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Name that Game!

Kids getting restless? Tired of online activity controlling them? Get them back outside with these games you played as a child!

Points available: 10


(Hand Game) "All dressed in black black black, with silver buttons buttons buttons, all down her back back back" Name this Game!


One person controls this game, and its everyone's goal to reach him/her; but if they don't pay attention to instructions, they may get caught! Name this game!


This royal ball game is one of rank. Only four play at a time; and if it bounces twice before you hit it, you're out! Name this game!


This game can be played in a classroom, but don't cheat! This guessing game requires you to close your eyes and rely on your gut to win the round. Name this game!


This school gym game is played outside with a huge parachute, and a ball for each player. If your ball is the last one standing then you win! Name this game!


Everyone lines up and holds hands. The goal of this game is to not let go! The conductor of this line can be known to make this a crazy (but fun) ride. Name this game!


Marco's on the hunt. And whenever he calls out, you have to answer. Name this game!


1:00; 2:00; 3:00; 4:00..... 12:00 MIDNIGHT! Don't get caught trying to reach the base. Name this game.


Teams sit on opposite ends, each person with a number. When your number is called you have to beat the other teams player by reaching the object and racing back to your team without getting tagged. Name this game.


He's hungry, and the kids are to be his meal. At 6 o'clock, the kids take six steps towards him. At 10 o'clock, they take ten steps towards him. They wait patiently until he says it's DINNERTIME; then it's a race back to the start line. Whoever gets caught turns into the monster. Name this game!


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