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Treat yourself to the charms of a half-bottle of wine

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This is for all the single people, all those who sometimes find themselves alone during mealtime. It could be that you live alone or that you're traveling alone, miles into a solo journey and holed up in a could-be-anywhere hotel -- and you're fine with that. These are your opportunities to acquaint yourself with the charms of the half-bottle of...Read more

DNA testing promises better wine selection for the masses

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Genetic testing is all the rage these days. Some tests can reveal serious health scenarios, such as if you're predisposed to cancer or Alzheimer's disease. Other tests purport to tell you how much Neanderthal DNA is still in your bloodstream. But can genetic screening also tell if you're predisposed to cabernet?

A group of doctors-turned-...Read more

California farmers, winemakers kick dirt over Chinese tariffs

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California's vintners and growers fumed Friday at the growing prospect that wine, nuts, fruit and other Golden State exports would become collateral damage in a trade battle between President Trump and China.

The $47-billion industry, which largely backed Trump, has been buffeted repeatedly as the Trump administration has halted or reopened ...Read more

The world's first coffee-infused wine comes out of Modesto, Calif., and we tried it

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MODESTO, Calif. -- Like lots of people, I enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning and I'll sometimes settle down with a nice glass of wine at night.

But what if -- and stay with me here -- you didn't have to choose between the two. What if you could have your coffee with your wine anytime. Well, wonder no more. Because Apothic Brew, the new ...Read more


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