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Improve your scampi game with this lively mash-up of two classic dishes

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Imagine a one-pot shrimp pasta dish: a cross between a garlicky scampi and a zippy, lemony piccata, with a little bit of creamy sauce tossed in for good measure.

That’s what we envisioned when we started work on this recipe. We wanted tender, succulent shrimp and lots of rich, silky sauce balanced with just enough vibrant lemon and briny ...Read more

An Alabama favorite that features old-world flavors in a wholly American way

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Johnny’s Restaurant in Homewood, Alabama, is known far and wide for its Greek baked chicken, a super flavorful dish of marinated and roasted chicken with tons of herbs and lemon — a reflection of the chef’s Greek heritage and Alabama upbringing. Once our editors tried the dish on a recipe-research trip, we knew we had to create a version ...Read more

A make-ahead New Year’s Day family breakfast that doesn’t taste like dessert

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French toast casserole is the perfect New Year’s Day breakfast. It serves the whole family at once, can be dressed up with sweet or savory sides, and, with our recipe, can be prepped ahead of time and baked off when everyone wakes up.

But there’s one problem with this sunny scenario: Most versions look and taste a lot like bread pudding —...Read more

Make this walk-away boneless prime rib your holiday centerpiece

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A beautiful prime rib roast is usually a special-occasion centerpiece, one that’s surrounded by equally special side dishes. All that makes for a busy day in the kitchen, and when you add in the worry of an overcooked roast, it can be overwhelming.

We’re here to calm your nerves. Our method allows you to do the prep work, start the roast, ...Read more

Lighthouse Inn Potatoes: A beloved dish and your new favorite holiday recipe

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Lighthouse Inn Potatoes — chunks of soft potatoes baked in a rich cream sauce and topped with golden bread crumbs — originated at an iconic hotel and restaurant located in New London, a popular seaside town in southeastern Connecticut. Executive Chef Leon “Wally” Walden, who worked there for nearly 50 years before his 1992 death, was ...Read more

If you like brownies and cookies, then you’ll love this dessert

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The best brownies balance their sweetness with deep chocolate flavor accented with a bit of salt to bring out the chocolate’s complexity. They’re rich and chewy with a pleasant, dense fudginess and a crackly, shiny top. So why not make a brownie in cookie form?

To maximize the chocolate’s complexity, we used both melted bittersweet ...Read more

Make chana masala your new weeknight dinner hero

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The allure of chana masala, arguably one of North India’s most popular vegetarian dishes, is multifaceted. It’s visually stunning, incredibly fragrant, and, most importantly, downright flavorful. It’s also a practical dish that can be prepared in less than an hour using ingredients you probably already have on hand.

We made a couple of ...Read more

This year, use that leftover Thanksgiving turkey for these spicy nachos

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Leftovers are one of the best parts of a Thanksgiving meal. But sometimes, the day-after side dishes — the mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, casseroles, stuffing and gravy — all get gobbled up before the extra turkey.

If that happens, don’t go for another sandwich. Instead, give that leftover turkey another life with this nacho recipe....Read more

A more convenient, quicker Thanksgiving main for a smaller crowd

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If you’re having a smaller Thanksgiving gathering this year, consider forgoing the giant bird and opting for boneless turkey breasts. This cut is a quicker and more approachable option, offering all the hearty flavor of turkey without the challenges of cooking and carving a giant bird or bone-in breast. And with this two-for-one recipe, you’...Read more

A few pantry staples combine to create a quick, rustic, one-pan dinner

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It’s hard to imagine a more comforting supper than a dish of soft, brothy beans, hearty kale and punchy sausage. And that comfort level only increases when you have to clean just one pot afterward.

The trouble with greens such as kale is that you need a vessel with a large capacity so they’ll fit inside that vessel when raw. A Dutch oven is...Read more

An anytime side that can also be the star of a holiday meal

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We love winter squash prepared the familiar way: sprinkled with brown sugar and dotted with butter, then roasted until it’s tender and sweet. It’s comforting, but not all that inspiring.

For a savory take, and one that would produce a dish that would earn a spot on the table whether it was a chilly weeknight or a Thanksgiving spread, we ...Read more

This Halloween, satisfy your sweet tooth with Snickers-inspired cookie bars

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A Snickers bar is a near perfect candy. The only thing that can make it better? Freezing it. It still has the perfect sweet and salty balance of flavor, but freezing the bar somehow makes the texture even better. That was our inspiration when we created sweet and salty, chewy and crunchy cookie bars, the perfect Halloween sweet.

We used some ...Read more

Pantry staples and a familiar kitchen tool are the keys to this smooth, flavorful, quick-cooking soup

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Red lentils are an ideal legume. For one thing, they’re quick to prepare, cooking up in less than 20 minutes, with no presoaking or brining required. But the best thing about cooking red lentils is that unlike other beans and legumes, you don’t need to worry about getting the interiors of the beans to soften before the skins rupture. With no...Read more

An apple lover’s apple crumble that highlights its fresh fruit flavor (and doesn’t bury it in sugar)

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Some apple crumbles bury the fruit in sugar and streusel so that by the time you add a scoop of ice cream, you’ve lost the fruit’s tangy freshness. It’s the equivalent of heating really good olive oil so that it loses its grassy bite or cooking thick, well-marbled steak until the center goes gray.

An apple crumble should let the fruit’s...Read more

A one-hour, one-pot recipe to welcome fall

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With kids back in school (in some form or another) and many parents still working from home, it’s a perfect time to add a great-tasting, quick-cooking meal to your recipe rotation. In this one-pot recipe, lively lemon zest, bright peas and summery basil combine with pasta, meat and vegetables for a satisfying, light and lively fall dish.

In ...Read more

This late-season tomato tart is a fitting farewell to tomato season

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It’s late in tomato season, and if you haven’t used your homegrown or farmers market tomatoes to make a galette yet, now’s the time. The idea of this rustic tomato tart is simple: Slice tomatoes, season them, pile them onto flaky dough, fold the dough’s edges up, and bake until the crust is golden and crisp.

It’s a fantastic way to ...Read more

Citrusy, silky lemon posset: The easiest dessert you’ve never made

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If you have cream, sugar, a couple of lemons and some fresh berries in your kitchen right now, you’re only a few hours away from tasting your new favorite dessert.

Posset is a chilled English dessert with the marvelously plush texture of a mousse or pudding that comes together almost by magic from nothing more than sugar, cream and citrus ...Read more



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