Trudy Rubin: US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council reflects Trump hypocrisy

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How ironic that the White House chose to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday just as President Trump was manipulating the suffering of migrant children for his own political ends.

The Trump team quit the council on account of that body's fixation with Israel and inclusion of member states with wretched human rights ...Read more

Martin Schram: Watching democracy's errant watchdogs – and our enduring foundation

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Democracy's decline and fall seems aided, abetted and hastened when democracy's watchdogs fail to bark.

And sometimes they include my former colleagues in the White House press corps. Often, when President Donald Trump and his spokespeople persist in making claims that are flat-out false, our journalistic watchdogs don't seem to be up to the ...Read more

Commentary: How Russia has regressed since winning its World Cup bid

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With the World Cup underway in Russia, the host country is naturally enjoying a lot of international attention. Conspicuously absent from that coverage, however, are Moscow's many transgressions since it won the bid in 2010 to host. The Russia of 2018 probably wouldn't even get the chance.

Russia won the bid on June 8, 2010, three days before ...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: How Democrats can defeat Trump on policy

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The family separation policy is bringing up once again a question for Democrats: How should they react to Republicans who break with President Donald Trump to some extent but fall short -- perhaps far short -- of actions they could take to defeat him?

Congressional Republicans have the capacity to defeat Trump on policy if they want to. As ...Read more

Editorial: Donald Trump's whiter America

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Of the many words Donald Trump has used in defense of his horrific policy to separate children and their parents at the border, one tweet should especially trouble Americans. It's not the tweet you think -- the repulsive one from Tuesday that said undocumented immigrants "infest our country." This one came a day before, as the heat began to ...Read more

Commentary: A roadmap for Democrats in 2018 and beyond

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Right now, in Washington and in states across the country, there is a battle over the future of America. Democrats are scrambling to find a path to victory in 2018.

Americans are looking to Democrats to stand up against the petulant, racist and phony populist rhetoric and policy coming from the White House and President Donald Trump's enablers ...Read more

Commentary: Still waiting for a gerrymander fix

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The Supreme Court once again passed up a historic opportunity to finally put some limits on partisan gerrymandering. In a pair of cases from Wisconsin and Maryland, the court declined to take on the big question: When does gerrymandering, the drawing of districts to benefit the political party in control, go so far as to be illegal?

The result ...Read more

Commentary: When it comes to food, what's in a name?

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Vegetarian interlopers are carving out a growing foothold in the meat and dairy sections of America's grocery stores, and the conventional food industry is not happy about it. Fearing substitute products that increasingly look and taste like the real thing, the beef and dairy industries recently asked the federal government to protect their once...Read more

Dan Rodricks: The bad economics of Trump's bad immigration policy

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The Trump-produced horror show at the U.S. border represents the rock-bottom of American responses to the challenge of immigration -- a cruel and immoral abuse of children for midterm political gain by a cynical president -- but it comes at the end of a long, tortured road.

For 30 years, since President Ronald Reagan's offer of amnesty and a ...Read more

Steve Lopez: They flee terrifying violence in Central America, and arrive in a country that barbarically rips children from parents

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Without warning, she dropped her head and began to cry.

Jessica, whose young son played nearby at a South Los Angeles health clinic, put her hands over her face to cover her tears.

When I asked what was wrong, she told me her husband had been ordered by Guatemalan gangsters to pay a protection tax or every member of his family would be killed....Read more

Editorial: In an exasperating abdication of responsibility, the Supreme Court says 'never mind' on gerrymandering

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After raising expectations that it would finally deal with the harm caused by partisan gerrymandering, the Supreme Court on Monday essentially said: "Never mind." It was an exasperating abdication of responsibility by the court, which should have used the cases before it to strike a blow against the time-dishonored practice of drawing ...Read more

Editorial: Trump is using children as political bargaining chips. It doesn't get more crassly cynical

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As condemnations grow over President Trump's "zero tolerance" policy toward illegal border crossings, under which 2,000 children have been separated from their parents, President Trump on Monday morning took aim at ... Germany.

"The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin ...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: Trump's bring-the-pain politics aren't working

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President Donald Trump's failure to understand that he represents all Americans, not just his strongest supporters, might explain why he has the lowest approval rating of any president at this point in a first term. And it might be the reason he has repeatedly attempted a bargaining gambit that failed each time.

The maneuvers he tried to pull ...Read more

Editorial: Coffee isn't going to kill anyone. California needs a smarter system to let us know what's dangerous

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Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu M. Berle ruled in March that coffee should carry the warning labels mandated by California's Proposition 65 because the brew contains acrylamide, a chemical that some studies found increases the incidence of cancer in rats. It was an unfortunate outcome of a ridiculous lawsuit by an opportunistic attorney ...Read more

Editorial: 'Gaming disorder' vs. 'digital wellness'

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The World Health Organization has a lot on its plate these days. Ebola's made a comeback in central Africa. There are still parts of the world where polio has yet to be rubbed out. The agency is looking into the beginnings of a cholera outbreak in Cameroon, and continues the fight against malaria in parts of Latin America. Next up for the world'...Read more

Commentary: Zero tolerance at the border is not 'conservative'

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Controversial and stepped-up law enforcement separating children from their parents suspected of illegally crossing the southwestern U.S. border is a broad example of what conservatives and liberals should be agreeing on: Zero tolerance policies don't work.

They don't work in schools. They don't work in the criminal justice system. They don't ...Read more

Editorial: Supremely unhelpful on gerrymandering

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If you were counting on the U.S. Supreme Court to put an end to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan's self-dealing manipulation of the Illinois legislative maps, guess again.

Monday's long-awaited rulings on two gerrymandering cases resolved exactly nothing.

The justices said the Democratic voters who sued over Wisconsin's 2011 maps hadn't ...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: On child separations, Trump administration shows how to lie with numbers

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During her appearance Monday at a White House news briefing, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen cited a horrifying statistic to justify the Trump administration's policy of ripping children away from adults at border crossings.

"In the last five months, we have a 314 percent increase in adults and children arriving at the border, ...Read more

Commentary: President Trump moves to triple his America First tax on US businesses and consumers

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Chances are pretty good that you haven't felt the sting of President Donald Trump's punitive tariff policies. But you will.

The president announced late Monday that China had (unsurprisingly) refused to buckle in the face of his decision to slap tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods imported into the United States. Instead, China had retaliated...Read more

Commentary: Trump hasn't destroyed the US-led world order. Yet

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Is President Donald Trump on the path to destroying the international system the U.S. created after World War II?

Since Trump blew up the G-7 summit, launching a flurry of insults at America's closest allies on his way to flattering North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un, there has been no shortage of pessimists warning that this postwar system is ...Read more

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