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Michael Hiltzik: We're facing a tidal wave of COVID-related disability cases, and we're not ready

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Richard Weishaupt, a disability attorney at Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, has just met with his first client with what's known as "long-haul" COVID-19 — symptoms that persist beyond a couple of weeks in which the infection typically runs its course.

"That wave is just starting," he says.

Many disability advocates share Weishaupt'...Read more

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Commentary: Two cults

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I am slowly working my way through George F. Will's "The Conservative Sensibility," a wonderful title for a splendid book.

It's the right title, of course, because to be a conservative is to be of a certain sensibility or disposition, perhaps naturally at first, but also by intentional habit of mind.

You really cannot be a conservative and be ...Read more


Dahleen Glanton: The liberal Dr. Seuss probably would have thought 'cancel culture' was bunk

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It is ironic that conservatives have come to Dr. Seuss’ rescue. It is unlikely that he would have wanted to sit down and have a beer with any of the right-wingers who are out there defending the bigotry depicted in some of his children’s books.

Theodor Seuss Geisel, or Dr. Seuss as we know him, was a staunch liberal. He once worked as a ...Read more

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Noah Smith: Imagine the COVID-19 economy before Zoom and Amazon

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Economists concerned about slowing productivity have spent the past decade hotly debating the value of free digital services such as Google’s web search and Amazon’s online store. But those online services have proven their worth during the pandemic. And COVID-19 may ultimately push our society to learn new ways of using digital technologies...Read more

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Commentary: We need a national strategy to help health workers recover from the stress of the pandemic

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COVID-19 has hit our already burdened health care workforce like a sledgehammer. More than a year into the pandemic, an immediate, full-scale effort to support health care workers and help them stay in the workforce is necessary if the U.S. health care system is to survive.

Before the onset of COVID-19, one-third to one-half of health ...Read more

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Editorial: A wolf slaughter in Wisconsin is reason to restore protective status

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From the time Europeans arrived in North America, some of them made a practice of killing wolves. Some 2 million wolves once ranged across the continent, but incessant slaughter, with guns, traps and poison, came uncomfortably close to eradicating them. By 1965, they had almost entirely disappeared from the upper Midwest. That might have been ...Read more

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Editorial: Biden should make gun violence reduction a national priority

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A curious thing happened last year while the nation endured a string of COVID-19 lockdowns. Mass homicides — four or more dead — declined by a third from 2019, while mass shootings — in which four or more people are wounded but not necessarily killed — jumped nearly 50%, according to data maintained by the Gun Violence Archive. At the ...Read more


Commentary: Animal suffering: the not-so-super ingredient in superfoods

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Thousands of animals may have been tormented and killed for seemingly harmless items in your shopping cart, like a pint of blueberries, a box of mangoes or a container of mushrooms.

While it may seem odd that a trip through the produce aisle could contribute to experimenters’ poisoning, force-feeding, starving, radiating, bleeding, ...Read more

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Commentary: Required for democracy: Shared vision of the future, vision of a shared future

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There comes a time when political leaders and ordinary citizens alike must choose to affirm and reinforce the institutions that make a democratic nation possible. The last four years have taught us that we cannot take for granted that our democratic processes will lead to compromise and reciprocity.

We are participants in an ongoing ...Read more


Editorial: The US should press harder on Nord Stream 2

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The Biden administration has opted for now not to impose new sanctions on Nord Stream 2, the pipeline that will double the amount of natural gas Russia transports directly to Europe. For the time being, the decision allows the U.S. to avoid a confrontation with Germany, the project’s main supporter. It also risks inflaming Congress and handing...Read more

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Editorial: California's ethnic studies curriculum is controversial and a little sloppy — but much improved

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Now in its third draft, California's model ethnic studies curriculum for high schools has been stripped of its narrow ideological lens, its divisive victimization narratives and even its impenetrable academic jargon (e.g., "misogynoir" and "cisheteropatriarchy"). Also gone are the phrases equating capitalism with racism and the glowing, one-...Read more

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Will Bunch: How the GOP blew its chance at a 2022 working-class coalition in just 10 hours, 43 minutes

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It was less than two weeks ago that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a past and future presidential hopeful for the Republican Party, stood before an annual confab of conservative fanatics and proclaimed he could see the future of the Grand Old Party. In Orlando, Florida, a stone's throw from Walt Disney's Fantasyland, Cruz promised the Conservative ...Read more

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Robin Abcarian: Meghan's interview made one thing clear. The royals never learn from their mistakes

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The Oprah special was sold as a joint interview with Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

It should have been sold as Meghan’s Revenge.

Or, perhaps, the Ghost of Diana.

“I wasn’t planning on saying anything shocking,” Meghan told Oprah as they sat on the bucolic patio of a Santa Barbara, California-area estate. �...Read more

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Commentary: Try vegetarianism, like AOC

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a reputation for boldly addressing issues that other members of her party deem too controversial, whether it’s proposing a Green New Deal to combat climate change or advocating for housing as a human right. In February, she again waded into contentious territory by announcing, via a series of tweets, that she was ...Read more

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Mark Z. Barabak: California politicians used to out-tough each other on the death penalty. No more

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The death penalty runs like a sinuous thread through California politics.

The issue bedeviled two governors named Brown, Pat and his son, Jerry, whose Catholic faith weighed heavily on their stewardship of the state's execution chamber. In 1986, a public outcry resulted in the recall of three Supreme Court justices who repeatedly barred the ...Read more

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Commentary: GOP embrace of extremism began long before Trump

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Decades before Donald Trump’s naked call for lawless revolt, Republican leaders in Washington launched the party’s descent into insane nihilism fueled by a conspiratorial, visceral hatred of government.

I know. I was on the front lines covering it.

Two months after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, the widely accepted view of the ...Read more

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Commentary: How workers at one Amazon warehouse could change the union landscape

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The effort to unionize 5,800 workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama is the most important unionization drive in years. This is happening at the corporation that is arguably doing more than any other company to shape the workplace and economy of the future.

After years of declining union membership, this campaign, conducted by the Retail, ...Read more

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Editorial: Google renounces web tracking, but protecting privacy will take much more

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The commercial internet developed with so little regard for privacy, tech companies have been able to turn personal data into hefty profits, raising billions of dollars off their ability to collect and sell information about anyone who strayed within hailing distance of their software. Last week, Google announced a step in the right direction �...Read more


Timothy L. O'Brien: Google puts lid on cookie jar and ends an internet era

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The cookie is dead. Long live the cookie.

Google, the internet search giant, said last week that it’s done tracking us as we skate around the web. It promises that after fully eliminating its use of third-party cookies over the next year, it won’t adopt replacements that essentially do the same thing.

That doesn’t mean Google won’t ...Read more

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Commentary: Is it possible to fix the University of California's system of haves and have-nots?

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Black and Latinx students are entering college at a far higher rate than ever before, but higher education in America remains racially divided and unequal. And California may well stand at the epicenter of that transformation.

A majority of racially marginalized students (especially those from low-income households) are not being educated at ...Read more



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