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Enjoy bold flavors from this easy chicken recipe

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Butter chicken should be rich and creamy but also vibrant and complex, so we started by softening onion, garlic, ginger and chile in butter followed by aromatic spices such as garam masala, coriander, cumin, and black pepper.

A combination of tomato paste and water provided a bright acidity, punch and a deep color, while a full cup of cream ...Read more

It’s time to rethink your marinade

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While it is common to soak meat in a marinade before throwing it on the grill, we wanted to try a different approach. Because wet meat simply steams on the grill, we suggest marinating the meat after grilling it to achieve a charred crust.

Simply season your steak with salt, pepper and sugar before searing. Once it comes off the grill, poking ...Read more

Homemade pudding is the perfect way to end your meal

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When you’re searching for something sweet after lunch or dinner, homemade chocolate pudding will become your go-to dessert.

It’s important to note that homemade chocolate pudding can lack flavor if you don’t use enough chocolate, and it can even develop a grainy texture if there’s too much cocoa butter. But by using a modest amount of ...Read more

We’re spilling the tea on one of our most popular scone recipes

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Want to know the secret to our delicious scone recipe? It’s all about the way you handle the ingredients.

Berry beginning: Toss the frozen berries in powdered sugar to keep from bleeding into the dough.

Second step: Treating the butter in two different ways is the key to light and flaky scones. First, process half the butter until it’s ...Read more

Classic piccata sauce is perfect match for salmon

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Piccata sauce is a simple, yet punchy mix of lemon, capers, white wine and butter. It’s tangy and takes your salmon dish in an exciting new direction.

Quick tips

1. Buy a whole center-cut piece of salmon and cut it into individual portions to ensure that each fillet is a similar size to cook at the same rate.

2. Use ...Read more

This three-layer cookie bar only requires one trip to the oven

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The idea of making a three-layer cookie bar seems daunting, since the process often involves baking and assembling the dessert in stages. But we figured out a way to do it in one go to make it easier for the home baker.

The trick for this cookie bar is making one dough do double duty, using part of the dough for a sturdy base and the rest to ...Read more

Soup season isn't over just yet!

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While we await warmer days this spring, there’s often a chill in the air. The kind of crisp temps that leave you craving for something cozy to warm you up. This hearty bowl of soup is the perfect meal to do just that.

Coconut milk kept our broth creamy and comforting, while ginger and curry powder added spicy heat to keep it lively.

Curried ...Read more

A Peruvian-inspired marinade livens up this one-pan weeknight chicken dinner

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Who knew one sheet pan could provide so much depth in flavor in one dish? Before you get everything together on the pan, start with the marinade in a blender. The marinade features refreshing mint, herby oregano, and pungent garlic; it also gets a subtle earthiness from cumin and smoked paprika, plus a little kick from half a habanero chile and ...Read more

Lemon-olive oil tart is a perfect way to end your Easter celebration

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While most lemon tart recipes feature butter in both the crust and the filling, in this recipe we use extra-virgin olive oil to take some of the fuss out of your prep work.

Simply mix flour, sugar and salt with the oil and a little water until a soft dough forms; crumble it into the tart pan; press it into the sides and bottom; and bake it ...Read more

Raw asparagus makes a lasting impression in this spring salad

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With the change of seasons, it’s time for a fresh approach to your lunch/dinner prep. This vibrant salad features raw asparagus, rather than a roasted version, and an herb-based dressing.

Round out the meal with thinly sliced pears and toasted almonds for crunch, grapes for a touch of sweetness, and goat cheese for a bit of tang.

Asparagus ...Read more

This soup recipe uses a whopping 17 cloves of garlic, for good reason

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There are three qualities you want in a weeknight meal: quick, simple, and delicious. Lucky for you, this creamy soup recipe, developed for our “Five-Ingredient Dinners” cookbook, gives you all three.

The secret ingredient here is really no ...Read more

Cozy up with this Irish-American classic

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This old-school take on Irish stew layers pork sausage, bacon, onions, potatoes and stock to “coddle,” or slowly simmer.

For a more flavorful version of this dish that kept its elements intact, we crisped the bacon and browned the sausages to create flavorful bits (fond) in the pan. Sweating the onions and adding broth to the pan released ...Read more

French toast casserole is an ideal family breakfast

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If you’re making breakfast for a crowd or a bigger family, forgo traditional French toast for a breakfast casserole that’s just as delicious and easier to make for a group.

We layered potato bread (which held up better than regular sandwich bread) with a brown sugar–cinnamon mixture and butter, and then poured a creamy custard over the ...Read more

This cheesy bean bake is family-friendly

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On busy weeknights, there’s nothing like a one-pan meal the whole family will love! You can even get the kids involved to help make this easy dish.

All it takes is stirring white beans into a quick-cooking tomato sauce, topping the mixture with cheese and bread crumbs, then baking until it’s creamy and crunchy!

This recipe uses two types ...Read more

Unstuffed shells give you the flavor of stuffed shells without all the fuss

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Making stuffed shells is a tedious process. On a busy weeknight, no one has time to meticulously stuff each and every individual par-boiled pasta shell. Do yourself a favor and try this recipe for unstuffed shells instead. You’ll thank us later, for time saved and a tummy satisfied.

The base of the dish features butternut squash, ...Read more

You’ll want these jewels of sweet heat on everything you eat

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Making these candied jalapeños is as easy as heating the sliced fresh chiles in a seasoned simple syrup and then letting them cool. Yet for such a seemingly basic recipe with so few ingredients and steps, the end product is extraordinarily versatile. The key to their versatility (and to the success of this recipe) proved to be in the balance of...Read more

Pull apart this sticky-sweet treat and share with your friends!

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Monkey bread is a knotty-looking loaf of sweet bread made from balls of dough coated with cinnamon, sugar, and melted butter. It’s traditionally served warm so that the sticky baked pieces can be pulled apart. The name “monkey” refers to how you eat this sweet treat — with your hands.

Monkey Bread

Serves 8

1/2 cup packed light brown ...Read more



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