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Salmon gets fresh flavor from lemon, garlic

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Lemon and garlic add a fresh and flavorful sauce to salmon fillet. The secret to perfectly cooked salmon is to sear it first in a skillet and then finish the cooking in the oven. It should come out soft and juicy and a little translucence in the center. It will have some carryover cooking once it is off the heat. Look for wild caught salmon. The...Read more

Minestrone soup is quick, hearty meal

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Here is a simple mid-week recipe for minestrone with a refreshing blend of flavors. The vegetables and sausage combine with the perfume of fresh basil and the crunchy texture of the pecans to make this hearty soup, which is a complete meal. This one-dish dinner can be made in 20 minutes.

Acini pepe is a very small soup pasta. Any type of ...Read more

Ham and quiche dish is a convenient midweek dinner

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You can have this homemade quiche ready in just 25 minutes. I like to serve a warm, inviting quiche for a quick midweek supper, but don't want to fuss with pastry dough. The secret to saving time and calories is to use bread crumbs for the crust instead. You can still slice and serve the quiche with this crust.

A tossed green salad is all you ...Read more

Usher in the new year with this ginger-glazed steak

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This festive, busy time of year deserves a special dinner, but one that only takes minutes to make. This glazed steak is a great way to usher in the new year. Garlic, honey and fresh ginger give this steak a hint of Asian flavor. Sauteed golden potatoes make an easy side dish.

Complete the meal by opening a bag of ready-to-eat salad and adding ...Read more

Celebrate the season with holiday linguine

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Fresh pasta with scallops and a vodka-flavored sauce is a traditional Italian dinner. "Each Christmas when we were small, my mother would gather all my sisters and brothers into the kitchen to help make fresh pasta for Christmas dinner," an Italian cooking student of mine once recalled. "Shell fish and a vodka sauce were always served with our ...Read more

Dress up pork scaloppini with this sweet recipe

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Balsamic Pork Scaloppini with Fettuccini and Broccoli Raab

Sweet and tart balsamic vinegar dresses up pork scaloppini. Broccoli Raab (also called rapini or broccoli rabe), is best when small or young. It has a nutty and slightly bitter taste.

There are many different qualities of balsamic vinegar. The best ones are made only from grapes; ...Read more

Cajun chicken dish perfect for a chilly day

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Hot Cajun spices are contrasted with sweet grapes in this quick chicken dish. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are a flavorful alternative to chicken breast. This dish is a breeze using Cajun spice seasoning blends to add zip to the chicken. There are many Cajun spice blends to choose from. They normally include cayenne pepper, chili powder, ...Read more

Shrimp makes quick meal for busy holiday season

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No time for food shopping during this busy season? Keep frozen shrimp, a bottle of tomato salsa, rice and frozen broccoli on hand for a no-fuss dinner. I prefer mild salsa in this recipe. If you like more fire, use a medium or hot salsa. For this dinner, toss the shrimp with the salsa and cook the broccoli and linguine together. I like to keep ...Read more

Use your Thanksgiving leftovers in this tasty hash

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Too early to think about leftover turkey? Transform your leftovers into this tasty, quick hash using turkey, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. And you don't need to wait for turkey leftovers. You can buy roasted turkey pieces in the meat department or roasted turkey in the deli. If you buy deli meat, ask them to slice it thick so you can cut ...Read more

Barbecue pork dish takes only 10 minutes

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Chinese Pan Roasted Pork with Stir-fried bok choy and noodles

This roast pork dinner with a soy, garlic and honey glaze is inspired by one of my favorite Chinese dishes, Chinese Barbecue Pork (Char Sui Pork.) It's made by marinating pork overnight and roasting it in the oven over water. This is a streamlined version that has similar flavor, but...Read more

Save hours with this take on a classic Italian dish

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Cacciatore means hunter's style in Italian. This dish originally was made with a freshly caught bird and vegetables and mushrooms from the garden. My recipe is a quick, 30-minute version of a dish that usually cooks for hours.

To save preparation time, slice all the vegetables in a food processor. To avoid washing bowl each time, slice ...Read more

You don't need a panini press for this quick, savory sandwich

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Crisp crust, warm tasty fillings with melted cheese -- no wonder paninis have become popular. Here's a quick version filled with smoked turkey from the deli, roasted red pepper, fresh basil and goat cheese. There's almost no prep work. The sandwich can be assembled in minutes.

You don't need a special panini press. Simply place the sandwich in ...Read more

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