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The downing of a president

WASHINGTON -- We've seen this movie before.

It would seem but a matter of time before the president of the United States is asked a question under oath and gives a false answer. A lie, in other words. In the prequel, starring Bill Clinton, impeachment followed.

When the FBI, after a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, raided the ...Read more

A 'dreamer' traveled to Mexico. Now he can't get home to his husband.

LOS ANGELES -- "Dreamer" Marco Villada Garibay left the country on the U.S. government's promise of a possible green card. Now he's trapped in Mexico and might never be allowed to return.

Villada, 34, came to the United States -- the only country he knows -- illegally from Mexico at age 6. This is where he went to school; where he worked and ...Read more

Children vs grandparents

WASHINGTON -- To those paying attention, the recent strikes for higher teachers' pay in West Virginia and Oklahoma are a harbinger of things to come. You can attribute the strikes to the stinginess of the states' political leaders. After all, average annual teachers' salaries in these states ranked respectively 49th lowest (Oklahoma at $45,276) ...Read more

To mock or mentor, that is the question at Marquette University

WASHINGTON -- There are few sympathetic characters in the landmark lawsuit between Marquette University and a suspended professor that's heading later this month to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The professor, John McAdams, is suing the university for indefinitely suspending him without pay, allegedly in violation of a contractually binding ...Read more

You don't have to speak Spanish to be Latino

CHICAGO -- Way to guilt-trip me about my parenting choices, Pew Research Center!

According to their newest report on language acquisition, 85 percent of Latino parents say they speak Spanish to their children, but only 71 percent of U.S.-born Latino parents with at least one immigrant parent of their own do so.

It's small comfort to know that ...Read more

Americans, it's time for some extreme vetting

WASHINGTON -- My fellow Americans, it's time for some extreme vetting.

Not of Muslims, refugees, "dreamers" or any of the other usual scapegoats. We need more vetting of the scoundrels and swamp creatures running our country.

President Trump has repeatedly accused Senate Democrats of slow-walking his picks for key administration posts, forcing...Read more

Snapshots of soldiers on the front lines of Syria

WASHINGTON -- One face of the war in Syria that Americans don't often see is the U.S. Army trauma surgeon, standing in the midday sun on the outskirts of Raqqa, taking a brief break from her near-constant duty in the operating room treating Syrians whose limbs have been shattered by bombs and booby traps.

The doctor is a lieutenant colonel ...Read more

Iowa leads the way on Obamacare reform

Lawmakers and bureaucrats in official Washington often act as if their decisions lead the nation forward. News from Iowa this week, however, shows once again that the culture leads and politicians lag behind.

Kim Reynolds became Iowa's Governor last May when her predecessor (Terry Branstad) resigned to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to China. ...Read more

Why does the media ignore when bad things happen to black people?

CHICAGO -- The irony of the diverse and wide-ranging #neveragain movement to reduce gun violence is that -- even as it has captured the nation's attention -- it has underscored racial stereotypes about victims and survivors.

Why did the country have what countless media commentators called "a watershed moment" after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas...Read more

Stocks boomerang on Trump

WASHINGTON -- What is the skittish stock market telling us? Its recent declines have been blamed on many causes: fears of a "trade war" between the United States and China; growing controversy over the power of Facebook and other tech giants; general worry about the Trump administration's behavior. But the true explanation may be a broader ...Read more

How the courts -- not Congress -- could protect Mueller's investigation

WASHINGTON -- If President Trump fires Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, that won't necessarily be the end of his investigation. Power to continue the probe, and report on its findings, could also rest with Beryl Howell, who as chief judge of the federal district court here oversees the Mueller grand jury.

To prepare for the crisis that ...Read more

Breaking: Fake news vs. "Fake news"

WASHINGTON -- When fake news blasts traditional media for being "fake news," how does one respond?

Do you shout, I'm not fake, you are? Do you ignore the charge? If you don't fight back, are you affirming the fool? If you do, doth thou protest too much?

The risk of doing nothing, of course, is to go crazy, too.

Call me crazy, but when ...Read more

Trump's America may be open for business. But will anyone shop here?

President Trump began the year by declaring that "America is open for business."

"I'm here to deliver a simple message," he said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "There has never been a better time to hire, to build, to invest and to grow in the United States."

Take a look at the markets over the past few days, however, and ...Read more

Timber titan appeals to Supreme Court over Moonlight Fire

WASHINGTON -- When the country's second-largest lumber producer tries to take the U.S. Justice Department to the Supreme Court over a forest fire that started under the distracted gaze of a watchtower forester -- who at the time was reportedly peeing on his own bare feet -- you can expect a few sparks to fly.

You also might want to sit down, ...Read more

Citizenship question would muck up census results

CHICAGO -- Some very wise men once said, "There will be no second chance to get the 2020 census right ... [and] we will all live with the results for a decade."

Vincent P. Barabba and Kenneth Prewitt, both past census directors, made these statements in a Washington Post op-ed last summer, when they warned the nation that the Trump ...Read more

Yet another clown wants to go to Congress

Contrary to popular perception, there are not enough clowns in Congress.

So believes Steve Lough, a Democratic candidate for South Carolina's 5th Congressional District. As a professional clown, he should know.

Yes, an honest-to-goodness clown: the kind with a red rubber nose who throws pies and performs magic tricks. Thirty years ago, Lough ...Read more

Is Trump foolhardy to 'go big' when he meets with Kim?

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump made the case in "The Art of the Deal" for "winging it" on big negotiations. "I never get too attached to one deal or one approach," he wrote. "I keep a lot of balls in the air, because most deals fall out, no matter how promising they seem at first."

Trump is now about to wing it on an epic, global stage in his ...Read more

We all need to actively fight the reality of racism

CHICAGO -- Boy, there's nothing like research findings to make you feel like a big-time liar.

As a teacher, I've spent the last decade trying to convince low-income black and Hispanic students that education is their golden ticket out of poverty and into a safer, more comfortable life. But that seems to be untrue.

This school year, nearly ...Read more

With Bolton, Trump's war cabinet is complete

WASHINGTON -- John Bolton is a bit like the barking dog that finally catches the car: What does he do now?

Bolton surely has never once imagined himself as an "honest broker," the quality that usually defines a successful national security adviser, the post he's about to assume. Instead, Bolton has cultivated the image of a provocateur, ...Read more

The shame of it all

WASHINGTON -- "Shaming," the modern if tedious trend of shaming the shamer for criticizing anyone, has rendered us incapable of making rational judgments or speaking freely.

If this seems too strong an indictment, consider that "the porn star and the president," a pairing made necessary by current events, is no more shocking a phrase than, say,...Read more