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Left-Wing Group PolitiFact Exists to Malign Me!

Dennis Prager on

During a recent broadcast, I said that once Elon Musk takes control of Twitter, "Twitter will be flooded with hate, and a lot of it will come from people on the Left who want to show how hate-filled it is. It's like their race-hoax industry. If you see a noose on a college dorm of a black student, the odds are overwhelming that the noose was put there by a black student. If you see the N-word on a dormitory building, the odds are overwhelming that a black student actually did that. We're filled with race hoaxes."

One of the better-known self-proclaimed fact-checkers, PolitiFact, declared my claim "false."

They offered no refutation of what I said and provided no examples of nooses or the N-word on campuses perpetrated by white supremacists. Instead, they made a self-defeating argument: "Experts who track hate crimes told PolitiFact that there isn't even a nationwide data source that Prager could have used to pin down the number of incidents -- real or fake -- that specifically involved hanging a noose or scrawling the racist insult on college buildings or grounds."

So, if there is no such database, how could PolitiFact declare what I said "false"? At most, they could say "maybe true, maybe false."

Then they quote a man who devotes his professional life to lying about how racist America is: Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. "Mr. Prager is long on hyperbole and bigotry and short on facts," said Levin. "What Prager claimed 'is a lie.'"

The very fact that PolitiFact cites Levin proves how unserious PolitiFact is about pursuing truth.


PolitiFact cites FBI statistics -- about "all hate crimes," not about campus nooses or N-word graffiti on dormitories, which is specifically what I spoke about. That was another dishonest ploy on PolitiFact's part. Moreover, if you look up all the examples of "hate crimes" on the FBI list, the list is completely irrelevant to what I said -- it lists hate crimes regarding "gender," "gender identity," "disability," "commerce violations," "drug offenses," "gambling offenses," and many more examples of hate crimes having nothing to do with racism, let alone racism on campuses. It was fraudulent of PolitiFact to cite the FBI stats.

So, then, here are just a few examples of race hoaxes concerning graffiti and nooses on campuses over the last 15 years. If PolitiFact can show that these examples are not in fact hoaxes or, alternatively, provide an equal number of verified examples, PolitiFact's assessment of my claim may be valid. If PolitiFact cannot do so, it lied.

In 2007, Madonna G. Constantine, a psychology and education professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, claimed she found a noose at her door. ABC News described her as "a respected professor at Columbia University Teachers College... This incident is the latest in a growing number of noose incidents in the United States, since the one that punctuated the racially charged controversy in Jena, LA."

The subsequent investigation revealed that Constantine made it all up. And it also turned out that the racial controversy about a "noose incident" in Jena, Louisiana, had nothing to do with a noose.


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