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Problem Solved: I don't recognize this PayPal transaction -- do I still have to pay it?

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What's this $1,203 charge on Isaac Benzadon's PayPal account? And why won't PayPal reverse the charge? Isn't he covered under PayPal Purchase Protection?

Q: I recently had a $1,203 charge on my PayPal account that I didn't recognize. It was for a transfer transaction of 992 euros plus fees. I never authorized the transaction.

I reported it to ...Read more

Airbnb kicked me off the site and it won't tell me why!

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Mark Donohue can't use his Airbnb account anymore. But the company won't tell him why he's been kicked off the site.

Q: Airbnb kicked me off the site and it won't tell me why. All of my emails and requests for an explanation have been answered with a canned response. Airbnb says it's sorry, but it's not changing its mind. But they're not ...Read more



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