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Martin Schram: Police chiefs dial 911 -- law-and-order pols need to answer

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Beneath the still-gleaming white dome, the Capitol’s new generation of promising leaders are jockeying for position, staking their turf, marking their hydrants, and swapping last-minute promises for next year’s power.

Today we will mainly be speaking to just one category of our promising new leaders: The ones who want you to know how proud ...Read more

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Commentary: California's carbon-offset forests aren't trapping much carbon. Here's how to do better

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Many companies promising “net-zero” emissions to protect the climate are backing that claim by investing in vast swaths of forests to recapture carbon. It turns out this strategy isn’t working very well.

On paper, carbon offsets appear to balance out a company’s carbon emissions: The company pays to protect trees, which absorb carbon ...Read more


Editorial: China got COVID wrong, and now Xi Jinping is paying the price

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Protest movements routinely bring symbols that help define their cause. Umbrellas serving as shields against pepper spray came to symbolize demonstrations in Hong Kong in 2014 and again in 2019 as citizens protested anti-democratic measures pushed by Beijing.

Earlier this year in Iran, women cutting off their hair emerged as a signature gesture...Read more


Joe Battenfeld: Once powerful CNN now riddled with more layoffs and cutbacks

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The dismantling of CNN as the Democrats’ leading network could be on the way with layoffs and cutbacks putting the once-dominant media outlet in decline.

CNN began notifying staffers on Wednesday that there would be major layoffs of paid contributors and others “as part of a recalibrated reporting strategy,” according to a memo published ...Read more

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Editorial: The Supreme Court is about to make it still easier for officials to profit personally and defraud the public

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Listening to Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court arguments about two prosecutions won by former Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, it seems likely that the bad guys will go free. If and when that happens, consider it a lucky break for Andrew Cuomo’s former hatchet man Joe Percoco and a foursome caught rigging Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion program �...Read more


Commentary: US News & World Report university rankings spur a revolt. What we need are more meaningful evaluations

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In the beginning, God created the heavens, the earth and American higher education. We lived in a bucolic state of nature until an evil serpent, U.S. News & World Report, tempted us to partake of the Tree of Knowledge: namely, college rankings. A fall from grace ensued.

That’s what you might think when reading about the recent spate of ...Read more

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Commentary: I have months to live. Here's how I've embraced acceptance

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“You have many months to live,” my palliative care doctor told me recently. She must’ve thought that was more polite than saying “less than a year.” I have finally advanced to the stage predicted by my oncologist, who said seven years ago, “I’m thinking years, not months.”

I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at age 53 and ...Read more

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Parmy Olson: Musk's Twitter won't die. Look at Telegram

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A social network, privately run by a billionaire free-speech advocate, on a shoestring budget, hosting politicians with millions of followers, and with very loose content rules.

Sound familiar?

That’s the direction Twitter Inc. is going under Elon Musk, but it’s also the current iteration of Telegram, a messaging and broadcasting app that�...Read more


Commentary: American children need a higher-quality science education

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One of the most devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the debt it has created, a debt that we owe our kids that will be hard ever to pay back. In the past three years, much of what has occurred — school closings, lockdowns, remote learning — whether warranted or not, has had a profound academic and social effect on children, ...Read more

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Commentary: Trump's decision to entertain hatemongers is a part of an ongoing campaign to normalize prejudice

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“We will stand up to hatred and bullying wherever it rears its head.” Such was the message at the 2016 Risa K. Lambert Luncheon, Chicago’s massive fundraiser for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. That same season, Donald Trump was running his first presidential campaign, which was fueled with language and policy of overt misogyny, racism...Read more

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Jonathan Bernstein: Hold the Iowa caucuses in spring. It won't change much

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The Democratic National Committee is expected to make some big decisions in the next few days about the presidential nomination calendar. It seems likely that the party will seek to demote Iowa from its role as the first state to select a presidential nominee.

It’s a big change on the surface. Iowa has had first-in-the-nation caucuses since ...Read more


Commentary: The child welfare system needs an overhaul

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When I graduated from nursing school five years ago, I worked for an agency in New York City’s foster care system. I believed I was helping families. But what I saw there was not a system working for children’s best interests, but one that was quick to separate children from their parents because they were living in poverty.

I’ve since ...Read more

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Editorial: The political charade behind the removal of progressive state attorney

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It didn’t take long Tuesday to expose Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ouster of Andrew Warren as the political hit job it was.

The Republican governor removed Warren in August, accusing Hillsborough’s twice-elected Democratic state attorney of refusing to prosecute cases involving abortion or transgender health care. Warren is suing DeSantis to ...Read more


Editorial: Conspiracy most foul: Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers and other Jan. 6 plotters must pay the price for their crimes

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Here’s a stark way to restate why Donald Trump is unfit to lead the Republican Party, much less the nation: He promises “full pardons with an apology to many” of those who violently breached the Capitol to stop the peaceful transition of power to rightful victor Joe Biden. In stark contrast, the current administration’s Justice ...Read more

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Editorial: What to do now that seniors account for 9 in 10 Florida COVID deaths

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Think back to the long-ago days of March 2020, when Florida was feeling the first effects of the COVID pandemic. There was so much we didn’t know, and so much we would later vehemently disagree on, but at that moment, there was no dissent from one basic point: We must protect our older residents.

We tried. We shielded them from exposure to ...Read more

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Editorial: Of course railroad workers should get paid sick leave. So should all workers

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Approaching year three of a global pandemic, it’s shocking that the U.S. is still debating whether workers should be allowed to take time off work when they’re sick or need to see a doctor.

Yet sick leave has been at the heart of the threatened railroad worker strike. Railroad companies and a dozen railroad employee unions were at ...Read more

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Commentary: Hey, Congress: No last-minute shopping at taxpayer expense

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It’s happened to all of us: The holidays are here before you know it, and you’re scrambling for that last-minute gift. Maybe you procrastinated, but at least you are spending your own money on someone else. Conversely, the politicians in Congress are preparing to spend YOUR money on THEMSELVES and their special interests in a perverse, year-...Read more

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Commentary: In the UC strike, professors can't keep up with grading. Students will suffer

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When graduate teaching assistants strike, my work becomes impossible. I’m a professor at the University of California as we see the largest higher education strike in U.S. history. My 250 students — mostly new to UC San Diego this fall — have lost their teaching assistants to the picket line. They rely on TAs for feedback on their work, ...Read more

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Robin Abcarian: Enjoyed the Benghazi hearings? You're gonna love the coming Republican era of 'angertainment'

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There is nothing showy or preposterous about the work of the House Jan. 6 committee.

Over the course of 10 sessions, a nominally bipartisan group of legislators and their indefatigable staff have presented a sober, methodical case that then-President Donald Trump and an expansive cabal of supporters incited a riot that cost lives and could have...Read more

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Commentary: A jury delivers the truth about Jan. 6. It was seditious conspiracy

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The conviction of Oath Keepers leaders Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs on charges of seditious conspiracy is a historic legal victory for the Department of Justice, but it is much more than that as well.

Tuesday’s verdicts in federal court in Washington will go a long way toward defining the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol melee, once and for all, as a ...Read more



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