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Do It Yourself or Not: Repair damaged plaster

Plaster walls and ceilings are found in many older homes; and all too often, they’re marred with holes and cracks. Over time a plaster ceiling often sags, another problem. To repair damaged plaster walls with a hodgepodge of cracks or a ceiling that sags we’ve used a specific process.

First, secure the loose plaster to the lath behind it ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install a coffered ceiling system

A coffered ceiling system is a striking feature that makes a design statement in a room that calls attention to the ceiling. The coffered tiles are an architectural element that appears as a sunken panel in the shape of a square or rectangle. The 24-inch square panels add a rich look of luxury and warmth. Designers often call the ceiling the ...Read more

Do It Yourself of Not: Install a high-tech deadbolt lock

Technology seems to bring us new ways to do old things, and here’s a good example. You can replace a traditional deadbolt door lock with a key to a deadbolt using your fingerprint. This stuff used to be the razzle dazzle in techno thrillers; now Wi-Fi compatibility makes it happen at your front or back door at home.

The Halo Touch fingerprint...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install an attic floor

The selling feature in many homes is the attic, an ideal space for not often-used but keeper-worthy stuff we accumulate. In many new homes there’s access to an attic, but it’s useless without a floor; the same is true in some older homes. To take advantage of the untapped storage space in the attic, you can add flooring and make it useful to...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install an opening acrylic block window

Designers have used acrylic glass block for years because it creates a striking focal point while providing a light airy feel to a room. Remodeling contractors choose block windows to replace old windows, especially where you want to bring daylight into a room like a kitchen; but also maintain privacy. While many acrylic block windows are solid,...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Paint stained wood

Some people would never paint stained wood; they’d rather remove the dark stain and refinish the wood naturally. But some dark wood molding was stained to cover up imperfect or mismatched grain, so it’s not worth refinishing. This dark stain is found in some older homes, which dates the rooms and their furnishings. One way to brighten the ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Replace drawer glides

Cabinet drawers are designed to open and close with ease because of the metal glides, the mechanism installed along the sides of the drawer. We take that easy operation for granted until the drawer gets stuck, either from something in the path of the glides or the glides getting off track, breaking or sagging. That’s when new drawer glides are...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Lay a stone path

A stepping stone path is a practical solution to create a walkway through your yard or garden and at the same time be a complement to the landscape. You can lay it out as a straight walkway or as a winding path that meanders around trees and flowerbeds. It’s a way to create a path around obstructions in the landscape too. To help drain ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Build a rail fence

A rail and post fence is one of the easiest fences to build. Its horizontal rails fit into pre-cut holes in the fence posts, so they go together like pins in a slot. Originally, it was a fast way to keep livestock from straying into a nearby homestead; today, its natural good looks make it an attractive addition to just about anyone's home. That...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install an underdeck ceiling

To take advantage of the space beneath a second-floor deck, consider installing an underdeck. As a ceiling to the underside of the deck it also protects the area from rain and snow. The vinyl material acts as a ceiling drainage system and creates a ground level outdoor room or useful found space for storing bicycles and gardening equipment.

The...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install a standby generator

A power outage can be a major inconvenience to any household and cause problems a generator is designed to solve. The job of a standby generator is to keep the appliances and systems of a house working when the power goes out. When a major power outage occurs, the lights go out, the food in the refrigerator and freezer begins to spoil, and there...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install a closet shelf and rod

While custom closet shelving components are a solution for many storage needs, a basic wooden closet rod and shelf is a simpler one for average storage needs. A wooden hanging rod is attached to metal rod supports installed on a strip of wood or cleat and then fastened to the side and back walls of the closet. Above the rod a wooden shelf rests ...Read more



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