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Do It Yourself or Not: Install attic stairs

Foldaway attic stairs untap storage space and make it easy to access an otherwise difficult-to-reach upper area of a home. The unit is a complete framed assembly with a folding, sectional ladder designed to be installed in a ceiling opening. That's the scary part: You have to cut a rather large hole in the ceiling of the second floor, not a job ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install a Brinks Push Pull Rotate door lock

Here's a solution to the pesky problem of opening a door when your hands are full: a door lock that opens with a push, a pull or a single finger tug of the knob. The cleverness comes in its ability to operate hands-free with a quick nudge of your elbow or hip or a gentle tug to open interior and exterior doors. It's a handy way to open a door ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Replace a medicine cabinet

From a humble beginning as a basic metal utility cabinet to store makeup and medicine, the medicine cabinet today is finely constructed with convenient features. A favorite of ours is one with a mirror on the back wall of the cabinet and another mirror inside the door for expanded visibility. Nice features that assure quality are sturdy and easy...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Replace rotted siding

Repairing a section of damaged wood siding may appear more daunting than it actually is. In many cases, the damage to the surface can be fixed and a new finish topcoat will complete the job. However, if you find more extensive damage when you remove the siding, the repair is more complicated. You may have to remove and replace the plywood ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Insulate an attic with fiberglass

Energy experts agree that you'll lower your energy bills if you insulate your attic with at least 12 inches of insulation, which is considered the minimum amount to meet today's standards. And it's easy to do: Just lay down batts of poly-wrapped insulation directly over what's already up there. It's not exactly fun to do, but it's one of the ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Replace a wall fixture

There have never been more options to add lighting to a room, especially using wall fixtures. The variety of styles makes it easy to choose a design that fits the decor of a room while providing direct lighting to a specific area, whether it's for safe footing in a hallway or better reading near a favorite armchair.

The job is straightforward ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Cane a chair

Lovers of antique furniture are always on the lookout for a chair with an original cane seat because it's a prized possession. If you're looking for such a treasure and find one with damaged or missing caning you can have the chair recaned or do it yourself, assuming you're patient and persistent and adept at working with your hands.

There are ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Build a glass block wall

Prefabricated glass block systems are often used to create a shower wall enclosure in a bathroom, but today's designers and homeowners can create new spaces with them throughout a house. The versatility of these systems lets you create a half-wall or floor-to-ceiling room divider, define space in a front entry or bring daylight into a room with ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Replace a laundry tub

Is your laundry area in need of a facelift? A good place to start is replacing the old fiberglass wash sink with a stylish new laundry tub. It seems the utilitarian sink designed to collect water from the washing machine does a lot more than that while accumulating stains and scars from years of painting and gardening chores. To update the space...Read more

Texture paint a ceiling

Adding a texture to a ceiling is an attractive way to conceal imperfections and light cracks while adding interest and dimension to an otherwise flat surface. It's not a solution for a ceiling marred with deep cracks, but it can be a decorative finish with swirls and stippling effects that hide small blemishes.

Before painting a ceiling prepare...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Repair a toilet

If there's one life skill every person should have it's how to fix a toilet, or at least be able to diagnose why it's not property operating. Knowing how a toilet works and how to keep it working is not as mysterious as it seems. Fluidmaster.com, a manufacturer of plumbing parts, has a nice video to put you in the know.

Often a faulty toilet ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install cork floor tiles

Cork has been used in European homes for years, and as an eco-friendly flooring material it's a popular choice here in the states too. Made from the bark of cork oak, the material is known as a soft, durable and sound-deadening flooring solution. It's renewable because the tree is never harvested; the outer bark is stripped from the trunk ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install wall shelves

Make the most of wall space in a utility room, up in the attic, down in the basement or out in a shed or garage; anywhere storage space is needed. We find wall shelves most useful in a small space like a laundry closet where bulky cleaning supplies are used.

Walk into any home center and find an array of shelving systems, with the vertical ...Read more


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