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Roasted Garlic

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The first time I tasted roasted, whole garlic was in a restaurant called Bistro 110. This was about 1983. My best friend had ordered it for us to share.

I sat stunned, staring at it, when it arrived at the table.

The waiter set down a plate that had a whole bulb of garlic on it. The top was cut off and there was olive oil drizzled over it. ...Read more

Orange Vanilla Water

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According to, half of your body weight is water. Some other organizations say it’s as much as two thirds water.

Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to work properly. For example, your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste and lubricate your joints. ...Read more

Chocolate Ganache

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We survey Plan Z dieters on occasion and ask them all kinds of questions. In a recent survey, we asked them the biggest reason they decided to go on a diet and chose Plan Z. You know what the most popular answer was? I, for one, was surprised by the answer.

The answer was, “I could not stand the pain any longer.”

My hips hurt.
My ...Read more

Grilled Eggplant Parmesan

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Guest Contributor Chris is married to Zola. They are celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary this month.

“No one is born a great cook,” said Julia Child. “One learns by doing.”

One of the “secrets” of losing weight on Plan Z is that you cook your own food. That puts you in control of everything that goes into your mouth. ...Read more

Strawberry Smoosh

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When I was a grade-schooler my brother and I would walk home from school each day. He was one grade behind me. It was about a mile from school to the house. If we didn’t get any other exercise at least we got that. I do know that we went out to play after school but when we got home and dropped our books on the dining room table we had a ...Read more

Shrimp Fra Diavolo

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On my only trip to Italy I learned an important lesson. When it comes to food, it’s not how creative you can be but how authentic.

While we traveled around, I kept looking for the Italian restaurants that would serve what I referred to as “modern Italian.” I wanted crazy, creative Italian food and I thought I was in the mecca of Italian ...Read more

Mushroom Bacon Soup

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What About My Beer?

When people embark on Plan Z we tell them that while they are in the ZReduction phase of Plan Z that it’s a good idea to not drink alcohol. We learned from those who experimented with wine, beer or cocktails that they lost about 60 percent less weight when they drank. Most people would say that’s just not worth ...Read more

Broccoli Cheese Soup

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All My Dead Appliances

If there were such a thing as an Appliance Graveyard, mine would have plenty of headstones. I have gotten rid of quite a few appliances that used to take up lots of space in my cupboards.

Good news is I didn’t bury those appliances in my backyard like some kind of pet cemetery. I gave them away or donated them. ...Read more

Peach Parfait

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Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat?

I pulled the following from USA Today.

Maybe switching from regular soda to diet doesn’t help as much as we thought.

A new study from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University links artificial sweeteners to obesity and diabetes, claiming sweeteners change how the body processes ...Read more

Egg Muffins

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The Yogurt and the Muffin

This is a short little tale about my experience with a hotel buffet.

The back story…

My husband was honored recently. He was inducted into the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place at the venerable Hilton Hotel in Milwaukee.

The place is beautiful. When I was a little girl the hotel ...Read more

Grilled Italian Veggies with Steak

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Peel or No Peel

There is one major, basic rule of thumb I use to decide if I am going to spend a bit extra and buy organic.

The rule is: Am I going to peel it?

If I am going to peel it, I will likely buy conventional. If I am going to be eating the outer coating (or peel) then I am going to spend, on average, about 15% more and go with...Read more


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