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Art Helps Tell Egypt's Long Story

By Glenda Winders

When my husband and I decided to visit Egypt he was interested in the country's history and I couldn't wait to see the art. As it turned out, the two are inextricably linked -- the history gave rise to the art and the art would help us to understand the country's rich past.

Once there we visited temples whose walls and...Read more

Places Where You Can Sleep With History

By Victor Block

How would you like to spend a night or more at a hotel once frequented by Clark Gable, Ingrid Bergman and a long list of other Hollywood luminaries? Or snuggle down under the sheets at a former stagecoach stop along the famous Chisholm Trail, which played host to George Custer, the cavalry commander in the Civil and ...Read more

Old-World Flavor Meets Casual Elegance at Mohonk

By Fyllis Hockman

Liz and Dan Gleason from Haddon Heights, New Jersey, were visiting for the 20th time when they commented that it was the first time they had taken the house tour -- one of the staples of the Mohonk Mountain House experience. I asked what they had been doing all those years. Liz replied: "There's just so much to do all ...Read more

More Than a Corner in Winslow, Arizona

By Steve Bergsman

Arizona boasts such varied topography that one could literally get lost looking for someplace that isn't a national park. The choices are infinite, whether you want to camp, hike, ski or go rafting. However, if you want something a little more cosmopolitan -- if you're a foodie, for example -- once you leave Maricopa ...Read more

U.S. Archaeological Sites Tell Stories, Leave Mysteries

By Victor Block

People who ascend a high mountain ridge in Wyoming are greeted by a collection of rocks carefully laid out in a geometric design. Visitors to southwestern Ohio marvel at the sight of a mammoth earthwork shaped like an undulating snake. A maze of stone walls, chambers and other structures perched on a hill in New Hampshire...Read more

A Day of the Dead Birthday in Mexico

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

The surprise trip Bill planned for my birthday took us to Mexico City. I was thrilled, but I asked, "Why did you decide to bring us here?" He replied, "Because the whole country will celebrate your birthday!" And what a celebration it was.

Arriving on Oct. 31 was fun because from morning until all through the ...Read more

A Family Gets Away to Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains

By Candyce H. Stapen

We work-weary urbanites found a way to escape to the woods during the pandemic. Yellow birch trees towered over us and ferns feathered the ground along the Upper Jungle Trail at Mountain Lake Lodge in southwest Virginia. Even in the light rain, 3-year-old James happily ran along the grass path, saying "Wow!" and ...Read more

Small Rangeley, Maine, Yields Big Fun

By Victor Block

Digging our paddles into the shallow water, my son, Tom, and I steered our canoe around a sharp turn in the river. Suddenly we were face to face -- or more accurately, face to knees -- with a massive creature standing directly in our path. Another day, another moose.

Lifting its head to stare at us and with shoots of ...Read more

More Than a Dam Waits in Aswan

By Glenda Winders

All I knew about Aswan before I visited Egypt was that it had a dam, and that much is certainly true. But there is so much else there to discover that by the time we left my husband and I had decided it was our favorite Egyptian city.

The Aswan High Dam is without doubt the place to begin exploring since its ...Read more

The Ancient World Is Alive in Luxor

By Glenda Winders

Luxor, Egypt, bills itself as the world's greatest open-air museum, and everything my husband and I saw during our visit supported this claim. The temples and tombs date back to the heyday of early architecture, about 2755 B.C., and more monuments remain here than anywhere else in the world. Originally called Thebes, ...Read more

T.C. Steele Home Is a Hidden Indiana Gem

By Athena Lucero

The shaded wraparound porch at T.C. Steele's home in Brown County, Indiana, looks like a diorama. In the foreground wicker chairs flank the front door; dry, scattered leaves remind me that it's fall; and the pale hues of the woods just beyond look like a watercolor. Now I see why American impressionist painter Theodore ...Read more

Whether to Cruise -- or Not

By Candyce H. Stapen

We miss cruising. My husband and I board big and small ships with friends or relatives every year. Sailing gives us interesting ports plus time together and apart without the hosting duties of cooking and cleaning. When Azamara canceled our August 2020 Norway voyage because of COVID-19, we understood. Our spirits ...Read more

Tapatio -- the Heart of Guadalajara

By Athena Lucero

"Tapatio hot sauce was created by a Tapatio," tour guide Gus Melor told me about the product that is a staple in just about every American kitchen, including mine. "'Tapatio' is the nickname for a person from Guadalajara."

When Jose-Luis Saavedra Sr. immigrated to Southern California from Guadalajara, he created the ...Read more

I Go to the Mountains

At a time when there is nothing normal about "the new normal," it seems more important than ever to connect with something that represents a physical-spiritual reality greater than ourselves. For me that quest has always led to the towering granite crags, verdant meadows and glistening lakes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

My first encounter ...Read more

Faraway Cultures Combine on St. Martin-Sint Maarten

By Victor Block

By day, visitors on one side of the tiny Caribbean island enjoy patisseries and other hard-to-resist sweets at small sidewalk cafes. After the sun sets, they head for restaurants whose cuisine attests to the well-deserved reputation of French chefs as among the best in the world. Close by, the picture is very different. ...Read more

A Captivating Concoction of Caribbean Cultures

By Fyllis Hockman

There I was in my white lab coat examining the 40 different vials and trying to determine which combinations to mix to get the best outcome. I was making perfume at the Tijon Parfumerie and Boutique on the French side of the Caribbean island of St. Martin. The other half -- Sint Maarten -- is the Dutch side, and the two...Read more

Watch Life Go by on the Nile River in Egypt

By Glenda Winders

Historians are divided as to whether Cleopatra really sailed on a barge on the Nile, but if she didn't she really should have. She would have been missing a scenic adventure like no other as well as an understanding of why this river is so crucial.

At 4,132 miles long, the Nile narrowly edges out the Amazon as the ...Read more

For a Cultural Awakening, Come to Cairo

By Glenda Winders

Cairo takes the "city of contrasts" concept to a whole new level, which my husband and I first discovered as we taxied from the airport to our hotel. Heavily ornate apartment buildings share the neighborhood with those much less well kept, and all of them have laundry hanging from their balconies. Across the street ...Read more

Door County's White Gull Inn: A Fish Creek Delight

By Brian E. Clark

Northern Door County's charming White Gull Inn is on Main Street in Fish Creek but not on the main drag -- a key distinction. Rather, it's tucked away on a quiet road in an idyllic location bordered by parks that provide a restful space to view the inviting waters of Green Bay.

So when a guest and I shared a recent ...Read more

Combine Adventure With Fall Foliage Peeping This Year

By Victor Block

Dan and Mary Stroudt ooh and aah at the multicolored scenery below the hot-air balloon in which they're riding. The journey is very different for Mark and Marylee Sutherland as they help to paddle a rubber raft along a stretch of whitewater in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Betsy Goodman and Tom Cross are ...Read more



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