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Do It Yourself or Not: Repair a frozen water pipe

Once you’ve experienced the trauma of frozen water pipes, you take extremely cold weather and your home’s vulnerability more seriously. The low temperature freezes the water inside the pipes. The pipes can then burst, causing extensive damage. Take some precautions to prepare for water pipes freezing and avoid waking up on a cold morning and...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Replace a shower stall door

Sure, you can replace an old shower curtain with a new one, but a more impressive upgrade is installing a hinged shower door. A door instead of a curtain is an attractive improvement that makes it a permanent enclosure that won’t go unnoticed. When we made the switch in a small bathroom, it gave the room an immediate aesthetic upgrade — and ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install track lighting

The directional heads of track lighting make it one of the most versatile fixtures that can be used in any room. We see tracks wherever lighting is needed for working at a desk, preparing food or over a workbench, places around a home where illumination is important.

You’ll find a good selection of track lighting components and kits sold ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Prevent furniture tip-overs

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning homeowners of the danger of furniture tip-overs. It’s not enough to set a TV on a tabletop or push a bookcase against the wall especially if there are toddlers in the home. An adult is vulnerable, too, because a simple nudge to a spindly bookcase can bring it (and everything in it) tumbling to ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Unclog a tub drain

We have the uncanny ability to find our bathtub drain clogged before we have a busy day and not much free time. Our solution to unclog the drain works sometimes, but not always. Most clogs in a tub drain occur from a buildup of hair in the drain; the choice is unclog it yourself or call for help. We always try to make the repair first, and if ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Add a marble threshold

To conceal the gap between different and unlike floor surfaces, a wood threshold has long been the tradition; but a threshold made of marble can be a nice touch of class. Because of its long-lasting quality, marble is an excellent choice to create safe footing in a passageway, particularly where ceramic, stone or marble tiles are used.

Marble ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Replace a bathroom faucet

The trend in remodeling continues, reports the recent Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) from Harvard’s Remodeling Futures Program. Any upgrade even replacing a bathroom faucet won’t go unnoticed if you decide to sell your home, so don’t hesitate to make the upgrade and enjoy using it.

It’s not the largest feature in a ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Replace a window sash

In warm weather, there’s nothing better than opening a double-hung window to let a cooling breeze inside a stuffy room; but when the weather turns cold, you want that window to be tight and keep drafty cold air outside. If you’re remodeling, one option is to replace the window with a new energy efficient unit, but a less expensive ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install a recessed vent light

Recessed lighting will add light to dark and often difficult to reach spaces in a home and a recessed light that offers ventilation makes it even more useful. A dark shower stall in the bathroom, a tucked away alcove under a mildew-prone stairwell and a stuffy dark closet are popular locations where a vented recessed light comes in handy. By ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install a new glass door on your fireplace

Bring a refreshing new look to an ordinary fireplace by replacing an old enclosure with a new glass door. A new glass door makes it safe as well as attractive, because it keeps kids and pets out of harm’s way and prevents runaway sparks and ashes from damaging carpeting or nearby furnishings.

At home centers and specialty stove and fireplace ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install a parquet floor

Parquet has always been a popular wood flooring choice due to its intricate inlaid and herringbone pattern. The 12-inch square tiles, which come in a selection of light to dark finishes, are sold at flooring and home centers. They are designed to be installed as interlocking tiles or with a peel and stick backing, so installing them is a good ...Read more

Do It Yourself or Not: Install a gable vent

An attic gable vent circulates air in warm weather months, protecting the interior of excessive heat and moisture build-up. Come winter and cold weather, the vent circulates the air and removes excess hot air and wetness that the warm heated air from the house accumulates; and it condenses on the sheathing and framing in the attic, which can ...Read more



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