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Taking the Kids -- Mom's Day gifts for the traveling moms in your life

Travel / Taking The Kids /

It's always the little things.

It's the little things that make you more comfortable on a plane, a hike or sightseeing with a gaggle of kids.

The little things that make you feel more fashionable -- and fashion forward -- even when you are living out of a suitcase.

A water bottle that won't leak, a travel coffee mug that makes a really good ...Read more

Car-free Hydra is a Greek island idyll

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

The island of Hydra -- less than two hours south of Athens by ferry -- offers the ideal Greek island experience, without a long journey across the Aegean.

It has one real town, no real roads, no cars and not even any bikes. Water taxis whisk travelers from the quaint little harbor to isolated beaches and tavernas. Donkeys are the main way to ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Phillip Keene

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Phillip Keene lived in England, Holland and Miami before moving back to California 20 years ago. The actor is recognizable to television viewers as Buzz Watson, the character he portrays on TNT's crime procedural, "Major Crimes." He also played the same role in the long-running Kyra Sedgwick series, "...Read more

Norwegian Cruise Line reneges on its refund offer

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: My wife and I recently took an 11-day Southeast Asia cruise onboard the Norwegian Star departing from Singapore. Shortly before our vacation, we were advised that the cruise itinerary had changed due to a technical issue with the ship. This was an extreme disappointment, since we had made plans for my wife's 50th birthday in Thailand as the ...Read more

Hometown Tourism is Good Fun and Good Value

Travel / Around the World /

Many people welcome visiting family and friends because they know that when they offer to show their guests around, they will also get to see their hometown’s famous sites, places of interest.

Proceeding as though they were local tour guides, they design an itinerary that covers their town’s basic bests and mixes ...Read more

Headed to San Francisco for a summer of love

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Feeling groovy? Take the kids and grandkids to San Francisco where the city is marking the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with a year's worth of special events, exhibits, concerts and more.

For those too young to remember, San Francisco was a magnet in the late '60s for musicians, artists ...Read more

San Francisco celebrates 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love

Travel / Travel News /

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Summer of Love. There will be many stories written and told about it. This almost certainly will be the only such story that won't mention singer Scott McKenzie and the John Phillips lyric, "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair."

Except for that.

While the ...Read more

St. Marks Place … three famous, hip blocks of New York City

Travel / Travel News /

Early on a mild September morning, an elderly man on a black bicycle meanders along the paths of Tompkins Square Park, in New York's East Village. A cassette tape player balanced on the bicycle's crossbar plays tinny Asian music that grows louder as he approaches and then fainter as he pedals away. The only other sound is birdsong.

I stop to ...Read more

72 hours in Atlanta

Travel / Travel News /

I never had a yearning to visit Atlanta. It just wasn't a city on my radar. I'd flown through it a few times on my way to other cities, but hadn't ever considered it as a travel destination. But when my mother, sister and I were trying to decide where to meet up for our annual girls' weekend, we decided, why not try out Atlanta? Flights to the ...Read more

A Burgundy Blend of Bikes and wine

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

Biking and wine tasting may not seem like natural partners when traveling through France. But if you like biking and wine, mixing the two can actually be a highlight of your next French journey. One of the best places to bike and imbibe is Burgundy, which is famous for its peaceful lanes lacing together cute towns and venerable vineyards.

Start...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Anka Muhlstein

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Born in Paris, New York-based author Anka Muhlstein has written biographies of James Mayer de Rothschild, Robert Chevalier de la Salle and Queen Victoria. Winner of the Academie Francaise and the Goncourt Prize for Biography, she and her husband, Louis Begley, co-authored "Venice for Lovers." In her latest book -- "The Pen and the Brush: How ...Read more

What is the value of a Spirit Airlines voucher if I can never use it?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: We recently took our two young boys on their first plane trip to Colorado for my 40th birthday. My husband wanted to do something special to celebrate and take a family trip, so we booked tickets with Spirit Airlines.

Our overall experience with the airline went well. The planes were on time, not too terribly uncomfortable, and staff were ...Read more

Taking the Kids: On a long-haul flight

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Is it possible for a long flight with kids not to be tortuous? Perhaps, if a flight attendant invites a little girl to help serve, or walks through the cabin offering kids their choice of age-appropriate toys and Polaroid photos of them in captain or flight attendant hats.

"It makes their flight," said Luisa Jangemi, a longtime flight attendant...Read more

Highway 101: The best roadside eats between San Francisco and Santa Barbara

Travel / Travel News /

There was a time -- a very long time -- when anyone traveling down Highway 101 faced a dearth of dining possibilities. That San Francisco-Santa Barbara trek was fueled by golden arches and Denny's knockoffs. Now there's no need to resort to such desperate measures, not when you can pull off the freeway and nosh in style at Paso Robles' ...Read more

Eating your way through San Diego's Little Italy

Travel / Travel News /

There are few more delicious ways to explore a city's roots than by tasting your way through its enclaves, whether it's North Beach in San Francisco or Little Italy, the trendy, restaurant-rich neighborhood in sunny San Diego.

Last year, Forbes magazine dubbed Little Italy one of the country's top 10 hottest neighborhoods for millennials. It's ...Read more

Visitors can act, rap Hamilton story at Jefferson's Monticello

Travel / Travel News /

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Alexander Hamilton never visited the home of archrival Thomas Jefferson. But the nation's first Treasury secretary -- and namesake of the hit musical -- rules the house during the new Hamilton Tour Takeover at Monticello.

The after-hour visits are part history class and part civics lesson -- with chances to rap and sing....Read more

Highway 101: Best hotels between San Francisco and Santa Barbara

Travel / Travel News /

The stretch of Highway 101 from San Francisco to Santa Barbara offers a vast array of lodging options, from chain motels to boutique inns. Sure, you could do the 300-plus miles in a single day, but it's more fun to dabble along the way. You can go tasting at some of the stunning wineries in Paso Robles, Pismo or down near Los Olivos or Los ...Read more

Tips for traveling with teens

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

Imagine being a teenager forced to spend your summer vacation with robo-tourist Rick Steves (a.k.a. "Dad"). My kids, Jackie and Andy, now in their 20s, did that a while ago. I had to think hard about what would make our trip to England educational and fun for travel partners who dubbed the Beatles tour in Liverpool the "most boring" one on our ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Hunter McGrady

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Modeling runs in Hunter McGrady's family. Her mother, aunt and grandmother all modeled. And she, too, started modeling when she was 16. At nearly 6-foot tall, McGrady grew disheartened when agents told her she should trim a little fat from her already gaunt, size two body. Now 23, McGrady is one of the most popular "plus size" models, having ...Read more

Around the World: Marvelous Manitou Springs

Travel / Around the World /

If you’re craving a bit of restorative nostalgia, there’s hardly a better destination than the charming turn-of-the-last-century Rocky Mountain town of Manitou Springs.  It’s such a pretty place, a quaint town where a marvelous collection of lovely Victorian houses is surrounded by an extraordinary array of natural wonders, ...Read more

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