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Living Space: 5 DIY home improvement projects to try this summer

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Summer is a great time for home improvement projects and DIY updates around the house. Set some time (and money) aside this summer to give your home some TLC. Not only will it increase the overall value of your home, but little upgrades here and there can also save you a lot of money down the line.

While some home improvements can be expensive,...Read more

Living Space: 5 things you should consider before buying plants at the nursery

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When it comes to choosing plants we’ll actually be able to maintain, most of us are making the same mistake: we pick out the plants we want before we consider the conditions in our backyard. Why is this a problem? If we’re not sure what type of soil we have or we haven’t analyzed how much sunlight the space gets, we could be choosing ...Read more

Living Space: How to clean grout and eliminate grime between tiles using pantry staples

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Grout is porous, making it tricky to keep clean. And because the grout lines between tiles are often slightly deeper than the surface, simply wiping down your tiled surface often isn’t enough for tough stains or grime. On tile floors, crumbs, dirt and other debris can be left behind along the grout lines, even after sweeping.

Luckily, you can...Read more

Living Space: 4 must-have features homebuyers always look for

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Today, first-time homebuyers have a more casual, laid-back lifestyle — and that’s reflected in their home search priorities. Less concerned about formal home design styles, soon-to-be homeowners aren’t necessarily looking for homes with a rigid layout. Instead, topping their list of must-haves is the flexibility of high-tech features and ...Read more

Living Space: 7 little ways to update your kitchen without renovating

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While we all might have visions of our dream kitchen dancing in our head or multiple images pinned to a Pinterest board, doing a full-scale renovation might not be in the budget at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. Here are a few easy ways to update your kitchen — no remodeling necessary.

1. Introduce open...Read more

Living Space: Clean out your house by hosting the best yard sale ever

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With a few simple strategies, you can turn your pile of unused, unwanted items into cash by planning a big garage sale. Clean up the items you’re selling, price them to go and throw in any items you don’t want to put back in your house or garage for free to be sure they’re gone by the end of the sale.

1. Pick the right date for your yard ...Read more

Living Space: 9 places you’re forgetting to dust that could be affecting your home’s health

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One household chore you shouldn’t procrastinate for too long is dusting. A few dust bunnies might seem harmless, but that powdery buildup can harbor some pretty gross stuff. Dust is mostly made up of human skin cells, but it can also contain dust mites and their droppings, bacteria, mold, pet dander and even viruses. As dust gets stirred up ...Read more

Living Space: How to clean painted walls

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Freshly painted walls can instantly brighten up a room, making a dingy space feel cleaner, brighter and more appealing. It’s also a far less expensive option than putting up new drywall or buying new furniture for a room, and for this reason, paint is often the first tool homeowners and renters turn to when looking to improve a space. Once you...Read more

Living Space: How to choose the best kitchen window treatments

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In a room as functional as a kitchen, window treatments provide one of the few elements of softness and decoration amid utilitarian appliances and hard surfaces. Curtains and shades can deliver a pop of color, pattern or texture that the room otherwise lacks, while boosting privacy and controlling natural light. Because you use this hardworking ...Read more

Living Space: 7 small decorating tricks to get your house ready for spring

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Spring cleaning might get all of the attention, but there’s definitely something to be said for spring decorating. Take your cue from the changing weather to make some season-appropriate swaps to your decor as well and you’ll end up with a fresh new look for spring.

1. Swap out wall art.

Something as simple as adjusting the artwork can ...Read more



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