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#WINNING: We Have the 3 D's: Disney, Democrats and Devil on the Run -- What a Great Week!

Wayne Allyn Root on

Disney is on the ropes. They just lost the special tax advantages they've had for the past half-century, and their stock is collapsing. Wanna bet attendance at their theme parks is collapsing too? I'm guessing the wait on lines at Disney World and Disneyland is about to get a whole lot shorter.

But the news is positive across the board this week. Many liberal icons are going up in flames. What a great week for conservatives and patriots across this country.

But now is not the time to take our feet off the pedal, or our boots off Disney's neck.

First, let's review the highlights of this week...

--Disney is sinking faster than the Titanic.

--Netflix was crushed on Wall Street. Their stock is tanking like a "going out of business" sale. Guess what? They are.


--CNN+ is no more. Warner and Discovery announced they are pulling the plug on CNN+ streaming service after only 23 days. Bye, bye, CNN+. It was nice knowing you... for 23 days. CNN lost $300 million on this stinker. It turns out no one wants to watch liberal losers saying nasty things about America and white people all day.

--The mask mandates are gone. Glory Hallelujah. It's about time. Every honest medical expert in the world knows masks are useless. Dozens of studies in America and all over the world suggest that cities, states and countries with mask mandates have the exact same COVID-19 rates as cities, states and countries without mask mandates. Masks made no difference. Good riddance.

--Elon Musk says he has enough billions raised from private equity partners to buy Twitter and restore free speech. Elon, don't forget about Wayne Allyn Root. I was gaining 30,000-plus new Twitter fans per month in fall of 2020 when Twitter decided to ban me for life. Coincidence? My success on their platform made the intolerant little communist Twitter snowflakes melt. Wait until they find out I'm back.

--Spotify parted ways with the Obamas. Wanna bet this is code for they FIRED the Obamas for lousy results? I'll take that bet. Watching former President Barack Obama say "Me, myself and I" 100 times a minute is more boring than watching wet paint dry.


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