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Taking the kids: It’s easy to travel more sustainably

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Who really needs clean towels and sheets every day on vacation? Ditto for super-long showers.

“The amount of energy and water that travelers use negatively impacts locals far more than they realize,” said Max Shak, founder of “Check with your hotel about how they ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Best Gifts For Moms Traveling Again

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What do traveling moms really want? They’ll tell you time together with their families. Grandmas, especially, are eager to make memories.

But after a glass of wine or two, Moms will likely confide that beyond the shared experiences, what they really want and need, after two years of this never-ending pandemic. is a little time for themselves....Read more

Taking the Kids: It’s easy to travel more sustainably

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Who really needs clean towels and sheets every day on vacation? Ditto for super-long showers.

“The amount of energy and water that travelers use negatively impacts locals far more than they realize,” said Max Shak, founder of “Check with your hotel about how they conserve...Read more

Taking the Kids: What the end of mask mandates on planes mean for families

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Families flying with small children are rightly confused over this week’s lifting of the federal transportation COVID-19 masking mandate.

A Florida federal judge ruled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s public transportation mask mandate was beyond the scope of the agency’s power. This means that most people in ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Let's #CelebrateDifferences

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Who hasn’t had a travel nightmare when taking the kids? But the worst I’ve heard is having a plane of angry passengers booing your family as you try to calm a child on the autism spectrum.

“People are very quick to judge,” explained Laurie Cramer, who now is executive director of the Autism Society of Greater Akron, Ohio.

She recounts ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Athens like a local

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What’s on the menu this busy Friday night in Athens? A traditional menu says Katia lordanidou. An eggplant salad, fried cheese, Greek salad followed by stuffed tomatoes and peppers and a traditional dessert — mini fried donuts topped with honey and almonds.

But we aren’t in a trendy Athens restaurant. We’re in Katia lordanidou’s and ...Read more

Taking the Kids: And blasting off while on Earth

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Ready to blast off? Very few of us can afford to be space tourists. But we’ve got more opportunities than ever to explore from Earth and to see what’s ahead for future space tourists.

According to a survey by ValuePenguin last year, of more than 2,000 Americans surveyed almost half want to travel to space, but only 19 percent would be ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating women when you travel this spring

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Women have always known what matters most when you are traveling — good food, a comfortable place to sleep and practical advice.

That’s certainly been true at America’s national parks. Jennie Foster Curry and her husband ran a tent camp at the base of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. She carried on after his death, growing Curry ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Without busting the budget as gas prices reach record highs

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Now what? Just as we feel safe planning for spring and summer trips, gas prices reach record highs. And they may get higher despite crude oil prices dropping at the moment, AAA says.

“This war is roiling an already tight global oil market and making it hard to determine if we are near a peak for pump prices, or if they keep grinding higher,�...Read more

Taking the Kids: Splurging this spring and summer

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Talk about being spoiled. We have a chef, assistant chef, two butlers, two housekeepers, a lawn crew (there are beautifully landscaped grounds, the beach is meticulously raked) and a manager who oversees it all.

Our biggest decision is what we should do. Laze on the private beach, kayak, paddleboard, sail, snorkel, play ping pong or board games...Read more

Taking the Kids: Doing spring break safely

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Got your backpack? Reusable water bottle? Especially this year, consider getting outdoors for spring break. The more time you can spend outdoors, the safer you’ll be, public health experts suggest. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a backpacking or RV trip, although those options can be a lot of fun.

You can hit the slopes or the links. Try...Read more

Taking the Kids: How to explore the Underground Railroad

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The Underground Railroad wasn’t underground nor was it a railroad. There were no tickets, guides or maps. It consisted of secret routes communicated by word of mouth and a network of safe houses for escaped slaves. These “stops” were maintained by abolitionists — white and black — who helped an estimated 100,000 enslaved people flee to...Read more

Taking the Kids: How to chase your own Olympic gold

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Speed or figure skating. Alpine or Nordic skiing. Ice hockey, snowboarding, bobsled or luge. What’s your favorite sport as the Winter Olympics get under way in Beijing?

I’m not talking about your favorite sport to watch. I’m talking about where you can take the kids and try an Olympic sport at Olympic venues in the United States, perhaps ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Making time for romance

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Imagine sitting in your private hot tub overlooking the jungle, listening to howler monkeys and birds.

Consider a hilltop alfresco couples massage or bespoke just-for-you cocktails under the stars made from a variety of infused spirits (perhaps strawberry pineapple rum or cucumber gin?). Follow that up with a four-course dinner by candlelight. ...Read more

Taking the Kids: How to visit Yellowstone (and other national parks) in winter

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Miguel couldn’t have cared less about the spectacular show that Old Faithful performed that sunny winter afternoon.

That’s because Miguel, so named by my two daughters, was an 1,800-pound Bison cavorting in the snow in Yellowstone National Park. Miguel was oblivious to Old Faithful or us as we snowshoed around the famous geyser so named ...Read more



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