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J6 Lies Are Part of a Much Bigger Pattern

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Former federal prosecutor and bestselling author Andy McCarthy published on National Review Online what purports to be a balanced and nuanced article about the Jan. 6, 2021, debacle at the U.S. Capitol. Titled "Making Sense of the Capitol Riot Tapes," McCarthy tries to find a happy middle ground between the factions warring over Fox News host Tucker Carlson's access to (and coverage of) 44,000 hours of video footage taken on that day. McCarthy takes pains to defend "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley's 41-month sentence as appropriate, but calls the term "insurrection" pure Democrat "mythmaking." He acknowledges that former President Donald Trump did not "incite" a riot "in the strict criminal-law meaning of that term" (is there any other kind?), but declares the day to be "an indelible, disqualifying stain on his record as president."

McCarthy's criticisms of Democrats are, in essence, "Tsk, tsk -- see? We told you guys you should have had a bipartisan committee," and "Democrats' narrative about Jan. 6 has been a bit overwrought."

I enjoy reading McCarthy, respect his expertise and generally appreciate his analyses of legal issues. But he's missing the larger point here.

It's not merely that the "mythmaking" of J6 has been used as an excuse to smear half the country as "domestic terrorists," weaponize the Justice Department against irate parents at school board meetings, sic the FBI on pro-lifers praying at abortion clinics, and create a new bogeyman -- "white Christian nationalism" -- as the greatest threat facing the republic.

It's that the J6 manipulation is just one of many instances of Democrats flat-out lying to the American people for political gain.

The "Russia collusion" story was a lie from the get-go, and Democrats knew it because Democrats colluded to create it. The Clinton campaign paid law firm Perkins Coie, which paid Fusion GPS, which paid former MI6 spy Christopher Steele, who concocted the "Russian dossier" out of whole cloth. The "investigation" -- which produced nothing -- cost taxpayers $32 million, and the Clinton campaign paid a small fine. Who was undermining confidence in the electoral process then?


The COVID-19 "wet market" origin story was a lie, and Democrats in government (and elsewhere) knew it because the United States was funding the dangerous "gain of function" research that likely produced the virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. COVID "vaccines" that millions of Americans have been forced to take were neither effective nor safe. But medical professionals who posed serious questions were censored and sanctioned because the Democratic National Committee, the White House and federal law enforcement pressured Twitter and other social media companies.

It wasn't just "our democracy" being threatened by that conduct and those decisions.

The scandalous information on Hunter Biden's laptop was authentic and revealed President Joe Biden's compromised positions with Ukraine and China; we're now funding a war in Ukraine to the tune of almost $200 billion, and just this week, China has threatened "confrontation and conflict." Democrats got the Hunter Biden laptop censored because it threatened Joe Biden's presidential campaign.

Who's "threatening democracy"?


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