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Kevin McCarthy, is Really a Republican Leader for Complex Times!

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Amid the post-mortems of the four-day, 15-vote marathon to elect Kevin McCarthy House speaker, I remind readers of the headline of my Nov. 30 column, "Kevin McCarthy, a Republican Leader for Complex Times."

I thought then that that captured our reality, and I think the process that followed confirmed it.

It is human nature to want things neat and clear. But life never cooperates.

Which is why freedom is so important. And why we need a speaker who can keep focus and move the ship forward despite heavy gale winds blowing in many different directions.

McCarthy emerges from the ordeal with plenty of criticism.

And the House Freedom Caucus cabal, some 20 strong, that held McCarthy along with 201 of their Republican colleagues captive also emerges with plenty of criticism.


McCarthy is accused of conceding too much because, per his critics, it's all about personal ambition.

Regarding the obstructionists, they're accused of exploiting unique circumstances to gain personal power and attention.

In my column, I noted that polling shows that indeed Democrats are more unified than Republicans.

But I don't see Democrat woke uniformity as any strength. Democrats' cookie-cutter mentality regarding human reality is why they love big government so much.


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