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Taking the Kids: When it rains on your planned adventure

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Rain or shine?

I’ve been stuck in a hurricane in Orlando, a tropical storm in Hawaii, blizzards in Colorado, and then came our Montana foray at the deluxe “glamping” Resort at Paws Up, on a 37,000-acre ranch near the Blackfoot River and just 35 miles from the Missoula International Airport, though ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Staying safe in national parks from COVID, bears, bison and more...

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Cars were stopped in both directions. The gawkers and paparazzi were jostling for the best shot without regard to social distancing, nor had they stopped to put on masks.

The object of all of this attention and her four playful cubs was oblivious to the commotion. Meet Grizzly #399, ...Read more

Taking the Kids: On the road this pandemic summer

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Enough with the dirty looks. “People are so judgy whatever you do,” said Missy Yelton, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with her husband and three kids on a road trip from Minnesota. “Those who aren’t wearing masks are annoyed by those who are and those who are give people looks if they aren’t. … It is ridiculous. This shouldn’t be a ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visit a unique family owned Montana ranch this summer

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Flip-flops or cowboy boots? The staff at the family-owned Flathead Lake Lodge, celebrating its 75th anniversary this season with the third generation of the Averill family at the helm, can tell immediately if the kids will gravitate toward the barn and horseback riding or to the pool and lakefront...Read more

Taking the Kids: Utah road trip

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Fiery Furnace… Eye of the Whale… Balanced Rock… Courthouse Towers. Massive impossibly balanced rocks, huge pinnacles, double arches, collapsed arches…

There are more than 2000 arches in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. Everyone will see something different. Which animal? A witch? A ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Planning ahead for next year

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Where to? That summer reunion cruise with the entire family to Alaska has been canceled. You can’t head to Italy or France as planned either. Theme parks are reopening but the idea of having to wear a mask and social distance may be enough to put a visit off till next year. You may not like the idea of communal bathrooms at the beach or ...Read more

Taking the Kids: How to make the most of pandemic summer

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What a roller coaster! No, not the newest theme park ride, though theme parks are starting to reopen with reduced capacity and stringent health care rules. (Yes, you will have to wear masks; More in an upcoming column.)

We’re talking about summer vacation planning. The good news: If you can work remotely with kids’ camps and summer school ...Read more

Taking the Kids: As Orlando reopens

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No Instagram worthy hugs with your favorite characters. No princess makeovers, nighttime “spectaculars” or parades.

Just to enter, you’ll need an advance reservation, temperature screening and a mask.

Welcome to the New Normal as Orlando begins to open in this Pandemic Summer.


The ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A dozen + gifts for the outdoors-heading Dad

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Maybe the dad in your life is a committed outdoorsman. Maybe he hasn’t camped since Boy Scouts.

No matter. After months of sheltering at home with the kids and, maybe working remotely, he probably can’t wait to get outdoors. And local surveys suggest, he wants to take a road trip or go social-distance camping.

With Father’s Day coming, ...Read more

Taking the kids: On a road trip to South Dakota’s Black Hills and Badlands

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Check out George Washington’s nose! It’s 21 feet tall!

We were at Mount Rushmore National Park in South Dakota peering up at the gigantic (60 foot tall) heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, which are chiseled out of granite.

In case you were wondering why these four were chosen, George ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Heading outdoors any way you want this summer

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Is it safe? After being cooped up with their kids for more than two months, families are desperate to get out of the house.

“I don’t know how much longer the kids can take it,” said Pearl Martinez, a Denver mom of four.

Parents either.

But is it safe to head out of town? “It is a really difficult position we are in. I am concerned we ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Getting moms and daughters out of their comfort zones together

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When Steff Keene wanted to backpack for the first time, she didn't turn to adventure-loving friends for advice as most college students might. She turned to her mom.

"I go to school out of state and we don't see each other as much as we would like," said Keene, 21. "We are regular hikers but had never done an overnight backpack trip and didn't ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Let's hear it for moms everywhere (grandmas, too!)

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I'll admit it. Sometimes, when my kids were small, work was a welcome respite from the never-ending chaos at home -- and I had a pretty stressful job as a reporter for a big city newspaper.

One of my now adult kids reminded me the other day of all the times she would interrupt me when I was trying to make phone calls from home. "And you never ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Thinking about adventures past and to come -- in Alaska

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Hold on tight! Not to the careening roller coaster that everyday life has become during this pandemic, but to the fishing pole, especially when you are fishing for halibut.

It's not easy to hold onto that pole -- or, at times, to normalcy these days. Stuck at home, reduced to homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2357543">Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting Golden Gate Park for its big birthday

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There were tents everywhere.

Tens of thousands of San Franciscans left homeless by the April 18, 1906 earthquake and the fires that followed set up camp in Golden Gate Park -- rows of tents and small houses called "Earthquake Shacks" that became de facto towns.

Sound familiar -- kind of like the pictures we've been seeing of the...Read more

Taking the Kids: Learning about the origins of the Titanic in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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They were just ordinary families from around the world whose lives were derailed by extraordinary circumstance.

Not the pandemic. These families had the misfortune to be passengers and crew aboard the Titanic on its ill-fated maiden voyage on April 10,1912. The ship sunk two nights later, after striking an iceberg.

There are so ...Read more



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