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Taking the Kids: Making the most of summer vacation

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So much for spontaneity. It's hard to be spontaneous when you are carting a stroller, portable crib, diaper bags, toddlers and their backpacks.

Say goodbye to those days of taking off on a whim to a music festival, without a hotel or campground reservation. No more switching gears when you get to a train station in a foreign city and decide to ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Twenty-one ideas for Dad's Day gifts for traveling dads

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Lucky guy! You know who I mean. The dad (and grandad) who insist they have everything they want or need. Besides, they hate shopping.

So how can you show your appreciation for all they do come Father's Day? It just takes a little creativity (and not necessarily a lot of money).

First, narrow down your choices based on a theme. ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Bragging rights from Acadia National Park

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Want vacation bragging rights? You just have to get up really early at Acadia National Parkon Maine’s Mount Desert Island and get to the top of Cadillac Mountain to see the sunrise. What's the big deal? You'll be at the spot where, in this country, the sun rises ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Time to go Camping!

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Want to get the teens to get off their devices on vacation? Who doesn't! Here's a vacation idea that's guaranteed to please those (sometimes) difficult-to-please teens -- and get everyone to put away their devices. Let's go camping!

That's right. According to the 2019 North American Camping Report, the vast majority of teens -- 96 percent -- ...Read more

Taking the Kids: What's new at theme parks this summer

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Ready to live your own Star Wars adventure?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open on May 31 with great fanfare at the ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Eating our way across San Francisco

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I wish we were hungrier. Each dim sum dish the waiters showed us from their stainless steel carts looked more delicious than those that came before -- shrimp dumplings and lobster pot stickers followed by sticky rice, baked sweet pork buns with crunchy sugar crust, pan-fried noodles, eggplant and tofu, honey garlic chicken, spareribs, coconut ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Mom's Day gifts for traveling moms and grandmas

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Let's hear it for mom! She's usually the chief vacation planner and packer, not to mention the on-the-go therapist, managing sibling disputes, the meal organizer and the first responder when someone is sick or injured.

That's not to say Dad doesn't do his part. Of course, he does. But it's usually Mom who feels responsible for everyone's ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A trip to Portugal

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PORTO, Portugal -- I wonder what they're gossiping about.

The two elderly Portuguese ladies are enjoying the sunshine in folding chairs in the tiny fishing town of Afurada. It is south of the River Douro in Porto where we ended our CroisiEurope river cruise with a ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating Earth Day

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How will you celebrate this year? April 22 is Earth Day -- the time to celebrate our beautiful planet, and lend a hand to keep it that way. Especially if you are traveling, there is no better time to teach the kids an environmental lesson while having fun.

Maybe join a community cleanup or take the kids to the zoo ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Heading to a national park national park week (or any time)

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Got the backpacks ready? You'll need them -- and comfortable hiking shoes-- during National Park Week, the annual event offering different daily activities and celebrations at parks and monuments around the country. April 20 kicks it off with National ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Hitting the spa, with (or without) the kids

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I can't decide -- Bourbon Cowboy, Brew and Renew or Alpine Quench.

No, they're not drinks at the popular Remedy Bar at the Four Seasons Resort Vail, they're treatments offered at the resort spa, a 17,000-square-feet facility offering 13 treatment rooms, separate indoor hot tubs, cool plunge pool and...Read more

Taking the Kids: San Francisco's Presidio transform from a historic Army post to a 21st-century destination

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You're in San Francisco, so what do you want to do first?

Bike ride, hike or take selfies in front of the Golden Gate Bridge? Maybe brunch or dinner at a trendy restaurant that welcomes kids, followed by a geocache adventure or a museum exhibit? If you're lucky, you can watch the archeologists at work before kicking back at a historic inn where...Read more

Taking the Kids: New museum exhibits to explore -- T. rex, ancient queens, the hobbit and more!

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Maybe you're visiting the grandparents for spring break; maybe the cousins are visiting you or maybe it's raining, or you've all had too much sun.

Whichever applies, there's no better time to take an afternoon to visit a museum, including some you never knew existed. For example, in The Big Apple, there's now homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2188977">Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci 500 years after his death

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Leonardo da Vinci would have been impressed! We've time-traveled back more than 500 years to meet those who knew him, and then back to the 21st century where the latest technology has figured out why the Mona Lisa doesn't have eyebrows and eyelashes.

Welcome to the new “Leonardo da Vinci’: ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Making the most of it when spring break weather isn't what you expect

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Forget that giant sand castle you promised to build with the kids. No chance for yoga on the beach or water aerobics. Not when it's raining, pouring in fact, at the homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2184466">Read more

Taking the Kids: Let's hear it for women pushing their boundaries

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Let's hear it for Esther Kawewe! The young mother used to spend her days helping her mom sell vegetables in the dusty outdoor market at the small (just 3,000 people) Nakatindi Village in Zambia, a short drive from the city of Livingston and the famous Victoria Falls.

Now, Esther Kawewe earns $120 a month -- a very good salary here -- assembling...Read more

Taking the Kids: On spring break

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Sand or snow? Maybe your gang would rather explore a new city. Whether you have just a long weekend -- perhaps tacked onto a business trip -- or a week, whatever your budget, there is no better time to get away than during the kids' spring break. In fact, it may be easier to carve out some vacation time together than during the summer when the ...Read more


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