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This Budget rental is on the wrong side of the island

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I reserved a rental from Budget at Maui's Kahului Airport for $350. When I showed up, the not-so-friendly agent said I did not have a reservation. I gave her my reservation number and she said my reservation was for the office on the other side of the island!

I told her the phone agent obviously made a mistake since the airport is at Kahului...Read more

Taking the Kids: To Vienna

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Overrated, or worthy of the hype? Sacher torte is the famous chocolate cake invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna. It is one of Austria's most famous pastries -- a dense chocolate sponge cake with apricot jam filling and dark chocolate icing.

"I think Sacher torte is overrated," laughed our guide ...Read more

Futuristic Oslo

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

I'm always inspired by Norway's capital Oslo -- a classic old city that keeps chugging into the future. It's architecturally fascinating, extremely livable, and mellow. While buying things is expensive, many of Oslo's joys are free.

Situated at the head of a 60-mile-long fjord, Oslo sprawls out from its historic core. Its streets are a mix of ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Eric Nam

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

"Traveling has been a really big part of my upbringing and I've been fortunate enough to travel for different reasons," says singer/songwriter Eric Nam, 29. "I'd like to think that it has had an impact on my character and personality, which ultimately affects my music." Born and raised in Georgia, Nam currently is on tour promoting his Billboard...Read more

Safety Tips For Women Traveling Solo

Travel / Around the World /

Even with the increased awareness brought by the #MeToo movement, women travelling alone still encounter travel hassles more frequently than men do, especially in Middle Eastern and other countries where prevailing cultures still have double standards for men and women.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, women...Read more

Why won't WOW Air refund my canceled flight?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I have been struggling to get any feedback from WOW Air about my refund request for a flight it canceled from Paris to Reykjavik, Iceland. WOW was supposed to book me the next day but didn't have any availability. I asked for a refund.

I also submitted a claim through its website. I never received a confirmation email or a claim number. I ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Let's hear it for Dad

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Let's hear it for dad! Grandpa, too! Always willing to bait a fishing pole, read a story, play Marco Polo in the pool or patiently get buried up to his neck in sand. And he figures there's no better time than the vacation road trip for his teen to practice highway driving.

Gulp! So this year, as we celebrate dads and granddads, uncles and ...Read more

Santorini is more than just a pretty face

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

The words "Greek Isles" evoke visions of sun-bleached houses shoulder-to-shoulder against a hillside with a mesmerizing view of glittering blue water. But with more than 200 Greek islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas, where do you start?

Chances are Santorini is the island you're picturing. Once a complete island like its ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Maddie Hasson

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Actress Maddie Hasson says that when she thinks of travel, she thinks of her husband, Julian Brink. "He is very related to travel for me," says Hasson, 23. "I do all of my traveling with him, including a lot of firsts. South Africa was the first really different and exciting place I went to and I went with him." The star of Doug Liman's highly ...Read more

Disneyland adds blackouts

Travel / Travel News /

Already struggling with crowding problems, Disneyland resort officials have long hinted that they will be forced to add restrictions to deal with the surge of crowds when a Star Wars land opens next summer.

The first attempt at controlling the expected throngs was announced recently as the resort added blackout dates -- thus cutting access -- ...Read more

Denied boarding by Delta Air Lines twice -- can you help me get a refund?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: My wife Sarah and I went to Detroit Metro Airport with two tickets to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that we bought from Aeromexico. The flight was operated by Delta Air Lines. We checked our bags, received boarding passes and went to the gate.

But when we tried to board the flight, they turned my wife away without giving us a reason. Delta ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Flying smart with the littlest passengers

Travel / Taking The Kids /

There's no argument: babies and toddlers are precious cargo. That's why parents and grandparents wouldn't consider driving with a young child if they aren't properly restrained in a safety seat. Not only is it the law, but those seats save lives.

So why is it different on a plane? "We have to secure everything in the cabin -- from coffeepots to...Read more

Tidy and Tiny: Top towns of coastal Ireland

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

When someone asks me about visiting Ireland, I tell them not to miss the southwest coast. This is the place to experience the wonders of the Gaelic language and old Irish civilization, as well as the country's contemporary charms. It's the most mystical, Celtic, spiritual and rugged region of Ireland -- and the towns along the way are just plain...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Scott Helman

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Canadian musician Scott Helman says that touring has taught him to be patient and to go with the flow. "I know it's corny, but whatever happens will happen," says Helman, 22. "Be on time, pack well, stay hydrated. These are things we can control. Everything else is for the world to decide. My most memorable experiences are when things go wrong ...Read more

Myscha Theriault: Lewes, Del., a uniquely American beach getaway

Travel / Travel News /

If you're looking for a quiet weekend beach getaway that lets you skip the tacky trinket shops and overdeveloped strip in favor of quaint coastal charm, an intriguing history going back to the United States' earliest days and a surprisingly well-developed shopping scene, there's a tiny town in southern Delaware that might be just what the travel...Read more

Luxury log cabins, 'National Lampoon' references make this small Kansas town cool

Travel / Travel News /

An innkeeper, a Swiss banker and a journalist walk into a restaurant in Coolidge, Kan.

That's not the lead-up to some oddball joke -- that's just what happened this month in this little town near the Colorado state line.

Way out in far western Kansas -- that little sliver of the state in Mountain Time Zone -- Coolidge has become a quaint stop ...Read more

My EU 261 claim from WOW Air is 'in process.' What does that even mean?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: My wife, two daughters and I recently were scheduled to fly from Paris to Pittsburgh, through Reykjavik, Iceland, on WOW Air. WOW canceled the flight, and we missed our connecting flight to Pittsburgh.

The next available WOW Air flight didn't depart Paris until three days later, and WOW would not endorse our tickets to another airline. My ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Hitting the newest, fastest, scariest thrill rides this summer

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Ready? Are you ready to drop more than 90 feet in seconds, twist, turn, flip upside down and back again at more than 50 mph? Or maybe you just want to take a selfie on one of the new, highly anticipated roller coasters and thrill rides debuting at theme parks this summer. Happy Memorial Day!

There are also plenty of new ...Read more

Diving into Western art at Colorado's Cloud Camp

Travel / Travel News /

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Here's the thing about Western art. Like rattlesnake steaks and Rocky Mountain oysters, it's an acquired taste. If your great-grandparents crossed the mountains in a covered wagon or homesteaded west of the Missouri River, it could be in your genes.

But when a friend from Connecticut scoffed at the genre's two most ...Read more

Rotterdam: Europe's showcase of bold modernity

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

When traveling in the Netherlands -- with its canals, windmills and tulip fields -- it all seems so cute and sweet; you may find yourself exclaiming, "Everything's just so... Dutch!" But for another side of the Netherlands, visit the no-nonsense "second city" of Rotterdam.

Mighty Rotterdam has a gleaming skyline and Europe's largest port. ...Read more