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Putin Funds Fake Protests, Rattles Nukes

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Fake protests throughout the world and threats of nuclear war -- in 2022 we witness a violent echo of 1983's Kremlin-orchestrated frauds.

I'll address the nuke threat first.

On Feb. 27 Russian President Vladimir Putin played drama king and put Russian nuclear forces on high alert. His war in Ukraine already failing, Vlad added nuclear pucker factor. Translation into emotional propaganda: world beware, or I'll start Armageddon.

In 1983 the Russians worked a "reserve psychology" propaganda trope using nukes. See, the U.S. was the threat to launch a nuclear war in Europe, even though the Kremlin had physically created the conditions for nuclear war.

In the 1970s the Russian Empire, in the guise of the Soviet Union, started deploying SS-20 ballistic missiles to eastern Europe. The missiles threatened western European cities with quick destruction. NATO responded to Russia's escalation with a "dual track" policy pushed by President Jimmy Carter's hem and haw administration. NATO would negotiate to remove the SS-20s but, should the Russians refuse to withdraw them, NATO would deploy equivalent systems.

The Kremlin's chess players snickered. They saw their end game: Negotiations would fail. Leveraging anti-American tropes (Adolf Hitler dismissed Americans as "cowboys"), Moscow's propagandists would portray NATO's response to the SS-20s as the aggressive act. To frightened Europeans, America's promise to protect Europe with its nuclear umbrella would morph into an American nuke threat to Europe. The chess geniuses argued this propaganda judo could shatter NATO.


Moscow's 1983 geniuses were totally wrong. The Reagan administration rebuffed the Soviet Union's calculated ploy to divide NATO.

As for fake protests -- 1983's were far more convincing than 2022's.

In mid-1983, NATO confirmed it would deploy U.S. cruise missiles to Britain and Italy and Pershing 2 missiles to West Germany to counter the SS-20s.

Immediately, concocted by Moscow, The Great Political Panic Crisis to stop NATO's counter-deployment began in full media fury. Western "peace" organizations, pacifists, Communist sympathizers and academic idiots demonstrated throughout Europe and the U.S., their protests motley yet synchronized. In October 1983 the demonstrations intensified -- a crescendo. The hysterics in leftist media howled about Reagan's nuclear war.


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