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Amazon promises cheaper Thanksgiving turkeys and more at Whole Foods

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Buying your Thanksgiving turkey and other holiday groceries at Whole Foods should be cheaper this year if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Almost three months after buying Whole Foods, Amazon said in a statement Wednesday that it's offering special discounts on several grocery items for Prime members. The discounts are "another step forward in ...Read more

Transform a popular autumn veggie into an elegant first course for Thanksgiving

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Cauliflower is the new Brussels sprout. Or maybe it's the new kale. Whatever the latest vegetable trends may be where you happen to live, it's a fairly safe bet that you're beginning to see more of this ivory-hued member of the Brassica family -- which also includes cabbages and broccoli -- among the first-course and side-dish offerings on top ...Read more

The Magnificent Seven

This week's "Wine Talk" recommendations were culled with Thanksgiving in mind. Specifically, I was on the lookout for fun wines. Not every wine you open over the holidays needs to be profound, though the Stony Hill white riesling qualifies on that count.

Usually, a wine that is delicious, goes down easy and doesn't put a crimp in your wallet ...Read more

Toast Thanksgiving with Toasty Appetizers

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Toasting Thanksgiving with toast just may be an easy and inventive way to kick off a memorable holiday meal. Crostini, the popular Italian appetizer of small-topped toasts, can be the foolproof inspiration for unique seasonal hors d'oeuvres.

Usually, Italian ingredients and seasonings crown the toast. However, as Thanksgiving celebrations ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Skip out on high-sodium foods

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Environmental Nutrition

For almost half a century now, health organizations, health professionals, researchers and government agencies have recommended that we reduce our sodium intake to lower the risk of developing high blood pressure, which is a proven risk factor for heart disease and ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Shake up tradition for Thanksgiving dinner

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Thanksgiving in California, especially Southern California, can sometimes feel a little like the twilight zone. After all, the temperature in most other places across the nation is chilly and the weather often inclement. And the food that we're supposed to eat is usually heavy comfort food, which doesn't quite align with palm ...Read more

EatingWell: Spice up your Thanksgiving table

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This silky apple dessert recipe -- a spiced apple bread pudding made with apple cider in place of the usual custard -- gets a double hit of apple flavor from both the cider and plenty of sliced tart apples. Mace, the lacy red spice that coats the nutmeg fruit, adds a particularly lovely floral note; but you can substitute nutmeg if you don't ...Read more

The Kitchn: Cozy casserole warms up chilly days

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If you've got leftover caramelized onions, or you are about to make a recipe that uses them, double up. And while you're at it, grab that loaf of leftover bread because you are about to embark on a trip to France in one delicious vegetarian casserole based on the famous homeandleisure/recipes/varietymenu/s-2017824">Read more

The Kitchn: If you love Thanksgiving leftovers, you have to try this pasta dish

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This seasonal twist on classic stuffed shells keeps the tender cooked pasta, the ricotta, and the stringy, melted mozzarella cheese, but ditches traditional filling for the flavors of Thanksgiving. And we mean that literally! These shells are stuffed with stuffing, roasted ...Read more

Eggnog Cheesecake with a Gingerbread Crust

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Whether you’re on Plan Z (or any other diet), the holidays can be difficult. Even if you have solid discipline, your relatives and friends can try to sabotage you. Most of us don’t have great discipline, so a combination of both can be fatal to dieting success.

I’m going to get right to the list of options that I have found successful in ...Read more

Christopher Kimball dishes on ethnic food and the work ethic

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A lot can happen in two years. Just ask Christopher Kimball, the droll showman of food.

You may remember him as the founder, publisher and host of America's Test Kitchen, a role that went away in 2015.

Today he's the founder, publisher and host of Milk Street, a new venture with the sole purpose of convincing us to head to the kitchen and cook...Read more

This sesame snapper dish stands out

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Sesame seeds, fresh ginger and a little butter are all you need to make this standout snapper dish. This is a light sauce that is perfect with a delicate fish fillet. The sesame seeds form a crisp crust. This recipe is made with plain sesame seeds. You can also add more color by adding a few black sesame seeds to the plain ones.

A quick way to ...Read more

What to do when family heirloom recipes call for processed cheese? Give thanks.

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When I was a child, I loved Thanksgiving morning best: I'd awaken to the staccato banging of mom's Chop-O-Matic -- an avocado-green cylinder of plastic fitted with spring-loaded blade -- and the toasty aroma of dad's coffee. We'd flip back and forth between the various Thanksgiving Day parades on television, each one promising the arrival of ...Read more

How to pair wine: Bold flavors match beans, rice and andouille dinner

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Richness and smoke sum up this dish, so any wine paired with it has to have something to say about those things. A white from France and two reds, from Italy and Spain, have their own ways of cutting through or matching the dish's big flavors. The key here is contrasting and complementing.



Heat 2 ...Read more

My Aunt Edith's dinner rolls, a no-fuss family favorite

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SEATTLE -- When I was little, the drive from our house on Capitol Hill to West Seattle seemed to take so long, it was like a trip to another state -- and this was before Seattle had traffic. We went several times a year to Aunt Edith's -- my mom's aunt and the de facto matriarch of that side of the family, a warm, no-fuss woman who loved us and,...Read more

Swiss potato pancakes are all about that flip

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Potato pancakes can fry the cook to a frazzle. Too floppy, too flat, too forlorn. These frustrations can be fixed with proper technique -- from correct temperature to correct temperament. Or the cook can book a vacation.

Rosti, national pancake of Switzerland, packs up such troubles. It's one big fat Frisbee that crisps up with ease. It calls ...Read more

Thanksgiving goes back to the traditional — with some flavor twists

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What is a traditional Thanksgiving dinner now, nearly 400 years after what historians call The First Thanksgiving? We think turkey and sides, except the wild turkeys then were nothing like the Butterballs now, or even what our grandfathers may have brought home from their factory jobs for our grandmothers to cook.

That's what my maternal ...Read more

Don't fret about Thanksgiving wine choices — just about anything goes

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On Thanksgiving, two things are more important than the wine you pour.

No. 1, of course, is the people you are with. (If you thought "watching football" was No. 1, you might need a re-education on the meaning of Thanksgiving; start with a "Charlie Brown" special.) No. 2 -- and I'm sorry to say this, fellow wine lovers -- is the food. I'm even ...Read more

Croutons: A crunch of happiness

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Croutons are the little reward we give ourselves for eating a salad.

Not that there's anything wrong with salad. I love salad. Especially when it is topped with crunchy, caloric croutons.

They are the cherry on top of a sundae, if the sundae were made of lettuce and vegetables. They are what transforms an ordinary salad into a meal.

Of course...Read more

Best Bites: Honey Bunches of Oats Pecan & Maple Brown Sugar

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The people at Post promise that their Honey Bunches of Oats Pecan & Maple Brown Sugar cereal has a taste that is new and improved. We don't know what the old version tasted like, but this new variety has an intense but delightful flavor of pecan, maple syrup and brown sugar. And you can never go wrong with pecan, maple syrup and brown sugar.

...Read more


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