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Rotterdam: Cutting-Edge City, Old World Ambience

Who knew that Rotterdam, the Netherlands' second-largest city and biggest port, is also one of the country's coolest places? Having been heavily bombed during a German air raid in 1940 -- with its center essentially flattened -- the town, with its population north of 600,000 and from 170 nationalities, has come roaring back. Teeming with great ...Read more

It's Happening at The Hague

It may be known as home to the World Court and the seat of government of the Netherlands, with its stunning Peace Palace the city's beating heart that is now under the auspices of the United Nations, but The Hague, a mere 45 minutes by train from Amsterdam, is also a vibrant and charming city. With its picture-perfect monuments and historic ...Read more

Spend a Holiday Marching With Penguins

If you are hankering to see "Happy Feet" up close and personal, you probably think you have to go the far ends of the earth and be outfitted for polar conditions. But meeting up with penguins doesn't have to be a challenging expedition.

My first delightful encounter was during a visit to the Edinburgh Zoo, when a gate opened and a parade of ...Read more

Visit New Zealand's Cities -- Large and Small


By Bonnie and Bill Neely

When we visited Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand (now renamed the continent of Zealandia), it was still recovering from the 6.3 earthquake in 2011 that destroyed or damaged many buildings. The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and the city center had already been damaged by a 2010 earthquake. The...Read more

A Winter Escape to Isla Mujeres


By Lesley Sauls

We had left the icy winters of the north to bask in the warmth of Caribbean islands several times before, so my husband and I knew that Isla Mujeres was an inviting island in such close proximity to Cancun that it made for an easy destination. Its local feel and mystical history lured us in for a repeat visit to a place ...Read more

Celebrate Sustainable California Wine Country

The vast state of California, extending more than 1,000 miles from Mexico in the south to Oregon in the north, is interlaced from top to bottom with gorgeous sustainable wineries and treasured vineyards in 49 of 58 California counties. Many have landscapes worthy of a master painting if they could be captured and framed in lasting memory.

With ...Read more


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