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See Southern California -- When You Can


By Kitty Morse

When it's possible to travel again, Los Angeles will once again offer its plethora of attractions. What people bent on visiting Disneyland and the beach might miss, however, are some equally worthy out-of-town destinations not all that far away. A city that my husband, Owen, and I visited recently was Santa Barbara, and ...Read more

See Europe on a Danube River Cruise

By Victor Block

"Now we're heading toward Durnstein, one of the loveliest towns in Austria," the ship's loudspeaker intoned. "So many artists have portrayed the beautiful setting that it came to be called the Painters' Corner."

The fact is, though, that on the way to Durnstein our vessel sailed past lovely town after lovely town. My ...Read more

What Happens on a Danube Cruise Stays on the Ship

By Fyllis Hockman

Of course the highlights of our Danube river cruise were the four European capitals we visited: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest -- all worth writing about, and I promise to do so.

But it was the many surprises surrounding the experiences on the ship that truly enhanced the trip. Because this was our first river...Read more

Philip Johnson: Man in a Glass House

By Steve Bergsman

In 1967 a large crowd of people gathered on the lawn of architect Philip Johnson's iconic residence, The Glass House, in New Canaan, Connecticut, for a fundraising event. Many of the attendee names are lost to history, but at the time they were heroes of American culture: choreographer Merce Cunningham, composer John ...Read more

A Long Day's Journey to Eugene O'Neill


By Steve Bergsman

My quest to visit with the ghost of American playwright Eugene O'Neill was almost a long day's journey into night, but in reality I was back at my hotel in Stamford, Connecticut, before the ebony curtain descended. You see, right there, I was trying to be poetic in the O'Neill kind of way. I always liked this line from...Read more

Enjoy Nature and Culture in Juneau, Alaska

By Margot Black

Juneau is a travel gem that delivers all Alaska has to offer in spades: dramatic vistas, spectacular wildlife, pristine nature and cultural depth. In addition to being Alaska's vibrant capital city, Juneau is also a hopping port town. It's a popular port of call for cruise ships, and it's where most people will be ...Read more

We Can't Get Enough of Anchorage

By Margot Black

My family would go back to Anchorage, Alaska, in a heartbeat. The picturesque location of the city, framed by the Chugach Mountains and the saltwaters of Cook Inlet, mean that adventure is always within reach. As one of the northernmost cities on earth, Anchorage captured the rustic Alaskan vibe that I was looking for, ...Read more

Isla Mujeres: One Island, Many Adventures

by Lesley Sauls

It has been almost 20 years since the siren's call from Isla Mujeres first beckoned me to this Island of Women off Cancun, Mexico. Initially my heart was drawn to the romance and heartbreak that defines the island, but on this visit I delved into new layers that have me already planning my next visit.

The island is named...Read more

Tuscany? No, Temecula

by Jim Farber

The two-lane country road follows the softly rolling contours of the hills, as do the symmetrical rows of vineyards with their lush green leaves and plump, almost-ready-to-be-harvested grapes. On the hilltop a russet stone villa basks in the sun. Umbrellas are spread welcomingly on the terrace, where visitors are relaxing, ...Read more

Family travel five: Take a hike on the wild side

Take a hike -- and take the whole family with you.

Here are five scenic destinations where you'll find fresh air and fun.

1. Shenandoah National Park, Va.

More than 500 miles of trails snake through this national park in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, just 75 miles from Washington, D.C. Access family-friendly trails via Skyline Drive, a ...Read more

A Family Affair in London

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

"Look, Kalea! There's Windsor Castle! It's over 900 years old! The oldest and largest occupied castle in the world! And the queen is there most weekends! We'll be touring it inside tomorrow!"

I couldn't contain my excitement to show my precocious and delightful niece, 8, what I love about Union Jack territory --...Read more

Amazonia: Not a Typical Tourist Destination

By Fyllis Hockman

When I hike at home no one uses a machete to blaze the trail prior to walking on it. But Souza, our Amazon guide, did, creating a path in the overgrown rainforest step by step, slicing, swatting, swooping, chopping.

The hike was one of four daily activities during our eight-day adventure exploring Amazonia. Calling the...Read more

Rediscover Alice's Restaurant in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

By Steve Bergsman

From the 1950s through the 1960s, as folk music evolved into folk-rock and beatniks morphed into hippies, there were two important nodes of hipsterdom on the East Coast: New York and Boston. However, not all the longhair recusants wanted to live in urban areas. Some preferred the organic ambience of the country, and ...Read more

Visit the Homes of Wharton and Melville in the Berkshire Mountains

By Steve Bergsman

In 1905, Edith Wharton published what is generally considered her first great novel, "The House of Mirth." It was written at her residence in Lenox, Massachusetts, a beautiful chateau-influenced home called The Mount, which she designed and which showcased her architectural and garden theories. After all, her first best...Read more

Live the Luxury Spa Life in Anguilla

By Candyce H. Stapen

Pedaling a stationary bike in an outdoor pool at CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, Anguilla, freed me from Exercycle boredom. The Caribbean glistened in front of me, gulls glided on air currents in the impossibly blue sky, and the sea breezes and water immersion kept me cool. I morphed into a happy cycler and also a more ...Read more

Volcanoes, Rivers and Rainforests in Costa Rica

By Margot Black

Our family memories from our recent holiday in Costa Rica include rafting in the Sarapiqui River and zip-lining through the rainforest canopy. Our International Expeditions "Volcanoes, Rivers and Rainforests" journey had us embracing our inner nature enthusiasts at every turn. In addition to thrilling outdoor adventure, ...Read more

Enjoy History and Hospitality at Santa Fe's La Fonda Hotel

by Jim Farber

When you think of the great promoters of the West, the films of John Ford and the photographs of Ansel Adams probably come to mind. But in fact, the man who probably had the greatest influence, who introduced thousands of visitors to the landscapes and native peoples, was an enterprising Englishman named Fred Harvey.

...Read more

Welcome to the Hotel Castaneda in Las Vegas, New Mexico

by Jim Farber

Allan Affeldt loves giving tours of the historic Fred Harvey Hotel Castaneda in Las Vegas, New Mexico, that he and his wife, artist Tina Mion, saved from the wrecking ball in 2014. A masterpiece of modern preservation, the hotel that greeted its first guests in 1898 is once again open for business -- complete with Harvey ...Read more

Birthplace of Two Outstanding Women: Lexington, Kentucky

By Steve Bergsman

We visit certain cities for the tourist attractions, the vistas, the history or perhaps the nightlife. I often choose a destination based on who was there before me, which is the reason I wanted to come to Lexington, Kentucky, home to the University of Kentucky.

What made Lexington interesting to me was that two ...Read more

Come Take the Waters in Hot Springs, Arkansas

By Steve Bergsman

My wife and I booked a room at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas, because it was the grande dame of hotels in this once-booming tourist town that is partly ensconced in the Hot Springs National Park.

Unfortunately, the Arlington, which was built in 1924, is down at the heels, but if you want to go where ...Read more


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