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The Canal Is Just One of Panama's Treasures

By Fyllis Hockman

When I read about our upcoming visit to the Embera tribe of indigenous peoples as part of our Caravan tour to Panama and the fact that the women were naked from the waist up, I promised myself I wouldn't stare. I'm not sure whether I was disappointed or relieved to find them fully clothed - clearly dressing up for the ...Read more

Celebrate Nina Simone in Tryon, North Carolina

By Steve Bergsman

When I arrived in Tryon, North Carolina, populated by 1,700 souls and located on the South Carolina border, my GPS directed me along the hills and gullies that formed the outskirts of the hamlet. Here I encountered a work crew from the National Trust for Historic Preservation hard going on the stabilization and ...Read more

The U.S. Virgin Islands: Caribbean Sun, Sand and Savings

By Victor Block

One island resembles a U.S. city, with teeming streets and sidewalks and shops galore. Another is a tiny dot of mostly unspoiled wilderness. The third bridges the gap, with a something-for-everyone variety of ambience and activities. Adding to the appeal is that the three very different Caribbean atolls are close enough ...Read more

History, Horticulture and Hospitality in St. Croix

By Fyllis Hockman

The manor house, still in use today, was built in 1653 by the Knights of Malta. The sugar mill, constructed in 1733, now serves as a venue for weddings. Former slave quarters dating back 250 years provide lodging.

It's not often a visit to a destination hotel includes a history tour spanning several centuries. However,...Read more

Laidback Luxury in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

By Nicola Bridges

Looking out at Zihuatanejo Bay through a frame of bougainvillea from our private pool is like viewing an understated Mexican Monte Carlo. Luxury boats moored in the bay lazily languish in the moist heat of the day, protected from the Pacific Ocean just visible between two headlands. But unlike the pizzazz and bustle of ...Read more

Happening Hotels in LoDo, Denver

By Nicola Bridges

Denver's Lower Downtown district -- LoDo to locals -- has undergone a transformation in recent years as a hip and happening neighborhood attracting locals and visitors alike to sample its trendy restaurants, bars, cafes and cool stores. Stretching from Larimer Square and its elegant Victorian buildings to Union Station ...Read more

Holland America Line's Nieuw Statendam: a Cruise for Music Lovers

By Candyce H. Stapen

Our after-dinner stroll on Holland America Line's Nieuw Statendam landed us in the middle of a lively indoor street bash. Outside the Rolling Stone Rock Room several couples boogied to "A Hard Day's Night," others clapped along and more than a few junior cruisers wiggled to the familiar tune. As my husband, David, ...Read more

Have a Blast at Huntington Beach

By Richard Carroll

The mighty Pacific Ocean has left its mark on Huntington Beach with an ebb and flow that has enthralled not only surfers and spectators from throughout the world but also those who love the unspoiled treasure of 10 miles of glorious public beachfront. A free-spirited, eternally young city, Huntington Beach offers an ...Read more

There's More Than the Beach on Alabama's Gulf Coast

By Victor Block

My first thought was that I had taken a wrong turn. This couldn't be Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, perched on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. That place is known for its long stretches of magnificent sand and expanses of unspoiled nature. I was passing a line of high-rise condominium buildings that seemed to be competing for ...Read more

The World's Largest Food Fight and Feeding Frenzy

By Fyllis Hockman

I have to eat more bacon? Really? Who wouldn't want that? Okay, maybe not vegetarians, but I have it on the authority of a vegan friend that the porcine delicacy is the verboten food most missed. And here I am immersed in it, engulfed by 10 different tantalizing bacon dishes that I'm supposed to judge as part of the ...Read more

Toasting Magical Greenland

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

Coffee and "Danish" in Greenland? (More about that in a minute.)

I had no idea what to expect in this "fly-over" country, inhabited since prehistoric times, some 4,300 years. How many times flying across the Pond I've gazed from an airline window to the mass of ice below, wondering who in the world lived there. ...Read more

Rafting on Idaho's 'River of No Return'

By Nicola Bridges

Trussed up in our soggy wetsuits, splash tops, life jackets and helmets, my (mature) river mates and I are daring each other to jump off a 25-foot-high rock into the freezing-cold water at the mouth of a waterfall that gushes into the rapidly running river we've been rafting for the past five days. We're too old for ...Read more

It's Not Your Grandparents' Disneyland Anymore

When I first started going to Disneyland shortly after the park opened in 1955, the most advanced high-tech item you could buy was an authentic Davy Crockett coonskin cap. You wore it proudly and recorded your visit (in black and white) with your trusty Brownie Sure Shot camera.

Today you'll need a lot more interactive smartphone savvy if ...Read more

See Shakespeare and Much More in Ashland, Oregon

By Gay Courter

Ashland, Oregon, is the ultimate weekend destination. The problem is that when the weekend is over, you don't want to leave. Close to the western border of Oregon and California, Ashland is nestled in scenic Rogue Valley, which offers an exhilarating mix of culture, cuisine and natural beauty. From wineries and farmers' ...Read more

Quilt Barns: A Quaint and Colorful Tour Through Oregon History

By Fyllis Hockman

Farm history. Family history. Artistry. Bursts of color. Tradition. Community. Creativity. So many different celebrations of life represented by the bountiful wooden quilts that majestically drape almost five dozen barn doors illuminating the landscape of Tualatin Valley (Twal'-i-tin), Oregon (Oar'-i-gun). And yes, the ...Read more

Discover Diverse, Unsung Oregon

By Victor Block

It doesn't take long for visitors to Oregon to admire its varied landscapes, intriguing chapters of history and reputation as a cornucopia of tasty fruits, vegetables and outstanding wine. At the same time, Oregon is as much a lifestyle as a destination. "Laid back" and "laissez-faire" were among words that crossed my ...Read more

Cambria Is a Sparkling Gem on California's Coast

By Athena Lucero

Below the radar but on the beaten path, Cambria on the Golden State's central coast is not a beach town but a jewel of a seaside village established in 1866. It's no wonder my friend was set on celebrating her birthday here, one of her favorite places on the planet.

Off Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco, a...Read more

Baseball and Beauty in Montclair, New Jersey

By Nicola Bridges

Think of vacationing in New Jersey and the Jersey Shore immediately comes to mind -- 141 miles of long-grassed dunes and beaches and the hustle and bustle of the shore's boardwalks: arcades, fair rides, ice snow cones and people parading in skimpy beachwear.

But I'm not here in Jersey to hang at the beach or the ...Read more

Good Times Abound in Bardstown, Kentucky

By Glenda Winders

My cousin Jan always does the planning when we travel together. She takes pleasure in finding a good hotel, filling an itinerary with activities and researching places to eat about as much as I find it tedious and frustrating. She hasn't let me down yet, always suggesting offbeat places where we never fail to have a ...Read more

Everyone Loved Eureka Springs, Arkansas

By Gay Courter

I don't know about your family, but our children and their spouses have very specific -- and divergent -- ideas of what constitutes a vacation destination. We wanted all 15 of us to gather for our golden wedding anniversary celebration (including seven grandchildren under 7 years old). They wanted baby-friendly, immersive ...Read more


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