White House floats an offer to keep legal immigration at 1 million per year instead of cutting it

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WASHINGTON -- As the Senate prepares to begin a free-wheeling debate over immigration next week, White House officials have begun floating a possible compromise idea -- a pledge to maintain legal immigration at current levels, about 1.1 million people a year, for more than a decade.

President Donald Trump has proposed a series of measures, ...Read more

Trump decries 'shattered' lives after week of personnel turmoil

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WASHINGTON –– President Donald Trump decried lives "being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation" at the end of a week that saw the departure of two White House aides after accusations of domestic violence.

"There is no recovery for someone falsely accused - life and career are gone," Trump posted on Twitter Saturday.

Although Trump ...Read more

Cruz lays off the corn, turns on the gas

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WASHINGTON -- Ted Cruz is holding up the confirmation of a key agriculture nominee to help oil refiners in his home state of Texas -- infuriating some of the Iowans who fueled his rise in the 2016 presidential primary.

Cruz is up for re-election this year in Texas, where oil and gas is king and employs hundreds of thousand of people. But he ...Read more

Conservatives who vowed to cut spending keep spending

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WASHINGTON -- Tea party Republicans arrived in Washington seven years ago with a clear, loud message from angry voters: Slash spending. But once again, spending is going way up.

"Part of our job right now (is) that we keep pounding that Republicans still stand for fiscal responsibility," said Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., who chairs the House ...Read more

Trump: Porter 'says he's innocent and I think you have to remember that'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump said Friday that he found out about the abuse allegations against his close aide Rob Porter "recently" and was "surprised by it."

Talking to reporters in the Oval Office, Trump mentioned twice that Porter says he's innocent. Porter's two ex-wives say they gave detailed accounts and documentation to FBI ...Read more

Trump defends Rob Porter: 'He … says he's innocent'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Friday praised former Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who left the White House Thursday amid a domestic abuse scandal involving allegations from two ex-wives.

"We wish him well, he worked very hard. We found out about it recently and I was surprised by it, but we certainly wish him well and it's a tough time ...Read more

Which House members voted against their leadership on the budget deal

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WASHINGTON -- The House's early Friday morning passage of a bill to reopen government after a brief shutdown was not your typical budget deal vote.

Unlike similar measures Congress has passed in recent years to lift sequestration spending caps and suspend the debt ceiling, this one drew a limited amount of Republican opposition and minimal ...Read more

Rand Paul stirs Senate anger over protest that led to shutdown

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WASHINGTON -- Senator Rand Paul forced a temporary government shutdown on Friday to lecture his GOP colleagues about fiscal responsibility, but the lesson they took away was probably not the one the Kentucky Republican intended.

"He wanted attention and he got attention. That's it," said Senator James Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma.

Paul ...Read more

Cardin and Schneider introduce bills to block Trump's military parade

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WASHINGTON – Two Democrats in each chamber of Congress are pushing legislation to prevent President Donald Trump's proposed military parade.

Rep. Brad Schneider of Illinois and Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland both introduced measures on Thursday that would make it difficult for the president's show to go on.

The action comes after the Washington...Read more

Trump signs bipartisan budget deal, ending brief government shutdown

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump signed a two-year budget deal into law Friday after Congress passed the bipartisan measure in overnight voting, ending the second government shutdown of 2018.

"Just signed Bill," Trump tweeted. "Our Military will now be stronger than ever before. We love and need our Military and gave them everything -- and...Read more

Senate passes budget deal with shutdown underway

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WASHINGTON--The Senate passed the bipartisan budget agreement in the wee hours of Friday morning, with a brief lapse in appropriations having already kicked in.

The 71-28 vote sends the measure to the House, where the prospects are believed to be more precarious. The House vote may not take place until some federal workers are already on their ...Read more

Trump's words hurt fight against human trafficking

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WASHINGTON –– The U.S. government's efforts to fight human trafficking are stronger than ever, the Justice Department says. But those who work with victims say there's a new problem: President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric.

"It's always been difficult, but what has changed is under previous administrations, the enforcement priority...Read more

As court weighs Microsoft case, rest of world feels a big stake in privacy ruling

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WASHINGTON -- Later this month, Supreme Court justices will hear a case involving Microsoft's heated dispute with federal prosecutors over whether it must turn over data currently hosted in a storage facility in Ireland. At the heart of the legal dispute is whether U.S. courts can compel a company to turn over an individual's data when it is ...Read more

Here's what's blocking senators from reaching a DACA deal

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WASHINGTON -- Nearly two-dozen senators from both parties want to offer legislation next week that would protect almost 700,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation, but they're stuck on whether their measure should protect the parents of these immigrants from deportation too.

Most Democrats want to preserve the so-called "chain migration" ...Read more

US government shuts down after deadline passes without budget deal

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. government technically ran out of money again early Friday, forcing the second shutdown in three weeks as problems over the cost of the spending plan caused the bill to stall in the Senate.

Senate leaders and their counterparts in the House of Representatives had been working all week toward meeting the deadline of ...Read more

Will budget deal cause economy to overheat?

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WASHINGTON -- If the GOP's $1.5-trillion tax-cut package powers the American economy like rocket fuel as President Donald Trump predicts, the new congressional budget deal could become the extra boost that causes the engine to overheat.

The budget compromise that was struggling late Thursday to win passage provided a bipartisan answer to the ...Read more

Trump critic praises president's pick for ethics office

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WASHINGTON -- Walter Shaub Jr. has blasted the Trump White House for creating an "ethics crisis," but the previous head of the Office of Government Ethics now is offering praise for the administration's choice for his successor.

The White House said Wednesday that President Donald Trump selected Emory A. Rounds III, an OGE lawyer since 2009, to...Read more

Congress expected to pass bipartisan budget deal, but divisions remain

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WASHINGTON -- Congress was on track to approve an ambitious bipartisan budget deal Thursday, averting a feared midnight government shutdown but also exposing deep divisions in both parties over immigration, deficit spending and how best to prepare for upcoming midterm election.

The Senate was set to vote first. A coalition of Republicans and ...Read more

Trump likely has authority to extend DACA deadline, experts say

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WASHINGTON -- Legal experts dispute a claim from some senior Trump administration officials that President Donald Trump lacks the legal authority to extend his own deadline for ending an immigration program that protects nearly 700,000 people from deportation.

Senior White House and Cabinet officials in recent days have sent mixed messages ...Read more