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Why Would Anyone Vote for This?

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A common theme in political news coverage over the past few years has been how "fractious" and "divisive" politics has become in our society. Newspapers, magazines and social media have countless articles and accounts of political disagreements that have torn families apart and destroyed longtime friendships. It seems to many observers that the political divisions in our country (and elsewhere around the world, frankly) are growing larger and more difficult to navigate.

This is one of the less-frequently articulated consequences of the expansion of government. When government encroaches upon virtually every aspect of our lives, the people in control of government become more important than they deserve to be.

But it isn't merely a debate over the size of government versus the founding principles of America. Half the country cannot understand why the other half is supporting policies that are destroying her -- or at least, the politicians responsible for those policies. Here are just a few examples:

Illegal immigration. The Biden administration has thrown open the borders and lies to the American public about it every day. More than 8 million people have illegally crossed the border in 2 1/2 years without any vetting, screening, health checks, qualifications or demonstrated ability to support themselves. More than 300,000 crossed just in August of this year; 142,000 have already crossed the border in the first two weeks of this month. Many of these migrants are young men of military age, and come not just from countries in Central America but from Africa, the Middle East and China. Some of them are on terrorist watchlists. The number of illegal immigrants now exceeds the populations of 15 states. When Florida and Texas started busing illegal immigrants out of state, Americans across the country began to understand the mayhem, crime and depletion of resources that Biden's open borders policies have created. New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently declared that the influx of tens of thousands of migrants is going to "destroy" the city. Chicago's Black residents are furious about the $51 million the city has earmarked for migrant housing and services, when poor Chicagoans lack adequate resources.

Why would anyone vote for the people responsible for this?

-- Crime. By reducing most retail theft to misdemeanors (which are rarely prosecuted), California made it de facto legal. As a result, it has exploded; business owners lost $112 billion to theft in 2022. Illinois and New York have eliminated cash bail, putting criminals back on the streets. Chicago's new Mayor Brandon Johnson insists that teens who riot and burn cars just need better after-school activities. A female Democrat party official in Minneapolis who openly advocated for "defunding the police" in 2020 was violently attacked and beaten during a carjacking earlier this month. Across the country, other cities that decided to reduce funding for their police forces have seen dramatic increases in crime. This week saw riots and looting in downtown Philadelphia.


Why would anyone vote for the people responsible for this?

-- Homelessness. As a direct result of policies that permit it, the number of homeless people -- many if not most of whom are suffering with mental illness, addiction or both -- has increased in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, year after year. Residents and business owners must navigate bodies in the streets, puddles of urine and piles of human feces, not to mention disturbing behavior and crime. Fed-up residents and businesses are fleeing.

Why would anyone vote for the people responsible for this?

-- Public health deceit and censorship. Our government has not told us the truth about important public health matters like the origin and risks of COVID-19 and the safety and efficacy of vaccines developed for the virus. Worse (if that's possible), government agents pressured social media companies to censor and silence those -- including medical experts -- trying to bring the truth to the public, calling them purveyors of "misinformation."


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