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Taking the Kids: The future of kids' clubs

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The Driscolls' vacation every year with extended family at a family-centric resort or on a cruise line known for morning-till-night supervised kids' activities. But the five kids -- all eight and under -- rarely take part in organized kids' programs.

"The cousins entertain each other," said Anna Driscoll, playing in a resort pool with the ...Read more

Taking the Kids: 10 fall festivals for families

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Who gets the prize? Who can pick the most apples or find the biggest pumpkin?

There are literally hundreds of Octoberfests around the country this fall -- some kid-friendly -- but there are also plenty of apple, pumpkin and harvest festivals from which to choose. You can stomp on grapes in Sonoma County, California, trail the sheep in Idaho or ...Read more

Taking the Kids: The pluses of using a travel agent

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Connections are everything, especially when you are traveling.

That's whether you want to meet locals, get a better room at your hotel, a deal on your cruise or when you're dealing with canceled flights and pre-paid hotels.

"You can't VIP yourself," jokes Jack Ezon, president of NYC's Ovation Travel, one of the city's largest. But it sure is ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Getting slimed at the new Nick Resort Punta Cana

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What constitutes vacation bragging rights for a kid? "Getting slimed is definitely what I'm telling my friends about," said Alexis Hochgertal, 12, a Nickelodeon fan from New Jersey vacationing at the new Nickelodeon Hotels & Resort Punta Cana where you can take your pick of sliming -- getting ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Sitting together on planes

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It's been a long time coming. Anyone who has flown with young kids in recent years knows it's not uncommon to find that your preschooler has been assigned a seat half a plane away. All too often, parents are told it is up to them to ask someone to switch seats.

In one case I wrote about, a mom with autistic twins was forced to go to her senator...Read more

Taking the Kids: When they are grown and lead the way in the back country

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"You're kidding!" The river is beyond freezing, as if wheelbarrows full of ice cubes had been dumped into the water.

Even worse, slick rocks line the riverbed where my daughter Mel declares we have to cross -- barefoot -- to avoid soaking our boots and socks. She neglects to mention it, but this is the first of a dozen river crossings on this ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Aspen/Snowmass is especially affordable in the summer and fall

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Ready to climb a mountain? Maybe you'd rather explore an ice cave, try a mountain bike or simply ride a gondola up the mountain.

The important thing, kids vacationing in Aspen and nearby Snowmass say, is being able to do something they can't do at home.

For ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Off to Disneyland

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Walt Disney knew he was right. He was convinced that families would need more than one day at his yet-to-open Disneyland -- and a hotel right there that would welcome kids. Why should the fun stop, he reasoned, when the park closed?

There was only one ...Read more

Taking the Kids: To the Vatican

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Talk about bragging rights. Post a picture of the kids standing in two countries -- at the same time.

Welcome to The Vatican, the world's smallest sovereign state, established in 1929. It's the modern version of the papal fiefdom that ruled Rome and much of central Italy ...Read more

Taking the Kids: How to save on a beach vacation

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Water slides, giant pools, white sandy beaches, kids' clubs and plenty for grown-ups to do; all that and an environmental lesson or two.

A trip to the beach is a perfect summer getaway -- and a bargain too. As long as you opt for a destination that's off-season in summer -- like the Caribbean or Arizona -- you can have your pick of deals. You ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Ten water-safety tips that can save a child's life this summer

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Who's watching the kids in the pool?

Someone should have eyes on them at all times -- even if they know how to swim. According to new research by Safe Kids Worldwide, completed with support from Nationwide Insurance’s homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-1849411">Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating July 4 kid-style

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Skip the fireworks! No, I'm not crazy. I know fireworks are synonymous with Independence Day celebrations with cities trying to outdo each other with bigger and better displays, but, especially if you have young kids, they may be frightened by the noise, the dark and the crowds. I remember more than one July 4th ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Aboard Carnival's newest ship, the Vista

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What's first the new, super-fast waterslide, IMAX movie or SkyRide attraction?

If you pick SkyRide, you get bragging rights for being among the first to ride a bike on an 800-foot track suspended 150 feet above the ocean. "You're strapped in so it wasn't scary," reported Thomas Skeen, 11. If that ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Ten gifts for the traveling dad

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Brian Duffy isn't your typical well-traveled dad. In fact, he has long had a unique vantage point -- from outer space. Duffy is a retired astronaut who logged nearly 41 days in space and, before that, thousands of hours as a pilot.

"My wife couldn't sleep very well when I wasn't on the planet," he joked the other day at a lunch to showcase all ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Traveling abroad despite terrorism

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Barbara Cioffi had no concerns when she boarded the crowded train to Rome with her husband and two kids. But she did have a surprise in store.

"When you listen to the coverage at home," the St. Louis mom said, "it sounds like everyone in Europe is afraid. But then you get on the trains packed with people going about their daily lives and you ...Read more

Taking the Kids: The new, enhanced Disney Springs in Orlando

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Ready to drive the kids into the lake?

No, I'm not crazy. All you have to do is book a $125 vintage Amphicar ride for the gang at the new ...Read more


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