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Butternut Squash Roasted in Coconut Oil

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Talk about a maligned and shunned vegetable! I’ve been walking by this golden beauty in my grocery store for decades. I thought they just looked like massively large peanuts.

We ate acorn squash in my family. We didn’t venture past the big green acorn to try out other options. I’ve totally missed the flavor and health benefits of this ...Read more

French Scalloped Potatoes

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I have to admit. I’ve been keeping a secret.

I have had good reason to keep the secret, and that is, there wasn’t much data out, and I didn’t want to send you down a rabbit hole unprepared for the results.

I’ve been harping over the years on how bad for you the “white stuff is.” Bread, pasta, potatoes and more.

There’s good news...Read more

Peanut Butter Dream

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The number of sweeteners designed to replace sugar is growing by the day.  It can make you dizzy standing in the grocery store in front of the sweetener options.  At last count one sugar blogger counted over 160.  I can’t even keep up.

I keep it simple and use just a few but I am always on the lookout for any that might be a major ...Read more

Shrimp in a French Lemon White Wine Cream Sauce

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The "Hummers"

The hummingbirds visiting my balcony have been the highlight of my summer.

Then “POOF”. They are gone!

Hummingbirds (also known for their nickname “hummers”), gorge themselves in order to double their weight before they take off for the tropics. They can fly 500 miles a day after they’ve “fueled” up.

Over ...Read more

Classic Coleslaw

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What will I be doing to celebrate Labor Day?

I’ll be walking the bridge. That’s what my husband and I call it. The Walking Bridge.

Technically it’s called The Walnut Street Bridge. That’s because Walnut Street dead ends in front of Edwin Hotel and from then on the bridge transports you by foot or by bike over the Tennessee River to the...Read more

Shrimp Tacos with Lime Crema

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My niece sent me a picture the other day of her 7 month-old baby Thalia eating in her high chair. Was all that mush food? Why was it spread all over the surface of the high chair? And what was that on the floor? The rest of her food? Perhaps there was more on the floor than on her high chair. And oh, is that the dog on the floor lapping up the ...Read more

Chicken "Chimichanga"

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Remember that jingle?

When the cravings get tough, I think some people DO scream!

The good news is there is a way to have your ice cream, eat it too, and not gain weight.

Food companies are getting a clue that we want to have it all, but we know we can’t eat it all. So, they are making ...Read more

American Amatriciana

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How to Buy Spaghetti Sauce

People write to me all the time and they say something like this: “You taught me how to read labels as part of dieting. I had no idea how many products have sugar in them! I now know sugar is everywhere!”

Sugar may not be everywhere, but it sure feels like it sometimes. It’s work to find brands that don�...Read more

Smash Burgers

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Smash Burgers

Smash burgers are all the rage. Step into a brew pub and you’ll likely find a smash burger on the food menu. These are NOT the huge, eight-ounce burgers we’ve been fed in the past. These are a thinner burger that’s usually six ounces or even less. You can always make your burger with two patties and bring it back ...Read more

Super Easy Kung Pao Meatballs

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How to Buy Sparkling Water

Have you noticed how water is all the rage now? Everyone is drinking it. Bottled. Canned. It’s everywhere.

When I was a kid the only bottled water in the grocery store was a few bottles of distilled water to fill your iron or some other appliances. Now there is an entire aisle (or more) of just water.

I ...Read more

The Perfect Tenderloin Steak

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Editor's Note: Enjoy this previously published Zola classic!

For years I had a love-hate relationship with cast iron cookware. Now that I have more cooking experience, I adore cast iron.

I have to tell you my cast iron story.

Not long after I moved into my first apartment, my mother gave me two of her Lodge heavy-duty cast iron fry ...Read more

Grilled Peaches

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'Cue Tips

For lots of people, cooking in the summer revolves around the barbecue. The stereotypical vision is a guy with a slightly rounded belly standing barbecue ready, favorite beverage in one hand and a long tong in the other. The grill is smoking away behind him.

I propose we go beyond that vision. Here are my quick barbecue tips �...Read more

Whiskey Sour

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Sprinkler Day

Here’s a last minute idea for your Fourth of July celebration (or you can do it any day in the summer). There’s a kiddie element to this celebration and an adult portion later on.

In my old neighborhood Sprinkler Day was the official first day of Summer. I know it wasn’t one of those official adult holidays like Flag...Read more

Creamy, Cheesy, Garlicky Shrimp

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Let’s face it. This inflation thing is eating our lunch. Sometimes literally!

I’m recommending that in order to fight some of the inflation issue you consider a few behavior changes.

Eat real food. Real food costs less. If the grocery store prices make you want to scream consider going to your local farmer’s market. ...Read more

Creamy Leak Pie

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Total Carbs Vs Net Carbs

We’re learning that carbs are not our friends. If you want to lose weight, or even maintain your weight, carbs are a concern.

Let’s face it: we’re all going to eat some carbs. Fruit contains carbohydrates. Even broccoli has carbs. The amount of carbs you should eat, however is seriously up for debate these...Read more

Collagen Fruit Smoothie

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I went to my naturopathic doctor a couple of months back. I have been dealing with an infection in my digestive tract that I contracted after a series of antibiotic prescriptions. It’s been a nightmare. She had some new test results for me. One of the first things she told me was I am not getting enough protein. I squealed at her, “I eat ...Read more

Sausage and Summer Fruit Kebabs

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40 Fast Years

Recently, the 40th anniversary of when my husband and I began our courtship arrived.

Did I have it on the calendar and was anxiously awaiting the day?

Nope. It was not even on my radar.

So, what prompted us noticing the importance of the date? Who told us?

Hollywood told us. Yup.

Hollywood made a big deal of the ...Read more



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