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Explore the diverse styles of Long Island wine

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When I hear "Long Island," the first thing that springs to mind is "suburbs," and that is a big part of the place's identity. But the skinny land mass that is literally a long island jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean also provides terra firma for Brooklyn and Queens. Beyond those two urban enclaves, moving east, city turns to suburb, suburb ...Read more

How 5 Miami entrepreneurs are changing the way you enjoy wine

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MIAMI -- Miami may not seem like a natural environment for wine entrepreneurs to flourish, but meet a few and you may want to raise a glass.

Make no mistake: These entrepreneurs aren't doing things the way it has always been done in the $300 billion global wine industry. Maybe it's being outside the well-known wine-making locales where ...Read more

Want to try weed wine? Lucky for you if you live in California

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Marijuana-infused wine has become quite popular in California.

So much so that it's tough to find vendors that have them in stock and are selling them.

California, after all, is the country's only state where it's legal to infuse weed with wine.

It's against the law to infuse marijuana with alcohol in all other states, even where weed is ...Read more

Cook with a wine you would drink

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Q: When recipes call for wine as an ingredient what is the best to use? Is there a cooking wine?

A: When cooking with wine a quote from the late cooking master Julia Child comes to mind. "I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food..."

Wines are used in cooking to add flavor, to add acidity or to deglaze the skillet and make...Read more

Famous people want you to drink their wines. But should you?

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Once they're famous, people love to make wine. Or at least be associated with making wine by purchasing a vineyard or two. I totally get where they are coming from, although on my budget I can barely afford the organic grapes at Whole Foods, so there are no such purchases in my future.

But can we trust celebrity-linked wine? Just about ...Read more

What you need to know about Chilean wine

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In the wine world, "Chilean" used to be code for "good everyday wines for a steal." They weren't wines that, after a first sip made people go, "Dios mio, nothing will ever be the same from this moment forward!" But they were wines that halfway through a bottle made people go, "I would have gladly paid much more than $7 for this wine. Let's go ...Read more


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