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Living Space: Set yourself up for a calmer, happier fall by tackling these household projects

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As summer wraps up and fall and winter approach, there’s plenty to do to get your home ready for the coming season. To figure out what seasonal tasks to tackle first — yes, starting today — we spoke with Joni and Kitt of Practically Perfect, a Los Angeles–based organizing and lifestyle company, and Ria Safford of RiOrganize, a Southern ...Read more

Living Space: Carpet cleaning 101

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Clean carpets can add sparkle and freshness to your entire home — but a dingy, stained, pet-hair-covered carpet can do just the opposite. Luckily, many products and techniques will work wonders, even on stained carpets — and you have several cleaning options that you can pursue.

Here’s a quick rundown.

Own up to it and buy a home carpet-...Read more

Living Space: 5 home projects to do now to avoid costly repairs this winter

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Home improvement projects may not be the first things on your to-do list this fall, but you may want to add a few items to that list (maybe after “book holiday travel” but before “buy new soccer cleats for the kids”) to help prepare your home for the chillier months approaching.

Steve Wadlington, president of WIN Home Inspection, shared...Read more

Living Space: Yes, cleaning products can expire. Here’s what that really means

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If you look closely at your cleaning supplies, you’ll notice that many of them are printed with an expiration date. But if we’re being honest, most of us likely don’t check this fine print. The next time you’re embarking on a big cleaning spree, check the expiration date or manufacture date on that bottle of bleach, cleaning spray and ...Read more

Liiving Space: 10 things you should declutter every time you move

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The moving process certainly has a downside — namely, the physical and financial burden of having to pack up and transport all of your stuff. The upside is that it presents the perfect opportunity to reassess your belongings and break free of what no longer suits you or the life you’re looking to create.

Whether you’re making a concerted ...Read more

Living Space: How to clean windows inside and out for streak-free results

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Compare a clean window with a dirty one, and the contrast is clear. Streak- and grime-free windows offer a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors, as well as an uninterrupted path for sunshine to enter into your home’s interior. But many people avoid this task because they are unsure how to clean windows. Luckily, it takes just a bit of planning and...Read more

Living Space: Can’t paint your home? Try these 5 paint-free alternatives instead

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Renting an apartment or house is a cost-effective option for anyone who’s making their first foray into the real estate world or moving somewhere new — No home remodeling costs! No cost of selling a house to worry about! — but living in a temporary space can cramp anyone’s interior design game. Although you pay a monthly rent, someone ...Read more

Living Space: Small mudroom ideas worth stealing

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When it comes to packing in lots of function, very few spaces beat a mudroom. But many homeowners don’t have a dedicated space for a mudroom. Or they may think they don’t have enough square footage to create a useful go-to spot for their families. But a few clever design ideas and some maxed-out storage can help you carve out a super-...Read more

Living Space: How to make a summer rental feel like a home

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Renting a house for a getaway this summer? Whether you’re staying for a week or the entire summer, you want to feel at home and at ease on your vacation. Here’s some help turning that summer rental into a place you love kicking back and relaxing in.

1. Use your own bedding.

Rental bedding is often bare bones and simple. Up the comfort ...Read more

Living Space: 10 items to toss from your garage in the next 30 minutes

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If your garage has turned into the glorified dumping ground for anything that doesn’t fit in your house or that you’re just not quite ready to get rid of, it’s time to get a garbage bag and a donations box and tackle the task. Your garage is a great place to store cars, bikes, lawn tractors and garden tools — but it isn’t the place for...Read more

Living Space: 3 surprising things white paint can do for your space

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White paint is having a years-long moment in the spotlight, and its popularity might just keep going — but this popular paint color isn’t just pretty. You may not have been able to quite put your finger on it, but white paint does a few things for its surroundings that other paint colors don’t. Call these benefits visual effects or design ...Read more

Living Space: 5 ways to make your small outdoor space look deceptively large

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It only takes a small amount of outdoor space to enjoy the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair from the privacy of home — but if your outdoor space is petite, you might want to consider incorporating a few of these ideas to help your mini getaway feel a little more spacious than it actually is. These tips can help boost your enjoyment...Read more

Living Space: How to plant a window box

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Window boxes give gardeners an affordable outlet to do what they love most: experiment. Known as one of the first living walls, window boxes have been a longtime favorite of gardeners. Window boxes continue to be a popular landscape element today and often stand in for front yards at homes that open to the sidewalk. Although there is a lot of ...Read more



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