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Why did Frontier make me pay extra for my checked bags?

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently bought roundtrip tickets from Madison, Wisconsin, to Las Vegas on Frontier Airlines through The tickets included checked bags for both of us. I have the printed itinerary that shows the baggage is included.

On the return flight from Las Vegas, Frontier made me pay $100 for the two bags. I can't get anywhere with ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Making the most of summer vacation

Travel / Taking The Kids /

So much for spontaneity. It's hard to be spontaneous when you are carting a stroller, portable crib, diaper bags, toddlers and their backpacks.

Say goodbye to those days of taking off on a whim to a music festival, without a hotel or campground reservation. No more switching gears when you get to a train station in a foreign city and decide to ...Read more

Is LAX's Theme Building coming back to life as part of an on-airport hotel?

Travel / Travel News /

LOS ANGELES -- In New York, JFK airport has found someone to transform its curvaceous but long-dead TWA terminal into a hotel. In downtown Los Angeles, Union Station has at last found a brewpub to fill its grand old Harvey House restaurant space after about 50 years.

So when will Los Angeles International Airport resurrect its own iconic, ...Read more

A wine country weekend close to home: Southwest Michigan's vineyards boast variety — and a cute new B&B

Travel / Travel News /

"Sometimes I take baths because it's hard to drink wine in the shower."

This maxim hangs on the wall near the cedar tub in my room at Among the Vineyards, a bed and breakfast where the shoutouts to grown-up grape juice are as plentiful as misplaced beverage containers on the set of "Game of Thrones." (The B&B's Wi-Fi password? "Drinkwine.")

...Read more

Europe's crazy rich royals and their lavish retreats

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

Just like today, the royal families of the past were fond of their countryside getaways. These lavish retreats provided an escape from the city and the summer heat, a place for diversions like hunting and horseback riding, and enough land to build grand showpiece palaces and gardens. While Europe has many royal retreats, a few are remarkable for...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Avan Jogia

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Born in Canada, Avan Jogia came to the United States with a challenge. His parents gave him six months to get an acting job or return home and finish school. He has remained in Los Angeles ever since. Best known for his roles in Nickelodeon's "Victorious" and STARZ's "Now Apocalypse," he can be seen in Samuel L. Jackson's reboot of the feature ...Read more

On Santa Cruz, California's largest island, foxes play and a traffic jam is 6 kayaks

Travel / Travel News /

SANTA CRUZ ISLAND, Calif.--Before I tell you about my glorious solitude on Santa Cruz Island, let's be clear that there is some congestion among the coastal cliffs and grassy hills.

For instance, if there's a sea caves tour, you might see half a dozen folks dragging yellow plastic vessels into the shallows, all at once. Kayak traffic.

If ...Read more

Around the World: Travel to Save our Nation’s Endangered Places

Travel / Around the World /

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, a nonprofit that’s dedicated solely to doing exactly what is indicated in its name, celebrates its 32nd anniversary by publishing yet another annual roster of the eleven most endangered historic places in the United States.

The organization stands strong as the guardian of places...Read more

American Airlines couldn't get us to grandmother's funeral -- now it's keeping our money

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: My family of four was scheduled to fly from Austin, Texas, to Quad City International Airport for my grandmother's funeral in Moline, Illinois. The first leg of our American Airlines flight from Austin to Dallas was initially delayed because of a crew problem. Then, it was delayed even more because the plane had been mistakenly overfueled and...Read more

'Roos, geese, and a blue-tongued lizard: Behind the scenes at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Travel / Travel News /

SAN DIEGO -- Wali's blue tongue rapidly flickers in and out. She swivels her head toward the visitors, reptilian eyes bright.

Wally is a northern blue-tongued skink. These Australian lizards display their azure intakes appendage to ward off predators. Bright colors often mean danger, such as with the highly venomous blue-ringed octopus.

But no...Read more

Taking the Kids: Twenty-one ideas for Dad's Day gifts for traveling dads

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Lucky guy! You know who I mean. The dad (and grandad) who insist they have everything they want or need. Besides, they hate shopping.

So how can you show your appreciation for all they do come Father's Day? It just takes a little creativity (and not necessarily a lot of money).

First, narrow down your choices based on a theme. ...Read more

North Carolina mountaintop hideaway offers see-to-forever views of Smoky Mountains

Travel / Travel News /

It's not often I think of my Granny Trudy, my grandmother on Daddy's side of the family. After all, she died more than 40 years ago. But when I happen upon a garden as pretty and thriving as hers once was, I can't help but remember her and her love for colors and flowers.

In a tiny swath of North Carolina's ribbon of the Smoky Mountains, I ...Read more

Go to Boise for its arts scene? Yep! The booming city is undergoing a cultural renaissance

Travel / Travel News /

BOISE, Idaho -- "Boise is a badass," declared Jake Logue Salutregui, who, when he's onstage at the downtown Balcony Club, goes by the drag name Denimm Cain. "We have an underground culture that is underappreciated. We have great food, healthy and athletic people, educated people, people who are dreamers. It's a shame the nation doesn't know what...Read more

Bratislava: Slovakia's capital makes a remarkable comeback

Travel / Rick Steves' Europe /

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia and once a nearly desolate ghost town, is one of the big surprises of my recent travels. Its compact old town bursts with colorfully restored facades, lively outdoor cafes, and swanky boutiques. The ramshackle industrial quarter to the east is rapidly being redeveloped into a forest of skyscrapers. The hilltop...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Nathaniel Potvin

Travel / Celebrity Travel /

Actor Nathaniel Potvin is just 19 years old, but he's juggling multiple projects like a pro. Besides the Netflix series "American Vandal" and "Alexa and Katie," his recent credits include Disney XD's "Mech-X4" and Facebook Watch's "Five Points" (executive produced by Kerry Washington), which has been renewed for a second season. An avid traveler...Read more

In the Kansas town that was home, the astonishing story of Eisenhower lives on

Travel / Travel News /

ABILENE, Kan. -- They still like Ike in Abilene.

And why not? He executed the military plan that turned the tide of World War II in Europe, stopped Hitler and ultimately brought the war in that theater to an end. He did it by getting big-ego military leaders to work together by subjugating his own, by believing in his troops, by being willing ...Read more

An Aerolineas Argentinas downgrade to coach, but no refund

Travel / Christopher Elliott /

Q: I recently purchased a business class ticket on Aerolineas Argentinas to fly from New York to Buenos Aires. Due to a pilots strike on the day of my trip, I was rebooked on a United flight.

I was seated in a middle seat in economy class. Apparently, no higher cabin seats were available. I discussed my seating concern with the AA reps and the ...Read more

Around the World: For Impromptu June Wedding Destinations, Las Vegas is Still Tops

Travel / Around the World /

June is still the favored month for weddings and, by the end of May, most people who favor a June destination wedding have picked their wedding location and honeymoon destinations, finalized their plans and sent out their invitations to family and friends.

But if you get a sudden itch to get hitched, scheduling a weekend ...Read more

Disney's Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is a fully realized 'Star Wars' toy

Travel / Travel News /

Disneyland has long had games in its parks, from a shooting range in Frontierland to what is essentially a collection of mini video games in Disney California Adventure's Toy Story Midway Mania. But never before has a Disneyland attraction been the sort of large-scale, walk-in and user-malleable arcade game that is Millennium Falcon: Smugglers ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Bragging rights from Acadia National Park

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Want vacation bragging rights? You just have to get up really early at Acadia National Parkon Maine’s Mount Desert Island and get to the top of Cadillac Mountain to see the sunrise. What's the big deal? You'll be at the spot where, in this country, the sun rises ...Read more