Acting AG Matt Whitaker agrees to testify before House on Feb. 8

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WASHINGTON -- House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker have agreed for Whitaker to testify before the committee on Friday, Feb. 8.

"Thank you for continuing to work with us to find a time for you to testify before the House Committee on the Judiciary," Nadler wrote in a letter to Whitaker on...Read more

Steve King will vote 'yes' on disapproval resolution on Steve King

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WASHINGTON -- Steve King is going to vote "yes" on a resolution meant to be a rebuke from his colleagues to disapprove of the Iowa Republican's racist comments.

"I'm putting up a yes on the board here because what you say is true, is right and is just," he said on the House floor Tuesday.

The House will vote Tuesday evening on the resolution, ...Read more

House moves to protect federal interns from harassment and discrimination

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WASHINGTON -- The House took action Tuesday to protect the youngest members of the federal workforce, interns, from workplace harassment and discrimination.

The House passed by voice vote a measure from Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings, that would extend certain federal employee protections to unpaid interns in the federal government. Cummings...Read more

Adam Schiff hiring full-time team to investigate Trump's Russia connections

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WASHINGTON -- House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is sinking panel resources into a robust investigative staff to revive the probe into President Donald Trump's ties to Russia with roughly seven committee staffers directing their energy full time.

Schiff and other Democrats have made offers to six new staffers, CBS News...Read more

Steve King controversy deepens, with Liz Cheney now calling for resignation

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WASHINGTON -- The No. 3 House Republican is calling on Rep. Steve King to resign, exposing a rift among GOP leaders as the controversy over the Iowa Republican continues coming to a head.

"I agree with Leader McConnell actually. I think he should find another line of work," House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said Tuesday...Read more

New members of Congress, meet the 'slush fund'

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WASHINGTON -- The newest class of congressional lawmakers -- some of whom campaigned against corruption and corporate influence in politics -- is rapidly adopting a practice that critics say is among the swampier in Washington.

More than two dozen new members of the House and Senate -- including prominent freshmen such as New York Democratic ...Read more

How Ocasio-Cortez and new liberal women are changing their party

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WASHINGTON -- A quartet of young Democratic women, new to Congress and unafraid to push boundaries, is making an audacious attempt to set their party's agenda and shape the 2020 presidential campaign.

New York's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has floated tax rates as high as 70 percent on top incomes to fund a "Green New Deal" and end fossil fuels. ...Read more

Still no clarity on Trump's threat to cut off aid to California fire victims

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WASHINGTON – Members of the California congressional delegation say they still have no idea whether President Donald Trump will follow through on his threat to cut off federal disaster funding to the state.

Representatives of the White House and Federal Emergency Management Agency have not responded to daily requests from the Los Angeles ...Read more

Amid trade war that's hurting their bottom line, many farmers conflicted about Trump

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NEW ORLEANS -- A year ago, President Donald Trump received a hero's welcome at the American Farm Bureau Federation's 99th annual convention in Nashville, Tenn., cheered for rolling back regulations, revamping an Obama administration water rule and for being the first president to address the group in 25 years.

In New Orleans on Monday, he made ...Read more

How the House could censure Steve King over racist comments

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WASHINGTON -- Democratic Reps. Bobby Rush of Illinois and Tim Ryan of Ohio have introduced separate measures to censure Iowa Republican Steve King over a pattern of racist comments, setting into motion one of Congress' formal means of punishing members.

Censure, which amounts to a vote and a public shaming, is the chamber's most stringent form...Read more

Trump: 'I never worked for Russia'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Monday denied working for the Russian government after a report detailing a FBI counterintelligence probe into whether he was working for Russia and against U.S. interests.

The New York Times report stated federal investigators became concerned about Trump actions around the time and after he fired former...Read more

Democrats say they will step up investigations after new reports on Trump and Russia

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WASHINGTON -- Congressional Democrats Sunday pledged heightened scrutiny of President Donald Trump's dealings with Russia, spurred by news reports of extraordinary secrecy surrounding his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the opening in 2017 of an FBI counterintelligence investigation into whether Trump worked on behalf of ...Read more

Democrats say Mueller must finish investigation of Trump's Russia ties

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New reporting raises further questions about President Donald Trump's possible ties to Russia and emphasizes the need to ensure that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is finished without interference, Senate Democrats said Sunday.

The New York Times reported Friday that the FBI opened an investigation in 2017 to determine whether ...Read more

McCarthy promises 'action' on Rep. Steve King after latest racist remarks

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WASHINGTON –– Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, promised "action" after the latest racist remarks by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

"Action will be taken," McCarthy said Sunday of King on CBS' "Face the Nation." "I'm having a serious conversation with Congressman Steve King on his future and role in this Republican Party."

In an ...Read more

Legislators, some of them bewildered, may do little on tech issues this year

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WASHINGTON -- Weighty high-tech issues are likely to flummox Congress again this year, just as they did last year, when lengthy hearings with chief executives of Facebook and Google drew a spotlight to the deep unfamiliarity of some legislators with technology matters.

Rather than tackling issues head on about privacy, data protection and ...Read more

Some lawmakers are eager to scrutinize hate groups

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WASHINGTON -- For years, Republicans have watched white supremacists claim the Republican Party is on their side. And on Capitol Hill, Republican lawmakers did little to crack down on race-based hate groups.

But now Democrats are in charge of the House.

And that means Bennie Thompson, a black Democratic congressman from Mississippi, is in ...Read more

Trump Organization answers on foreign payments irk key Democrat

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WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the House Oversight Committee said Friday that he's dissatisfied with responses from a lawyer for the Trump Organization regarding payments that properties owned by President Donald Trump have received from foreign governments.

"Today's production by the Trump Organization in response to the committee's previous ...Read more

Steve King defends himself on House floor against 'white nationalist' criticism

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Steve King spoke on the House floor Friday to address what he referred to as "heartburn that seems to be churning across the media and America today" after The New York Times quoted him questioning how labels like "white nationalists" and "white supremacists" became offensive.

The Iowa Republican read the quote from the New ...Read more

10 House Republicans cross aisle to support shutdown of Interior-Environment programs

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WASHINGTON -- The House voted 240-179 on Friday to pass a fiscal 2019 Interior-Environment spending bill, the latest in a series of stand-alone appropriations measures the chamber has sent this week to a Senate that has no plans to hold a vote. Ten House Republicans crossed the aisle to support the Democratic-drafted bill.

Those Republicans ...Read more

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