own political target

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WASHINGTON -- In the second of two open White House meetings with law enforcement and victims of school shootings, President Donald Trump talked Thursday of "hardened" school security -- arming teachers or staff, more armed guards, setting up security perimeters, other things Americans have become accustomed to since 9/11.

Some gun-debate ...Read more

Commentary: The three gun control myths that are killing American kids

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The murder of 17 students and teachers in Parkland, Fla., should cause all of us to ask, how many people must die before this country finally adopts meaningful gun control laws.

This, of course, is just the latest of so many instances of gun violence, following tragedies in places like Las Vegas, Orlando, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Tucson, Virginia ...Read more

Melinda Henneberger: African-American voters are a problem for Sen. Claire McCaskill

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At a town hall in downtown St. Louis last weekend, Democratic State Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. got into a protracted back and forth with African-American constituents over their shared sense that Sen. Claire McCaskill is so busy courting rural voters that they've forgotten what she looks like.

"The entire exchange was so telling of the challenges ...Read more

Commentary: It's not just the guns, or even the mental illness. Why aren't we talking about rage?

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In 1984 in San Diego, following what was then the worst mass shooting in modern American history, a colleague and I tracked down the widow of the deranged killer, James Huberty.

"Society has had their chance. Now I'm going hunting. Hunting for humans," she quoted her husband as saying, shortly before he loaded up his car with an arsenal of ...Read more

Eric Zorn: It's not NRA money that's the problem, it's NRA voters

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With stunning poise and steely confidence, Cameron Kasky, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, confronted U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., live on CNN on Wednesday evening.

"Can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the (National Rifle Association)?" he demanded. In the arena where the town hall event ...Read more

Editorial: Greitens didn't shoot straight with Missourians, can't govern under indictment

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Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens now faces the biggest crisis of his short political career. Missourians have a tougher task -- figuring out who is running their state.

In the charges handed up late Thursday, grand jurors found probable cause that Greitens "knowingly photographed" a person "in a state of full or partial nudity" without the person's ...Read more

Editorial: Greitens cannot defend himself in court while running the state. Resign, governor.

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Missourians have every reason to be shocked and horrified that their seemingly upstanding governor, a former Navy SEAL, is now under felony criminal indictment. But no one should be surprised. During 13 months in office, Republican Gov. Eric Greitens has blazed a trail of abuse, flaunting of the state's Sunshine Law, heavily relying on dark-...Read more


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