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Smash Burgers

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Smash Burgers

Smash burgers are all the rage. Step into a brew pub and you’ll likely find a smash burger on the food menu. These are NOT the huge, eight-ounce burgers we’ve been fed in the past. These are a thinner burger that’s usually six ounces or even less. You can always make your burger with two patties and bring it back ...Read more

Super Easy Kung Pao Meatballs

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How to Buy Sparkling Water

Have you noticed how water is all the rage now? Everyone is drinking it. Bottled. Canned. It’s everywhere.

When I was a kid the only bottled water in the grocery store was a few bottles of distilled water to fill your iron or some other appliances. Now there is an entire aisle (or more) of just water.

I ...Read more

The Perfect Tenderloin Steak

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Editor's Note: Enjoy this previously published Zola classic!

For years I had a love-hate relationship with cast iron cookware. Now that I have more cooking experience, I adore cast iron.

I have to tell you my cast iron story.

Not long after I moved into my first apartment, my mother gave me two of her Lodge heavy-duty cast iron fry ...Read more

Grilled Peaches

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'Cue Tips

For lots of people, cooking in the summer revolves around the barbecue. The stereotypical vision is a guy with a slightly rounded belly standing barbecue ready, favorite beverage in one hand and a long tong in the other. The grill is smoking away behind him.

I propose we go beyond that vision. Here are my quick barbecue tips �...Read more

Whiskey Sour

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Sprinkler Day

Here’s a last minute idea for your Fourth of July celebration (or you can do it any day in the summer). There’s a kiddie element to this celebration and an adult portion later on.

In my old neighborhood Sprinkler Day was the official first day of Summer. I know it wasn’t one of those official adult holidays like Flag...Read more

Creamy, Cheesy, Garlicky Shrimp

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Let’s face it. This inflation thing is eating our lunch. Sometimes literally!

I’m recommending that in order to fight some of the inflation issue you consider a few behavior changes.

Eat real food. Real food costs less. If the grocery store prices make you want to scream consider going to your local farmer’s market. ...Read more

Creamy Leak Pie

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Total Carbs Vs Net Carbs

We’re learning that carbs are not our friends. If you want to lose weight, or even maintain your weight, carbs are a concern.

Let’s face it: we’re all going to eat some carbs. Fruit contains carbohydrates. Even broccoli has carbs. The amount of carbs you should eat, however is seriously up for debate these...Read more

Collagen Fruit Smoothie

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I went to my naturopathic doctor a couple of months back. I have been dealing with an infection in my digestive tract that I contracted after a series of antibiotic prescriptions. It’s been a nightmare. She had some new test results for me. One of the first things she told me was I am not getting enough protein. I squealed at her, “I eat ...Read more

Sausage and Summer Fruit Kebabs

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40 Fast Years

Recently, the 40th anniversary of when my husband and I began our courtship arrived.

Did I have it on the calendar and was anxiously awaiting the day?

Nope. It was not even on my radar.

So, what prompted us noticing the importance of the date? Who told us?

Hollywood told us. Yup.

Hollywood made a big deal of the ...Read more

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Nick Canepa: A.J. Preller gets all the blame for offensively challenged Padres

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SAN DIEGO — San Diego's MLB team has dumped Robinson Cano, who had three hits in 33 at-bats during his senior moment wearing the brown.

I'm beside myself, which isn't possible in a small space. How could the Pads release one of their best hitters?

After all, Cannot batted .091, 52 points above his age, only about .140 below the team average....Read more

Lemon Curd

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Memorial Day was always a fun holiday at my house. As a kid, I remember the day to be sunny and not too cold. I’m sure that was not the case every year, but my memory holds that weather report on record anyway. One of the other things I will remember about Memorial Day is kittens. Spring always brought a fresh batch of furry babies into our ...Read more

Italian Green Bean Salad

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The Skinny on Sugar Part 2

In our last installment, I talked about how there are a lot of myths and misinformation still floating around that relate to how we get sick and whether it has anything to do with sugar.

I covered the topics of Heart, Brain, and Teeth.

Today we will tackle 3 more, starting with Gut Health.

(Once again, my ...Read more

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12 films this critic can't wait to see at 2022 Cannes Film Festival

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CANNES, France — The image gracing this year's 75th anniversary Cannes Film Festival poster comes from "The Truman Show," specifically that climactic moment when Jim Carrey's Truman climbs a staircase against a domed wall painted to look like a cloudy blue sky. This is the outer edge of a carefully constructed set that has been his lifelong ...Read more

Quick Grilled Chicken and Veggies

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I’m planning on this being a two-part series. I want to give you the skinny on the newest science related to sugar. I want to dispel some serious myths and set the record straight.

This information was shared in a publication called Cut the Sugar by Better Homes & Gardens. I could call it a book, but it was more like a thick magazine.

I ...Read more

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Kendrick Lamar returns with first new album in five years, 'Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers'

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Kendrick Lamar's new album "Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers" is both a return to form and the end of an era.

The LP, Lamar's fifth studio album, is his first new record after winning a Pulitzer Prize for 2017's "Damn." (though he gave nearly an album's worth of work to the "Black Panther" soundtrack). It comes four months after Lamar performed at...Read more

Chicken and Chili Casserole

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Editor's Note: We think you will enjoy this previously published Zola classic.

It’s that time of year. You go to your doctor for the annual physical. The nurse has weighed you on the way in. Now you’re sitting on the exam table in the horrible paper gown waiting for the doctor to appear.

The doc walks in the door and declares that ...Read more

Sugar Cookie Wedges

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Cookie Mission

When I was just a tween there was another war going on. That one was the Vietnam War.

My brother-in-law was in the navy. He was stationed on the aircraft carrier named after John F. Kennedy; our slain President. The “JFK” (as they called it) was sent to the Mediterranean Sea so it would be closer to Vietnam if it was ...Read more

Celery Apple Salad

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Enjoy this previously published Zola classic!

We were all taught the same thing. Calories in. Calories out. It’s all about the calories.

When I was a young teenager, I bought one of those pocket-sized calorie counting books they sold at the grocery store. They were prominently displayed by the check out. I took it home and it didn’t...Read more

Veggie Stir Fry

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Enjoy this previously published Zola recipe!

As a youngster, I attended a Catholic grade school.  In those days we gathered for morning Mass every day.  When I was in second grade I was allowed to receive Communion, but that meant I had to fast for three hours in advance.  So no breakfast at home for me before I hopped on the bus.  ...Read more

Going Home!

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Now for the news we have all been waiting for...
We are going HOME!
We got the approval.

The cardiologist said, “Fly, Fly, fly away!”

The urology surgeon said, “I’m so proud. You were so brave. You have come so far. You are cancer-free. Go home.”

Now for some details:

We will pack up and leave here soon. We are not ...Read more