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Quick chicken, ratatouille meal perfect for hectic holiday season

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Freshly made ratatouille, a tasty blend of Provencal vegetables and crispy, sauteed, chicken cutlets make a quick meal for this busy time of year. Coating the chicken with coarse cornmeal gives it a flavorful crust which becomes crispy when sauteed. Cornmeal can be found in three textures, coarse, medium or fine and three colors, white, yellow ...Read more

Tangy Greek dish is fresh and flavorful

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Shrimp, feta cheese, tomato and garlic blend together giving this 10-minute dish the tangy flavors of Greece.

Most of the ingredients for this meal can be kept on hand. It's perfect for evenings when you want to make a fresh meal and you haven't had time to go to the market. I like to keep peeled and deveined shrimp in the freezer. They defrost...Read more

Sweet, tangy sauce gives one-pot pork dish plenty of flavor

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Caraway-scented red cabbage combines with sauteed pork for this one-pot dinner. It's quick and saves cleanup time. A sauce made with mustard, vinegar and orange marmalade coats the pork. Red cabbage flavored with apple cider and caraway seeds, makes a zesty, colorful side dish.

Saute the pork chops in a skillet, remove them to a plate and make ...Read more

Turkey Pot Pie recipe perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers

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Add some vegetables and a bought pie crust to your leftover turkey for this quick and easy Turkey Pot Pie. I find pot pies on the menus of many restaurants. They're warm and inviting and a great way to use leftover turkey. This pie can also be made with rotisserie chicken or other cooked poultry. This is a one-dish meal. It has the meat, ...Read more

Spice things up with hot penne dish

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Penne Arrabbiata gets its inspiration from Rome. In Italian, arrabbiata means "angry," a perfect name for this spicy, hot tomato sauce.

Crushed red pepper creates the heat. It can be found in the spice section of the supermarket. Beware: Rather than risk making the sauce too hot, place the crushed red pepper on the table for those who want more...Read more

Cod in cider dish the perfect meal for Halloween week

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Fish cooked in cider is a popular dish in the Asturias region of northern Spain. A cider-based dish is great to use for Halloween week.

The Asturias region is located on the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, which is famous for its hard cider. Before fermentation, apple cider is called "sweet." If allowed to ferment, the cider becomes ...Read more

Tagine inspired by flavors of North Africa

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Lamb blends with fragrant spices in this Moroccan dish. Tagines are usually served at home and are cooked in a glazed earthenware tagine, a covered dish with a conical lid. It's used for slow cooking the ingredients. Steam gathers in the top of the conical lid and falls on the food, keeping it moist without basting. However, any type of skillet ...Read more

Savory chicken dish only takes a few minutes to prepare

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Roasted chicken flavored with sage and vermouth accompanied by zucchini and tomato rice is a super-speed supper. This recipe calls for buying a roasted chicken breast and adding a sage and flour coating. It only takes 2 minutes to warm through. The vermouth sauce is another quick touch, adding flavor without fuss.

Boneless, skinless roasted ...Read more

Tuna, zucchini dish is Spanish specialty

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Tuna is one of the prize catches along Galicia's rocky coastline. For this Galician dish, I have used fresh tuna, which gives a delicious flavor, though you could use Spanish canned white tuna.

The Yellow Rice calls for saffron, which is another specialty of Spain and can be found in most markets. Although it's expensive, you will only need a ...Read more

Enjoy this quick, tasty veggie skillet pizza

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Serve this Southwestern skillet pizza right from the pan. It's a quick and easy vegetarian dish. Skillet cooking is very much a part of Southwestern cuisine. This unusual supper cooks the pasta and sauce together in one pan, so the pasta absorbs the sauce flavors.

Helpful Hints:

-- Any type of cheese -- such as cheddar or fontina -- may be ...Read more

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