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What Should I Do About This Expired Flight Credit On Expedia?

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When Heidi Edmonds tries to use her Expedia flight credit to book a flight from New York to Dublin, Ireland, she finds her luck has run out. The vouchers are expired. But whose fault is that?

Q: I booked airline tickets on Expedia back in 2019 to fly from New York to Dublin, Ireland. We were scheduled to fly to Europe last August.

In July, I ...Read more

Club Med Vacation Is Canceled. Do I Have To Accept A Credit?

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Emily Moerer's Club Med vacation gets canceled when the pandemic hits. Then her rescheduled vacation gets canceled. Can she get a refund?

Q: We booked a week-long vacation through a travel agent affiliated with American Express (Altour) for last spring break. We had accommodations at the Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda, including roundtrip ...Read more

My Refund Is A No-Show For This Show Of The Month Club Trip

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Mary Roberts has been waiting nine months for a refund for her canceled train trip with Show of the Month Club. How much longer should she hold on?

Q: I booked a weekend train trip from Portland to Brunswick, Maine, last year through Show of the Month Club, a tour operator. They contacted me in June to cancel the trip due to the pandemic. In ...Read more

I Canceled My River Cruise A Year Ago. Where's My Refund?

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Why is Eleanor Johnson still waiting for a refund on her CroisiEurope river cruise? She canceled the trip more than a year ago. Isn't that enough time?

Q: Last year, I made a $1,641 deposit for myself and a friend on CroisiEurope river cruises to Portugal and Spain for the summer. The deposit represented 25% of the cost of the tour.

...Read more



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