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Three corned beef recipes to enjoy this St. Patrick's Day that aren't hash

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For many of us, corned beef tastes delicious every day of the year. But its popularity soars on Saint Patrick’s Day — Irish heritage optional.

Like green beer, this holiday food tradition is largely a phenomenon in the United States. In fact, today’s corned beef is more Jewish than Irish. It’s rare to encounter it in Ireland.

The ...Read more

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Soul good: 6 recipes that celebrate soul food

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The historian and scholar John Hope Franklin used to tell the story about the end of segregation in the South.

Blacks in his town were excited by the prospect: At last they would get to see what the white folks ate. But their first trips to previously all-white restaurants quickly turned to disappointment.

Southern whites were eating ham hocks...Read more

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An ode to the glories of cabbage, with recipes for a Polish stew and a spicy stir-fry

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Even this deep into winter, I still crave the flavors coaxed from winter vegetables. Root vegetables, such as turnips and parsnips, easily transform into roasted sides, soups and mashes. Potatoes offer exquisite comfort in any form. Cabbage, one of the world’s most versatile vegetables, single-handedly eliminates boredom in the kitchen and at ...Read more


City official drinking wine during Zoom meeting sparks controversy

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LOS ANGELES – More than three hours into a Glendale Design Review Board meeting, Commissioner Francesca Smith raised a wine glass containing a small amount of pinkish liquid.

She smiled as she appeared to toast her colleagues after seconding a motion to adjourn the meeting, held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic, about 8:30 p.m.

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Wildfires clobbered California wine grape crop in 2020. Here's how much was lost

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The worst wildfire season in modern California history resulted in the smallest wine grape crop in years.

California's wine grape crop fell by 13% last year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported Wednesday. Experts said smoke damage from wildfires in Sonoma, Napa and Monterey counties were the main reason.

Industry...Read more

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Sweet potatoes? Sweet! 5 recipes you will love

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There is no mistaking a sweet potato.

You can't eat one and wonder whether it is, perhaps, a zucchini. No one has ever sampled one and confused it with a turnip. It is impossible to take one for broccoli, or even a regular potato.

Sweet potato is a sweet potato is a sweet potato.

Its uniqueness is both its curse and its charm. Nothing else is...Read more

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Cook a Mardi Gras feast with a New Orleans taste

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The woman eyed me not with suspicion but with curiosity, or perhaps amusement.

We were at a grocery store. We were first looking for sausage at the same time, and then we were standing together in front of the shrimp.

"Are we here for the same reason?" she said. "Are you making jambalaya, too?"

Of course I was. It was Carnival. Mardi Gras was...Read more

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When your freezer breaks, stop swearing and start cooking

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This most definitely was not the way I envisioned kicking off 2021 in the kitchen.

On the first Monday in the new year, I noticed my toes felt kind of wet when I stumbled to the fridge to fetch milk for my morning coffee. Glancing down, I immediately got a sick feeling. Water was drip, drip, dripping out of the bottom of the freezer into a ...Read more


Four chicken soup recipes to soothe the soul this winter

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Chicken soup won't cure COVID-19, but it might ease your sniffles.

After so many months of pandemic life, we're getting better at making ourselves feel as good as we can, even with the coronavirus knocking at the door. (Or maybe even coming right in the house.)

January is usually a time when we're brimming with excitement for the year ahead, ...Read more

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Maple syrup: It's not just for pancakes

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You may as well admit it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You do it. We all do it.

When you cook with maple syrup, and some of the syrup clings tenaciously to the measuring spoon or cup, you wipe it out with your finger and then lick the syrup off the finger. Don’t you?

Of course you do. That’s the treat for the cook, a little something ...Read more

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Restaurant-worthy brunch recipes re-create the weekend meal’s leisurely magic at home

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Brunch. The dine-in restaurant occasion I miss most during this pandemic.

I’m not really thinking of those all-you-can-eat grand buffets (although that sounds decadently delightful). Rather, those leisurely outings with good friends that involve waitstaff, luxurious food and a way-early-for-me cocktail or two. A stroll might follow to aid ...Read more


Eight ways wine will change in 2021

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Where to start? COVID-19 upended all our oenophile habits, shifting how we buy wine (online more than ever), how we taste and learn about it (virtually), and where we end up drinking it. (Not at parties, bars, and restaurants.)

Thankfully, many cities considered wine shops to be essential businesses. Vino has been a great connector this year, ...Read more

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These are the best bargain wines from Costco

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If you're a wine fanatic, you already know Costco's Kirkland brand wines are a great value. Some shell out $60 for the annual Costco membership just for the wine.

So for the third year in a row, we roped in wine critic Owen Bargreen to review some of Costco's best bargain vinos. While the herd stampedes for the toilet paper and bottled water, ...Read more

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Welcome the new year with European flair

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PITTSBURGH — Adam Bates didn’t set out to be a pastry chef, let alone one creating gorgeous European-style desserts.

His mother, a good cook, always made dinner for his older brother, Colin, and him when they were growing up in Hampton, Pennsylvania. So he didn’t have a clue about baking or cooking until he was well into his 20s. As an ...Read more

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Make your holidays sparkle with these bubbly wines

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Occasionally, I have been known to have a glass of sparkling wine. Birthdays, holidays or just one of those days. Any day, really.

I like to celebrate life’s everyday successes — like when I fire up my computer and it doesn’t ask me to reset my password. Or discovering that I have successfully put on matching socks. How about opening my ...Read more



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