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Taking the Kids: ooking for romance with your honey? Head to the snow -- with or without the kids!

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The gently falling snow, the hot tub and hot toddies, a couples massage ... the kids! Certainly heading to snowy climes can inspire romance. "It's cold and you want to be close to someone you love," offers Cameron Stewart. She and her husband, in fact, eloped and got married at the top of Breckenridge Mountain four years ago.

Jess and Todd ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Indulging your inner-foodie at an all-inclusive resort

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Want to impress a teen on vacation? Start with the food, perhaps guacamole, which tastes as good as it looks, prepared tableside in a traditional stone dish and served up with freshly made tortilla chips.

"That was really awesome," said Maia Capp, 13, from Sitka, Alaska. So was the beach butler, who came around with fruit kabobs, an omelet with...Read more

Taking the Kids: A different way to have some fun in the snow

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There's nothing like starting the year by checking something off your vacation bucket list.

For Kacy Yerger, 24, that meant seeing snow for the first time. She grew up in Florida and now lives in Southern California, she explained.

"That was the impetus for this trip," said her boyfriend Michael Swenson, whose mom Karen Bransten was treating ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting Washington, D.C. during the government shutdown

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Let's hear it for a new-style winter getaway!

Here's your chance to explore a famous American city in a new way -- and support those there who count on our tourism dollars.

Welcome to Washington, D.C.,a city many families like to visit over President's Day weekend or on winter breaks.

It'...Read more

Taking the Kids: Calling all chocolate lovers

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It's so hard to choose. Tiny dark chocolates with raspberries; impossibly beautiful milk chocolates with caramel; small chocolate macrons called "Luxemburgerti," truffles dusted with cocoa powder and bars studded with hazelnuts or apricots.

There is no right or wrong, says our Sweet Zurich ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A safari planned for more than seeing amazing wildlife

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The royalty didn't wave, much less acknowledge us. That was probably a good thing as we're watching the queens, princes and princesses of the jungle -- two lionesses and two yearling cubs -- walking within a few feet of our vehicle without paying us the slightest attention. It seemed they had more important things on their minds, like getting to...Read more

Taking the Kids: Having some fun in the snow during learn a snow sport month

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Maybe your New Year's resolution is to learn something new with the kids. Maybe you promised yourself you would all put down your devices and get outside more. Maybe you just want to show off that new jacket you got for Christmas.

How about some fun in the snow? There's no better time than January -- designated as homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2162537">Read more

Taking the Kids: Places made memorable in 2018 by what we ate

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Giant shrimp, anchovies and sardines, clams and mussels -- known here in Italy as "back gold" -- pasta in a shrimp and lemon sauce along with salads and a huge tiramisu cake for dessert.

We were cruising the Venice Lagoons aboard the homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2160459">Read more

Taking the Kids: Discovering a hidden gem off the tourist track

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Still doing holiday shopping? Take your pick of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, handwoven rugs and baskets -- entire roomfuls that are handmade by Native American artisans. Of course, you can shop till you drop anytime!

Welcome to the Perry Null Trading Company in ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Gifts for your favorite travelers, include some that give back

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Are you a smart traveler? One who squirrels away souvenirs to present (ta-dah!) as holiday gifts?

The best I was able to do was buy funny ornaments until my kids begged me to stop. "We've got way too many," they said. And they were right. Besides, these days, with restrictions on the weight of checked bags and ever-smaller room for carry-on ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Twelve places to see the holiday lights

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Are you ready? You may barely be recovered from Thanksgiving but the entire country -- the entire world -- is ready for Christmas -- from the wonderful holiday markets in Europe to Orlando where holiday festivities at all of the theme parks and in the city have been going on since early November. No wonder Orlando, according to ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Aboard the Celebrity Edge, a new much-anticipated cruise ship

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Want to play with purpose? Step aboard the new Celebrity Edge, four years in the making and set to take its maiden voyage on Dec. 9. I was able to get a sneak peek recently on a two-day trip from Port Everglades to Nassau. (Check out my onboard videos on ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Aboard the Celebrity Edge, a new much-anticipated cruise ship

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Want to play with purpose? Step aboard the new Celebrity Edge, four years in the making and set to take its maiden voyage on Dec. 9. I was able to get a sneak peek recently on a two-day trip from Port Everglades to Nassau. (Check out my onboard videos on ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Gathering for the holidays

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No drama! Is that possible when the family is gathering for the holidays? It's hard enough when you are gathering at someone's home (or yours!) and you have the stress of keeping guests happy -- or being a guest. (Can the kids manage to not spill anything on the white couch?)

It can be worse when everyone has high expectations for the long-...Read more

Taking the Kids: Eating your way through Italy

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Drum roll, please! As the cheese master takes his small hammer to the gigantic wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano.

We are in a small factory, Consorzio Produttori Latte Baganzolino, in Parma, Italy, where the way to ensure the region's famous cheese is up to snuff is by making sure it is solid, that there are no breaks or air pockets inside the ...Read more

11/8/18 Taking the Kids column revised

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The 11/8/18 Taking the Kids column has been revised. The Remembering WWI app mentioned in graf 14 was developed by the National Archives and Records Administration, not the Smithsonian. The information has been updated. Use the new version.

Taking the Kids: Learning a little military history this month

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It was so long ago! World War I was so long ago that as we celebrate the armistice of the first global war in which millions died and empires were destroyed it would be impossible for today's kids to have met anyone who fought or lived during that difficult time.

They have no clue why the bright red poppies are the symbol of remembrance, ever ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A river cruise designed for families

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St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, usually teeming with visitors, is dark and silent as we file in, one recent evening drenched from the rain.

Slowly, the lights are turned on, revealing 46,000 square feet of golden mosaic, some dating from 1270, some made with 24-carat gold leaf to represent divine light. The marble floors are composed of more ...Read more

Taking the Kids: The National Museum of Play

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Impossible, I thought, as I hung up the phone. I was a young Chicago Tribune reporter and had just fielded a call about a new doll company in Wisconsin that was touting expensive historic dolls to little girls and their parents.

That will never fly, I told colleagues. No story here. Boy was I wrong. Not only did homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2139470">Read more


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