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Flying Bicycles, Classic Cars and More Surprise Visitors to Boulder

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

"Stop the car!" I barked.

My startled husband yanked our rental car to the side of the road. Lucky for me, he has a good sense of humor and was able to understand my urgency when I explained that I thought I had just seen a bicycle fly through the air. A quick reverse up the block and we found ourselves ...Read more

A Weekend in Beautiful Boulder

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

"If only these walls could talk," I said to my husband as we relaxed in our Victorian room on the fifth floor of the Boulderado Hotel in downtown Boulder, Colorado. We had been trundled up five floors in the original Otis elevator that has served the hotel since its opening on New Year's Eve, 1908, for a grand...Read more

Take a Luxury Family Vacation in Anguilla

By Candyce H. Stapen

The planning had begun six months before, when the COVID-19 vaccines rolled out, for our vacation to Long Bay Villas in Anguilla. We chose the location for its world-class beaches, noteworthy restaurants and intelligent approach to pandemic containment -- one that earned the island a Level 1 classification from the ...Read more

See the Spaceship Crash Site in Roswell, New Mexico

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

My hobby is watching "Ancient Aliens" and "Project Blue Book" on TV. I love to imagine the "What ifs?" of satellites and space explorers -- human and otherwise. In Roswell, New Mexico, locals claimed that in 1947 a spaceship crashed on a nearby rancher's property and five space beings were found, one of them ...Read more

Mainly Mozart Keeps Classical Music Alive in San Diego

For more than three decades Mainly Mozart and its annual festivals of all-star musicians and soloists remained San Diego's best-kept secret. It took a disaster to change that. Throughout the darkest months of the COVID-19 pandemic, while other performing arts organizations were in duck-and-cover mode, Mainly Mozart made the heroic commitment...Read more

Trails Across the Country Lead to Places You Might Like

By Victor Block

Some people traipse through lovely landscapes as others explore history from the days of Native Americans to the present. Avid birders use binoculars to spot colorful feathered friends in flight while canoers and kayakers dip paddles into the water. At the end of the day, many of these visitors to Panama City, Florida, ...Read more

Find Hidden Gems on the Way to Yosemite National Park

By Victor Block

As you follow the hilly, curvy road that snakes through Yosemite National Park in California, every turn elicits another "wow" moment. It's not easy to decide which view best demonstrates the appeal of the setting: dramatic overlooks, soaring mountains, rushing waterfalls or other breathtaking examples of Mother Nature's ...Read more

Scenic Sights Assault the Senses at Yosemite National Park

By Fyllis Hockman

When I encountered my first giant sequoia in the Mariposa Grove, my head did not tilt back far enough to see the top and walking around the trunk practically required a GPS. Leaving noise and civilization behind to walk among these ancient trees brought us to the famous Grizzly Giant, the grove's elder statesman, which ...Read more

Going for a Jungle Swim

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

On the second night we were at the Tambopata Jungle Resort in Peru, our guide, Juan, took us for a boat ride to spot caimans. He used his big flashlight to spot the beady eyes watching us from just above the water level. Suddenly he reached over and pulled a 4-foot young caiman into the boat with us. He laughed ...Read more

'Resort' Doesn't Always Mean Luxury

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

After a week in Lima, Peru, we boarded a small jet to fly over the Andes. When we landed in the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado, our guide met us and threw our luggage into the back basket of a sort of motorcycle with places for two passengers behind him. We zoomed away toward what we thought would be a first-...Read more

'Field of Light at Sensorio' Illuminates the Hills of Paso Robles

By Jim Farber

You can look at the pictures. You can read 1,000 words. But the only way to really experience British artist Bruce Monro's installation, "Field of Light at Sensorio," is to be there for yourself. The best time is sunset, when 58,800 solar-powered long-stem fiber-optic orbs come to life, creating a Dorothy-in-Oz wonderland ...Read more

Days of Wine and Oysters in Paso Robles

By current count there are more than 300 wineries in and around Paso Robles, California. Some, like Austin Hope, can trace their roots back to the 1970s winemaking renaissance in Napa and Sonoma. But others (the young rebels), like McPrice "Mac" Myers and Susan A. Mahler (Sam, whose vintage red GMC pickup sports the license plate ZINPUNK), ...Read more

Kids Join the Fun at Family-friendly Wineries

By Margot Black

Wine-tasting has traditionally been for adults only; however, with the demand for outdoor activities currently much higher, a few California wineries are now opening their doors to families, with some even allowing pets. One of the world's most beautiful wine regions is expanding its range of experiences from being a ...Read more

Fun in the Water and on Land at Great Wolf Lodge

By Fyllis Hockman

"You want me to get on that and go down to where?" I wailed from high atop the Alberta Falls waterslide, looking down to an alleged pool that was well out of visual range. My 11-year-old granddaughter nodded with a look of both consternation and resignation that I tried very hard to take in stride.

Such was my ...Read more

Charter a Yacht for Your Next Celebration

By Margot Black

Yachts are the epitome of wealth, status and privilege. But now yachts of all sorts and sizes are more accessible for everyone to enjoy. Your next celebration might easily include a travel adventure for a few of your closest loved ones.

For many, being out on the ocean is one of life's most serenely joyful experiences. ...Read more

Monteverde Cloud Forest Is the Star of a Costa Rican Tour

By Fyllis Hockman

The last 18 miles of the road leading to the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica, full of ruts and potholes by design, takes more than an hour and a half to navigate, and the locals like it that way. They choose not to fix it because it would be too easy then for tourists to visit.

This may not sound all that ...Read more

How Temecula Businesses Outwitted the Pandemic

It's an early Sunday morning in Temecula, California. The sun is high enough now to burn away the low-hanging mist that slides in from the ocean to reveal a Tuscanlike landscape of softly rolling hills, castlelike wineries and expansive ranches famous for breeding and training championship quarter- and cutting horses.

Mark Matson (who looks ...Read more

Sipping Vino and Savoring Vistas in Tuscany

By Fyllis Hockman

Wandering the hilly, narrow cobblestone streets in our home base of Montalcino, Italy, a medieval city of interlocking passageways, steps and alleyways curving around and through and behind and beyond the main square, I reminded myself I was walking through history that spanned 800 years.

When my husband and I stopped ...Read more

The Flavor of Other Countries in the United States

By Victor Block

Women chatting in Greek stroll by signs that identify the Spartan Gas Station and Alexander the Great Apartments. They pass restaurants where diners are feasting on pickled octopus, squid salad and gyro sandwiches. Nearby, a man wearing a diving suit emerges from a river and clambers into a boat, clutching a sponge he ...Read more

Fun and Learning Aplenty at Roper Mountain Science Center

By Bonnie Neely

Amid the hustle and bustle of busy Greenville, South Carolina, it is possible to seek refuge in the beauty of nature right in the middle of the city. At the Roper Mountain Science Center you can bring a picnic to enjoy on the several picnic tables throughout the cool, serene walkways and trails all around the grounds and ...Read more



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