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Spooky Halloween makeup, accessories for the costume-less reveler

Boo! As usual, ghosts, zombies and a coven of good and bad witches will emerge from the darkness on Halloween night. And, it's not just the kids. Some grown-ups love getting into the act by going all out with elaborate costumes and makeup. But for others, "trick or treat" is anything but a treat. They're uncomfortable with a major ...Read more

The 10 best Mexico destinations for a long weekend getaway

When it comes to long weekend getaways, traveling internationally can seem daunting. Luckily, many major U.S. cities are under a four-hour flight from some great destinations in Mexico. In just three days, you can explore ancient ruins, get scuba certified, hike through a canyon, or relax on the beach. Did we mention there's also tequila, fish...Read more

Fall Forward with Style

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

Oh boy, the first fall breezes are finally blowing through, which can only mean one thing: pumpkin spice lattes! Or, you can use the change in season to sit back and reflect on your goals for the end of the year and beyond. Are you buckling down to take your career someplace new? Do you want to spend a little more time focusing on your ...Read more

Aldi's adult advent calendars filled with wine, beer and cheese arrive in November

Get ready to party. The holidays are coming and so are Aldi's wine, cheese and beer advent calendars.

This year, the chain is expanding the selection of these popular holiday items, with new versions featuring beers, toys and dog treats set to arrive in stores on Nov. 6, according to the Aldi Shop Differentli blog.

The wine calendar features...Read more

Toys R Us back in business

Toys R Us is making a comeback, thanks to Target, just as the busy holiday shopping season looms.

The Minneapolis retailer will support the bankrupt toy company's new online portal at and also provide fulfillment services, Target announced last week.

But the new website won't be selling toys. ...Read more

Fashion Tricks To Treat Yourself

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Boo! Yes, it's you in the mirror on the wall. If you get a fright when you get dressed every day, then it's time to try a few tricks of the fashion trade and feel good -- not haunted -- about the way you look in your clothes. Treat the person staring back at you to a whole new outlook on life. It may be time to brush away the cobwebs in your ...Read more

Three Style Myths

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No matter how self-aware, self-expressed, or self-confident we are, there are still some sticky, pernicious thoughts and feelings that can come up when we start thinking about style. A lot of these "style myths" rear their ugly heads when we make a big change or try something new, and can originate from our histories, our family and friends, or ...Read more

8 places that are warm in December in the US

While some folks can't wait to bust out their sleds and snow boots come winter, plenty of people prefer to ditch the chilly temperatures and flock to a warmer climate. And if you can leave your passport at home - well, that can almost seem like a holiday miracle. From sandy beaches and boat parades to boozy Santa runs and traditional tree ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: Diahann Carroll was the crown jewel of beauty and black elegance

Back in the day, Diahann Caroll always showed up on the scene 100% lady, complete with gloves, pantyhose and respectable closed-toe pumps. She'd wear a cute little suit. Perhaps a hat. And her lips would be that perfect nude, with just a hint of gloss. The goal was class, beauty, and elegance - to embody grace and style. And that's what Carroll ...Read more

Answer Angel: Never announce your imperfections! Fashion advice for the self-loathing friend

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: A good friend of mine, when we see each other for the first time in awhile, opens the conversation with self-criticism about her looks. "Sorry my hair is a mess." "I was running late so didn't even have time to put on lipstick." "I've put on weight since I saw you last." "I wanted to ...Read more

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Animal Prints Are on the Prowl

Fashion Daily / In Fashion /

"I love a touch of animal print," says fashion designer Michael Kors. "It's the quickest way to glamour."

Kors roars onto the fall 2019 fashion scene with a collection full of animal prints, from leaping leopards to zippy zebras, creating a fashion jungle on everything from handbags and boots to faux fur coats and sunglasses -- and everything ...Read more

The 4 Most Stylish Jackets for Fall

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

As summer ends and cooler temperatures make their way in, you may be digging out your jackets and coats from last season to get ready for the changing weather. Most people see the crisp breeze and falling leaves as a welcome reprieve after spending months battling the summer heat.

While I do love summer, fall is my personal favorite season for ...Read more

Corduroy makes a fresh fall fashion statement

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. - Corduroy is having an, um, a wale of a comeback.

While it regularly shows up at stores for fall in dribs and drabs, this season, the durable, often-cottony textile that boasts a distinctive striped rib pattern is trending hard. Comfortable, fashionable, cozy and cute - what could be better? The appeal is universal and ...Read more

Answer Angel: Sneakers aren't just for the gym anymore. But can you wear them to work?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What is your rule on sneakers/trainers/athletic shoes at work? I like to wear Converse-type sneakers with my knee-length skirts. Is it too youthful and try-too-hard?

- Suze C.

Dear Suze: There are no rules on this. Sneakers can look great with skirts no matter what your age and the only question you have to ask ...Read more

The 9 most amazing, surprisingly affordable beach destinations

Sometimes, you just need a beach getaway. Unfortunately, you also often need a thick wallet to enjoy one properly. But before you convince yourself that you simply don't have the cash for a vacation to fill-in-the-blank, take a look at our list of nine amazing beach destinations - that are surprisingly affordable.


While most...Read more

Hunt for online bargains: Marshalls launches online store

Just in time to boost fall wardrobes, Marshalls has opened an online store. will feature brand-name designer apparel, shoes and home goods similar to what is found in the chain's more than 1,100 discount stores. But the new online store also will offer a "unique mix" of fresh brands ...Read more

'To the Manor Born': Fashion for Weekends in the Country

Fashion Daily / In Fashion /

The autumn leaves are falling, and nature is calling. When the weather turns cooler, it's all about enjoying outdoors in the country and breathing in those fresh fall weekends. While jeans and sweaters are always ready to take a hike in the country, this season, fashion forecasters are predicting that weekend clothes will have more of a dressed-...Read more

Make Your Style A Priority

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

I hear from a lot of people who struggle to prioritize the little things like alone time, eating well, exercise, and, of course, getting dressed. It's difficult to prioritize your wardrobe, especially if you've been waiting to lose those pesky five pounds, or to get that windfall of cash to buy some new clothes. Between your personal life, work ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: How Jennifer Lopez's fashion inspired the real-life 'Hustlers'

When actors assume the roles of real people, part of their job is to seamlessly take on the character's sartorial style. Most of the time, the looks are decades, or even centuries, old. So contemporaries they usually are not. That means the chances of getting to play someone whose sense of style you clearly had a hand in shaping is unheard of.

...Read more

Get ready for some football at AMC Theatres

Ready for some football? Then head to AMC Theaters to watch the big game on Sunday.

Kick back in the chain's comfy recliners and watch pro football games at select theaters nationwide.

Games will be announced on Fridays.

The offer is for AMC Stubs reward members who also get to vote on games that will be shown. It's free to join the program...Read more