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Living Space: The new rules of pantry organization

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We asked the experts how to organize a pantry for everyday cooking and extended use. They walked us through the pantry organization process step-by-step. Start by taking stock of what you have stashed, then follow these tips to sort, decant and stack your way to a tidier pantry. Finding snacks, dinner supplies and baking essentials just got ...Read more

Living Space: 10 secrets to throwing an unforgettable summer dinner party

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As we start to resume gathering with our friends and family, outdoor dinner parties are a perfect way to ease back into entertaining. Dust off your hosting skills with these summer party hacks to make it the easiest dinner party ever! Here’s how to spend less time playing host and more time hanging out with your guests.

1. Get outside.

...Read more

Living Space: Power-wash cleaning do’s and don’ts

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A power washer is a versatile machine that can help restore sparkle and shine to a variety of surfaces in your home. If you don’t want to invest in your own power washer, they are readily available for rent at home supply and hardware stores. However, before you enthusiastically hook up the hose and douse every surface in a powerful spray, ...Read more

Living Space: Protect your deck with proper maintenance

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The inevitable is bound to happen: Your beautiful new deck will age. But you can determine how gracefully it ages.

“It’s not maintenance-free to put wood outside,” says deck designer John Breiling. “When you spend $10 to $12 per square foot of deck, you want to care for your wood. It can be tough when you live in a climate that goes ...Read more

Living Space: 6 tips to save money in the yard and garden

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Budget landscaping and yard care doesn’t mean cutting corners; it means making the most of your tools and existing plants. Follow these six easy-to-implement tips to save money on your great outdoors.

1. Remember: Seeds are cheaper than plants.

Many vegetables are easy to grow from seed, and a $2 seed packet is a lot cheaper than a full-...Read more

Living Space: 5 tricks to organize your home like a boutique hotel

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What makes a hotel stay feel luxurious is often the simplest things: fluffy towels, clean sheets and mini toiletries there whenever you need them. Want to recreate that same sense of indulgence in your own space? Use these organization ideas to give your home the five-star treatment.

1. Restock (and refresh) your bath towels.

You probably need...Read more

Living Space: 7 ways to update a basic bathroom

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Sure, the ever-functional bathroom is sometimes swept aside in favor of decorating more grandiose rooms. But your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring! It’s the little details that count, so we’ve rounded up seven easy DIY updates for every part of the room, from the walls down to the bottom of your vanity. They’re also inexpensive and ...Read more

Living Space: How to get rid of almost anything

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The key to finding happiness in your decluttering efforts is answering this question: Once you decide to ditch your stuff, what do you do with it?

Unless your soon-to-be-former possessions truly qualify as trash, you won’t want to set them out at the curb on pickup day to clog up your local landfill. Instead, the key is to decide whether to ...Read more

Living Space: 5 things to spring-clean right now — and a few that can wait until fall

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When it’s time to spring-clean, we may think we have to tackle every single item on the to-do list right away. But actually, there are some home maintenance tasks that it’s better to wait until fall to complete. To help you sort out which things to spring-clean ASAP and which can be safely put off for a few more months, we’ve compiled the ...Read more

Living Space: How to start a backyard garden

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While spring is the ideal time to begin digging and growing a traditional vegetable or flower garden, plenty of planning and other tasks can be done at any time of the year. Gardeners spend most of the summer watering, weeding and watching young plants grow. Fall is a good time to plant trees, shrubs, bulbs and some perennials. And winter is a ...Read more

Living Space: 5 steps to allergy-proof your home

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Plagued at home by sneezing, an incessant runny nose and watery eyes? You may be one of 40 million people who suffer from indoor allergies, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Luckily, there are ways to get relief. With a bit of planning and a little extra work, your house can be a haven for those in your family ...Read more

Living Space: Curb appeal ideas for your small house

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There’s a lot to love about small houses: less upkeep, lower utility costs, manageable floor plans. If you already live in a small house or are thinking of buying one, you’ll probably spend lots of time on the interior. But key exterior design and landscaping tips can do much to play up all that’s wonderful about your small home. Here are ...Read more



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