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Debra-Lynn B. Hook: Patchwork healing for a family

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Swatches of fabric come to me in my mailbox every day now — a brightly patterned piece my friend saved from a trip to Senegal in her 20s; the bandana my cousin’s beloved therapy dog wore to nursing home visits; a tattered old dish cloth embroidered, “Be kind to one another.”

“I’ve been saving this piece all these years for some ...Read more


Lori Borgman: Gardening season closing with rabbits in the lead

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It's been a rough year for the garden. By mid-July the tally was 49-0 with rabbits, squirrels and raccoons for the win.

They grazed through petunias, lilies, sunflower starts, destroyed phlox and mowed an expanse of zinnias like a lawn tractor with zero-turn radius.

The main component of my flower garden was tufts of fur from rabbit tails. ...Read more

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Woman had miscarriage at 6 weeks, group helped her with fear of it happening again

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DETROIT -- Five years ago, Sierra Barber, was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance that causes problems in the reproductive organs.

Her doctors, she said, told her that if she ever was able to conceive she would always have problems trying to carry a baby to full-term. At the time, Barber was just 27 years old.

And in...Read more

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'Surviving Our Parents’ Mistakes' may be less painful with the support of this book

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“I’m furious with Mother. She stole my childhood … I feel pierced because she played on my fears. I trusted what she did was best for me, but she met her own needs, not mine. She took advantage of a scared, defenseless little boy.”

That is one of the hundreds of short anecdotes that make up Larry Godwin’s unique work, "Surviving Our ...Read more

Two gravesites, one mother's pain

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BEL-NOR, Mo. — Tekesha Calmese, fresh off a plane from her home state of Texas, wandered the Lake Charles Cemetery on a Saturday last month in search of the grave markers of her two children.

They were slain as adults in St. Louis shootings, three years apart. A man is awaiting trial for killing her son last year. No one has been charged in ...Read more

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After her mother’s cancer diagnosis, an girl sold lemonade for charity — and inspired a song

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At the end of fourth grade, Olivia Ohlson-Ellis’ mom, Virginia Ohlson, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was caught early through a mammogram, and she had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy in summer 2017 to remove the cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes.

It was that summer, at 10 years old, that Ohlson-Ellis took her aspirations ...Read more

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‘The hard truth’: Gabrielle Union opens up about surrogacy journey with Dwyane Wade

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Gabrielle Union is opening up about her journey to have her first child with Dwyane Wade, and it wasn’t an easy road at all.

In a candid essay, “The Hard Truth About My Surrogacy Journey” for Time magazine, taken from her new book, “You Got Anything Stronger?” the actress takes us back to when it all began in 2016.

After having ...Read more


Lori Borgman: The gifts and treasures keep piling up

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I have received some splendid thinking-of-you gifts lately — and it's not my birthday or anything.

A paper bookmark sits on my desk with each letter of the word "Grandma" drawn in a different color. It is a large bookmark with zigzag ends and a small heart cut out of the middle. You slip the corner of the page you want to bookmark into the ...Read more


Mother of murder victim brings soft interview room to Texas police department

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DALLAS -- When Tracy Matheson set up the soft interview room at the Mesquite, Texas, Police Department on Aug. 27, she wished she didn’t have to. The Fort Worth resident wishes the other 30 rooms she has created around Texas and the nation weren’t needed to help sexual assault survivors as they recall one of the most traumatic moments of ...Read more

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Everyday Heroes: She educates about Alzheimer's after caring for her mother

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When the pandemic hit, Tillie Day didn't understand why her daughter, who she knew only as her caregiver, couldn't visit her in the Columbus nursing home.

Deneen Day would visit her mother from afar, but Tillie couldn't connect the voice on the phone with her daughter's face at the window. Deneen tried FaceTiming her mother, ...Read more


Millions have lost a loved one to COVID-19. Grief’s mental and physical burden is especially heavy on kids.

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PHILADELPHIA -- Nissah Coverdale doesn’t remember exactly what her mom said when she sat down the 11-year-old and her three siblings that day in May 2020, but the message was one that would change her life: Pop Pop had passed away.

Nissah wasn’t sure what to think or how to feel.

Sad? Confused? Angry?

Before the pandemic, Nissah, her ...Read more

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Black women are dying of breast cancer in this part of Virginia at staggering rates, prompting national attention

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NORFOLK, Va. -- About a decade ago, Tanya Weaver began to urge women at her Portsmouth, Virginia, church to get mammograms.

She’d been shocked to learn the area had one of the nation’s worst rates of breast cancer, particularly among Black women. On a shoestring budget, the 54-year-old human resources manager began helping peers who often ...Read more


Why are pregnant women less likely to be vaccinated for COVID? A doctor explains

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- While people over the age of 12 are being encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19, one group is getting special attention from doctors and public health officials: pregnant women.

That’s because pregnant women are much less likely to be vaccinated. Only about 25% have gotten at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine ...Read more


Back to the kitchen

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It took me two days to watch a documentary that was an hour and 15 minutes long. I tend to lose consciousness when the action is slow and the dialogue ends. "School of Housewives" was slow, but good.

Please, do not confuse "School of Housewives" with "Housewives of Atlanta" "Beverly Hills" "New York City" or wherever else women bounce about, ...Read more

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It runs in the family: 7 contemporary stories about siblings

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Siblings — one moment you’re best friends, the next second they’re driving you up a wall. It’s not surprising that a lot of writers find the nuanced relationship of siblinghood a rich vein to tap from. Depictions of sibling relationships in fiction are as numerous and complex as the siblings themselves, with countless reimaginings that ...Read more

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Everyday Heroes: She helps hungry by making thousands of snack packs

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – During the Great Depression era, Mary Ann Grove's grandmother welcomed homeless travelers exiting trains onto her steps in Tell City, Indiana, and fixed them a hot meal.

Her mother and sister have dedicated themselves to feeding the poor as well.

And that tradition of selflessness continues in Grove, who chalks it up to her ...Read more

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Reports of abnormal periods after COVID-19 vaccinations prompt NIH to award funding to study potential link

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CHICAGO – Months after people began sharing their stories online of experiencing abnormal menstruation following a COVID-19 vaccination, clinical research into a potential link is set to begin.

The National Institutes of Health announced this week that it awarded funding to five institutions to study whether the coronavirus vaccines are ...Read more


Did student learning suffer due to COVID? Here's what SC school report cards say

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COLUMBIA, S.C. — As anticipated, South Carolina student assessment scores and college and career readiness ratings have taken a dive since the start of the pandemic.

The state Department of Education Wednesday released its annual school report card data, which showed drops in the percentage of students who met or exceeded expectations on end-...Read more

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As public districts mandate masks, families flock to private schools

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While most public schools in the Kansas City area require everyone to wear masks — to the relief of health officials and the consternation of some parents — several private schools are leaving masks optional, and say they are drawing more students as a result.

"Our enrollment is up again, which is obviously a huge ...Read more

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Lori Borgman: Not the first to navigate rough seas

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Many mornings I check CDC pandemic stats for my state and county to weigh the facts against the hysteria. Then I check the headlines to see what blew up overnight and to see what is still standing.

We live in turbulent times: COVID-19, Afghanistan, schools opening, schools closing, rising crime. Pick one.

Or how about the housing market? A ...Read more



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