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Editorial: Trump and oil companies are lying to you about electric cars to serve their own interests

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Oil companies are worried that federal incentives and the growing popularity of electric vehicles will eat into their profits and threaten their stranglehold over energy consumption. Former President Donald Trump and other Republican politicians want to exploit consumer and autoworker anxieties about the transition to zero-emission vehicles to ...Read more

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Editorial: Falling on her sword -- Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle failed and had to resign

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Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle should have saved herself from being roasted for 4 hours and 40 minutes Monday by justifiably angry members of the House Oversight Committee livid over the failures of the Secret Service to prevent the shooting of Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally 11 days ago. She should have resigned rather than sit ...Read more

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Ryan J. Rusak: A messaging mess for Democrats -- 3 dumb arguments so far about Trump, Harris, Biden

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Two days into the reshaped presidential race, we have a sense of Democrats’ initial attempts to define the race between Kamala Harris and Donald Trump. The messaging is not impressive.

Three prominent arguments so far are a stretch at best and downright fantasy at worst. Let’s take a look.

Biden is a great president and patriotic hero

...Read more

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Patricia Lopez: For once, it's Democrats who fall in line

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Democrats are coming together with a swift, unified show of force that seemed unfathomable just days ago. It has made a mockery of a still-new Republican talking point — that President Joe Biden’s departure would leave Democrats divided and in disarray.

To Republicans’ dismay, Democrats are instead falling into line like, well, the GOP ...Read more


COUNTERPOINT: Bad policies, not gender, will cost Kamala Harris the presidency

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Now that Vice President Harris is heir-apparent for the Democratic presidential nomination (chosen by party elites without a democratic process from her party’s voters), the next step we’ll see from the left is whipping out the women’s card.

We’ve seen this in numerous other races, including with former presidential candidate Hillary ...Read more

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Commentary: Why Harris should pick former astronaut Mark Kelly as running mate

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With the Democratic presidential nomination all but delivered for Kamala Harris, speculation has turned to who would best compliment her as the vice-presidential nominee. There are certainly several interesting possibilities but there is one who, like Harris herself, draws stark and strategic contrasts with the Trump-Vance ticket: Sen. Mark ...Read more


POINT: Why gender matters in politics, and what has to change

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Gender shouldn’t matter when choosing a president — but after nearly 250 years of American democracy and zero women presidents, it clearly has. Now, if we want to save democracy, something has to change.

The question isn’t whether voters are ready for a woman leader. Vice President Harris has already passed that milestone.

She has more...Read more

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Kaitlyn Buss: Cheatle is out. Mayorkas should follow

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Director of the U.S. Secret Service Kimberly Cheatle had no choice but to resign following what was perhaps the worst testimony before a congressional hearing in recent U.S. history. She failed to answer nearly every question posed to her concerning the July 13 assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump.

Now her boss should do the ...Read more

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Editorial: How the US and allies can convince more citizens to serve

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After witnessing the carnage in Ukraine, the U.S. and its partners are racing to rearm — beefing up defense budgets, securing supply chains and expanding arms production. To deter the likes of Russia or China, though, they will have to devote the same energy to another task: finding troops to man those weapons.

For years now, many advanced ...Read more

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Commentary: How does Biden's foreign policy record stack up?

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President Joe Biden’s decision to pull out of the race on Sunday afternoon shocked the country. A day earlier, the president was talking as if his campaign was full steam ahead. His change of heart left even some of his closest advisers in the White House bewildered.

Much will be written in the next several days about why Biden bowed out. But...Read more


Commentary: Juvenile crime is out of control in too many cities

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The summer heat isn’t the only thing intensifying. Too many cities around the country are experiencing a rash of crimes committed by juvenile offenders.

The kids creating chaos understand the message that many of their local elected leaders have sent them: There won’t be consequences for their actions. It’s a free-for-all.

Unfortunately,...Read more

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Gustavo Arellano: The death of California's Spanish-language newspapers leaves a void. 'It gets filled with trash'

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When Laura Pantoja immigrated to Santa Ana from Mexico City in the early 1990s, she could choose from about a dozen local newspapers in her native language.

A literature major, she favored Unión Hispana because it was "the political paper," sometimes printing unflattering photos of local elected officials who, editors thought, didn't stand up ...Read more

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Commentary: The CrowdStrike outage shows the danger of depending on Big Tech overlords

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Starting on Thursday of last week with ripple effects for days afterward, a routine software update caused a record-breaking freeze across much of the world.

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity vendor deployed by Microsoft systems, installed an update that analysts say probably skipped quality testing. The result disabled an estimated 8.5 million ...Read more

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Editorial: Biden's 'unmatched' record of failure is all Kamala Harris has to run on

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On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris offered her first public remarks since President Joe Biden’s decision to step aside in the upcoming election.

In those remarks, Harris claimed, “Joe Biden’s legacy of accomplishment over the past three years is unmatched in modern history,” continuing later, “In one term, he has already ...Read more

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LZ Granderson: President Harris would be a 'first' in many ways. She can handle it

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The more America sees Vice President Kamala Harris and gets to know her, the more America will see what President Joe Biden saw when he selected her as his running mate: She can handle it.

And I'm not just talking about the campaign schedule, earning the nomination or doing the job. I'm talking about what she'll have to endure as a "first." ...Read more

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Commentary: Illinois should be an economic powerhouse. Why isn't it?

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In each of the six R’s critical to economic development — roads, rails, rivers, runways, routers (technology) and research — Illinois is among the top states in the nation. And it’s smack dab in the middle of the world’s largest economy. Illinois should be an economic powerhouse. Why isn’t it?

As to the state’s strengths, take a ...Read more

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Commentary: It's time to buck the rodeo

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There’s a certain nostalgia for the Wild West, but horses and cows do not deserve to pay with their lives just to satisfy some humans’ desire to play “cowboy." Rodeos are nothing but a show of force and domination that belongs firmly in history books.

This month at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada, three horses were euthanized ...Read more

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Editorial: No, Kamala Harris is not going to 'steal' the Democratic Party nomination

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In a startlingly swift sequence of events, Vice President Kamala Harris has won the support of party leaders, donors and — most important — delegates who had been expected to support President Joe Biden before he abandoned his quest for a second term.

It’s a remarkable show of solidarity, but Republicans are mischaracterizing it as ...Read more

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Editorial: Harris can't run from Biden's many messes

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Vice President Kamala Harris secured more key endorsements on Monday as she moves toward becoming President Joe Biden’s replacement on the Democratic ticket. Nancy Pelosi bestowed her support on the vice president. Chuck Schumer soon followed.

Harris has raked in oodles of cash since Biden dropped his decision Sunday with a posting on X. The ...Read more

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Commentary: 6 reasons Kamala Harris has better odds than Clinton against Trump

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Almost as quickly as Democrats took a sigh of relief after President Joe Biden ended his reelection campaign, many also started holding their breath.

There was relief because a diminished, doubted 81-year-old candidate stepped aside and endorsed his 59-year-old Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic presidential nominee. After weeks of ...Read more



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