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Splashy KAOS club at Las Vegas resort is shutting down

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What's going to happen to that towering nude Damien Hirst sculpture now that the KAOS club at Palms Casino Resort has shut down? The 60-foot-tall headless "Devil With Bowl" (2014) will continue to reign over the pool area at the Las Vegas resort, even though the splashy KAOS has vanished.

Parent company Red Rock Resorts Inc. pulled the plug on ...Read more

Southern California by train

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We've all heard the expression "Nothing is sure but death and taxes." To that, I'll add: for non-Californians, driving in Southern California is sure to be a harrowing experience. With its spiderweb of freeways and drivers who appear to be in qualifying heats for the Indy 500, even the stoutest of us can turn into cringing, white-knuckled ...Read more

For views of the Rockies you can't see any other way, ride Amtrak's Zephyr

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"Welcome to Moooooon River," the conductor announced as our train curved into a canyon running parallel to the Colorado River. I quickly realized what he meant; as we rode alongside the Colorado River, our train was mooned by countless whitewater rafters -- athletic young men, families of four and retired couples.

"Moon River" was just one of ...Read more

Rafting the Colorado through the Grand Canyon

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August 15, 1869: The red sandstone cliffs rose more than 2,000 feet on either side, shutting out the sun for most of the day, while before us the mighty river, lashed to a foam, rushed on with indescribable power.

-- John Wesley Powell, first person to explore the full length of the Grand Canyon's Colorado River

Exactly 150 years after Powell ...Read more

Finding peace along Oregon's wild coast

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The twilight was deepening to periwinkle and a mist thickening off the Pacific as I pulled onto the one-block waterfront in Bandon, Ore. Lonely Planet had recommended a budget guesthouse across the street from the beach in the town.

It was late January, the offseason, and I hadn't bothered to call ahead, sure there would be an available room. ...Read more

Much more than a tropical paradise: This new travel guide will 'decolonize' the way you look at Hawaii

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HONOLULU -- Two thousand miles from the continental United States sits a chain of islands known for their tropical climes, natural beauty and geographical diversity. From mountains and active volcanoes to gorgeous postcard-perfect beaches, visiting Hawaii continues to be one of the most popular trips for U.S. travelers every year.

But for most ...Read more

Miami is the sexiest city in the world, and this travel website tells us why

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It's nothing new for Miami to land on one of these lists, but admit it, when a travel website names The Magic City the sexiest city in the world, you want them to show their work.

Well, in ranking Miami No. 1 in a study that posted last week, the site Big 7 Travel says it took into account these factors:

-- Statistics for the cities having the...Read more

An Appalachian Eden for apples thrives in North Carolina's Henderson County

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When Eve risked plucking that first apple, it didn't turn out so well. But when farmers in Henderson County, N.C., risked their livelihood on apples, they created a veritable Eden.

It was a calculated risk, based on intimate knowledge of the land developed over generations of working family farms. With its mountainous terrain, warm days and ...Read more

8 underrated fall destinations around the world

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Planning a fall getaway? While New England states such as Maine and Vermont may come to mind first, thanks to their stunning foliage, apple orchards and pumpkin patches, there are plenty of places that make for a stellar visit in the fall months. Whether you're looking for fall foliage, Oktoberfest celebrations or simply an affordable trip, we'...Read more

Inside Southern California's glorious Huntington Library and gardens

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So it seems that railroad magnate Henry E. Huntington and his wife, Arabella, were basically hoarders. And I mean that in the best sense of the word.

Way back in the day -- during the so-called Gilded Age -- the couple habitually collected rare books, glorious pieces of fine art and distinctive botanical specimens. They could not be stopped. ...Read more

Museum of Selfies coming to Vegas, but don't miss city's other Insta spots

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Sick of your selfie self yet? Likely not. The Museum (and I use the term loosely) of Selfies opened last year in Hollywood as a place for anyone to Insta indulge. Now a second site will open in the Miracle Mile Shops on the Las Vegas Strip on Oct. 25.

In Las Vegas, some of the photo ops will be similar to those in L.A. Expect to dive into the ...Read more

Hiking trail reopens, a year and a half after Kilauea's eruptions and 60,000 quakes

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The popular Kilauea Iki Trail in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park recently fully reopened, a year and a half after Kilauea erupted and more than 60,000 quakes rattled the volcano's summit. The shaking last year damaged much of the park, including the popular four-mile loop from the rim of a crater to its floor. Now visitors will see something new ...Read more

Where is 'Kokomo?' People are still searching for The Beach Boys' tropical island getaway

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You know the catchy, relaxing lyrics: "Off the Florida Keys, there's a place called Kokomo," goes the 1988 hit by The Beach Boys.

Three decades later, people are still wondering, where is Kokomo?

Whether it's in the Keys, the Caribbean or stuck in your head, people continue to look for the fictional romantic island getaway "where you wanna go ...Read more

Beware of 700-pound elk on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They charge at cars, park warns

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An animal that was extinct in the North Carolina mountains for more than 200 years has reemerged as a potential threat to drivers on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Big, angry elk.

"Adult elk seen along the Parkway and in Great Smoky Mountains National Park can weigh between 500 and 700 pounds and have been known to charge in order to defend ...Read more

'Forever Marilyn' statue of Marilyn Monroe gets permanent Palm Springs home

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Palm Springs' on-again, off-again love affair with Marilyn Monroe -- or, at least, the 26-foot statue of her -- has taken a giant step forward. The Seward Johnson sculpture that visited the California city from 2012 to 2014 will be installed permanently at an upcoming downtown park next year.

P.S. Resorts, a group of hotels aimed at promoting ...Read more

The Pied Piper of Plains still packs the pews

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The morning is hot, even by 8 o'clock, and the air is drenched with thick, warm fog found only in the southern reaches of Georgia. As it burns off, the sky becomes brindled with high clouds striated with the red and gold of sunrise. At that early hour, the orchestra of cicadas that usually serenades the countryside has yet to produce even a ...Read more

Get a taste of the high life with a visit to Buckhead area of Atlanta

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ATLANTA -- Anyone who lives in my neck of the woods -- i.e. the Southern part of the U.S. -- has more than a passing acquaintance with the Atlanta airport. It is our preferred gateway to everywhere from Athens, Ga., to Athens, Greece. But just how well do we know the city beyond the airport?

I'm sorry to say that even with several family ...Read more

Horseshoes and straw hats: a day of polo in Connecticut

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New England starts just south of Greenwich, Conn., but luxury, which is the town's birthright, honors no borders, remembers no beginning and anticipates no end. In New England, wealth, like so many other regional features, is practiced with deference. It is a style of fine living that does not shout, "Look at me," but says, "Perhaps I do live ...Read more

Bowling Green benefiting from fascination with small-town America

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Who would believe that a 30-foot hole encased in glass would attract 230,000 annual visitors from around the world to come and gawk?

All the more amazing as there is nothing to see in the enclosed abyss. That would not have been the case, however, on the morning of Feb. 12, 2014 at 5:39 a.m. when a sinkhole opened up ...Read more

In San Francisco's North Beach, pasta, poetry and a big helping of uncertainty

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Before we get to the bad news, let's agree that North Beach, the West Coast's most-storied Little Italy and the richest vein of Beat Generation memories anywhere, can still deliver a moment the way Frank Sinatra delivered "My Way."

As you line up for morning cappuccino among the young and old bohemians at Caffe Trieste, you ...Read more