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Environmental Nutrition: A review of differences in non-organic milk vs. organic milk

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Residues of at least one antibiotic were found in most of the conventional or non-organic milk samples (60%) collected from retail stores across the U.S., while none were detected in any of the organic samples, according to a study published in Public Health Nutrition 2019. Residues of several currently used pesticides were also detected in ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Cheesecake flan is the best of two worlds

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Flan is a traditional Latin dessert. Unlike its French cousin, crème caramel, flan blends evaporated milk with sweetened condensed milk instead using half and half. This blend creates its velvety texture. And this flan recipe will surprise you with its cream cheese addition. Something about the cream cheese elevates the dessert into a divine ...Read more

Kary Osmond: Stew on this

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Eggplant seems to be my latest infatuation. Whether it’s grilled, roasted or deep-fried, I can’t get enough. Pair eggplant with onions, peppers and tomatoes, and you can’t go wrong.

Serve this vegetable stew with a warm, crusty fresh baguette. Or, try it with steamed basmati rice or couscous to turn this into a satisfying meal. The fresh ...Read more

The Kitchn: Strawberry Oreo box cake is even better than it sounds

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Has there ever been a better time for an icebox cake? It’s pretty much the only thing I want to eat when it’s scorching hot outside. The retro summertime dessert requires absolutely no cooking or baking, meaning both you and your kitchen stay cool as a cucumber.

Daring to improve upon the homeandleisure/recipes/varietymenu/s-2396835">Read more

The Kitchn: This $3 ingredient will fix dry, bland chicken breasts every time

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If the words “dry” and “bland” come to mind when you think of boneless, skinless chicken breast, you deserve a recipe that will show you otherwise. While we’ve shared a number of great ones over the years, we’re currently obsessing over this easy ...Read more

Make the most of basil, summer's favorite herb

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The garden gods have been good to me so far this summer, even if the weather has been something of a nightmare for those of us without central air.

Despite a long string of 90-degree days and not enough rain, my basil is thriving. Thanks to soft and tasty leaves at the ready, pesto is making regular appearances on my table. Being stuck at home ...Read more

Gretchen's table: Fried Green Tomato BLT

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The countdown has begun for when we can begin our daily diet of local garden-fresh tomatoes in salads, pies, tarts and sauces. But if you're lucky, or can't wait for the fruit to ripen into the luscious red (or yellow, orange or purple) orbs that make summer cooking and eating such a delight, you might happen upon unripe green tomatoes in your ...Read more

JUSTice Cream offers sweet social justice model for nonprofits — and ice cream shops

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CHICAGO -- Fudge the Police -- not just a family friendly wordplay on the 1988 N.W.A. rap hit, but a vegan ice cream flavor to benefit Black Lives Matter Chicago. The blend of mint cookies and cream, fudge and CBD was created by JUSTice Cream, a nonprofit ice cream shop focused not just on the flavors, but benefiting grassroots organizations ...Read more

Cars are uninvited guests when Americans dine in parking lots

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Outdoor spaces hastily fancified for low-risk dining are keeping thousands of U.S. restaurants from closing permanently. But crashing the dinner party are tropical storms, rats -- and the occasional out-of-control vehicle.

On July 5, five people were injured when a sport-utility vehicle crashed into sidewalk seating outside 12 Corazones ...Read more

Best Bites: Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownies

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I admit, I'm a sucker for a basic brownie treat. No nuts. No sprinkles. Just plain old processed chocolate. This brownie is no different -- the chocolate melts and sits in your mouth as you eat. It doesn't try to combine a variety of flavors that don't fit. Instead, it's just chocolate on chocolate on chocolate -- perfect for me.

Size: 5.34 ...Read more

Getting pickled: 7 recipes that don't use cucumbers

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Everyone sort of assumes it is the chicken. Everyone thinks that the process of pickling was invented as a way of preserving food in a time long before refrigeration, and that people who tried it decided that it tasted great, too.

But what if it were the egg? What if someone in that long-ago time dropped a cucumber in a vat of vinegar and salt ...Read more

Chilled wine, cold salads for warm evenings

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Outdoor entertaining takes on new meaning during a pandemic. The summer of 2020 finds us on decks, patios and porches sitting 6 feet apart with our own personal coolers and individual containers of food. Some neighbors even tote their own chairs. We agree: We'd rather be super cautious then not see each other at all.

I don't bring my own chair,...Read more

Daniel Neman: Plant your garden now for fall harvest

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ST. LOUIS -- The clock is ticking.

If you want the freshest broccoli, kale, carrots and more this fall, the time to plant it is now. It might even taste better than the same veggies you plant in the spring.

I'll admit, this is news to me. I am not a gardener. I thought that people wrap up all of their gardening around this time of year, throw ...Read more

For summer stone fruit, have your cake and eat it too

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While summer in the "before times" may have meant swimsuits and beach days to most people, to me it only ever meant it was time to eat all the stone fruit NOW! As anyone who counts fruit as their true love can attest, now is the season of lustful infatuation. Berries are great, but have you ever bitten into a peak-season peach and had its juice ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Healthier fish choices

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We know fish is important for health — high in protein, low in saturated fat, a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and rich in vitamins, such as vitamins D and B2, and minerals, including iron, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. Research shows that eating fish once or twice a week may reduce risk of several chronic conditions, ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Mushroom and goat cheese sandwich is vegetarian bliss

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There are a few things to think about when making a sandwich: bread type, spread, components and whether you want it toasted, plain or grilled. Sandwiches can be as simple or complex as you like, and there is a lot to consider.

Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of choices; there was peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, egg salad, sliced ...Read more

Kary Osmond: Patience is a virtue, especially when caramelizing onions

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Making caramelized onions takes time; patient cooking is needed to draw out the onions natural sugars. As the onions cook, they soften and their sugary juices caramelize, making them sweet, succulent and tender.

It will seem like a lot of sliced onions when you start, but as the onions cook and lose their juices, they’ll cook down to a MUCH ...Read more

EatingWell: Start the day with breakfast tacos

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Loaded with 20 grams of protein, this breakfast taco recipe is a satisfying way to start the day. Queso blanco, also known as queso fresco, is a soft, slightly salty fresh Mexican cheese. Look for it in Latin markets and large supermarkets.

Tomatillo Breakfast Tacos

Serves 2

Active Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

1 tablespoon extra-...Read more

The Kitchn: How to make easy peach cobbler with fresh summer peaches

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Summer starts early in Georgia, so by the time the peaches hit the farmers market we’re already knee-deep in sunscreen and fireflies. And thank goodness for their arrival. As the humid summer heat intensifies, the bounty of the ripe, juicy fruit is the very best form of relief.

While there’s no wrong way to eat a peach — raw with the ...Read more

The Kitchn: I tried Disney’s over-the-top grilled three-cheese sandwich

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Armchair travel is about the only type of travel we’re going to do this summer, but that hasn’t stopped my 7-year-old daughter from asking when we can go to Disneyland or on a Disney cruise. Although some of the parks have opened, those of us who aren’t planning to go to the most magical place on earth quite yet can travel through our ...Read more



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