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Celebrate fresh mango season with Pork Scaloppini with Rum-Mango Sauce

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Sweet, juicy Florida mangos are at the peak of their season. In this dinner, I use them to make a quick, rum-flavored sauce for pork scaloppini. Simply buy a pork tenderloin and cut into one-inch slices and flatten to { inch thick.

Serve the pork with a coconut-flavored rice to complete the meal. Make the rice first and set aside. The coconut ...Read more

French country-style recipe perfect for Bastille Day

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Celebrate Bastille Day on July 14 with this light French dish. Pan-fried sole and mushroom drizzled with a butter sauce is a typical French country-style recipe. The simple dish is a great way to serve fresh fish. A meuniere is a miller's wife, and literally translated the dish means cooked the way a miller's wife cooks.

Small red potatoes and ...Read more

Texas Turkey Burger perfect for any summer barbecue

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with this sparkling burger.

These burgers get their bang from jalapeno peppers that are mixed with mayonnaise. Barbecue sauce is mixed in with the turkey giving it extra flavor and keeps the burger moist.

Mix corn kernels and black beans together for a colorful, tasty side dish.

Helpful Hints:

-- Any type of ...Read more

Light dish features new potatoes, greens with sauteed veal

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Fresh herbs, sauteed veal and tiny new creamer potatoes makes a light dinner. Romaine and radicchio cooked with garlic until they just start to wilt lend flavor, color and crunch to the dish.

Veal scallops take only a few minutes to cook. The secret to keeping them juicy is to brown them in a hot skillet for one minute on each side. Then remove...Read more

Steak Pizzaiola perfect Father's Day dish

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Neapolitan Bistecca alla Pizzaiola (Steak with Spicy Tomato Sauce) is a dish that Dad will love for this Father's Day or any day. The spicy tomato sauce was originally used to disguise the poor quality of meat in this region of Italy. Today we can enjoy excellent meats with this sauce for a quick and delicious meal.

Fennel has a large, pale ...Read more

Try the sheet pan dinner trend with these tasty shrimp fajitas

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Sheet pan dinners are all the rage, and for good reasons. Everything cooks in one pan for easy preparations and cleanup. For this quick dinner, the shrimp, onions and peppers all cook at the same time on a foil-lined baking sheet for even easier cleanup. The tortillas for the fajita can warm for a few minutes on a lower shelf in the same oven. ...Read more

Watermelon salad perfect for Memorial Day weekend, picnics

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Here's a quick and easy salad supper for Memorial Day weekend or for anytime. It's a vegetarian meal that can be made ahead and is easy to take on picnics or serve on your patio. The juicy watermelon, crunchy spiced pecans and manchego cheese lend a contrast of flavor and texture to the salad.

The spiced pecans keep well. Make extra and store ...Read more

Flavorful pasta dish done in time it takes to boil

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Portobellos add a hearty flavor to pesto sauce and pasta. Simply saute meaty portobello mushrooms and add them to the prepared pesto sauce. This flavorful pasta dish can be made in the time it takes to boil pasta for this vegetarian dinner.

I accompanied the dish with Roasted Pepper Salad. Roasting red peppers intensifies their flavor and gives...Read more

Try this simple, flavorful meal for start of salmon season

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A light chive sauce tops this poached salmon fillet. Gentle poaching is a fail-safe method of cooking salmon. It remains moist, juicy and flavorful. The secret to poaching salmon is to slightly undercook it. It will continue to cook in its own heat for a few minutes after it is removed from the poaching liquid.

This is the start of wild salmon ...Read more

Treat Mom to a great dinner salad

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Make this quick Roasted Chicken Pasta Salad for Mom on her day and enjoy a family meal at home. No mess to clean. It uses only one pot, won't heat up your kitchen and takes only 20 minutes to make. It also makes a great dinner salad anytime.

I use a bought roasted or rotisserie chicken breast for the salad. It is cooked on the bone and ...Read more


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