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The social media are also antisocial media

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

For those who are wondering who in tarnation is Roy Rogers, he called himself the "King of the Cowboys" and was one of the big stars of Western shoot-'em-up movies. Those films really contributed to the cultural mindset that has made us such a gun-totin' country today, which results in one automatic weapon massacre after another. The idea that ...Read more

Feast on God's word during Thanksgiving

As I celebrate Thanksgiving this year, like many of you, I am taking special time to show God my gratefulness for His provision, both spiritually and naturally. I remember Thanksgivings from my childhood when I did not fully understand the concept of provision and having all of my physical needs met. I really wasn't cognizant of how blessed my ...Read more

Rewarding bad behavior is a recipe for worse

Professional football involves systematic violence. On every play, men do things that would get them arrested in other contexts. What makes it a game -- rather than a brawl, a riot or deadly combat -- is that the violence is controlled.

There's a penalty for "unnecessary roughness" because roughness must be kept within certain limits. Some ...Read more

How to bring more meaning to giving thanks

CHICAGO -- We are surrounded by grief, fear and strife, yet for about a week or so each year, we're scolded for not being thankful enough. Sadly, gratitude has become yet another corporatized platitude designed to tug the heartstrings and open the wallet.

The command to show appreciation can be purchased on pillows, mugs, mouse pads and candle ...Read more

A bogus tip, a deadly raid, and a fraudulent search warrant highlights loose police practices in Houston

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

Are you confident that police will not break down your door tonight? If so, it's probably because you assume the warrant required for such an armed invasion of your home has to be based on reliable evidence of criminal activity.

But that is not true in Houston, as a federal indictment unsealed last week shows. According to the indictment, a ...Read more

Confessions of a Thanksgiving turkey

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

How does a vegetarian who is avoiding NFL football this weekend and wouldn't be caught dead in a shopping mall on Black Friday celebrate Thanksgiving? I've run out of traditions.

However, it's not all that bleak. I can still eat myself into oblivion without consuming meat, and gorge myself with stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and lots...Read more

An option for Republicans: censure Trump

For Republicans who are weary of trying to deny the obvious about Donald Trump and his attempt to force Ukraine's president to give him ammunition against Joe Biden, there is another option. In Thursday's hearing, Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, tried it out.

Trump's conduct was "inappropriate," "misguided" and "undermined our national security," Hurd...Read more

Talk is cheap. Organizations need to invest money to help get out the Latino vote.

CHICAGO -- The mainstream media has two settings when it comes to Latino voters: "The Sleeping Giant will determine the next president!" and "A confounding mystery endures: Latino voters don't turn out to vote, but why?!"

A primer: There is no such thing as a "Latino community." Latino voters are diverse -- from many different countries and ...Read more

What's a whistleblower's motivation? You decide

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

What do you think of when you hear the word "whistleblower"? Perhaps "tattletale" or "snitch" pop into your mind. Maybe the word conjures up the image of a person who, at great personal risk, comes forward to reveal illicit activity the public needs to know. Either way, as you have likely noticed, the term whistleblower has been in the news a ...Read more

Fiona Hill brought on a charm offensive versus the Republicans being just offensive

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

Which of these campaign posters would be better: "Fiona Hill for President" or simply "Fiona!"?

Whichever, the all things Russian foreign affairs specialist has demonstrated that she also has what it takes to unite our own badly divided country with her powerful combination of intellect, toughness and charm. Unfortunately, she was born and ...Read more

Carter's resilient faith has resulted in the blessings of thousands

About two weeks ago, when I was grading the secondary-source integration assignment for my morning English composition classes, I came across a quote from former President Jimmy Carter that one of my students used. It was a 2015 quote from Carter expressing his support for historically black colleges and universities. As I reviewed my student's ...Read more

Legal pots meets the not-in-my-backyard crowd

The effort to legalize recreational marijuana for adult use has been long, slow and arduous, but in recent years, 11 states have taken that step. The demonization of cannabis, however, has not stopped. It has merely shifted from the state level to the local level -- as not-in-my-backyard activists mobilize to keep pot as far away as possible.

...Read more

'Border Wars' highlights Trump's harsh treatment of immigrants

CHICAGO -- Steel yourself -- the book "Border Wars: Inside Trump's Assault on Immigration" is infuriating, heart-wrenching reading.

New York Times reporters Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear set up their book's narrative by cataloging the administration's disjointed efforts to fulfill contradictory campaign promises. President Trump ...Read more

There's yet another looming threat to e-cigarettes

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

President Donald Trump reportedly has reconsidered a plan to ban flavored e-cigarettes, a reversal that was widely portrayed as a triumph of politics over public health. Yet that criticism more aptly describes the proposed ban, which would have sacrificed the interests -- and potentially the lives -- of current and former smokers in the name of ...Read more

Devin Nunes is the Capitol's king liar

Politics, Moderate / Bob Franken /

When it comes to people not to be believed, Devin Nunes rates right up there with the Nigerian prince who tells me on the internet that I'm about to inherit millions of dollars if only I send money to him. Although come to think of it, maybe Nunes is that Nigerian prince.

Once again, he has slithered into our consciousness as the ranking -- or ...Read more

Trump was combating corruption in Ukraine? Don't make me laugh

The House Intelligence Committee is called that for good reason: It oversees intelligence matters. And Trump's defenders on the committee think it's their job to insult our intelligence.

One of their more novel defenses of how Donald Trump dealt with Ukraine is that he was implacably determined to root out corruption in that country. For sheer ...Read more

If you want to raise a bookworm, make it more about play than work

CHICAGO -- Parents are constantly told that reading to their children will instill vital communication skills and that modeling engaged reading will set their kids on a course to becoming bookworms.

Not always.

It doesn't matter how much you adore books, how many hours you spend enjoying the 998th read-aloud of "Go, Dog. Go!" or how many tomes...Read more

For those with 'prison groupie' syndrome a relationship may not be satisfying

Politics, Moderate / Diane Dimond /

Here's a word from the field of crime I'm betting you've never heard before: hybristophilia. It's pronounced HIGH-briss-toe-feel-ee-uh, and it's such an obscure word some dictionaries don't even include it -- yet.

Expert criminologists and mental health professionals define hybristophilia in a scientific way: a syndrome in which sexual arousal ...Read more

Many millennial and Gen Z churchgoers want to be devoted disciples

One of the largest religion-based reports on millennials and Gen Z was published this month by Barna Group and World Vision. It's an intriguing collaboration, as Barna Group focuses extensively on faith and culture, and World Vision is a global Christian organization that works to lift children out of poverty.

The report, titled "The Connected ...Read more

Why many of us see Trump's red hat as a red flag

CHICAGO -- A recent column in which I asked readers to do some introspection about their own racial beliefs spurred many infuriated emails.

Some people took offense at my implication that a white person who feels strongly that his or her race is being discriminated against might be likelier, among other things, to wear a MAGA hat.

Why is it so...Read more