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Column: ‘Beyond angry’: LGBTQ parents fear impact of NC’s Parents’ Bill of Rights

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When Anne Sutkowi-Hemstreet and her wife moved back to Durham, North Carolina, to raise their children, she began organizing playdates with other LGBTQ parents to make connections and find their community. While their preschool-aged children played, Sutkowi-Hemstreet noticed other parents’ experiences were not what she’d expected from the ...Read more

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‘You feel helpless’: These moms scramble to find baby formula amid US shortage

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MIAMI — When Sthefany Juarez showed up recently at a South Florida charity, the 24-year-old didn’t know what to expect — but the first-time mom was desperate. Down to her last half can of a specialized baby formula for her nearly 4-month-old boy, the Broward County mom wasn’t sure what she was going to do to feed him.

“It’s very ...Read more


Lori Borgman: Now entering the 'no fly' zone

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The official start to summer is still weeks away, but the insects have already declared, "Game on!"

The husband was cutting the grass, felt something stinging his neck, smacked the back of his neck with his hand and discovered fire ants. They were flat and one-dimensional, but you could still tell they were fire ants.

We have an entire plastic...Read more

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Mrs. Maryland surrounds herself with large, blended family

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BALTIMORE -- When a friend won the Mrs. Maryland pageant last year, Megan Myers decided that she would enter, too. In April, the 34-year-old Bel Air resident followed suit, earning the title that Harford County’s Julia Chang took in 2021.

“Julia was an inspiration,” said Myers who, as Mrs. Maryland, will spend the year promoting her ...Read more


Baby formula shortage: Scams and other unsafe solutions to avoid

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As the nationwide baby formula shortage continues, parents and caretakers are struggling to find what they need to safely feed their babies and infants — and scammers are out in force to take advantage.

Though the Biden administration has taken steps in recent days to address the shortage, including invoking the Defense Production Act and ...Read more

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Column: Need a mental health boost? Make art

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ATLANTA — Ten years ago, tired of staring at a screen while commuting to work on the train, Sarah Nisbett reached into her purse and pulled out a sketch pad and pen and looked around for inspiration. She wasn't a trained artist. She was an opera singer and an avowed perfectionist.

She knew she would make mistakes creating artwork with a pen ...Read more


Florida’s focus on math textbooks may be nothing compared to what’s next

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TAMPA, Fla. -- Florida’s recent battle over math textbooks got retired Pasco County history teacher Beverly Ledbetter thinking.

If state officials rejected dozens of books over word problems because they touched on social issues, Ledbetter wondered, what might happen when social studies materials come up for review a few months down the road....Read more

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Our screens unite and divide us

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Every day my inbox fills with emails from public relations firms, angling for a plug for an author's book or a new study on children. I delete most of them as quickly as they appear, but I nearly always read the ones on youth and mental health.

Suffice it to say the findings are not good. I often ponder over them, as we have a whole string of ...Read more


Debra-Lynn B. Hook: Due date is looming for grandmother's hand-stitched quilt for her first grandchild

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I am an over-the-moon, first-time grandmother-to-be who can’t seem to do what many have done before me. That is, make the baby a quilt.

The baby’s 89-year-old great-grandmother made one. By hand. She apparently sat in front of the TV for weeks and stitched together dozens of one-inch squares, which she presented at the couple’s baby ...Read more

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Column: Poet and photographer Debbie Hall has a new book for kids, and it's wild

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SAN DIEGO — Before she introduces them to the laughing otter, the busy dung beetle and the stunning hummingbirds, poet and photographer Debbie Hall lets her readers hear from a wise human.

One of the quotes featured in the epigraph of Hall's new book, "In the Jaguar's House," is from award-winning writer Jaqueline Woodson, and it tells you ...Read more

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Having autism in Florida means delayed diagnosis, delayed therapy

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TAMPA, Fla. -- At age 3, Grace couldn’t sit still or hold a conversation with her mom. Angela Falleur said her daughter was kicked out of pre-school for misbehaving.

The family had to wait nine months for Grace to get diagnosed by a developmental pediatrician.

Until then, Falleur had never heard of autism spectrum disorder.

“I felt like ...Read more

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Passion and pain bring 'Love’s Journey Home'

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Someone once told me we have just one truly passionate love in our lives. Sometimes it’s our lifelong partner, but not always. In her memoir, "Love’s Journey Home" (Atmosphere Press), Gabi Coatsworth puts that theory to the test and ultimately validates it.

In many ways, I don’t think Coatsworth’s story is unique. A working mother of ...Read more

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Children’s choirs, adult battles: Groups focus on moving past conflict

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DALLAS -- It’s been a difficult time for children’s choirs in Dallas.

In April, Kimberley Ahrens, the newly named director of the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas (CCGD), withdrew her acceptance when the board wanted to reduce the hours of the chorus manager. She and almost all of the music staff then left and formed a new chorus, ...Read more


Lori Borgman: Caution, Grandpa on wheels

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It's not every day a kid walks into the kitchen and says, "Did you know Grandpa is outside rollerblading?"

I did not know he was outside rollerblading. I did not know he knew how to rollerblade.

To understand why a man three score and 10, a man who has never been on rollerblades in his life was outside rollerblading, you have to understand how...Read more

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From closet, Tampa mom records meditation podcasts with 44 million downloads

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TAMPA, Fla. — Katie Krimitsos’ life is loud.

Her two parakeets bang their cage, even when the door is open.

Her 3- and 6-year-old daughters are, well, they’re 3 and 6.

As for her husband, “He’s a loud personality, like a bull in a China shop,” Krimitsos laughed.

Krimitsos turns to meditation for peace.

“Meditation has always ...Read more

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A Ukrainian mom and her three kids seek a new life in a country where even the water tastes different

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PHILADELPHIA -- Veronika Pavliutina told her children to choose one special belonging. And to pick fast. They needed to go.

Explosions shook their Odesa hometown as Russia started its invasion of Ukraine.

Yegor, 8, grabbed two small toy cars.

Nina, 11, took her riding helmet. She loves horses.

And Polina, 14, an artist, packed her painting ...Read more

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How long should kindergarteners be in class?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Farrah Wood’s two children had very different kindergarten experiences in Folsom Cordova Unified School District based simply on how much time they spent in class. Her older daughter had a full-day program, while her younger daughter is in a half-day program.

Wood says the difference is noticeable.

“We can definitely ...Read more

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Meet Kim Peavler, a nurse making space for Black women with a mindfulness program that connects culture and presence

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CHICAGO -- You’d think more than 20 years into a chosen career, not many things can surprise.

That’s not the case with Kim Peavler, an anesthesiology nurse at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. It was while she was regularly visiting her mother at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton, Illinois, that Peavler noticed the ...Read more

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Commentary: A real Mother's Day gift? Flexible jobs and flexible benefits

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This Mother’s Day is my first as a new mom. Now, I join the choir of women who have long voiced the challenges of balancing motherhood and a career. This challenge grew considerably during the pandemic, when women took steps back from their careers because there were fewer child care options. It lingers in a post-pandemic world where the ...Read more


'I'm not doing anything wrong': Pot-smoking moms on parenting while high

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LOS ANGELES -- From the outside, the moms gathered in a Santa Monica, California, living room could have been conferring about carpools, school boards or fundraisers, any of the myriad mundane meet-ups that come with parenting.

A quick survey of the scene might miss the spindly potted pot plant a few feet away on the deck. It most likely would ...Read more



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