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A Visit to Andorra Means Shopping

By Steve Bergsman

The tiny landmass of Andorra remains an attraction for literary and creative types who probably never visited there and live in places far, far away from this odd European nation.

It all started in 1961, when Swiss dramatist Max Frisch wrote a play called "Andorra," which as near as I can tell has nothing to do with ...Read more

Feeling Royal in an Irish Castle

By Gay Courter

I can't have been the only little girl who knew deep in her heart that she was to the manor born and someday would be restored to her rightful place. I thought I had outgrown that fantasy until we stayed at Ashford Castle in Cong, County Mayo, Ireland. We should have arrived by coach-and-four down the long, winding ...Read more

A Sentimental Journey to Historic Guernsey Island

By Patricia Arrigoni

My dear friend Mary Ann Shaffer wrote a book about the German Nazi invasion and occupation of Guernsey Island during World War II titled "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." It was a huge hit and reached No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. The manuscript was sold in a worldwide auction that ...Read more

Jurassic Meets Classic: England's Dorset Coast

By Gay Courter

"What can you see in a day?" ask people who doubt that a cruise allows any meaningful time ashore. The secret is to arrange a private tour. A recent trans-Atlantic sailing cruise stopped at Portland, a skinny island in the English Channel connected to the mainland by Chesil Beach (made famous by Ian McEwan's novel and film...Read more

Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires

By Gay Courter

What is your image of Buenos Aires? Swirling dancers melted together while dancing tango? Evita waving from the balcony of the Casa Rosada? Juicy steaks roasting on an asado grill? Grand boulevards with a Parisian feel?

Argentina's shimmering capital covers 80 square miles -- Manhattan is only 24 -- and there are 48 ...Read more

The Art of Being Different in Santa Fe, New Mexico

By Fyllis Hockman

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is more than a place. It is a spirit, an energy that enters your soul and takes residence in your worldview as well as your inner vision. It's a state of mind more than a city, a way of life more than a place to live. It's a lifestyle, not a destination -- all expressed in the poetry that is Santa ...Read more

Find Southwest History in Taos, New Mexico

By Victor Block

Countless art galleries line many streets of the tiny town. Reminders of its past as a Spanish colonial outpost and frontier settlement are everywhere. Trendy shops attract discriminating buyers. The brooding remnants of pueblos offer evidence of the lasting influence of Native American culture.

Taos, New Mexico, would ...Read more

Turks and Caicos Provides a Great Multigenerational Vacation

By Candyce H. Stapen

Sometimes ordinary is best, especially if the setting is extraordinary. My 8-month-old granddaughter Charlotte giggled as I held her and we bobbed in the turquoise waters of Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. James, my 2 1/2-year-old grandson, busily shaped sand into castles and critters under the watchful ...Read more

Find the Best Local Food in Turks and Caicos

By Candyce H. Stapen

Turks and Caicos, a foodie destination with its share of luxury resorts that offer fine dining, also has some tasty local finds. These are the places whose food conjures up the destination. Crackpot Kitchen, helmed by chef Nik Smith, stands out for its delectable local fare infused with international flavors.

The ...Read more

Searching for the Danube River's Best Christmas Markets

By Doug Hansen

As our ship glided slowly through Austria's famed Wachau Valley, a silhouette of a medieval town gradually emerged from the soft white mist at a bend in the river. Near the tip of the peninsula, a blue Gothic church spire rose high above a set of timeless gray buildings; a thick fortress wall snaked up the hillside behind ...Read more

Find a Lot of 'There' in Mazatlan

By Stuart Wasserman

Gertrude Stein's famous "there is no there there" line could never be said about Mazatlan, a port town on the Pacific northwestern coast of Mexico. It all centers around the Plaza Machado -- the city's romantic Centro Historico and a romantic place that features New Orleans-style architecture: old houses and ...Read more

Don't Overlook the Attractions of Dynamic Mexico City

By Robert Selwitz

Mexico City deserves much more attention than it gets. While most Mexico-bound travelers head for Cancun or other Gulf Coast resorts, there are many reasons to also explore the capital, the world's eighth-largest city.

Extraordinary history, exquisite food, great neighborhoods for walking and shopping, and many ...Read more

Enjoy Western Beauty on Amtrak's Coast Starlight

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

"All aboard!"

I'm always excited when I hear those words -- especially when it's for an overnight trip, which I have experienced several times abroad in Britain, Italy, Norway and Russia and twice on Amtrak. There's something so romantic about riding the rails.

This fall, my husband Carl and I took Amtrak's ...Read more

Stargazing in Chile's Atacama Desert

By Patricia Woeber

When next you wish upon a star, the place to be is in Chile's Atacama Desert. You'll easily see thousands of stars as well as an eye-popping selection of other heavenly bodies. During the daytime the area offers a variety of active sports and explorations.

The high Atacama Desert's lack of pollution allows ...Read more

Discover Wonderment at Santa Fe's Meow Wolf

By Fyllis Hockman

A writer's worst nightmare is being at a loss for words to describe a place or event. And so it is with the Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return, an immersive, interactive art installation and technological wonderland with unending surprises at every turn in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Oh sure, it's magical, mind-boggling, ...Read more

Go Rat Pack Retro in Swinging Palm Springs

The room is the essence of swinging '60s cool. A tuxedo-clad singer croons "One More for the Road" in the best sultry Frank Sinatra tradition. High-stem, frosty two-olive martinis are being served from the softly lit, gently curving bar. The swish of snare drum brushes contrasts with the clink of silverware. You'd almost expect the Rat Pack ...Read more

The Best Way To See Palm Springs Is on Foot

Every day, thousands of visitors stroll up and down Palm Springs' main street -- Palm Canyon Drive. They delve into and out of its succession of eateries, watering holes and eye-catching gift shops.

Sadly, for so many of them, Palm Canyon Drive will represent the entirety of their Palm Springs experience. They will never discover the ...Read more

Highlights of Croatia's Adriatic

By Candyce H. Stapen

Croatia's coast unfurls along the Adriatic Sea as a ribbon of coves and peninsulas that curve along the shore for more than 1,100 miles. Many of the nearly 20 million tourists (in 2018) soak up the sun and the scenic views in the historic and stunning coastal towns. Here are some highlights, tips and suggestions for ...Read more

Explore Croatia on a Cruise

By Candyce H. Stapen

Videos of waterfalls, woodlands and glistening lakes in Croatia's national parks filled the large screen, the landscape serving as background to master Croatian cellist Ana Rucner, who performed live in front of the tableaux. When she launched into an allegro movement of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons," her bow dancing ...Read more

Flights of Fancy: A Lesson in Falconry

By Gay Courter

Is there anything more wondrous than launching a falcon from your wrist, watching him soar into the sky and land where he wishes -- and then having him return to you with a gentle pounce back on his perch and gobble a treat out of your gloved hand? Since childhood I've been fascinated by the ancient sport of falconry but ...Read more


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