Jay Ambrose: Trump not that bad at UN

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Take it easy, you want to advise President Donald Trump when he says in a United Nations speech that the United States is going to "totally destroy" North Korea if it attacks us or our allies. But there is something you want to add.

Don't take it as easy as presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, who irresponsibly set us up for long-lasting ...Read more

Christine M. Flowers: Plenty of reasons to cheer about Trump's speech to the United Nations

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While other people worried about what President Donald Trump meant when he discussed "sovereignty," and while other people wrung their hands and mopped their brows because he wasn't being polite to North Korea, seated in the front row at his inaugural speech to the United Nations, I heard this:

"It is a massive source of embarrassment to the ...Read more

Merkel: Germany's 'Mutti,' Europe's skipper

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The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Friday, Sept. 22:

Germany's national election Sunday has all the makings of a fait accompli. Chancellor Angela Merkel is on track to gain her fourth term, which would give her 16 years as Germany's leader. Martin Schulz, her closest rival and leader of the center-left Social Democrats, ...Read more

The 3 types of single-payer 'concern trolls'

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With momentum building for single-payer health care among Democratic voters and a growing number of 2020 hopefuls, Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled a "Medicare for All" bill last week. Immediately, a number of pundits denounced the legislation as an "unrealistic" "bloated" "disaster" full of "magic math."

Some of the naysayers are conservatives who...Read more

Price's ethical problems reflect Trump's indifference

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The following editorial was written by Bloomberg View editors:

Under the lax ethical standards President Donald Trump brought to the White House, rampant conflicts of interest are treated with casual indifference. This disregard has sent a message to his entire administration that blurring lines -- between public and private, right and wrong --...Read more

Cynthia M. Allen: On Confederate symbols, the slope is getting slippery

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The debate over the future of our nation's Confederate past has been raging for some time.

And while the tactics and rhetoric of some who favor tearing down statues and renaming city streets, parks and buildings has ranged from inappropriate to outrageous, the arguments made by their more reasonable allies are worth considering.

It is more ...Read more

Trump's UN address rattled, but also reinforced

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The following editorial appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Thursday, Sept. 21:

President Donald Trump made an impression in his Tuesday speech to the U.N. General Assembly. These speeches by heads of government and state, given the forum and attendance of world leaders and international figures, can be considered a statement of a nation...Read more

Trudy Rubin: Trump bluster at UN won't stop Iran or North Korea

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President Donald Trump could have used his maiden speech at the United Nations Tuesday to reassure allies he was capable of providing global leadership against 21st century threats.

Instead, he delivered a bombastic stump speech about guarding American sovereignty that was more suited to his faithful than to world leaders. He peppered his ...Read more

Gina Barreca: I read Mark Twain's new book, it's terrific

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Everything you've heard about Mark Twain and me is true: I won't deny it. Twain and I have had a relationship for years.

An intimate companion in my academic work, Twain's line -- "Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand." -- became my motto. As a resident of Connecticut, I have the good fortune to call myself a neighbor of Twain's ...Read more

Helen Ubinas: Amid insanity, some lovely acts of kindness

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Maybe I'm noticing kindness more because the world is such an insane and cruel place these days. Because not a day passes when something awful doesn't happen, like monster hurricanes and earthquakes that wipe out whole islands and communities. Among those killed in the Mexico City earthquake were 11 people who gathered in a church to celebrate ...Read more

Mary C. Curtis: Leverage hint of bipartisanship to move on criminal justice reform

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"He likes us," Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer said of his fellow New Yorker Donald Trump last week. This was after "Chuck" joined "Nancy" -- House Democratic leader Pelosi from California -- in a White House gathering that resulted in a deal on DACA reform, unless it didn't.

Whatever the interpretation of what happened during that ...Read more

ACA repeal is back, and scarier than ever

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Like the villain in a slasher movie, Senate Republicans keep coming for the health insurance of tens of millions of Americans. After Sen. John McCain's dramatic "no" vote seemed to finish off this year's attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a proposal by two senators with mostly unearned reputations for moderation -- Bill Cassidy, R-La., ...Read more

How corporate tax cuts would benefit workers

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Businesses seldom raise wages due to a sense of corporate benevolence. Rather, wages rise when the demand for workers increases. This forces businesses to increase wages out of self-interest, to keep their employees from being hired away by competitors.

This basic tenet of economics explains why corporate tax cuts produce higher wages for ...Read more

This National Lobster Day, let lobsters live

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One would think that federal lawmakers have enough on their plates tackling hot topics like immigration, health care and tax reform, but the U.S. Senate still found time to unanimously approve a resolution designating Sept. 25 "National Lobster Day."

The best way to celebrate this rare show of unity is to leave lobsters in peace. No matter ...Read more

The murderous version of Trump's Muslim ban

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Kill the Muslims. That's how the latest version of the Muslim ban is shaping up. Started shortly after Donald Trump made it clear to the world that Muslims were not welcome in the United States, other countries started their own, more brutal and deadly effective ban.

The Myanmar military maims and massacres Muslims as they run them out of their...Read more

Repeal and replace redux

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The following editorial appeared in The Baltimore Sun on Thursday, Sept. 21:

Just when you thought the Republican plot to destroy the Affordable Care Act had been thwarted, Senate Republicans are angling to swing the ax again. Their new proposal is, if anything, even more draconian than their previous attempts to strip millions of Americans of ...Read more

Ann McFeatters: Maybe Trump should watch PBS

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WASHINGTON -- If you're a glutton for punishment, you've been watching Ken Burns' "The Vietnam War" series on PBS. If you're a glutton for punishment, you also watched Donald Trump's speech at the United Nations threatening to destroy North Korea.

Wow. We have learned nothing!

During the Vietnam War, as now, America was frighteningly divided. ...Read more

Why we politicize everything

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The following editorial appeared in The Gazette on Wednesday, Sept. 20:

The divisive political infestation of sports and entertainment prompts a collective gag reflex, as the glitterati whine about a country that made them famous and rich. Politics on the field and stage just doesn't feel right.

Sunday night's Emmy awards was politicized from ...Read more

How Congress ducks responsibility for wars

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The following editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune on Thursday, Sept. 21:

Back in April, President Donald Trump ordered a U.S. missile strike on a Syrian military airfield, punishing the regime for a chemical weapons attack. Bashar Assad has no friends on Capitol Hill, but some lawmakers, from both parties, objected to Trump's decision to ...Read more

Doyle McManus: Will Trump's 'Rocket Man' speech lead us to war?

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The ostensible purpose of President Donald Trump's speech at the United Nations on Tuesday was to explain to the world why "America First" is an idea other countries should embrace. It was to be "a deeply philosophical address," a White House official promised. Instead, the speech will inevitably be remembered for just two words: "Rocket Man," ...Read more

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