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Seriously Simple: Happiness in a bowl

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This salad, tinged with yellow and pink, is beautiful on a buffet table. The garnish also adds a colorful presentation. It's what I like to call "happiness in a bowl," and I just love all of the ingredients.

Farro is an ancient strain of wheat that looks like a plump barley kernel. But don't get it confused with spelt. Spelt sometimes is called...Read more

EatingWell: A patriotic pastry for your summer celebration

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Though this stunning red, white and blue American flag cake screams "Fourth of July cake," it's such a good dessert you'll want to make it for any summer party.

We made this flag cake recipe healthy, with less saturated fat and calories than traditional versions, by replacing some butter in the yellow sheet cake with oil. Plus, ...Read more

A perfect pizza for vegans

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Who doesn't love pizza? I love pizza; it's a fun satisfying comfort food. But, since going vegan, I find it hard to find a good plant-based pizza to satisfy my cravings. This leaves me no choice but to constantly experiment with delicious ingredients to try and come up with new pizza ...Read more

The Kitchn: These 5-ingredient sandwiches are the best road trip food you can make

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With a handful of pantry ingredients and a few minutes of prep, you can pack a cooler full of car-ride-ready sandwiches that both you and the kids will enjoy. These portable, mess-free sammies are the best type of road trip fuel: They'll fill you up (saving you from greasy drive-through fare...Read more

The Kitchn: This classic German potato salad has an unforgettable hot bacon dressing

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With the dog days of summer still ahead, there's a lot of corn on the cob, fresh fruit salad, and potato salad (my favorite!) still to be eaten. While you can serve it Southern and smashed or loaded with cheese, I'm partial to this German potato salad, which packs in an exceptional amount of...Read more

Best Bites: Nature Valley's Wafer Peanut Butter Chocolate

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Ever dreamed outside the box of traditional wafer flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry? Look no further than Nature Valley's new crispy, creamy wafer bars. With a satisfying crunch, you can enjoy both the creamy taste of peanut butter and milk chocolate melting in your mouth alongside bits of crispy whole grain wafers. Topped with ...Read more

Avocado hummus from cookbook on L.A. restaurants

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Aleksandra Crapanzano is a Brooklyn-based food writer who's also a screenwriter, so she considers Los Angeles her second home. She's the author of "The London Cookbook" and a new cookbook titled "Eat. Cook. L.A."

For the new cookbook, Crapanzano collected 100 recipes from Los Angeles restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, juice bars and ...Read more

The official candy bar power rankings

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It's June, which means that we have the longest day of the year to look forward to this month. And after that, it's all downhill until we descend into complete darkness. You may occasionally wonder, what's it all for? Is it possible to truly attain intimacy with another person given the loneliness of our individual bodies? Will we ever be able ...Read more

Goose Island's 2019 Bourbon County beer lineup emerging — or is it? Some labels are probably fakes.

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Is it BS? Or BCS?

Hard to know. And Goose Island Beer Co. isn't saying.

Last year, in a bid to throw the world off the scent of its highly anticipated Bourbon County lineup, Goose Island submitted a handful of fictitious labels -- among the real ones -- to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for approval.

That led media and beer fans...Read more

Today's Special: Have no fear of making hollandaise

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If you are like me, the thought of making hollandaise sauce can be intimidating, but the fear surrounding this preparation is completely exaggerated.

Hollandaise can easily be made with a couple of easy tricks and tools. One of the five basic culinary "mother sauces," hollandaise is an emulsion made with egg yolks, lemon juice, melted butter (...Read more

Flavor is baked into Just the Cheese snacks

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The pick: Just the Cheese snack bars and minis

Why they rate: Cheese lovers and people on low-carb diets will enjoy these yummy on-the-go snacks that are made with Wisconsin cheeses. Unlike many other cheese snacks, these treats are baked, not air-dried, so they have rich, caramelized cheesy flavor and a crunchy texture. They are low in carbs ...Read more

Kale, yeah! 4 recipes to celebrate the in-season, in-the-moment vegetable

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I'm not a fan of kale. When kale is on a menu and something else is offered, I always feel like I have been given a Get Out of Kale Free card.

But kale is in season, and it is positively stuffed full of vitamins and other things that are good for you. Besides, some people -- even some people I know, probably -- actually like kale.

So I decided...Read more

Seriously Simple: Celebrate Independence Day with classic milkshakes and burgers

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Nothing says America like a milkshake and a burger. And while I've cooked my fair share of burgers for summer parties and Fourth of July celebrations, I was intrigued by the recipes in "The Ultimate Burger: Plus DIY Condiments, Sides, and Boozy Milkshakes" by America's Test Kitchen (2019). If you, too, are a burger lover, this is ...Read more

EatingWell: The perfect amount of crunch in every bite

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A blend of whole-wheat panko and fine cornmeal gives this healthy chicken recipe the perfect amount of crunch even though it's not deep fried. Making an easy homemade buttermilk ranch dressing recipe means you can skip bottled, which may have additives and stabilizers.

Fried Chicken Salad with Buttermilk Dressing

Serves 4

Active Time: 45 ...Read more

Breaking the rules

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I know you shouldn't mess with a good thing, but I'm breaking the rules and changing up the ingredients for this Greek salad recipe. It's a hearty salad that makes for a great lunch or a light dinner and pairs perfectly with hummus and grilled pita bread.

First, I wanted to make this ...Read more

The Kitchn: High protein snacks you can take anywhere

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When a mid-afternoon hunger pang strikes, protein is the easiest way to tame it quickly. Yet many protein-rich snacks -- things like yogurt, string cheese and turkey roll-ups -- require refrigeration, making them less than ideal if you're traveling or somewhere without a fridge within reach....Read more

The Kitchn: Very berry Fourth of July cupcakes

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Ever since I started baking in my awkward tween years, I declared that every Fourth of July barbecue my family hosted needed a red, white and blue dessert in order to be at its most festive. I scoured cookbooks and the internet to churn out things like flag cakes, berry pies, ...Read more

Study: Don't buy small pizzas and here's why

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Think again before you order a small pizza. The folks at Groupon analyzed data from 230 plain, specialty (think meat lover's and Hawaiian) and one-topping pizzas from six national chains to find the best value.

Their conclusion is that you should "never, ever, buy the small pizza."

Buying a large pizza is a better value and cheaper price than ...Read more

Hermann Wurst Haus: You never sausage a place

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HERMANN, Mo. -- Along the back wall of the back room of the Hermann Wurst Haus stand two gleaming metal smokers.

These are computer-run marvels of industrial ingenuity, each programmed to make many kinds of smoked meat. The computer regulates the humidity inside the smoker, the temperature and even the internal temperature of the sausages. When...Read more

How the restaurant industry is tackling its substance abuse problem

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- On a recent Tuesday morning, about two dozen people gathered around a long table in the old brick building that houses the Jacobsen Salt Co. in Portland, Ore. All were somehow connected to the restaurant industry: chefs, line cooks, servers, bartenders, a bouncer, a sommelier, a retired restaurateur. All were also committed to ...Read more


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