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Seeking Family Roots in Granna, Sweden


By Lesley Frederikson

When I began to help my husband plan a family pilgrimage to a small village in Sweden 300 miles south of Stockholm, I wasn't sure what we would do beyond a visit to the local cemetery to make rubbings of his grandparents' graves. What I soon learned is that Granna, Sweden, is a quaint holiday destination with ...Read more

Laguna's Pageant of the Masters is 90 Years Old

By Athena Lucero

On a summer evening after attending an exhibition at the Laguna Art Museum, my artist daughter and I walked the serene streets of Laguna Village. A grace to this town stood out from the atmosphere of other Southern California beach towns: art galleries on just about every block, a 1923 Craftsman home turned popular ...Read more

Vacation and Learn With Factory Tours

By Victor Block

When they're not partying or parading, visitors to New Orleans can enter a setting where they feel like Lilliputians in a land of giants. Some people who go to Pennsylvania immerse themselves in a chocolate-lover's dream world. For travelers to Arizona, descending into a once-thriving silver mine brings back the glory -- ...Read more

Dusseldorf Is Germany's Fashion Capital

By Richard Carroll

The name rolls off the tongue with a poetic and memorable ring, the resonance tantalizing the ear like a beloved song. Dusseldorf, a little more than an hour's train ride from Frankfurt, is world renowned and refreshingly faithful to art and fashion. Overlooking the vast Lower Rhine River in the heart of Germany, the ...Read more

A European Flight with Condor

By Richard Carroll

Last year's canceled flights, shortages of pilots, flight delays, deficiency of ground crews and airport personnel, endlessly slow-moving security queues and images of luggage piled sky-high gave us plenty of reasons to reconsider our upcoming flight to Europe. It would be our first major trip following the more than ...Read more

Dining in the Yakima Valley Feels Like Family Because It Is

By Jim Farber

Look down on Washington's Yakima Valley in springtime and you'll see one of the great agricultural landscapes of America -- miles of lush, green fields of hops, acres of blossoming fruit trees and rows of vineyards.

In winter the trees and vines are bare, the air is crisp and so clear that it is possible to see the snow-...Read more

The History Is Real in Winchester, Virginia

By Victor Block

Entering the town of Winchester, Virginia, is like traveling back in time. My recent visit echoed that of Shawnee and other Native American tribes who lived for thousands of years in what today is Frederick County. More recently, European explorers came as early as 1606.

As I approached the small city (population about ...Read more

A Tropical Stay in Soufriere, St. Lucia

By Lesley Frederikson

It was mid-August and too hot to think about snow when my husband suggested a tropical getaway for the following winter, but he was spot-on. We began to look at maps and finally decided St. Lucia was the place -- a less-visited island where we would find plenty to see and do.

One of the first things on my list was ...Read more

The Quieter Side of Miami's South Beach

By Candyce H. Stapen

Although South Beach thrums with lively bars and trendy restaurants, especially along Ocean Drive, the iconic Miami Beach hotspot harbors a quieter -- but far from boring -- side. On a recent visit to family, we explored South Beach's northern section, which blooms with stunning water views, al fresco dining, Art ...Read more

Washington's Yakima Valley: A Tale of Three Museums

By Jim Farber

It's said that the first white men to enter the vast region of the Yakima Valley were members of the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1805. But to the Native American tribal peoples who had been hunting, fishing, planting and gathering in the valley for thousands of years, Clark and his party were just tourists. How could ...Read more

White Pass, Washington, Has the Slopes Less Traveled

By Jim Farber

The sun was just coming up bright orange over Yakima, Washington, when my friends and I packed up the car and headed out for a day of skiing at one of the region's most beautiful and lesser-known destinations -- the White Pass Ski Area. And while prestige ski meccas such as Aspen, Park City and Vail offer heated high-...Read more

Off the Grid in Antarctica

By Lesley Frederikson

After years of consideration -- and several COVID delays -- my husband and I decided this was the year to attack our bucket lists with vigor. At the top of my list was a trip to Italy full of culture, wine and history. My husband's was literally the polar opposite: He wanted us to explore Antarctica. It wasn't ...Read more

Ushuaia at the Bottom of the World

By Lesley Frederikson

On our way to and from an Antarctic adventure on the National Geographic Explorer vessel, my husband and I had a little time to spend in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. It was an unexpected part of our expedition, but we found it was a city worth visiting in its own right. We wished we had budgeted more...Read more

Kalispell Is the Real Thing

By Jim Farber

A self-professed "blue-collar town," Kalispell, Montana, doesn't have the ski-town Old West vibe of nearby Whitefish. Its main street, with its sturdy brick buildings, reflects an agricultural and ranching center that came of age during the early 20th century. It's a town where Wilderness Outdoors offers 10,000 gallons of ...Read more

What's to Eat in Kalispell?

By Jim Farber

As long as humans have gathered in groups, the question of what's to eat has been a serious topic of conversation -- from a freshly killed wooly mammoth to the prixe fixe menu and matching wine flight at the French Laundry. With the growth of cities and global migration, our ability to decide what we're in the mood for has ...Read more

Kalispell, Montana: Winter's Jumping-off Point

By Jim Farber

"There are mountains," I was assured as my first day in Kalispell, Montana, and the Flathead Valley dawned so gray it felt like a wintry blanket had been pulled over it. I would obviously have to wait for the great peaks and the multitude of wilderness activities the region promised to reveal themselves.

Over the next ...Read more

Outdoor Adventure Abounds in Mammoth Lakes

By Margot Black

Tucked away in the middle of the Eastern Sierra is one of the most legendary playgrounds for outdoor enthusiasts: the town of Mammoth Lakes, home of Mammoth Mountain. With a summit of 11,053 feet, Mammoth Mountain is known for getting some of the best snow in California -- and lots of it. This majestic mountain ...Read more

Nature, History and Sunshine Welcome Visitors to St. Lucia

By Victor Block

Words printed on T-shirts worn by locals offered a welcoming note shortly after my wife, Fyllis, and I arrived on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia: "Be happy." "Forget your troubles." "Don't worry, just party." On the other hand, the sticker attached to the bumper of an automobile offered a warning about the challenge ...Read more

St. Lucia Is Rich in Color, Culture, Crafts and Community

By Fyllis Hockman

So there I was, at the Sulphur Springs Mud Bath in St. Lucia, being smeared with green mud all over my body: two layers first to exfoliate, then sprinkled with black mud, a guide making designs in stripes and handprints as if my arms, face and chest were a canvas. Allegedly the mineral waters into which we were ...Read more

A Multigenerational Adventure in Costa Rica

By Candyce H. Stapen

He stared at me determinedly, curling his fingers around the railing as I sipped my early morning coffee on the balcony. As soon as I jumped into my room to grab my camera, he pounced on the outdoor table, stuffing my leftover waffle into his mouth and then ripping open sugar packets and sucking in the sweet powder. ...Read more



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