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17 outdoor entertaining ideas that’ll save you tons of time

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Throwing an outdoor party that’s fun, festive, and filled with food, drink and conversation requires a few clever outdoor entertaining ideas that’ll make planning and prepping a breeze.

Whether you’re having family over for an impromptu patio day or are prepping for a giant Fourth of July bash for the entire neighborhood, these tips are ...Read more

The best gardening tips for beginners, according to the pros

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Have you decided to try your hand at gardening but need help figuring out where to start? The great thing about gardening is you can learn as you grow, but there are some tips that can make the process much easier and increase the survival rate of your plants and flowers.

How to start gardening for beginners

We spoke with the experts to ...Read more

10 summer cleaning tips for a sparkling home

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Home maintenance is the last thing you want to worry about in the summertime. To prevent heat, humidity, dust, grime and pests from taking a toll on your home, employ these summer cleaning tips indoors and out.

1. Dust and reverse ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans can stir up dust and pollen unless the blades are cleaned regularly.

2. Scrub outdoor ...Read more

How to plant a raised bed garden that avoids 8 common mistakes

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Planning a raised bed garden always starts with so much promise. These elevated growing spaces offer several benefits over in-ground gardens, such as easier accessibility, more control over soil composition, improved drainage and warmer soil temperatures that allow for earlier planting and faster growing.

So, you eagerly conceive of plans for ...Read more

10 tips for installing peel-and-stick wallpaper

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Want to instantly makeover a room in just one weekend? TikTok would have you believe that all it takes is installing a few rolls of peel-and-stick wallpaper and voila — your bedroom, bathroom or dining room has a completely different look. But is the process as easy as social media would have you think it is?

We talked to several design ...Read more

How to clean bathroom rugs

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You’ve already scrubbed your shower, sink and toilet. So what’s next? You’re walking on it!

Bathroom rugs are a magnet for hair and dust and, depending on how well-ventilated your space is, they can also be a haven for mold and mildew (ew!). Not to mention, they pick up anything your shoes track in on the way to those last-minute mirror ...Read more

8 things you can’t just toss in the recycling bin

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Recycling isn’t just throwing any and all plastic and glass items into a bin and sending them off. Some recycling centers can handle many different types of plastics and glass, even without pre-sorting, but few can recycle everything — especially the odds and ends that end up tossed in a home recycling system because they are ostensibly made...Read more

17 mini moves to help you declutter

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Stop waiting for someone else to take care of the clutter in your home — it’s time to take action. Spring cleaning can be intimidating. It’s hard to make the time, stick to a plan, and make the progress you want. Here’s how you can start strong and get it done.

1. Schedule time.

Clutter cleanses don’t spontaneously happen, so commit ...Read more

6 things you can do right now for a gorgeous yard this summer

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Spring is a great time to tackle the yard care tips that will get your outdoor space ready for summer. Here, lawn and garden expert Chris Lambton gives us a short yard care checklist that you can start working on right now to get your lawn and entire backyard ready for the warmer weather ahead. Grab your gardening gloves and a rake, then get ...Read more

12 home decor tips for a mental health boost

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What do funeral parlors, prison cells and courtrooms all have in common? Other than being places you’d probably rather avoid, they’re all examples of spaces that use color, texture, lighting and room layout to evoke particular emotional responses from their occupants. And it works.

Although it’s a far less extreme — and solemn — ...Read more

7 bad habits that are making your house dirtier

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We all want a clean home: Beyond the sanitary aspect, there’s something immensely soothing and satisfying about living in a tidy space, which is why we’re always researching how to clean better. Still, despite our best efforts, our homes will eventually get dirtier and in need of cleaning again, but there are also ways you can make cleaning ...Read more



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