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The Future of the Multiple Listing Services

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Dear Monty: Will all the changes in the real estate industry affect the multiple listing service in the future?

Monty's Answer: What will happen to the MLSs is the day's question. The answers of seasoned industry followers, such as mainstream media, real estate agents, columnists, technologists and others, vary widely. The best way to respond...Read more

How To Buy a Unit in a Nonconforming Building

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Dear Monty: I'm looking at a town house that is a single two-bedroom, one-bath unit among five other individual parceled properties. The town house is uniformly attached to the different units and shares a paved back parking lot. The unit's interior is well-maintained; however, the exterior looks rough. There is peeling paint, the small front ...Read more

The Best Way To Sell a Home in Mint Condition

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Dear Monty: We will be selling our home soon. Our house was brand-new when we bought it. It is 25 years old and in like-new condition. In the past five years, we have updated the bathrooms and the roof, and last year, we updated all the flooring, installed new cupboards and appliances and painted the entire interior and exterior trim. The ...Read more

Conflicts of Interest Are Natural With Home Sales

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Dear Monty: I need professional advice. I am interested in purchasing a one-bedroom, one bath house with property and some structures in the Midwest. The seller is someone my wife and I have known for several years, and we are well acquainted. The seller also has a business at his residence. The business is a small flower farming operation he ...Read more

Dealing With Unresponsive Contractors

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Dear Monty: I live in a condo in Florida. In 2021, I had electric hurricane screens installed that came with a five-year warranty. The screens have never worked properly, and while the company has attempted to resolve the repair, the screens remain inoperable. They have been to my property about 10 times -- and still, inoperable. I have asked ...Read more

8 Steps in New Home Construction

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Dear Monty: With the shortage of housing currently available, we are considering building a new home. What are the steps in the actual construction process?

Monty's Answer: The construction process transforms a vision into a tangible structure. The steps are in a logical order and each step takes time to complete. The steps below assume you ...Read more

3 Easy Resources When Buying Directly From the Owner

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Dear Monty: We recently got to know a couple who purchased a house directly from the owner. They managed to do this online without using a For-Sale-by-Owner website. Initially, they tried using an FSBO site but quickly realized it was merely a lead generator for real estate agents. They also mentioned that many do not disclose the buy-side ...Read more

Solving Contractor Dispute Takes New Twist

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Dear Monty: My wife and I invested nearly $1 million in a home renovation. Our yearlong warranty expires in May. I just received a note from my contractor that his company has gone out of business and cannot help us, and he "apologized for the inconvenience." However, we found that he opened a substantially similar business under a ...Read more

Information Drives Home Sales Progress

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Dear Monty: As a former real estate agent, you don't have any idea what you're talking about. Yep, there are good and bad agents, but all listings are on the internet. I don't know where you get your info or what experience you have, but you're spreading totally off-base information. As far as commissions, the listing agent pays for all of the...Read more

The 6 Indiscernible Flaws in Real Estate Agency Law

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Dear Monty: You believe that agency law does not work. All 50 states have agency laws for real estate. Several of your articles, including "Is Real Estate Agency Law Working?" suggest the real estate agency does not work. What is the problem with real estate agency law?

Monty's Answer: In Wisconsin, 238 businesses require a license, far more ...Read more

Options When Dealing With a New Home Defect

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Dear Monty: What should I do if my new house has a defect or foundation issue? Our brand-new built house started to have flooding in our garage. With heavy rains in the state I live in, this brand-new garage started to flood. Water was seeping through the cracks in the foundation. We think it's a foundation issue. We feel that this house is ...Read more

Consider Options When Exposing Fraud in a Divorce

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Dear Monty: What could someone do to hide the source of funds used to purchase a house with cash? They are potentially breaking the law. My ex-husband declares no income, avoids maintenance and bought a million-dollar home with cash with his new wife. He could claim it is her money, but I know that is false. Is there a way he could get away ...Read more

7 Reasons To Be Wary of MLS

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Dear Monty: Our home is for sale. Our agent called to set a co-broker appointment. At the appointed time, the doorbell rings, and the buyer is at the door with no agent. I invited them in to wait. We quickly determined they would not buy our house. They needed a large lot, and we had a small backyard. About 20 minutes after they left, the ...Read more



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