A tip for unmarried couples: Romance has a bottom line

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Cohabiting before marriage is becoming more common, with the number of unmarried partners living together in the U.S. nearly tripling from 1996 to 2017. That was before potential isolation during a pandemic followed by wild inflation and skyrocketing rent made it even more practical to move in with a partner prior to saying “I do.”

The ...Read more

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Commentary: Gavin Newsom is perfecting the art of inflating his presidential prospects by denying them

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In the spring of 2019, when Joe Biden was just a battle-scarred former vice president, Barack Obama greeted his newly announced presidential campaign by praising his own selection of Biden as “one of the best decisions he ever made.” But he stopped conspicuously short of endorsing his old running mate.

Biden quickly offered a credulity-...Read more


Commentary: How to find freedom from 'worst-case scenario' thinking

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As a recession looms on the horizon, many people understandably are worried about their finances and job security. While these concerns are not unfounded, constant worry and stress about things that might go wrong take a toll on a person’s mental and physical well-being.

That was the situation my patient M. found herself in when she came to ...Read more

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Commentary: Does the First Amendment protect a right to discriminate?

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On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a case that threatens to open the door widely to businesses being allowed to violate anti-discrimination laws. If the court rules that the First Amendment protects the right of business owners to discriminate — based on claims of freedom of speech or free exercise of religion — civil ...Read more

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John M. Crisp: The courageous anti-jungle forces deserve more support

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When we want to describe a world that is chaotic and dangerous, few metaphors are more apt than “jungle.” We say, “It’s a jungle out there.”

Robert Kagan puts the term to good use in his 2018 book “The Jungle Grows Back.” He argues that the “liberal world order” that we have come to regard as inevitable is actually a mythical ...Read more

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Doyle McManus: Iran protests have shoved the nuclear issue off center stage. It will be back

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After more than a decade of U.S. policy focused on preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, arms negotiations have been shoved off center stage.

The long-running dispute over nuclear weapons has been displaced by a more immediate drama — the rapidly spreading uprising against the Iranian regime.

"Our focus every day, and the world's ...Read more

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Editorial: The FTX saga is hard to understand, but the greed behind it isn't

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Back in 2001, precious few Americans could have explained what Houston-based Enron did as a company and how it got so spectacularly wealthy. But when it filed for a record-breaking bankruptcy, Americans got schooled fast about not putting their trust and money behind swaggering, fast-talking con artists. But fools and their money regrouped over ...Read more

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Editorial: Alex Jones' bankruptcy cannot aid his escaping accountability to Sandy Hook families

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It’s been a busy few days for sentient scumbucket Alex Jones. Thursday, he hosted a certain rapper turned antisemitic ranter, squirming a little as his brother in hate praised Hitler and Nazis. Friday, Jones — who’s been morally bankrupt for decades — filed for Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy, a transparent attempt to make it harder for ...Read more

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Editorial: For NYC to treat seriously mentally ill people, Congress must step up

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Even as advocates claim that New York will be abrogating the rights of mentally ill people, we strongly support Mayor Eric Adams’ push to more proactively assess unstable individuals who are living on the streets — and provide needed treatment to those who are indeed in the throes of crippling psychological conditions and risk harming ...Read more

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Cynthia M. Allen: What my kids' board game taught me about how conservatives can reunite post-Trump

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FORT WORTH. Texas — I spent the better part of a recent Saturday morning locked in an intense text-message debate with a dear friend.

The topic was Donald Trump’s recent decision to run for re-election.

And the interaction was probably not unique among conservative friend groups these past several weeks — for that matter, the last ...Read more

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Commentary: Making the case for a stronger US commitment to human rights

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On Dec. 10, 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in what is considered a groundbreaking moment for rights around the world. It recognized that everyone has the same basic inalienable rights, regardless of national origin, language, race, religion or sex.

It isn’t legally binding but serves as a goal for ...Read more


Commentary: Americans love to hate their politics

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In the 2018 midterm elections, 50% of eligible U.S. citizens turned out to vote. Because Americans are always less inclined to show up at the polls in years when the presidency isn’t on the ballot, half of the nation feeling sufficiently motivated to vote was a remarkable event. Heading into this year, the question among political scientists ...Read more

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Francis Wilkinson: Raphael Warnock and Georgia's long campaign

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Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia works out of the Russell Senate Office Building, the oldest and most imposing of the Capitol buildings housing senators and staff. Built on a granite base with marble and limestone facing, the Russell’s high-ceilinged, Beaux Arts corridors have the feeling of a Parisian boulevard — broad, grand, powerful.

The...Read more

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Editorial: Schools are missing their chance to fight learning loss

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Since the start of the pandemic, Congress has provided public school districts with $190 billion in relief funds, roughly triple what the federal government spends on K-12 education in a typical year. This infusion has handed schools an opportunity to start repairing the damage caused by remote learning. Far too many are in danger of squandering...Read more

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Anita Chabria: New York will treat more mentally ill people against their will. Should California follow?

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At 13, Maddie Delaney was first chair viola in the orchestra at her San Leandro middle school, keeping rhythm for the violins as her mother, Jennifer Williams, puts it — until she began to have delusions.

Three weeks ago, at 38, Delaney died while sleeping in a dirt lot, her head run over by a big-rig wheel, a victim as much of a brutal hit-...Read more

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Editorial: Keep on track: Congress is right to work to avert a hugely disruptive rail strike

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American workers have the right to band together and bargain collectively for better pay and benefits — and unions are generally a force for good. That’s why we’ve cheered the push to organize Amazon warehouses, Starbucks locations and other workplaces. And when push comes to shove, employees have a right to withhold their labor, or strike...Read more

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Patricia Murphy: Herschel Walker's campaign has been beneath Georgia voters

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Believe it or not, Herschel Walker is the star of some of my favorite childhood memories. I remember him soaring, wingless, over piles of opposing teams’ players while we watched UGA football games on our family TV.

I can still hear the firecrackers our neighbors, the Pullins, set off on the night Georgia won the Sugar Bowl in 1981. And I may...Read more

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Trudy Rubin: Putin is trying to wipe out Ukraine from the air, yet the West holds back air defense systems

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Imagine if Philadelphia were totally blacked out for a dozen hours daily, with no water or heat and no electricity or cell phone coverage. Imagine if Philly high-rise apartment dwellers, including the elderly and moms with babies, had to lug water and food to upper floors because the elevators weren't working. Imagine if surgeons at local ...Read more


Jackie Calmes: A not-so-lame lame duck Congress gives bipartisanship a try

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The archaic phrase "lame duck Congress" connotes a limping, limited thing. Yet the current postelection session is poised to prove anything but.

The reason for this one's productive potential? With the midterm elections behind them, House members and senators — including dozens of individual lame duck legislators either defeated or retiring �...Read more


Melinda Henneberger: Harvey Weinstein lets out a belly laugh at LA rape trial as his attorney ridicules victim

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Those of you who have been writing to me to say how sorry you feel for poor Harvey Weinstein — as it turns out, not all of the former producer’s defenders are on his payroll — will be relieved to hear that he is bearing up admirably under the strain of his second rape trial.

In fact, Weinstein could not contain his glee in court in Los ...Read more



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