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Census citizenship question is lose-lose issue for Democrats

It's not clear if President Donald Trump can win the legal battle to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, but he's already won in the court of public opinion.

A ScottRasmussen.com poll found that 73% of voters nationwide believe it is appropriate for the U.S. Census Bureau to ask residents whether they are citizens of the United ...Read more

Trump administration's plan to expand ICE activities threatens communities

CHICAGO -- The Trump administration uses a wide variety of methods to suppress civil liberties. Some are out in the open, such as threatening mass deportations, holding migrant children in cages and flouting the Supreme Court's decision to not include a question about citizenship on the upcoming census.

Then there are the more insidious ...Read more

It's the economy, stupid. Again.

WASHINGTON -- The conventional wisdom holds -- with good reason -- that the economy may well settle the 2020 election. If it remains strong, President Trump stands a good chance of winning re-election. If it weakens, Trump might well be the underdog.

Click on the table above, which is drawn from the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll. It ...Read more

Democratic surprise: Why not get tough on Iran?

WASHINGTON -- Democratic candidates for president should get smart about America's confrontation with Iran: Rather than seek only to restore the 2015 nuclear deal, they should also endorse a broader, new negotiation that addresses Iran's meddling in the region and removes sanctions against Tehran.

The goal should be "JCPOA 2.0, Plus," argues ...Read more

Acosta displayed rare cowardice before justice -- and needs to step down

WASHINGTON -- It helps to know people in high places, especially if you're a sex offender and your name is Jeffrey Epstein.

Some might say that Epstein, the multimillionaire financier, reached the summits of wealth and self-indulgence by his own volition. He is undeniably intelligent, a whiz kid at math and science in his early years who built ...Read more

The trouble with predicting the future, past tense

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Let's give the highest praise possible to President Donald Trump: He didn't mortify his country on Independence Day.

Other than his Revolutionary War airport thingy, he stuck to the script and gave a vanilla salute to the nation, which tries to overlook that most of its founders were slaveholders. He also choreographed a display of military ...Read more

The Noble Ideals of America's Founding

Amid the fireworks and cookouts, America's birthday party is infused with the inspiring rhetoric from our nation's founding document. The Declaration of Independence reminds us that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with "certain unalienable rights." These include "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Many Americans ...Read more

Trump chases after the concept of one-man rule

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

What a whirlwind life President Donald Trump leads! One week he's cavorting around Osaka, Japan, and Korea, networking with his various autocratic buddies. Then he heads home in time to muscle into the celebration of the independence of his home country and a system of government designed to shun absolute authority.

He chafes under his ...Read more

Our tax money is funding human rights violations

CHICAGO -- To those of us who have been following reports of the inhumane ways immigrants have been treated along the southern border, it comes as no shock that there's a Facebook group in which U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents made puerile jokes about the deaths of migrants, suggested how to humiliate Latino members of Congress ...Read more

Trump cannot rewrite the American story

WASHINGTON -- President Trump is trying, in his gaudy, self-glorying way, to refashion Independence Day in his own image, but he'll fail. The weight and momentum of this nation are strong enough after 243 years to survive his vain mischief.

Americans, not least Trump supporters, know that this country is about freedom. Other countries may have ...Read more

Travels with Daddy

WASHINGTON -- "Surreal" was the word Ivanka Trump used to describe North Korea, which she briefly visited this past weekend with dear ol' dad.

It was the first time an American president had crossed the threshold into the hermit kingdom, where Trump met with his love-letter-writing bro Kim Jong Un. Naturally, Ivanka needed to be there.

It was,...Read more

Taking care of business that's none of your business

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

President Donald Trump's itinerary at the G-20 summit in Japan included a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose government is accused of using dirty tricks to interfere in the U.S. election to sway things Trump's way. As Trump was leaving the White House on his way there, reporters asked if he would bring the subject up and warn ...Read more

Trump successfully played a hunch with Kim. Now what?

WASHINGTON -- In dealing with North Korea's Chairman Kim Jong Un, President Trump should remember that he is a snake handler, not a snake charmer. (The same advice applies to Kim, but we'll leave that to pundits in Pyongyang.)

The baseline: Kim is a modernizing autocrat who believes his survival will be enhanced by the economic development he ...Read more

Megan Rapinoe and US women's soccer take on the wretched, mole-people-descended English

Politics, Moderate / Rex Huppke /

The U.S. women's soccer team's captivating World Cup journey continues Tuesday as Megan Rapinoe, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan and the squad take on the team from England, a small and largely inconsequential island off the coast of Europe.

Yes, despite all that long-standing blah-blah about America's "special relationship" with the United Kingdom --...Read more

Ambition on display -- but what else?

WASHINGTON -- What struck me about the first debates among 20 candidates for the Democratic nomination for president was how much they resembled a gaggle of graduate students. All seemed articulate and intelligent. All had a good grasp of the classroom material -- in this case, the programs they were advocating or opposing. All were palpably ...Read more

Democratic debates reveal a galaxy of stars

CAMDEN, S.C. -- By now, the winners and losers of the first Democratic presidential debate(s) have been thoroughly hashed, roasted and served up overdone.

Bottom line: Women won. Sens. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar all made strong showings, outshining most in the majority-male lineup. Harris was the undisputed winner owing ...Read more

We need to take action to stop humanitarian crisis at our border

CHICAGO -- It's not about the photograph.

The horrifying image of Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez intertwined with his 23-month-old daughter, Valeria -- both dead after drowning while trying to cross the brackish Rio Grande to seek asylum in this country -- has spurred global outrage.

Politicians took to Twitter to express alarm and shock. Pope...Read more

You've seen the opening acts, now get ready for the main performances

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Now that the first Democratic debates of the 2020 election are history, so begins the party's candidate-winnowing process. The consensus losers were Beto O'Rourke from night one, for reinforcing his image as a millennial empty suit, and Joe Biden on the second evening, whose shopworn suit was ripped by Kamala Harris. NBC, which held the debates,...Read more

Trump's proposed tennis ball tariff represents a grand slam of terrible trade policy

Want to know how ill-conceived President Trump's proposed China tariffs are? Look to the tennis ball tariff.

It represents a sort of grand slam of terrible trade policy.

Head Penn Racquet Sports, a division of Colorado-based Head USA Inc., makes the best-selling tennis ball in the United States. It sells about 65 million balls under its "Penn"...Read more

History teaches us the weakness in Trump's showdown with Iran

WASHINGTON -- Sometimes in foreign policy, the best course of action for a powerful country is the most limited, at least visibly. That may be the case now in America's confrontation with a cornered but potentially venomous Iran.

The U.S.-Iran showdown is a classic test between a strong nation and a much weaker one. An embattled Tehran has ...Read more


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