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Biden wins EU tariff agreement ahead of Putin meeting

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BRUSSELS – President Joe Biden, nearing the end of an overseas trip aimed at restoring strong relationships with America's allies, announced an agreement Tuesday with the European Union to end a 17-year dispute over aircraft subsidies. The announcement appeared to give the president another "win" a day before his much anticipated meeting with ...Read more

'Pure insanity': Trump cited conspiracy theories to pressure DOJ to overturn 2020 election results

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Former President Donald Trump repeatedly pressured the Justice Department to overturn Joe Biden’s victory, at one point urging prosecutors to file a Supreme Court lawsuit to nullify the election, according to a new report released Tuesday by the House Oversight Committee.

The emails from Trump and his aides detailed bogus claims of fraud and ...Read more


Editorial: The Supreme Court shouldn't take up the Harvard affirmative action case

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The latest twist on the civil rights lawsuit against Harvard has the U.S. Supreme Court asking the Biden administration its thoughts on the matter. That makes sense, since the Trump administration weighed in heavily on the side of Asian American applicants who claimed that they were stereotyped and had to meet a higher standard than other racial...Read more

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A kinder, gentler capitalism? These lawmakers think it can work

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A pair of House Democrats with C-suite experience launched a Stakeholder Capitalism Caucus this month, embracing an economic concept that Republicans have increasingly railed against as “woke” capitalism.

The new caucus will advocate for policies that will encourage U.S. businesses to more broadly share the wealth they create and deploy ...Read more

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McConnell: 'Highly unlikely' he'd allow Biden to fill Supreme Court vacancy in 2024

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WASHINGTON — Mitch McConnell said Monday it’s “highly unlikely” he’d allow President Joe Biden to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if he were Senate majority leader, once again stirring liberals’ fears about the composition of the country’s highest court and the importance of next year’s midterm elections.

“I think in the ...Read more


Biden calls Republican Party 'diminished' after Trump presidency

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden said Monday he believed that the Republican Party had been “diminished” and “fractured” after the Trump presidency and that he was disappointed that Republicans fearful of political retaliation wouldn’t investigate the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot.

Biden, speaking after a NATO summit in Brussels, said he...Read more

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McConnell suggests he'd block a 2024 Biden Supreme Court pick

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WASHINGTON — Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell said it’s “highly unlikely” he’d let President Joe Biden fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if Republicans retake control of the chamber next year.

McConnell indicated he’d apply the same rationale as he did when Republicans blocked President Barack Obama’s pick of Merrick Garland ...Read more

Sen. Ted Cruz endorses Susan Wright for North Texas congressional seat

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FORT WORTH, Texas — Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is supporting Susan Wright, the wife of late Rep. Ron Wright, in her bid for Texas' 6th Congressional District.

Wright is in a July 27 runoff with fellow Republican Jake Ellzey, a state representative in the Texas legislature. The two were the top vote-getters in a May 1 special election to fill ...Read more

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Supreme Court rules sentence-reduction laws for crack cocaine don't help all convicts

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Congress’ repeal of the harsh mandatory-minimum prison terms for those convicted of dealing crack cocaine do not help those who were given long sentences because they sold small amounts of the drug three times.

In a 9-0 decision, the justices upheld a 15-year prison term given to a Florida ...Read more


Commentary: Big Tech is broken. But can Congress fix it?

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The internet has been a great unifier, enabling people to join others around the globe in pursuit of common interests. And now, the internet’s largest platform operators — Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google — are uniting Democrats and Republicans on the House antitrust subcommittee in pursuit of their common interest: reining in Big Tech�...Read more

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Justices split with Congress on interpretation of landmark drug sentencing law

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court unanimously decided Monday that a 2018 criminal sentencing law does not allow a chance for those convicted for the smallest amounts of crack cocaine under an old tough-on-crime law to reduce their prison sentences.

In doing so, the justices ruled against what a bipartisan group of senators who championed the ...Read more

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House Democrats propose $1.5 trillion spending ceiling

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WASHINGTON — House Democrats introduced a resolution that would greenlight more than $1.5 trillion in discretionary spending for the upcoming fiscal year, clearing the way for that chamber to sign off on President Joe Biden’s topline request as soon as Monday.

If adopted, the “deeming” resolution will allow the Appropriations Committee ...Read more

Analysis: Will Democrats go to war on voting rights?

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WASHINGTON — Democrats’ plans to sweep away new restrictions on voting that some Republican-run states are imposing took a blow when one of their own, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin III, declared on June 6 that he would oppose the House-passed For the People Act.

So what do Democrats do if Congress takes no action and court challenges to ...Read more

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Biden and Putin agree relations are abysmal. Will their meeting change anything?

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BRUSSELS – President Joe Biden agrees with Russian President Vladimir Putin on at least one thing: Relations between their two nations are currently at a very low ebb.

Both said as much in interviews leading up to Wednesday's meeting in Geneva, which comes amid tensions over myriad issues, including a spate of cyberattacks emanating from ...Read more

Biden at NATO for bridge building after Trump mocked alliance as 'obsolete'

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BRUSSELS — It took most of his term for former President Donald Trump to grudgingly acknowledge the most fundamental tenet of the NATO transatlantic bond: An attack on one is an attack on all, and all will join in the defense of one.

The only time that the Article 5 provision was invoked was when NATO member states rushed to support the ...Read more

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The self-proclaimed king of New York in exile: An unwelcome mat remains out for ex-President Trump in the city of his birth

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NEW YORK — Sorry, Mr. Trump — your name is not on the guest list. Your table will not be ready. And your money really is no good around here.

The post-presidency unwelcome mat remains out for the New York native in his hometown, the hub of the Donald Trump universe for decades before he vanquished Hillary Clinton. Six years after announcing...Read more

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Editorial: Biden in Europe

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Presidents like to hang their foreign policies on one big concept, sometimes even one word.

And each president, at least since Woodrow Wilson, has tried to sell the country, and the world, on his big idea.

Jimmy Carter’s was human rights. Richard Nixon’s was detente — the historic “openings” to China and the then-USSR. Barack Obama�...Read more

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Editorial: Using the Justice Department for political gain

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President Joe Biden's Justice Department has vowed to stop secretly obtaining reporters' records — finally.

It's about time a president drew a firm line against a Justice Department that would use its broad powers to hunt down reporters and their records. Too many administrations — Republican and Democratic alike — have gone after ...Read more

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Former White House adviser slams Trump for 'deadly sins' during pandemic

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Former President Donald Trump committed three key “deadly sins” during the coronavirus pandemic, a former top White House adviser said on Sunday.

Denying the COVID-19 threat, stifling dissent and encouraging divisiveness among Americans all were missteps by the nation’s 45th commander-in-chief, said Andy Slavitt, who served on the White ...Read more