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I Accidentally Paid Twice For My Hotel. Can I Get A Refund?

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Why did Valeska Wehr pay twice for her stay at a Marriott property in Boston? And why won't, the site where she made the reservation, help her?

Q: I recently reserved and paid for a room at the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse at Custom House, Boston, through I prepaid $1,191 for my accommodations.

I received a ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: My Trip To Iraq Was Canceled, So Why Can't I Get My $7,590 Back?

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When Diane Gottlieb's tour of Iraq is canceled, the tour operator offers her a voucher for a future trip. But she wants a refund. Can she get her $7,590 back?

Q: I paid $7,590 for a Modern Mesopotamia tour to Iraq through MIR Corporation for last fall. I also purchased insurance from AIG Travel Guard at a cost of $766, which offered 100%...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: Why Won't Airbnb Cover My Hotel Expenses? They Promised!

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When David Tuttle's Airbnb host moves him to a different rental, Airbnb offers to cover his hotel expenses, but a month has passed since. Where's the money?

Q: I booked an Airbnb in Las Vegas recently. Just before I checked in, the host did a bait and switch, sending me to a different address from the one on the property listing. The new...Read more



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