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Fresh, flavorful herbs are always at the ready in a kitchen garden

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PITTSBURGH -- Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

Even the coronavirus pandemic, awful as it has been, has had some good come out of it. With everyone forced to spend more time together under one roof, the family dinner has become a thing again.

The virus has gotten more of us outdoors, too, dirtying our hands in the soil. And a gardening ...Read more

Gretchen's table: Everything bagel salad

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Salad greens are loaded with vitamins and minerals and relatively easy to throw together, with a minimum of fuss or effort.

The Everything Bagel Salad pairs creamy cannellini beans with tender greens, shaved Parmesan and crunchy, buttery homemade Everything Bagel croutons. But the real star is the zesty lemon-basil pesto that binds everything ...Read more

Need a fun weekend quarantine project? Try this citrus marmalade recipe

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Some people keep quarantine journals. I'm preserving my memories of this time with, well, preserves. This year, the sometimes overwhelming abundance of citrus that fills the trees in Southern California feels like a lifesaver.

Marmalades take longer to make than most jams because you need to boil the citrus skins into tenderness and boil away ...Read more

Best Bites: Stuffed Puffs

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When I opened a bag of Stuffed Puffs' new Chocolate on Chocolate version, my kids devoured a few immediately as snacks. "Good," they said. Not blown away. Then we tried them on the campfire. "Amazing," said one. "Good mix of chocolate to marshmallow," said the other. I loved that they didn't create the big mess of a regular s'mores treat because...Read more

Daniel Neman: The coronavirus is changing the way we shop for groceries

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It started the first day of the lockdown. Americans raced to the stores and bought every single roll of toilet paper on the planet.

But as we settled into the daily grind of the pandemic, our grocery-store shopping habits continued to evolve. A new survey published by C+R Research shows the dramatic ways we have changed.

Here, sadly, is the ...Read more

Create delicate ribbons without a pasta maker

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If you are using your extra time at home to improve your cooking skills, America's Test Kitchen has a new cookbook that can help. Called "100 Techniques," it's the first technique-focused book from the Boston-based media company that produces a public television cooking show, several magazines and countless cookbooks.

Along with walking you ...Read more

Beyond the McMuffin: Make these 6 breakfast sandwiches at home

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When anthropologists of the future look back at the last half of the 20th century, they may give credit to McDonald's for one thing above all else: inventing the breakfast sandwich.

Searching for a way to get customers through the doors in the morning hours, someone at the fast-food giant came up with the perfect solution. They took an English ...Read more

Tired of all that sourdough? It's time for a new obsession — homemade barbecue sauce

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Welp, it's finally what passes for spring here in my hometown of Chicargo. The sun be warmish, the trees doth bloometh, and enticing aromas from backyard grills waft gently through the protective layers of my seasonally appropriate lightweight face mask. But, darn-it-all to heck if I didn't forget to put barbecue sauce on my weekly Instacart ...Read more

It's grilling season, but for a better burger, use the stove

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It sounds heretical, particularly since the outdoor cooking season is getting started, but here goes: For a truly delicious burger, skip the grill, stay indoors and reach for a cast-iron skillet.

This advice is gleaned from interviews that I conducted with more than 100 Twin Cities chefs between 2013 and 2019 for an online column called Burger ...Read more

EatingWell: You’ll love this berry delicious cake

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This scrumptious coffee cake recipe has a crumbly pecan topping and is speckled with blueberries or raspberries. You’ll never guess there’s apple in the berry coffee cake: It replaces some of the butter found in most coffee cakes and adds a decidedly sweet taste and moist crumb. This is a great recipe to serve at brunch and can be made the ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Lemons add zest!

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The lemon has been a brightening force of color, aroma, flavor and healing for thousands of years. The folklore

The lemon’s origin isn’t confirmed, but it’s thought to be northwestern India, where lemons have been cultivated for 2,500 years. Early on, they were used ornamentally and medicinally as a poison antidote and to treat everything...Read more

Seriously Simple: Celebrate a socially distant Father’s Day

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For Father’s Day, what could be better than a simple backyard menu of succulent barbecued chicken and a potato salad enlivened with capers and sun-dried tomatoes? What else do you need? How about Dad’s favorite ice-cold beer or chilled rose? Or maybe a pitcher of frosty lemonade?

To make this super easy, pick up his favorite ice cream ...Read more

Kary Osmond: Stewed rhubarb is the sweet treat you need right now

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Now is the perfect time to make stewed rhubarb. Not familiar with it? Stewed rhubarb is a slightly sweet yet tart sauce that can be served over so many things, including your breakfast oatmeal.

Personally, I love serving stewed rhubarb over coconut vanilla ice cream with a spoonful of granola. It makes for a simple dessert that everyone will ...Read more

The Kitchn: How to make Starbucks-style cold brew coffee at home

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There are few things more satisfying than the cool, caffeinated sip of a cup of iced coffee. Somehow it tastes even better when it is conveniently prepared by someone else — a luxury I’ll be missing as the weather warms up and we all continue to stick close to home.

But cold brew is easy to DIY, and we’re sharing all the secrets to ...Read more

Whip up homemade mayo for the best sandwiches and salads

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Making mayonnaise from scratch requires only four pantry staples and takes less time than running to the store for a new jar. Once you've got it, the BLTs, tuna and/or egg salad in your days ahead will be better for it.

While many homemade formulas call for only egg yolk, I prefer to use the whole egg. The final texture is silkier and airier ...Read more

Your next quarantine cooking project: Homemade noodles

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Nothing compares to the slippery silkiness of handmade noodles. Freshly rolled and cut wheat flour dough strikes the ideal balance between tender and chewy. In Cantonese, there's a word for that noodle perfection -- ngun -- that's as hard to translate as it is to pronounce if you're not a native speaker. It's not exactly al dente because there's...Read more

Low Country gumbo tastes like Carolina

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This one-pot gumbo is made with chicken, spicy andouille sausage and the holy trinity of Creole cooking -- onion, celery and bell pepper.

It's adapted from a recipe booklet I bought years ago in Charleston, S.C., after taking a low country cooking class at the now-defunct Charleston Cooks. It's a favorite because it's so easy to make and offers...Read more

Low-cal craft beer becomes vital during quarantine. We taste 18 and pick the winners and losers.

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First, let's get the thing that needs to be said out of the way: These beers come with an asterisk. They are what they are. And what they are is low in calories and low in carbohydrates.

If you want big, flavorful beer, this generally isn't the place to look. If you want beer that doesn't pile up quite as quickly at your waistline while tasting...Read more

Eat more plants: Veggie dishes for the grill

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It's never a bad time to start eating more plants. And that includes now.

Whether you're nervous about the meat shortage or just want to get back on track after a bout of pandemic-spawned stress eating, fruit and veggies are your friend, always. They'll give you energy and make you feel better.

And they're perfect for the grill. We've got a ...Read more

Want a bright start to each day? Bake this easy yogurt lemon loaf

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What makes this lemon loaf stand out is the addition of orange blossom water. Distilled from orange flowers, it encapsulates the heady scent of blooming citrus trees. It's that perfumed air you catch on some sunny Southern California mornings, that happy smell that transports you to bucolic groves and wide open spaces. Here, the water is baked ...Read more


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