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This pasta recipe showcases one of spring's most delicious vegetables

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When anybody asks me whether Austrians like asparagus, I can answer them in one simple word. "Spargelzeit," which means "asparagus time."

Imagine a country where spring's arrival is announced not just by flowers but also by market baskets brimming with asparagus. Everyone there rhapsodizes especially about white asparagus, shoots grown covered ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Food might not taste the same? Here's why.

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Environmental Nutrition

You probably know that as you age, your eyesight and hearing are likely to decline, but did you know that your senses of taste and smell can go south as well? We start out with thousands of taste buds on our tongues, on our throats and on the roofs of our mouths. Some ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Surprise your mom on Mother's Day with strawberry-white chocolate scones

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I first met Margarita Manzke some years ago in Carmel, Calif., where she was making incredibly creative desserts. She and her chef husband Walter opened Republique in Los Angeles a few years later. Her pastry repertoire continues to expand with mouthwatering offerings like fig-tahini cookies, condensed milk pound cake, and chocolate budini, to ...Read more

EatingWell: The sweet taste of Mother's Day

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This strawberry and rhubarb upside-down cake recipe highlights how delicious strawberries and rhubarb taste together. If you can't find rhubarb, substitute an equal amount of any kind of berry or even fresh figs. This upside-down cake still tastes great the next day when the juiciness of the fruit has had time to marry with the moist olive oil ...Read more

Getting more leafy greens with pizza

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I'll take a kale pizza over a kale smoothie any day of the week. This recipe is also how I got my father to eat his greens, which he has protested to eat my entire life. He still won't eat broccoli, but this kale pizza is getting him one step closer.

I always pick up prepared pizza dough ...Read more

The Kitchn: Quick and easy lemon curd at your fingertips

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Ridiculously creamy, light-bodied lemon curd that comes from a high-speed blender seems too good to be true, right? Since this custard-like curd is usually cooked slowly and gently on the stove to avoid the risk of curdling, you'd think so. But it's not too good to be true! And the results ...Read more

The Kitchn: A Hawaiian roll egg bake is perfect for a crowd

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Meet my new favorite brunch dish: Hawaiian roll egg-in-a hole. You might be familiar with egg-in-a-hole as a beloved childhood breakfast dish, but this version is easier to cook for a crowd, and delivers big on flavor.

Serve this egg bake for family brunch, or whip it up when you're feeding...Read more


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How Your Waistline Can Expose Your Health Risk

It’s that time of year. You go to your doctor for the annual physical. The nurse has weighed you on the way in. Now you’re sitting on the exam table in the horrible paper gown waiting for the doctor to appear.

The doc walks in the door and declares that you officially obese. Your Body ...Read more

What a food writer thinks of Burger King's new Impossible Whopper

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ST. LOUIS -- Trying Burger King's new Impossible Whopper requires a certain intellectual disconnect.

You know you're eating something made from plants, but it tastes distinctly "burgerish."

You think you're eating something healthful, but you're actually consuming 630 calories, only 30 fewer than a regular Whopper (though the low cholesterol ...Read more

Today's Special: Versatile radish is good either raw or cooked

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I used to think radishes were only suited for use as part of a crisp raw crudite platter. I hadn't thought of eating them on their own until French cooking teacher Susan Hermann Loomis served them with softened unsalted butter and a sprinkling of sea salt, a delicious pairing that calmed the peppery bite of fresh radishes.

Another way to enjoy ...Read more

From aquavit to fruit liqueurs to 100-proof bourbons, Minneapolis distiller makes just about everything

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Of the dozens of craft distilleries popping up all over the Midwest, Tattersall Distilling in Minneapolis just might be the most prolific.

According to Jon Kreidler, who founded the distillery in 2015 with Dan Oskey, Minnesota law requires that any spirits served at its popular 120-seat bar, Cocktail Room, must be produced in-house. Therefore, ...Read more

Here come pickle chips made from actual pickles

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Pickle-flavored potato chips, like Lay's fried pickles with ranch? We've seen those, and while they're satisfying for pickle fans, they just don't have quite the tang of the real thing.

Enter Vlasic, which announced plans to develop pickle chips. We know what you're thinking: This is just another variety of potato chip.

Not even close. Thomas ...Read more

Worried about your fruits and vegetables? Here's how to wash them

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A recent column on the Environmental Working Group's list of fruits and vegetables with the most and least pesticides generated some reader comments. Most wondered if washing eliminates any pesticides residue.

While the EWG said washing doesn't remove the fruit and produce from their list, it's still recommended to wash all fruits and ...Read more

Neman: Stalking the latest food fad

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Bread, you will be thrilled to hear, is back in fashion again.

It is possible you missed that whole part where it went out of style. Where anyone who was anyone would refuse to eat it, would shun it as if it were a plate of dessicated crickets.

Dessicated crickets, incidentally, are out of fashion again after brief but persistent efforts to ...Read more

Palacsinta, Hungary's popular dessert

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If you are in Budapest and you happen to be at the mall just outside the Ors Vezer Tere stop on the Red Metro line, be sure to stop off at the food stand that sells palacsinta. It is reported to be wonderful there.

If, on the other hand, you are in the center of the city, close to the east bank of the Danube River, the palacsinta sold at the ...Read more

For cauliflower 'steaks,' it's all in the sauce

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The latest cookbook from the editors of Cook's Illustrated magazine is a near-encyclopedia of vegetables. "Vegetables Illustrated," published by America's Test Kitchen (the parent company of both Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country magazines), has more than 700 recipes featuring 70 different vegetables.

The recipes are organized ...Read more

Best Bites: Fudge Covered Nutter Butter Cookies

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Every once in a while, someone comes up with an idea so obvious you can't believe no one ever thought of it before. The folks at Nabisco just took the already delightful Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookie and dunked it in chocolate. And just like that, the world became a better place.

Size: 7.9 ounces

Price: $4.19

Available: Grocery ...Read more

Make a spectacular impression with your Easter brunch table

Recipes / Wolfgang Puck /

For many of us, Easter is the perfect spring holiday; a celebration of rebirth and a beloved time for families to gather together around the table. I'm sure many people are reading this and thinking about what to cook for a holiday brunch, so I'd like to offer one of my favorite classic recipes for the most symbolic Easter ingredient in the ...Read more

Oceano Surprises at San Diego Judging

The element of surprise is easily the most scintillating aspect of a "blind" wine tasting. When all bias in favor of region, producer and price is removed, anything can happen and often does.

Such was the case at the 37th San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge from April 6-7. One of the youngest wineries (first vintage 2016) to ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: How sweet are stevia's benefits?

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Environmental Nutrition

Stevia is a popular non-nutritive sweetener made from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It is native to Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, however it is now cultivated throughout the world. The leaves have been used for centuries by native people to make sweet teas, or to ...Read more


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