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Rick Steves’ Europe: Rothenburg’s night watchman

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The walled town of Rothenburg, midway between Frankfurt and Munich, offers the best look possible at medieval Germany. And in this theme park of a town, the best ride is the night watchman’s town walk. Each night during the tourist season, with his eyebrows frozen in a raised position, the night watchman listens to the clock tower clang nine ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Yassir Lester

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When Yassir Lester isn’t working on the Showtime series “Black Monday” or the animated Fox series “Duncanville,” you can hear him on the comedy podcast, “My Brother’s Sneaker,” which he co-hosts with his brother, Isaiah Lester. “We came up with the idea by saying, ‘What if we talked about sneakers, but weren’t losers about ...Read more

Club Med Vacation Is Canceled. Do I Have To Accept A Credit?

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Emily Moerer's Club Med vacation gets canceled when the pandemic hits. Then her rescheduled vacation gets canceled. Can she get a refund?

Q: We booked a week-long vacation through a travel agent affiliated with American Express (Altour) for last spring break. We had accommodations at the Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda, including roundtrip ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Returning to the (not always friendly) skies

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Long lines, delayed flights, unpleasant interactions, required COVID-19 tests and masks.

Air travel, unless you were fortunate to fly first class, hasn’t been fun for a long time, but as we return to the skies it seems worse. AAA expected 3.5 million people to fly over the Independence Day holiday, reaching 90 percent of pre-pandemic levels. ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with BettySoo

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“As a group, we had always gotten together physically to write,” said Nobody’s Girl singer-songwriter BettySoo, who’s based out of Austin. “This (pandemic) definitely put our group writing on hold. We haven’t been in the same room since February 2020. Much of the music we write for our group is based on staggering layers of vocal ...Read more

Rick Steves’ Europe: Venice’s cicchetti crawl

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One of my favorite European memories is the joy of a pub crawl in Venice — a reminder of the fun that awaits in this popular destination.

Venice entertains millions of visitors during a normal year. It’s particularly crowded with day-trippers when several cruise ships are in port. On a trip a few years ago, I was told by a Venetian friend ...Read more

My Refund Is A No-Show For This Show Of The Month Club Trip

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Mary Roberts has been waiting nine months for a refund for her canceled train trip with Show of the Month Club. How much longer should she hold on?

Q: I booked a weekend train trip from Portland to Brunswick, Maine, last year through Show of the Month Club, a tour operator. They contacted me in June to cancel the trip due to the pandemic. In ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A different kind of Jamaican vacation

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I don’t know which is better — the food, the view, or bragging rights to the Jamaica experience very few have.

We’re sitting on the Star San Villa balcony overlooking the famous Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, Jamaica, being served a veritable feast by award-winning Chef Brian Lumley, head chef at the R Hotel in Kingston, a popular Instagram...Read more

Rick Steves’ Europe: Mending bridges in Mostar

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The Bosnian city of Mostar lies at a crossroads of cultures: just inland from the Adriatic coast, in the southern part of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Mostar’s inhabitants are a mix of Orthodox Serbs, Catholic Croats, and Muslim Bosniaks who lived in seeming harmony before the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s, then suffered horribly when warring ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Tanaye White

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Tanaye White has put aside her career in defense and aerospace to concentrate on modeling, which includes a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. “The decision to transition into modeling full time was not an easy one,” said White, who recently moved to Brooklyn. “I had made a comfortable life for myself in the corporate ...Read more

I Canceled My River Cruise A Year Ago. Where's My Refund?

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Why is Eleanor Johnson still waiting for a refund on her CroisiEurope river cruise? She canceled the trip more than a year ago. Isn't that enough time?

Q: Last year, I made a $1,641 deposit for myself and a friend on CroisiEurope river cruises to Portugal and Spain for the summer. The deposit represented 25% of the cost of the tour.

...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting the All-star city

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Watch your step! You don’t want to miss taking a selfie when you are exactly a mile high, 5,280 feet — on the 13th step of the west side of the State Capitol Building (check out the Gold Dome!) in downtown Denver.

That’s why, of course, Denver’s moniker is The Mile High City.

But it took a ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Jaylen Barron

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Based out of California, Jaylen Barron is one of the stars of the Starz series, “Blindspotting,” which is based on the 2018 film of the same name. The actress said she had a fairly chill attitude about what she could and couldn’t do during this pandemic. “I really feel like the pandemic gave me a chance to grow and get to know myself ...Read more

Rick Steves’ Europe: Alsace and Colmar - France and Germany mix it up

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Biking down a newly paved but skinny one-lane service road through lush vineyards, I notice how the hills seem to be blanketed in green corduroy.

My Alsatian friend hollers at me, “Germany believes the correct border is the mountains behind us. And we French believe the Rhine — you can almost see it ahead — is the proper border. That’s ...Read more

Why Is This Iberia Damaged Luggage Claim Taking Forever?

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Iberia damages Helene Rosenthal's checked luggage on a flight from Porto, Portugal, to Madrid. Why is it taking so long to pay her damage claim?

Q: I was flying from Porto, Portugal, to Madrid, on Iberia. The airline damaged my checked bag, a soft-sided upright bag, tearing a side corner out.

I filed a claim for $129 in damages. I provided ...Read more

Taking the Kids: (SAFELY) to national parks this summer

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Got your bear spray? If you are heading to a western national park this summer — say Glacier or Yellowstone, you should be carrying some bear spray in your backpack and know how to use it.

Already last month, a man hiking on the Beaver Ponds Trail at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone was badly injured by a grizzly.

Be homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2536939">Read more

Around the World: Oberammergau’s Passion Play is Spectacular – and Timely

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Few of our civilization’s regularly scheduled events can claim to have been ongoing since 1674! And, you can bet that any event that can accurately make that claim has got to be absolutely spectacular.

For one thing, all the generations of people who’ve been participating in it must be convinced that the event is ...Read more

Rick Steves’ Europe: Mysterious Britain

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As we’ve had to postpone our travels because of the pandemic, I believe a weekly dose of travel dreaming can be good medicine. Here are a few of my favorite European memories from England — reminders of the fun that awaits us at the other end of this crisis.

On my first trip to Dartmoor National Park, back when I was a student, word of the ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Alondra Delgado

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Born in Puerto Rico, actress, writer and producer Alondra Delgado is best known for her role as Vanessa – the football coach’s daughter – on the CW series “All American.” She also won for Best Actress at the Austin Micro Short Film Festival for “Bygone,” which she wrote and produced. Based out of Los Angeles, the 23-year-old ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Reasons to brave Arizona’s summer heat

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Ready to join the early birds? Not for early bird dinners, though after a long vacation day, they can appeal to kids and tired parents, as well as seniors. I’m talking about a gorgeous desert hike with 10-foot-high Saguaro cactus, golf on world-class courses, a mountain bike ride, a visit to a first-rate botanical garden or outdoor desert ...Read more