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Hating Trump corrupts the liberal media

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Making Sense By Michael Reagan

Half the country has no idea why the front page of Thursday’s New York Post was so hilarious.

That’s because, thanks to the liberal media, half of the country still has no idea who Hunter Biden is, or why he is in trouble for raking in millions for his extended family from foreign businessmen by selling access to his father Joe’s “brand” and political influence.

The Post – which is famous for its funny front pages and lively conservative journalism – brilliantly summed up the Biden Family’s international influence-peddling racket on Aug. 10.

Its front page carried the huge headline “JOE FOR $ALE” next to a big photo of a smiling President Biden holding a sign that said “Open for Business – Price $20 million.”

The Post also asked a question that would have mystified the half of the country that only watches MSNBC and reads the New York Times -- “Foreign clients gave Hunter a Porsche, a diamond and millions of dollars – What did they THINK they were buying?”

The Blue half of the country would never get the Post’s jokes about Hunter and Joe Biden.

That’s because they have hardly ever heard any news about Hunter or the latest reports detailing how he and his dad worked their lucrative family side-gig.

The Post's journalists have done heroic work on the Bidens – unlike the liberal mainstream print and electronic media, which is so biased, partisan and dishonest that it has barely mentioned Hunter’s name.

For four years the liberal media have shown zero interest in investigating the sleazy and incriminating contents of his “Laptop From Hell” or covering the ongoing investigations by House Republicans into Hunter's banking and money-laundering tricks.

The left's partisan journalists are still so fixated on hating Donald Trump and making sure he never returns to power that they will never cover the blunders, failures and crimes of the Bidens.

Did the Biden administration wreck the economy with high inflation, create a crisis at the Southern border, cripple our oil and gas industries, botch the withdrawal from Afghanistan, fail to prevent the war in Ukraine and mismanage the war on Covid?

The liberal media’s response – “We don’t care. We hate Trump.”

Did the Biden Justice Department overdo the prosecution of Jan. 6 rioters for political reasons? Did the Biden FBI unfairly treat conservative Catholics as possible terrorists?

“Don’t care. We hate Trump.”


Did Biden’s CDC kowtow to the teachers union to keep schools closed for too long and lie to the country about the safety and efficacy of the covid vaccines?

“Dunno. We hate Trump.”

So now, after three years of Biden incompetence and lies, the liberal media refuses to admit that the country is a mess in many economic and social ways.

We have huge homeless populations living on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. We have smash-and-grab gangs in Beverly Hills that go unpunished and we have chained up ice cream freezers in drug stores.

We have tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from dozens of countries overwhelming cities like New York and Boston. We have Fentanyl Island in Oakland, Ca.

What is President Biden and his administration doing to fix all these national and local problems? Is he to blame?

Don’t expect the liberal media to ever press Biden to answer that kind of question. They’re not interested. All they know is, “We hate Trump.”

The liberal mainstream media hate Trump so much they'd never do or say anything that might help him win or hurt Biden in 2024.

I fear for 2024. I'm truly concerned about Republicans winning back the White House. I don’t think Trump can win and he’s not going to let anyone else try.

My greatest worry is that if he doesn’t win the nomination he will sabotage the nominee, guarantee a Democrat victory and destroy the Republican Party – if he hasn’t done that already.

Then there’d be a legitimate reason for me to agree with the liberal media who say “We hate Trump.”


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