House GOP is engaged in a destructive 'civil war,' Jeffries says

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House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said the chamber’s Republicans are caught in a “civil war” that’s pushing them toward a U.S. government shutdown and an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

“Civil war has the following attributes: chaos, dysfunction and extremism,” Jeffries, a New York Democrat, said on ABC’s This Week. “The House Republican civil war is hurting hardworking American taxpayers and limiting our ability to be able to solve problems on their behalf. It’s unfortunate.”

Last week, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, prodded by hardline members of the Republican majority who could oust him, opened an impeachment inquiry against Biden. Thwarted by members from passing measures to fund the government and frustrated by shutdown demands, McCarthy dared conservative dissidents to remove him as leader.

Jeffries repeated his stance that the impeachment attempt was “illegitimate,” but said he believed the White House will cooperate.

“There are no facts on the record, to suggest that President Biden broke the law in any way, shape or form,” he said. The inquiry, he said, is “wrong. It’s distracting. And it should end now.”


Also in the interview, Jeffries said he would travel to Detroit today to support the United Auto Workers in their strike against the Big Three carmakers.

“If you work hard and play by the rules, you should be able to provide a comfortable living for yourself, for your family, educate your children, purchase a home, and one day retire with grace and dignity,” he said. “That’s the principle upon which the United Auto Workers are standing, and I stand with them.”


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