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Give your family room a style refresh

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Before spring arrives and before winter has left, there's a dull, gray drag of time where your family room can feel heavy and stale. Give it a pre-spring lift with a family room a refresh. You don't have to do an all-out redecorating job; just making a few key changes and swaps can breathe new life into your family room's look.

Start at the ...Read more

Living Space: Couple up in a romantic bedroom

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A couple's bedroom should be the kind of place that inspires romance, invites relaxation and speaks to their relationship. Creating a romantic sanctuary makes a great project to do together. Best of all, after the kids are in bed, it'll be the place the two of you have as your own private escape that doesn't require a reservation or finding a ...Read more

Living Space: Winter spruce-up: Get your house ready now to sell this spring

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The spring home selling season starts in the next two months. If you plan on listing your home for sale, take the time now to get your house show-ready. While it's cold, it's a great time to pare down belongings and make the house look more spacious. Once the weather is better, you only need to spiff up outdoors and plant the sign in the yard.

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Living Space: Create a cozy window seat to take advantage of views

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Dreamy and romantic, window seats are the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea on a winter day, simply take in a pretty view or make a cozy spot in the sun for your cat to nap. Window seats are inviting, creating a comfy spot to read a book. It's also a great way to add some architectural interest to your home.

Bay window

When there's a bay ...Read more

Living Space: Demilune tables add big sophistication in a small package

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A demilune table speaks to French style and adds a classic touch to any decor. With its half-moon shape, a demilune table makes a statement in elegance and sophistication. For small spaces or tight entries, a demilune's curved shape is just the thing to keep you from knocking against it as you walk by. And for a piece that exudes loads of style?...Read more

Living Space: Quick winter organizing ideas to get you to spring

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Wintertime takes a lot of clothing. What's worse is there are multiple layers of clothing needed to help you get from fall to spring. But in between those seasons, it can often seem like you're fighting a sweater tsunami.

While there's still time left on Old Man Winter's calendar, why not work on getting your cold-weather gear organized? You'll...Read more

Living Spaces: 10 ways to use decorative boxes

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More than just an accessory, decorative boxes can be used in a variety of ways in your decor that's both attractive and useful. They can be found in a wide range of materials such as wood, glass and fabric, and there's almost no decorating style or room that won't benefit from the addition of a decorative box.

Best of all, many decorative boxes...Read more

Living Space: When to buy new furniture and when to reupholster

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The decision is often a hard one. The sofa looks great, but the fabric is wearing thin or there's a spot where the cat scratched it. Maybe your sofa is fairly new, but there's a big tear on the back. The question is: When should you reupholster the sofa, and when should you let it go and buy new? There are some guidelines to know first before ...Read more

Living Space: Make it a new hue year with paint colors

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If you're looking for a fresh start to the new year that doesn't involve diet or exercise, why not try on a new color in your home? Changing up paint colors doesn't require you to forgo your decor in favor of new items, but a new hue can help you see your current furnishings in a new way. Best of all, you can get the change you're looking for to...Read more

Set up a beautiful holiday buffet

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Buffets are a terrific way to serve your guests this holiday season. Besides being easy to set up, they let guests help themselves to as much or as little as they like, and it leaves more room for guests at the table. Whether you're hosting a holiday happy hour or a full meal, buffets make a great way to entertain and serve guests easily.

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Living Space: Set an elegant holiday table with white and gold

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A holiday meal is always more special with a beautifully set table. One of the easiest and most elegant table settings features white and gold. Using this color theme with your dinnerware, you can set a beautiful table that beckons guests and creates a versatile backdrop that enables you to create an almost endless array of tablescapes for any ...Read more


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