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The New York Times is Little More Than a Left-Wing Propaganda Machine!

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The New York Times demonstrates why Gallup polling late last year showed only 36% of Americans saying they trust media a "great deal" or "fair" amount.

Times reporters have brought fire to the feet of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, reporting on a recording of private remarks that McCarthy made to other Republicans in the days following the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol.

In those remarks, as reported by the Times, McCarthy was critical of President Donald Trump, telling Republican colleagues that he believed Democrats had votes to impeach him, in which case, "It would be my recommendation that he resign."

The Times produced the recording after a McCarthy spokesperson denied that his boss said "he'd call Trump to say he should resign."

Taking words out of context to achieve something other than capturing truth is what, unfortunately, defines much of our left-wing union media today, particularly The New York Times.

I wrote in my own column then that, considering the circumstances of what appeared to be certain impeachment, Trump should consider resigning. I called it a "Masada moment," referring to the band of Jews 2,000 years ago, trapped on a mountaintop by Roman troops, who decided to take their own lives rather than being captured by the enemy.


My advice, and it appears what McCarthy had in mind then, was that a Trump resignation with only 10 days left in his presidency would deprive Democrats of the political objectives they hoped to achieve with impeachment.

The point was to minimize political costs, not repudiate Trump.

If anyone doubts that The New York Times is about a political agenda rather than delivering truth, they should compare how the Times has covered the McCarthy affair to the story about Hunter Biden's laptop.

The Times reporters get big headlines in their breathless delivery of the McCarthy story, which is included in an upcoming book they are publishing.


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