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Taiwan wants to push bounds of US trade deal to beat isolation

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Taiwan’s top trade negotiator signaled a desire to expand Taipei’s initial agreement with Washington into one that more closely resembles a free trade deal, as the export-dependent economy works to counter China’s efforts at isolating it.

The island’s trade officials are talking with their U.S. counterparts about broadening the scope of...Read more

Rick Steves’ Europe: Oslo’s seafaring sights evoke the Viking spirit

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While I’ve enjoyed a lot of adventurous travel, nothing in my journals would rival the adventure my grandparents had as they sailed away from their Norwegian homeland – poor and without even a phrasebook to deal with the language barrier – to homestead in Alberta. And every time I return to Norway, I recall the Viking spirit that egged ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Lauren Ing

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Lauren Ing didn’t attend Columbia University with the intent of becoming a beauty entrepreneur. After earning two master' s degrees in psychology and organizational leadership, she used her expertise to become a psychotherapist. But when she began to question her own self- esteem issues, which were related to her then acne-prone skin, Ing ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: Viking Promised Me A Flight, But Now It's Asking For Another $600

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Brent Richter books a Viking cruise from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but now the cruise line wants another $600 from him. Can he get a refund, or does he have to pay?

Q: I recently booked a Viking cruise as a retirement gift for my wife. I was charged the cost of the cruise, travel insurance and an airline upcharge that ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Fun in the snow on a budget

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Got your “pocket food”? That’s what snow- loving kids (and adults) stuff in their pockets when they’re on the slopes so they don’t have to stop — or spring for overpriced eats. Think hot chocolate packets, tea bags, energy bars, Skittles and M&Ms.

Besides pocket food, you want to make sure your gang is properly equipped, wearing ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Dinah Manoff

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Dinah Manoff won a best actress Tony Award for Neil Simon’s “I Ought to Be in Pictures,” starred in the iconic TV shows “Soap” and “Empty Nest,” and will always be remembered as a Pink Lady in the film “Grease.” She’s also an author, who recently released an audiobook of her novel “The Real True Hollywood Story of Jackie ...Read more

Rick Steves’ Europe: Exploring the musical soul of Austria

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Music lovers find special delights in Austria. In Salzburg at my favorite hotel, I lie in bed a hundred meters from Mozart's dad. He's just outside my window in the graveyard of the St. Sebastian church. When in town, I like sleeping within easy earshot of its bells. The bells of Salzburg ring with a joyful exuberance. They wouldn't if its ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: I Had To Clean My Airbnb Rental. Can I Get The Cleaning Fee Back?

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Tyson Love's Airbnb is a mess. Worse, the company will only refund $14 of his rental fee, even though he bought cleaning supplies and cleaned the rental himself. Is that fair?

Q: I recently rented a home in Jacksonville, Florida, for three nights through Airbnb. The pictures posted by the host did not match the property. The home was ...Read more

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US official to visit Turkey to discuss Russia sanctions, Hamas

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A top U.S. Treasury official is set to visit Turkey next week for talks on American sanctions against Russian entities and the illicit activities of Palestinian militant group Hamas, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson is expected to meet his Turkish ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Starting a new holiday tradition wherever you are

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Got a holiday tradition? When my kids were small and we lived in Chicago we always made a trek to the Museum of Science and Industry to see Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light— more than 50 trees, including one that’s four stories, ...Read more

Rick Steves’ Europe: Castelrotto is a Germanic gem in Italy’s Alps

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Life in the Italian town of Castelrotto goes on almost entirely in German; in fact, fewer than 5 percent of Castelrotto’s residents are native Italian speakers. Its German-speaking residents call home "Kastelruth." Tucked away in the Dolomites, the Alps of northern Italy, it’s my favorite hideaway in the Italian “South Tirol.” This ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Kelly Rizzo

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The host of the on-demand series “Eat Travel Rock,” Kelly Rizzo is also featured on the FOX reality series “Special Forces: World's Toughest Test.” The world traveler said she has visited so many beautiful places, but one particular trip stands out: her honeymoon with the late Bob Saget in 2018. “Bob and I went to London, Paris and ...Read more

Travel Troubleshooter: My Train Was Canceled, So I Rebooked. Can I Get The Difference?

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When Amtrak cancels John deCastro's train from Boston to Baltimore, he asks for a refund. But there's another ticket involved -- and Amtrak isn't responding.

Q: I recently tried to change an Amtrak ticket from Boston to Baltimore. I couldn't find a way to do it online, and Amtrak's online chat was of no help. When I reached the call ...Read more

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Forget pre-pandemic levels: Experts predict record travel for Thanksgiving, holidays

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Karla Hoefgen beat the Thanksgiving rush.

She and her husband, who live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, took advantage of their flexible schedules as retirees and arrived at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Thursday for their flight to San Francisco to see their daughter for the holiday.

"I can get through security and get a cup of ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Snaring a Black Friday-Cyber Monday travel deal

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Are you ready? Not for the holiday hoopla, but for something that in these troubled times can give everyone something to look forward to — and make your gift- giving easier.

Black Friday-Cyber Monday is nearly upon us complete with many great travel deals whether you want to take the kids to an all-inclusive resort, gather your siblings for a...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with EVERGLOW

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Currently halfway through their “ALL MY GIRLS” tour of the United States – which includes a Nov. 15 concert at Chicago’s Patio Theater – the K-pop girl group EVERGLOW has a special message for their core group of female fans. “We wanted to convey a message of hope to girls all around the world that they are capable of achieving ...Read more

Rick Steves’ Europe: Three short trips from Prague offer fascinating history

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From its colorful Old Town square to its sumptuous Art Nouveau facades, Prague offers plenty to see and do. But if you’re willing to leave the city and explore the nearby Bohemian countryside, you’ll be rewarded with extraordinary scenery, moving sights, and one very bone-chilling church.

Thirty miles south of Prague is Konopiště Castle, ...Read more

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Commentary: McCarthyism makes us agents in our own destruction. 'Fellow Travelers' shows how

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The second episode of “Fellow Travelers,” Ron Nyswaner’s steamy melodrama of queer life in midcentury America, concludes with Langston Hughes’ “Kids Who Die,” a poem to sting the back of your throat. Marcus Gaines (Jelani Alladin), Senate correspondent for the Pittsburgh Courier, has already made a connection with Frankie Hines (Noah...Read more

Taking the Kids: Craving time with grown kids – or others you are close to

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The days are long gone when the kids just go along. To be fair, they may not always have been happy with your choices. Mine certainly weren’t. By the time they were in high school and certainly college and beyond, the proposed trip had to be something they really were interested in doing (skiing in Austria for one daughter; hiking along the ...Read more

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Graphic and authentic, the sex scenes in 'Fellow Travelers' spotlight a dark chapter in LGBTQ+ history

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Ron Nyswaner was a boy growing up in western Pennsylvania coal country when he saw a made-for-TV movie called "That Certain Summer." Broadcast in 1972, it starred Hal Holbrook as a gay father struggling to come out to his teenage son.

"There's a moment where Hal Holbrook says to his son, 'Do you know what the word "homosexual" means?'" Nyswaner...Read more