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The invisible power of 'nudging' is leading diners to cut back on meat

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Placing plant-based lasagna in the most popular part of the canteen. Serving veggie stir fry so diners have to ask for meat. Renaming vegan food with enticing adjectives like “feel good” and “juicy.”

These are just some of the small changes adding up to a quiet revolution in school cafeterias, hospitals and on university campuses from ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Let’s talk salad dressings

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It’s no secret that a salad filled with bright, colorful fruits and veggies makes for a delicious start to your meal, or is the meal itself. And you probably know that what we choose to top our salad — think beans, croutons, bacon bits, lean meats, etc. — can impact the health quotient of said salad. But did you realize how important the ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Enjoy this yummy alternative to classic gazpacho

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Gazpacho usually means a tomato-based soup with bread and cucumbers. In Spain there is an offshoot of the tomatoey-garlic soup called Salmorejo, which uses plenty of olive oil to emulsify it all together.

Tasty, but richer, Salmorajo can be found in Cordoba, Spain, where the summers are unbearably hot. The locals keep this refrigerated soup at ...Read more

JeanMarie Brownson: Kick off summer with grilled sausages and good company

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Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and proves the perfect time to gather with friends. The goal is to spend as much time as possible outdoors. The food and drinks for the occasion should be easygoing. Especially for the cook.

Over the years, we’ve learned to be flexible, the weather might not always cooperate. If it’s sunny, ...Read more

The Kitchn: I make this shrimp ceviche whenever it’s too hot to cook

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When the heat of summer sets in I just want to eat meals that will cool me down. My relationship with soups, stews, and basically anything that comes out of the oven is on hold for these next few months. I prefer easy homeandleisure/recipes/varietymenu/s-3248812">Read more

The Kitchn: Pepperoncini chicken is so good, I’ve made it for dinner 3 weeks straight

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Every week I prepare a one-pan chicken skillet dinner, leaning on flavors my family loves like garlic butter, homeandleisure/recipes/varietymenu/s-3248811">Read more

EatingWell: Lighten up your barbecue menu with this fresh salad

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This cucumber vinegar salad has the perfect balance between sweet and sour flavors plus a hint of fresh dill. The red onion adds a nice crunch.

Cucumber Vinegar Salad

Serves 4

Active Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour

6 Persian cucumbers

2 teaspoons granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup thinly sliced red onion

1/4 cup white-wine ...Read more

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It's asparagus season and we couldn't be happier

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My mother always said "less is more" and "wear the dress; don't let it wear you." Those two pieces of advice, among others, are true in life — and especially true of asparagus. Newly arrived in our farmers markets and co-ops, the vibrant green spears don't need gussying up. Asparagus, the aristocrat of vegetables, is compelling on its own.

...Read more

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Column: A story about cooking cicadas? Not from me

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Cicadas are plentiful, and they are full of protein. And that is why, every time cicadas start to emerge from the ground, food writers delightedly churn out stories about how we all ought to try eating them.

Well, not me. I’ve never been one for jumping on bandwagons. And a bandwagon involving the consumption of large flying insects appeals ...Read more


Cottage pie is the ultimate comfort food

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Celebrate the last cool nights of late spring with the ultimate comfort food: cottage pie.

Cottage pie is simply the beef version of shepherd's pie, which is typically made with lamb.

In its most basic form, ground beef is sautéed with onions and carrots. A little flour, along with beef broth, is added to create a gravy. Mashed potatoes are ...Read more


3 sweeteners your gut will thank you for

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Whether you’re getting older or have a low tolerance for the sweetener, the gastrointestinal tract can be fickle when digesting sugar.

Caving in to cravings can be satisfying, but depending on what you eat, you could pay for it later. Most sweets could contain artificial sweeteners that, according to Woman’s World, taste anywhere between �...Read more

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These are the best BBQ spots in the US, Yelp says

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Five of the country’s top 100 barbecue spots are in the Kansas City metro, according to Yelp.

The crowd-sourced review site released its annual list, compiling the top barbecue restaurants based on the rating and number of reviews.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que came in sixth, with Yelp noting its burnt ends and Z-man ...Read more

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Best Bites: Wiley Wallaby green apple licorice

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From the minute you open the package of these bite-size licorice chews, you get a big whiff of that green apple. Happily, that smell follows to the tangy-sweet taste of these treats.

They are fat-free, made with no high fructose corn syrup and vegan. They aren’t hard or terribly chewy like other licorice brands. And did we mention that ...Read more

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Fast-growing asparagus once flourished on California farms. Why is it disappearing?

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FIREBAUGH, Calif. — It was a late March morning and dozens of women and men descended on a San Joaquin Valley asparagus farm — one of the last in the state. The workers walked along the furrows, cutting the newly sprouted spears at precisely nine inches, a market standard.

Later that morning, farmer Aaron Barcellos surveyed the land ...Read more

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Diabetes Quick Fix: Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Linguine and Green Beans

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Fresh rosemary and garlic coat this pork tenderloin as it roasts in the oven. The oven does the work while you make the linguine and green beans.

Frozen green beans are used in the linguine dish. Frozen vegetables can be a good choice when they are picked at their peak and immediately frozen. Keep some on hand for other meals.

Helpful Hints:

...Read more


Can't book a table in New York? It could be worse

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If you could hear handwringing, that was the noise that sounded around the world as people scrolled through The New Yorker’s piece on the cutthroat secondary market for bookings in Manhattan’s hottest restaurants. Adam Iscoe went through the many ways diners can get to eat at some of the toughest tables in town — almost all involved ...Read more

EatingWell: Two-bite muffins, the perfect morning bite

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Pulsing rolled oats with eggs, banana, brown sugar and oil creates the moist dough of these chocolaty muffins without a bit of all-purpose flour. These are two-bite muffins with a dense and gooey texture. They’re delicately sweet and rich, too, so baking them as mini muffins makes them a perfect snack or quick morning bite.

Flourless Banana ...Read more


Diabetes Quick Fix: Horseradish Encrusted Chicken with Garlic Sweet Potatoes and Snap Peas

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Horseradish mixed with mayonnaise gives a zip to these boneless, skinless chicken thighs while the panko breadcrumbs form a golden crust.

Panko breadcrumbs are a Japanese variety of breadcrumbs and are made from bread that has been baked or toasted giving them a firm texture.

Helpful Hints:

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts can be used ...Read more


Pros and cons of going gluten-free

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There’s always a new trend when it comes to eating healthier and losing weight. Many toy around with the idea of ditching gluten. For some, the absence of gluten is necessary because of health reasons.

According to Very Well Health, about 20 million people have a gluten sensitivity and could experience hives and rashes, stuffy and runny nose,...Read more

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Behold, a 24/7 cheese vending machine

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PHILADELPHIA -- Night owls, third-shift workers, and even plain old procrastinators have cause to celebrate, as Philly has a new 24/7 cheese vending machine. Find it housed in a bright-red booth right outside of Perrystead Dairy (1639 N. Hancock St.) in the Kensington neighborhood.

Step inside the booth and peruse the selection of Perrystead’...Read more



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