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This Britrail Pass Refund Request Has Gone Off The Rails

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Stephen Wilkes asks his travel agent for a BritRail pass refund. But six months later, there's no sign of the money.

Q: I bought a fully refundable BritRail pass, which gives you the ability to travel across the entire national rail network of Great Britain, for a trip last spring. I had to cancel my vacation after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Under...Read more

Alitalia Says My Ticket Is Refundable -- So Why Isn't It?

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When Alitalia rejects Ahmed Seloma's ticket to Italy, he asks for a refund. Why won't the airline do what it promises?

Q: I booked a flight from Cairo to New York via Rome on Alitalia. When I tried to check in for my flight to Italy, an airline representative denied me boarding, because my visa was rejected. My visa doesn't allow me to enter ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Passport Application?

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When Wendy Taylor loses her passport, she applies for a replacement. Then she finds her passport. Can she get a refund?

Q: I lost my passport recently. I sent an application for a passport renewal to the U.S. Department of State and paid $116. Yesterday, I got a letter back saying that I already had a passport (which I found in the meantime) ...Read more

Airbnb Is 'unable' To Support My Account. What Did I Do?

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Why did Airbnb disable Natalya Kovalenko's account? And why won't it allow her to appeal her ban? Sounds like a case for the Travel Troubleshooter.

Q: I was looking for a cabin in upstate New York for a weekend getaway recently when I discovered I had been locked out of my Airbnb account. I received a notification that my account was "under ...Read more



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