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And the award goes to: Win the title of Best Snack at your Oscar party

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My catering team's biggest challenge every year is preparing the food served to more than a thousand stars at the Governors Ball following the Academy Awards, which takes place this coming Sunday, Feb. 26. Across the nation, from here on the California coast in "La La Land" to "Manchester by the Sea" on the Massachusetts shoreline...Read more

Cellophane Noodles Are an Easy Sell

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Regardless of its name, I didn't see right through cellophane noodles. I had ordered it on and off from my favorite Chinese restaurants for years and had no idea that the thin, flexible transparent noodles were made from mung beans. It wasn't until a relative was eating gluten free that I decided to call and check on a take-out order I had ...Read more

Sunday Chicken

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A Sharp Knife Can Save A Finger

My father was an engineer; a smart and precise man who had his weekend rituals. About once a month, I’d find my father at the kitchen table on a weekend afternoon sharpening the kitchen knives.

He’d have a sharpening stone in front of him set on a spread of newspaper print. He had a little can of oil that ...Read more

Rueda Spanish white wine a mouthful of summer in depths of winter

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And now for some affordable, refreshing white wines from Spain. That's a pleasant group of words, isn't it? I'm thinking of the wines from the Rueda region in this case -- wines based on the verdejo grape variety that can ably offer an alternative to those looking for a break from their default order of pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc. To ...Read more

If you don't have an Instant Pot, you're cooking wrong

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For me, cooking is fun. It's a hobby, and there are few things I enjoy more than spending an entire Saturday afternoon assembling an elaborate dish that will wow my dinner guests.

Sadly, this personal passion doesn't jibe with my real life.

In real life, I get home from work and face a hungry family ready to eat NOW. Even worse, many members ...Read more

How to make light-as-a-feather homemade gnocchi

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Even when I read novels, I get hungry.

"Back home, I told the cook girl to boil enough pots of water and to chop enough pork and vegetables to make a thousand dumplings, both steamed and boiled, with plenty of fresh ginger, good soy sauce and sweet vinegar for dipping." From "The Kitchen God's Wife" by Amy Tan.

Little wonder that I taught ...Read more

From Argentina with love: Dulce de leche

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For Josephine Caminos Oria of O'Hara, Pa., the creamy caramel, dulce de leche, is a link to her heritage and preserves the memories of her grandmother.

Her family moved from Argentina to Pittsburgh when she was 1, and her maternal grandparents, who visited often to help out, would do everything possible to keep the old country traditions alive....Read more

Best Bites: Maruchan Yakisoba Spicy Teriyaki Beef Flavor Noodles

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Maruchan adds a bold new flavor to the world of microwavable noodles. This four-minute meal packs a delightfully spicy punch and a hearty, sort-of beef-like flavor. It's the heat that makes this a winner, but don't ignore the hefty dose of sodium -- and don't be fooled into believing the claim that one package contains two servings.

Size: 3.97 ...Read more

Chocolate mint cookies answer a late-night craving

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College kids dash out at all hours to Insomnia Cookies for chocolate chunk or oatmeal raisin. What happened to work ethic? What happened to melting butter and beating eggs? It takes 10 minutes to mix cookie batter, and those are minutes well spent.

Kids counter that they don't stash eggs and flour in their dorm rooms. Campus life offers no ...Read more

On a low-sodium diet? We have recipes for you

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The doctor says you have to lower your sodium.

It's stunning news. After all, salt is what makes food taste like food. On the other hand, eating too much salt can be devastating to your health.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, too much sodium in the bloodstream can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, heart ...Read more

Snapper dish is simple and sweet

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A coating of cumin and chili flavors firm-textured, slightly sweet snapper in this simple Latin meal. There are many varieties of snapper and any will work well for this dinner. I had some left over and found that the fish was delicious served at room temperature. Make extra, if you have time for another quick meal or lunch.

Arroz con Jitomate ...Read more

These cute currant tarts come together in four steps

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Donna Mott of Ooh De Lolli bakes out of a vintage kitchen in downtown Fresno that's perfect for a vintage recipe like currant tarts.

Her version of this classic needs just five ingredients and a prepared pie crust. Tarts can be made with a number of different fillings, but Zante currants, a type of dried berry, add sweetness to every bite.

...Read more

3 wines that play well with grilled cheese and savory/sweet onion jam

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Salty and a bit sweet, rich and a bit tangy, this grilled cheese with onion jam, adapted from "The Epicurious Cookbook," is everything we want for dinner (there are even greens!), between two slices of rustic bread. Just add wine. In this case, bottles that play well with the salty/sweet duality.



Brush ...Read more

Semifreddo: It's often overlooked, but deserves recognition

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We know about ice cream, gelato and sorbet. We're even familiar with frozen yogurt, frozen custard and sherbet. But we are not so acquainted with semifreddo.

An Italian frozen treat, semifreddo is similar to ice cream while showcasing more of a velvety, frozen mousse texture. It is not overly complicated to make because semifreddo doesn't ...Read more

Making manti, the canoe-shaped, open-end, work-intensive-but-worth-it dumplings

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Dumplings from every culture are labor-intensive. There's just no getting around that, and if someone sets a plate of dumplings before you, I hope you appreciate the work that went into them.

Of all the dumplings I know, manti, the little lamb-filled, open-face dumplings, please me most.

The Turks claim them most loudly, but I learned about ...Read more

Guilt-free indulgence: A healthy alternative to the classic sticky bun will make your morning

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Valentine's Day is barely over. A month and a half after the holidays, we have finished another round of indulging ourselves with too much rich or sugary food. As a result, I know that many people now are trying to recommit to their New Year's resolutions to eat more healthfully.

And yet, here comes one more of ...Read more

You may have to give up some pleasure if you want to live longer

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Want to slow aging? You might want to ditch the moisturizer and eat less.

Scientists at Brigham Young University have published research that show cutting calories affects aging inside a cell. They found that ribosomes -- the cell's protein maker -- slow down when calories were cut and that, in turn, this calorie-restriction led to longer, ...Read more

Time to Think Pink

The arrival of Valentine's Day marks a turning point for many wine enthusiasts, particularly those who have recently come to love dry rose wines.

Not only is dry rose a natural for the Valentine's tradition but it also signals the coming of spring and warmer days. Rose wines, which are seldom aged in oak barrels, are typically among the first...Read more

Melt Your Way to Mouthwatering Sandwiches

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If you are in a place where the snow isn't melting yet outdoors, to take refuge from the cold, you might just want to get toasty and "melt" indoors. Patty melts aren't just longtime diner dishes, but can be easily dished up at home, as can many vibrant variations. Perfecting your melting is a fun and easy way to warm up this winter.

The Melt,...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Get cooking with cocoa powder

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Environmental Nutrition

The cocoa plant is named Theobroma, "food of the gods," and rightfully so. Research reveals there's health potential in cocoa beans, the bitter fruit that is the source of chocolate. Cocoa powder has been used medicinally for at least 500 years; perhaps it's time you ...Read more