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Eggplant, pistachios tasty additions to linguine dish

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Fresh linguine is tossed in a sauce made with eggplant, chopped canned tomatoes and pistachios for this vegetarian quick dinner. Look for good quality canned tomatoes for the best results. Many Italian canned tomatoes are a good choice.

Helpful Hints:

-- Dried linguine can be used instead of fresh. Follow package instructions for timing.

-- ...Read more

Macadamia nuts elevate juicy tilapia dish

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The subtle flavor and crunchy texture of macadamia nuts coats tilapia fillets. Sunny, fresh pineapple cubes add a tropical flavor to microwaved brown rice in the side dish.

Panko breadcrumbs are a Japanese variety of breadcrumbs and are made from bread that has been baked or toasted giving them a firm texture.

A general rule of thumb for ...Read more

Veal stir-fry only takes a few minutes to cook

Recipes / Quick Fix /

Stir-fried veal and green beans is a Chinese dinner that can be made faster than sending out for Chinese food. It takes several minutes to gather the ingredients for stir-fried dishes, but only a few minutes to cook. A stir-fry tip is to line up all of the ingredients on a plate or cutting board in order of use. Then you won't have to keep ...Read more

Mexican chili, salad perfect for Super Bowl Sunday

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This is an intriguing one-pot chili made the Mexican way -- with cinnamon. It's perfect for two or a crowd for Super Bowl Sunday. Some like it hot, some not, but everyone loves chili. This recipe is mildly hot. Serve hot pepper sauce on the side for those who want to adjust the heat. I find the use of cooked chicken pieces in place of ground ...Read more

Turkey stroganoff recipe gives tangy blend of flavors

Recipes / Quick Fix /

Turkey stroganoff, an old Russian standby, can be made with turkey breast meat or leftover homemade cooked turkey. If you use cooked turkey, add about 2 cups at the end of the recipe. This will allow it to warm through in the sauce. The mixture of mushrooms, tomato paste and mustard gives the stroganoff sauce a tangy blend of flavors and a thick...Read more

Tasty spinach quiche quick to make

Recipes / Quick Fix /

This vegetarian spinach quiche is a taste of British Columbia. On a recent visit to Toronto, I was given a cookbook with recipes from every province. I've adapted Janet Ketchen's recipe for this quick and tasty dinner.

It takes a few minutes to put all of the ingredients together, but once done, it bakes in the oven and is easy to serve. It can...Read more

Roast beef hash easy to prep

Recipes / Quick Fix /

Busy time? Tasty deli lean roast beef, washed, ready-to-eat salad, reduced-fat dressing and canned premium small white beans make preparing this dinner a breeze.

Make this quick dinner with the help of the deli department. Roast beef, shiitake mushrooms and fresh thyme make a modern version of hash. It takes only 20 minutes to make. The hash ...Read more

Time-saving tasty shrimp perfect for holiday season

Recipes / Quick Fix /

This festive, busy time of year deserves a special dinner, but one that only takes minutes to make. Plump shrimp cooked in a vodka tomato sauce is a holiday tradition for many Italian families and is quick and easy to prepare.

Along with this festive pasta dish, serve a crisp and colorful radicchio and romaine salad with your favorite bottled ...Read more

Warm up with this juicy teriyaki-glazed steak

Recipes / Quick Fix /

Teriyaki, a sweet sauce, glazes juicy steak for this quick meal. Frozen diced onion, minced garlic and sliced mushrooms, already prepared in the supermarket, are added to bottled teriyaki sauce to give it a homemade touch.

Toasted sesame oil lends a nutty flavor to the side dish of Chinese noodles. It can be found in the oil section of most ...Read more

Spaghetti and meatballs recipe even better the second day

Recipes / Quick Fix /

Tasty, light meatballs in a rich pasta sauce are an American favorite. The meatballs in this recipe are made with bread soaked in water and squeezed dry. This makes them very light and fluffy.

The meatballs taste even better the second day. If you have time, make extra and serve them for another quick dinner. Complete the meal with a washed ...Read more


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