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A Visa Problem On American Airlines. Who Should Pay?

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Rodolfo Soca books a flight to China to take advantage of its visa-free policy. But his airline has other plans. Who messed up -- and who should have to pay for it?

Q: I was traveling with a friend to a wedding in Asia in 2018 and decided to make a stopover in Beijing after learning about the new 144-hour visa-free policy. I contacted the ...Read more

Double Booked On Airbnb -- Can I Get A Refund?

Travel / Travel Troubleshooter /

When Lisa Huynh accidentally double-books herself at an Airbnb, she tries to cancel one of the stays. But Airbnb insists that she keep her reservation, even though she can't be in two places at the same time. Is there a way to cancel one booking?

Q: I was planning a bachelorette party in Los Angeles for 14 girls. Just days before our trip, the ...Read more

Tap Air Portugal Promised A Refund -- Why Won't Orbitz Help?

Travel / Travel Troubleshooter /

After TAP Air Portugal cancels Alexandra Rose's flights from Washington to Italy, the airline promises her a refund. Then it stalls. Why won't her online agency help her get the refund she's owed?

Q: I booked a ticket through Orbitz on TAP Air Portugal to fly from Washington, D.C., to Milan in May. The flight was canceled in April because of ...Read more

Airbnb Kicked Me Off The Site, And It Won't Tell Me Why!

Travel / Travel Troubleshooter /

Mark Donohue can't use his Airbnb account anymore. But the company won't tell him why he's been kicked off the site.

Q: Airbnb kicked me off the site, and it won't tell me why. All of my emails and requests for an explanation have been answered with a canned response. Airbnb says it's sorry, but it's not changing its mind. But they're not ...Read more



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