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Relive the Continental Army's Winter at Valley Forge


By Victor Block

In the fall of 1777, Gen. George Washington's army was reeling from the crushing defeat it suffered in Pennsylvania. British troops had won the battles of Brandywine and Germantown and occupied Philadelphia. Seeking a winter haven for his disheartened soldiers, Washington settled on Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania. But because ...Read more

A Post-COVID-19 Cruise Through the Panama Canal

By Doug Hansen

America's emergence from pandemic restrictions has resulted in record levels of interest in travel in general and cruising in particular. But many travelers continue to worry about the potential health risks in this unpredictable post-COVID-19 period. Perhaps an account of the15-day Panama Canal Cruise my wife, Sharen, and...Read more

Big Attractions Await Visitors to Small Parks

By Victor Block

In 1948 the city of Portland, Oregon, intended to erect a flagpole in a downtown median. When the plan failed, a journalist whose office overlooked the tiny site planted flowers there and named it "Mill Ends," after the column he wrote for the Oregon Journal. This was a reference to pieces of wood left over at lumber ...Read more

Find a Landscape You Love on the Island of Hawaii

By Victor Block

Some vacationers soak up sun on beaches with white or black sand. Not far away divers suit up for a deep dive to get close-up and personal with a variety of denizens of the deep. Other people check out a surreal moonscape of hardened pitch-black lava, then hike through a lush tropical rainforest.

If this sounds like a ...Read more

Visit Kauai Before It's Too Late

By Fyllis Hockman

Remember when Maui was considered the undeveloped island of Hawaii, in the days before hordes of tourists and the commercialism that inevitably follows invaded its pristine coastline? Well, quick, before the same thing happens to Kauai, visit the Garden Island, the lushest and prettiest of the Hawaiian Islands.

The ...Read more

A Rainy Day in Boulder

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

Staring at the four walls of my hotel room wasn't an option on a recent rainy day in Boulder, Colorado. I had to get out. A rain jacket and a sense of adventure coupled with internet access and a good map had me heading out to explore.

I was only one block away from the famous Pearl Street Mall, an outdoor ...Read more

Explore Family-friendly Denver This Summer

By Margot Black

With its cornucopia of family-friendly activities, delightful Denver is a travel treat to explore for all ages. Known as the "Mile High City" due to its altitude, it's the perfect destination to take your family time in the great outdoors to new heights. In addition to amazing outdoor recreation, the whole family can also...Read more

Love Sports? Take a Road Trip

By Victor Block

With baseball season in full swing, fans are passing through stadium turnstiles, chowing down on hot dogs and rooting for their home teams. Some are combining their passion for "America's favorite pastime" with a mini-vacation and taking driving tours that combine opportunities to see games with a visit to the National ...Read more

A Castle in Bucks County

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

Henry Chapman Mercer was an unusually accomplished and fascinating man who was born in 1856 and lived until 1930. He was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar but never practiced law. His passion was travel, and he became an archeologist who went on to dig in many countries.

He never married, but in his hometown of ...Read more

Finding Our Way in Florence

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

I'd never seen a bathroom with such a tiny shower in it, and I wasn't quite sure about the closet-sized kitchen that was three steep marble steps down from the rest of the apartment. But marble floors, arched ceilings and worn stone stairs intriguingly recalled the apartment's period as a monastery for the ...Read more

Exploring Venice One Morning at a Time

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

As my husband and I sat with our suitcases awaiting an early water bus to the Venice airport we had time to watch the city come to life. Cartons for delivery clattered past on handcarts designed for the narrow alleys of the city while boxes of flowers and fresh vegetables motored down the Grand Canal on boats ...Read more

Visiting the Vatican on a Trip to Rome

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

Crack! went the gavel as the auctioneer announced I had won the five-day trip to Rome for an audience with the pope and a tour of the Vatican -- completely by accident. Having always dreamed of a trip to Italy, I'd raised my hand for an opening bid far outside my budget, certain that one of the 200 ...Read more

Platinum Jubilee: London Calling!

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

The eyes of the world will be focused on Queen Elizabeth II's big celebration on June 2, marking 70 years on the British throne -- Britain's longest-reigning monarch.

A lifelong royal fan, I recently spent a week in London, my favorite city, which I have visited more than three dozen times. This was my first ...Read more

Prosecco Tasting on an Escape From Venice

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

After a whirlwind tour of Italy's most famous cities and sites, my husband and I were ready to have a quiet day away from the bustle of tourists and crowds. So it was that our first day in Venice was spent driving north out of the city with tour guide Riccardo Rossano toward the Dolomites.

"I will tell you ...Read more

History Is Deeply Rooted in Cinque Terre Wine Country

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

Standing with arms outstretched in the sun on his steeply terraced vineyard above the Ligurian Sea, Alessandro Crovara told us proudly, "This is my office."

My husband and I had come to Cinque Terre at our daughters' recommendation during a longer trip to Italy. We were ready to soak up the five seaside towns...Read more

Don't Skip Travel Insurance -- Especially During a Pandemic

By Gay Courter

Kristen Yaldor was not thinking about travel insurance when a hippo flipped her out of a boat and took a chunk out of her leg while she was on safari in Zimbabwe. In fact, it never occurred to her or her adventuresome husband, Ryan, that they would ever need it. Surviving the attack was only the beginning of a more than ...Read more

Libations and Learning at Historic New York Taverns

By Victor Block

A second-floor room in a New York City building is where, on Dec. 4, 1783, Gen. George Washington bade farewell to officers of the Continental Army that had defeated the British. Not far away a ghost named Mickey resides in a Federal-style townhouse, waiting for his clipper ship to return and whisk him away. Among claims ...Read more

Eat, Drink and Be Mellow in Temecula, California

At this point in its history Temecula (58 miles north of San Diego and 85 miles south of Los Angeles on Interstate 15) is a Southern California town with a decidedly split personality.

The city center, Old Town -- which until recently still had wooden sidewalks --celebrates the days when Temecula was surrounded by vast John Wayne-style cattle ...Read more

Ballooning in Temecula: Love is in the Air

They were 200 feet above the ground, gliding over the vineyards, ranchlands and rooftops of the Temecula Valley in a hot-air balloon, when he summoned up his nerve and proposed. An hour later the newly engaged couple were back on the ground, all smiles, sipping Champagne. "She said yes!" he announced. Everyone applauded.

Eight balloons were in ...Read more

Discover a Mountain Resort Town Close to Downtown Los Angeles

By Athena Lucero

"This looks like a resort," a friend said as we drove past the town square in Sierra Madre, California. It was lined with umbrellaed tables, coffee shops, restaurants, an ice cream shop, a pub, boutiques and on a side street a cozy microbrewery. At the base of the San Gabriel Mountains below Angeles National Forest, this...Read more



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