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Make the ice cream sandwich of your summertime dreams with this infinitely customizable recipe

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When we decided to make a homemade version of ice cream sandwiches, we thought it would be as easy as smooshing some ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies. But all that gave us were rock-solid cookies that we struggled to bite through while we squished the ice cream out the sides. The takeaway: Cookies that are best eaten with a glass of ...Read more

This bright, balanced Thai grilled-beef salad will be your new favorite summer salad

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Thailand’s famous grilled-beef salad known as nam tok is far more than just a steak salad. Served warm or at room temperature, it features slices of deeply charred steak tossed with thinly tossed shallots and handfuls of torn mint and cilantro in a bright, bracing dressing. The cuisine’s five signature flavor elements — hot, sour, salty, ...Read more

Make this bright, creamy charred corn salad without firing up the grill

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If you’re enjoying grilled corn only with butter and salt, you’re missing out. Take just one bite of Mexican street corn, called elote, and you’ll know why it has become wildly popular in the United States. A charred ear of corn is slathered with rich, tangy crema; coated with salty cotija cheese; sprinkled with chili powder; and finished ...Read more

This Italian bread salad is the second-best way to eat ripe summer tomatoes

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Ripe summer tomatoes require nothing more than to be sliced, drizzled with fruity extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and fresh pepper. But when you need a side dish that’s a little more substantial, consider panzanella, the rustic Italian tomato-bread salad in which the fruit is cut into chunks, tossed with bread pieces and ...Read more

The key to perfect pan-seared salmon is doing less, not more

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Pan-searing salmon sounds straightforward: Just add a little oil to a nonstick pan, get it good and hot, season a couple of fillets, and cook them until they’re cooked through and nicely browned on the exterior but still pink on the inside, right? There are two issues with this technique: The fish cooks unevenly and the exteriors of the ...Read more

Grilled mojo chicken should be on your July Fourth menu

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If you want to know what elevated grilled chicken tastes like, order mojo chicken from a Cuban rotisserie. The simple but lively combination of tart citrus and sweet garlic is grilled perfection.

However, try to replicate those flavors at home and you will realize that not every mojo chicken recipe is created equal. Mojo is basically a ...Read more

A simple, crispy-topped strawberry-rhubarb crisp that you can make any time of year

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Around this time every year, when fresh rhubarb’s season is coming to an end, we start to anticipate going months without one half of our favorite fruit-dessert filling. But with this crisp, which works with both fresh and frozen rhubarb, we can get that bright, tart, floral combination any time of the year. Even better, the recipe is ...Read more

A sweet, citrusy, mostly make-ahead finish to your Father’s Day meal

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Lemon icebox pie, a close relative of key lime pie, is a favorite in the South. It started as a no-bake pie — a bonus in the relentlessly hot and humid South — that is stored in the refrigerator and served chilled. Eaters love it for its cool, oh-so-creamy, sweet yet tart deliciousness. Home bakers love it because it's so easy to make.

...Read more

A trio of sweet peas turns this springtime salad into a showpiece

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Stir-frying or sauteing fresh snow peas, sugar snap peas or frozen English peas is fine most of the year. But in spring, when these legumes are actually in season (and the only time fresh English peas are available), cooking them beyond the briefest blanch feels like a shame. Enter this knockout spring salad.

In this recipe, each of those three...Read more

Great techniques, quality flavors transform mild eggplant

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Have you been stumped by what to do with the piles of beautiful eggplants you see at farmers markets each summer? This recipe is your answer.

Few vegetables love smoke and char as much as eggplant does. This often-misunderstood vegetable becomes tender and smoky on the grill, where it soaks up flavor and seasonings. When it's done well, grilled...Read more

The tender, intensely flavored banana bread that you (and everyone else) have been craving

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Over the last month, hundreds of thousands of people have searched for "banana bread recipe" online. Maybe it's because banana bread is familiar and comforting, or because it's a bread that doesn't require any yeast, which can be tough to find in stores these days. Whatever the reason, its surge in popularity got us thinking about the number of ...Read more

This Memorial Day, stay in, grill out and learn to love skirt steak

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Step aside, strip and sirloin. If you're not grilling skirt steak this Memorial Day, you should be: It's a great cut for marinating, it cooks in minutes and it's especially beefy, tender, and juicy a-- as long as you buy the right kind and use some tricks to realize its full potential.

Grilling skirt steak starts at the ...Read more

Rome's greatest little-known pasta dish is porky-peppery goodness and only 5 ingredients

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Rome has four iconic -- and outrageously good -- pasta dishes that use some combination of pork, cheese, pepper, eggs and tomatoes: cacio e pepe, amatriciana, carbonara and gricia. This last one is probably the least well-known in the United States, but its porky-peppery flavors deserve big recognition.

In Italy, porky guanciale is at the ...Read more

Kids can help make this Mother's Day recipe extra special

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You may not be able to go out to eat for Mother's Day this year, but you can still make it feel special by making a jazzed-up version of a breakfast staple -- and letting the whole family get in on making it. With the following recipe's simple steps and short ingredient list that calls for items you likely already have in your ...Read more

New take on Caesar salad shows dish's versatility

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What makes a recipe food lovers refer to as a classic? It has to taste delicious and, of course, look beautiful. It should satisfy the other senses, too, offering enticing aromas, pleasing textures, and even delightful sounds. A classic should also stand the test of time, regardless of whatever food fads may come or go.

I'd like to add another ...Read more

Handy appliance eases pressure of cooking dinner

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All too often, families rely on takeout or fast food. But what is a parent to do when that option isn't feasible?

I find that the modern pressure cooker can provide a perfect solution. Unlike the pressure cookers of old, that hissed and rumbled threateningly on the stovetop, today's electric ones are models of convenience, ease and safety. Just...Read more

Rustic soup brings back warm family memories

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I first learned to cook in a kitchen ruled by two strong, loving women: my mother and grandmother. They were both amazing cooks, and all these years later my mouth still waters when I think about the food they prepared.

They weren't fancy about our daily food. Though they both knew how to prepare the finest traditional Austrian dishes, they ran...Read more



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