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Zola Gorgon

As a CEO and entrepreneur for over 30 years, Zola has accomplished much in her business life. In her free time she also became a widely published food and entertainment writer.

What Zola failed at was dieting. For over 40 years she consulted with obesity experts, diet gurus, nutritionists, and tried just about every diet she could get her hands on starting at age 12. Sometimes she lost some weight but the fat always came back. She got so fed up with the offerings of the diet industry she embarked on a journey to develop Plan Z, the Diet by Zola. Along the way, she developed and patented a homeopathic formula that relieves the discomforts of dieting.

The ZR50 Reduction Formula ™ is a dieting game changer. With thousands of clients spread across the US and 10 countries, Plan Z is growing because dieters are shrinking and in the process learning how to keep the weight off. Zola thinks America Deserves a Better Diet, so she developed one.

Check out Plan Z at or call 800-255-9853 to learn more.


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