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This curry is perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers

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Looking forward to Thanksgiving? What's Thanksgiving without leftovers? In addition to the great aromas on the day, I love munching on the leftovers the next day. Add a little curry powder to roasted turkey and cooked vegetables to transform Thanksgiving leftovers into a fun, tasty dinner.

I've used green beans in this recipe, but you can add ...Read more

This sesame snapper dish stands out

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Sesame seeds, fresh ginger and a little butter are all you need to make this standout snapper dish. This is a light sauce that is perfect with a delicate fish fillet. The sesame seeds form a crisp crust. This recipe is made with plain sesame seeds. You can also add more color by adding a few black sesame seeds to the plain ones.

A quick way to ...Read more

Veal dish ready in 10 minutes

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Make this meal -- start to finish, including the preparation time -- in 10 minutes. Thin veal cutlets topped with a garlicky tomato sauce take only 6 minutes to cook. Low-sodium canned diced tomatoes and minced garlic in a jar cuts the preparation time to just a few minutes, too.

Boneless, skinless chicken breast can be used instead of veal. ...Read more

This tropical-tasting dinner takes 10 minutes

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Here's a 10-minute dinner with a tropical touch. It's sauteed shrimp with a coconut flavored rice. I like to keep frozen shrimp on hand for quick dinners. They take only a few minutes to defrost in a bowl of cold water and only 3 to 4 minutes to saute. Coconut milk flavors rice that takes 60 or 90 seconds, depending on the brand, to make in the ...Read more

Maple Syrup-Glazed Meatloaf is a perfect fall dish

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This is the perfect time of year for meatloaf and potatoes. My secret for making a quick meatloaf is to bake it on a baking sheet, which allows hot air to circulate all around the meat for quick cooking.

To speed the baking of the sweet potatoes, I microwave them for 5 minutes and then finish baking them in the oven on the same baking sheet as ...Read more

Spice up fall with this easy pasta dinner

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Spicy turkey sausage plays well with kale for this easy pasta dinner. Look for young or baby kale if possible, for a sweeter kale flavor. If it's not available, use any type of kale and be sure to chop it well.

Helpful Hints:

-- Any type of pasta sauce can be used.

-- Any type of pasta can be used.


-- Place water for pasta on to ...Read more

This veggie pizza will be a hit for the whole family

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Here's a vegetarian pizza the whole family will love, and it takes less time than sending out for one. I used a whole wheat flour tortilla as the base for this quick pizza. It provides an ultra-thin crust allowing the toppings to be featured.

For speedy preparation, look for sliced or diced vegetables in the produce department or on a salad bar...Read more

Fast, tender chicken dish is flavorful

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Tender chicken coated with French herbes de Provence and served over a bed of baby spinach salad is a simple and fast dish. Here's the trick to keeping boneless skinless chicken breasts juicy and tender. Saute the breasts until they are about three-quarters done, and then cover the pan and set it aside to finish cooking in their own heat.

...Read more

Barbecue kabobs are quick, smoky

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At a recent dinner at Toro Toro restaurant in Miami, one of chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval's 50 restaurants worldwide, he talked with me about recipes that have smoked barbecue flavors but are cooked inside. He calls it "Cookout Inside."

The smoked flavor comes from the sauce. In this recipe, the sauce is used as a dipping sauce for ...Read more

Try this easy version of sweet and sour chicken

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This tangy sweet and sour chicken over rice is an easy version of a Chinese traditional dish. And it's faster than sending out for Chinese food.

Wok cooking tips: Your wok or skillet, if using one, should be very hot so that the ingredients are crisp, not steamed. I add the ingredients in stages so that the wok stays hot while stir-frying.

...Read more

Try this take on a famous Spanish dish

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French paella?


I tasted a French version of the famous Spanish dish in Paris where I found chefs reaching beyond their borders for new flavors. The paella, which included leeks and tarragon in addition to the usual Spanish ingredients, was made by a young chef from Southwestern France, near the Spanish border.

A washed, ready-to-eat ...Read more

Welcome fall with this crisp salad

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Crunchy apples, celery, walnuts and fresh figs mixed with cooked chicken make a crisp, salad for the start of fall. Fresh figs are in season through September. They add to the pleasing combination of texture and flavors that has made this salad a classic.

I find that mixing mayonnaise with yogurt lightens the dressing and lowers the calories ...Read more

Summer steak perfect for Labor Day (or anytime)

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This is a meal for the grill and perfect for the Labor Day weekend or anytime. Fresh ginger, soy sauce, mustard and garlic give this grilled steak a hint of Asian influences. Add corn on the cob to the grates while steak cooks.

Open a bag of ready-to-eat salad and add tomatoes. Serve with a reduced-fat dressing to complete this summertime meal....Read more

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