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Real estate Q&A: What can I do about my neighbor wasting water?

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Q: Our neighbor in our townhouse community wastes an excessive amount of water cleaning her sidewalk and driveway. We have asked her not to waste water, but she responds that it is covered by her maintenance dues, so there is no reason to worry about it. I am troubled by her waste of valuable resources. Is she allowed to get away with this? -- ...Read more

St. Louis Port Authority looks to use powers beyond riverbanks

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ST. LOUIS -- The St. Louis Port Authority wants to expand its boundaries beyond the 19-mile stretch of heavily-industrialized Mississippi River frontage to cover the entire city limits, a change that would let the port authority use its broad economic development powers anywhere in the city.

Under Missouri law, port authorities have wide ...Read more

Foxconn-related property condemnations prompt civil rights lawsuit in Wisconsin

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A dozen residents who would lose their homes to the Foxconn Technology Group project have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Village of Mount Pleasant, Wis., and its president.

The lawsuit claims Mount Pleasant's exercise of eminent domain to take their homes is unconstitutional because it is for a private benefit, for a project ...Read more

Foreclosures hit historic low in North Texas. Are they heading back up?

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FORT WORTH, Tex. -- A decade after the housing market crashed, foreclosures in Dallas-Fort Worth have slowed to a trickle.

Fewer than 1,000 homes are taken each month from owners who haven't kept up with mortgage payments in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area.

But could they be on the verge of going back up?

"We're seeing a little bit of a ...Read more

For Bay Area renters, the new normal: lower expectations and shrinking apartments

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Gabriel Rodarte grew up in San Jose and has worked there for 30 years as a mailman for the U.S. Postal Service. Making his rounds, he says, "I see it all. I see three families living inside one small apartment, or total strangers who share a room. None of them stay very long; they can't afford it."

Neither can Rodarte. He ...Read more

Shopping for a home in the Bay Area? Head to the mall

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Taking the traditional shopping trip to a whole new level, Bay Area residents aren't going to malls just to buy shoes anymore -- instead, they're moving in.

In an attempt to draw new crowds, a growing number of malls are building housing amid their movie theaters and Abercrombie & Fitch stores. It's a solution intended to keep malls relevant as...Read more

After apartments flood downtown Chicago, building boom reaches suburbs

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CHICAGO -- Signs of an apartment boom are all over downtown Chicago, where construction cranes and the beginnings of towers dominate the skyline.

It's less visible and more spread out, but there's an apartment construction spree happening in Chicago's suburbs too.

Rental construction reached its highest level in more than a decade last year in...Read more

Renters face eviction with minimum notice, then Foxconn, after inquiry, offers more time

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After landlords started proceedings to evict four Sturtevant families on minimum notice to pave the way for land purchases by Foxconn Technology Group, the company took action to give the families more time to move following a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel inquiry about the situation.

Instead of the 28 days the tenants originally were granted in ...Read more

Downtown San Jose transit village near Google proposal steams ahead

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SAN JOSE -- A big tech village in downtown San Jose is moving forward, an ambitious project that could bring 5,000 jobs to a site that's adjacent to a separately proposed Google transit-oriented community.

The development by TMG Partners and Valley Oak Partners would create more than 1 million square feet of offices and is bounded roughly by ...Read more

Pre-Owned iPhones, Pet Stains, Carpet-Cleaning Machine

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Have you seen the iPhone X? Read about it? I nearly choked when I learned it comes with a price tag of $1,000 or more.

Granted, I'm no iPhone aficionado, but I cannot imagine spending that much on a mobile phone of any brand, size or capability. Can you?

Debra writes: "It's time for me to get a new smartphone and I'm having a hard time ...Read more

The Mortgage Professor: A new approach to mortgage design

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For decades, the principal motivation driving home mortgage design was to increase affordability. The logic was that homeownership was desirable, and the more affordable mortgages became, the higher would be the homeownership rate. As a result, the typical mortgage, which had a down payment of 40 percent and a term of 10 years in the 1920s, ...Read more

The Mortgage Professor: A new approach to mortgage design

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For decades, the principal motivation driving home mortgage design was to increase affordability. The logic was that homeownership was desirable, and the more affordable mortgages became, the higher would be the homeownership rate. As a result, the typical mortgage, which had a down payment of 40 percent and a term of 10 years in the 1920s, ...Read more

This new Florida city will produce its own power and run self-driving buses

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BABCOCK RANCH, Fla. -- The city of the future will not be the cold metal domes or Mars settlements of science fiction movies. It will be a community of 19,500 homes surrounded by thousands of acres of green space and capable of producing its own energy -- in total harmony with the environment.

And that future is now.

Residents started to move ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Great Readers Tips: Packing Cubes, Sink Clog Prevention, Cooking Spray Uses, BBQ Cover

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Over the years, I've done it a dozen times -- tossed out the clear vinyl zipper bag that comes with sheets and blankets. Today's first great reader tip makes me wish I'd not done it. For sure, I'll never do it again.

FREE PACKING CUBES. For travel packing, I reuse the clear vinyl zipper bags of various sizes that come with blankets, linens and ...Read more

Small Spaces: Create Coziness

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Don't you just want to move into this picture and stay awhile? A squashy cushion snuggled below a window, hopefully with a little view, never fails to attract everyone from toddlers to a sleepy grandpa! It seems that the powerful draw of a window seat is universal.

Built-in seating always looks warm and inviting. What makes it actually ...Read more

Unfinished dream castle in rural Minnesota seeking new owner

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SOGN VALLEY, Minn. -- Gary and Beth Arntson have had a lot of big ideas for their home. First, they wanted to build an earth-sheltered house. Then, a geodesic dome.

But after Gary scouted rural Goodhue County and came across a hill with scenic, sweeping views of the Sogn Valley, he knew what he needed to build atop the crest: a European-style ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: 7 Ways to Outsmart Retailers and Their Clever Tricks to Get Us to Spend More

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I blame my suspicious nature on my neighborhood grocery store. The store used to be a logically arranged market with bright lights and clean floors -- a basic, friendly, functional place to shop. Then the bulldozers morphed it into a big fancy supermarket complete with clothing, mood lighting and cushy chairs.

I have nothing against beautiful ...Read more

House Calls: Worried About Zillow

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Dear Edith: I have a question about appraisals and home values.

Our house is appraised for tax purposes at a lower value than the house next door, which has greater square footage. The houses were built on same-sized lots about 20 years ago. But our neighbor's house is dated inside, while ours has an updated kitchen and interior and updated ...Read more

Decorating-on-a-dime tips to re-energize your living space

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When Hidden Lakes resident Amy Haney walked into her newly redecorated family room, she was awed by what a big difference a few design changes could make.

"It made me love our house again," says Haney, who called on local decorator Kristi Margiotta to transform the main room in the family's 8-year-old home. Margiotta breathed new life into the ...Read more

Want to kill that bug? This shotgun uses table salt to do so

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Killing flies and cockroaches is no longer a disagreeable task after the invention of the Bug-a-salt, a plastic shotgun that fires salt at the bugs, knocking them out and leaving them ready for the garbage.

An advertising video for the gun has become popular recently in social networks because of its humor. The short commercial pokes fun at ...Read more