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Phyllo, cheese, heaven: Balkan women have been making these treats for centuries

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ST. LOUIS -- For many Balkan women, making the dish is like a reflex. Its technique gets passed down from generation to generation.

For my baba, gibanica is a cheese and phyllo-dough creation she lovingly feeds (overfeeds?) her family. For Loryn Nalic of Balkan Treat Box, the same dish is called sirnica, one of the first Balkan recipes she ...Read more

Back to the basics: Chopped salads can be boring, but not this one

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When it comes to salads, a chopped salad is about as basic as it gets: a pile of greens topped with chopped vegetables, meats, cheeses, nuts, pickles, whatever you have in the fridge. A hard-boiled egg and bacon usually take this salad into the vaguely defined Cobb salad realm, but it doesn't matter what you call it. These kinds of salads are ...Read more

Daniel Neman: Restaurant reservations have gone to yelp

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All I want to do is make a reservation at my favorite restaurant. Or any restaurant, for that matter. I'm not picky.

But you can't pick up the phone anymore and ask to make a reservation. That involves too much personal interaction, and an increasingly large segment of our population shies away from personal interaction.

To get a reservation ...Read more

Late-night snack hacks inspired by our favorite munchies: Doritos popovers, fried chicken scones and French onion dip pancakes

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There is a certain air of public dismissiveness around the types of foods that seem to always be associated with "the munchies." Movies and television promote images of teenagers face-planted in bags of chips, bros stuffing whole tacos blindly into their mouths between fits of uncontrollable laughter, or a stoner spouting deeply incoherent ...Read more

Brazi Bites: oven-baked puffs with cheese flavors

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The pick: Brazi Bites, gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread

Why they rate: These delicious gluten-free cheese puffs are crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. Created by a husband-and-wife team, Junea Rocha and Cameron MacMullin, they were inspired by a family cheese bread recipe from Brazil. The treats gained popularity after being featured on ...Read more

Steamed fish from new Milk Street cookbook

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Following up on his James Beard Award-winning cookbook "Milk Street: Tuesday Nights" in 2018, Christopher Kimball's latest book is "Milk Street: The New Rules," which challenges us to rethink the way we cook.

Kimball is one of the co-founders of America's Test Kitchen and in 2016 created the Boston-based Milk Street, which includes a TV show, ...Read more

Best Bites: Chips Ahoy! Thin Bites Fudge Dipped

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By this point, Chips Ahoy! is basically the American standard for mass-produced, store-bought chocolate chip cookies. But where can they go from there? The folks at Nabisco hit a home run with their idea: Make them smaller and dip them in fudge. This provides more surface area for the fudge, making the cookies extra chocolaty. That only enhances...Read more

Figs make this mole recipe uniquely Los Angeles

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Mole's layered flavors come from first bringing out the best in each ingredient on its own, then blending and simmering them in a balanced, smooth, silky sauce.

Complicated as it may seem -- and there are a lot of steps -- you can nail mole on the first try without stressing if you break it down into its components and understand how they all ...Read more

I can make that: We try to make the secret Jazz burger at Jitlada

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LOS ANGELES -- "It's so secret. So many secret things in there. I'll never tell you."

This is Jazz Singsanong's standard response when people ask what she puts in the off-menu Jazz burger at her Thai restaurant, Jitlada. The spicy patty served on leaves of crisp iceberg lettuce in lieu of a bun is sort of like the protein- or animal-style ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Benefits of working with a nutrition expert

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Environmental Nutrition

Are you thinking about hiring a nutrition expert to assist with your health goals? Registered dietitian or a nutritionist? What's the difference?

Registered Dietitians (R.D.) / Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (R.D.N.)

Earn a bachelor's degree with course work ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Make-ahead braised chicken warms up chilly nights

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Coq au vin is a simple, rustic dish that translates to chicken with wine. Julia Child made this peasant dish famous on her cooking show and in her books. Some versions are made with white wine; others are marinated overnight with wine and vegetables and still other styles include sauteed winter vegetables.

A basic coq au vin is sauteed and then...Read more

EatingWell: Wing it!

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Make this baked Buffalo chicken wing recipe at home to save calories compared to the same number of deep-fried wings. Serve with carrot sticks, celery and ranch (or blue cheese) dressing.

Soy-Lime Baked Buffalo Wings

Serves 10

Active Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours (including 1 hour marinating time)

1 cup lime juice

1/4 cup reduced-...Read more

Wrap it up!

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Making your lunches ahead of time is a great way to save on time and money throughout the week, and as a result, you end up feeling super organized! At least, I do.

One of my go-to recipes for a grab-and-go lunch are these "Rainbow Wraps." They transport well in a lunch bag and will last ...Read more

The Kitchn: This spicy pineapple cocktail will transport you to the tropics

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Jalapenos might not be the first thing that comes to mind for cocktail-making, but nowadays they seem to be ever-present on cocktail menus. Their spicy bite brings a whole new element to your glass, adding warmth and heat to a sweet drink. Balance the heat with the juicy, tropical flavor of ...Read more

The Kitchn: A foolproof method to make no-bake cookies

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A no-bake cookie -- the kind made with oats, peanut butter and chocolate -- is a classic dessert. Mothers and grandmothers around the country regularly make this stovetop cookie, to varying results. I remember at least a few times eating failed no-bake cookies with a spoon because they never...Read more

It's Girl Scout Cookie season again. Something new — and empowering — has been added

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A new flavor and new messaging join the old standards hawked at tables outside supermarkets by enterprising girls as a new Girl Scout Cookie season starts.

Thin Mints, Trefoils, Samoas, yeah, yeah, yeah, you probably know about those.

What's new? Lemon-Ups, what's on Lemon-Ups and the packaging around Lemon-Ups (and Thin Mints, Trefoils, ...Read more

The newest food trend: Chaffles light up the internet

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People who eat a ketogenic diet love chaffles, and so do gluten-free eaters. What started as a trend for those who follow restrictive diets, however, has spread now to Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members and Pinterest and Instagram boards by the hundreds.

What is a "chaffle"? The arguably unattractive name comes from the ...Read more

Salt from the Sea of Cortez

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The pick: True Salt from the Sea of Cortez

Why it rates: Entrepreneurs Brian Pierce and Kelly Egan wanted to produce a better, cleaner salt with an all-natural, unrefined and environmentally friendly harvesting process. Their journeys took them to towns along the Sea of Cortez, where artisanal sea salt has been hand harvested for generations.

...Read more

Need pizza? Make a withdraw at one Florida university's ATM

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Students at the University of North Florida have a new ATM on campus that promises no over draft fees, or extra cheese fees, either.

The future of college late night cravings and dining has arrived at UNF where the campus unveiled its new 24-hour pizza ATM this semester.

If the UNF Osprey lifestyle wasn't saucy enough to ...Read more

Dry January mocktails to make you feel good this winter

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My sister took me out for my first drink. It was great until we realized our bodies can't handle alcohol. We both flushed crimson from head to toe, then her heart began to beat too rapidly. That part was not great at all. And neither were the killer headaches the next day. Since then, we've learned we have plenty of fun drinking together without...Read more


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