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Minneapolis baker has used same sourdough starter since 1970

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MINNEAPOLIS -- It was a warm summer's day in 1970.

In the Stadium Village walk-up apartment she shared with her graduate student husband, Lois Parker, a recent East Coast transplant, was undertaking a culinary experiment, one that would shape their family for the next half-century.

Working from a trusted source material -- the "Sunset Cook ...Read more

Fancy new kitchens are popping up in Chicago-area high schools. They're designed to appeal to students who are fans of Food Network shows like 'Iron Chef' and 'Chopped'

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CHICAGO -- Erin Guardi, a senior at Downers Grove South High School, wasn't planning to take a cooking class. She said she was enrolled in a Spanish 4 class the day before school started, but then decided why take a stressful Spanish course?

"I said let's do something fun. ... Let's do something that I've never done before that's interesting, ...Read more

Daniel Neman: It's been a catastrophic year for some Missouri farms

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ST. LOUIS -- This has been a bad year for Meagan Kaiser. A terrible year.

Kaiser, 33, is a farmer. She and her family grow corn and soybeans on their 5,000-acre farm near Carrollton, Mo., in Carroll County, near Kansas City.

But this has been a bad year for farmers. A terrible year.

First there was the temperature, which stayed colder longer ...Read more

How to make naan at home, plus recipes for using it

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Warm, freshly baked bread drives me crazy. I associate it with my grandmother's kitchen, my sister's holiday loaves and trips to Poilane Bakery in Paris.

Little wonder, then, that loaves from the tandoor oven at our neighborhood Indian restaurant haunt my dreams. We go there and I swear I order one of each of their 15 offerings -- from plain ...Read more

Two insanely delicious street foods from the Philippines

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All you need to know about banana cue is that it is caramelized, fried banana, served on a stick.

Its cousin, camote cue? That's caramelized, fried sweet potato, served on a stick.

I know a guy who doesn't like sweet potatoes. "There is nothing you could do to a sweet potato that would make me like it," he has said.

Even deep fry it and ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Protein, you complete me

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Environmental Nutrition

You don't have to be a bodybuilder to pay close attention to your protein intake. This macronutrient is required for the structure, function and regulation of the body's tissues and organs, including muscle and bone. And these days, there's been increased interest in ...Read more

EatingWell: Veggie dish packs s flavor punch

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This easy soup recipe cooks up quickly thanks to the use of an electric pressure cooker or multicooker, like the Instant Pot. It packs in tons of filling veggies without packing on the calories. Plus, it happens to be entirely plant-based. If you aren't eating vegan, top it with a little Parmesan cheese or pesto to add even more flavor.

Instant...Read more

Seriously Simple: This green bean and charred radicchio salad is a home run in umami flavor

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"Umami Bomb" came across my desk recently and I thought it was a clever compilation of vegetarian recipes that all possessed that fifth flavor -- umami.

What is umami? It really is difficult to describe but Cambridge English Dictionary describes it as "A strong taste that is not sweet, sour, salty or bitter and that is often referred to as "the...Read more

One for the Table: Baba ganoush, a smoky, addictive dip

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Growing up, I was never a fan of eggplant. There was just something about it that never appealed to me. But after acquiring a taste, and having it done right, I love it. It doesn't matter if it's roasted, grilled, deep-fried or braised. When cooked right, it goes from being spongy and ...Read more

The Kitchn: Savory Sourdough French Toast with Mushrooms

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Savory French toast is definitely a thing. Sure, you can just make toast, but with just a few extra ingredients you can whip up a nourishing, exceptional meal, ready in minutes. Plus, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

Buttermilk and spices (including cayenne, nutmeg, and lots of ...Read more

The Kitchn: Flatbread pizza is perfect for informal dinner

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Whether you need an easy snack for wine night with friends or a family-friendly Friday night dinner, these flatbreads are the answer. Loaded with caramelized mushrooms and plenty of mozzarella, they're a crowd-pleaser for all ages, no matter the mood or night.

Rather than simply sautéing ...Read more

Beets, pecans, pears and honey haunt this Halloween salad

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With their bright red juice, deep flavor and succulent flesh, beets might as well be the official vegetable of Halloween. (Pumpkins are fruit, remember.)

This beet salad is from Stella McCartney, who wrote a new book, "The Meat Free Monday Cookbook: A Full Menu for Every Monday of the Year" (Kyle Books, $22.95) with Annie Rigg as well as her ...Read more

Muffin recipe is loaded with fruit and vegetables

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Jillian Harris and Tori Wesszer are cousins who grew up together and still live, as they describe it, "a stone's throw" from each other in Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Both of them are now lifestyle bloggers; Harris is founder of Jillian Harris Design, and Wesszer is a registered dietitian. They've collaborated on a new cookbook, "...Read more

A pumpkin spice treat you won't be embarrassed to love

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The idea of another pumpkin loaf either makes you excited or makes your eyes roll out of your head. If you're in the latter camp, I implore you to give my iteration a shot.

Because I like the idea of pumpkin spice things but not their execution, I developed this loaf to be about all the good qualities of the flavor -- cloying lattes ...Read more

Baker a viral sensation for life-sized deer cake

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ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- A cake decorator at the famed Shady Maple Farm Market in Lancaster County, Pa., is now a viral internet sensation thanks to one amazing, life-sized creation.

Pam McNeal, a cake decorating supervisor at the market in East Earl, Pa., created a deer cake complete with antlers. The cake is so life-like the animal's front legs are ...Read more

How to make the best biscuits and gravy, the easiest brunch ever if you follow these steps

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What's white and lumpy and hails from the American South? Besides me, I mean.

That's right. It's our old pal sausage gravy, the dish for which the adjective "mucilaginous" was invented.

Sausage gravy is so much more than the spackley white glop of our misshapen youth, and today, we plumb its sublimity.


What, I didn...Read more

How to make low-sodium dishes taste great

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This is actually true: If you go to the Food Network website and look for low-sodium recipes, you will find one for Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Corned beef? Low sodium? The word "corn" in corned beef actually refers to the salt that is used to cure it.

The dish that Food Network promotes as being low in sodium contains 2,172 mg of ...Read more

Apple snack cake from new baking cookbook

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Food writer Samantha Seneviratne believes that cooking is a necessity but baking is a choice.

In her latest cookbook, "The Joys of Baking," she writes about how baking has become a powerful form of therapy for her, helping her deal with the challenges in life. "The recipes tell the stories of how I fell, how I rose, what I baked and what it ...Read more

Today's Special: Salt crust enhances savory salmon dish

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This recipe is adapted from "A Year of Everyday Cooking & Baking 365" by Meike Peters, Prestel Publishing ($40).

Pinot noir's light red, fruity flavor serves as a perfect counterpart to salmon's strong flavor. Bonterra 2016 Pinot Noir ($17) has aromas of strawberry and raspberry, with notes of oak spice and vanilla that bring out the savory ...Read more

Port moving from the fireside after-dinner drink to pre-dinner cocktails.

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When you think of drinking port, does your mind go to a) a sessionable and sparkly aperitif (the refreshing porto tonico, or white port and tonic) that's enjoyed before dinner all over Portugal, or b) a pink spirit that's perfect for rose-tinted cocktails? Or do you think of c) cigars and smoking jackets and autumnal colors -- those traditional ...Read more


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