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Food & Wine Festival returning to Disney California Adventure

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Epcot isn't the only Disney property that loves its food and booze, as Disney California Adventure's Food & Wine Festival returns March 1 and runs through April 23.

Disneyland guests of all ages will be able to celebrate the bounty of California through cuisine, beverages and entertainment at the culinary festival. Daily events will feature ...Read more

San Diego saw a record 35.8 million visitors in 2018, and it's spending $19 million to attract more

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SAN DIEGO -- San Diego County welcomed a record 35.8 million visitors last year, and it hopes to attract even more this year following the launch of a $19 million advertising campaign that includes all new TV commercials.

Last year's visitation numbers, which are still a preliminary estimate, mark the eighth consecutive year of growth for the ...Read more

A new water park will make big splash with large slides in Aventura, Fla.

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The Constrictor, Master Blaster, the Whizzard and Boomerango!

No, they're not comic book villains. They're South Florida's newest spectacular water slides.

The Tidal Cove water park is in the finishing touches at the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa in Aventura.

It will open in the first quarter of this year and will be available only...Read more

Striking Mother Lodi in Lodi, Calif.

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The afternoon sun is golden and warm, belying a morning that started off with touches of fog and low clouds sweeping in from the Pacific. The fall weather is near-perfect with little humidity and brilliant blue skies. It seems that I've found the ideal time to visit Lodi. In other words, when it comes to travel, I've struck the Mother Lodi.

...Read more

Florida's most popular Airbnb is a short drive from downtown Miami. Here's what it's like

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Behind a discreet one-story, white textured house in Biscayne Park sits the most popular Airbnb rental in all of Florida.

Paola Ugolini has lived in the 1920s house with her family for 17 years. Originally she imagined her backyard cottage as a place for her relatives from Europe to stay when they visited Miami. But the family visits were ...Read more

Hermitage Club puts you in center of private ski resort

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The Hermitage Club at Haystack Mountain is a premiere destination for any New England visitor or local. Southern Vermont is easily accessible, just two hours from Boston and four hours from New York City, and puts you right in the center of the East Coast's only private ski resort. Members enjoy year-round entertainment surrounded by the natural...Read more

Disneyland makes tweaks to pack 'em in for new Star Wars land

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With Disneyland expecting a surge in attendance when it opens its Star Wars land this summer, the Anaheim park is relying on a plan to ease congestion by eliminating visitor chokepoints, rather than putting strict limits on attendance.

Dubbed "Project Stardust," the magical-sounding but actually pedestrian project was quietly launched two years...Read more

Getting the good kind of chills on a winter visit deep in Alaska

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Bundled in the warmest clothing I own, at least I'm snug while speeding across snow-covered trails and onto the Chena River, covered with a layer of 2-foot-thick ice.

The old sofa cushion on which I'm seated helps smooth the ride. Ice crystals, kicked up by the 40 paws of 10 sled dogs, pepper the exposed parts of my face. But behind my woolen ...Read more

'You can't go home again': A one-time Denver local confronts a gentrifying city

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I used to think my neighborhood of Five Points in Denver was unique. Of course, years after I left the Five Points I grew up in, I discovered that not only were there many other neighborhoods across the U.S. called Five Points, but there were also thousands of communities that were like mine in more than name.

My Five Points was a small, mostly...Read more

In Austin's music scene, the Continental Club is a classic that rocks on

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AUSTIN, Texas -- The Continental Club on South Congress Avenue is a dim, snug, loud room that barely holds 200 people, a pool table and a stage.

If you drop by late on a Thursday, Mike Barfield will probably be here, and you might catch one of those moments when Barfield, a.k.a. the Tyrant of Texas Funk, stops singing and starts scowling like ...Read more

Climbable art, a TWA Hotel and more: Here's what's 'new' in New York City this year

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Planning a trip to New York? Get ready for new attractions such as Vessel, a climbable structure that could become Manhattan's answer to the Eiffel Tower; events such as WorldPride; and exhibits celebrating Leonard Cohen and Frida Kahlo.

So much is happening that the city tourism agency, NYCGo, has dubbed 2019 "a monumental year."

Vessel opens...Read more

Disneyland Resort tickets and parking prices are going up again, as much as 25 percent

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Only months before the opening of its $1 billion Star Wars expansion, the Disneyland Resort announced price increases of up to 25 percent for daily tickets, annual passes and parking.

The increases, which took effect Sunday, come less than a year after the resort adopted price hikes of up to 18 percent. Under the latest increases, the cheapest ...Read more

Florida camp turns mom into mermaid after bout with cancer

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Few positives sprout from a bout with breast cancer. The first time I lay prone at the center of the "Star Wars"-like machine that would blast me with radiation, I made a conscious decision to banish fear from my brain and focus on my travel bucket list, which had come to a standstill in the rush of work, raising children as a single mom and, ...Read more

In the Salt Lake tabernacle Brigham Young built, 360 voices blend with frontier history

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SALT LAKE CITY -- There's nothing particularly Mormon, or American, about "Ubi Caritas." It's a Gregorian chant at least 11 centuries old, was rearranged by French composer Maurice Durufle in 1960 and has been sung by church choral groups around the world.

But I can tell you that when it is performed by a certain famous choir in a certain ...Read more

Northern California road trip has plenty to offer

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California tourists know big city names such as Sacramento, but a visit to Northern California offers more than one opportunity to enjoy the area. It's a great place for a road trip. Camino, Coloma, Columbia, Jamestown, Placerville, Sonora and Tuolumne County are full of attractions just around the next bend in the road -- gas up the car and see...Read more

Where to eat and shop in Stillwater, Minn., a town with year-round holiday cheer

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The lighting was low, indirect. The perfectly arranged displays were backlit, so all I saw when I stepped into the old-fashioned storefront was ornaments -- hundreds and hundreds of them, gleaming and sparkling in cascades of colors.

White segued to silver, gold to red. Ornate blown-glass Santas rubbed elbows with glitter-cheeked snowmen; ...Read more

Looking for a holiday present idea? How about giving the gift of travel

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I was recently scrolling through YouTube videos to get an idea of what would be the hot gift ideas for this holiday season. As expected, there were the usual suspects -- all manner of state-of-the-art electronic gadgets and gear, athletic shoes that cost almost as much as the down payment on a car in days gone by, and for the kids, larger and ...Read more

New York states of mind

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It seems fitting to quote lyrics from Leonard Bernstein's 1944 Broadway musical "On The Town," considering that this year is the centenary of his blessed birth: particularly so, since I just spent four days in New York. So here it goes: "New York, New York, a helluva town, The Bronx is up, but the Battery's down."

Although I've visited New York...Read more

Where to stay, eat and play along the Mississippi River? Book on Great River Road tells all

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Dean Klinkenberg stopped counting the miles he's cruised on the Great River Road when he hit 120,000. "I wore out one car, and I'm working on wearing out another," said the author of the recently released "Road Tripping Along the Great River Road."

For this former Minnesotan, every drive along the Mississippi feeds his love for the river -- and...Read more

In this Cleveland hall, classical music is king (and ancient Egypt meets the jazz age)

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CLEVELAND -- Above, the ceiling was done up in silver, beige and blue like frosting on a wedding cake. Below, at the lip of the stage, a tall man in a black suit and white bow tie leaned forward with a tip.

"This is going to be something," said Mark Jackobs, one of the Cleveland Orchestra's viola players. "This is a freight train."

Jackobs, ...Read more