Dan K. Thomasson: Sessions has a long way to go to win over African-Americans

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WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a Martin Luther King Jr. Day address that touched on the aspects of his own Old South life when he witnessed so much "unvarnished discrimination" against people of color that he realized there was no such thing as separate but equal.

It was an address praising King and urging for the continued ...Read more

Editorial: If a defendant says he's innocent, his lawyer can't say he did it

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The 6th Amendment says that a person accused of a crime has the right to the "assistance of counsel for his defense." But what if that "assistance" takes the form of an admission by a defense lawyer that his client committed the crime -- even though the client insists he is innocent?

A lawyer for a Louisiana man named Robert McCoy made just ...Read more

Commentary: What Democrats won't tell you about the GOP tax cut

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In an effort to keep up with their self-described "resistance" movement, California Democrats are engaged in a full-fledged attack against recently enacted federal tax reform legislation that provides tax cuts for most Americans and Californians.

Ironically, these same Democrats who claim to be focused on the poor and needy are engaged in ...Read more

Editorial: Whether populist theater or something even more nefarious, Trump's lies have consequences

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Ten months ago, The Times editorial board wrote that Donald Trump was encouraging Americans to disrespect science, to distrust the mainstream media and to reject facts. Were this to continue, we said, the result would be an increasingly divided country with too few shared assumptions, where ideological and partisan differences would grow deeper ...Read more

Jay Ambrose: Is Stalin in the White House?

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Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona gave a speech this week about how important truth is to our democracy and how President Donald Trump lies a lot. He especially took aim at Trump talking about "fake news" all the time and even referring to the press as the "enemy of the people." Flake then went crazy.

Viciously, mindlessly and inexcusably, ...Read more

Robin Abcarian: Whose voices carry the most weight in our conversation about sexual harassment? (Hint: Not Matt Damon's)

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Like you, I have been thinking a lot about sexual harassment, appropriate retribution and all the careers rightfully derailed by the great reckoning that is consuming so much of our public discussion right now.

I have no sympathy for the tattered careers of men such as Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose or Kevin Spacey. Instead, like ...Read more

Editorial: Thank you, Sen. McCain. Thank you, Sen. Flake. Thank you, dear reader.

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A new Gallup/Knight Foundation survey of 19,196 American adults is the latest poll to show, as it summarized so well, that "media trust in the U.S. has been eroding, making it harder for the news media to fulfill their democratic responsibilities of informing the public and holding government leaders accountable." One central finding is that ...Read more

Editorial: Shutdown will rest on the GOP

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When Republicans were responsible for shutting down the government over budget disputes in the past, they could blame, or try to blame, the problem on Democrats and Democratic presidents. But now, with a shutdown looming over a confrontation over the DACA program for immigrants granted some leeway to work in the country because they were brought...Read more

Editorial: Gov. Eric Greitens can't stay in hiding if he wants to keep his job

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It's time for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens to come clean and break his silence on the black cloud enveloping his administration.

A week has passed since the story of an extramarital affair and allegations of blackmail rocketed across the state -- and the nation -- on the same night that the governor delivered his second State of the State ...Read more

Editorial: Don't make our kids your bargaining CHIP

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In an attempt to avoid a looming federal government shutdown on Friday, it seems that children -- again -- have been made a pawn in a political debate. That's regrettable. And it's wrong.

Earlier, negotiations over keeping the government open for business swirled around DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The program provides ...Read more

Editorial: Is it too much to ask Congress to govern without extortionate brinkmanship?

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A federal district court judge last week ordered the Trump administration to continue the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program while the courts consider a legal challenge to the president's decision to bring it to a close on March 5. Hoping to short-circuit the appeals process, the administration has now taken the unusual ...Read more

Foon Rhee: President Trump shouldn't crow too loud about tax cuts yet

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The almost daily announcements sound impressive and generous.

American Airlines, AT&T, Bank of America and Comcast are giving their workers $1,000 bonuses. Since President Donald Trump signed the sweeping tax cuts that slashed what corporations pay, dozens of companies have announced payments to employees. Last week, Fiat Chrysler said it will ...Read more

Editorial: After the Perris nightmare, it's time to monitor home-schools more closely

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Every once in a while, a horrible story involving home-schooled children grabs the public's attention. Most recently, a Perris, Calif., couple allegedly kept their 13 sons and daughters chained and malnourished, while filing the proper paperwork each year to tell the state that they were running a small, home-based private school for the kids.

...Read more

Bernstein on politics: The picture gets darker for Republicans

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How bad is it for Republicans out there?

There were four special elections in very Republican state legislative districts on Tuesday. Voting shifted an average of 21 percentage points toward the Democrats from their 2016 presidential election numbers, with Democrats winning one of them, a Wisconsin state Senate contest. I doubt that's going to ...Read more

Editorial: Bulletin: Gutsy Democrats and Republicans cooperate (!) on terror bill

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If these were the old days of newspapering, we'd love to shout: "Stop the Presses!" That's a phrase normally reserved for late-breaking, jaw-dropping news.

What shocking event has inspired our outburst in the digital age? Only that Congressional Democrats and Republicans have worked together to advance a vital surveillance bill that helps keep ...Read more

Editorial: For Greitens, prolonged silence can be politically deadly

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Nothing in Gov. Eric Greitens' Navy SEALs training prepared him for the battlefield he faces today. In the thickening fog of political warfare, he can no longer distinguish friend from foe. His self-inflicted wounds appear to have crippled him. Republicans who previously fought alongside him are abandoning the governor.

Gone is the muscle-...Read more

Editorial: Dreamers need Sen. Rubio's backing, but he's been hard to find

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These are dramatic days, hours, minutes in Washington.

Congress is working to approve a federal budget and avoid a government shutdown by Friday, and come up with a fix for the Dreamers crisis, and rescue the Children's Health Insurance program.

In many ways, it's a watershed moment for South Florida. You'd think Sen. Marco Rubio would be ...Read more

Martin Schram: Breaking news: Loophole sinks Sunday anchors

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In 1973, the highly respected author David Wise wrote an insightful book titled "The Politics of Lying." And back in President Richard Nixon's final days, we all thought we had it pretty bad.

Fast-forward. In 2018, President Donald Trump and certain of the worst elements of his once-Grand Old Party are rewriting the book on what really happens ...Read more

US should take small steps toward peace with North Korea

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SEATTLE -- Conflict between the United States and North Korea seems to defy solution, but that needn't be the case.

Linda Lewis, who has studied the Korean Peninsula for decades and works with North Koreans regularly, believes that sometimes the path to peace starts with small things -- interactions that help people get to know each other and ...Read more

Commentary: Psychiatrist: Why we cannot be silent about Trump's mental health

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Questions about Donald Trump's mental fitness to serve as president keep mounting. A historically unprecedented number of mental health professionals have mobilized to express concern about the dangers of the mental instability we see in Mr. Trump, coupled with the power of the presidency. Through the National Coalition of Concerned Mental ...Read more


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