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You Should Value Your Children Getting Married Over Getting Into a Good College!

Dennis Prager on

The second of my two sons got married last week, and it prompted me to consider the question: What brings parents more joy: their child getting into a prestigious college or their child getting married (presumably to a good person)?

Three things prompted this question: my joy and pride, the joy of those who attended the wedding and the number of people who attended.

First, my joy and pride.

From a very early age, using a happiness scale of one to 10, I have never aimed to be a 10. I always assumed that those who experience 10s are also likely to experience threes. So, I have hoped and aimed to be a constant 7.5. That I have achieved this has been an enormous source of emotional stability in my life -- and much appreciated by my wife, friends and colleagues. Someone who is a consistent 7.5 is generally a pleasure to be around.

So, it was with some surprise when I realized, on the day of my son's wedding, that I was as close to a 10 as I've ever experienced.

It prompted me to review the epic days of my life.


With regard to one's children, for most people those days are:

The birth of one's child(ren).

The marriage of one's child(ren).

The birth of one's grandchild(ren).


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