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Flights to Haiti won't be starting any time soon; visas to come to the US are on hold

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Travelers who have been been waiting to fly in and out of Haiti’s volatile capital ever since international flights were canceled on March 4 shouldn’t make any travel plans before May. U.S.-based commercial carriers are still staying out of Port-au-Prince.

American Airlines, which had announced it would restart its daily service on ...Read more

Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/TNS

State picks up travel tab for migrants who want to leave Chicago

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On a recent Tuesday morning, a family of three packed up their duffel bags outside a migrant shelter on the Lower West Side en route to El Paso, Texas, where they said they had relatives waiting. They had been in Chicago for four months.

Moises Sanchez, 24, had been a barber in his home state of La Guaira, Venezuela. He had the word “family�...Read more

Richard Tribou/South Florida Sun-Sentinel/TNS

Bahamas pushes back against US travel advisory, says it remains 'safe and welcoming'

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The Bahamas government says the island nation remains safe for United States tourists despite two alarming travel warnings posted last week.

“The Government of The Bahamas is alert, attentive, and proactive to ensure that the Bahamas remains a safe and welcoming destination,” insists a statement dated Tuesday from the Office of the Prime ...Read more

Richard Tribou/South Florida Sun-Sentinel/TNS

State Department urges Bahamas travelers to use 'extreme caution' when visiting Nassau

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United States residents traveling to the Bahamas should exercise “extreme caution” in Nassau in the wake of 18 murders since Jan. 1, the State Department said in a new travel advisory.

“Murders have occurred in all hours including in broad daylight on the streets,” according to a security alert that was posted on Jan. 24 by the U.S. ...Read more

Richard Tribou/South Florida Sun-Sentinel/TNS

Violence is spiking in The Bahamas, Jamaica, triggering travel warning to US citizens

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A significant increase in crime in The Bahamas and Jamaica has led the the U.S. State Department to issue travel advisory warnings for the two Caribbean destinations.

In the past week, the State Department has warned U.S. citizens to exercise “increased caution” when visiting The Bahamas, where two killings over the weekend added to an ...Read more

Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda/Orlando Sentinel/TNS

A vaccine to live in space? What's happening in a Florida lab may help earthlings, too

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Traveling by plane isn’t always easy on the body. And neither is space travel.

Astronauts often experience atrophy, the loss of bone and muscle, during their months living in space’s zero gravity. People on Earth also tend to see their bones and muscles weaken as they age, increasing risk of injuries from falls.

Companies like Elon Musk’...Read more



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