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I Paid Extra To Get To My Cruise. Why Can't I Get Reimbursed?

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After Elaine Simmons' flight reservation is lost, she pays an extra $1,796 to get to her cruise on Norweigan Cruise Line. Why won't the cruise line help her recover the money?

Q: I recently took a Western Mediterranean cruise with my family, which included flight arrangements made through NCL. On the morning before our scheduled departure, we...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: I Was Charged An Extra $250 For A Mistaken Car Rental Upgrade

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When Leah Page picks up her rental car from Thrifty, it charges her a $250 upgrade fee. Can it do this without her permission, and how can she get a refund?

Q: I recently rented a car from Thrifty in Los Angeles. The car I had reserved was not available when I arrived, which I only learned after waiting over an hour in line! Thankfully, ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: I Canceled My Cruise, But My Credit Card Claim Is Lost At Sea

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Brent Feinberg and his wife cancel their cruise after a medical emergency. Why won't their credit card company cover their $19,148 loss?

Q: I'm having some trouble with a travel insurance claim for a cruise I purchased through my Chase Sapphire Reserve card.

Last summer, I booked a Viking Cruise with my father and wife. At the airport, ...Read more



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