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Living Space: How to plan a wallpaper project — and pro tips for applying it

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Gorgeous wallpapers are all over Instagram, but when most of us click “like” on those perfect pics, we believe they’re so beautiful that they’re far out of reach. You wouldn’t be alone if you thought a wallpaper project was too messy or expensive to DIY. And aligning those patterns or creating a straight line? Sounds like a chevron-...Read more

Living Space: 5 simple ways to keep hardwood floors looking good-as-new all winter long

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In the winter, hardwood floor care is particularly important and particularly challenging, especially for anyone facing a fierce winter where temperature fluctuations, snow and rock salt all make the task that much more difficult. The challenges of winter can cause scratches, stains, cracked floorboards and more on even the best-maintained wood ...Read more

Living Space: How to arrange furniture: No-fail tricks

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No matter if your rooms are big or small, having the right furniture arrangement will make them more enjoyable. Check out these tricks for arranging furniture to meet everyone’s needs.

Face the view

If you’re not sure how to arrange furniture in a living room, orient seating so it takes advantage of whatever view your room has to offer, ...Read more

Living Space: 7 tips for arranging, organizing and decorating bookshelves

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Bookshelves do double duty as storage space for books and display space for accessories. These tips and styling ideas will help you decorate your bookshelves so they are both fully functional and pleasing to the eye.

1. Keep it simple.

For picture-perfect bookcase decorating, resist the urge to pack in accessories on every shelf. Keep a clean ...Read more

Living Space: 8 energy-saving tips to get you through the holiday season

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When the weather turns cooler and the holidays arrive, you may see your energy consumption (and utility bills) skyrocket. Here’s how to enjoy the season while going easy on the planet — and your wallet.

1. Control temperatures.

Use a programmable thermostat to automatically switch warmer daytime settings to cooler settings come bedtime. ...Read more

Living Space: Up your Christmas tree game

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve always had one at the center of your festivities, here’s how to get the most from your holiday tree.

1. Be sure it’s fresh.

If you’re shopping for a real tree, you’ll want to choose one that was harvested recently. The needles should be green and should flex when you bend them. In ...Read more

Living Space: Cozy ideas for winter decorating

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As temperatures outside drop, it’s time to bring some warmth back into your home. Making your home a cozy refuge can be a fun, easy seasonal task that keeps you feeling warmer and brighter all winter long.

1. Focus on the hearth.

As temperatures dip lower, bring your focus inward by rearranging your furniture. If you have a fireplace, pull ...Read more

Living Space: How to choose an area rug

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When dressing up a room, don’t look to the furniture or the walls — look to the floor! Sometimes a rug is all you need. A rug can be the defining feature of a room or it can blend in and serve a function. No matter your reason for wanting a rug, there are a lot of questions to consider before buying an area rug. Read our all-encompassing ...Read more

Living Space: Get your house party-ready in an hour

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In an ideal world, all of us would keep spotless houses — all of the time. But since that isn’t a reality, most of us settle for next best: a thorough clean the day before guests arrive, during which you organize clutter and scrub each room until it’s gleaming. No time for that? Roll up your sleeves: This is your strategic guide to getting...Read more

Living Space: 6 things in your living room you should toss right now

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Does any room get quite as cluttered as the living room? This much-used, much-loved multipurpose room seems to have a clutter problem that’s in a class of its own — somehow the discarded socks, abandoned toys, half-read books, crumpled magazines, forgotten phone chargers and more collect in this shared space, and cleaning it all up seems ...Read more



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