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These creamy bars are easier to make than a classic cheesecake and just as delicious

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Cheesecake is delicious, but baking a big traditional one can be tricky. You have to bake a large cheesecake inside another pan filled with water to make sure it bakes evenly — a fussy and delicate maneuver in the oven. Smaller cheesecake bars are just as delicious, with a crisp graham cracker crust and a tangy, custardy filling, and are much ...Read more

Bright, sweet and tart raspberries add pops of flavor and color to these muffins

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Looking for a sweet bite in the morning? Adding raspberries to your muffin batter yields a tasty bite the whole family will enjoy. And while you’re snacking on these delicious muffins, you can teach the kids some fun facts about raspberries!

For example, even though raspberries are fruits, they are actually NOT berries. Scientifically ...Read more

Summer fun starts in the kitchen making creamy paletas

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A summer treat that’s fun for kids and adults alike, paletas are easy to make and simply delicious. And while fresh fruit tastes best, you can use 1 pound of frozen strawberries, thawed and drained on paper towels, in this recipe.

Strawberry Cream Paletas

Makes 6 paletas

3 1/2 cups strawberries, hulled

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/4 cup honey

1...Read more

Firecracker hot dogs are perfect for your holiday menu

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The Fourth of July, also called Independence Day, is an American holiday celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence — which happened (no surprise!) on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence stated that the American colonies were no longer under British rule; they were now independent states.

Today we celebrate ...Read more

Berries give this snack cake a bright pop of color and fresh flavor

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This pretty, simple snack cake is a perfect way to use fresh summer produce! It’s also great for after school (or even for breakfast, if you’re in need of a special morning treat). The blueberries and raspberries add bright color and fresh flavor. You can substitute frozen berries for fresh if you like. Just thaw them before using!

Berry ...Read more

This homemade Father’s Day gift is delightfully delicious

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Generations of kids and grown-ups have baked and eaten chocolate chip cookies.

We have just one person to thank for the chocolate chip cookies we know and love: Ruth Wakefield. In the 1930s, Ruth and her husband ran a restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts, called the Toll House. Ruth invented a recipe for Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies to ...Read more

Make your own version of these store-bought breakfast treats

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Did you know the classic brand of these frosted hand pies — Pop Tarts — are more than 50 years old? The original Pop Tarts’ claim to fame was that they contained fruit filling but did not have to be refrigerated. When they first hit supermarket shelves, there were no frosted varieties. It took a few years for the company to develop a ...Read more

These fluffy pancakes will make you flip!

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Pancakes are a blank canvas, so bring out your inner artist. You can work your magic at the table with maple syrup, honey, confectioners’ sugar, fresh fruit and/or softened butter. Or you can cook your artistry right into the pancakes by adding chocolate chips, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, sliced bananas or raspberries instead of the ...Read more

A bright, fresh-tasting, make-ahead dessert for Memorial Day

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Key limes are smaller, yellower cousins to the bigger, darker green Persian limes you usually see in the grocery store. They’re more tart, with fragrant, floral juice and used to be grown widely in the Florida Keys, where cooks invented key lime pie as a way to use the juice.

To make these key lime bars, you don’t actually need key limes. ...Read more

This savory galette makes a great lunch or dinner

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A galette is like a pie, except the crust is only on the bottom and the sides and it’s a totally free-form dish. No pie plate here!

A good galette has a crust that is nice and crisp. But the filling can create a problem. Most veggies are filled with water, which can make the crust wet. The solution? We put a layer of grated Parmesan cheese on...Read more

Once the caramel corn pops, you won’t stop snacking!

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Did you know that popcorn comes in different shapes? There are two main kinds: butterfly (also called snowflake) and mushroom. Most of the popcorn you get at the movies or buy at the market is butterfly shape, which pops up light and fluffy with lots of “wings” sticking out.

Caramel popcorn, however, is often made with mushroom popcorn, ...Read more

Overnight waffles are the perfect treat for Mom

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Overnight waffles (also known as raised or yeasted waffles) are very old-school. They do require advanced planning, but they are the crispiest, tastiest waffles on the planet. They are very light and airy because they contain yeast — the magic ingredient that makes bread rise.

Make the batter before bed (or even earlier in the day). When you ...Read more

This soup is a blank canvas for practicing your garnishing skills

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Sometimes the simpler the recipe, the easier it is to overcomplicate it. Case in point: carrot-ginger soup, whose flavors often get elbowed out with the addition of other vegetables, fruits or excessive dairy. But this simple, creamy, pared-down version is velvety-smooth with clean carrot flavor and subtle ginger background notes.

Carrots are a...Read more

Kid-friendly meatballs get the whole family involved in cooking dinner

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For a new spin on meatballs, add basil pesto for big flavor. The pesto replaces the minced herbs, minced garlic and grated cheese in standard meatball recipes. Buy pesto from the refrigerated section of the supermarket — it has a fresher flavor than the jarred pesto sold in the grocery aisles

This kid-friendly recipe is easy to follow, so ...Read more

Southern Spain’s best-kept secret

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Espinacas con garbanzos is a hyper-regional dish native to Seville with strong Moorish influence that’s substantive and full of flavor.

Briefly simmering canned chickpeas (uniformly tender, well seasoned and convenient) in a combination of chicken broth and chickpea canning liquid tenderized them and infused them with savory flavor.

A picada...Read more

We pay homage to a San Francisco cafe’s roast chicken

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For our own take on Zuni Cafe’s roast chicken with bread salad, we started by butterflying a whole chicken and salting it overnight so it would cook quickly and evenly and be juicy and well-seasoned.

Before roasting the chicken in a 475-degree oven, we covered the bottom of a skillet with bread cubes that we had moistened with oil and broth ...Read more

A new spin on a weeknight favorite

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Piccata sauce is a simple but powerful mix of lemon, capers, white wine and butter. This tangy, bold sauce is a great match (and foil) for salmon’s rich, full flavor.

When cooking salmon fillets, we like to buy a whole center-cut piece and cut it into individual portions ourselves. Doing this ensures that each fillet is similar in size, which...Read more



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