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It's not safe for me to fly. Can I get a refund for my American Airlines ticket?

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Betty Barrett cancels her flight from Fort Myers, Fla., to Birmingham, Ala. at the start of the pandemic. Why won't American Airlines refund her ticket?

Q: I recently used part of a $721 ticket credit on American Airlines to book a flight from Fort Myers, Fla., to Birmingham, Ala., to see my grandson perform with the Alabama Ballet. I used $...Read more

How do you get Acura to honor its powertrain warranty?

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What's wrong with Robin Hogue's Acura TLX? And why won't Acura cover her warranty repairs?

Q: Two years ago, I bought a 2018 Acura TLX from an Acura dealership located in northwestern Indiana. Unfortunately, since purchasing this vehicle, I have encountered a couple of mechanical issues. The most recent is a sudden break of a connecting rod.

...Read more

No exchange allowed from Armani Exchange -- can you help?

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Tessa Tan orders a sweatshirt from Armani Exchange, but it doesn't fit. Why won't the company exchange it for her?

Q: I'm trying to get an item exchanged that I bought through Armani Exchange online. Last year, I bought several items from Armani online. One of them, a crew-neck sweatshirt, was too big for me.

I called Armani and a ...Read more

The seat belt won't release on my Lexus RX350. Can you help?

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The seat belts on Richard Johnson's Lexus RX350 won't release. But his dealership can't help him. How do you fix this?

Q: I have a problem with my Lexus RX350 that I can't resolve with my local dealership. My problem is that the front seat belts, especially the driver side, do not release cleanly.

I have owned several dozen cars during my 60 ...Read more

This hearing aid was a big disappointment. Where's my refund?

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Lourdes Whiteman's new hearing aid from Audien Hearing isn't what she expected. And neither is the company's 30-day refund policy. Audien is offering her only half of her money back. Why?

Q: I ordered a hearing aid from the Audien Hearing company recently. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and easy returns.

I was ...Read more

This "walnut" bed from Groupon is made of particleboard. Can I get my money back?

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When Sherrie Segall orders a "walnut" platform storage bed from Groupon, she assumes it's made of wood. It's actually made of particleboard. Can she get her money back?

Q: I purchased a "walnut" brown wood platform storage bed with drawers from Groupon recently. It was not made of wood, but 1/16th inch particleboard. I asked to return the ...Read more

Can I get a refund instead of a credit on United Airlines?

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NCL cancels William Boucek's Hawaii cruise after the COVID-19 outbreak and offers him a refund. But United Airlines will only give him a credit. Does he have no choice but to accept?

Q: My wife and I booked a trip for the whole family to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Pride of America last summer. ...Read more

How do I make Sears refund my money faster?

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Sears promises Diana Linville a refund for her freezer. But the money seems to be frozen in the company's accounts. After a four-month delay, is there any hope for getting her $1,099 back?

Q: I ordered a freezer from Sears four months ago. Sears promised it would deliver the appliance within a month. It did not.

I canceled the order and ...Read more

After a flight cancellation, how do I get a refund from Chase?

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After JetBlue cancels Deborah Luiz's flight from St. Maarten to Boston, her credit card promises to refund her points and airfare. The points arrive but the money is delayed. How does she get a refund from Chase?

Q: I need help with getting a $935 refund from Chase. In March I was supposed to take a return flight from St. Maarten to Boston ...Read more

PayPal says "case closed" on fraudulent transfers. Are these transactions not covered?

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Why are there $900 in fraudulent charges on Saleh Tavassoli's PayPal account? And why won't PayPal help him remove them?

Q: I recently received seven fraudulent transactions on my PayPal account. I keep my account in euros, but these charges were in dollars. I've never sent anyone money in dollars.

I don't recognize the recipients. I ...Read more

I ordered a laptop from Sam's Club. Where is it?

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Terry Barber orders a laptop computer from Sam's Club. It never shows up. Two months later, her refund is also missing. What's the problem?

Q: I ordered an HP Pavilion laptop from Sam's Club recently and paid $856 for it. I never received it.

I contacted customer support and they verified that the laptop never left the warehouse. I asked for ...Read more

If a company goes out of business, can I get a refund from Groupon?

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Q: I paid $59 for a voucher for housecleaning services through Groupon recently. But when I tried to redeem the voucher, I couldn't reach the merchant via phone. The number was not in service. I then searched for the company to get more information, but I was unsuccessful.

I reached out to Groupon and advised them that I could not use my ...Read more



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