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Ex-etiquette: Co-parenting help needed

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Q: I have had a really hard time dealing with my three- year-old son's father. We have been apart for about a year. Although he's very impatient and gets frustrated easily we have been trying to share our son's time without a formal custody order. My son's father and I agreed we would not cut his hair. When we are in a hurry, I usually just wrap...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: 'Bad dad' can't connect with kids through play

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A: Ok, first off, there's nothing wrong with you -- the fact that you're worried about this aspect of your personality says you're not a bad parent at all. Many of us were raised to believe that good parents play with their kids (and they do). However, the reverse -- that parents who don't get down and dirty with the little ones are bad parents ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Chores? What chores?

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Dear Mr. Dad: My husband and I are always reminding our tweens (ages 9 and 12) about their chores. They know exactly what they're supposed to be doing, but that doesn't keep them from "forgetting" -- even if it's something they've done three times a week for the last six months. We've discussed this with some of our friends who have kids about ...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Can there be a 'just us' holiday time?

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Q: I've been reading your column for some time. It seems you have been there and always point out things I don't see, so I thought I would ask about my situation. I live around the corner from my husband's ex. They co-parented their two kids -- a week with each parent -- before I got here and following your advice, I just got with the program. I...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Breastfeeding: Can there be too much of a good thing?

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Dear Mr. Dad: Our son just turned two and although he's eating plenty of "real" food, I still breastfeed him. My husband thinks it's a bit odd, but several friends and even some coworkers are shocked. Is there a specific age at which I should stop breastfeeding? Am I doing damage by breastfeeding a toddler?

A: Let's start with some background. ...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Extramarital affairs have far-reaching affects

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Q: My wife and I recently broke up after 18 years of marriage. It was because I have found someone new and probably didn't handle things as I should, but now my family has broken into factions and everyone is upset and taking sides. I'm at a loss as to what to do. What's good ex-etiquette?

A: Rarely do people who have affairs stop to consider ...Read more

Ex-etiquette: From a child's perspective

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Q: For the past six months my kids have come home from their mother's house and tell me that she fights with her boyfriend all the time. The things they tell me they say are very insulting and since my kids are old enough to know, 10 and 12, I know it must be true. Now they are telling me that they don't want to go back. Since we trade off every...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Sorry, I just don't believe you

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Dear Mr. Dad, My 12-year-old daughter is a liar. I wish it weren't true, but just about everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. If she tells me she's texting a girl from school, it's probably a boy. If I ask whether she's cleaned her room, she'll look me straight in the eye and tell me, "Yes," even though I know (and she knows I know) ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: The art of baby spacing

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Dear Mr. Dad: Our baby is only three months old, but I'm already craving another one! My husband is worried that it might be too much too soon. Do you recommend having two babies this close together? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

A: Unfortunately, there's no right answer, so I can't give you a strong recommendation either way. A ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Taming chaos

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Dear Mr. Dad: Help! I have a 14-year-old high-school freshman whose room looks like the aftermath of a hurricane. But as unpleasant as that is, it's not what I'm writing about. The real issue is that she is completely disorganized and can't keep track of her homework, school assignments, and project due dates. Up through middle school, she was ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Whose homework is it, anyway

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Dear Mr. Dad: I pride myself on being a very hands-on mom -- I drive my kids to all their events, am active in the PTO, and, yes, I often sit with my kids (who just started 4th and 6th grade) while they do their homework. Sometimes I get a little impatient and I give them an answer or two. School's only been in session two weeks, but I can see ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Free speech for me … but not for thee

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Dear Mr. Dad: In one of your columns a while ago, you talked about free speech and the importance of listening to others. I've been having a lot of disagreements lately with my daughter, a college freshman, who demands that I listen respectfully to everything she says, but interrupts and completely dismisses anything I say that she disagrees ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Dogs and babies: Good match or bad?

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Dear Mr. Dad: My wife is due to give birth in about two months and we're worried about our dog, a 120-pound Bernese mountain dog who's less of a pet and more a part of the family. We keep hearing that it's dangerous to have a giant dog around a newborn and that we should start looking for a new home for him. Is it? And is there some way to ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: 'Dads in the delivery room' conversation continues

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Dear readers: My recent column addressing a question from an expectant father who was afraid to be in the delivery room because of "all the blood" generated a lot of response from readers. Here are a few of them, along with my response.

AE wrote: "All the blood? Really? I am a former NICU nurse and besides my own personal delivery experience, I...Read more


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