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I Yam What I Yam

Call it a spud spat or tater tiff, but in the back offices of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, there is talk of removing the potato's designation as a vegetable and recategorizing it as a grain.

Naturally, there is opposition, principally from Big Potato, which views the vegetable designation to be good for ...Read more

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On Nutrition: Explore the National Agricultural Library

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As I waited with my cup of tea for a webinar to begin, I jotted down what I knew about our National Agricultural Library. It belongs to Americans. It is related to the science of agriculture. And it’s a storehouse of valuable information.

I had no idea what that all entails. The USDA National Agricultural Library is one of five national ...Read more

Happy To Be Here. Or There.

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The financial advice outlet WalletHub has issued its annual list of the top 25 happiest cities in the U.S., based on 29 "key indicators of happiness," such as income growth rate, life expectancy, job satisfaction, weather, sports participation and divorce rate.

The top 10 were Fremont, California; Overland Park, Kansas; San Jose, California; ...Read more


Diabetes Quick Fix: Hot Pepper Chicken with Sweet Pepper Potatoes

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Hot pepper and honey make this a sweet and spicy, quick chicken dinner. Sweet potatoes cooked with fresh red bell peppers make an unusual and surprisingly quick side dish.

The dish cooks in only 5 minutes in a microwave oven.

Helpful Hints:

Crushed red pepper, sometimes called hot pepper flakes, can be found in the spice section of the ...Read more

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On Nutrition: Food fun

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If you’ve followed this column for a while, you know this is the week when I get to share jokes and groaners that may even be remotely related to food.

And as I can’t remember a funny story any longer than I have time to laugh, these have been gathered from various sources (with a few personal edits).


A sandwich walks into a bar. The...Read more

Hormonal Treatments Making a Comeback -- With a Twist

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In the early 2000s, hormonal treatments for menopause fell out of favor, but they appear to be rebounding with a notable focus.

People think of hormonal treatments as replacing diminished levels of estrogen, but in premenopausal women, there's actually more testosterone than estrogen.

Like estrogen, testosterone levels fall over time, and ...Read more


On Nutrition: Eggs-tra nutrition

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We’ve identified Easter with eggs for a very long time, according to historians.

Ever wonder why? Through the ages, eggs were gifted to others in the spring to celebrate the season of new growth. And if you’ve ever witnessed a baby chick emerging from its shell, you can see how eggs eventually became a symbol of new life celebrated by ...Read more

Unvested Interest

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Since the 1920s, a visit to the dentist involving X-rays has meant both patients and staff being draped with a lead vest or apron to shield against the harmful effects of radiation.

New safety guidelines from the American Dental Association say the practice can stop because X-ray technologies has evolved significantly and there are better ...Read more

Kick to the Head

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A new study finds that high school football students already have differences in their brains compared to swimmers, cross-country runners and tennis players, contrary to thinking that suggested it takes years of head impacts to change brain structure.

Football players had cortical thinning and changes in brain folding as well as lower brain ...Read more

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Diabetes Quick Fix: Thai peanut and coconut scallops with ginger rice

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Scallops are perfect for a quick meal. They need no preparation and only take a few minutes to cook. For this recipe they are simmered in a flavorful sauce made from a mixture of peanut sauce and coconut milk. Both items can be found in the Asian section of the supermarket.

Basmati rice has a nutty flavor and smells a little like popcorn when ...Read more

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On Nutrition: Ways to prevent colorectal cancer

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We may joke about the prep involved for a colonoscopy (an exam for abnormal changes in the large intestine). But cancers of the colon or rectum are no laughing matter. In fact, when you combine the cancer death rates of men and women, colorectal cancer is now the second deadliest cancer in the United States, according to the American Cancer ...Read more

Brain or Liver

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New research suggests that in up to 10% of cases where a patient is diagnosed with dementia, the problem is actually undetected liver disease, which can cause similar neurological symptoms, such as cognitive impairment and changes in mood and motor skills.

The condition is called hepatic encephalopathy, a complication of cirrhosis. There are ...Read more


On Nutrition: A spoonful of sugar

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Our horses don’t adjust well to the water when we take them away from home. So I’ve experimented with some advice from seasoned horse travelers. Common guidance is to add something that will make the strange water taste more palatable.

Horses often refuse to drink when they are away from home, according to horse specialists at the ...Read more

Chip off the Cold Tuber

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Potatoes cannot be grown year-round, but the makers of potato chips and similar snacks nonetheless require a constant supply of fresh spuds to meet demand. They cannot preserve potatoes in cold storage because low temperatures trigger a process called cold-induced sweetening, which converts starches into sugars.

Processing CIS-affected tubers...Read more

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Diabetes Quick Fix: Sicilian Swordfish with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Potatoes

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Tomatoes, olives, and garlic are staples of zesty Sicilian cooking. Raisins add sweetness giving the sauce a tantalizing sweet and sour flavor.

Make the sauce in a microwave oven and use frozen baby Brussel sprouts for a quick and easy dinner. Look for small baby Brussel sprouts in the freezer section.

Helpful Hints:

This sauce also goes ...Read more


On Nutrition: Granola and probiotic questions

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We’re out horse camping in the Hill Country of Texas. And since this is our second year here with horses and dogs in tow, we are officially what locals here call “Winter Texans.” At least for the next few weeks, we’re off the grid…but not really.

We have electricity and running water, woo-hoo! And we are surviving without television ...Read more


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It's not time to go grocery shopping yet, but a new published study suggests that a plant-based diet might protect people against COVID-19 infections.

The authors surveyed 702 adults, nearly half of whom has previously had COVID. Those who ate an omnivore's diet (meat, plants, everything) were more likely to have caught COVID (52%) than ...Read more


On Nutrition: Food for a happy heart

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It’s only about the size of your fist. Yet it pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood throughout your body every day. If you could stretch out the complex network of blood vessels in your body through which your heart pumps oxygen and nutrients, it would extend over 60,000 miles.

Pretty amazing, these hearts of ours. And pretty sad when they get ...Read more

Male Gel

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Currently, male birth control consists of two approaches: condoms and vasectomies. The search for something more effective than the former and less drastic than the latter has produced a possible third option: injectable gel.

The gel, which recently went through a small Phase 1 clinical trial with encouraging results, is inserted into the ...Read more

Homeopathy for Eczema: Natural Remedies for Healthy Skin

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition characterized by dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. While conventional treatment options exist, many people seek natural alternatives to manage eczema symptoms. Homeopathy offers a holistic approach to eczema treatment, addressing the underlying causes and supporting the body's ...Read more