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Hold Your Breath: You're in Utah's National Parks

By Fyllis Hockman

Driving along a winding, narrow cliff, a 1,300-foot drop on the driver's side, I clung to my heart with the rest of me halfway out the passenger-side window.

Hiking slick rock at a seemingly 90-degree angle, I came to a visual wonder and understood why so many make the climb.

Gaping at high cliff walls adorned with ...Read more

Lake Superior's Apostle Islands: A Schoolhouse for Sailors

By Brian E. Clark

It's about a dozen miles as the crow flies from the village of Bayfield, Wisconsin, to Stockton Island in the southwest section of Lake Superior. But on a recent three-day sailing trip in this extraordinary corner of North America, my buddy Dave Cushman and I were taking the long route as we tacked back and forth on our...Read more

Birds, Bees, Flowers and Frittatas at the Silver Star Inn

By Brian E. Clark

A charm of ruby-throated hummingbirds buzzed at four feeders as photographer Tish Lafferty and I ate brunch on the front porch of the rustic Silver Star B&B Inn near Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Nearly two dozen of the iridescent birds delighted us as they zigged and zagged through the air, sometimes landing to dip their ...Read more

Tips on How to Book Your Own Local Tours

By Candyce H. Stapen

I knew we were in trouble when our local tour guide drove silently for the first five minutes of our ride from Dubrovnik along Croatia's coast. When I asked him if he would tell us about our destination, Cavtat and the Konavle Valley, he turned around, shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm from Bulgaria. I don't know...Read more

Traveling in the Time of Pandemic

By Fyllis Hockman

"So I'm planning on flying up to Portland, Maine, next week," I told my friend. Dead silence. Clear disapproval. I understood that. We're still in the midst of our much-misunderstood pandemic, and I was doing something crazy: getting on an airplane.

But how else was I going to get to the summer cabin in the small town ...Read more

Explore the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

By Kitty Morse

This past January, before the pandemic took hold, my friend Danielle and I took off on a drive along Southern California's iconic Highway 1 to Long Beach and the Queen Mary. We set out from Oceanside along what is known as Pacific Coast Highway, the picturesque road that hugs the beaches of Orange County along the way. For...Read more

Rafting Through the Grand Canyon

By Doug Hansen

Exactly 150 years after John Wesley Powell was the first person to explore the full length of the Grand Canyon's Colorado River I am floating down it on a large inflatable raft with 13 other adventurers and two guides. The air is hot, but cool breezes intermittently arise from the cold river water to deflect the heat. ...Read more

In the Air and on the Ground in Cotentin in Normandy

By Patricia Woeber

In Normandy the Cotentin Peninsula, the land that juts into the English Channel, is all about nature at its most dramatic: fast tides, historic bays, awesome cliffs, long beaches, vast estuaries, sweeping dunes and glorious marshes. Other attractions of this area, La Manche, are tiny ancient ports and villages, ...Read more

Meet Florence Nightingale at Her London Museum

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of legendary, world-famous nurse Florence Nightingale -- who once helped battle a London cholera epidemic. So it's ironic that another pandemic, the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, has delayed celebrations.

The bad news is that the Florence Nightingale Museum in ...Read more

Ruta de Plata Museum Celebrates Triunfo's Mining History

By Stuart Wasserman

The road to Triunfo is in good condition and an easy drive from Cabo, Todos Santos or La Paz, where I began the 45-minute journey to this old silver-mining town in Baja California. I had heard about a restaurant called the El Triunfo Cafe that bakes great breads and crafts fantastic pizzas all in a wood-fired oven ...Read more

Columbus, Indiana, Is a World-Class Outdoor Museum

By Athena Lucero

Travel experts agree that road trips will be the way pandemic-era adventurers will return to discovering the world. And if there's a destination ripe for these times, it's Columbus, Indiana, aka the "Athens of the Prairie." The unassuming Midwestern town is a mecca of modernist architecture and public art, a "natural" ...Read more

From Alan Freed to President Garfield in Cleveland's Lakeview Cemetery

By Steve Bergsman

The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland mostly because of a man who wasn't a singer or a musician. His name was Alan Freed, and he was a disc jockey who in the early 1950s had a late-night show on Cleveland radio station WJW playing rhythm and blues music. It was a show oriented to teenagers that used a ...Read more

Sailors, Scuba Divers and Hamilton Buffs: St. Croix Is for You

By Brian E. Clark

Some 30 feet below the calm waters of the Caribbean off St. Croix -- the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands -- an 8-foot-long reef shark cruised beside me, less than 3 feet away. Nearby, an even bigger shark swam within a few feet of another diver in my group. These sharks weren't there to nibble on us. Rather, they ...Read more

Racist Past Gives Way to Music in Shelby, North Carolina

By Steve Bergsman

My wife and I only ended up in Shelby, North Carolina, because we needed a bathroom break. We were driving the local roads west from Charlotte toward the Blue Ridge Mountains, and as we dropped into historic downtown Shelby we decided to stretch our legs and use the facilities at the local coffee shop.

At first, I ...Read more

U.S. Highway 395 Leads Back Into California History

By Kitty Morse

Even though I am a resident of California I had never driven up historic U.S. Highway 395, which slices through Inyo and Tulare counties. The road is the main link between Southern California and the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe, affording glorious views of towering Mount Whitney, at 14,500 feet the tallest peak in the Sierra ...Read more

A bucket list itinerary of places we'll never go

By Victor Block

As a travel journalist who has visited and written about close to 80 countries, the current situation is especially frustrating. While my travels are restricted, however, my imagination isn't, and I'm dreaming about trips to places - some real, others not - that are high on my "wish I could see" agenda.

My list includes ...Read more

Catalonia's Hidden Gem: the Delta del Ebre

By Kitty Morse

"Tierra! Tierra! (Land! Land!)" called out a tipsy passenger as the jetty we had left a couple of hours earlier came back into view. We were on the return leg of our excursion to Mirador de la Badia, the famed oyster beds of L'Ampolla. His companions joined in the cheer, leaning this way and that to the thump of the waves....Read more

Sigal Music Museum Is a Jewel of a Surprise

By Bonnie and Bill Neely

Bryann Burgess, known widely for her special talent as a singer, pianist and speaker, was visiting us recently, so we decided to take the opportunity to visit the Sigal Music Museum in Greenville, South Carolina. The museum, which opened in 2015, was formerly known as the Carolina Music Museum but has been ...Read more

Vacation Places That Are Hard to Forget

By Gay Courter

When I'm not traveling I am either planning the next trip or reminiscing about favorite places. Two categories of adventures linger in my mind: a place where I've encountered a person with whom I've made a visceral connection or somewhere that has stimulated an emotional response.

As I look back to the last year of travel...Read more

Take a Transatlantic Cruise on the Queen Mary 2

By Richard Carroll

The Queen Mary 2, a historic Cunarder and the definitive queen of the seas, is sailing through a thick patch of shifting fog and rough sea, creating large, 20-foot swells and generating bulky scraps of churning sea foam. Farther from the ship, a muscular wind riffles the whitecaps into a string of pearl-white beads.

...Read more



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