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Whip up homemade mayo for the best sandwiches and salads

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Making mayonnaise from scratch requires only four pantry staples and takes less time than running to the store for a new jar. Once you've got it, the BLTs, tuna and/or egg salad in your days ahead will be better for it.

While many homemade formulas call for only egg yolk, I prefer to use the whole egg. The final texture is silkier and airier ...Read more

Your next quarantine cooking project: Homemade noodles

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Nothing compares to the slippery silkiness of handmade noodles. Freshly rolled and cut wheat flour dough strikes the ideal balance between tender and chewy. In Cantonese, there's a word for that noodle perfection -- ngun -- that's as hard to translate as it is to pronounce if you're not a native speaker. It's not exactly al dente because there's...Read more

Low Country gumbo tastes like Carolina

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This one-pot gumbo is made with chicken, spicy andouille sausage and the holy trinity of Creole cooking -- onion, celery and bell pepper.

It's adapted from a recipe booklet I bought years ago in Charleston, S.C., after taking a low country cooking class at the now-defunct Charleston Cooks. It's a favorite because it's so easy to make and offers...Read more

Low-cal craft beer becomes vital during quarantine. We taste 18 and pick the winners and losers.

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First, let's get the thing that needs to be said out of the way: These beers come with an asterisk. They are what they are. And what they are is low in calories and low in carbohydrates.

If you want big, flavorful beer, this generally isn't the place to look. If you want beer that doesn't pile up quite as quickly at your waistline while tasting...Read more

Eat more plants: Veggie dishes for the grill

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It's never a bad time to start eating more plants. And that includes now.

Whether you're nervous about the meat shortage or just want to get back on track after a bout of pandemic-spawned stress eating, fruit and veggies are your friend, always. They'll give you energy and make you feel better.

And they're perfect for the grill. We've got a ...Read more

Want a bright start to each day? Bake this easy yogurt lemon loaf

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What makes this lemon loaf stand out is the addition of orange blossom water. Distilled from orange flowers, it encapsulates the heady scent of blooming citrus trees. It's that perfumed air you catch on some sunny Southern California mornings, that happy smell that transports you to bucolic groves and wide open spaces. Here, the water is baked ...Read more

Commentary: Our restaurants are failing. Why should food delivery apps thrive?

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It was the invoice from hell.

Many of us saw the viral social media post from a couple of weeks ago, when Chicago restaurant owner Giuseppe Badalamenti posted his March invoice from food delivery app Grubhub. After being docked for commissions, fees, adjustments and promotions, all that remained of his pizza joint's $1,042.63 in pickup and ...Read more

Pandemic pantry recipe: Crispy fried rice with crunchy golden crown

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When microwaved leftovers trigger flashbacks to sad desk lunches, but aspirational coronavirus cooking feels like too much work, you might try what's become my go-to pandemic pantry nonrecipe for crispy fried rice.

A hidden golden crust distinguishes this technique that's far easier than even nontraditional fried rice and grants you permission ...Read more

Cooking with what's on hand: How to make great dinners with frozen fish or canned seafood

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My freezer and pantry shelves overflow. And not just during a health crisis. The pantry shelves of most food professionals hold a variety of grains, canned chiles, condiments and broth. We utilize freezers for a convenient supply of fish and poultry, as well as to stock up on the season's best fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Frozen fish in many ...Read more

Cocktail flavors join A-B's hard seltzer offerings

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Anheuser-Busch has launched a new line of hard seltzers with cocktail-inspired flavors. Social Club Seltzers are available in three varieties: old fashioned, sidecar and citrus gimlet.

A-B joined the burgeoning hard seltzer market in August with Natty Light Seltzers and introduced Bud Light Seltzer in January. U.S. hard seltzer sales are ...Read more

A taco truck owner in Santa Ana tries to keep the city's lonchera culture going

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SANTA ANA, Calif. -- The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing shutdown have left many restaurants uncertain about their future. As they grapple with new realities, we asked some of them to share their stories.

The bottle of hand sanitizer that Alebrijes in Santa Ana has next to its takeout window has always been there.

"We're a taco truck, so...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Hojicha, the other green tea

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Environmental Nutrition

It seems there's another member in the green tea family. And it's not even green! That's because hojicha is made from roasted green tea leaves, stems and stalks, giving it an earthy reddish-brown hue that makes it look more like black tea or coffee than its verdant ...Read more

Seriously Simple: A recipe gone wrong turns into a delicious dish that is so right

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It seems like everyone is making bread these days. I'm not a professional baker, but I have been playing around with some quick breads and some yeast breads. While doing so, I discovered that refrigerated quick yeast won't rise. Why am I telling you this? Because my attempt at making egg bread didn't come out well, so I repurposed it into a ...Read more

EatingWell: Pantry staples amp up veggie burger

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Salsa and some pantry staples give this vegetarian bean burger recipe tons of flavor. We use crushed tortilla chips to bind the burgers together, making them a great vehicle for using up those crumbs that inevitably fall to the bottom of the bag.

Salsa-Black Bean Burgers

Serves 8

Active Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

1/2 cup ...Read more

Need a quick appetizer idea? Try this bruschetta!

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I love a traditional tomato bruschetta, but this is something a little different. I wanted to make the following recipe a bit more filling and flavorful, and it's topped with ready-made ingredients you may have on hand.

Garlic provides a subtle sharp bite that cuts through the richness of...Read more

The Kitchn: Rhubarb cheesecake bars are perfectly sweet and tart

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When you're hankering for a slice of cheesecake but want none of the fuss of making it, cheesecake bars are here for you. These rhubarb beauties are made with just six ingredients, take less than an hour to make, and are the perfect thing to curb a weeknight cheesecake craving.

A homemade ...Read more

The Kitchn: Hummus and chicken make a magical dish

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I used to think chicken breasts needed a lot of help (read: brining or marinating) to make them juicy and flavorful. But a tip provided by several Kitchn readers gave me a surprisingly simple answer to my dinnertime dilemma. A swipe of hummus and a sprinkling of smoky seasoning gives ho-hum ...Read more

Top Italian chef's easy recipe for spaghetti carbonara at home

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The coronavirus lockdown gives keen home cooks a chance to hone their skills. But what about the rest of us?

Novices, or consumers of ready meals, have time on their hands, too, and this is an opportunity to learn how to cook dishes that are simple and delicious, especially if a culinary master takes time to talk us through it.

So I asked ...Read more

Best Bites: Diestel Traditional Turkey Meatloaf

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Perhaps there is no greater comfort food than meatloaf. But who wants to spend all that effort making a good one? Dietsel has a new sous vide meatloaf. You just plop the sealed bag into boiling water (you can also bake or microwave, but this is the recommended way) and out comes a very moist, tender and perfectly flavored turkey meatloaf (so it'...Read more

Crispy homemade waffles

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This Mother's Day, in an era of social distancing even from our children, our family celebration will be virtual. The kitchen table will be set with laptops or tablets for seeing our loved ones living in different states. Of course, we will still talk over each other and tease the husband/father/grandfather. The menu will be the same at all our ...Read more


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