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Add Flavor to Health Studies

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It's exciting to read about the latest discoveries that link what we eat to our health. What is even more fortifying is to turn that knowledge into our own culinary masterpieces. For instance, cinnamon has been shown to positively affect blood sugar, peppermint to help curb appetite and ginger to relieve digestive problems.

Often, in the ...Read more

Pizza party: Welcome summer with a new approach to barbecue

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Summer is now officially here, and everyone seems to be craving barbecue. Of course, that word can mean different things to different people, from the slowly smoked meat of the American South or Midwest to the Caribbean- and Mexican-influenced spicy barbacoa of the Southwest to the quickly grilled foods many people think of as barbecue in ...Read more

The Magnificent Seven

The prestige and importance of any major wine competition relies to some extent on the quality of the entries, particularly the presence of top-notch wines from other parts of the world. The annual Critics Challenge International Wine & Spirits competition typically attracts strong global representation, which makes an award a bit more ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Building a better sandwich

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Environmental Nutrition

Sandwiches ... harmless, right? A couple of slices of bread filled with a bit of lean meat and maybe some veggies. Sure, if you make them at home, sandwiches can make a great light lunch or dinner entree. But picking up a deli-style sandwich at a restaurant is another ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Fourth of July ice cream pie is a no-fail summer dessert

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Desserts can be tricky for a Seriously Simple cook, especially as the temperature goes up. Making pie dough or baking a fancy cake isn't what I have in mind in the heat of the season: Ice cream pie answers the call for a decadent, delicious and very easy to-put-together dessert.

Here are two of my favorite ice cream desserts, perfect for ...Read more

EatingWell: Mini 'muffin' pies should be a summer staple

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This muffin-tin recipe for strawberry-rhubarb pies is cute as can be -- and delicious too! These mini strawberry-rhubarb pies have a special crust made from almonds and white whole-wheat flour. Make sure you let the baked pies cool in the pan for the full 30 minutes so the filling has time to set. Serve with fresh whipped cream or a dollop of ...Read more

The Kitchn: This French cheese puff is the best app you're not making

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Do you love cheese and light, fluffy bread? That's a silly question. Cheesy bread is one of the most satisfying combinations we know, especially when it's paired with a tall glass of something crisp and bubbly. In which case, you should really meet gougeres, the French cheese puff that you ...Read more

Beard meets grill: Antipasti inspired by a once-great Italian seafood trattoria

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I feel the most delicious summertime suppers are comprised of uncomplicated antipasti that I can both make and enjoy al fresco. At this year's Fourth of July feast, bread meets grill for a bruschetta inspired by a since closed fantastic seafood trattoria in Atrani, Italy, just south of the picturesque town of Amalfi called da ...Read more

Mashed Cauliflower

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The Goodness of Ghee

My first encounter with ghee happened when I was a little kid. I had no idea it was ghee, but it had a special fascination for me.

On rare occasions, my mom and dad would take us out to dinner on Sunday evening. We usually went to a little bar/supper club call Bleiers. The long bar in front was usually crowded. ...Read more

Fresh veggie dinner perfect for a hot summer night

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Combine fresh sauteed vegetables with fresh fettuccine for this quick, vegetarian dinner. You can use the vegetables in this recipe, or mix and match any type you have on hand. Use the recipe as a blueprint for the amounts needed.

The recipe calls for fresh fettuccine, which can be found in most supermarkets. Dried can be used. Follow the ...Read more

Unfurl the red, white and blue with patriotic cheesecake bars

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A patriotic day calls for an equally patriotic dessert that brings out the red, white and blue. This easy bar cookie checks all the above boxes, with a creamy white cheesecake base, fresh blueberries for the stars section and raspberry jam piped in thin lines for the stripes.

The bars hold together better when they're chilled, so try to keep ...Read more

Culinary SOS: Photo-ready and flavorful

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It's a simple, if dramatic, presentation: A butterflied whole branzino is marinated with turmeric, garlic and spicy Thai chiles just long enough for the flavors to infuse, 30 minutes or so. The fish is then quickly grilled until the skin is burnished and blistered and the interior is barely cooked through, and plated under an assortment of ...Read more

The restaurant where you can reserve a personal barrel of bourbon

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- To get a barrel of bourbon with your name on it in Raleigh, you'll need two things: $350 and a year's worth of patience.

That's how long it takes to move to the top of the wait list for the small, personal barrels of house-aged bourbon at The Oak. But once you've got your own supply, you can buy the house a round of some of the...Read more

Best Bites: Teddy Soft Bakes with Chocolate Filling

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You'd think Teddy Soft Bakes would be strictly for kids -- the fact that they are shaped like a teddy bear might be your first clue -- but adults may like them, too (even if they feel compelled to eat them in secret). They're basically a spongecake with a chocolate puddinglike filling, a combination that works well. Also, they're kind of cute, ...Read more

'We may no longer be able to get butter,' French fear because of shortage

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The French are running out of butter.

A butter shortage has forced the price of butter to go up more than 90 percent in the last year, putting iconic French staples like croissants in jeopardy, according to a story in The Guardian.

"Last April, we were paying 2,500 (euros) a tonne," Matthieu Labbe of the baking industry body FEB told The ...Read more

Get into 'Twin Peaks' return with sweet cherry pie agent Cooper would love

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Remember "Twin Peaks"? Remember how the surreal murder mystery was populated with surreal characters: the woman who lugged a log, the dwarf dressed in red, the special agent who tape recorded every move and bite? Me neither. All that drifts back from Thursday nights in the '90s is the show's eerie theme music and its obsession with cherry pie.

...Read more

Test Kitchen recipe: Grilled Chicken Thighs is easy enough or weeknight meal

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Serves: 4 to 6 / Preparation time: 20 / Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes


1 can (14 ounces) diced tomatoes in juice

1/2 cup minced red onion

1/3cup packed light brown sugar

1/3cup cider vinegar

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepepr flakes

...Read more

Some tips on making the perfect summer breakfast: waffles

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I never envisioned myself as a person who would spend $200 on a waffle maker.

Turns out I am, and the mortifying extent to which I've come to love this stainless steel beauty is tipping dangerously into character-flaw territory.

Weighing in at 12 pounds, this is one substantial appliance -- it reminds me of the heavy, no-nonsense General ...Read more

Avocado mayo serves up perfect topper for hot dog

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The picture caught my eye -- and my taste buds. One look at the photograph of the Patagonia Hot Dog and I knew I wanted that to land on my plate.

That's the power of visuals. The photo was in a cookbook, but had that hot dog been displayed on a picnic table, I would have been as hungry and ready to indulge.

It's a reminder that small additions...Read more

Look to Mediterranean for wines to pair with turkey burger

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For a burger influenced by the flavors of the Mediterranean -- Kalamata olives, parsley, sage -- look to the region for a wine as well. Drink local; it's good advice. These white, rose and red choices burst with flavor themselves.


Grilled turkey burgers with Kalamata olives and herbs

In a large bowl, combine 1 1/2 pounds ground ...Read more

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