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What wine did Jesus drink at the Last Supper?

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PHILADELPHIA -- What kind of wine did Jesus serve at the Last Supper?

Patrick McGovern, a specialist in ancient beverages at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, has a few ideas.

Rich, concentrated wines, flavored with spices and fruits, were common in the Jerusalem area 2,000 years ago, McGovern tells the ...Read more

Flavored wine should be stopped dead before it trends

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Flavored wine isn't as old as the hills, but it's older than a lot of the trees.

Ancient winemakers were not averse to adding herbs and spices to their wines, or even honey or sea water. But somewhere along the way, winemakers decided that grapes were enough. Grape juice and yeast. Wooden barrels in some instances, too -- call wood the third ...Read more

The best food, wine pairings to get in the mood for Valentine's Day

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The problem with taking your sweetie to a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day is that one-quarter of all Americans will be sitting there with you on this second-busiest restaurant day of the year (Mother's Day is first), according to the National Restaurant Association.

True story: I made reservations for my wife and me one Valentine's Day, and...Read more

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