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Commentary: Will the automatic refund policy for air travel cause more harm than good?

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Just in time for summer travel, the United States Department of Transportation has announced sweeping changes that, on the surface, appear to help air travelers get the upper hand with airlines.

Unfortunately, what the agency has proposed may hurt, not help, travelers at the very time when travelers need airlines to get them to their final ...Read more

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Patricia Lopez: Trump will need more than bluster to turn Minnesota red

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Former President Donald Trump, on a rare day off from his hush money trial, made a bold claim when he headlined a fundraiser for the Minnesota Republican Party last weekend, declaring, “We’re going to win this state.” He wanted, he said, a landslide “that is too big to rig.”

That is the tallest of orders in a state that hasn’t voted...Read more

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Editorial: Protect warehouse workers from union coercion

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The federal government should not be in the business of forcing unions onto workers. But Democrats both in Michigan and nationally are acting aggressively to push through pro-labor policies that make it much easier to organize workplaces.

The latest effort targets warehouse employees, who some argue have faced increasing workplace pressures to ...Read more


Michael Hiltzik: With Democratic assent, House votes to open loopholes in crypto regulation

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Money, as we all know, is the mother's milk of politics in America. It can look even more nourishing if you can manufacture it yourself.

That's surely what accounts for the solicitude that the cryptocurrency industry has been receiving from Congress.

The House on Wednesday passed a law reducing regulation of crypto, despite ample evidence that...Read more

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Commentary: The carnage wrought: Where Trump was spot-on

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As I watched the 2016 presidential inauguration, a wave of nightmarish dread washed over me. Donald Trump’s steely resolve to stop the “American carnage” struck me as hyperbole at best. What a dystopian view, I thought. But with the power of hindsight, I now acknowledge that Trump was right. As I shuttled between New York and Los Angeles ...Read more


F.D. Flam: Why we're so exhausted if we're spending more time in bed

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Americans have started sleeping more than any time in the last 20 years, says a new survey of the way we use time. But wait — a new Gallup poll says we’re more stressed and sleeping less. Can both headlines be right?

A closer look shows that the pandemic precipitated a seismic shift in time use for some of us, but it didn’t change a ...Read more

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LZ Granderson: Bring on the cannabis cafes, California. Our nation needs them

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More Americans now consume marijuana on a daily basis than drink alcohol every day, according to a recent study.

That's welcome news for an industry that has been unfairly demonized by opportunistic politicians since the days of Nixon. The findings — based on data gathered between 1979 and 2022— are consistent with the wave of ...Read more

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Editorial: Reckless Republicans are throwing around the A-word

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In the latest descent into MAGA madness, U.S. Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar have publicly alleged the Biden administration’s Justice Department issued an assassination order against former President Donald Trump.

The allegation, based on a truly deranged interpretation of boilerplate language in the newly released FBI 2022 ...Read more

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Commentary: Post-apartheid South Africa: 30 years forward

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As an African American and a Christian cleric, I have long been inspired by the struggle for freedom and justice in South Africa. The history of racial segregation and inequality under the system of apartheid left an indelible mark on the nation and its people, a legacy that continues to shape the country's trajectory to this day.

Thirty years ...Read more

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Editorial: A haunting abortion question: Could Florida's ban force unwilling women to terminate?

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Put yourself in the shoes of a young Central Florida woman staring down at a little blue plus sign on a pregnancy test. It’s bad news. She’s always wanted children someday, but she doubts she is ready now.

Before May 1, she would have had time to consider options. Could she rely on the baby’s father or her family for help? If she has ...Read more

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Editorial: Haley's ambition Trumps principle: Getting back in line like too many Republicans

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Of course Nikki Haley now says she’ll vote for Donald Trump. The blink of an eye ago she called him “unstable and unhinged,” an individual who’s “just toxic” and “lacks moral clarity.”

She follows the same beaten path of Marco Rubio, who became a big fan of the man he’d labeled a “dangerous” “con artist”; Ted Cruz, now...Read more

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Commentary: The spread of bird flu should be a wake-up call: Eating animals is killing us all

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If you’re not already concerned about bird flu, you should be. The virus has now been found in at least 51 dairy herds in nine states as well as on countless bird and egg farms in the U.S. At least two humans have been infected in the U.S.

Yet just weeks after the Biden administration announced plans to work with 50 other countries to prevent...Read more

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Editorial: Supreme Court ruling ensures veterans will receive education benefits

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An Army veteran from Virginia recently won a nearly nine-year battle with the Department of Veterans Affairs over access to education benefits accrued through his service, a 7-2 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that favors those who volunteer to fight for this country.

The VA sought to deny the vet, a 43-year-old from Richmond named Jim ...Read more

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Editorial: The Biden administration: Pandering to everyone

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As poll after poll shows President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign struggling to gain traction with the American people, the White House has increasingly resorted to blatantly manipulating policy in a desperate effort to buy votes. It’s unseemly, even for this administration.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that it will sell 1 ...Read more


Editorial: Fasten your seat belts, folks. Turbulence is everywhere

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All frequent flyers have heard the pilot’s admonition, which usually goes something like this: “We recommend you keep your seat belts fastened while you are in your seats, just as we do in the cockpit. Unexpected turbulence can occur at any time.”

Unexpected turbulence occurred all right on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 from London’s ...Read more

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Commentary: How fellow Republicans reacted to my Biden endorsement

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The split-screen reaction playing out in the presidential race in Georgia has been jarring and illuminating. This past weekend at the state Republican convention, party faithful chose Amy Kremer, an organizer of an event on the Ellipse near the National Mall that preceded the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, to a Georgia seat to ...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: US, allies must stop playing 'Patriot games' with Ukraine

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After I questioned Israel's endgame in Gaza in my previous column, a reader asked, "Do you know what President Joe Biden's endgame is in Ukraine?"

That is a critical question as Russia revs up a new offensive, mercilessly bombing civilian targets in Ukraine's second largest city, Kharkiv. Meantime, Washington is still withholding the Patriot ...Read more

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Peter Jensen: Why the Justice Alito flag flap matters -- even if he blames his wife

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When I entered the world of professional journalism more than four decades ago, I quickly discovered that certain colleagues felt so strongly about the mere appearance of political bias that they abstained from voting. This is not true of most reporters, but you can still find some who choose not to affiliate with a political party nor even to ...Read more


Joe Battenfeld: Joe Biden turning to dangerous rhetoric to deflect from his own weaknesses

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Joe Biden is again fueling divisive, hateful rhetoric among his supporters, saying Donald Trump is “unhinged” and must be stopped – in a deliberate strategy to deflect attention from his own mental deficits.

“He’s only obsessed with one thing about losing in 2020,” Biden said of the former president during a Boston fundraiser ...Read more

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Mary Ellen Klas: Nikki Haley shows us who she really is: a coward

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Nikki Haley was once perceived by many Republicans as their hope for redeeming a party that had been taken over by a morally corrupt, lying and craven narcissist. Donald Trump, she declared, exhibited “everything I taught my children not to do in kindergarten.”

But by announcing Wednesday that she will be voting for Trump after spending ...Read more



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