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Here's How: Add a Unique Curved Area to a Deck

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Dear James: It seems like everyone has the standard rectangular deck. I would like to build a unique one with a circular section surrounded by gardens. How can I do this? -- Joshua W.

Dear Joshua: Adding a deck yourself, especially a unique one with a curved side, can increase the value of your house by many times the material costs. With ...Read more

Here's How: Add a New, Modern Doorbell Ringer

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Dear James: My doorbell hardly rings anymore, and I probably need a new one. It looks like a fairly simple project to replace it. What are the basic steps to do this? -- Cindy D.

Dear Cindy: A doorbell ringer can lose its intensity from aging materials and dust buildup inside it. Modern homes also have more things running, creating more ...Read more

Here's How: Seal Hidden Window Air Leaks with Caulk

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Dear James: I recently installed new weatherstripping on my old wood windows. On windy days, the curtains still move. How can I find and stop the other air leakage? -- Rita T.

Dear Rita: Now that you have already installed the new weatherstripping, try to remember if you saw any discolored spots when you pulled off the old weatherstripping. ...Read more

Here's How: Add More Living Space by Remodeling a Basement or Garage

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Dear James: Our kids could use a rec room. We could use part of a large garage or the basement. What design aspects should we consider when converting these into living space? -- Michael J.

Dear Michael: Converting either a basement or garage into additional living space is one of the most common remodeling projects and can greatly increase the...Read more

Here's How: Enjoy Relaxing by a DIY Garden Sitting Wall

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Dear James: I want a patio, butterfly garden and a sitting wall by a slope. I think a simple no-mortar wall would look nice. What is the best way to build a stable wall this way? -- Catherine T.

Dear Catherine: Butterfly, and pollinator in general, gardens are very popular today and really needed. With the sloping ground by your garden, a no-...Read more

Here's How: Replace Leaky Shower Curtain with Shower Doors

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Dear James: There always is a puddle on the floor after the kids shower in their bathroom. I plan to replace the curtain with doors. How do I make sure the doors don't leak too? -- Jessica P.

Dear Jessica: Shower curtains can be attractive and not leak, but one has to be careful to position them properly before turning on the water. This works ...Read more

Here's How: Match the Color and Profile of New Cabinets to Old Ones

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Dear James: We remodeled our kitchen, but we love our stained wood cabinets. Some need new doors. How can we match the color and edge detail on the new doors with the old ones? -- Ted G.

Dear Ted: The detailing on some older cabinet doors is very attractive as is the stained natural wood. Not replacing them can create a unique kitchen decor. ...Read more

Here's How: Proper Method To Lay Decking Wood

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Dear James: I am building a large new L-shaped deck. I am not sure about how to position and attach the decking boards because of the L shape. Do you have any tips? -- Greg S.

Dear Greg: Fitting and attaching the decking boards is usually the easiest part of a deck building project. An L-shaped deck makes it a bit more complicated, but still ...Read more

Here's How: Plan and Install Gutters Properly

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Dear James: Whenever we have anything more than a moderate rain, the gutters overflow. When we build our new house, what design aspects should we consider in order to avoid this problem? -- Gary L.

Dear Gary: It is important to plan properly initially because gutter problems can take a while to show up. Several years' accumulation of leaves, ...Read more

Here's How: There Are Many Attractive Ceramic Patterns for Projects

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Dear James: The painted walls in my bathroom look too plain. I want to install some tile with a decorative pattern. Is it difficult to make designs and patterns myself? -- Mia H.

Dear Mia: Adding decorative tile or changing the existing tile pattern can dramatically enhance the entire bathroom. Although it is not difficult to design and install...Read more

Here's How: Proper Use of Woodworking Tools Makes Projects Easier

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Dear James: I just moved into a house and bought a toolbox and general woodworking/carpenter hand tool set. Do you have any general advice on how to use the various tools? -- Jenny L.

Dear Jenny: Woodworking tools can be used for much more than just traditional cabinetmaking types of projects. Many do-it-yourself new and repair projects around ...Read more

Here's How: Make a Temporary Repair to a Leaking Sink Drain

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Dear James: I noticed a damp spot from an extremely slow leak under my kitchen sink. I cannot afford to call a plumber right now. Is there some method to temporarily repair it? -- David J.

Dear David: A plumber would rightly recommend that the drain should be replaced, and it will eventually need replacement. Even though it is a relatively ...Read more

Here's How: A Decorative, Functional Rail Fence Is Easy To Build

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Dear James: I have a landscaped yard and the neighborhood children cut through it. I want a simple-to-build yet attractive fence that complements my yard. What do you recommend? -- Don W.

Dear Don: If children are determined to get into and through your yard, you would require a fence that is very substantial and likely unattractive. Your goal ...Read more



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