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Environmental Nutrition: 12 tips for eating green

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Environmental Nutrition

It's the perfect time of year to put Mother Nature back into our thoughts and actions. And one of the most important ways you can flex your green muscle is by making a few simple changes in your diet. Use these eat-eco ideas to boost the planet's health, while staying ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Quesadillas offer opportunity to experiment with variations

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Years ago I was asked to revamp the menu of a nationally known Mexican restaurant chain. I did research on what was traditional from those dishes that had become "Tex-Mex." Among my discoveries was that originally flour tortillas were used to make quesadillas, because corn was not indigenous because in certain areas of Mexico.

In other parts of...Read more

EatingWell: Veggie muffaletta has signature flavor of classic sandwich

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Muffaletta sandwiches, named for a Sicilian bread brought by immigrants to New Orleans, are usually loaded with cured meats, pickles and cheese. Our healthy vegetarian recipe has a trio of smoky grilled veggies. Chopped olives and banana peppers deliver the signature flavor of the classic.

Vegetarian Muffalettas

Serves 4

Serving Size: 1 ...Read more

The Kitchn: Sweet potato 'hummus' is a game changer

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Roasted cauliflower is my weeknight staple. It is one of the simplest vegetables to prepare when in a hurry, as it only takes about 20 minutes to roast, and cooking it in a hot oven unlocks its earthy sweetness. This bowl features powerful complements to that sweetness: lentils, cilantro, ...Read more

The Kitchn: 5 tips for baking with Greek yogurt

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You're desperately craving Saturday morning pancakes, but the buttermilk in your fridge expired two weeks ago and you're all out of milk. You do, however, have a tub of Greek yogurt -- and, surprise! It can do the job just as well.

Greek yogurt may be primarily a wholesome breakfast staple,...Read more

Think small: Quick grilling for Memorial Day with thinner cuts

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Empty-nesting opens new doors. I've come to appreciate a mostly empty fridge -- no pressure to cook. Grocery shopping takes less time, especially with an expanded budget. The menu contains new additions -- all quick-cooking and much of it indulgent. What has not changed is the preferred cooking method: the grill.

BK (before kids), my husband ...Read more

Head to Europe for crisp white wines to match grilled chicken wraps

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The white wines of Europe are far more diverse -- and flavorful -- than the mass-produced pinot grigio you usually grab at the supermarket. Take these three from Chablis, Santorini and the Ribeira Sacra region of Spain. Each would make a fresh companion to a light dinner, like this grilled chicken salad in a wrap.



Best Bites: Ritz Crisp & Thins Salt & Vinegar

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You could argue that Ritz Crisp & Thins Salt & Vinegar chips have too many ampersands in the name, but it is inarguable that these puffed chips are good. Make that very good. They are a lower fat alternative to potato chips, and are every bit as insidiously addicting. They are light, crispy, airy and delicious. Sorry -- airy & delicious.

Size: ...Read more

Whether green or white, asparagus is a rite of spring

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For me, there's no more secure harbinger of the exodus from winter than the oh so welcomed gift of a bundle of tender asparagus stalks from a dear friend who has been nurturing her asparagus bed for many years. A perennial, asparagus takes a few years of cultivating before it will yield its tasty rewards. It is worth the wait.

If we were ...Read more

Artichoke hearts fry up crisp, delicious and pretty enough for prom

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Flowers, though quiet, have a lot to say. For instance: I'm sorry. I like you. And, at prom: You're mine.

The tradition, one tradition has it, dates back to the damsel who ripped a swatch from her gown and pressed it into the armored fingers of her departing knight. He was hers.

Now she wears a corsage, which means bodice, though it snaps ...Read more

How to build a better BLT — and add lobster or arugula pesto

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It seems almost a shame to be writing about BLTs in the middle of May, months from tomato season, but it'd be more shameful to indulge in a month dedicated to sandwiches without including this pillar of high art. And don't be mistaken, a BLT with its symphony of crunchy, savory, salty and juicy is high art.

The blueprint is baked into the name,...Read more

15 wines that will help you understand Washington (the state, not the swamp)

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Those adhering today to the legendary prompt of 19th century America -- "Go west, young man" -- would serve themselves well by not going all the way west, particularly if the goal is to make Pacific Northwest wine.

Coastal Washington has beauty and charms all its own and even produces some of the state's wine. But eastern Washington is ...Read more

No cream? No butter? Can this really be French cooking? Mais, oui! author insists

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It's time for American cooks to embrace their French side; no passport or accent necessary.

As a proper guide for this French adventure, Georgeanne Brennan's latest cookbook, "La Vie Rustic: Cooking and Living in the French Style" (Weldon Owen, 292 pages, $35), offers indispensable advice.

Brennan's French lesson is based on simple, seasonal, ...Read more

Today's Special: Feta cheese is Greek, but it's so much more

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Good fresh feta, the classic Greek cheese, should be moist and creamy when young. As it ages it becomes sharper and more complex with a clean, fresh, mouthwateringly tangy, salty flavor.

Feta has been around for centuries, and there is hardly a Greek meal that does not incorporate feta cheese in some manner -- salads, stuffed into pies or ...Read more

Aioli: Smashing it old school with mortar and pestle

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"When the moon marks your breath with the fragrance of death, that's aioli."

Stupid Dean Martin: That's how that lyric should have gone. Amore, after all, is highly over-rated. But, aioli, my friends, is forever, like Bela Lugosi's "children of the night." Pungent garlic and slippery extra-virgin olive oil emulsify into a creamily congenial ...Read more

Sell-by date has no effect on meat once it's thawed

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Q: If I freeze meat a day before the sell-by date, how long can the meat thaw when I get it out later? If something is frozen days before the sell-by date, can it thaw longer?

-- Chris Gleason, Fremont, Mich.

A: Freezing meat (or other foods that qualify) by the sell-by date is a good way to preserve it so it doesn't go to waste. Keep in mind ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Falling for Japanese fermented foods

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Environmental Nutrition

The origin of fermenting foods in Japan can be traced to China, circa 300 B.C., with the making of koji, a mash of grains fermented with Aspergillus oryzae, which is used to ferment other foods. The early Chinese recipe was brought to Japan by a Zen ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Fresh ricotta cheese offers comfort, possibilities

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The first time I tasted fresh ricotta cheese in the U.S. I was at the book signing of an expert Italian cook. She served ramekins of warm cheese, soft and creamy, drizzled with green olive oil and sprinkled with fresh herbs. I couldn't get over the slightly sweet flavor, smooth texture and beautiful presentation. I was bitten by the ricotta bug!...Read more

EatingWell: Light, creamy potato salad will be a hit at your BBQ

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In this healthy and creamy potato salad recipe, yogurt replaces half of the mayo and we keep the potato skins on for more fiber and potassium. The herbs give this potato salad a fresh and bright flavor. Feel free to experiment with your favorites.

Three-Herb Potato Salad

Serves 10

Serving Size: About 3/4 cup

Active Time: 30 minutes

Total ...Read more

The Kitchn: Simple dessert tastes decadent, but still feels light

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The French have such a sensible attitude toward breakfast: Chocolate is perfectly acceptable under the right circumstances. Probably the most famous of these acceptable chocolate-for-breakfast situations is the iconic chocolate croissant.

But there's yet another way that you can embrace ...Read more


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