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Taking the Kids: Family reunion central

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What's the most fun? Maybe the Rocky Mountain hikes, the horseback riding, the chance to do crafts and eat homemade ice cream. We are after all in Estes Park, Colorado, at the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.

But as fun as Colorado is in the summer, there's something more important going on here at the YMCA of the Rockies. "It's eating ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Walking in Jane Austen's footsteps

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CHAWTON, England -- The tiny writing table and chair don't seem very comfortable, much less the place where some of the most beloved and enduring English heroes and heroines were brought to life.

Jane Austen was her most prolific at this small table and chair in a modest cottage in the tiny village of Chawton in Hampshire, England, about a half...Read more

What's new at theme parks this summer?

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Take your pick. Travel to a peace-loving planet light-years away where bioluminescent plants glow or fly down a giant coaster over the water, as you try to rescue an animal in trouble. Maybe your kids would prefer a terrifyingly steep water slide -- or two -- in the dark. Younger kids can race each other down kid-sized water slides while ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Learning a little history on July 4th

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Time for a history lesson "No Way," the kids groan, not in July, especially not on July 4! But if you play your cards right, you'll all have fun celebrating the nation's birthday -- and learning something about American history at the same time.

According to the AAA Forecast, this Independence Day will be the most traveled ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Crossing the Atlantic aboard the Queen Mary 2

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The kids' club was fit for a princess -- a real princess. Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth, 10, visited the "children's room" aboard the iconic CunardQueen Mary in Southampton, England, the year the ship first set sail in 1936 and reportedly had a lot of fun. Better than the palace playroom, we can ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Greenwich, England, and the pluses of getting a bit off the beaten track

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"Leave it all to me!" The pub owner declares as he takes away the menus. Pietro La Rosa, with his flowing mane of gray hair, beard and lilting Italian accent, is not like any pub owner I've ever met nor is The Prince of Greenwich pub menu typical, not with homemade pasta and sauces, fresh ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Cool Dad's Day gifts for outdoors-loving dads

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Maybe he's an avid camper. Maybe he's a fisherman or sailor, a hiker, golfer or biker. However the dads in your life enjoy the outdoors, there is plenty of new gear to enhance their experience -- just in time for Father's Day.

That's if you were planning on a gift. According to survey from DealNews....Read more

Staying safe abroad when traveling with youngsters

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I'm not really sure where or how it happened that hot day in Florence.

Our passports were securely in my purse but that evening, the leather envelope I carried them in was gone.

Did I drop them at the Uffizi Gallery when we went through security? (The envelope wasn't turned in or stuck in the X-ray machine, as I'd hoped.) Did I leave them at ...Read more

Taking the Kids" Planning for summer fun

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Is it that time already? In some places around the country, the kids are already out of school. Those who aren't soon will be and everyone's thinking about summer vacation, whether they've started planning or not.

I'm sure the kids have lots of ideas, and they may not all involve theme parks. It's a good idea to talk to the kids about what you'...Read more

Taking the Kids: Another piece of pita in Dubai

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- I'm on in intense roller coaster, except there's no track and we're not in a theme park.

We're in the middle of the Arabian Desert at a nearly 140-square-mile Desert Conservation Reserve about an hour southeast of Dubai riding in a four-wheel drive SUV up and down 6,200-...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiging the American Museum of Natural History

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What's his story? What's hers? That's what we invariably want to know about people when we first meet them, whether we're kids or adults.

But that usually doesn't apply to people who lived thousands of years ago. Now, the new exhibition Mummies at the ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Sneak peek at Disney's Pandora -- the World of Avatar

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Sivako! That's Na'vi for "Rise to the Challenge" -- in this case, the challenge is riding on the back of a giant Banshee high over floating mountains, plunging through ancient caves, splashing a scary giant sea creature, even encountering the great leonopteryx with his 45-foot wingspan. I can feel the Banshee's breath. Gulp! And beneath me is a ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Mom's Day gifts for the traveling moms in your life

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It's always the little things. It's the little things that make you more comfortable on a plane, a hike or sightseeing with a gaggle of kids.

The little things that make you feel more fashionable -- and fashion forward -- even when you are living out of a suitcase.

A water bottle that won't leak, a travel coffee mug that makes a really good ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Headed to San Francisco for a summer of love

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Feeling groovy? Take the kids and grandkids to San Francisco where the city is marking the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love with a year's worth of special events, exhibits, concerts and more.

For those too young to remember, San Francisco was a magnet in the late '60s for musicians, artists ...Read more

Taking the Kids: On a long-haul flight

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Is it possible for a long flight with kids not to be tortuous? Perhaps, if a flight attendant invites a little girl to help serve, or walks through the cabin offering kids their choice of age-appropriate toys and Polaroid photos of them in captain or flight attendant hats.

"It makes their flight," said Luisa Jangemi, a longtime flight attendant...Read more

Taking the Kids: Free attractions in Washington, D.C. for the Spring

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Let's get one thing straight. Washington, D.C., is not a state, nor is it part of any state. It is a federal district (sometimes called just "the District" by locals) created specifically to be the seat of government for the United States, located on land that was donated by the states of Maryland and Virginia.

It's also a very popular family ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating Harry Potter in Britain on his 20th anniversary

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Harry, has it really been 20 years? Yes, it's been that long since we met you and Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and your professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in J.K. Rowling's book "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Twenty years since anxious readers waited in line at midnight for your next adventure and dressed as ...Read more


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