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Taking the Kids: When rain upends your plans on a cruise ship

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The Chuangs planned on exploring Puerta Vallarta with their 6-year-old twins, strolling the famous Malecon along the ocean, seeing baby sea turtles released, enjoying a local meal while their ship, Holland America's MS Oosterdam was...Read more

Taking the Kids: The newest, glitziest ship afloat

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Can I win? I'm giving it my best, zooming around sharp turns, hands gripped on the steering wheel, foot pressed on the accelerator as I go round and round the track passing some drivers, trailing behind others -- on a giant cruise ship, the speedway jutting out into the ocean.

Thanks to special glasses and simulators, we dodge dinosaurs at one ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Rethinking holiday eats

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Enough was enough! For the past 20 years, Houston businesswoman Laurann Claridge brought her parents from Houston to California to celebrate the holidays with her sister and her family. "I did most of the cooking too," said Claridge.

But this year, Claridge decided to take a different tact with her 81-year-old parents. Rather than the long ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Heading to a snow resort without busting the budget

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Are you thinking snow? Maybe you've already headed to the slopes. Colorado's Keystone Resort opened October 12, the earliest start in more than 20 years and Winter Park opened earlier than it has in its 80-year history. In fact, many ...Read more

Taking the Kids: See the best and brightest holiday lights

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Now what?

Thanksgiving is over and you've got nearly a month until Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza with the kids' anticipation growing daily. When holiday school performances, holiday baking, holiday shopping are added to the daily grind, it's enough to make any parent scream.

The solution: an immediate break that will keep you in...Read more

Taking the Kids -- and taking advantage of Cyber Monday family travel deals

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Have you done your homework?

"If you're looking for a travel deal that will get you to a specific location during set dates, it's probably not going to happen!" says homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2298263">Read more

Taking the Kids: Taking advantage of Cyber Monday family travel deals

Travel / Taking The Kids /

Have you done your homework?

"If you're looking for a travel deal that will get you to a specific location during set dates, it's probably not going to happen!" says homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2297949">Read more

Taking the Kids: A new, innovative way to experience Monet's art, especially for kids

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The little water lily was so sad. She was born without any color and didn't think she was beautiful like the others.

"You are special and will do great things," her mother assured her. She revealed her little petal's very special power -- her ability "to visit anywhere in the world and pick the colors of your choosing for your petals."

All she...Read more

Taking the Kids: RVing

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Really? No matter how many hours on the road, there's no whining or complaining from the two Dam kids -- Astra, 10, and her younger brother Carl, 8.

"Sometimes the kids forget we are driving at all," said their mom, Trine Dam, as Astra and Carl nod in agreement. And the two aren't glued to devices the entire time, either.

The secret to this ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Going away for Thanksgiving

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Every year the four Houston grandkids look forward to their "confidential dinners" Thanksgiving week just with their grandfather.

"That's because anything they tell him he will never tell us," explains Jennifer Houston, whose father-in-law, John Houston, hosts the dinners with the four teens and the entire family ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Sun, sand and adventure in beautiful Belize

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There they go! At least seven nurse sharks, some 10-foot long, trailed by a baby. There's a giant Southern Ray moseying along, a school of horse-eyed jacks with their distinctive big eyes and the beautiful blue and black Tang fish.

Wow! We are in the Hol Chan Marine Preserve located just inside a huge...Read more

Taking the Kids: Ten ways to savor fall before it's gone

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Can you taste those juicy apples you've just picked with the kids? See all the fall colors from a bicycle seat? Try to beat your kids out of the giant corn maze? You gotta love fall!

Sure you're busy with work and the kids' never-ending activities, but there are so many fun things to do! Make some time. Remember, the kids are only four or six ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Continuing the discussion about climate change

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The kids have got it right. "We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth," Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16, angrily told the United Nations General Assembly in New York during the ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating Halloween all October

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Calling all wizards and princesses, ghouls, goblins and superheroes and heroines -- right now! If you thought you had weeks left to get those costumes ready, think again. That's because Halloween is now celebrated -- big time -- from theme parks to zoos, children's museums to hotels and resorts all October long. At least you will ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A guided trip just for your family that won't break the bank

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Not one complaint. "Truly I can't think of any cons, and the pros were numerous," said Tamar Halpern Zuydhoek after shepherding her family of 21, including more than a dozen grandkids, on trips to Alaska and Iceland.

Certainly, it's not easy to please everyone, ranging in age from preschoolers to teens to college students to grandparents, "of ...Read more


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