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Travel Troubleshooter: offers only a voucher for canceled Hawaii vacation

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Beth Tananbaum cancels her Hawaii vacation at the height of the pandemic. But will only offer her a voucher for her accommodations --and it's about to expire. Can she get a refund?

Q: I booked a family trip to Hawaii for May 2020. Then COVID-19 shut everything down. Everyone refunded my money fully except, which ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: He missed his drop-off by a few miles. Thrifty charged him $932

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Matt Oyen drops off his Thrifty rental car less than 4 miles from the right place. The cost: $932. Is that fair?

Q: I'm contacting you about a $932 fee added to my car rental bill by Thrifty. The fee is for returning my rental vehicle to the wrong airport terminal in Minneapolis.

When I made the reservation, I selected Minneapolis Saint...Read more

Delta Air Lines rescheduled my flight to NY. Can I get a refund?

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When Delta Air Lines reschedules Terry Kulka's flight, she wants a refund. But the airline will only offer a credit. Who's right?

Q: I had a confirmed round-trip flight from San Francisco to New York on Delta Air Lines. The flight was scheduled to depart at 8:30 a.m. A couple of days ago, I received a notice from Delta that Delta changed...Read more

Grand Circle canceled my tour twice. How about a refund?

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Grand Circle cancels two of Ernest Belzil's tours. But it refuses to refund his money. What's going on?

Q: Grand Circle has canceled my tour from Paris to Normandy two times. I've contacted the company by phone, email and U.S. mail, asking for a refund. They have not helped me in any way. My only option is to book a new tour with the ...Read more



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