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Travel Troubleshooter: American Queen Voyages Takes Five Months To Process Refund

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May Youngclaus has been waiting months for a refund from American Queen Voyages. Is her money lost at sea?

Q: I'm looking for a refund from American Queen Voyages. Our cruise from Memphis, Tennessee, to New Orleans was scheduled for Nov. 27. On Sept. 20, we received an email informing us that American Queen had canceled the cruise. I ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: I Got Downgraded On A Lufthansa Flight, So Where's The Refund?

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Ellen LaGow gets downgraded on a Lufthansa flight. The airline promises her a refund for her business class tickets. But it's been five months, and there's still nothing in her account.

Q: Last year, our return flight from Prague, Czech Republic, to Denver was canceled because of a Lufthansa strike. My husband and I had upgraded to ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: My Allstate Rewards Gift Card Didn't Work On My Princess Cruise

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David Marsh's Allstate Rewards gift card doesn't work on his Princess cruise. Each side is blaming the other. Is there a way to make this right?

Q: We had $1,800 in prepaid gift cards on our Princess cruise through Allstate Rewards. On the second day of our Princess cruise, my wife and I attempted to pay a portion of the bill with the ...Read more



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