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This chicken dish is quick and easy

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Chicken, with spices and gently sauteed vegetables is a 30-minute dinner. The tricks for this quick meal are to make sure all of the vegetables are cut to the same size and to start with the vegetable that takes the longest and add from that point.

Helpful Hints:

-- Slice the red bell pepper and fennel in a food processor or with a mandolin.

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Quick shrimp dish is an Italian favorite

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Large shrimp smothered in garlic and wine is an Italian classic. To Italians, scampi is a small lobster called a prawn. However, in America, scampi became a term for the sauce that goes with this shrimp dish. For this quick Shrimp Scampi, I teamed red vermouth, garlic and parsley with the shrimp.

American wild shrimp are juicy and plump. Use ...Read more

This roast beef salad is perfect for Mother's Day (or any day)

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Make this easy dinner for mom on Mother's Day or for anytime. No cooking necessary. Just chop the vegetables all about the same size, add some low-sodium deli roast beef and serve with warm focaccia bread. Ask the deli to slice the roast beef in one thick slice about 1/2-inch thick. You can then cut the slice into cubes for the salad.

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This jambalaya will make spring sizzle

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"Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and file gumbo" wrote Hank Williams in "Jambalaya on the Bayou" immortalizing the hearty, Cajun country cooking served on the back country of Louisiana.

This is a frontier-style dish that uses anything that is on hand. Usually, chicken, tomatoes and rice are considered essential to the dish. Serve it the way they ...Read more

Mushroom, spinach quesadillas a quick spring treat

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Mushrooms, spinach and cheese fill tortillas for this quick vegetarian dinner. Sliced mushrooms, shredded cheese and washed spinach are supermarket staples that make food preparation for this dinner a breeze. The mushrooms and spinach are cooked in a microwave oven so only one skillet is needed to complete the meal.

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Salsa heats up this quick pork dish

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Spicy tomato salsa perks up pork chops. This is a one-pot meal that takes only 15 minutes to cook. If you keep these ingredients on hand, you won't have to go to the market. Keep pork and peas in the freezer, fresh pasta in the fridge and salsa on the shelf. The parsley is optional, if you have it fine or leave it off.

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Lamb chops dish special enough for Easter, but good any night

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Allspice, cinnamon and a touch of cayenne pepper add a sweet and spicy flavor to loin lamb chops. This is a quick dish for a weekday meal and is also special enough for an Easter Sunday dinner.

Loin lamb chops are used here, but rib chops or lamb steaks cut from the leg can be used. The latter is a slice of lamb that is cut through the leg to ...Read more

Penne Puttanesca is zesty and quick

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Doctor up rotisserie chicken for this quick, Italian meal. Penne Puttanesca is a traditional Italian dish. The zesty tomato sauce is flavored with capers. Anchovy fillets add a special depth of flavor to the sauce. They melt to a paste when sauteed in this recipe. Penne is a quill-shaped short-cut pasta that holds this sauce well. Roasted ...Read more

This Southern favorite only takes minutes to make

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Here's a shortcut version of a Southern favorite -- Gumbo Soup. It's comfort food that can take hours to make. This gumbo captures the flavor without the hours.

The key to good gumbo is cooking the oil and flour together to form a rich, light brown roux. This gives the gumbo its distinctive flavor. Okra gives gumbo its texture. When cooked, ...Read more

Sausage, onion, pepper fettuccini makes great, easy dish

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Fresh fettuccini, turkey sausage, onion and green bell pepper combine to make a comforting quick dinner. Fresh pasta is available in most supermarkets. It takes only 3 to 4 minutes to cook. Adding the cooked pasta to the skillet with the other ingredients helps it to combine with the sauce and vegetables. Peppery arugula with pine nuts complete ...Read more

Enjoy this Guinness-glazed salmon dish on St. Patrick's Day or any day

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With thoughts of St. Patrick's Day enjoy this Irish-inspired quick dinner. Guinness is an Irish dry stout brewed in Dublin. For this glaze, it's cooked with honey and develops a molasses flavor.

The potatoes and leeks are first microwaved to speed the cooking time and then sauteed in the same skillet used to make the salmon.

Helpful Hints:

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This dish adds flavors of Korea in pork, rice and veggies

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Savor the flavors of Korea with this pan-roasted pork coated with a garlicky soy sauce glaze. Sticky, short-grained rice mixed with vegetables is a Korean staple. I've adapted this rice recipe to capture Korean flavors and shorten the preparation time.

Sesame oil, rice vinegar and low-sodium soy sauce are used in this dinner. I like to keep ...Read more


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