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Go away with ... lovelytheband

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The indie pop group lovelytheband doesn’t do things the standard way. Vocalist Mitchy Collins and guitarist Jordan Greenwald began writing songs together and released a single prior to officially forming their group. “broken,” which was released before drummer Sam Price became a member, enjoyed a 76-week run, including the No. 1 spot, on ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Alyshia Ochse

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Based out of West Hollywood, Alyshia Ochse enjoys keeping busy. Her latest series, "#FreeRayshawn" is featured on Quibi. She had authored the self-help book "Life Letters: Key to Your Soul ... A Journey into the Self" (Starz Alyghn Inc., $12.99). And Ochse also hosts the podcast "That One Audition," profiling fellow actors such as Laurence ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Matthew Morrison

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Known for his acting roles in shows like "Glee," as well as starring on Broadway in musicals such as "South Pacific" and "Hairspray," Matthew Morrison has a new album out. "Disney Dreamin' with Matthew Morrison" includes songs he handpicked with his own child, Revel, in mind. The cuts include "When You Wish Upon a Star" ("Pinocchio"), "Friend ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Dorian Missick

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"As someone who was on a plane every weekend, I thought I was tired of traveling until now," says actor Dorian Missick ("Six Degrees," "The Manchurian Candidate," "The Good Wife"), who splits his time between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. "My family is already planning a trip to Bermuda after all of this. It's literally the topic of all of our daily...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Evy Poumpouras

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"I was a week away from going to Mt. Everest when the unfortunate events of coronavirus caused all travel to be canceled," said former Secret Service Special Agent Evy Poumpouras. "Once things get back to normal, India is the next (destination) on my list. I'm fascinated by their culture and food. I just have to pinpoint exactly where in the ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Adam Rodriguez

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Adam Rodriguez is known for his long-time roles on shows such as "Criminal Minds" and "CSI: Miami," as well as his work in films like the "Magic Mike" franchise. His latest project is Showtime's "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels." Born in Yonkers, New York, and currently a resident of Los Angeles, the actor says he's looking forward to returning ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Lisa Vidal

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Lisa Vidal plays the matriarch in the new ABC series, "The Baker and the Beauty." A strong advocate for women's health (she's a breast cancer survivor), Vidal took time to reflect on some of her previous travels. Mindful of what's happening around the world with the coronavirus pandemic, she said, "I really look forward to being able to travel ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Johnny Iguana of The Claudettes

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"Getting away from home gives me inspiration and perspective," says Johnny Iguana, keyboardist-pianist-songwriter-bandleader of The Claudettes. "I've gotten to play music in Beirut, all over Japan, all over Brazil, in Indonesia. ... Wherever I can find a piano in a faraway land, I like to sit down and sort of Ouija Board the piano - let my hands...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman

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Jack Osbourne (yes, Ozzy's son) and Katrina Weidman star in the Travel Channel reality series, "Portals to Hell." As paranormal investigators, the pair search for haunted locations in search of evidence that a spirit world actually exists. Yes, it's entertainment for viewers. But Osbourne and Weidman say the series has helped them answer ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Sarah Wayne Callies

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Sarah Wayne Callies is known for her roles in the popular series "The Walking Dead" and "Prison Break." The actress returns to episodic television on March 24 with the new NBC series "Council of Dads." Born in Illinois and raised in Hawaii, Callies travels often for her career, as well as for humanitarian work for organizations ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Jade Pettyjohn

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After scene-stealing roles opposite the likes of Nicole Kidman ("Destroyer") and Laura Dern ("Trial by Fire"), Jade Pettyjohn's next plum part is portraying Reese Witherspoon's daughter in the new Hulu series "Little Fires Everywhere." A well-seasoned traveler, Pettyjohn says she likes to be prepared. "I like to know a bit about the city or ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Nuseir Yassin

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Born and raised in Arraba, Israel, Palastinian-Israeli Nuseir Yassin currently resides in Singapore. Better known to millions of social media followers as Nas, he creates content about his travels, as well as educational videos on current topics such as the coronavirus. Yassin also is the author of "Around the World in 60 Seconds: The Nas Daily ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Ellis Miah

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Writing and producing songs for superstars is nothing new to Ellis Miah. He's worked with a diverse array of artists, including Christina Aguilera, Loleatta Holloway and Yoko Ono. His latest high-profile assignment was collaborating with the South Korean group BTS on the song "Inner Child." Fans may stay in touch with the songwriter via his ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Sweet Lizzy Project

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Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Sweet Lizzy Project is gearing up for the Feb. 21 release of their album "Technicolor." Vocalist and songwriter Lisset Diaz discussed how touring has given her the opportunity to see the world. "I am always on the road with the band, which is really cool," says Diaz, 28. "I get to know a lot of ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Tami Neilson

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Born and raised in Canada and currently based out of New Zealand, Tami Neilson has been on the road for three decades. "From the age of 12, I was on tour all across North America in a 35-foot motor home with my family's band The Neilsons," says Neilson, 42. "It consisted of my mom, dad and two brothers, Jay and Todd. I met and married a Kiwi and...Read more


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