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Here's how to make turkey gravy days ahead of Thanksgiving

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Cooks are harried on Thanksgiving, so any dish they can make days in advance is highly welcome.

Consider turkey gravy, for example. Sure, you can make it the traditional way from the turkey pan drippings. It's great if you want to do that and have the time.

But sometimes making gravy can be a pain. What you're hoping for is glossy, smooth ...Read more

Don't forget about those Thanksgiving side dishes everybody loves

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There's a lot at stake when you put together a Thanksgiving meal. For starters, you need to be a multitasker. There's a turkey to roast and stuffing and gravy to make. Count on making that green bean casserole, too.

Thanksgiving is also a holiday of side dishes. It's not enough to have just mashed potatoes and a single side vegetable. Folks ...Read more

2 tricked-out pies to be thankful for: pear with cranberries and pumpkin with ginger praline

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Homemade pie fillings prove easy. Crust not so much. Practice makes perfect. With every pie, our skills improve. It's an acquired art to turn out flaky, beautiful crust. My mother regularly reminds us of her early crust adventures -- many of which ended in the garbage can. No worries, she says, the crust ingredients cost far less than the ...Read more

A tried-and-true method for achieving the perfect Thanksgiving turkey

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Thanksgiving is a meal about comfort food, and that's a good thing.

Comfort food doesn't always come easy, but smart cooks know that a good game plan will get them through the big meal.

If you haven't begun planning your feast for the holiday, fear not. We're here to help. After all, Thanksgiving is about giving and sharing.

As the holiday ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Celebrate celery!

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(TO: One color photo goes with this column. CAPTION: A rich source of several antioxidant plant compounds, celery is an active protector against free radicals. Credit:, FILENAME: 20191104msfst-f.jpg; slugged NUTRITION.)

Environmental Nutrition...Read more

Seriously Simple: Move over, butternut: Delicata squash is back and better than ever

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Delicata squash was popular in the early part of the 20th century but went out of style due to poor yields and proneness to disease. Enter Cornell University's experts in plant breeding that bred the bush delicata. This newer breed squash is noted not only for its deliciousness but also its ...Read more

EatingWell: These carrots should be on your holiday table

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Wow your guests with multicolored carrots dressed in a brown butter and sage sauce. They only take 15 minutes to roast, so pop them in the oven while you carve the turkey and they'll be ready in time to eat.

Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Sage Brown Butter

Serves 6

Active Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

2 pounds small carrots, ...Read more

Kary Osmond: Pad thai for a picky palate

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I love pad thai, but I'm very picky about it. It can't be super saucy or sickly sweet, and not too oily either. I prefer Pad Thai on the dryer side, rather than swimming in a sauce -- which is why I make it rather than order it.

This recipe is easy to make, but there is some prep ...Read more

The Kitchn: How to make the easiest apple pie

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Really good apple pie can -- and should -- be easy to make. After all, part of the appeal of apple pie is its simplicity: Warmly spiced apples are baked until tender in a crisp, buttery crust. That's it.

These days, however, apple pie recipes can read more like flight instructions. And ...Read more

The Kitchn: Slow Cooker Vegan Chili with Sweet Potatoes, Lentils and Kale

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Instead of thinking of vegan chili as an oxymoron, consider it an opportunity to explore all the different veggies, legumes and spices that can be mixed together to create a delicious stew. This version starts with a classic tomato base and regular chili powder, but the addition of green ...Read more

Coq au Riesling: white wine cousin of coq au vin

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Emily Clifton edits movies and TV shows and her husband, Matt, runs an I.T. consulting firm, but their common passion is food. Since 2013, they've posted the recipes they create on their blog, Nerds With Knives. Along the way, they noticed that most of their recipes had a common ingredient -- booze. Their new cookbook, "Cork and Knife," shares ...Read more

Bitters and soda, the classic combination, now comes in a can and it's being embraced by those cutting back on drinking

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Drink too many hard seltzers last night? Fear not, help is on its way. Help that comes in a can. You can now buy bitters and soda in a can from The Bitter Housewife, an artisanal bitters company out of Portland, Ore., available online for easy delivery to your bedside or boat dock.

Long a remedy for hangovers, hiccups and general queasiness, ...Read more

The tastiest shortcut to green shakshuka

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Normally, I can take or leave bell peppers. Even though their brilliant colors are irresistibly shiny, they still elicit no more than meh when eaten. But chef Lior Lev Sercarz showed me how to make bell peppers essential to a dish.

The secret is spices.

Sercarz owns La BoƮte, an online and specialty food shop in New York City that sells well-...Read more

A salad full of fall flavors

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It's always makes me happy when fresh pomegranates show up in the produce aisle at the grocery store. You can buy packaged pomegranate arils year-round now, but there's still something special -- and challenging -- about cracking open a ripe, juicy pomegranate.

Pomegranate season in the United States is October through January, so now is the ...Read more

Daniel Neman: How do you make a spectacular meal? Sometimes all it takes is a little effort

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My wife looked at me with a mixture of admiration and incredulity and said, "Only you would go to all this trouble."

I was making Burmese Chicken -- or rather, I was making my own variation on Burmese Chicken. I was mincing together garlic, ginger, lemongrass and onion, and it was taking quite a while.

But I was having fun. Or at least I was ...Read more

3 new cocktail books for home bartenders of all ability levels, from basic to master

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Making cocktails at home, while an elegant treat for your guests and yourself, can be a bit overwhelming. To help, we chose three new books to aid those of different levels of bartending skill and aspiration. Whether your goal is to stir up a quick after-work gimlet, to perfect your Sazerac or to master the classic mai tai, each of these books ...Read more

Seduced by celery: 5 surprising recipes for the vegetable whose time has come

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Celery isn't sexy.

I get that. Not many people, when asked "What would you like for dinner?," respond "I don't care, as long as it has celery."

But maybe that should change. Celery is a vegetable whose time has come. It is more -- far more -- than a mere garnish for a bloody mary or a convenient conveyance for hummus.

As it happens, this is ...Read more

Italy trip feeds passion for food, wine

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I have been writing the Phil Your Glass column for the Akron Beacon Journal's Pulse section for nearly two years. One of the questions I get asked most is, "Where did you get your passion for wine?" I can explain ... .

I couldn't be more energized than at this very moment, as I have just returned from two fabulous weeks in Italy. I spent the ...Read more

How to eat that decorative squash on your table with Parmesan, brown butter

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This time of year, you can find all kinds of squash and gourds at local grocery stores, far more than the variety found just 10 or 15 years ago.

Some of those squash might be sitting on your kitchen table right now.

This recipe from "David Tanis Market Cooking: Recipes and Revelations, Ingredient by Ingredient" by David Tanis (Artisan, $40) is...Read more

Keep celebrating the season with pasta dinner with pumpkin, sage and sausage

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This season puts me in panic mode: Sunlight dwindles and, therefore, so does the herb garden. Farmers markets close up shop. What to cook now?

In the Midwest, we feel blessed if the garden's basil, cilantro, mint and dill remain bright and green until October. Late in the month, fresh sage, thyme, parsley and perhaps chives are all my garden ...Read more


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