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Dominican Republic: Outdoor Adventure on a Grand Scale

By Fyllis Hockman

First things first: No waterslide at any water park will ever be the same again -- not after cascading down real waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. The waterfall escapade billed as 27 Waterfalls is actually more like 12 waterfalls flowing into 27 pools, and it's only one of a multitude of outdoor adventures offered ...Read more

Sailing the British Isles on the Hurtigruten Expedition

By Sharon Whitley Larsen

"Where's our ship?" I asked my husband, Carl, in panic as we trekked to the tiny tender pier on the Scottish Isle of Iona. I couldn't see it anchored where we had left it just hours earlier via a Zodiac RIB in the nearby sea. The chilly wind blew through me after I had been trampling around the island and ...Read more

Take a Great Vacation on a Budget

By Victor Block

After months of staying close to home because of the worldwide pandemic, Dan and Joanne Crawford were itching to take a vacation. Given their limited income and the cost of raising three young children, however, the amount in their bank account wasn't sufficient to pay for a luxury trip.

Even so, the couple used a ...Read more

Take a Reno-Tahoe Adventure Road Trip

By Margot Black

The Reno-Tahoe territory in California is an eclectic mix of awe-inspiring contrasts and dramatic landscapes that range from pristine lakes to rugged mountains to expansive desert valleys. An impressive diversity of activities and attractions are in this area, all within a short distance of one another, which makes for an...Read more

Take an Adventure Vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina

By Candyce H. Stapen

Wide, dune-bordered and breezy, the beaches at Duck, part of North Carolina's Outer Banks, proved to be just what we needed -- even if we hadn't planned to be there. Every day we walked with our toes in the ocean, keeping rhythm with the breaking waves. We collected shells, built sandcastles, flew kites and jumped ...Read more

Extra Effort Pays Dividends in Sicily

By Robert Selwitz

Sicily, the Mediterranean's largest island, lies between Italy's "boot" and North Africa, drawing millions each year to relax and sample its culture, cuisine and beaches. Many other draws await, too, if you're willing to make a bit more effort to appreciate and enjoy them.

Consider, for example, Villa Romana del Casale...Read more

Get or Stay Healthy With Wellness Vacations

By Victor Block

As they stroll through New York State's Adirondack Park, people pause to listen for sounds of the forest and inhale the scent of wildflowers. The setting is equally tranquil in North Carolina, where visitors relax in tubs set outside overlooking a placid lake and the Smoky Mountains. Other folks prefer to adopt a variety ...Read more

Music, Meals and Museums Welcome Visitors to New Orleans

By Victor Block

Quick quiz: Think swinging jazz and soulful blues played in music clubs and by street musicians outside. Picture sidewalks crowded with people sipping beverages from plastic cups as they stroll along. If you guess that describes New Orleans, you're right -- but there's more.

Now see yourself visiting museums whose ...Read more

Anything Goes and the Good Times Roll in New Orleans

By Fyllis Hockman

It's a city where anything goes, where everyone feels comfortable. A city of contradictions. It's a city that's part Left Bank, part island getaway. A town where tacky sits comfortably with tropical vegetation on the same barstool and Bacchus, blues and beignets share the same plate. A place of historical substance ...Read more

Wisconsin's Elkhart Lake Is Packed With Surprises

By Doug Hansen

Wisconsinites would be justified in protesting Minnesota's marketing itself as the champion of lake states because, as it turns out, Wisconsin has many more lakes than its neighbor. Among them I discovered a real gem of a resort town in central Wisconsin -- Elkhart Lake.

With a population of only1,000, the eponymous town ...Read more

Visit the du Ponts and More in Wilmington

By Victor Block

The contrast between members of the du Pont family who settled in Wilmington, Delaware, and the surrounding Brandywine Valley at the turn of the 19th century and those who toiled in the powder mills they founded is one of numerous diversities that characterize the destination.

Some members of the family lived in a 175-...Read more

Maximum Fun and Minimal Hassle in Moab

By Margot Black

Moab is a charming town in southern Utah where you can find abundant outdoor adventure for the whole family. Situated on the Colorado River, it is home to two of the state's five national parks -- Arches and Canyonlands -- and considered to be one of the best adventure hubs in the United States. No wonder, given its ...Read more

Hit the Reset Button in Oceanside, California

By Margot Black

Oceanside is a beautiful beach town in north San Diego County where you can discover the timeless joy of a perfect family-friendly seaside resort getaway. This up-and-coming city certainly merits a couple of days' attention on your Southern California itinerary.

The destination has often been overlooked as a SoCal ...Read more

Multidimensional Malta Welcomes a Closer Look

By Robert Selwitz

Malta wants more Americans to join masses of Europeans who visit and savor its extraordinary multi-island nation. From glorious beaches and water sports to remnants of 8,000 years of history, this island nation has it all.

Due south of Sicily and due east of Tunisia, Malta has long played critical roles in ...Read more

Relive the Continental Army's Winter at Valley Forge

By Victor Block

In the fall of 1777, Gen. George Washington's army was reeling from the crushing defeat it suffered in Pennsylvania. British troops had won the battles of Brandywine and Germantown and occupied Philadelphia. Seeking a winter haven for his disheartened soldiers, Washington settled on Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania. But because ...Read more

A Post-COVID-19 Cruise Through the Panama Canal

By Doug Hansen

America's emergence from pandemic restrictions has resulted in record levels of interest in travel in general and cruising in particular. But many travelers continue to worry about the potential health risks in this unpredictable post-COVID-19 period. Perhaps an account of the15-day Panama Canal Cruise my wife, Sharen, and...Read more

Big Attractions Await Visitors to Small Parks

By Victor Block

In 1948 the city of Portland, Oregon, intended to erect a flagpole in a downtown median. When the plan failed, a journalist whose office overlooked the tiny site planted flowers there and named it "Mill Ends," after the column he wrote for the Oregon Journal. This was a reference to pieces of wood left over at lumber ...Read more

Find a Landscape You Love on the Island of Hawaii

By Victor Block

Some vacationers soak up sun on beaches with white or black sand. Not far away divers suit up for a deep dive to get close-up and personal with a variety of denizens of the deep. Other people check out a surreal moonscape of hardened pitch-black lava, then hike through a lush tropical rainforest.

If this sounds like a ...Read more

Visit Kauai Before It's Too Late

By Fyllis Hockman

Remember when Maui was considered the undeveloped island of Hawaii, in the days before hordes of tourists and the commercialism that inevitably follows invaded its pristine coastline? Well, quick, before the same thing happens to Kauai, visit the Garden Island, the lushest and prettiest of the Hawaiian Islands.

The ...Read more

A Rainy Day in Boulder

By Lesley Sauls Frederikson

Staring at the four walls of my hotel room wasn't an option on a recent rainy day in Boulder, Colorado. I had to get out. A rain jacket and a sense of adventure coupled with internet access and a good map had me heading out to explore.

I was only one block away from the famous Pearl Street Mall, an outdoor ...Read more



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