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Problem Solved: I don't recognize this PayPal transaction -- do I still have to pay it?

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What's this $1,203 charge on Isaac Benzadon's PayPal account? And why won't PayPal reverse the charge? Isn't he covered under PayPal Purchase Protection?

Q: I recently had a $1,203 charge on my PayPal account that I didn't recognize. It was for a transfer transaction of 992 euros plus fees. I never authorized the transaction.

I reported it to ...Read more

Airbnb kicked me off the site and it won't tell me why!

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Mark Donohue can't use his Airbnb account anymore. But the company won't tell him why he's been kicked off the site.

Q: Airbnb kicked me off the site and it won't tell me why. All of my emails and requests for an explanation have been answered with a canned response. Airbnb says it's sorry, but it's not changing its mind. But they're not ...Read more

Problem Solved: I sent money to the wrong person on Venmo. Now my account is frozen!

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Arthur Walzer sends $100 to the wrong person on Venmo. Instead of helping him, Venmo freezes his account. What gives?

Q: I have a problem with Venmo. I wanted to gift my granddaughter Delia $100 for her 14th birthday. My daughter told me that Delia is proud to have a Venmo account and asked if I could I gift her through Venmo. My daughter ...Read more

Problem Solved: Help, my IKEA furniture order is missing

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Both of Chip Elam's IKEA furniture orders, placed during the pandemic lockdown, are missing. And IKEA won't respond to his requests for help. How can he get the company to deliver on its promise?

Q: I was hoping you could help me with two IKEA orders I placed during the lockdown. I think IKEA is sending bad information. It claims one order is ...Read more

Problem Solved: The steam cleaner didn't arrive, but PayPal took my money anyway

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Barb Weyer orders a steam cleaner online and uses PayPal to pay for it. The steam cleaning machine never arrives, but she's charged anyway. Can she get a refund?

Q: I ordered a steam cleaner through a site called Tanagas.com. I paid $127 through PayPal. I never received the item. I have tried to contact the seller and the only response that I ...Read more

Problem Solved: Help! My Chase account has been hacked using Zelle Quickpay

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Why is $2,000 missing from Thomas Andersen's Chase account? And what is Zelle Quickpay, the application that allowed someone to access his money?

Q: My chase checking account was hacked and money was transferred to an unknown entity with Chase's New "Zelle Quickpay" feature. This is a feature that was introduced in 2017 by Chase and is ...Read more

Problem Solved: Please help me with this Home Depot tile problem

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The new tiles in Michelle Odd's home are not what she expected. They're crooked and uneven. She wants Home Depot to fix her tiles. But instead, it's offering a refund -- as long as she signs a non-disclosure statement. Can this Home Depot tile problem be solved?

Q: Home Depot screwed up our tile job twice over 17 months. Six supervisors and ...Read more

Problem Solved: Apple charged my credit card without authorization -- can you help?

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Apple charges Scott Jordan's credit card $592 without his approval. But he doesn't discover the error for several months. Does that mean the company can keep his money?

Q: Apple charged my credit card $592 without notification or consent to repair my iPhone even though I had AppleCare. Apple had assured me the most that my card would be charged...Read more

Problem Solved: Is this Ford Escape transmission problem fixable?

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Meghan Fife has a transmission problem with her Ford Escape. But her warranty has just run out. Is she stuck with a $4,000 repair bill, or can Ford help her fix this undrivable vehicle?

Q: I bought my 2015 Ford Escape brand new from a Ford dealership in Huntington Beach, Calif. I have had my vehicle just under five years and am still paying off...Read more

Problem Solved: Someone hacked my PayPal account. Can I get a refund?

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When someone hacks Alan Gutfrucht's PayPal account, he assumes the company will help him recover the money he lost. His assumption is wrong. Is there any way to reverse the fraudulent transactions?

Q: Someone hacked my PayPal account late at night through a trojan program planted on my computer. A total of nine unauthorized transactions ...Read more

Problem Solved: My MGM gift card is not working. Can you help?

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Eldrich Carr's $500 MGM gift card is not working. The company says someone else used the credit but won't help him find the missing money. Is the money lost?

Q: I have a problem with an MGM gift card that doesn't work. Our children gave my wife and me a $500 gift card as an anniversary present.

The card has been in our possession until now. ...Read more

Problem Solved: I need help with my Verizon collection bill!

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Maggie DeLoach's daughter has a problem with a Verizon collection bill. But she paid her phone bill in full. How can she get the debt collectors off her back?

Q: I'm hoping you can help us with a Verizon collection bill. I don't seem to be getting anywhere on my own.

Verizon has turned over my daughter Elizabeth's account to a collection ...Read more

Problem Solved: Why did Walmart ban me from shopping online?

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Walmart has banned Irena Shie from shopping online. The reason? Too many returns. But which return triggered the ban -- and can she get unbanned?

Q: I received an email from Walmart.com that my account had been banned. The notice said Walmart had determined my account was in violation of its terms of use with respect to its returns service. "As...Read more

Problem Solved: A missing PayPal payment, but where's the money?

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Kelly Stout's rent money is missing, and she thinks PayPal has it. But does it? And if so, how do you recover a missing PayPal payment?

Q: I need help with a missing PayPal payment. I paid for my rent recently through PayPal. PayPal withdrew the money from my bank account but my landlord never received it.

I contacted PayPal, which traced the ...Read more

Real March Madness! I want a refund from Vivid Seats

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Steve Stine's college basketball game was canceled a long time ago. But Vivid Seats still has his money. Does he have to jump through hoops to get a refund from Vivid Seats?

Q: I need your help getting a refund from Vivid Seats. I paid $221 for two tickets for March Madness. It was a lot of money for me. COVID-19 put an end to that event. I ...Read more



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