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Livig Space: 7 essential places to clean when you’re in a time crunch before guests arrive

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The hours before a party or gathering always seem to fly by. It’s all too easy to spend time preparing food, setting the table and putting finishing touches on your decor, and put cleaning tasks off until the last minute. If guests are on their way and you have yet to plug in the vacuum or pick up a scrub brush, don’t fret. By tackling a few...Read more

Living Space: How to transform any room into a flexible space for multipurpose living

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As lifestyles shifted due to the coronavirus pandemic, our homes had to adapt to new activities and routines. Dining rooms and closets became home offices, kids’ bedrooms served as home-school spaces, and guest rooms were outfitted with workout equipment.

These multipurpose rooms were born out of necessity, but even as we look toward a post-...Read more

Living Space: 6 simple things you can do to prevent frozen pipes this winter

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Winter brings frigid temperatures for much of the country, and when temperatures plummet, the water that supplies your home’s faucets and fixtures is in danger of freezing inside your pipes. Because water expands as it turns to ice, frozen pipes are prone to bursting, which can result in costly water and plumbing damage throughout your home. ...Read more

Living Space: Essential gas fireplace maintenance tips to keep your home safe

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A gas fireplace lets you enjoy the warmth and coziness of a glowing fire by simply flipping a switch or pressing a button. Without the mess of ash and soot, these clean-burning units require much less upkeep than traditional wood-burning fireplaces, but a bit of gas fireplace maintenance is essential to keep yours in top shape.

First, it’s ...Read more

Living Space: 7 quick updates you can do now to prepare your home for the holidays

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After last year’s gatherings were largely canceled or held virtually, many of us are gearing up to host holiday guests for the first time in a while. If months of working, schooling and otherwise hunkering down at home have left your home less than guest-ready, you still have time to make some updates before the season of entertaining begins ...Read more

Living Space: 11 simple tricks to make your bathroom feel like a spa

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A trip to the spa leaves you feeling relaxed, pampered and rejuvenated. The experience centers on a serene environment that’s carefully designed to help you unwind and escape, and you can easily re-create that soothing atmosphere at home in your own bathroom. By incorporating calming elements, upgrading fixtures and minimizing clutter, you can...Read more

Living Space: Should you buy stock cabinets or custom cabinets for your kitchen renovation?

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Whether you’re building a new home or want to renovate your current space, one of the biggest showpieces in the kitchen is your cabinets. As you begin planning your remodel, you’ll need to choose from either stock kitchen cabinets or custom cabinets.

With stock cabinetry, speed of installation and cost are on your side, while custom ...Read more

Living Space: 5 habits to break if you want a more organized home

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Despite our best attempts at home organization, many of us have some habits that undo our efforts. Just ask the top of my dresser, which holds a growing pile of clothing. The hamper may be only a few feet away and available drawer space located directly below, yet clothing magically lands atop the dresser instead.

These clutter hotspots may be ...Read more

Living Space: Budget decor ideas to make the most of what you already own

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There’s no rule that says decorating has to mean buying something new. Try these tips to make the most of what you already have to dress up your space.

Book it.

If you’re staring at a fireplace that doesn’t work and a pile of tomes you’re no longer interested in reading, tackle both by turning your library into an interesting fireplace...Read more

Living Space: 4 soft surfaces in your home you didn’t know you could sanitize but definitely should

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Ever feel like you’re forgetting something? Maybe it’s the keys you left inside the car just as the door locks click. Or your phone sitting at the grocery store, probably after trying to wrangle open those tricky produce bags. Chances are those little sinking feelings don’t often pertain to cleaning your rugs, curtains or throw pillows, ...Read more

Living Space: 7 essential leaf-raking tips to make your fall cleanup so much easier

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Trees and shrubs in all their brilliant fall finery are an amazing sight to behold. But those color-drenched leaves eventually make their way to the ground, where you may find them much less welcome.

Raking leaves is at the top of most fall garden to-do lists, and it can be a rather labor-intensive and time-consuming chore. But dealing with ...Read more

Living Space: 5 feng shui office ideas for a calmer, more productive workspace

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Many of us spend a good chunk of each day sitting at our desks, whether in a home office or a cubicle. The way your workspace is designed can have a huge impact on productivity, either helping you stay focused and motivated or providing distractions and interruptions. Applying the principles of feng shui to your office is one way to foster a ...Read more

Living Space: 6 gutter-cleaning mistakes that could lead to disaster

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Cleaning gutters is an essential home maintenance task that helps ward off damage to your foundation, leaks and other serious issues. Although clearing debris from your gutters seems straightforward, this chore can be dangerous if it’s not done properly, especially since you’ll likely be working on top of a ladder. It’s even riskier if ...Read more



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