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Taking the Kids: Get your costumes ready -- now!

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Got your Halloween costumes ready? Sure there’s more than a month to Halloween but you can start celebrating now whether you want to stay in haunted digs, get scared out of your wits at a theme park (there are plenty of not-so-scary doings for younger kids), pick your own pumpkin or simply indulge in pumpkin and other seasonal treats. (Pumpkin...Read more

Taking the Kids: Without kids

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The friendly, English-speaking bus driver on the Greek island of Patmos points us toward a local beach taverna where we eat with our toes in the sand.

I checked another experience off this trip’s bucket list — eating moussaka (the Greek casserole with eggplant and meat) at a local island spot, surrounded by locals overlooking the sea.

We ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting a fall festival

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Trailing sheep, mating elk, or maybe tarantulas? They are the subjects of popular fall festivals, along with apples, pumpkins, cranberries, brats and beer, pirates, starry skies and even covered bridges.

Fall festivals are back big time across the country, offering the chance for an outdoor-oriented getaway from chores, soccer, swim meets, etc....Read more

Taking the Kids: Meow Wolf Convergence Station is a totally otherworldly experience

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Imagine a cosmic event where everyone lost their memories and memories become valuable currency. Imagine four alien worlds joined together. Imagine a place where each of you will have a different experience as you explore together going through portals, discovering hidden nooks, doorways and more.

Scores of displaced citizens were thrust into a...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting Orlando in fall with young kids

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If you think Orlando with toddlers and preschoolers is a nonstarter, think again. “The Magic outweighs the temper tantrums,” said Melanie Reynolds, here with her 20-month-old from Wisconsin. “There are so many moments when I’ve had tears in my eyes, like when he was dancing with my mom. When you come when they are this little, the magic ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Plenty free (and a deal) in the Big Apple

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Enough sightseeing! Even in a city like New York there is a limit to how many great sites, performances and museums you and the kids — and your budget — can take.

The good news is whatever season you visit, there are more free (nearly free and discounted) options than you might have thought. Working on ...Read more

Taking the Kids: A different kind of water adventure

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Everyone wanted to be in Doc’s dory boat, but there were only four spots. For the uninitiated, dories are small, 17-foot-long rigid boats that can run a river much more quickly than an inflatable raft.

We met Stephen “Doc” Nicholson, a retired dentist turned rafting guide, on an homeandleisure/travel/takingthekids/s-2711921">Read more

Taking the Kids: When they are babies and toddlers

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Forget spontaneous romantic dinners. Ditto for any big adventures. “Definitely there are a lot more logistics with little kids,” said Rachel Mastanduno, a Salt Lake City teacher and mom of a 3-year-old son Max and 5-month-old daughter Frankie.

“Everything was within the limits of what Max could do,” she explained, adding that the baby...Read more

Taking the Kids: Exploring the most kid friendly art museums

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If you could jump into a painting and walk around in it, what painting would you choose? Where would you go in the painting? The sun-splashed Riviera or foggy London? A forest filled with animals? A field of sunflowers or a haunting desert landscape?

Good museum conversation starters for adults as well as kids. Also a good way to engage kids ...Read more

Taking the Kids: To ski country in summer

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Chat up a local in Ski Country and they will tell you they came for the winter and ended up staying for the summer. That would include my daughter Mel, who went to Crested Butte, Colorado, for a season after college and nearly 10 years later, is still there, working as a planner for the Town of ...Read more

Taking the Kids: 10 ways to de-stress summer travel

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Take a deep, cleansing breath. Even if you’ve never been to a yoga class, you are going to need all the relaxation techniques out there to get through the hurdles (read that aggravation) that you must endure to travel this summer.

What happened to just hopping on a plane or jumping in the car to head to the beach, the mountains, the national ...Read more

Taking the Kids: When you are new to camping

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Tent, RV, or camper? Cabin, yurt, treehouse, vintage Airstream, or hammock strung between two trees?

If you’re thinking about taking the kids camping, perhaps for the first time, you’re not alone.

Camping was the one segment of the travel industry that didn’t suffer during the pandemic. In fact, it enjoyed unprecedented growth.

In 2021,...Read more

Taking the Kids: Celebrating with family on the Fourth of July

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What was your best Fourth of July? A parade, a barbecue with your nearest and dearest, fireworks or perhaps an entirely new experience?

However you decide to celebrate our nation’s birthday, presumably wearing red, white and blue, you certainly won’t be celebrating alone this Fourth of July weekend. Despite inflation and record gas prices ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Where to go this summer

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Got the backpacks, snacks and reusable water bottles? Whatever you’ve got on tap for summer vacation, plan to spend plenty of time outdoors. With COVID-19 cases rising once again, it’s safer.

And it’s great for the kids — their mental as well as physical health, the American Academy of ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Gadgets, gizmos and more for the traveling Dad

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What dad or grandad doesn’t love a new gadget? And this Father’s Day there are plenty of gadgets to choose from that will please your favorite travelers, not to mention new sustainably made duds to keep them cool all summer.

New dad Jonathan Boydston is a fan of the new portable Weber Traveler grill on ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Visiting Sitka, Alaska

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Lucky little orphans. Actually, they are big orphans — bear cubs. They were rescued after their moms were killed and now live happily at the Fortress of the Bear in Sitka, Alaska. It’s a not-for-profit organization that protects and cares for rescued orphaned bear cubs who otherwise would be ...Read more



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