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Forget pre-pandemic levels: Experts predict record travel for Thanksgiving, holidays

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Karla Hoefgen beat the Thanksgiving rush.

She and her husband, who live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, took advantage of their flexible schedules as retirees and arrived at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Thursday for their flight to San Francisco to see their daughter for the holiday.

"I can get through security and get a cup of ...Read more

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Commentary: McCarthyism makes us agents in our own destruction. 'Fellow Travelers' shows how

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The second episode of “Fellow Travelers,” Ron Nyswaner’s steamy melodrama of queer life in midcentury America, concludes with Langston Hughes’ “Kids Who Die,” a poem to sting the back of your throat. Marcus Gaines (Jelani Alladin), Senate correspondent for the Pittsburgh Courier, has already made a connection with Frankie Hines (Noah...Read more

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Graphic and authentic, the sex scenes in 'Fellow Travelers' spotlight a dark chapter in LGBTQ+ history

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Ron Nyswaner was a boy growing up in western Pennsylvania coal country when he saw a made-for-TV movie called "That Certain Summer." Broadcast in 1972, it starred Hal Holbrook as a gay father struggling to come out to his teenage son.

"There's a moment where Hal Holbrook says to his son, 'Do you know what the word "homosexual" means?'" Nyswaner...Read more

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Review: 'Fellow Travelers' melodramatically charts a gay love story and politics

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Novelist Thomas Mallon's 2007 historical romance "Fellow Travelers," having been translated in 2016 into a much produced opera, has now become a melodramatic, one might say almost say operatic, TV miniseries, created by Ron Nyswaner ("Philadelphia") and premiering Sunday on Showtime.

Readers of the book, which is set entirely against the ...Read more

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'Fellow Travelers' review: A secret 30-year love affair begins amid the 1950s Lavender Scare

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“You have a beautiful family, a beautiful life,” says one old friend to another. “I hope it was worth it.”

In “Fellow Travelers,” the Showtime limited series adapted from the 2007 novel of the same name, “it” means living in the closet, which has been professionally beneficial for the sleekly handsome Hawkins Fuller (Matt Bomer)...Read more

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In scrapping its LGBTQ-related travel ban, California pivots to 'hearts and minds'

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In September, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom officially repealed California’s 2016 ban on state-funded travel to states with laws targeting LGBTQ+ people.

The idea behind the ban — which applied to bureaucrats, lawmakers, academics and even college athletes — was to use California’s economic heft to dissuade other states from enacting ...Read more

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California is on the cusp of repealing travel ban to anti-LGBTQ states

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Seven years ago, California lawmakers took a stand against discrimination by passing a law forbidding the state from spending money on travel to states with anti-LGBTQ laws.

On Tuesday, they took a stand against discrimination by repealing it.

The unusual about-turn by Democrats who control the state Capitol signified a ...Read more



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