Editorial: Trump's abuses of power are worthy of several articles of impeachment. But two are enough

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President Donald Trump's myriad abuses of power could easily provide the basis for several articles of impeachment. But on Tuesday House Democrats unveiled only two, both related to Trump's unconscionable attempt to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations that would benefit him politically.

Even if you think the bill of particulars should ...Read more

Ann McFeatters: Gifts for that hard-to-buy-for politician in your life

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WASHINGTON -- The annual mountain of catalogs is pouring into our mailboxes again.

With thoughts of impeachment swirling in our heads, we decided to curb our natural antagonisms and spread some cheer from said catalogs before they go into the recycling bin.

Jim Jordan, the overwrought Ohio Republican congressman who likes to shout observations...Read more

Editorial: Trump has his new NAFTA. But is it any better than the original?

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Here's one thing you can say for President Donald Trump's biggest trade pact so far: The new version of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement is better than the one Trump originally negotiated a year ago. House Democrats and the Trump administration announced a number of changes Tuesday that will make the agreement more enforceable, likely assuring ...Read more

Doyle McManus: The FBI gets another black eye

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WASHINGTON -- The FBI owes Carter Page an apology.

That wasn't the headline after the Justice Department released a blistering internal review of the FBI's Russia investigation. The top news was that the FBI had solid grounds to investigate, and it wasn't a partisan hoax, as President Donald Trump angrily insists.

But Page's ordeal -- as a ...Read more

Commentary: Green New Deal should help former inmates

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The Green New Deal resolution now before Congress asserts that there can be no environmental justice without social and economic justice. Its proponents have promised to create quality jobs for low-income people, communities of color, and workers in fossil fuel industries.

But the resolution left out one group that desperately needs a place in ...Read more

Commentary: Behind the scenes at UPS during the holiday season

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You just clicked "place your order" to purchase your item and now you wait for the package to arrive at your door. You're done with a few simple mouse clicks, but the work has just begun at UPS warehouses and distribution centers across the country. Especially during the holiday season.

It's no simple task making sure the onslaught of orders ...Read more

David Zurawik: Why we are talking about Ukraine 24/7 on cable TV

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I took time off last week, and one of my goals was to return with something positive to say about the state of media as we approach the end of 2019. Forget about it.

Every time I turned on cable TV it was filled with talk of the latest conspiracy theory: that it was Ukraine meddling with our 2016 election in hopes of bringing down Donald Trump....Read more

Editorial: Don't drive child-porn viewers away from therapy

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In their zeal to prevent crime and protect would-be victims, well-meaning lawmakers and courts sometimes make matters worse with gratuitous punishments and onerous enforcement mandates. That's especially true with sex crimes, and most especially with such crimes that victimize children.

One case in point is a law adopted by California lawmakers...Read more

Commentary: Carrying out Trump's policies sent me into a crisis of conscience. There are thousands more like me

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All the terrible stuff the Trump administration does that keeps you up at night grinding your teeth -- the horror show at the border, the betrayal of the Kurds, the shakedown of Ukraine -- that's just the stuff that makes headlines. All over the country, in every nook and cranny of society, there's more.

You read about the secretary of the Navy...Read more

Editorial: After 3,000 sexual assaults on Uber trips in 2018: Make the ride-share ride safer

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Uber racks up more than 3.1 million ride-share rides every day. That's more than a billion rides each year. Certainly a big number, but so is this: 3,045. That's the number of sexual assaults that occurred in Uber vehicles in 2018, according to a first-of-its-kind report released Dec. 5 by the ride-share giant. For 2017, the number was 2,936.

...Read more

Editorial: Answers needed on shooting at Florida naval base

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Former Lakewood High track star Mohammed "Mo" Haitham surprised his family in St. Petersburg, Fla., by showing up for Thanksgiving. The 19-year-old Navy airman won't be there for Christmas. He was one of three sailors killed Friday at the Naval Air Station Pensacola by a Saudi Air Force officer undergoing flight training at the base. The tragedy...Read more

Eric Zorn: Get real, Democrats, and fight for public support of impeachment

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On NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday, moderator Chuck Todd displayed a chart labeled "ads on impeachment aired, December 1-7.?

"GOP affiliated, 4,265," said the chart, attributed to NBC News. "Dem affiliated, 1."

Todd turned to panelist Stephanie Cutter, a Democratic campaign strategist. "I know that Democrats didn't want to look like they were ...Read more

Commentary: The real story of Rosa Parks vs. Nikki Hailey's false narrative about the Confederate flag

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I believe I was in college when I first learned of Rosa Parks. The story, as I recall, was that on Dec. 1, 1955, a meek middle-aged woman was just too tired after a day of work to relinquish her seat on a city bus to a white man. This was the Jim Crow South in what had been the first capital of the Confederacy: Montgomery, Ala.

The only part of...Read more

Editorial: Nation well-served by House investigation

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This country now finds itself, for only the fourth time in its history, confronting articles of impeachment that charge its highest elected leader with violating both the U.S. Constitution and the oath of office to uphold it.

In the months leading up to this, it should first be said, the House has gone about its impeachment inquiry in an ...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: Amazon is right to say Trump tainted $10-billion Pentagon deal it lost

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It's possible that the Pentagon had perfectly sound reasons for rejecting Amazon's bid for a $10-billion high-tech contract and handing it to Microsoft instead.

But it's also crystal clear that, as Amazon claims, we can't know. That's because President Trump openly interfered in the Department of Defense's contracting process, placing the ...Read more

Rekha Basu: GOP on impeachment facts: If it looks and quacks like a duck, get outraged and call it a hog

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From the moment some man stormed into Monday's just-getting-started House Judiciary Committee hearing yelling, "Americans are done with this! Americans are sick of this!," you had a pretty good sense of which way the day was going. It was America at war with itself across the great partisan divide.

Faced with damning evidence against their ...Read more

Robin Abcarian: Maybe, just maybe, Republicans should try directing their rage at Trump this time

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I didn't agree with constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley's conclusions about the speed of the impeachment or the dearth of evidence, but he did say something last week that resonated with me:

"I get it," he told the House Judiciary Committee. "You're mad. The president's mad. My Republican friends are mad. My Democratic friends are mad. My ...Read more

Will Bunch: With GOP certain to acquit Trump, should he be impeached for the history books?

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It's been quite a week on the impeachment front -- a 9-hour-plus, bitterly contentious hearing before the House Judiciary Committee that focused (or attempted to, anyway) on evidence of President Trump's high crimes and misdemeanors, followed just 14 hours later with the high-stakes rollout of two articles of impeachment. The case against Trump ...Read more

Editorial: One of Trump's favorite Obama conspiracy theories was just thoroughly debunked

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President Trump has long portrayed himself as the victim of a nefarious "deep state," casting special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's investigation into possible ties between Russia and Trump's 2016 campaign as a partisan witch hunt carried out by biased investigators on false pretenses. On Monday, however, a long awaited report by the Justice ...Read more

Commentary: Court decisions are falling Trump's way on a bad immigration policy

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Two down, one to go.

Federal judges in three separate circuits issued injunctions -- two nationwide, one limited to the 9th Circuit -- against President Trump's pending "public charge" rule, which would make immigrants ineligible for green cards if they sign up for certain public benefits.

On Monday, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in ...Read more


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