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Fauci, Vaccine Hesitancy, and Other Government Deceits!

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"Experts" were confident that they knew what America should do about Covid. They were wrong about so much. Officials pushed masks, including useless cloth ones. Dr. Anthony Fauci said, "Don't wear masks" -- then, "Do wear them." Some states closed playgrounds and banned motorboats and Jet Skis. Towns in New York banned using leaf-blowers. California pointlessly closed beaches and gave people citations for "watching the sunset." The list goes on.

Sen. Rand Paul's new book, "Deception," argues that government experts didn't just make mistakes; they were purposely deceitful. A few weeks ago, this column reported how Paul was correct in accusing Fauci of funding virus research in Wuhan and lying about it. In my new video, we cover other government deceit.

Paul says, "There's been one set of truths in private and another set of truths for the people who aren't smart enough to make their decisions."

He points out that Fauci, in private, told fellow bureaucrats that masking is pointless. Fauci wrote in one email: "The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material."

But in public, complains Paul, Fauci would sometimes wear multiple masks

"Things that have no scientific basis in fact. ... There's two sets of information going out, one privately and one publicly."


"Why?" I ask.

"They think that there could be hysteria. They're in government. They need to do something. ... So let's get everybody occupied with wearing masks. ... But in the end, the Cochrane analysis looked at 78 randomized studies and found that masks didn't work at all."

"N95 masks may work," I say.

"The Cochrane analysis looked at the N95 and found they didn't work very well," Paul replies.


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