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Living Space: 5 incredibly easy steps to sprucing up your front door in one day

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Routine cleanings are the key to keeping your outdoor furniture in pristine condition. For best results, you should clean outdoor furniture four times a year: once at the beginning of summer, once at the end of summer and a couple of times in between. Store furniture indoors during winter months to prevent additional weathering and staining — ...Read more

Living Space: 5 incredibly easy steps to sprucing up your front door in one day

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If you want to get your front door summer-ready but are also busy with lawn care and your new container garden, turn to these front door ideas. Starting with a thorough cleaning and working your way up to attention-grabbing planters, this mini front door makeover can be achieved in just one day and with one trip to your local garden center.

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Living Space: Setting up a backyard fire pit

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When you’re spending more time at home, a fire pit can help turn your backyard into an oasis: a spot to roast marshmallows, a focal-point flame that draws in friends and family, warmth on a cool evening. Here’s how to choose the perfect fire pit for your backyard.

1. Decide if you want portable or permanent.

The easiest option is an off-...Read more

Living Space: Fun, festive ideas for a Fourth of July picnic

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Whether you’re having a socially distanced al fresco picnic or a backyard barbecue for your family, these crafty serving suggestions will make it fabulous.

Mason jar drinks

There’s something classic about Mason jars, and they’re great vessels for Fourth of July drinks. Shop antique stores for vintage versions, or look online for Mason ...Read more

Living Space: 9 rules for decluttering your kitchen for good

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Despite your best intentions and your commitment to purchasing only the best top-notch cleaning supplies, one area of your once-tidy living space that’s likely in need of a serious deep-clean is your kitchen. Thanks to regular meal prep and daily crumb accrual, it’s the one room in your home that could use a little TLC — tender loving ...Read more

Living Space: 10 ways to squeeze more space out of your closet

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It's true that you can never have too much storage. Homes with generous closet and drawer space are a dream. But what if your closet is shy on space? With some clever changes you can carve out more storage in your closets.

1. Use the back of the door. The back of your closet door can hold a variety of items. Add an over the door hanger with ...Read more

Living Space: 10 places to stash, store and declutter

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Organizers will say that everything in your home must have a home. Funny, but you might have thought your clothes' home was simply your house. Turns out, your house should be filled with lots of little mini-homes to store all the things in your life (e.g., keys, magazines, chip clips, receipts).

For easiest storage, opt for items that are ...Read more

Living Space: There's an easy fix to organize messy junk drawer

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It's the drawer you dread. The one that's so full it's hard to find anything in it, yet it's indispensable and in every home. But there's no reason you can't tame your junk drawer so that it can hold the mish mash that we all accumulate, and you can find things when you need to.

Essentials only

Junk drawers serve a vital purpose in our homes ...Read more

Living Space: How to select exterior house paint colors

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As the weather warms up, winter's effects can sometimes show their toll on a home's paint. Giving your home a new coat of paint can make it look refreshed and renewed, but the problem is never deciding to paint, it's usually around trying to decide which colors to go with. Following a few guidelines will help you select an exterior paint color ...Read more

Living Space: Tackle spring cleaning with this handy checklist

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Even if cleaning isn't your thing, you have to admit nothing ever feels as good as when the house has had a good purge and a deep clean. You feel lighter and the house seems easier to live in. That's the reward for all that hard work. Use this list to get some serious spring cleaning done and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it.

Do a ...Read more


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