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A Family Trip to Japan

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

As I strolled down Chuo-Dori -- the main street in Tokyo's Ginza district -- on a rainy Sunday afternoon, it was magical to see pedestrians holding colorful umbrellas reflected in the damp pavement. This ritzy area with high-end designer shops is closed to traffic each weekend afternoon. And what a great outing ...Read more

From Food to Fashion: My First (Delectable!) Trip to Japan

By Kalea Whitley

What a great surprise I had on my 12th birthday last year. My Aunt Sharon said she was treating my parents and me to a 12-day trip to Japan.

The minute I landed at Narita International Airport, I knew I would enjoy my stay in Tokyo. After a 12-hour flight of nonstop music in my headphones and not a wink of sleep, you ...Read more

Nostalgic Diners: Come for the Eggs, Stay for the Experience

By Victor Block

In 1872, in Providence, Rhode Island, Walter Scott began selling takeout food from a horse-drawn wagon at dusk. He attracted late-shift workers, theatergoers and others who were out and about after dark. Based upon his success, a factory soon began building "lunch wagons." These were followed, in turn, by converted ...Read more

A Star in Shreveport: ASEANA Asian Gardens

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

While we were visiting Shreveport, Louisiana, we discovered lovely, peaceful gardens in an area that most people once avoided. Now, however, a piece of downtown has been transformed into a revered spot where urbanites can get away from the hustle and bustle of life. This place where people come to enjoy a quiet ...Read more

Nashville Rhythms: A Melodic Journey Through Music City

By Doug Hansen

Nashville, also known as Music City, is a vibrant destination that captures the heart and soul of the American South, from its rich musical heritage to its burgeoning food scene. Recently my wife, Sharen, and I spent four days here seeing for ourselves why this is one of the top tourist destinations as well as one of the ...Read more

Miami Is Fine for a Family Getaway

By Candyce H. Stapen

What's the key to a Miami Beach area family vacation? Pair shore time with off-the-beach fun. Try a zip line adventure, explore museums, learn about the city's iconic architecture and allow plenty of time to romp through parks and along the sands. It's easy to engage toddlers, teens and multigenerational families. A ...Read more

Pay a Visit to Majestic Endangered Wolves

By Nicola Bridges

Moving silently, its head hung low with curious eyes peering from a soft face of gray and white fur, a wolf appears from under the low-hanging wild oak trees and moves stealthily toward us, wary of our movements and voices. Another appears ambling behind, this one's coat completely blond, both now sniffing the air.

...Read more

Truffle Hunt Yields Flavors and Fun

By Victor Block

Nadine was excited. She scampered along a haphazard route, pausing now and then to sniff at the ground. Occasionally she began to dig in the dirt, her breath quickening and eyes widening. But she was not permitted to complete the excavation she had begun. That task was finished by Vanessa, who distracted Nadine with a ...Read more

Here's What's New in Cruise Ship Amenities

By Victor Block

Every member of the Meyers family was busy enjoying their three-generational vacation getaway. Tom and Martha were playing pickleball, a popular pastime among people in their age group. Their son, Ben, and his wife, Melissa, were steering electric race cars along a winding two-level track, slowing to negotiate sharp ...Read more

Tombstone Tourism Isn't as Somber as It Sounds

By Victor Block

Several groups of people stroll leisurely over rolling fields situated on a hilly peninsula that overlooks the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean. Some pause beneath the shade offered by the wind-shaped trees to enjoy the scenic setting and the view, which includes San Diego in the distance. While this would be a perfect ...Read more

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Traveler on Your List

By Margot Black

Finding the right Valentine's Day gift can often come with a lot of pressure to satisfy specific personalities and be romantic and thoughtful at the same time. If you're on the hunt for a Valentine's Day gift for the traveler in your life, here are a few fun ideas to help you out. Whether you're aiming for the super ...Read more

Hanging With Hawks at SoCal's Raptor Hotspot

By Nicola Bridges

After peering through a pair of high-powered binoculars for only a few minutes from a grassy embankment, slowly scanning the sky over the lower-lying flat green land sprawling below, I see a majestic bird sweep into view and soar upward, its impressive wingspan silhouetted against the backdrop mesa of the near and ...Read more

Beautiful Barbados Offers Food, History and Friendly People

By Victor Block

After visiting Barbados 20 years ago, I wrote a story with the headline "Friendliness of the Barbadians is a potent lure." Having recently returned from that Caribbean island, my original assessment still stands.

It didn't take long after my wife, Fyllis, and I arrived to experience examples of this national trait. When I asked...Read more

Barbados: Rum Capital of the Caribbean

By Fyllis Hockman

Most travelers know that the Caribbean islands are well-versed in rum, but Barbados goes one better because this is where rum was discovered. One day early in the 17th century a tavern owner in Bridgetown was searching for an empty shipping barrel when he inadvertently stumbled across one filled with sugar cane that had...Read more

Viking and Grownups Make an Ideal Pairing

By Robert Selwitz

Adults seeking superior sea or river sailing experiences might want to consider the many appeals of the Viking Line. With cruises designed especially for them, Viking makes extraordinary efforts to personalize and acknowledge service requests and is unfailingly gracious in everything it does.

This opinion is based on a...Read more

Artificial Intelligence Could Enhance Your Travel Experience

By Victor Block,

When Betsy and Tom Butler entered the hotel room, their favorite music welcomed them and the lighting was adjusted to fit their mood. After unpacking, they began a virtual exploration of attractions, restaurants and other things to see and do in the city they were visiting.

The Butlers were taking advantage of one of ...Read more

Plan a Special Vacation With an Older Parent

By Nicola Bridges

As we walked down the long corridor, stopping for the fourth time to catch a breath, I was beginning to think I'd done the wrong thing booking into a large resort hotel. My mom, a real trouper who never complains, said, "It's OK sweetie. It just takes me a minute. We'll be by the pool before we know it."

She's 86. We ...Read more

Dine With History in Washington, D.C.

By Victor Block

President Lyndon Johnson and Speaker of the House of Representatives Sam Rayburn used to frequent a booth in the busy restaurant, sharing food and discussing political tactics. Harry and Bess Truman along with their daughter, Margaret, dined in another cubicle. Nearby is Booth Three, where John F. Kennedy proposed ...Read more

Have the Time of Your Life at the 'Dirty Dancing' Resort

By Victor Block

It didn't take long after arriving at Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia, to realize that despite the resort's name, it has no lake. What it does offer guests is a long and varied list of activities and appeals that can fill many a day. Then there's that not-so-secret reason why many people go there: Most of the ...Read more

'Dirty Dancing' Comes to Life at 'Kellerman's Resort'

By Fyllis Hockman

Is there anyone who doesn't know you don't put Baby in a corner? Or who doesn't automatically hum along to "The Time of My Life"? Imagine revisiting "Dirty Dancing" at its original locale -- and joining Johnny and Baby at their loft? Welcome to Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Virginia, channeling the Catskills hotel --...Read more



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