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Everything you need to know to about cooking winter squash (plus 5 recipes)

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All summer, we enjoy our share of zucchini and summer squashes. Come autumn, we happily embrace their harder-shelled, densely-fleshed, sweet-tasting brethren. Like summer squash, mild-tasting winter squash welcomes bold flavor additions. Unlike summer squash, most winter squash varieties keep well for weeks, sometimes months, so fans can stock ...Read more

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Sunflowers and weeds: Cooking from your own backyard

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Outdoorsman and writer Euell Gibbons famously said that the naturally sweet flavor of Grape-Nuts cereal "reminds me of wild hickory nuts."

The implication, of course, is that he had eaten wild hickory nuts and that, by extension, you almost certainly hadn't. Which is true, at least in my case.

Gibbons' whole schtick was that he went around ...Read more

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Tailgate tips and recipes that will make your spread a winner

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PITTSBURGH — Football fans love to throw tailgates both big and small before games. Whether it's a humble spread of chips, dip and chicken wings out of a car trunk or a catered smorgasbord feast, the goal is the same: to have a good time while cheering on the home team.

Such is the energy of a tailgate that it's often the backdrop for other ...Read more

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Phil Your Glass: Check label to see if wines are gluten free and vegan

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Wine drinkers suffering from celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy can easily get caught in a sticky situation.

Gluten is the name of a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. Essentially, it is the glue that holds the dough together and helps it keeps its shape. It is also what gives pizza dough its wonderful ...Read more

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One last chance for summertime grilling

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It can’t be the end of summer. I’m not ready for summer to end.

So I did what any normal American male does when confronted with the sudden realization that his favorite season is about to end: I pouted.

But only for a short time. Then I bought a bag of charcoal and fired up the grill. There is nothing like grilling a lump of meat or a ...Read more

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Say cheese! Pizza from four American regions

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New York pizza isn't Chicago pizza, which isn't California pizza, which isn't Detroit pizza.

Each region has its own signature style, its own unique way of making pizza. It can be hard to believe they're all variations on the same theme.

And none of the styles is precisely what you'd get in Italy, the ancestral home of pizza and a land full of...Read more

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A new wave in wine: Devo's Gerald Casale offers peek inside California home and winery

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Legendary Devo rocker and winemaker Gerald Casale graciously welcomed me to his home in Napa, California, for a glass of wine.

Casale, who loves to cook, was busy making chopped salads and grilled jumbo shrimp in the kitchen a few weeks ago when I arrived. This is a side of the musician that most fans don't get to see.

"You have to have a ...Read more

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5 meals that are fast and easy

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Some days, you just don't feel like cooking lobster thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce, garnished with truffle paté, brandy and a fried egg on top.

Some days, you want to cook something easy. Something fast.

Not throw-a-frozen-block-of-something-into-the-microwave-and-hope-for-the-best fast. I'm talking about a delicious, satisfying,...Read more

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How to make perfect rice every time

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The experts all say the same thing. Even bags and boxes of rice say the same thing: The correct ratio for making rice, they say, is two parts water to one part rice.

Cooking a cup of rice? Use two cups of water. Making two cups of rice? Use four cups of water.

I say, balderdash.

Twice as much water as rice is too much water. It makes the rice...Read more

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Some like it hotter: 6 pepper recipes

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They look so innocent.

There is little about a chile that hints at the danger lurking inside. They dangle colorfully, seemingly harmlessly, from a plant's bright foliage, or they are piled welcomingly at a grocery store or farmers market.

And yet, a single bite can cause intense pain, an "if-I-get-out-of-this-I'll-never-sin-again" kind of pain...Read more

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Dive into fresh, ripe tomatoes with these recipes

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Summer's here, and the tomatoes are ripe. If I could, I'd fill a swimming pool with tomatoes and dive in.

Admit it: The more you think about it, the more that sounds like a good idea.

Because tomatoes are approaching the peak of their tomato-ness right now, I decided to celebrate everyone's favorite fruit-that-masquerades-as-a-vegetable by ...Read more

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Sandwiches: A meal you hold in your hand

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It is a debate that has been passionately argued by culinary philosophers for centuries: Do sandwiches taste better when eaten standing over the kitchen sink, or when they are picked up from a paper plate?

I am firmly in the kitchen-sink camp. To me, paper plates are almost no better for sandwiches than china plates, which are practically like ...Read more

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Maryland native Donae Burston introduced what he calls the world's first Black-owned rosé wine. It's a hit.

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BALITMORE — For Donae Burston, rosé is much more than a wine to drink at summer parties. It’s a means to open doors and build wealth for other Black people.

The 46-year-old Randallstown native made a splash in 2019 in the wine business by launching La Fête du Rosé, which Burston called the first entirely Black-owned rosé, out of St. ...Read more

There's an app for that: 5 recipes that prove that appetizers can be better than the meal itself

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It happens all the time: We go to a nice restaurant and begin our meal with an appetizer that is simply amazing.

And then the rest of the meal fails to live up to it.

Maybe chefs try harder with appetizers. Maybe appetizers are where restaurants feel free to experiment with new ideas. Maybe restaurants concentrate on appetizers because they ...Read more

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Can you make vegan 'chicken' out of flour? We test 3 TikTok recipes

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As much as TikTok gets a bad rap for being some sort of mind-numbing Gen Z culture pit, I will say that if you look in the right places, you can learn a lot from the app. Oftentimes I'll find myself lost in the trenches of "FoodTok," discovering how to cook things that I either didn't know existed or didn't know I could make at home.

Here are ...Read more

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Blissful biscuits: 6 great recipes

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Talking about biscuits can get downright sensual. Even a little naughty.

They’re warm, flaky, steamy, soft, rounded, fragrant, buttery, golden, glistening and immensely satisfying.

Basically, they are everything you could ever want in a breakfast bread, a luncheon carbohydrate or even a dinner roll. They are fun to make, as well, and not too...Read more



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