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Uniting Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis Is Our Only Chance to Save America

Wayne Allyn Root on

I'm no dreamer. I always face reality. Former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis don't especially like each other. They are two competitive, mega-successful leaders. They both have big egos (well earned). They both believe they should be the one to save America. But so what? Former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush didn't especially like each other in 1980. But they united for the good of the GOP and the country. That gave Reagan two landslide victories, and Bush followed as president. That's the ticket to save America today: UNITY.

With the GOP divided and Democrats in control of government, the very existence of America is threatened. Look around. We are on the verge of World War III. The U.S. economy is in decline. Banks are failing. Our border is wide open. Crime is exploding. And inflation is wiping out the great American middle class. America is hanging by a thread.

Our only hope is the reelection of Trump as president. But even that is not enough. For any chance at all, America needs DeSantis to carry on after Trump. America and the world are simply in too precarious a state to fix in four years. But a lot can be done in 12 years. To that end, let me first offer Trump and DeSantis my advice on how they can work together to save America.

First, put your egos aside.

This isn't about either of you. It's about saving the United States of America from a communist takeover, combined with a foreign invasion at our border. Time is running out.

Let me stress again: Four years with Trump as president is a good start, but it is only that... a start. Because it is going to take more than four years to save this troubled country. Because of that, I believe Trump and DeSantis are, at this moment in time, the two most important people in the world...



How? It starts with them becoming a team. Let DeSantis acknowledge the importance of Trump being president for the next four years, and let Trump acknowledge the importance of DeSantis taking over from him in 2028.

My personal opinion is that DeSantis should remain governor of Florida for the next four years, thereby solidifying his credentials as "the greatest governor in the history of America." But he would also make a great vice president (assuming Trump/DeSantis can work out the legal residence issue of the Electoral College).

As VP I'd put DeSantis in charge of election integrity. He's the man to make America's elections as secure as Florida's elections. And with a secure election, look what happens. The GOP won by a landslide in Florida.


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