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Travel Troubleshooter: Trainline charges a $43 change fee after train was canceled

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When Neale Gonsalves' train trip from Stockport, England, to London is canceled, he rebooks on another train. But Trainline, his ticket agency, charges him a $43 ticket change fee. Is that allowed?

Q: I booked a ticket on Trainline several weeks ago for a journey from Stockport, England, to London. When I checked the ticket on the day of...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: With a hurricane on the way, are these tickets now worthless?

Travel / Travel Troubleshooter /

Char Collins has to cancel flights from Minneapolis to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, after a hurricane threatens her destination wedding. Will she have to throw away her airline tickets, or can she reuse them?

Q: I used my U.S. Bank Visa card points to buy three economy tickets on American Airlines to attend a destination wedding in...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: After a "traumatic nightmare" on Amtrak, can I get a refund?

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Kimberli Eicher and her daughter just experienced the worst Amtrak train ride imaginable. It was so bad that they canceled their return trip and flew home. Do they deserve a refund?

Q: I took my 7-year-old daughter on our first Amtrak trip, from Chemult, Oregon, to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to visit her cousins this summer.

The trip was ...Read more



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