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China vows to hit back at nations imposing COVID travel curbs

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China said it would hit back at nations that placed COVID-19 restrictions on its travelers for “political goals,” showing the coronavirus remains a politically sensitive subject in Beijing even as it lets the virus run rampant.

“We believe that some countries’ entry restrictions targeting only China lack scientific basis and some ...Read more

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Here are the places imposing new COVID rules for China travelers

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China may be reopening, allowing its 1.4 billion people to come and go largely without restrictions, but just as it is, a slew of other countries are tightening measures for travelers from the world’s second-biggest economy, concerned the tsunami of virus cases there may spawn new COVID variants.

In a complete and surprising reversal of its ...Read more

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Fewer flights and higher fares making air travel a luxury for many

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The jet era that globalized air travel for half a century was brought to an abrupt halt with COVID. Now, planes are back in the skies, but flying’s proliferation is in reverse: Fewer aircraft are plying a smaller network, and fares are up.

Thousands of flights each month have been wiped from schedules into major hubs including Singapore, ...Read more

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Taiwanese, Koreans and Hong Kongers can finally travel home. But others are out of luck

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LOS ANGELES — Rosie Chow hasn't seen her 84-year-old mother since the pandemic started.

With a 14-day quarantine required for travelers entering Hong Kong, Chow skipped her usual flights across the Pacific, making do with calls on Google Meet.

Now, Hong Kong is among the Asian jurisdictions that have relaxed their strict COVID-19 travel ...Read more

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LAX holiday travelers peaking this weekend, though not back to 2019 levels

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LOS ANGELES — A prolonged holiday rush season is expected to hit a peak Sunday, with an estimated 214,000 travelers passing through Los Angeles International Airport.

That's one of the busier days in a period from Dec. 16 to Jan. 3 in which the airport is expected to handle an average of about 200,000 arriving and departing passengers daily. ...Read more

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How a traveling restaurant -- with a pickle-mobile -- is blazing a trail toward zero waste

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Carrot scraps, watermelon rinds, coffee grounds, bitter fruit pith and everything else you've most likely thrown into your garbage are on the menu at Slow Burn, though you'd never recognize them as such. Fermented, dehydrated or otherwise preserved, they wind up in glass jars and bottles of all shapes and sizes at chefs Andy Doubrava and Tiffani...Read more

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The most useful gifts for frequent fliers and travel obsessives

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Whether or not you are a travel obsessive, you know what one sounds like.

This is someone who'll eagerly tell you which mileage-reward program to choose, when renovations will be done at LAX, where to sleep in San Diego, what pillow is best for a 14-hour flight, and how resort fees are the devil's own invention.

Of course these friends would ...Read more

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Air travel skyrockets ahead of Thanksgiving, surpassing pre-COVID numbers some days

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Travel by air skyrocketed toward pre-COVID levels ahead of Thanksgiving — and even exceeded 2019′s numbers some days.

More than 2 million people went through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at U.S. airports each day between Nov. 17 and Nov. 23, according to data released Thursday by the Transportation Security ...Read more

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Thanksgiving week travel expected to be almost as busy as pre-pandemic levels

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Thanksgiving week has always been the busiest travel season of the year, and experts expect the number of people flying and hitting the road will be close to what it was before the pandemic.

With travel restrictions gone and COVID-19 deaths substantially down across the United States, officials are seeing a significant rise in the number of ...Read more

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For some H-1B holders and families, a visit home is fraught with uncertainty

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Traveling abroad can be complicated, but for Indians living in the United States on work visas, making trips home often feels unfeasible.

“I know many families who couldn’t visit their home when their parents passed way because of these visa issues,” said Maharajan Shunmugam, a software engineer in the North Carolina town of Morrisville. ...Read more



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