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Quick fix: vegetarian tacos

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Wrapped with corn or flour tortillas or even lettuce leaves, tacos have become a national favorite. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner they're easy to eat and can be easy to make. Here's a vegetarian taco made with soft whole wheat tortillas. They are fold easily and add an earthy flavor to the taco.


Any type of canned beans...Read more

Moroccan beef burgers with cucumber tomato salad

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Here's a way to spice up your Memorial Day burgers using Moroccan-style spices. Ground cumin, ground cinnamon, fresh mint and parsley may seem unusual additions to burgers, but they add an intriguing flavor to them.

Ground spices can lose they're flavor after a few months. If yours, look grey or have lost their aroma, it's time for new ones.

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Lemon-flavored halibut with warm zucchini salad

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I easily found these ingredients for this lemon-flavored fish dinner. Halibut is a firm, white fish with a mild flavor. Fresh lemon sauce brightens the fish. If halibut is not available, any firm white fish such as cod or mahi-mahi can be used. Look for the freshest fish available. Or, I like to keep fish that is flash frozen when caught in my ...Read more

Colorful bowl recipe perfect for Mother's Day

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Even in these challenging times, we want to honor mom on her day. If you're thinking about making something easy and light, this is perfect. It's a colorful meal in a bowl with Asian flavors and will brighten up your dinner with very little effort. The only cooking needed is to microwave some rice. Use this recipe as a guideline if you don't ...Read more

Capture the flavors of Provence without lengthy cooking

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Freshly made ratatouille, a tasty blend of Provencal vegetables, is a popular dish in the Provence region of France. It's gained wider popularity now perhaps due to the movie "Ratatouille." This vegetarian meal is a quick version that captures the flavors of Provence without lengthy cooking.

Frisee is a member of the chicory family. It curly ...Read more

Quick stir-fry features unexpected flavor

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Grapefruit, an unusual stir-fry ingredient, adds an intriguing touch to this beef dish. It takes a few minutes to prepare the ingredients, but only about 5 minutes to stir-fry.

The rice is cooked in the microwave oven and then added to the hot wok once the beef has been removed. The rice gets crisp and picks up the wok flavors.

I find it is ...Read more

Need a break from extensive cooking? This chicken parmesan dish is an easy fix

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There are many recipes for chicken Parmesan. One evening I was in a hurry for dinner. I had boneless, skinless chicken thighs and Parmesan cheese in the refrigerator and canned crushed tomatoes in the cabinet. I put together this easy dinner.

Frozen peas and whole wheat spaghetti completed the meal. I keep frozen vegetables on hand for when I ...Read more

Spice up salmon with this roasted recipe

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Add a touch of Indian flavor to your salmon with this simple curry sauce. Pan roasting is faster than oven roasting and gives similar results. The salmon is served with basmati rice. Basmati rice has a distinct flavor and smells like popcorn while cooking. It now comes in a microwaveable package that takes only 2 minutes in a microwave oven.

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Spice things up with this pizza-flavored chicken burger recipe

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Two of America's favorite foods, pizza and burgers, combine in this pizza chicken burger. This quick dinner takes only 10 minutes to cook.

The burger uses ground chicken. Make sure the package says made from chicken breast meat only. If it says ground chicken, then skin, fat and dark meat can be used.

Helpful Hints:

-- Other pasta sauce can ...Read more

Vegetarian lentil curry hearty stay-at-home meal

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Savor a taste of India with this vegetarian lentil curry. Cashew nuts add flavor and a crunchy texture. Baby kale is just wilted in the curry sauce. Baby kale has a milder flavor, is more tender and works perfectly in this recipe.

A note about spices: The recipe calls for curry powder, ground ginger and ground cumin. Spices lose their flavor ...Read more

Whiskey adds intriguing flavor to festive pork chops

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day or any day with this one-pot meal. Whiskey lends a subtle, intriguing flavor to pork chops. Brown sugar and mustard add a sweet and tangy finish.

Leeks look like a giant scallion with broad, dark green leaves that are tightly wrapped around each other. This makes it difficult to clean the dirt from the leaves. The ...Read more

Buffalo reduces calories, fat in meatloaf dish

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Enjoy one of America's best-loved comfort foods. Ground bison has a real beef flavor. Using bison for the meatloaf reduces the calories and fat content.

The meatloaf takes only 15 minutes to bake. The secret is to bake it on a baking sheet, which allows hot air to circulate all around the meat for quick cooking.

What's meatloaf without mashed ...Read more


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