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Lori Borgman: What's in your wallet may be a sign of age

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I just learned a new way to tell if you are "officially old."

This tidbit comes courtesy of an 11-year-old granddaughter. She has no research to back this up, not a single poll nor shred of scientific evidence. That said, she is keenly observant.

With exuberance and confidence, she shared her observation around a crowded dinner table: "Old ...Read more

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Many men don't take good care of themselves. COVID-19 vaccine rates are the latest in a problem as old as medicine

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They are less likely to see the doctor. They eat fewer fruits and vegetables. They're more likely to smoke, die in alcohol-related crashes, and engage in other activities that can lead to traumatic brain injury. By nearly every measure known, men fall short of women when it comes to taking care of themselves.

And for months now, to the surprise...Read more

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Florida parents say they want rights in schools. What does that mean?

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TAMPA, Fla. -- Earlishia Oates has plenty of reasons to demand more of the public school system.

The single mother of four recounted the times when she attended planning meetings for her son with special education needs, only to have her input ignored. She spoke passionately about how Hillsborough County district officials did little to improve...Read more

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'We're all family here': Community center pilots program to connect with students

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Damari Parker-Morris slouched in his chair and fiddled with the strings of his hoodie as he stared at the English lesson on the computer screen in front of him.

Kevin Kennedy noticed that Damari and the other teens and tweens sitting around the folding tables in one of the classrooms at the Woodward Park Community Center ...Read more

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‘Distract them from the fear’: High school student distributes COVID vaccine distraction kits for ages 5-11

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BALTIMORE -- Howard High School junior Poppy Swallow is working to support and comfort children in her community by creating distraction kits for those receiving their COVID-19 vaccines.

As part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, the highest award in the program, Swallow, 17, of Ellicott City, Maryland, wanted to find a way to help young ...Read more


Lori Borgman: Celebrating Thanksgiving with authentic flavor

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Everyone has a dream, right? Some dreams are so big, you dare not think them out loud. But I did. I thought my dream out loud and now it is about to come true.

We are having our Thanksgiving celebration outdoors. In the woods. Branches overhead and leaves underfoot.

The forecast says partly cloudy with a high of 38, but you know how quickly ...Read more

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This provocative novel dives deep into mental health, relationships and the generational divide

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“He fits in with all of us, but he’s completely alone.”

That might be the closest one comes to describing and understanding Trey Ciuri, the protagonist in John Peter Fer’s complex, far-reaching novel "A Fool and A Whore."

That description was from one of Trey’s many friends that Fer introduces using extended dialogue between ...Read more

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Unleashing a magical entity helps middle-aged divorcée rediscover herself

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In the first book in her Magic After Midlife series, "Throwing Shade" (‎Te Da Media Inc.), Deborah Wilde shows us exactly why 40 is the new 20. Especially if it comes with magical powers and some killer red lipstick.

On the surface, Miriam Feldman, a 42-year-old divorcee with a teenage daughter and a job at a law library, has a normal life. ...Read more


In most ways, women age better than men and live longer. Scientists are trying to figure out why

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Consider 100 baby boys and 100 baby girls born in 1950. Experts predict that 46 of the men and 61 of the women — a third more — will still be alive at age 80 in 2030.

Even Steven Austad, an expert on aging at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, didn't give statistics like that much thought until about 10 years ago. Everyone knew that ...Read more


'The state needs to listen to Black women.' Why doulas aren't happy with California

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Two doctors and four nurses bustled around a young indigenous mother as she lay in a hospital bed at Mercy San Juan Medical Center this summer. The woman was giving birth to her second child, and in the din of the brightly lit room, she heard that staff wanted to give her Pitocin, a synthetic hormone that increases ...Read more


Top 5 turkey day cooking tips

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I have personally prepared, or helped prepare, more than 40 Thanksgiving turkeys over the years, several of which were entirely edible.

Drawing on my vast experience, and occasional use of fire extinguishers, I wish to address frequently asked questions concerning how to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

My thinking behind this offering ...Read more

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The Beatles and the world reach for the sky in 60s-inspired fictional autobiography

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Introduced on its title page as “An historical, fictional autobiography,” "Into the Sky With Diamonds: The Beatles and the Race to the Moon in the Psychedelic ’60s" by Ronald Grelsamer will be a wild ride of memories and flashbacks for readers who lived through the era — or a detailed and thorough history lesson for those who are too ...Read more

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The good, the bad and the complicated: 8 books showcasing sisterly bonds

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Katniss Everdeen set the bar high for sisters when she stepped in to take her sister Prim’s place in "The Hunger Games." Mary Boleyn — good move as it turned out — stepped aside to let her sister Anne marry Henry VIII.

Sisterly relationships are fraught and conflicted and seething with potential envy and opportunities for manipulation. ...Read more

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Mike Bond launches book two of ’60s coming of age historical saga

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We didn’t start the fire

No, we didn’t light it, but we tried to fight it …

Billy Joel, 1989

Firmly rooted in fact and history, "Freedom" (Big City Press) is highly readable, bitterly nostalgic, romantic, a little heartbreaking and surprisingly edifying. In this book, the second in a series about our nation in the 1960s, Mike Bond ...Read more

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Grace, patience and empathy at one public school help unravel emotional mysteries from the pandemic

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BALTIMORE -- Students had just divided into small groups in Jaylin Ramsey’s fourth grade classroom, giving a boy the opportunity to tell her why his mind wasn’t on reading. His mother had COVID, which frightened him because another family member died of the virus. He blamed himself, thinking maybe he had given it to his mom.

“I am sorry ...Read more

Children's mental health is a pandemic crisis that needs immediate solutions, psychiatry chief says

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PHILADELPHIA — Health-care providers nationwide continue to see fallout from the mental and emotional toll the pandemic has taken on children and teens, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's top psychiatrist said in a virtual Q&A Wednesday.

The pandemic exacerbated preexisting increases in mental health conditions among children, said Tami ...Read more

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Tori Geib, advocate to end 'fail-first' cancer drug treatment policies, dies at 35

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A Columbus-area advocate for changes to cancer treatment has died.

Tori Geib, 35, of Bellefontaine, died Nov. 1 after nearly five years fighting advanced breast cancer.

Geib was first diagnosed the week of her 30th birthday with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, meaning the disease had spread to other organs, including her ...Read more


Lori Borgman: Relaxing puts her on pins and needles

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Everybody and their mother is knitting. They're making fabulous, textured scarves, adorable baby hats and ultra-durable dish cloths. They all claim it is a marvelous way to unwind and relax.

When I announce I am thinking of taking up knitting to unwind and relax, family members look at me like I said I am going skydiving.

The color drains out ...Read more

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Jenice Armstrong: This marathoner was in good shape, except for the blockage in her artery that could have killed her

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PHILADELPHIA — I was jogging along Kelly Drive a little more than midway through my first Philadelphia Marathon back in 2011 when I glanced up from my plodding feet and spotted Dawn Angelique Roberts.

A back-of-the-pack runner, I still had a considerable distance to go in the 26.2-mile course, but Roberts was on her way toward the finish line...Read more

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Shaken baby syndrome: Was Ohio woman in prison for 18 years because of bad science?

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — During her first two decades as a pediatric forensic pathologist, Dr. Janice Ophoven was a true believer in what's long been known as shaken baby syndrome.

That changed in 2001, as she explored questions being raised by some scientists about whether brain damage routinely attributed to a baby being shaken could have other ...Read more



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