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EatingWell: Pesto turns a simple pasta salad into an easy dinner

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Creamy pesto sauce turns a simple pasta salad with broccoli and tomatoes into a delightful dinner. Just before the pasta is done, add the broccoli to the pasta cooking water allowing it to slightly soften and turn a vivid shade of green.

Pesto Pasta Salad

Serves 5

Active Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

8 ounces whole-wheat fusilli (...Read more

Seriously Simple: This dish is an Indonesian delight

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In Cathy Erway’s book — “Sheet Pan Chicken” — you’ll find myriad recipes for easy, unusual dishes. The author also advises on best sheet pans, nonstick vs. non-nonstick and how to choose a chicken and features a chart on how to cook different chicken parts.

In the world of Seriously Simple cooking, sheet pan cooking is a definite ...Read more

The Kitchn: 7 unexpected (yet totally delicious) ways to make potato salad without mayo

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It’s hard to beat a classic potato salad made with creamy mayonnaise. But good news for the mayo-averse: The winning combination of potatoes and mayo isn’t where this backyard barbecue favorite ends. There are a number of ...Read more

Kary Osmond: Another curry recipe you must try

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I’m having curry again, and I’m taking you along for this recipe ride!

I don’t always have tofu on hand for my vegetable curries, instead I’ll add chickpeas for added fiber and protein. I find the key to a successful Thai curry is to only cook the veggies until they’re tender crisp; you want them to retain their sweetness and color.

...Read more

The Kitchn: The secret to my great grandma’s cookies? Smash them after baking

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When I stumbled upon the recipe for these pistachio smash cookies, I wasn’t sure what I had found. During one of my spontaneous urges to deep clean the house in the early months of the pandemic, I rediscovered a box of old family recipes tucked away in the laundry room. I hadn’t looked through the box in over 18 years, but I figured now was ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Pass the peas!

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Green peas by any other name — English, garden, shell, sweet — are just as delightful. Not to be confused with snow peas or snap peas, whose tender pods are edible, green peas are the tiny round gems shelled from the pod.

The folklore

One of the first cultivated foods, peas date back thousands of years to central Asia and the Middle East. ...Read more

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Wing night specials scarce as restaurants face tight supply, higher prices for the takeout-friendly comfort food

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CHICAGO — First came shortages of toilet paper and flour. Now, chicken wings are in short supply, forcing some restaurants to call off wing night specials and consider raising prices on the budget-friendly staple.

Bronzeville Wingz owner Nichole Jackson said she now pays about $130 for a case of chicken wings, twice the $65 she was paying ...Read more


This Mother's Day, bring the restaurant experience home for mom

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Traditionally, the place to find moms on Mother’s Day was at a restaurant table. In years past, the second Sunday in May was the busiest all year for dining establishments, and the two days of the holiday weekend represented their No. 1 and No. 2 most profitable days.

This year, like last year, will be different. Even as dining rooms reopen ...Read more

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Phil Your Glass: Pop open a bottle of rose for spring

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Spring is finally here to stay.

That means it’s time to break out the patio furniture and pop open a bottle of rose. You can always count me in when you add bubbles to the party.

Cava is Spain’s tasty and affordable answer to champagne. At $12.99, Canxa rose Cava won’t break the bank. It is a dry rose made from 100% pinot noir grapes. ...Read more

Andrew Rush/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS

If you can find them, garlicky ramps are a fleeting taste of spring

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PITTSBURGH — Cavan Patterson, 39, has been foraging for wild mushrooms and other wild edibles for more than a decade. Most make their way into local kitchens via Wild Purveyors, the company he founded in 2009 with his brother, Tom.

A few weeks ago, he was on the hunt for the elusive morel mushrooms, one of the first fungi to poke through the ...Read more

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Chef Raghavan Iyer's latest project aims to promote the healing power of comfort food

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It all comes down to comfort food.

That's one of the many epiphanies that Raghavan Iyer has made during his treatment for colorectal cancer, and that realization has sparked the creation of his latest effort, the Revival Foods Project: Global Comforts That Heal.

Three years ago, the Minneapolis cookbook author — he's the authority behind "...Read more

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Salmon have shrunk so much that Whole Foods redid its guidelines

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At OBI Seafoods, a sprawling operation with outposts throughout Alaska, there’s all sorts of extra machinery for workers to master. At Whole Foods Market, there are new guidelines for purchasing salmon from wholesalers. And at Ivar’s, a fixture on Seattle’s waterfront for eight decades, the chef is sending back skimpy salmon delivered to ...Read more

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Daniel Neman: The most important food writer you've never heard of

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May 3, 1947, was a Saturday. On that day, Jet Pilot, ridden by Eric Guerin, won the Kentucky Derby. In Japan, a new constitution went into effect, making Emperor Hirohito merely a symbolic figurehead.

And Jane Nickerson, in the New York Times, wrote about a new addition to the popular hamburger: cheese.

“At first, the combination of beef ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Bright ingredients create a refreshing spring salad

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This first-course salad is best in the spring months, when the vivid, maroon-colored blood oranges, now grown commercially in California, make their appearance. Blood oranges have a distinctively rich orange flavor, with raspberry overtones, that has been featured in Mediterranean diet for centuries.

This update on the classic grapefruit and ...Read more

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Shrimp and beer are the new tequila and tacos this Cinco de Mayo

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This looks like a good year for fans of Cinco de Mayo.

The May 5 holiday has traditionally been a profitable one for bars and restaurants, ranking even higher than Mother’s Day. Even in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Mexican restaurants saw a notable jump in sales; the Arkansas-based chain Tacos 4 Life reported an 87% increase in ...Read more

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General Mills aims new yogurt at people packing in the protein

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MINNEAPOLIS — Just when it seemed the yogurt aisle had something for everyone, General Mills found a slice of customers still hunting for the perfect creamy snack.

The Golden Valley, Minnesota-based food maker announced Tuesday the launch of a yogurt that will pack more protein per cup than any other on the market.

It's the latest in a ...Read more

EatingWell: Blueberries take zucchini bread to the next level

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This easy and healthy zucchini bread recipe is elevated to company-worthy brunch fare with the addition of fresh blueberries to the batter and a simple lemon glaze and toasted almonds on top. A combination of whole-wheat flour and oats in the batter make it more nutritious than standard zucchini bread.

Blueberry-Lemon Zucchini Bread

Makes 1 ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: What you should know about low-carbon dieting

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There is a strong argument to be made that more of us should follow a low-carbon diet. Food production and dietary preferences are linked to climate change by altering the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. A recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that food production (including post-harvest activities ...Read more

Kary Osmond: Pesto adds delicious flavor to scrambled tofu

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Serve up this delicious scrambled tofu recipe with your favorite breakfast side dishes: fried potatoes, baked beans, toast or a simple green salad. It is quick to make and keeps well in the fridge for leftovers.

It’s easier than before to find dairy-free pesto at the grocery store, but if you can’t find any it’s not hard to whip up! ...Read more

The Kitchn: Air fryer grilled cheese sandwiches are golden, gooey and absolutely foolproof

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Anyone else grow up heating bread and cheese in the microwave on unsupervised afternoons at home? The results were always terrible, with mushy bread and melted cheese that got everywhere — but hey, you had a hot cheese sandwich to hold you over until dinnertime, and you didn’t have to turn on the stove.

Thinking back on those early ’90s ...Read more



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