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Taking the Kids: Returning to the (not always friendly) skies

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Long lines, delayed flights, unpleasant interactions, required COVID-19 tests and masks.

Air travel, unless you were fortunate to fly first class, hasn’t been fun for a long time, but as we return to the skies it seems worse. AAA expected 3.5 million people to fly over the Independence Day holiday, reaching 90 percent of pre-pandemic levels. ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A different kind of Jamaican vacation

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I don’t know which is better — the food, the view, or bragging rights to the Jamaica experience very few have.

We’re sitting on the Star San Villa balcony overlooking the famous Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio, Jamaica, being served a veritable feast by award-winning Chef Brian Lumley, head chef at the R Hotel in Kingston, a popular Instagram...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting the All-star city

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Watch your step! You don’t want to miss taking a selfie when you are exactly a mile high, 5,280 feet — on the 13th step of the west side of the State Capitol Building (check out the Gold Dome!) in downtown Denver.

That’s why, of course, Denver’s moniker is The Mile High City.

But it took a ...Read more

Taking the Kids: (SAFELY) to national parks this summer

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Got your bear spray? If you are heading to a western national park this summer — say Glacier or Yellowstone, you should be carrying some bear spray in your backpack and know how to use it.

Already last month, a man hiking on the Beaver Ponds Trail at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone was badly injured by a grizzly.

Be homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2536939">Read more

Taking the Kids: Reasons to brave Arizona’s summer heat

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Ready to join the early birds? Not for early bird dinners, though after a long vacation day, they can appeal to kids and tired parents, as well as seniors. I’m talking about a gorgeous desert hike with 10-foot-high Saguaro cactus, golf on world-class courses, a mountain bike ride, a visit to a first-rate botanical garden or outdoor desert ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Calling all cowboys and cowgirls

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The Mattsons were supposed to be in Alaska. Instead, the Kansas family were exploring the Southwest for the first time, riding horses, rock climbing and, honing their archery skills at homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2531009">Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating Dads (and Granddads) cooking prowess – at home and on vacation –18+ gift ideas

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Is the dad in your life suddenly waxing eloquent about camping trip meals? Has grandpa become an oenophile during the pandemic?

Maybe they’re missing their favorite vacation meals — or one they’ve always remembers — the fresh Canadian oysters, Southern barbecue, that picnic in Italy.

There’s no better time than Father’s Day to ...Read more

Taking the Kids: What’s ahead for summer

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Got your summer vacation planned yet? If you are thinking about renting an RV or a car, heading to popular national park lodges or camping, you need to book or you may be out of luck as road and RV trips to national parks appear to be at the top of many families’ summer agendas.

So are visits to popular ski towns like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, ...Read more

Taking the Kids: To Moab on an outdoors-oriented vaxication

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The menu discussions went on for weeks, complete with a Google doc. No, we weren’t planning a wedding — just a remote getaway outside of Moab, Utah, getting together for the first time in nearly a year.

When I started to plan this trip with my two daughters, son-in-law and my younger daughter’s long-time boyfriend, I never imagined it ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A dispatch from a visit to Walt Disney World

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Take your pick — Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Stitch, the Mandalorian, Star Wars Stormtroopers, Disney princesses, etc.

No, we’re not talking about where you might see your favorite characters and at which attractions at Walt Disney ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A unique Colorado experience

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Spencer Penrose was of the mind that kids should not be seen or heard. So, when the early 20th-century copper and gold magnate invited friends to his mountain retreat outside Colorado Springs, the kids — and their nannies — were dispatched more than a mile away to a sprawling log cabin dubbed “The Nanny’s Cabin.”

What a place for a ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Let's hear it for Moms

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Let’s hear it for moms! Not just on Mother’s Day either. It’s been widely reported that moms have had the roughest time during the pandemic.

Millions lost jobs and were forced to shutter businesses; working moms left the labor force in huge numbers when schools and daycare centers shut down. The number of women in the labor force has ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Camping

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Who cares if you get dirty? Who cares if you wear the same T-shirt for three days? No wonder most kids love to go camping!

Take your pick of where to sleep — a tent, RV, a hammock strung between the trees, outdoors under the stars.

“My favorite way to camp is in a tent because it’s easier to enjoy camping when you are in nature all the ...Read more

Taking the Kids: On a cruise this summer

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Are you ready? Are you ready to get on a cruise ship this summer?

There still won’t be cruises from the United States until at least November, according to the “no sail” order issued last year from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and despite calls from the industry to allow for a phased resumption of cruises this summer.

...Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating Earth Day safely all spring

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How much do you care? As we begin to travel again (safely), many of us are paying more attention to the environment. Can you afford to go to Antarctica before more ice melts? The Galapagos Islands?

Should you seek out less-visited national and state parks with fewer people? Do you want to visit places that have made protecting the environment a...Read more

Taking the Kids: On a vaxcation

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What about the kids? It was welcome news when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its travel guidance: Those fully vaccinated can travel at low risk to themselves two weeks after receiving their last dose. The CDC ...Read more

Taking the Kids: to Orlando this spring — safely

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No one was the least bit concerned. When I last visited Walt Disney World — when I last flew — a year ago this month, no one I met was much concerned about COVID-19. They were too busy enjoying all that the Theme Park Capital of the World had to offer.

Then the world shifted on its axis and the past year became one we all wanted to put ...Read more

Taking the Kids: 16 virtual travel adventures to inspire your future trips (once it's safe)

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Got a Harry Potter fan — or two — in the house? At the moment, you can’t visit Scotland and walk in the footsteps of J.K. Rowling where she was famously inspired. Nor can you visit Universal Studios Hollywood and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal Orlando Resort Florida is open, with appropriate COVID protocols and a homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2499292">Read more



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