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Taking the Kids: A cruise for spring or summer break

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Imagine a vacation where someone not only cleans your room twice a day, but picks up after the kids. Imagine they can order whatever they like to eat -- and as much as they like -- at no extra charge. Imagine guaranteed-to-please activities, whether the kids are 4 or 14.

Welcome to the world of cruising.

The best part: You can easily stay ...Read more

What's new in France and the Low Countries for 2017

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One of Europe's best organized regions for sightseeing, France and the Low Countries (Belgium and the Netherlands) are better than ever with new people-friendly zones, improved sights and comforting security.

France is a country full of beloved sights. While recent terrorist events may have scared away some travelers, I return every year for a ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Cam Gigandet

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Cam Gigandet ("The Magnificent Seven," "The Twilight Saga" franchise) stars alongside Donald Sutherland and Jeremy Sisto in AT&T Audience Network's latest series, "Ice." In the serialized crime drama, Gigandet's character is thrown into the world of corrupt diamond trading, murder and dubious cartels. For the series, Gigandet, 34, moved his ...Read more

Why won't United Airlines compensate me for my delay?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: My wife and I recently flew from Paris to Washington, D.C., on United Airlines. The original flight was delayed for three and a half hours while passengers were waiting in line with their boarding passes, and eventually canceled.

We were rebooked on the next available flight the following morning. The United service desk provided notice of ...Read more

Disneyland to add a digital Fastpass option for $10 a day

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Disneyland's Fastpass ticketing system, which lets visitors avoid the long lines for crowded attractions by booking a ride time, has been a free feature since it was created in 1999.

But Disney announced last week that it will let parkgoers use the Disneyland smartphone app to electronically book and redeem Fastpasses, as well as download ...Read more

Why families need travel insurance

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It would have been a perfect vacation day, if not for the emergency room.

After a bad fall on a Colorado ski slope, the ski patrollers who brought me down the mountain thought I was seriously injured, thus the ambulance trip to the ER, the extra oxygen in high altitude and a CAT scan. Fortunately, I wasn't as badly injured as they thought, but ...Read more

Paisley Park vs. Graceland: How do these royal museums compare?

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Graceland and Paisley Park. They're as different as Memphis and Minneapolis, as rock and funk, as the 6-foot King and the 5-foot-2 Prince. Elvis had his stud-decorated jumpsuits, an endless supply of silk scarves and a big necklace with his lightning "TCB" (taking care of business) logo. Prince had his colorful custom-designed outfits, an ...Read more

Reno: Biggest little city is growing up

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RENO, Nev. -- Hunched on the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada, Reno has long suffered a reputation as a poor man's Las Vegas with snow. Its casinos are more modest than the flashing palaces on the Strip, and even its motto -- "The Biggest Little City in the World" -- feels strangely self-deprecating.

All that is changing, however, as Reno ...Read more

Florida road trip on two wheels: Biking from Key Largo to Key West

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KEY LARGO, Fla. -- Driving the 100-plus miles that link the Florida Keys' limestone and coral islands ranks as one of America's epic road trips.

I wanted to experience it on two wheels instead of four. The plan: Bike the country's "southernmost century," cycling-speak for a 100-mile journey in a single day, from Key Largo to Key West.

We all ...Read more

Small ski classes for women boost confidence, camaraderie

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BEAVER CREEK, Colo. -- My family's idea of the perfect vacation is to follow winter around the world and schuss down a snow-covered mountain as fast as gravity allows.

That's not quite my speed, so I often end up on the sidelines spending the daylight hours of our ski trips alone.

I thought this was my unique problem until I enrolled in a ski ...Read more

What's new in Italy for 2017

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Italy -- with more culture, crowds and chaos per square kilometer than anywhere else in Europe -- is most enjoyable when you're up-to-date on its sightseeing and infrastructure news.

As in other European cities, Florence is beefing up security these days. Visiting some major museums -- such as the Accademia (with Michelangelo's "David"), Uffizi...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Kimberly Brooks

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Based out of Miami, journalist Kimberly Brooks is co-anchor of "Nightline on Fusion." The TV personality -- who got her start working at Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios -- is also the host of Fusion's latest documentary, "O Girls," which checks in on the progress of five of the young women who were amongst the first to graduate from the Oprah ...Read more

A hurricane, a canceled hotel and a missed vacation. What a carnival!

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Q: I recently planned to attend the Miami Broward Carnival to celebrate the birthdays of two of my cousins. In total, 14 of us were traveling to Miami from Canada. My flights were on Air Canada, and I was booked at South Beach Plaza Hotel, a reservation I had made through

Unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew was forecast to hit the ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Five ways to make food a fun part of your 2017 vacation

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Red or green ? That's what everyone asks you in New Mexico restaurants. Translation: Do you want New Mexico's famous red or green chiles?

The story goes that a waitress at Tia Sophia's, the popular breakfast and lunch place on Santa Fe's Plaza, got tired of the question, so she'd just ask people if they wanted both -- Christmas!

Now that term ...Read more

Around the World: Learning Hawaii’s Language of Leis

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In anticipation of Hawaii’s legendary Aloha welcome, many tourists who visit come to the islands expect to receive flower leis upon their arrival.

Lei-giving is an age old tradition throughout Hawaii, but it is, unfortunately, no longer a matter of course.

Although many who arrive in Hawaii on package ...Read more

Mendocino: Foodie adventures in charming Boonville

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There are hidden California treasures nestled in Mendocino's Anderson Valley, where vineyards unfurl along the hillsides and the tiny town of Boonville offers a foodie paradise. Culinary inspiration is contagious in this hamlet, where everyone knows everyone, and we weekenders can dabble in all the deliciousness.

Sampling Table 128's paella, ...Read more

Hawaii contemplates bringing back inter-island ferry

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The state of Hawaii is considering bringing back its ill-fated, short-lived, inter-island ferry service after receiving a federal grant to study the issue.

The Hawaii State Department of Transportation received a half-million dollar grant from the Maritime Administration, which it plans to use to hire consultants to explore potential routes.

...Read more

Space center's Heroes & Legends exhibit is an inspiration to all

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The passing of the iconic John Glenn -- astronaut, senator and American hero -- served as a reminder to us all of who and what's truly admirable in life. Mind-numbing apps, mediocre professional athletes who make headlines for all the wrong reasons, C-list television personalities famous for reasons no one really knows . . . these are the kinds ...Read more

What's new in Spain and Portugal for 2017

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Both Spain and Portugal have interesting stories to tell and interesting cultures to share. Here's some travel news for those visiting in 2017.

Neglected corners of Spain's cities are being made more inviting for visitors. Sevilla's Triana neighborhood, long considered the "wrong side of the river," is becoming the most colorful and authentic ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Joe Mantegna

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Joe Mantegna won a Tony Award for his performance in David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Glengarry Glen Ross," co-starred in "The Godfather Part III" and is the voice of Fat Tony on "The Simpsons." But television viewers know him best as FBI agent David Rossi on the CBS procedural "Criminal Minds," which airs Wednesdays. Born and raised ...Read more