Trump said he won't fire Federal chairman. That's wise, because he probably can't

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Thursday blamed the Federal Reserve for the recent stock market downturn but said he would not dismiss his hand-picked chairman, Jerome H. Powell.

"No, I'm not going to fire him." Trump said in the Oval Office after a reporter asked him if Powell's job was in jeopardy due to recent increases in the Fed's ...Read more

Trump calls into 'Fox & Friends' to talk about Hurricane Michael. Then he keeps talking

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WASHINGTON -- It seemed likely to be one of those brief television moments when the president calls in to boast about the response to a massive hurricane. President Donald Trump, who has been getting less air time for his prime-time rallies on Fox News lately, had other ideas.

The president held court on "Fox & Friends," his favorite show, for ...Read more

Analysis: Trump's hardball tactics may win trade battles while losing the loyalty of allies

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WASHINGTON -- Shortly after Canada agreed to new terms for the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Trump administration held up the deal as vindication of the president's bare-knuckles negotiating style.

And the administration was certainly right about the tactics: During 13 months of talks, Trump imposed hefty tariffs on Canadian and ...Read more

Analysis: Trump's stump speeches describe Democrat-run hellscape

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's midterm homestretch stump speech has evolved into a warning that Democratic control of one or both chambers will create a hellscape of rampant crime, high taxes and no safety net for older Americans.

At several campaign rallies in recent weeks, the president has painted a portrait of an ungovernable ...Read more

Is higher voter turnout worth the risk of hacking? W.Va. pilot program will find out

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WASHINGTON -- Four advocacy groups for elections and cybersecurity called Wednesday for the halt of a pilot project in West Virginia that allows military personnel posted overseas and other U.S. citizens living abroad to cast ballots for the 2018 midterms using a smartphone app.

"Military voters ... deserve any help the government can give them...Read more

Kavanaugh backs Trump administration on jailing and deporting immigrants for crimes committed years earlier

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WASHINGTON -- Newly seated Justice Brett Kavanaugh spoke up Wednesday in defense of the Trump administration's view that legal immigrants with criminal records can be arrested and held for deportation, even years after they were convicted and completed their sentences.

At issue is a federal law that calls for mandatory detention and possible ...Read more

Anatomy of Trump rally: A hero (that's him), villains, damsels and a lot of grievances

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's rallies have been compared to Grateful Dead concerts, not just because they attract hard-core fans who see themselves as part of a community, but also because they offer a rhetorical playlist that is at once predictable yet apt to surprise.

The standards bring chant-along excitement: "Build the wall!" "...Read more

At Iowa rally, Trump portrays Democratic protesters as 'angry mob'

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- With four weeks until the midterm election, President Donald Trump whipped up a crowd of about 9,000 supporters here, reiterating his recent claims that Democrats are an "angry mob" intent on "policies of anger, division and destruction."

"You don't hand matches to an arsonist and you don't give power to an angry left-...Read more

Trump largely focuses on own re-election at Iowa rally for GOP incumbents

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WASHINGTON -- Very much in re-election mode even before next month's midterms, President Donald Trump took jabs at potential Democratic candidates at an Iowa rally Tuesday night, calling their party "an angry mob."

"You don't hand matches to an arsonist. And you don't hand power to an angry mob," he told rallygoers in Council Bluffs, Iowa. "If ...Read more

Grassley: Judiciary panel won't consider Supreme Court nominee for 2020 vacancy

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WASHINGTON--Revealing a potentially contentious Republican chasm, Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley told Fox News on Tuesday night that if he still leads the committee in 2020 and a Supreme Court seat becomes vacant, the panel would not consider a nominee.

That could put the Iowa Republican at odds with Senate Majority Leader Mitch ...Read more

Newly seated Justice Kavanaugh joins questioning during first oral argument

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WASHINGTON -- Justice Brett Kavanaugh took his seat on the Supreme Court for the first time Tuesday and quickly joined the questioning as justices struggled to make sense of a federal law that imposes longer prison terms on criminals who have three violent felonies on their records.

At 10 a.m., the justices emerged from behind the chamber's red...Read more

Trump to unveil steps soon to tackle budget gap, Hassett says

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump will unveil measures soon to address the federal government's big budget deficit, his chief economist said on Tuesday.

"The deficit is absolutely higher than anyone would like," Kevin Hassett, chairman of the White House's Council of Economic Advisers, said. "As you watch our next budget come out -- and you'...Read more

Majority of Americans say Trump is just venting when he calls media 'enemies of the people'

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WASHINGTON -- A staple of President Donald Trump's rallies is criticism of the news media, which he has often labeled as "enemies of the people."

What do the people think?

A slight majority think Trump is basically just blowing off steam. But Americans also think his words can be dangerous.

Asked if Trump's words were an example of his ...Read more

Supreme Court hears first case with Justice Kavanaugh

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WASHINGTON -- Justice Brett Kavanaugh will take his seat on the Supreme Court for the first time Tuesday morning when the justices hear a pair of low-profile disputes over the federal law that imposes between 15 years and life in prison to someone who qualifies as an "armed career criminal."

At issue is not a provision of the U.S. Constitution,...Read more

Analysis: Trump stokes tribal fury in Kavanaugh ceremony

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's remarks Monday night during a ceremonial swearing-in of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was more than partisan. It personified how the president often fuels America's increasingly tribal politics.

Washington and the country are trying to recover from several gut-wrenching weeks that included multiple sexual ...Read more

'Forever chemicals' seep into Michigan's water — and House races

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WASHINGTON -- Years after the Flint water crisis drew national attention, another water pollution issue has emerged in House races in Michigan.

Residents are growing concerned about human exposure to so-called forever chemicals, known as perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS. The chemicals, linked to health problems such as ...Read more

Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh 'on behalf of our nation,' says he was 'proven innocent'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump injected a sharp political edge to Justice Brett Kavanaugh's ceremonial swearing-in on Monday, undermining the new Supreme Court member's attempts to assert his independence from the bitter partisanship that marred his confirmation process.

At a White House ceremony in the gilded East Room packed with ...Read more

Gavin Newsom, John Cox clash in their only head-to-head Calif. governor's race debate

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Inside a San Francisco radio studio, away from the glare of television cameras and during a workday, the two candidates for California governor faced off in their only one-on-one debate before Election Day.

Advertised as a "wide-ranging conversation" instead of a formal political debate, the one-on-one meeting between Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin ...Read more

Mayor Emanuel rejects Trump's call for Chicago police to use stop-and-frisk tactics

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CHICAGO -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday rejected President Donald Trump's call for Chicago police to start using stop-and-frisk tactics to get the city's violent crime under control, saying "the failed policies he's talking about" would damage the work to build public trust in police.

In the latest example of Trump highlighting Chicago violence...Read more