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How Your Waistline Can Expose Your Health Risk

It’s that time of year. You go to your doctor for the annual physical. The nurse has weighed you on the way in. Now you’re sitting on the exam table in the horrible paper gown waiting for the doctor to appear.

The doc walks in the door and declares that you officially obese. Your Body ...Read more

Chive Butter Biscuits

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My chives were the first thing to come up in my herb garden every year. As soon as the snow melted I could see their little heads popping up through the soil. By the time it was warm enough to actually get out in my garden and clean with a rake, the chives would be high enough that I had to work around them. They’d be three ...Read more

Collagen Fruit Smoothie

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The Miracle of Collagen

I went to my naturopathic doctor a couple of months back. I have been dealing with an infection in my digestive tract that I contracted after a series of antibiotic prescriptions. Itís been a nightmare. She had some new test results for me.

One of the first things she told me was I am not getting enough protein....Read more

Chicken Verde

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Moving South

Whenever I have been asked, my answer goes something like this: “We think Florida smells funny and Arizona is too dry, so we think we will likely retire mid-south.”

We are by no means ready to retire. Let’s get that straight right away.

But we are moving south.

I have done tons of research on where to go. I ...Read more

Creole Meatloaf

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The question is: How fast can you lose weight and stay healthy?

I’m not sure anyone knows the answer for sure. In my experience with dieting I’ve heard everything.

Those who say you can only lose one to two pounds a week and diet safely are using methodologies that generally can only produce one to two pounds of weight loss per week. That ...Read more

Balsamic Chicken (Braised or Slow Cooker)

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How To Eat French Fries

A low carb instruction manual.

When you go low carb, the first thing they tell you is to cut out all the white stuff. The pasta, the bread and the potatoes are the first to go.

I agree with all that.

A few years ago, I dubbed myself The Queen of Four Fries.

And I have perfected that talent without it hitting ...Read more

Beefy Chili with Roasted Poblanos

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It's the Chili Chowdown

Chile is the pepper. Chili is the concoction.

And now that we’ve got that straight, let’s talk chili. It’s chilly outside these days so now’s a perfect time.

The history of chili is long and varied. Even the International Chili Society debates the origins of chili. (Yes, there IS an International Chili ...Read more

White Chocolate Crème Brulee with Strawberry Coulis

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Fat Tuesday in the Old French Quarter

Fat Tuesday is almost here folks. The end of Mardi Gras, and for many, the beginning of periodic fasting or giving up something special for Lent. The party’s over for those who follow these traditions; at least until Easter.

People go all out on Fat Tuesday. New Orleans is the city most famous for...Read more

Tarragon-Mustard Shrimp

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Counting Calories

We were all taught the same thing. Calories in. Calories out. It’s all about the calories.

When I was a young teenager, I bought one of those pocket-sized calorie counting books they sold at the grocery store. They were prominently displayed by the check out. I took it home and it didn’t take me long to memorize it...Read more

Creamy Dreamy Lemon Bars

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How To Zolafy A Dessert Recipe

I’m one of those lucky people who can read a recipe and taste it in my head. I hope you are one too, but if you’re not, with a few guiding steps you can learn how to do it.

When you look on the internet (the world’s largest cookbook) these days, you’ll figure out there are duplications of recipes ...Read more

Chocolate Dipped Pears

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Can chocolate possibly be good for you? YES. A resounding yes.

Here’s what you have to remember, though:

You need to eat GOOD Chocolate. That means DARK chocolate that is 72 percent cacao or higher. Good news is the number is front and center now on many packaged chocolate bars.

You need to eat it in moderation. You don’t buy one of those...Read more

Chicken Breasts with Zola's French Pan Sauce

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The football game is over. The score is in the record books. The bets are paid off.

Interesting fact: over $6 billion is bet on the Super Bowl worldwide. Most of that is illegal betting; the kind that happens in the office pool, the corner bar, or even a house party.

I can make a bet too and have pretty good odds.
I bet whatever ...Read more

Cheesy Scallop Bake

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When you’re on a diet, having a strong support system can mean the difference between success and failure. We have a major league support team at Plan Z, but if you can add a personal support network to that and buddy up, the benefits are even greater.

A buddy can be a spouse or significant other, or a friend that lives nearby. Sometimes ...Read more

Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters

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P Is for Party

I was reading a design magazine recently and saw a party planning feature. The woman was talking about how you don’t need to know how to cook (even a lick), but you can still have a cocktail party.

She said all you need are the 3 Ps.

Parmesan, potato chips and prosecco.

That’s it.

Her idea was that you go out and ...Read more

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

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My 7 Reasons to Resolve to Eat Low Carb in 2019

This is why I recommend you resolve to low carb it in 2019:

1. It lowers your cholesterol. Since 2002 over 20 human studies have been done that prove low carb eaters lose more weight and that it actually leads to improved cholesterol results. Has your doctor been barking at you to get your...Read more

My Best Ever Stuffed Mushrooms

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Why NOT to Renew Your Gym Membership This Year

1. Exercise really doesn’t help you lose weight; unless you do a LOT of it.

You almost have to be a professional loser. One study showed that women over 40 years old who do moderate exercise 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week, will maintain their weight but they won’t lose weight.

2. ...Read more

Ranch Chicken

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As 2018 draws to a close my thoughts turn to you -- my readers. Thank you for allowing me to share my tasty healthy food journey with you each week. It's been a privilege connecting with you.

Developing the Plan Z Diet has been a major lifestyle change for me and my husband, and for all my loyal Plan Z dieters out there, I know committing to ...Read more


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