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Celebrity Travel: Go away with Natasha Lopez

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“This pandemic has definitely shifted the meaning of vacation for me,” said Natasha Lopez, one of the stars of the HBO series “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” “Being in New York the

entire time has been tough, especially during the winter. But it gave me a new sense of adventure and spontaneity. I did road trips upstate, went apple ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with AleXa

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At the time of our Zoom interview, AleXa hadn’t heard that she had advanced to the finals of NBC’s “American Song Contest.” “I’m just grateful for this experience,” she said from Los Angeles, where the singing competition is filmed. “I performed for a huge American network in front of a live audience. Hopefully, I can take this ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Isné Bobo Nuyent

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Just three days after he finished documenting Epik High’s concert at Coachella, photographer-musician Isné Bobo Nuyent was back home in Los Angeles doing a Zoom interview to promote his latest pop-punk single “No More Talking” ( The Vietnamese American artist spent two months on the road with the hip-...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Aria Brooks

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For 15-year-old actress Aria Brooks, playing Libby in the Disney+ film "Better Nate Than Ever” was like being with a good friend. “I think Libby and I are similar in a lot of ways,” said the teen, who resides in Atlanta with her family. “We stand for a lot of the same things, like feminism and Black power. Libby and I have very similar ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Will Ropp

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Ask Will Ropp about his favorite vacation spot and he’ll answer without hesitation: Walt Disney World. “I've been going there since I was a kid and have had some of my favorite family and childhood memories there,” said the Los Angeles-based actor, who’s one of the stars of “The Fallout” (HBO Max), which won three awards at the South...Read more

Celebrity Trave: Go away with Rain Perry

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While some musicians prefer to write their music quietly at home, Rain Perry said she needs to get away from her normal routines to get into the proper mindset as a songwriter. “The only way for me to give myself the time and space to truly hash (my songs) out is to lock myself in a (new) room for a few days,” said Perry, who’s based out ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Indi Star

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At just 15 years old, Indi Star is a multi-hyphenate entertainer. Besides acting roles in "The Hyperions," “Henry Danger” and “Charmers,” she has a burgeoning music career that started with her Kidz Bop days. “The week I found out I got Kidz Bop, I was turning 11,” said Star, who resides in North Hollywood. “My favorite memories of...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Johanna Liauw

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After appearing in the "Quantum Leap" reboot, Johanna Liauw is one of the stars of the Netflix’s “Tall Girl 2.” She describes her role as empowering, especially for younger people. “(Stella is) energetic and fun,” the actress said of her character. “She marches to the beat of her own tune, which I think is really inspiring for those ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Martin Yan

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Over the past 40 years, Master Chef Martin Yan has hosted more than 1,500 episodes of “Yan Can Cook” on PBS. Back then, there was no Food Network or Cooking Channel. A few star chefs like Julia Child and Graham Kerr (“The Galloping Gourmet”) had their own series, but the climate for cooking shows was much different in 1982 than it is ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Tasha Franken

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Born and raised in Spain, Tasha Franken started modeling when she was 15 years old. Working in an industry that focused on her looks was difficult, she said. The model was told that not only was her skin tone too dark, but that she needed to lose weight. After battling an eating disorder, Franken focused on becoming the healthiest version of ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Woosung

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While Woo-sung Kim’s bandmates in South Korea are serving their mandatory military duty, the Korean American guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for the pop-rock group The Rose is back in Los Angeles – not far from where he grew up. For our Zoom interview, the musician wore a simple black T-shirt and could easily pass as a college student, rather ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Nicole Kang

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Currently starring as Mary Hamilton/Poison Ivy on The CW’s “Batwoman,” Nicole Kang said she’s come a long way since her school days when she was studying to become an accountant. “I was aware that there wasn't a lot of Asian representation on TV at the time,” said Kang, who recently moved to Los Angeles. “I've loved Sandra Oh from ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Anna Hindman

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Working on film sets doesn’t always offer a lot of downtime. But "American Siege" actress Anna Hindman said she was delighted she had the opportunity to experience the hospitality that Fitzgerald, Georgia, had to offer. “I was lucky to have some downtime to explore (and enjoy) the location,” said Hindman, who’s based out of Clarksville, ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Mariel Molino

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Mariel Molino said that landing a starring role on ABC’s “Promised Land” was one of her biggest acting accomplishments. It’s also the first major part where she speaks in English, rather than Spanish. The Los Angeles-based actress, who portrays Carmen Sandoval, pointed out that there are challenges to acting in either language. “When I...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Cassandra Freeman

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“I'm currently shooting ‘Bel-Air’ in Los Angeles and my family is still in Brooklyn,” said Cassandra Freeman, who portrays Aunt Viv in the Peacock reboot of the Will Smith series. “It has been incredibly hard. I work all day and then can't go anywhere because of Covid, so not to have my family just a quick plane ride away has been most...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Reagan To

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Most actors get a chance to critique their own work when the project is released. This hasn’t been the case for Reagan To, who dubbed two characters’ voices into English on “Squid Game” — the most-watched series ever on Netflix. Now a 10-year-old fourth grader, the Los Angeles resident said her parents won’t allow her to watch the ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Charles Brice

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Charles Brice portrays a CIA hacker in the new Netflix spy series, “In From the Cold." He describes his character as "trustworthy, loyal, unafraid to speak his mind and he loves his momma dearly." As for himself in real life, Brice said he's "as skilled in technology as any millennial who grew up during the time of Myspace and AOL Instant ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go away with Emma Malouff

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Actress Emma Malouff (“1883”) said she loved working on Ryan Murphy’s FX series “Impeachment: American Crime Story.” “Having had the opportunity to portray Allison Tripp, the daughter of Linda Tripp — played by the brilliant Sarah Paulson — was an experience I will never forget,” said the Los Angeles resident. “When (filming)...Read more



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