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Travel Troubleshooter: Viking Promised Me A Flight, But Now It's Asking For Another $600

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Brent Richter books a Viking cruise from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but now the cruise line wants another $600 from him. Can he get a refund, or does he have to pay?

Q: I recently booked a Viking cruise as a retirement gift for my wife. I was charged the cost of the cruise, travel insurance and an airline upcharge that ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: I Had To Clean My Airbnb Rental. Can I Get The Cleaning Fee Back?

Travel / Travel Troubleshooter /

Tyson Love's Airbnb is a mess. Worse, the company will only refund $14 of his rental fee, even though he bought cleaning supplies and cleaned the rental himself. Is that fair?

Q: I recently rented a home in Jacksonville, Florida, for three nights through Airbnb. The pictures posted by the host did not match the property. The home was ...Read more



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