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Martin Schram: We have met the enemy

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Historically, the most horrific attacks on America have come from half a world away.

America’s enemies bombed U.S. navy ships at Pearl Harbor, collapsed the World Trade Center’s twin towers, smashed a hole in the Pentagon, and would have shattered the Capitol Dome except for the midair heroics of a handful of America’s best.

Now our ...Read more

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Editorial: Time to trash your face mask? Not so fast

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday announced that people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may participate in activities indoors without wearing face masks or observing social distancing, even those in crowded settings. It had previously said vaccinated people could lose the mask when outdoors, which is ...Read more

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Commentary: To be consistent, McCarthy must tell Trump to stop questioning the election

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been rightly ridiculed for his shifting positions on whether Donald Trump bears responsibility for the Jan. 6 siege of the Capitol by crazed Trump supporters.

But on Wednesday, just after his first White House meeting with President Joe Biden, McCarthy invited further mockery with a mind-boggling comment...Read more

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Editorial: California's independent redistricting commission is dangerously close to failing its basic task

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California's Citizens Redistricting Commission has one task, and one only: to take census data gathered every decade and draw new boundaries for state, legislative and congressional districts through a public and transparent process that's free from political manipulation.

Simple, right? But have the 14 commissioners doing the latest round of ...Read more


Commentary: How to change an American medical system that harms Black maternal health

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The current state of Black maternal health in the United States is a grim indication that we as a country have lost our way.

The U.S. ranks last overall among industrialized countries with a maternal death rate of 20.1 per 100,000 pregnancies, and the rate is rising. The crisis for people of color in this country is even more acute. Despite ...Read more

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Dan Rodricks: After Cheney ouster, Michael Steele should leave GOP if he wants a shot at being Maryland governor

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BALTIMORE – What does the defenestration of Liz Cheney by her truth-averse Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives mean for Michael Steele’s potential candidacy for governor of Maryland in 2022?

It doesn’t help.

Cheney, one of the most conservative members of the House, voted to impeach Donald Trump for inciting the ...Read more


Commentary: In pursuit of happiness: The case for national self-reflection

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I have always been self-reflective. It was my coping mechanism during bouts of family drama, when I would escape to my room and think. In the days before screens took all our attention, I read a lot and journaled a little. With therapy as a young adult and coach training for a midlife career change, I got to know myself well. When I looked at ...Read more


Noah Smith: COVID relief hasn't reached everyone who needs it

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The U.S. economy is in better shape than many realize. But that doesn't mean the disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic haven't left behind some significant pain, including about 10 million people who are still out of work. As a nation, we owe it to our people to try to minimize the financial losses that some of our people suffered due to a ...Read more

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Noah Feldman: Big cyberattacks should be handled by nations, not lawyers

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On New Year’s Eve of 1879, Gilbert and Sullivan’s "Pirates of Penzance" premiered, featuring lovable corsairs relegated to the eponymous Cornish seaside resort. It marked quite an image makeover from the beginning of the century, when — in 1801 and again in 1815 — the U.S. fought two naval wars in the Mediterranean against piracy, known ...Read more

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Editorial: Masks, gas lines and the limits of personal responsibility

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and the Centers for Disease Control have announced that masks can soon come off indoors in most places. On Wednesday, the governor set the state threshold for mask removal at 70% of Maryland adults receiving at least one dose of vaccine. And a day later, the CDC followed with guidance saying fully vaccinated people, ...Read more

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Editorial: New York City and Jerusalem: Andrew Yang, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the truth about Israel and Hamas

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Hamas terrorists lobbing more than 1,000 rockets at Israel — meant to kill civilians in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Ashkelon and Ben Gurion Airport — is not the same as Israel trying to defend herself by targeting the launch sites. Andrew Yang gets that, which is why he was correct to tweet: “I’m standing with the people of Israel who are...Read more

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Commentary: As my family shelters in Tel Aviv, I'm unsettled that progressive Americans aren't speaking up for Palestinians

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PHILADELPHIA – I spent Monday between rage and a sense of loss. I watched the Israeli government and security forces make one decision after another to escalate an already bloody situation. My family’s WhatsApp text thread pinged again and again:

– They are talking about red alert alarms and sirens at nine.

– I’m just worried about ...Read more

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Editorial: Facebook should clarify what standard former President Trump violated or lift his suspension

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On Jan. 7, Facebook suspended President Donald Trump, striking a significant blow to his ability to communicate with the public. Banning him permanently from the platform would be a mistake.

An independent review board of activists, lawyers and journalists known as the Facebook Oversight Board has been considering the question of whether Trump'...Read more

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George Skelton: Boosted by California's huge budget surplus, Newsom plays Santa Claus to California voters

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – It's Christmas in May and California Gov. Gavin Newsom is playing Santa Claus. The tree where all his gift-wrapped packages are piled is the state vault.

The vault is overflowing like never before.

Santa is flying around California promising expensive presents to voters who very likely will be deciding in a fall recall ...Read more


Commentary: COVID-19 was America's blast furnace, but it forged us into something better

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Trial by pandemic — that’s how I’ve come to see the past year. COVID-19 challenged my company to continue providing valuable and necessary products to our customers, while adapting, evolving and innovating. I’m proud to say that we, along with our colleagues nationwide, passed the test.

When COVID-19 hit, manufacturers acted decisively ...Read more

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Commentary: Why isn't the school meal program serving only those in need?

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Should the federal government take the hard-earned dollars of American families and use it to give welfare to the middle-class and wealthy?

The answer should be obvious: Of course not. This turns welfare on its head.

Welfare is supposed to serve as a safety net for those in need. But the Biden administration and some legislators would like to ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Caitlyn Jenner couldn't be bothered to vote, like these GOP candidates before her

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It's time to ask again: What is it with these novice political candidates who don't bother to vote in major electoral contests?

The latest member of this Hall of Shame is Caitlyn Jenner, who thinks she'd like to be the governor of California. She joins the ranks of fellow California wannabe politicos of the recent past Carly Fiorina and Meg ...Read more

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Eli Lake: Why Hamas starts wars it always loses

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According to its exiled political leader, Hamas’ war strategy — if that’s the proper term for raining hundreds of randomly fired rockets on Israel — is working. In a televised address on Tuesday evening, Ismail Haniya called the barrage a “victory” and “an honor for our people.”

This rhetoric is not unusual. Hamas always claims ...Read more

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Commentary: Why Israelis thought they were safer

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Shortly after the sirens went off in Tel Aviv on Tuesday night, I sat in an improvised home shelter listening to the boom of rockets fired from Gaza and the response of Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome anti-missile system. The windows of the house rattled. The voices of the Israeli radio reporters, usually exuding certainty, sounded confused. This ...Read more

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Editorial: To help cruise lines, repeal law banning vaccination passports

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The Florida Legislature and Gov. DeSantis could do much to restart the cruise ship industry. It would just take a little humility and common sense for the good of the state.

Every month that the domestic industry stays idle hurts Florida. PortMiami and Port Everglades are, respectively, the busiest and third-busiest cruise ports in the world. ...Read more



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