Trump rallies the South Florida faithful and heaps scorn on opponents

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SUNRISE, Fla. -- The two diametrically opposed world views of President Donald Trump came together in one place Tuesday: the BB&T Center, where Trump held one of his signature rallies.

Inside, a devoted crowd welcomed home the president, who recently declared himself a Florida resident. Outside, protesters displayed scorn and fury, along with the Baby Trump balloon, the orange-haired inflatable infant clad in a diaper and clutching a cellphone.

Trump didn't hold back. He whipped the crowd into a chant of "bull -- -- " when discussing the impeachment charges against him. He took shots at "Sleepy Joe Biden." He railed against the "corrupt" media. He played up crowd favorites, declaring that he was building his wall. He addressed his health telling the crowd his "gorgeous chest" is just fine.

At one moment, he said he would defend Thanksgiving from anyone who would want to change its name, and he assured his fans he would easily win a second term.

"The crazy Democrats are going down in a landslide and that landslide is going to start right here in the great state of Florida," Trump said.

Trump supporters packed the arena, filling it to capacity. They wore shirts with slogans such as "No Quid Pro Quo" and "Read the Transcript." Florida's top politicians, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, briefly joined Trump on stage.


Trump took the stage about 7:30 p.m. in front of thousands of cheering supporters at the Sunrise arena, where supporters started arriving as soon as the parking lots opened at 7 a.m. for a "homecoming" campaign rally.

The crowd was enthusiastic, cheering many of Trump's lines and offering boos when he mentioned an enemy. During a pause, a few people in the crowd started shouting, "We love you!"

The arena, which can hold more than 20,000 people, was filled to capacity. (Trump asserted that the news media wouldn't report the size of his crowd.)

Trump forcefully decried the impeachment investigation that is dominating the political landscape.


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