Editorial: Police bias endangers African Americans

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We don't know what was running through the mind of a Fort Worth, Texas, police officer when he shot through a woman's window while she sat playing video games with an 8-year-old child, killing her. Aaron Y. Dean, who has since resigned from the police force and been charged with murder, isn't saying much about what led him to fire.

What we do ...Read more

Editorial: If Trump wants G-7 at his own golf resort, let him pay for the thing

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Next year's G-7 summit is good news for South Florida, great news for Doral -- and horrendous news for a nation in which the president of the United States, no matter who holds the office, is ethically beholden to maintain a bright line of separation between his business and the business of the country.

But little has been traditional, or ...Read more

Trudy Rubin: Trump's delusions on Syria prove he is a danger to American security

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President Trump's bizarre behavior on the world stage has become a growing security threat to our country.

His recklessness and immorality, as displayed by his Syria debacle, prove him unfit to make foreign policy or protect our republic. His greenlight for Turkish war crimes against our Kurdish allies has shamed America. And Vice President ...Read more

Maria Panaritis: That Nancy Pelosi Twitter picture with Trump: Can we have some more of that?

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You look at the picture and just can't turn away. Doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican; if you're a woman, it's simply amazing.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is staring down President Trump in the White House, their first meeting since she launched impeachment proceedings against him. The most powerful woman in the United States ...Read more

Editorial: Boris Johnson's Brexit deal makes the best of what's still a terrible idea

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confounded his critics by reaching a last-minute agreement with the European Union on the terms of the United Kingdom's departure from the EU. The agreement mostly tracks an earlier Brexit deal negotiated with the EU by former Prime Minister Theresa May, with new language on the contentious issue of how ...Read more

Editorial: Mick Mulvaney and Gordon Sondland fill in the blanks on quid pro quo in Ukraine

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Two of President Donald Trump's presumably loyal appointees painted an alarming picture Thursday of how Trump and lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani turned up the pressure on Ukraine to ensure its help with two politically oriented investigations. No matter how the White House tries to spin the news, it's seeming increasingly clear that the president ...Read more

Martin Schram: GOP hopes for happy holidays get Trumped

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This was a remarkably challenging week for President Donald Trump's ever-fearful, fawning, but increasingly fed-up Republican congressional claque. An eruption of stunning Trump Team admissions and disasters has just propelled them toward inevitable impeachment decisions they'd hoped to duck.

Now they know that's where this week is taking them....Read more

Virginia Heffernan: Mayor Pete has the pedigree to clean up after Trump. But is that enough to win in 2020?

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A day will come when this long national migraine is over.

Or, if you like: A day will come when the national kidney stone that has brutally ravaged America's psychic innards will have passed. Does that go too far?

In any case, at some point, President Trump will be gone.

We got this reminder in less physiological terms from Pete Buttigieg, ...Read more

Tyler Cowen: Would you bet against Trump in 2020?

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Each week brings a fresh batch of polls about the 2020 presidential campaign, but it's also worth taking a look at the prediction markets. They can be a very useful source of information, most of all as a check on the human tendency to overreact.

Prediction markets -- there are several, which allow people to bet on a particular candidate -- are...Read more

Mary C. Curtis: Can church ever be separate from state at a Franklin Graham rally?

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- After the Rev. Billy Graham became less a counselor of presidents and more a political player, particularly in the unfortunate case of Richard Nixon, he learned a lesson. The Rev. Franklin Graham, heir to his father's legacy, has chosen a different path, arguably becoming as well known for his politics as for his role as a ...Read more

Commentary: Why 'Sesame Street' is smarter about foster care than your local child welfare agency

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When "Sesame Street" adds a character and a storyline to its fabled neighborhood, people notice. In May, the show's creators introduced Karli, a Muppet in foster care, and this month they revealed the reason for her situation: Her mom struggles with substance abuse.

In supplemental "Sesame Street in the Community" videos available online, Elmo'...Read more

Editorial: Rep. Elijah Cummings was a skilled politician and staunch defender of Baltimore

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No public official ever wanted to be the one to speak after Rep. Elijah Cummings. He would talk about the most esoteric issues of the day with such eloquent prose that it was easy to forget you were at a press conference about health reform or taxes. When he finished, it wasn't unusual for the next speaker to preface what they were about to say ...Read more

Editorial: Hosting the G-7 summit as his flagging Doral resort could bring Trump a massive windfall

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Brazen is the only word for it. Well, that and emoluments.

The White House announced Thursday that the next meeting of the G-7 -- the leaders of seven of the world's biggest economies -- will take place at President Trump's for-profit Doral golf resort in Miami in June. Even if the president's family business, the Trump Organization, hands all ...Read more

George Skelton: PG&E, Newsom and lawmakers had months to plan for a power outage. They didn't plan enough

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SACRAMENTO -- The outrage expressed by many mucky-mucks over power blackout hardships reminds me of that classic line from police Capt. Louis Renault in the movie "Casablanca."

"I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here," the Claude Rains character exclaims just before the croupier hands him his winnings.

Several utility ...Read more

Christine M. Flowers: I've had enough: I'm done with the Republican Party

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With so much happening in the world, you probably don't want to read about my own personal dark night of the soul.

But at the risk of sounding narcissistic, I do think there is some value in examining why a person like me would feel compelled to leave the Republican Party.

It was only four years ago that I proudly, defiantly and publicly ...Read more

Commentary: A doctor's view: How Trump's betrayal of US ideals magnifies suffering in Syria

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Every time we think the humanitarian situation in Syria has bottomed out, it gets even worse.

More than 160,000 Syrians have been displaced so far in the new chapter of this crisis, and many more are expected to suffer. President Donald Trump's abrupt and capricious decision to withdraw American troops from northern Syria is not the first ...Read more

Dan Rodricks: Elijah Cummings was a righteous man who believed in a better America, a better Baltimore

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BALTIMORE -- "We are better than this."

Elijah Cummings said that over and over again, urging his fellow Americans and his fellow Baltimoreans to believe it -- and to be it.

The U.S. congressman from Maryland, who died early Thursday morning at 68, was a long-time warrior for justice, truly a great man. He spoke truth to power even as a member...Read more

Commentary: Gender wealth gap hurts all

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Media outlets across the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region are currently recognizing some of the most influential and powerful women in the area, acknowledging and praising achievements in many fields. To learn about these leaders is inspiring and illustrates women's myriad contributions to society. Such progress fuels hope for continued ...Read more

Commentary: What the gun lobby gets wrong about the Second Amendment

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The Supreme Court will hear a gun control case in December that could significantly limit the ability of state and local governments to regulate guns for public safety reasons.

The case involves a New York City regulation on transporting handguns that was repealed in July. Although that original rule is no longer in effect, for now the court ...Read more

Commentary: So what if the president can't spell?

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In the battle against President Trump, liberals, progressives and Never Trumpers must try not to become the thing they hate. We have to fight hard but not dirty. That's difficult the more we grasp how low the president is willing to go. But still. When possible, let's try to implement Michelle Obama's golden rule: "When they go low, we go high."...Read more


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