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Chateau Ste. Michelle explores selling Woodinville winery

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Change could be coming to one of Washington's most prominent wineries.

Chateau Ste. Michelle is considering selling its vast Woodinville property — home to the winery's tasting room, banquet rooms and summer concert space — as it consolidates wine production east of the Cascades.

A company statement Tuesday said Chateau Ste. Michelle is "...Read more

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Frankfurters bourguignonne or franks in sour cream sauce? Questionable Tribune hot dog recipes over the years

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CHICAGO — Although the Chicago-style hot dog is arguably the greatest hot dog in the country, for most of the 20th century, Tribune reporters and recipe writers mostly acted deeply embarrassed about the dish.

“Americans in general and housewives in particular are derelict in their duty to the hot dog,” starts a July 6, 1961, article by ...Read more

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Brad Pitt invokes Ukraine in revised Chateau Miraval lawsuit against Angelina Jolie

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LOS ANGELES — Brad Pitt has put the weight of the war in Ukraine behind his Chateau Miraval winery lawsuit against ex-wife Angelina Jolie, filing an updated complaint Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Pitt first sued Jolie in February, alleging she illegally sold her shares in the winery and estate to Russian-expat vodka ...Read more

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Brad Pitt accuses ex-wife Angelina Jolie of seeking 'to inflict harm' with sale of wine business

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Angelina Jolie selling her stake in a wine business left ex-husband Brad Pitt feeling sour, his attorneys contend in a new legal filing.

Pitt, who is suing Jolie for allegedly selling her stake of the vineyard Chateau Miraval without his approval, accuses the actress in new documents of seeking “to inflict harm on” him with the transaction,...Read more

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Soup in the summer? Why not! Here are 4 recipes that make the most of fresh veggies

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When the produce at your local store, farmers market or your own garden is at its peak, it's time to make fresh vegetables the star of your meal.

It's time to make summertime soups.

In the summer, you want to make the most out of your produce by bringing out its flavor in the most pure and natural way. The fewer adornments, the less complexity...Read more

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Strawberries are the stars of the season

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Now, right now, strawberries are their strawberriest.

Ripe, luscious and dripping with juice, strawberries are nature’s way of welcoming us back to another bountiful season of planting and harvesting. They are like a little gift — an amuse bouche, if you will — to thank us for our patience during a long and barren winter.

And as is so ...Read more

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Old-fashioned baked goods: 4 recipes that should have never gone out of style

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Far away on a distant sea lies the Island of Old-Fashioned Baked Goods.

There, slices of applesauce cake play in the tall green grass. Charlotte russes dance in the dappled sunlight. Coconut cream pies huddle with date-nut bread to gossip about pineapple upside-down cake.

But despite the appearances, all is not happy on the island. The ...Read more

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Dangerous DIY baby formula recipes go viral as parents get desperate

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As a nationwide baby formula shortage sends parents into crisis mode, social media posts containing dangerous misinformation about homemade formula recipes have gone viral online, racking up views in the millions. Although major networks like Facebook, TikTok and YouTube have taken steps to label photos, videos and posts with contextual ...Read more

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After backlash, Neil Patrick Harris says gory Amy Winehouse gag was 'regrettable'

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Neil Patrick Harris regrets turning the death of singer Amy Winehouse into a gory gag at a 2011 Halloween party. More than a decade later, the actor is now facing a firestorm that reignited last week when the image returned to the internet's consciousness.

"A photo recently resurfaced from a Halloween-themed party my husband and I hosted 11 ...Read more

Channel your inner Julia Child with these recipes that are actually achievable

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As the HBO Max series winds down, take a page from the chef's playbook and start mastering the art of French cooking.

"Julia," the HBO Max series chronicling Julia Child's trajectory from cookbook author to unexpected television star and national icon, ended Thursday. (The streaming service has yet to announce whether there will be a second ...Read more

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Love to cook? This Twin Cities photographer turns recipes into a cookbook

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Heirloom Collaborative is preserving food memories with personalized cookbooks.

MINNEAPOLIS — A black linen napkin made the chicken pop.

After ruffling a white towel over a square of rustic wooden planks, Rachel Ingber thought better of it and grabbed the darker cloth from the hallway "prop closet" in her Plymouth home. She set it with a ...Read more

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When life hands you lemons, make lemony lamb chops, or a lemon tart, or ...

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Lemons get a bad rap.

When we buy a car that doesn’t run, we call it a lemon. When life gives you lemons, we say you should make lemonade, as if lemons were something merely to be endured.

It’s not fair.

Lemons are bright and sunshiny, brisk and invigorating. They add a delicious splash of life to food, they sprinkle it with the essence ...Read more

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Chocolate for Easter: It's not just bunnies

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that chocolate Easter bunnies taste best when you start by eating their ears.

It’s part of the whole chocolate-for-Easter thing, a longstanding tradition that no one seems to know how it began. My own personal guess, based on no specialized knowledge of the subject whatsoever, is that people eat chocolate...Read more

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For perfect garlic flavor, use whole cloves in these 7 recipes

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Not too long ago, few Americans ate garlic.

It had too strong a taste; it was too sharp. It made your breath smell bad. There is a reason that it was associated with keeping away vampires — the flavor and aroma were too intense, even for them.

If consumed at all, garlic would only be eaten in Italian food, and only in small amounts.

That ...Read more



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