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Come and Visit Delightful Door County, Wisconsin

By Doug Hansen

Cherry pie, cherry pancakes and cherry pastries galore. Lavender fields with 30,000 plants. Twenty-four county and state parks with endless miles of hiking trails, 53 swimming beaches with pristine water, 11 golf courses and nine wineries.

Welcome to Door County, Wisconsin, one of the state's most popular tourist ...Read more

Theme Parks Lure With Summer Fun

By Victor Block

In 1829, a Pennsylvania man named Henry Knoebel bought a small wooded area that he used for farming. Decades later, when roadside attractions were becoming popular, a creek-fed swimming hole and picnic area were added, and visitors could purchase snacks, ice cream and soft drinks.

Over time, this evolved into the ...Read more

Beckoned to Vanua Levu Island by Bures and Bulas

By Margot Black

Welcome to Fiji, an archipelago splashed across the South Pacific, teeming with culture, history and a siren call to travelers yearning for adventure and serenity. Fiji's white sandy beaches and abundant natural splendor have long beckoned vacationers from around the globe. And we, a family bitten by wanderlust, eagerly ...Read more

A Family Finds Nature's Paradise in Fiji

By Margot Black

Floating in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji has cultivated its well-earned reputation as a slice of heaven. With a tapestry woven from its rich history and vibrant culture, Fiji epitomizes the kind of place from which postcards come, promising families an escape to its welcoming waters and beautiful beaches where ...Read more

Bulgaria Is the Answer for a Unique Destination

By Robert Selwitz

If you're seeking a place that's safe, uncrowded, intriguing and affordable, then Bulgaria should definitely be a possibility. Bordered by Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, Bulgaria blends millennia of colorful history with what is today a nation rebounding from decades of suffocating Cold War ...Read more

Historic Marketplaces Bring Food and People Together

By Athena Lucero

If you're a foodie, gourmet, gourmand or just hungry, satisfying your tastebuds in Los Angeles is a main event. In a recent ranking by U.S. World and News Report, ethnically diverse LA shares the spotlight as one of the top four best food cities in the United States alongside New Orleans, New York City and Chicago. ...Read more

Sports, Rivers and Bridges Bring Downtown Pittsburgh to Life

By Marci DeWolf

Bridges are a great city's great connectors, and Pittsburgh is experiencing a River Renaissance, affirming an identity drawn from its famous bridges and rivers. These iconic structures connect the land mass to the downtown and riverfront.

The city's three Sister Bridges are a strategic way of connecting people. They ...Read more

Long Flight? Healthy Snacks You Can Carry On

By Nicola Bridges

In-flight peanuts and pretzels are often the only food available on flights today, and airport food picked up for the plane ride can be heavy and loaded with calories. Instead, pack nutritious healthy snacks in your carry-on that will quell your cravings without weighing you down. Pack extras and you'll have light bites...Read more

Natives and Nature Make up Much of Broward County's Appeal

By Victor Block

Some visitors are speeding through winding waterways in an airboat, keeping their eyes peeled for alligators, colorful birds and other resident creatures. Others are soaking up the sun and diving into the surf at lovely white-sand beaches that front the Atlantic Ocean.

Welcome to Broward County, Florida, which is tucked ...Read more

Margaritaville Resort: A Memorial to Jimmy Buffett

By Fyllis Hockman

Most people know of -- and many people live by -- the aphorism "It's 5 o'clock somewhere," but during my recent trip to Hollywood, Florida, it took on an even more special meaning. When Jimmy Buffett passed in September 2023, he left behind a beloved legacy of famous songs. Such is true of many well-known musicians, but...Read more

Unusual and Overlooked Parks Make for Fun Destinations

By Victor Block

Visitors to a national park in Arizona see and enjoy some of the attractions that draw millions of people each year to similar reserves throughout the country. They include dense forests, varied vegetation and diverse wildlife. At the other end of the spectrum is the Petrified Forest National Park, which is named for ...Read more

Ready to Travel? Pack Your Zen

By Nicola Bridges

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and care about maintaining a sense of serenity are all part of my life, especially when I travel -- whether flying, road-tripping, or just being mindful of maintaining peace of mind, both literally and metaphorically. This all makes it possible for me to be in the moment to thoroughly ...Read more

Celestial Phenomena and a Total Solar Eclipse Still Thrill Earthlings

By Victor Block

People in ancient China believed that an eclipse occurred because a dragon ate the sun. For the Tewa Pueblo Native Americans, who resided in present-day New Mexico when early Spanish conquistadors arrived there, an eclipse meant that the sun temporarily left the sky to visit its home in the underworld.

While scientists ...Read more

Make a Leisurely Visit to South Carolina's Low Country

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

When a friend suggested that we would love the Montage at Palmetto Bluff in between Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, we decided to explore it in the off-season. We were avoiding the summer months since they are known for the Low Country's extremely hot weather and swarms of flying pests such as...Read more

A Family Trip to Japan

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

As I strolled down Chuo-Dori -- the main street in Tokyo's Ginza district -- on a rainy Sunday afternoon, it was magical to see pedestrians holding colorful umbrellas reflected in the damp pavement. This ritzy area with high-end designer shops is closed to traffic each weekend afternoon. And what a great outing ...Read more

From Food to Fashion: My First (Delectable!) Trip to Japan

By Kalea Whitley

What a great surprise I had on my 12th birthday last year. My Aunt Sharon said she was treating my parents and me to a 12-day trip to Japan.

The minute I landed at Narita International Airport, I knew I would enjoy my stay in Tokyo. After a 12-hour flight of nonstop music in my headphones and not a wink of sleep, you ...Read more

Nostalgic Diners: Come for the Eggs, Stay for the Experience

By Victor Block

In 1872, in Providence, Rhode Island, Walter Scott began selling takeout food from a horse-drawn wagon at dusk. He attracted late-shift workers, theatergoers and others who were out and about after dark. Based upon his success, a factory soon began building "lunch wagons." These were followed, in turn, by converted ...Read more

A Star in Shreveport: ASEANA Asian Gardens

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

While we were visiting Shreveport, Louisiana, we discovered lovely, peaceful gardens in an area that most people once avoided. Now, however, a piece of downtown has been transformed into a revered spot where urbanites can get away from the hustle and bustle of life. This place where people come to enjoy a quiet ...Read more

Nashville Rhythms: A Melodic Journey Through Music City

By Doug Hansen

Nashville, also known as Music City, is a vibrant destination that captures the heart and soul of the American South, from its rich musical heritage to its burgeoning food scene. Recently my wife, Sharen, and I spent four days here seeing for ourselves why this is one of the top tourist destinations as well as one of the ...Read more

Miami Is Fine for a Family Getaway

By Candyce H. Stapen

What's the key to a Miami Beach area family vacation? Pair shore time with off-the-beach fun. Try a zip line adventure, explore museums, learn about the city's iconic architecture and allow plenty of time to romp through parks and along the sands. It's easy to engage toddlers, teens and multigenerational families. A ...Read more



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