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Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Weak Impeachment Folly

S.E. Cupp, Tribune Content Agency on

This week, spineless House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, in fear of being ousted from his precious leadership position by far-right hostage-takers like Florida’s Rep. Matt Gaetz and Georgia’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, caved to pressure to mount an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden — based on little more than conjecture, conspiracy theory, and pure political vengeance.

The decision seemed hasty — McCarthy had initially promised not to call for the inquiry without a vote from the House. That followed criticism from McCarthy of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her preceding without a vote on the 2019 impeachment inquiry of former President Donald Trump for his actions related to Ukraine (remember Trump’s “perfect” phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy?)

When asked whether he was being hypocritical — an obvious and rhetorical question — McCarthy dug in:

“I’m not, because she changed the precedent. I warned her not to do it that way in the process. And that’s what she did. That’s what we did.”

But McCarthy’s nothing if not craven and power-hungry. And he did what he had to do to stay in power.

Gaetz was threatening to move to vacate McCarthy from his speakership, which he only narrowly won after 15 grueling votes, while Greene was promising to shut down the government if she didn’t get her impeachment inquiry.


If these people sound like children, it’s because they behave no better than children. They’re not there to govern or solve real problems for Americans, they’re there to grandstand, get famous, make money, out Trump each other, and play these kinds of childish games.

To prove just how pointless this all is, here are all the reasons the impeachment of Biden is destined to go absolutely nowhere:

McCarthy doesn’t have the support.

There’s a reason he chose not to hold a vote on an impeachment inquiry, as he initially promised to do. He doesn’t have the votes for starting up this impeachment.


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