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Hearty chickpea, pasta soup warms up wintry nights

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Chickpeas and orzo make this a hearty soup and a meal in itself. It's an ancient Roman dish. Complete the meal with warm Cauliflower Salad, another Italian dish, which is from Campania, an area that includes Naples.

Leeks can have dirt inside. An easy way to clean leeks is to make long cuts from the base of the leek to the tip of the leaves ...Read more

Enjoy this Indian-flavored dish without long prep time

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Saag Gosht serves up flavors of India. An authentic one uses freshly ground spices and long cooking times. By using good quality cubes of lamb cut from the leg and ground spices, this dinner retains the essence of Indian food without the long preparation.

Helpful Hints:

-- Ask the butcher to cut lamb cubes from the leg with most of the fat ...Read more

Pork fried rice perfect for leftovers

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Fried rice needs to be crisp and flavorful. That's the key to this pork fried rice. Chinese restaurants use special equipment to get their woks very hot. For home cooking, add the ingredients and let them sit for one or two minutes before tossing. This allows the wok to return to a high heat after the cold food has been added.

This is a perfect...Read more

Swordfish dish has Spanish influences

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This is a quick dish, swordfish in a spicy sofrito sauce that captures the flavors of Spain. The combination of onion, tomato, garlic and oil is used in many cuisines. The Spanish call it sofrito, and it forms the base for many Spanish dishes. Here is a simple version that will go with fish, chicken or vegetables.

Serve it over a bed of ...Read more

Taco lettuce wraps make a healthy, light post-holiday meal

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Offset some of the rich holiday meals we've enjoyed with this quick, light, vegetarian meal. Using lettuce leaves instead of flour tortillas creates a fresh crisp wrap for these tacos. I've adapted this recipe from Richard Ingraham's "Eating Well to Win" cookbook. He is a private chef to NBA stars and talked about healthy eating at the Miami ...Read more

Sukiyaki is a quick dinner amid holiday hustle and bustle

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Looking for a quick meal at this busy time of year? Try this Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef and Soy Sauce). In Japan, sukiyaki is a one-dish meal made right at the table. It's a great dinner for when you're in a hurry. The cooking can be done in 5 minutes.

Prepare all the ingredients in advance by boiling the noodles and cutting and arranging the ...Read more

Chicken, Beaujolais sauce makes a special holiday meal

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A simple Beaujolais sauce glazes chicken for a special meal at this holiday time of year. You can use the same wine in the recipe that you are drinking. If not, use any dry red wine you have on hand. I often use red wine left over from a previous evening for sauces.

The recipe calls for raising and lowering the heat to make the sauce. If you ...Read more

Cod, pineapple rice dish blends texture, taste

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The subtle flavor and crunchy texture of pecans blend with the delicate flavor of cod in this quick dinner. The nut crust seals in the juices keeping the fish moist.

Fresh pineapple cubes add a tropical flavor to brown rice in the side dish. Serve sliced tomatoes or open a bag of washed, ready-to-eat salad to complete the meal.

Helpful Hints: ...Read more

Fluffy frittata is tasty and quick

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Cheese, red bell pepper and spicy, garlic potatoes make a tasty, vegetarian, quick dinner. The secret to a fluffy frittata is to let it cook slowly. The top is finished in the broiler.

Chipotle chili powder is used in the recipe. Chipotle peppers are a red jalapeno chili that is ripened, dried and smoked. Powdered chipotle can be found in the ...Read more

This curry is perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers

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Looking forward to Thanksgiving? What's Thanksgiving without leftovers? In addition to the great aromas on the day, I love munching on the leftovers the next day. Add a little curry powder to roasted turkey and cooked vegetables to transform Thanksgiving leftovers into a fun, tasty dinner.

I've used green beans in this recipe, but you can add ...Read more

This sesame snapper dish stands out

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Sesame seeds, fresh ginger and a little butter are all you need to make this standout snapper dish. This is a light sauce that is perfect with a delicate fish fillet. The sesame seeds form a crisp crust. This recipe is made with plain sesame seeds. You can also add more color by adding a few black sesame seeds to the plain ones.

A quick way to ...Read more

Veal dish ready in 10 minutes

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Make this meal -- start to finish, including the preparation time -- in 10 minutes. Thin veal cutlets topped with a garlicky tomato sauce take only 6 minutes to cook. Low-sodium canned diced tomatoes and minced garlic in a jar cuts the preparation time to just a few minutes, too.

Boneless, skinless chicken breast can be used instead of veal. ...Read more


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